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  1. Pdoggg

    Airline News

    One dead and thirty injured in an emergency landing at Swampy. The London to Singapore flight hit severe turbulence over the Andaman Sea causing problems which forced the landing. The southwest monsoon is said to also be a factor in the Iran helicopter cash. It's been quite rainy in Pattaya. I suppose the weather is much worse in Phuket.
  2. What music genres do you like to listen to at bar parties? Do you have any favorite party songs?
  3. Does she have unprotected anal sex with Travis Kelce? If she seems disease free then will she take 1000 baht for a short time?
  4. Haven't seen it anywhere. Is San Mig Free 0.0 0% ABV? San Mig Zero is 3% ABV so a bit of mystery why it's called Zero. I also like San Mig Lemon which I believe is 3% ABV which tastes like a shandy or radler. Don't think you can get it in Thailand.
  5. Wow, great tune for Mick's voice! I suspect other Dylan songs would work with the Stones.
  6. What's your favorite way to download music from Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube to MP3s or other formats? Conditions: 1) Must be a webpage; not an app 2) Must be free. 3) Music quality must be good; minimum bit rate if MP3 must be 320 kbps. Which format will give the best audio quality?
  7. The feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar escalates.
  8. I think trying a different browser may work. Guys seem to have various issues with Chrome.
  9. It'd sure be embarrassing if that got lodged up her ass and she had to go to the ER for removal!
  10. You're living large! Perhaps they're an example of Homo Erectus!
  11. If you're a NFL fan and like raunchy comedy then check out the Tom Brady Roast on Netflix.
  12. I vote pink because the street scene is just a bit too busy.
  13. For more context, check out this link in Cinederose's club: http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/topic/10421-gossip-column/&do=findComment&comment=237355&_rid=7348
  14. Good to hear and see what's happening in May 2024! You prefer Envy to Phillies?
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