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  1. Part of the reason LBR has been so slow is that guys just got tired of the login problems, especially the problems of the last 5 months. But now that LBR is "forum only", once someone gets logged into LBR the first time as forum only, then the problems disappear. So if you have friends who have given up because of the login problem please suggest that they read this thread: http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/topic/8119-login-problems/ and to email basschcuk@gmail.com if they need help with the password reset.
  2. Pdoggg

    Gentleman's Clubs

    So many girls; so little sperm! Or so many ladyMEN, so little sperm!
  3. Pdoggg

    Useful Travel Links

    Here are some useful travel links to Booking.com, Agoda, and Skyscanner which are our members favorite hotel nd airfare comparison sites. We would very much appreciate it if you use our links when accessing these websites as we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks! http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/forum/69-website-links/
  4. Pdoggg

    Bars v Smartphones: Finding Customers.

    I think more girls in beer bars are freelancers than in the past. Think this is a win-win-win for the girl, the customer, and the barowner. For example in Katty Bar, I think Teya who doubles as the cashier and everyone else is a freelancer. Think for a brand new girl in town, it might be best to be on salary though. Once you get a following who needs a fine for not showing up on time? In most gogos the girls are not freelancers. They are quite often Agency Girls. The internet has been a great disruptor and the channels of distribution for P4P sex has changed in Thailand.
  5. Pdoggg

    Gentleman's Clubs

    Sure thing Arch! There are myriad places to make a sperm deposit!
  6. Pdoggg

    Happy Hours And Drink Prices

    Now the pieces of paper are actual cards. The hello girls are holding them in their hands. Just smile and ask for one. This is the third time my drink was free at Office Girls including New Year's Eve. You can get a draft beer, gina and tonic, sangsom coke, etc. Draft beer or mixed drink. Free no strings attached. Although you will probably tip more than usual. Was there with a buddy, our bins were zero, so I left a 100 baht tip and the staff was very happy. But if you are alone, and if you are one and done, 20 baht or 40 if feeling generous will suffice.
  7. Pdoggg

    Gentleman's Clubs

    Was showing a str8 mate around and hit a couple gentleman's clubs. Club Excite on Soi Xcyte is pretty good. Girls are attractive and sexy. One girl was naked but the rest had clothes on. You can get a BJ behind a curtain for 300 barfine and 500 tip or upstairs get boom boom for 300 barfine and 1000 tip. You can also get your BJ upstairs for 500 but it will probably turn into Boom Boom. Then went to check out 555. 555, across from Baby Boom seems to have a non-Anglo Euro clientele just like the now defunct Carre Blanc. I don't think the girls were as attractive as Club Xcyte. One guy was getting a BJ at the bar. When we first walked in was dead, were just going o have one drink, but the bell was rung twice so we wound up having three. Note, these clubs are GG only.
  8. Pdoggg

    TJs Bar Naklua

    Except the high school hottie didn't have a cock! Same same but different! Arch!
  9. Pdoggg

    TJs Bar Naklua

    So the one that used to work in Family Mart has not returned?
  10. Pdoggg

    Eateries in Pattaya

    Perhaps the best deal I've ever seen! Btw, there is a chance the driver will kick you off the baht bus before you get there especially if you are the only guy on the bus even though they are supposed to bring you all the way there.
  11. Pdoggg

    Scenes of Pattaya.

    Thais don't look exotic to me anymore. Actually Thais look like farangs to me. The top Russian babe looks Thai to me. And I didn't even drink tonight!
  12. Pdoggg

    Eateries in Pattaya

    Went to Retox on Soi Lengkee today. Think it might be owned by the guys who operated I-Rovers a few years back, not sure. The 99 baht breakfast is certainly a good deal but prefer the quality of Simple Simon on Soi 5 in Jomtien. Simple Simon also gives a free refill of their large coffee mug. I like breakfast but don't like waking up early in the morning.
  13. Pdoggg

    A Manc's view of Thailand

    The video says staff is 100% female bur dropped into Pook Plaza tonight, the bars did not seem to have names but as we walked through a ladyboy I knew from Candy Bar in Phnom Penh said, "remember me", so we sat in her bar and it looked like there were other ladyboys were there but that could have been my imagination.. Could have been another bar in the complex but they all seemed connected.
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  15. Pdoggg

    Name That Shot! Pattaya

    I guess near the outlet stores.