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Community Answers

  1. I don't know of any Pattaya bars where you can smoke but Koh Lanta has some beach bars where you can buy and smoke. Phnom Penh also has some bars. I'm sure there are many more locations but I'm not looking for it.
  2. Muvmi, in the above video, looks interesting with rides starting at 10 baht. Has anyone used it? Currently it does not seem to operate on the even side of Sukhumvit. It would be nice to be able to take a Muvmi from Check In to Why Not or Chaos 9.
  3. Or a Tom. Heard that many bars on the Darkside will be open tonight. Perhaps the party in power doesn't want to alienate voters by stringent enforcement.
  4. You wouldn't want to have a cup of coffee and a chinwag with these folks? You could discuss mask enforcement and tax abatements for country and western venues.
  5. In the app video above not sure why they list Grab but not list Bolt. Strongly suggest that anyone going to Pattaya download the Bolt app. Less expensive than Grab for same level of service.
  6. Assaulted with a dumbell at a Pattaya gym.
  7. Pdoggg


    It appears that you could also fly out at 10 PM Saturday.
  8. Pdoggg


    Besides the cost, another advantage of the antigen test is the quick turnaround. Yanks have to take a test 1 calendar day before flight. So if your flight is scheduled for 11:55 PM you would have about 48 hours but if scheduled for 12:05 AM you would only have 24 hours but most labs keep normal business hours.
  9. Pdoggg


    There is a lab on Pattaya Klang, just a few stores past 3rd Road on the right side if you are headed from the beach to Sukhumvit. Two friends got tested there. Quick turnaround time and they received the proper documentation. Both friends were going back to the USA. All they needed was an antigen test. 490 baht.
  10. From 6PM Saturday, May 21st until 6PM Sunday May 22nd bars will be closed in Pattaya due to the mayoral election. Can't buy at 7/11 either and take note you can never buy at 7/11 between 2PM and 5PM. Bars will also be closed in Bangkok due to the gubernatorial erection.
  11. Rom, if you are headed south perhaps you can bed down Candace Seduce who has to be one of the prettiest natural femboys around. https://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/760793/petite-cute-20yo-cumshot-at-8-50/
  12. Is Patis Point open or did Covid cause its demise? Donnnykey, JimSlim and I had a great night there. We brought about a dozen ladyboys; we were drinking pitchers of beer, they were drinking pitchers of some blue tropical drink and everyone got drunk. Good tunes and a small dancefloor. I don't remember it being all that exoensive even though we were drinking with reckless abandon. If you take Fields to McArthur Highway and make a right it's about a one minute jeepney ride or you could even walk. It's on the right side of the street.
  13. Cold beer, tasty food and tasty ladyboys is a great combination! One beer option at Delirious is San Mig Zero which is 3% ABV. When I have a buzz on, I want to continue drinking beer but don't want to make my hangover worse so San Mig Zero a nice option. Not sure why more bars don't sell San Mig Zero; I suppose there is not enough perceived demand.
  14. Heard a rumour that the new A Ha Gogo will be opening in the space formerly occupied by KRU and will open June 24th.
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