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Community Answers

  1. Isn't the featured restaurant the new incarnation of Mr Shrimp 99, the joint that had ladyboy fisherpeople help you catch a fish that the restaurant cooks for you?
  2. It might be because the Bangkok governor is elected while all other provincial governors are appointed by the Ministry of the Interior. These days some Western TV pundits seem to use the talking point "unelected bureaucrats" accompanied with the requisite snarky sneer on their faces as a way to denigrate the policies of government officials. So the Choburi governor, like Pontious Pilate is appointed, and not beholden to Pattaya barowners. The Mayor of Pattaya is elected and responsive to local business interests but it seems the governor has the power in this relationship.
  3. Pdoggg

    The Big Breakfast

    Robin Hood's 99 baht brekkie might be the best in town. The food is delicious and the coffee much better than Cheap Charlies or Hideaway. Their breakfast hours have recently been restricted to Monday through Saturday up to 11AM. If they served an all day breakfast I might be a regular. They also have a cheerful well trained service staff as well as as Executive Chef Max who has a Michelin star. Note the above pic doesn't have eggs since I don't eat them but rest assured they breakfast comes with eggs.
  4. Pdoggg


    Jack Dorsey stepped down as Twitter CEO today. Will he be traveling with Great Black Dick?
  5. Free booster shots. Click to see if you qualify. https://healthrisk.bangkokpattayahospital.com/rvs_covid/rvb_en_add.php
  6. If this is a group effort, Angeles City, Bali, Chiang Mai, Phnom Penh, and Samui are solid green for me
  7. If we are playing Name That Shot then I know it!
  8. Pattaya has experienced extreme deflation, most notably in the housing sector. Condo prices, condo rents, and hotel prices have plummetted. I've also noticed more and more foot massage joints on Buakhao lowering their price to 100 baht. More restaurants seem to be offering budget breakfasts. Harder to measure is he price of girls, but from what I hear prices have not gone up. The primary driver of lower prices at businesses that cater to farang is sharply curtailed demand. The mix of expats and tourists has also dramatically changed. Tourists are low information consumers who may not be aware where the best deals are located. Moreover many tourists couldn't give a flying fuck about finding the best deals as they don't want to think about money on holiday. OTOH expats tend to be extremely price conscious and are also aware of where the best deals can be found. Most tourists would find a daily budget of 2000 baht to be so absurdly low that they would just stay home if constrained to that amount while 2000 would be a fairly standard budget for farang although many farang live on much less perhaps as low as around 15K or 20K baht per month. So businesses have to adjust if they want to ride out the pandemic resulting in lower prices in some service establishments.
  9. Snooky was great before the Chinese transformation. There were two places in Cambodia good for mongers and now it's only Phnom Penh. Siem Reap is a lovely city but not for mongers. Yea you can find the odd ladyboy walking around Pub Street but while Pub Street bars are nice places for a few drinks they are not P4P bars. The only possibility of the Pattaya condo market ever reviving is a Chinese takeover. Would be good for owners who want to Pexit but horrible for renters who like things the way it is. This January will be Pattaya at it its very best if you're not a biz owner or dependent on tourist income. Although he mentions music, something Steady Eddie doesn't touch upon is the farang music scene. There are quite a few farang bands which play in some bars. Sharkys and Oscars are two in PP which regularly had bands before Covid. They might change lyrics around say to "I found my thrills on Victory Hill". Steady Eddie is by no means a Cambodia expert but his info is quite useful for a Cambo rookie. Of course, a bit dated during Covid times.
  10. I think attractive ladyboys with short hair look great. Also really hate wigs. Like Joe Biden, I'm a hair sniffer! Perhaps. But for some reason, in the early days of forums this was a popular narrative about Annie.
  11. If restaurants can serve booze and bars can metamorphosize into restaurants by simply getting the proper license then I guess you could say bars will be open. Last night Treetown was packed; big crowds at every table. The Cocktail Cart openly had booze bottles on display. Some cute ladyboy streetwalkers in the area.
  12. Unconfirmed reporting suggests that Lisa has tested positive for Covid-19.
  13. There are still some slots that can reserved for Monday, November 29th.
  14. On my second trip to Bangkok was staying at Grand Inn on Soi 3 and in the very early evening all of sudden Annie walks by so quickly followed and said hi and we ended up the room. I remember her being very professional in the best sense, asking what I liked and catering to my needs. Lovely! Back in the day, conventional wisdom on fora was that she was a gay boy dressing as a ladyboy just for the money. Christmas cum early for Annie!
  15. Pdoggg

    Lita's Shop

    No. My friend took the pic.
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