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  1. I don't know much about the bar business but I would think you could name a bar, Barbie Ladyboy Bar. How will your bar be different from existing ladyboy bars in Pattaya or Bangkok other than having lots of Barbie dolls at the bar? Good luck!
  2. Here's the schedule (sometimes they add extra busses though). Price went up from 120 to 130 baht. The Bell Bus is now 300. https://airportpattayabus.com/from-suvarnabhumi-airport/
  3. On Thursday night, an attack ad appeared during the Democratic debate. The socialism that AOC and Bernie advocate has absolutely nothing to do with the Khmer Rouge. It's propaganda worthy of Goebbels. Bernie and AOC just want the American people to have the same benefits as Western Europeans. Here's the ad:
  4. You can buy a ticket for 120 baht on the ground floor of the airport near Door 8 on the ground floor. When you get off the bus in Jomtien ignore the parked baht busses in the parking lot. Just walk about 15 meters to the street and get on a moving baht bus to Jomtien and when you get off pay 10 baht. If you are staying at Katty's it's only a 5 minute ride from the bus station to Soi 4. Have fun Sustra!
  5. Major retailers in Thailand such as 7/11 will discontinue handing out plastic bags by the end of the year. Supposedly Mom and Pops will stop before 2021.
  6. If you thinkUFC is too tame.....
  7. In the couple of hours after writing the above post, I was watching someYoutube videos about advertising, totally unrelated to Brexit. On Youtube's sidebar they have other videos you can click on so I found the one I'm posting. I don't think it's a coincidence that this video was presented to me. Here's a video discussing Facebook's role in the Brexit vote. I have no idea how accurate it is but interesting.
  8. I guess what makes the article not the easiest of reads is that there seems to be a politically correct vocabulary among transactivists that I don't fully understand. I also get the impression that transactivists probably don't appreciate transamorous guys who pay for the sex in Pattaya but probably excuse the transwomen on the other side of the transaction due to some sort of power imbalance.
  9. The title of the above video is the People vs Parliament. But wouldn't a more appropriate title be 50% of the People vs Parliament? Do more than 50% of the people really want a no-deal Brexit? I realize there are there are differences between the various components of the UK and also differences along ethnic lines. I assume that over 80% of the Englanders on Soi Buakhao would be delighted by a hard Brexit. I have no horse in this race although a no-deal Brexit would probably be good for the USA as then the USA would be able to negotiate a very favorable trade deal with the UK. I guess passions are inflamed all over the world these days. In the USA, Thanksgiving dinners have become war zones due to the extreme partisanship that is quite different from the Bush and Obama days. So I reckon the same is going on in the UK with Brexit being as divisive as Trump.
  10. Pdoggg

    Jokes Thread

    What I've found is that lodging on Koh Chang or Koh Samet can be quite expensive, maybe triple or more the price of a comparable place in Pattaya or Jomtien. I used to go to Samet when I was coming to Thailand as a two week millionaire. Then a few years ago my teerak and I decided to go back but stay in a cheaper place within our budget. I was excited about the trip but after one night we decided to go back to Pattaya as our Pattaya lodging was much nicer. A trip with a ladyboy can be great but if the room is not comfortable chances are it won't be a great honeymoon. There's also something to be said for two couples travelling together as the girls will be happier if they have a Thai friend to talk to.
  11. Good stuff; thanks for posting it Seven!
  12. Khabib is a heavy favorite in UFC 242 on Saturday night. Here is his full fight against Conor in UFC 229.
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