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  1. Went to Central today and visited the AIS store and the True store. AIS has moved from the basement to Level 3. True is faces 2nd Road on the ground floor next to True Coffee. Seems there is a price war, and this month has the best data add on plans that I've ever seen. However it's only good for Sim cards that are 7 days old or newer. I reckon one of the carriers started the promotion and the others felt compelled to follow suit. Both carriers have an unlimited data plan throttled at the extremely high 10Mbs for just 200 baht a baht. It is automatically renews every month for a year as long as you have at least 200 baht or more on your phone. For AIS the sign up code is *777*932# but your Sim must be 7 days or newer. AIS Sims are 50 baht. You can so 20 baht top ups at the AIS store and some Family Marts. There are some Family Marts that will only do 50 baht minimums. So you can buy a Sim for 50 baht and buy twelve 20 baht top ups. So your Sim validity would be for 360 days. Then you dial *777*932# and you have unlimited internet at a speed that is pretty fast for a month. You then still have 40 baht credit. Just top up some baht if you want to keep it going for another month. I believe this promotion includes free calls to any network so you can just dial instead of using Line.
  2. Either Thai with Englsih subs or English with Thai subs works for me. Actually Thai with English subs is slightly better for me as I like it when I hear a Thai word that I know associated with action on the screen. What I really hate is movies that dubbed. I want to hear the original actor's voice and want the lips to match the language.
  3. The M Generation Card is a loyalty card for Major Cineplex. Currently 60+ cardholders get to see movies from Mon-Fri for 60 baht. At one time it was just on Tuesdays. Or maybe Tuesday are discounted for everybody. You also get a free movie during your birthday week. The card costs 150 per year (I think). If you are under 60, the card costs 50 baht and you get a 20 baht discount every time you go. So a 150 baht seat would jsut cost 130 baht Lots of other confusing benefits that make the old La Bamba card seem straightforward! There is an automated ticket machine that most people, both Thailand farang don't know how to use so they have an employee to help you at the machine. The question is what happens when a senior uses his card to buy multiple tickets? I just bought a card for my teerak today figuring we'll use it enough to cover the 50 baht fee. Anyway, the movie employee was helping us with the machine and she indicated it would be 130 baht (free for the birthday boy and 130 for my teerak but the way she processed the cards turned out free for me and 60 baht for her. A mistake in my favor that she had no incentive to correct and would have been very time consuming for her to do so. Actually, I'm told that, at least in the States, theatres make very little from ticket sales and the bulk of their money comes from overpriced popcorn. So theatre employees might search bags for food yet not give a damn about moving from theatre to another in a multiplex. Not quite sure if one actually know how to book online with preloaded cash what would be the price of the second ticket? Figuring out stuff like this in your home country is difficult enough but almost impossible to nail down accurately if speaking Thinglish.
  4. We went to see The Cave tonight and we both liked it. It about the Wild Boars being trapped in the cave. Perhaps a different director would do a better job but the subject matter interested us. I'm jsut grateful when I go see a movie that doesn't suck.
  5. I like the first one. Now many of us know exactly where the shot was taken and that it's an extremely safe area but if one had never been to Pattaya, you would get a haunting illusion of danger with the mannequin's torso. Reminds me of Hitchcock if he was a photographer instead of a director. Does your camera also take monochrome video?
  6. There is something nice about Monochrome shots especially in seedy areas at night such as Soi 6/1 with a ladyman standing on the street smoking a fag. Don't take it away Mama!
  7. I reckon some bars have non-aggression pacts. I won't be taking any bets! Nothing against Sweethearts but I wouldn't be going to their party even if it was on a different night. If a bar is having a party it doesn't affect my decision to go there too much although i am somewhat less likely to go on a party night. Furthermore, I have little interest in going to any of the ladyboy bars in town but occasionally I'll get dragged to bars by my mates, which is fine for an occasional night out. Some would say, "when in Sodom, do as the Sodomites do". But if I'm not going to interact with the staff then I might as well be in the Beer Garden or at a sports bar with the added bonus that I am not disappointing ladies by not buying them a drink. But Stoolie's get together and Teya's bash are both exceptions that I am looking forward to.
  8. In these pics Ariana with her pointy chin and slutwear looks a little like a Pattaya ladyboy and with his shit eating grin Bernie looks like her sponsor! Bernie may not ever be this hard again either!
  9. Pdoggg


    This was a earthquake this morning on the Thai-Laos border. It was 6.1 on the Richter scale. Some report feeling mild tremors in Bangkok.
  10. I'll be there. Where is the other party by the way?
  11. I think most Americans don't follow politics closely at all. These low information voters just might be motivated to back a candidate because of a celebrity endorsement. But every endorsement is a two way street since some voters may hate the endorser. If David Duke (not OUR Dave Duke) endorses Trump that would help energize the fringe of Trump's base but would probably do more damage than good. OTOH, an Ariana Grande endorsement might get some of her fans to pull Bernie's lever (he seemed to enjoy the hug in the pic and she probably smells great too, maybe gave Bernie some wood)in the primary and I don't see any negative impact. Some endorsements really help. I think AOC's endorsement really helped at a time Bernie's campaign hit a rough patch. This endorsement also benefits AOC as she can campaign with him as the the girl who could be Veep if she wasn't Underage. But in 2024 she will be Barely Legal and perhaps even POTUS. She probably also smells swell! The Culture War was instrumental to Trump's victory. His confrontational style certainly helped him with what is now his "base". I guess hatred of the glitterati helps mobilize this base. True moderates thought let's give a successful businessman a chance. Years ago, I was very impressed with Art of the Deal and thought Trump was a shrewd businessman. Now, the ghostwriter of that book says it's all bullshit. I think Trump is going to have a very tough time being re-elected. The Dems could win by taking the Northern route by reclaiming Penn-Mich-Wisc or by a southern route involving North Carolina, Florida, and Arizona. Or mix and match. If Mich, Penn, and Arizona flip, then the Dems will most likely win. Very few new states Trump could pick up. Maybe New Hampshire and Minnesota. That's about it IMO. Back to Culture War, for every fed up anti-PC former Democrat there is at least one suburban former Repub Soccer Mom who has a strong aversion to Trump. Woke up early for the debate but couldn't find a live stream. So will watch later.
  12. We use lots of water and luckily I have a nearby water filter machine that costs 1 baht a liter. Never had a problem with that water. For those who insist on bottled water though. FamilyMart usually charges 20 baht for two 1.5 liter bottles of Singha water. That's 10 baht per bottle instead of 14 baht if you just buy one.
  13. Thanks for the heads up BBG! Beats me though as I rarely look at my Spam Box. But it wouldn't surprise me if a company were to add another revenue stream by selling email addies. But then I guess it could come from anywhere. Hey guys, in case it's new to you, Lazada is like Amazon for Southeast Asia with quick delivery.
  14. Here is a link to the Community Calendar: http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/calendar/1-community-calendar/2019/12/ Then you can click on a specific item to get more details.
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