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    Wanted to stretch my legs a bit so had a wall around town. I suppose that self isolating with only food delivery is the absolute safest but I would think that a walkabout without interacting with people is safer than eating at a restaurant. I didn't wear a mask but I wore cheap gloves. I was the only person walking wearing gloves although a couple of motobike taxi guys had a different sort of glove on. I did get quite a few look at the crazy farang stares from people wearing masks. Not too many farang were wearing masks; more Thais but much less than 50%. The gloves were big enough but hot and uncomfortable. But wearing them is a reminder not to touch my face. I did wipe the sweat off my forehead with my shirt sleeve. But gloves are a problem as far as reaching into my pocket to pay for an item or to use my phone. I am thinking that perhaps wearing just one glove might be better. 2nd Road was quiet. It was very easy to cross the street and it is almost never easy. On Soi Honey Retox was open but there was a sign that one must order food if going in there. The massage joints were more or less closed but I could get a massage if I had wanted albeit with a limited choice of ladies. On Chaiyapoon, the English Rose had a sign saying alcohol not being served. On Buakhao, the Tin Cup place is closed until April 5th they are doing some sort of renovations. Kateseree was open but not serving booze. Cheap Charlies had just one customer but it could have been partially due to the time of day; too early for dinner and too late for breakfast or lunch. The little bar next to me was open and discreetly serving beer without bins.
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    I just discovered this website recently and read a lot of posts and reviews. I am happy I found this site and thank you for everyone that shared their comments and experiences. I wanted to share my experience...or lack of it I guess. Ladyboys to me look like women and for that reason I do want to experience an intimate experience with them. The first time I finally decided to do anything about it was in Bangkok. Decided to go for a massage with a parlour on Sukhuvit near Soi 7. I had walked by many times and the ladyboys sitting outside always caught my attention. So I went in one afternoon for a massage and a handjob or blowjob. Wasn't sure. I have been to many massage parlours in Asia and received many happy ending so I think I know the drill and prices. Went upstairs, I was asked for the money for the massage (500 bhat) which I handed over. Led to a room, asked to change and then my masseuse came in. Within a minute of her touching the skin on my legs, I was fully erect. She asked what I wanted to do and I asked her how much a handjob or blowjob was. She said handjob was 2,500 and blowjob 3,000. I laughed. i told her I only have an extra 600 bath at which point she stopped massaging me, said the massage was over, turned around and left. I was stunned at the price and mostly by the attitude. Another masseuse walked in and asked what I was still doing on the bed and I should leave. I left and was okay with my first experience - ladyboys weren't meant for me. It was my mistake for handing the money over but, still... A few years later, I am in Angeles City and walking down Perimeter Road after breakfast at Angels Bakery. (They have wonderful coffee and cinnamon rolls!) At the bottom of a set of stairs was a ladyboy who was trying to drum up some business for the spa. There was something about her that caught my attention. She was obviously a lady boy but had a very casual look and attitude about her. She didn't look feminine but she naturally acted feminine. (Does that make sense?) I decided to get a manicure. I was the only customer and even the Korean boss wasn't around. We talked and she just talked like a normal girl next door type girl. I was getting mesmerized. I go back a couple of days later because I wanted to see her. During our conversation, I told her she was beautiful and made it clear that I knew a thing or two about the ladyboy scene. Jerlin was so cool. Nothing happened but some good bantering. I was staying at Scorebirds and as I was leaving around 9 pm, there was a trio of girls that I walked past. I thought they were hot slutty dressed girls but as I got closer, realized they were ladyboys. On an impulse, I stopped them, started talking and we negotiated for two of them to come back to the hotel and put a show on for me for the next four hours. I forget the price but it was a negotiation and each girl grabbed my arm and off we went back to the hotel. This was when Ladyboys were not allowed to stop on Walking Street so were forced to walk one way and then loop around a different way after the mcdonalds. Sam and Christina were beautiful, had sexy smiles but when we got back to the hotel, Christina changed her attitude. She sat on the edge of the bed, got angry, Sam tried to calm her down. Not again with these people and decided to kick them both out. Sam didn't want to leave but Christina was starting to cause a scene. Called security and she was escorted out. Sam apologised and said she just met her. She asked if I was angry which I visibly was. She calmed me down and proceeded to give me a wonderful blowjob. I am not going to lie...I enjoyed it. We talked and it turns out she usually has long term relationships and the last one had promised her the world only to abandon her abruptly. She showed me her Facebook page and it was littered with some pretty impressive trips with this Aussie boyfriend. We talked and I kept rubbing my hand over her skin. Such soft skin! And oh so feminine. Small tits as she was on her hormones and was going for the surgery but Aussie bf took off instead. She asked if I want to go again and I asked for another blowjob. I told her I wasn't ready to fuck her. Wonderful evening and did want to meet her again but wasn't sure if I would have enough time. She promised that she could show me a really good time and more than a blowjob. I don't know why but I didn't want to see Sams cock. or her arsehole. I liked the way her tits felt and the way she put her mouth on my cock. That was perfect for my fantasy. The next day, I noticed there was a ladyboy with huge tits (for the philippines) in the salon near Scorebird. On a whim, I decide to go in and ask for a manicure. As I am getting my manicure, my girl is talking to her colleague and giggling. They know I took two ladyboys back to the hotel. (Insert Screaming Face emoji x2) My spa girl asks if I would like to take her back to the hotel as she gives a really good massage. I am, like, ok. We get to the hotel, I undress and I am expecting her to get undressed and unleash her tits. But she doesn't. She spends maybe ten minutes on my back, asks for the flip and then does a pretty useless massage on my legs. I asked if she can do more than a massage to which led another ten minute conversation of "up to you". I ended up with a handjob that was not very memorable. That night was my last night and I wanted to spend it with two girls that I had met earlier on the trip. Around 10pm, I get a call from Security saying my friend is here. I have my hands full with these two lovelies and not expecting anyone. Tell the girls to relax and I will be back. Sam is waiting for me by the bar. And she looks absolutely stunning. And innocent and shy that she was interrupting my evening. I am enamored by Sam. We sit down by the pool, have beer and she wants to spend the evening with me. I tell her i am sorry and I can't because I "need to catch an early plane tomorrow and need to sleep" line. She leaves and I have regret right away. Oh well. Fast forward a couple of months and again I am in AC. I stop by the salon on Perimeter road and Jerlin recognizes me, gives me a hug but she can't help me because, in this spa, it's a hierarchy of sorts and her colleague has to help me. I leave and come back after getting breakfast and Jerlin is able to help me. She so wanted to come back with me last time I was here. She remembered our conversation. She is putting a conditioning mask on my hair and it feels so sexy. She walks me to the back of the salon where she washes my hair. This is the only part of the salon that doesn't have any cameras, she whispers that to me while the back of my neck is resting on the sinks edge and clean water is running through my hair. She bends down and kisses me on lips. Such soft lips. It was my first kiss with a boy teeheehee! Instant erection! We make a plan for her to meet me at my hotel after her work. She arrives, I am nervous, she is nervous but looks so beautiful. We sit by the pool, have tequila shots and beer. I am determined that tonight is the night I lose my ladyboy virginity. We are walking back to the room and in the hallway I stop and we madly and passionately start kissing in the hallway. We stumble to my room and she starts giving me a blowjob and I am in heaven. She looks at me naughtily with her lips on my cock and asks if I want to fuck her. I don't know what it was but I lost my erection. I went from instant hard-on to the exact opposite. Jerlin spent the rest of the night with me but the moment was gone. Don't know why, but I couldn't do the sexual act of my fantasies. With Jerlin or Sam who were both wonderful individuals that would have made me very happy. Does this happen or am i just phobic with my issues?
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    In Europe, we have been confined since early this week except in Holland. Confinement started on Monday at noon. We are allowed to leave our home only for serious reasons (going to work, getting food, taking care of vulnerable relatives, health reasons, sport within 500 m from home). We need to fill in a statement saying what's the purpose of our journey and keep it with us. Police and troopers are patrolling. Anyone controlled without his/her statement gets a fine of 135 € (US$ 145). It's prohibited to gather and talk with people. In grocery stores (only ones remaining opened), marks on the ground show distances to respect with other people. Some people used the waiver to have a walk in parcs, at riversides or on the beach. It is prohibited. troopers use helicopters to control the beach. In other cities, drones are used by the police to warn people chatting with each other in the street they are not allowed to gather and must use their phone to chat. Tonight, we saw a country fellow doctor who stayed in Wuhan to take care of people. He believes our measures are not sufficient and that we need more discipline to follow instructions. We saw that BJ decided to close pubs and restaurants in the UK at last. Yesterday, we saw that the governor of California decided confinement for the population. This is the beginning of wisdom and the beginning only. We see numbers increasing exponentially, especially casualties in Italy and Spain. Idiots who were proud to show off they were not scared shaking hands with anybody now take a great risk. We saw a care giver crying on a TV report. They must clean beds after some one dies and then choose someone else to give care. They must choose who will be left without care. We also saw that US students go and party in Florida for the Spring break. It's not only criminal, it's some kind of collective suicide. Last week end, I found ridiculous a lady leaving a grocery store with 3/4 months of food in her cart. Now, I realize this not paranoia, it's just elementary protection. I post the above since many of you guys are American. You can still choose to protect yourself.
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    Welcome to the bar with the most beautiful and nice Ladyboys in Jomtien Beach. At katty bar on jomtien beach road soi4. Ladyboy bar of the year 2020. Thank you very much to Albert for nice pictures Emmy Big Boss lol
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    A recap on the English Rose story . Being a guest house the authorities let them stay open but just had to pay more money, witch is understandable. Good to see common sense has prevailed in these times.
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    I have to disagree with the article and the statement. This article is inaccurate and will make the next pandemic worse. The statement that China does not cooperate with World Health authorities is wrong. China shared the genetic code results of the virus in the early days, so vaccine development started and in fact there have been human volunteers who have received it for testing already. That could not have happened this quickly without cooperation from China. China has sent medical assistance to Italy to advise them how to deal with the surge of seriously ill patients they have, which is close to overwhelming their ICU capacity. They have sent N95 masks to France (who sent them supplies during the peak of the crisis in Japan). Blaming a country for a pandemic will only reduce cooperation in the future. While you may think it is unlikely it isn't just countries like China where pandemics may originate. The next one could originate in North America, South America, Europe - cooperation is the only way to successfully combat pandemics. This does not excuse China for its past and future actions of authoritarianism, but isolating it or trying to punish it would be a terrible mistake.
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    NOT because of my post . The English rose got busted last night and is probably closed for 3 months and a 100,000 baht fine , if they don't pay its a holiday for the boss at the monkey house ( all expenses paid ) and the bar will be closed for 5 years . As you can expect being Thailand there are spotters out and about taking photos of open establishments and they are sent to the virus task force ( not all police seem to be involved) , we have a motorbike taxi who is one of our local spotters ( taxi 37 ) he just goes about his daily chores and takes a few photos , its probably just a hobby ( we all need one ). Anyway more exciting shit to come .
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    That drawing sums it up. I was battered around for a year or so but continued to make posts. Some obviously not enjoyed by the gang of 4, so was given a short term ban, to be followed up by a permanent one. I did have the cheek to ask for a reason but even after approaching one of the 4 who posts here, did not get a reply. Shit happens!.
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    Oh , you're right. I knew I had seen her somewhere. Dews friend.
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    Think this is Fara whom Pdogg, Seven and I bumped into a few months back while we were on a night stroll. Looking good.
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    The town has gone noticeably quieter by the day. Two guys that I know have moved their departure date up fearing that plane service could get shut down or if they did get sick they want to be sick in their home country. Another friend was due in tomorrow but aborted the mission. Now's just not the time to be travelling. I was just out, a couple late night errands and also to wait with my buddy for his taxi to the airport. I know it's late but it's not unusual for me to be out at this time and the soi seemed extremely quiet. By one of the 7/11s there was music blasting out of a car and Thais having a little outside party. At the other 7/11 there seemed to be a minor altercation between a Russian and a ladyboy, seemed to be about 500 or 1000 baht. Then back on my balcony about 20 minutes later saw the same Russian walking with anothe prettier ladyboy.
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    These are challenging times. Some of us may know people who will catch it, and there will also be economic and social consequences alas. In the difficult times to come, many of us will be turning towards online communities such as LBR to socialize instead of meeting mates face to face. In these troubled times, I'd suggest that we make an extra effort to interact with our fellow forum members respectfully even if you disagree with their point of view. To some degree we're all in this together so let's treat our forum brothers (and handful of sisters) with good cheer, the way we would if chatting with them at our local pub.
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    I knew it was you immediately! Only clocked the camera afterwards and that confirmed it!!
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    It's getting more serious here in uk. We are supposed to be about 2 weeks behind Italy. Letters and emails are being sent out to over 70s and people with underlying chronic illnesses, 1.5 million people. telling them to stay indoors for the next 12 weeks and they will be sent food parcels. I've just ordered face mask. I know most of them are pretty useful in protecting the wearer, but might help to stop wearer spreading the virus. I've ordered a 3M mask which is the one doctors are wearing in hospitals where they can get them. I'll probably order some latex gloves too.
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    Housemartins, Think for a Minute, 1986. Old song. New video.
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    Thats good news... dont leave home without them.... my China office sent 200 masks on DHL to London and they have gone astray as they were supposed to be delivered Thursday ... hmmmm , what a surprise . Im not sure if they work anyway.. we will see if they turn up tomorrow
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    Alis keeping herself entertained in these quiet times. IMG_9589.mov
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    The Romscars’ crowd favorite at Pyongyang used to be the much anticipated Moderator of the Year category, where BMs got to vote for their preferred one and check who the other BMs were voting for. Since there were only 4 of them, all PY mods and the admin got automatically nominated regardless of having done or not anything noteworthy during the year. In 2018, KendoUK won in a squeaker by a half-vote over Petesie. The others got dick. Editorially, the 2018 award presented a bit of a dilemma for me: a 5th mod had just recently been added who hated my guts and immediately went to work on getting me banned. So I could not possibly give him the satisfaction of having me obsequiously draw him. And yet, if I drew the other 4 but not him it would be me who would look like the bitter grudge-holder. What was I to do? The solution was to NOT draw anyone and come up with another clever visual, such as allegorically portraying the lot of them as the inscrutable Willy Honka candy factory owner and his diligent oompa-loompas.
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    Were you slightly drunk? Alcohol kills a hard on!
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    With the situation we are in its suprising how many plastic bottle collectors there are around , I have just counted 5 go through the soi and they all have full bags , I have no idea how far they travel or how much they get collecting but we do get the same ones every day/night and its first in first serve. We get one man operations to the family collecting so it must be big business.
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    Hi and welcome to our happy family. Yes the honest ones on here will admit it has happened to them and me , to me it's a combination of your first time and seeing a sexy lady with a cock . May I suggest you take one of daddy's little blue helpers next time, remember you are paying so what you do is mostly up to you . Try not to over think the experience before it happens, the big brain sometimes overrules the little brain. Have fun and try to relax
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    Shitheads happen ! The-Sith happens ! (drawing) Quit happens ! I am glad seven you posted about me drawing the "TOP dogs of PY." I will try to explain how I feel in this post and the next. Same as most other Romscars, and contrary to their intended annual focus, the 2018 Romscar for Bar Owner of the Year was attributed on the basis of the winner's years-long popularity among the BM voters, rather than anything outstanding he did that year. Which would have been even more deserving since 2018 was the year that Jimbo migrated to the Sewer and transplanted C&D's mini-cabaret act to TJ's Music Lounge making it an even more fun ladyboy bar to hangout than it already was. The Grumpmeister comfortably beat the other bar owner nominees (our beloved Emmy was 3rd!). The cartoon I drew for the occasion sought to lampoon Pyongyang's selective bars' promotion. I knew I would be skating on real thin ice when I described the recently opened (and short-lived!) rooftop bar The Roof as "Thailand's only ladyboyless ladyboy bar," and pointed the finger with the cartoon below at "farang versus Thai" bar owners differentiation with 2 of the Kims personally clearing the way for The Roof's promotion at PY. I think I did a good sketch job with the Kim in riot gear, although I much prefer the representation of him in my current avatar here at LBR.
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    Here In Pattaya it's pretty easy to buy gloves at most 7/11s. You can also order from Lazada, an Amazon type business that is quite popular in Thailand. What's nice is if you want you can pay COD (cash on delivery). There are other payment options as well. They also make it easy for you to sign up. Yesterday I ordered 500 (not sure pairs or pieces) but the vendor was in China so the delivery date is in April. Today I ordered 300 pieces (150 pairs) from Thailand which should arrive in a few days. The one's in the 7/11 are cheap enough but the online ones are so really cheap. For my purposes, one use and throwaway, I doubt quality matters much. If for some reason they are not delivered, since it is COD, I don't have to worry about refunds. I'll post a link but not really sure if my link will bring you to the product.
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    OK. And the wet markets? We don't have many of those here, you know. Do you agree that covin-19 stems from animals transmitted to humans? I'm friends with some hardcore animal rights activists and trust me, China does not have the best of reputations when it comes to this. I can show you tons of undercover videos from these wet markets shot in China but I'll spare you. I agree we have to co-operate to fight this, but surely you know how China covered up this mess in the beginning and the treatment of the whistleblowers/doctors/staff.
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    I have a price alert working on Skyscanner. Get updates every day or so. Can you believe that the fare for me has just gone UP by $65.00????. Seems crazy!. Cant go anyway because of a ban and commonsense, but the logic of the increase escapes me.
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    stop moaning! that's a nice one of sunny you posted... she is wearing her enigmatic..' oh-oh, if this big blonde guy comes to attack me again, i'm gonna kick him in the nuts' look. Tell you what ...Sunny may well forget some people Annat...but you...never!
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    Man does my stomach really look like that ...:(
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    Thanks seven. Thanks Pdoggg. Means a lot coming from you because I know some of my cartoons may touch a nerve with moderation since some of them are not meant to be just “Ha! Ha!” funny but also make BMs (collectively or individually) take a good look in the mirror and perhaps not like what they see. It’s the case with the cartoon below that spotlights what I believe is our (mine included!) greatest character flaw as ladyboy mongers. The Romscar for BM-Ladyboy Couple of the Year is the trickiest one to award because it is about none of anyone’s PRIVATE business. In 2018, it was won by the Petesie-New pairing, and like for LurSaluces, it was more on the basis of their history rather than anything that actually happened with them in 2018. Theirs is a unique narrative of the reformed monger who is not embarassed to proclaim his newfound love and monogamy to his promiscuous farang peers. Throw in the 2 circumstances that he is a top dog at Pyongyang and she has a Pattaya bar, and that pretty much makes them the Royalty Couple of the ladyboy world. None of the other nominated couples even got any votes. (Well, Lord Jim & Maky got 1). The cartoon I drew to post along with the nominations for the 2018 Romscar BM-Ladyboy Couple of the Year was meant to show us ladyboy-lovers at our most selfish, self-serving selves, no matter how much we may help or respect the ladyboys. That’s just the way it is. And I am like that also. So don’t hate me if the cartoon makes you uncomfortable. A good editorial cartoonist’s job is not to make readers chuckle. It’s to make them think.
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    I saw that at one of the Siam malls (Paragon I think) they had a security guard standing at the entrance checking everyones body temperature who entered with an infrared thermomter
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    Thailand to close malls as coronavirus cases jump BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand announced it will close malls in the capital Bangkok as the country reported its largest daily increase in coronavirus infections on Saturday. Malls, except for supermarkets, will be closed for 22 days beginning March 22 to April 12 in a bid to curb the outbreak of the coronavirus, Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang said in a statement. Boxing stadiums, beauty salons and arcades were also included in the closure announcement. Those found violating the order face up to one year in prison or a fine of up to 100,000 baht. https://www.yahoo.com/news/thailand-reports-89-coronavirus-cases-045209605.html
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    I find it very irresponsible and I say that as a guy that could drink for Scotland, ffs in this crisis we need to play safe. Morons the lot of them
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    Had my last one hoovered because it showed some old person so here is another one of Sunny and Moon
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    Somehow I don’t think hats are the first thing many will reach for when looking at those photos.
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    when katty and TJs combined forces to collect monies for a Bangkok oprhanage. Jimbo and Emmy's friend Rene from DD Inn organised it. DD giving a load of kids a free 3 nights stay at DD. forget now but i seem to recall over 40k being collected. the cardboard box cost me 200 baht...only thing i could find! it had a golden cat with a wavy arm in it...still lives in the bar. i'd rather have put the money in the collection.... 2nd picture a thanks that Emmy got from one of the kids.
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    As it happens, on the subject of personal grooming, I haven't shaved for a couple of weeks and my white (more like seminal grey) beard is doing quite nicely. It itches, but I put up with that as it adds to the filtration near my air intakes. I wash it, as I do my hands and wrists, whenever I return home from going outside. I look more like my monkey avatar than ever
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    Keep safe...I haven't been cutting my hair for 4 months now..because I was scared..looking like a heavy metal guitar player now..in compulsory quarantine here for everyone.. you're not alone
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    oh my-my, hold on to your hats
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    Pictures of beautiful ladyboys is the reason most of us joined online ladyboy Boards in the first place. The Romscar for Ladyboys’ Photographer of the Year was won in 2018 by BM LurSaluces who blew away the other nominees. My take (from what the BMs who voted for him posted) is that he won not because of anything out of (his excellent) ordinary he did in 2018, but because BMs at Pyongyang are grateful for his contribution over the years of many thousands of high-quality ladyboy pictures. Excellent indeed! BUT… LurSaluces could be even more excellent if he also shared his bounty here at LBR where he is also a BM. Last time we had the honor of his visit was to get one of my TR pics hoovered showing him FROM THE BACK while he was taking a pic of Nok. For someone who has been methodically recording for posterity hundreds of ladyboys prostituting themselves, he sure is self-protective of the back of his shirt. Been there. Done that. On a much smaller scale. And still do it but to an even lesser extent. The cartoon I drew for the 2018 Photographer of the Year Romscar captured the misgivings I was having at the time about continuing to share great pics and having to deal with heroes, haters and moderhaters.
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    Keep safe and well Duncan
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    Some shots of Paula thanks to Em.
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    One of the annual Romscars is reserved for a newcomer BM who shows online the most mongering and posting excellence. In 2018 the winner of Newbie of the Year was a Pyongyang BM who goes by The-Sith, who got everyone’s attention with two Star Wars-themed TRs and his high-roller, audacious mongering style. BM Twest, also of Pyongyang, was a distant second on the popular vote. As far as I can tell, The-Sith is not a BM here at LBR. I bet he does not even know that in 2019 he won another Romscar, this time for Ladyboy Mongering Legend in the Making. If anyone here knows The-Sith and can tell him or shoot him a PM at Pyongyang, please do. It would be a nice favor you would be doing me and, especially, him. Below is the cartoon I made in 2018 to capture what newcomers must go through at Pyongyang when they start making themselves noticed. Those of us who, despite being outnumbered, responded in kind to the hazing ... got held back back in Retarded Members, or worse: got our asses booted from the Democratic People's Republic. Not The-Sith! Somehow he manages to outsmart the regime by remaining deferential enough to the Kims while posting like a boss. Well done The-Sith!
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