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  1. They took away the tables and chairs at my favorite 7/11 which was my alternative to the closed Pattaya Beer Garden.
  2. Pdoggg


    Rather than a curfew, the authorities are eliminating just about everything one would want to do late at night. Nothing is open and they are cracking down on beach parties. There is a 20K baht fine in Samui if one doesn't mask up!
  3. I am not sure of the ladyboy ratio but it seems that there are way more ladyboys than I would expect in Pattaya 7/11s. It could be that ladyboys find it easier to be themselves in Pattaya rather than in Nakon Nowhere.
  4. In the USA many moons ago was a show called the Dating Game. Perhaps an eligible bachelor would like to choose between Bachelorette #1, #2, or #3 for a "date"? Might be a fun Livestream! Farah Fawcett was on the show before she was famous.
  5. Yes, Sunny is looking real good with the top she is wearing!
  6. Most massage on Buakhao appear closed though a couple seemed secretly open.
  7. Bars are closed but Sara and friends had a party on the beach. Happy Birthday to a really sweet ladyboy! Baht busses are really scarce after 11 PM in Jomtien with bars closed.
  8. According to Wisit Piemjai, the director of the Postal Customs Service Division, the customs department confiscated over 4,000 sex toys in 2020 alone. The penalty for anyone caught peddling, buying, or possessing sex toys is up to three years jail time or a fine of up to 60,000 Thai baht ($2,000), or both. The Thai government refuses to amend the law banning sex toys because it goes “against the view of Thai society,” but many activists say this is hypocritical, especially for an economy that is, in part, driven by red-light districts. “The phrase ‘Thailand is a buddist country’ means no
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