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  1. Is there now semen on the ceiling? Or deep inside someone's ?
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    One night in December 1970, Nixon called his national security adviser in a rage about Cambodia. “I want the helicopter ships. I want everything that can fly to go in and crack the hell out of them,” he barked at Kissinger, according to a transcript. “I want gunships in there. That means armed helicopters. … I want it done! Get them off their ass. … I want them to hit everything.” Five minutes later, Kissinger was on the phone with Gen. Alexander Haig, his military aide, relaying the command for a relentless assault on Cambodia. “It’s an order, it’s to be done. Anything that flies on anything that moves. You got that?” Two years earlier, Nixon had won the White House promising to end America’s war in Vietnam, but instead expanded the conflict into neighboring Cambodia. Fearing public backlash and believing that Congress would never approve an attack on a neutral country, Kissinger and Haig began planning — a month after Nixon took office — an operation that was kept secret from the American people, Congress, and even top Pentagon officials via a conspiracy of cover stories, coded messages, and a dual bookkeeping system that logged airstrikes in Cambodia as occurring in South Vietnam. Kissinger, who went on to serve as secretary of state in the Nixon and Gerald Ford administrations, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.
  3. Here's a link to Frank's TGirl World. Frank's TGirl
  4. Pattaya police intensified checks on short-stay hotels on Loy Krathong night to prevent teenagers from engaging in sexual activities. The operation is a common practice during the Loy Krathong festival, where teens usually hang out after the event and are prone to inappropriate sexual behavior, said Pattaya police. The operation, ordered by Banglamung district chief Mr. Pisit Sawasdinukul and Pattaya police chief Pol. Col. Thanapong Pothitthi, took place at 10:00 PM on November 27th, with an aim to specifically inspect “love hotels” in Pattaya to warn hotel operators of allowing minors to use their venues to engage in sexual activities. According to Pol. Col. Thanapong, the Pattaya police recognized the increased likelihood of teenagers engaging in inappropriate behavior during the Loy Krathong event. He stated that some teens may opt to hang out after releasing their flowery floats or participating in alcohol-drinking gatherings. Consequently, this behavior could impair their judgment and self-control and pose a risk of unprotected sex that leads to unwanted pregnancies. Pol. Col. Thanapong went on to say that short-stay hotels are considered high-risk locations, as they often operate with minimal oversight and can provide a breeding ground for illicit activities. In response to these concerns, Pattaya law enforcement officials are working closely with hotel operators to verify the identification of individuals entering their establishments. Visitors must be at least 20 years old, and if minors or suspicious behavior are detected, hotel staff are instructed to report immediately to law enforcement. https://thepattayanews.com/2023/11/29/pattaya-police-crack-down-on-love-hotels-to-deter-teenage-sex/
  5. Chatting with Emmy, she said her priorities are: 1) getting the short time room operational. 2) getting her own room habitable. 3) getting the VIP area ready.
  6. A distraught South Korean man went on a rampage yesterday by discarding 100,000 baht banknotes and trying to leap from the eighth floor of a Pattaya condominium after losing money to a Thai girlfriend. Officers from Muang Pattaya Police Station rushed to the condominium on Soi Bua Khao in Pattaya after residents reported a foreign man on a rampage. The man reportedly had a knife in his hand and was shouting that he would take his own life by jumping off the balcony. When officers arrived at the scene they found the South Korean man, later identified as 41 year old Seungwon Jeong, standing on the balcony of his room on the eighth floor. He was pacing the balcony with a knife in his hand. Seungwon made a loud noise and then launched over 100,000 baht Thai banknotes from the balcony. He walked around the balcony for about an hour brandishing a knife before disappearing into his room. Seungwon informed officers, through the interpreter, that he had been in Pattaya for about a month, and his stress had escalated a few days ago following the sudden disappearance of his Thai girlfriend. He revealed that the Thai woman had lured him into investing in a grocery store on her behalf, only to abandon him later. Expressing concern about his financial predicament, Seungwon decided to reach out to his debtor, requesting the return of the money. However, the debtor not only refused but also responded disrespectfully. Officers chose not to file charges against Seungwon and escorted him to the hospital for a medical examination. Additionally, they planned to get in touch with his family in South Korea to explore a resolution, aiming to prevent Seungwon from causing further disturbance or attempting self-harm. https://thethaiger.com/news/national/baht-lash-of-emotions-south-korean-man-goes-rampage-in-pattaya-after-being-scammed-by-thai-girlfriend
  7. You're not alone. Many guys have/had this problem. Some don't though and some have overcome this by doing the following: Sometimes clearing your browser cache helps. https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050 Then reboot your device. Sometimes what won't function well on Chrome, will work OK on Firefox or Opera. This is not guaranteed to work. But it does work for some guys. There are two ways to turn pages. Sometimes this will work when the other method won't.
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    Airline News

    Engine explodes on Thai Lion Air flight.
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    With these links, these websites have a Black Friday sale for just $7.77 running from now until 11/27/2023 00:00:01. Not sure which time zone. Ladyboy Gold Ladyboy Crush Ladyboys Fucked Bareback Mistress of Asia
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    LK Metro

    Riotous scenes as Thai nightlife workers let rip when tensions overflowed at Paradise Go Go bar early on Sunday morning. Police are investigating the matter as a serious disturbance although it is not clear if charges have been filed or are being pursued by the victims involved. 28-year-old British holidaymaker Jack Fitzmaurice found himself chased by screaming dancers, bar hostesses and staff from a nightclub in Pattaya’s Soi Buakhao on Sunday morning after feminine pique turned into jealousy and rage among the bar’s workers when he was seen to be engaged with his 35-year-old Thai girlfriend. The UK man was left lying outside the club with cuts and abrasions in a bewildered state as police restored order. Pattaya police are investigating a brawl and an outbreak of violence at a well-known nightlife venue in the city early on Sunday morning in which a 28-year-old British tourist was an assault victim when he was attacked by over 20 Thai women, many of them working as hostesses at the Paradise A Go Go club on Soi LK Metro, a popular destination for foreign tourists and in the heart of the city’s nightlife centre. Significantly, the city’s entertainment district has been experiencing a revival this year as numbers rise inexorably with the recovery of the country’s foreign tourism industry. Eyewitness, a fellow British man, told the UK tabloid The Daily Mail the UK man was chased out of the bar by angry women and bar staff after trying to help One western onlooker, a fellow Brit, has told the British media outlet, the Daily Mail, that what happened was similar to a ‘wild west type bar room brawl’ in which women began pulling each other’s hair kicking each other and were subsequently joined by the nightclub’s bar staff with a mass of people eventually chasing the British man at the centre of the uproar out of the club onto the streets. Despite this, reports from the scene suggest that the 28-year-old was only trying to keep the peace and restore calm. It is understood that the conflagration began when one of the hostesses in the club took issue with the British man’s Thai girlfriend in what appears to have been jealousy as many women in the club, among them sex workers, were looking for short-term boyfriends. UK man identified as Jack Fitzmaurice. He suffered minor abrasions and injuries and appeared dazed and shocked by the onslaught of violence and mayhem The British man, who sustained slight injuries in the brawl and who afterwards attempted to play down the incident, was identified as 28-year-old Mr Jack Fitzmaurice. Pictures and video from the scene showed Mr Fitzmaurice lying on the ground in a dazed condition with blood spatters on his T-shirt. He appeared to remain conscious and repeatedly told onlookers and those who sought to give him assistance that he would be all right and simply sought to leave the scene with his Thai companion. ‘I’ll be alright I just want to go home to bed,’ Mr Fitzmaurice repeatedly told bystanders who were eventually joined by officers from Pattaya Police Station who responded to reports of the incident and who have now launched a criminal investigation into what transpired. UK man appeared to be a hit with women at the club with one who started a fight with his companion which triggered an explosion of feminine violence The British eyewitness who was nearby when the fight between the Thai women broke out, Mr Nicholas Hodge, told the media that it appeared that Mr Fitzmaurice was much sought after by many of the young women in the club. ‘I think there was a lot of jealousy going on over who was getting which punter. Before I knew it, the girls were fighting. The poor kid only tried to stop them and he ended up getting a serious beating,’ Mr Hodge revealed. ‘There was hair being pulled and legs flying everywhere. Then the bar staff joined in and it became quite nasty. It was just like a Wild West-type bar fight you see in the old movies. Just mad.’ It is understood that one of the women attacked Mr Fitzmaurice’s girlfriend and this triggered a sequence of events that morphed into an explosion of violence among the women. The 28-year-old Brit then tried to intervene and became the focus of the ire that spread among the roiling group. Thai woman with UK national told reporters she does not want to pursue charges against those who started the aggravation as it could lead to problems Mr Fitzmaurice’s Thai companion, 35-year-old Sunaree Tungprakhon, spoke to police at the scene but declined to press charges against her attackers. At length, the Thai woman, who is herself a dancer, said she was attacked by one of the women working at the club but would not be pursuing the case or filing a formal complaint with the police which could lead to complications if a prosecution was to ensue. ‘There was a group of about 20 people, punching and kicking until my British friend was involved and also injured,’ she explained. ‘I don’t want to have problems with this group of people, I’m afraid that it will be dangerous.’ Pattaya police see the incident as serious amid an investigation including a review of CCTV tapes and the identification of all those who took part. However, it appears that Pattaya police are viewing the incident as a serious one since the government in Thailand is anxious to avoid any negative publicity as it seeks to promote the foreign tourism industry. https://www.thaiexaminer.com/thai-news-foreigners/2023/11/21/uk-man-injured-in-bar-girl-attack-in-pattaya/
  11. Axl Rose of the band Guns N’ Roses was sued on Wednesday by a woman who accused him of dragging her by the hair, tying her up and raping her in a New York hotel in 1989. The suit was filed in New York State Supreme Court, in Manhattan, by Sheila Kennedy, a former model who has appeared in Penthouse magazine.
  12. With these links, these websites have a Black Friday sale for just $7.77 running from now until 11/27/2023 00:00:01. Not sure which time zone. Ladyboy Gold Ladyboy Crush Ladyboys Fucked Bareback Mistress of Asia
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