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  1. I love that movie. I was flipping channels here in Cambodia and caught it from the beginning.
  2. If you enjoy looking for ladyboys online then there are a few websites that might work for you but it depending what you are looking for some will be better for you than others. I think the 3 main categories are: 1) sites where the objective is a serious relation 2) sites where the objective is hooking up 3) sites where what you want is good video wank Here are our recommendations for the best free sites in each category: Best Free Ladyboy Dating Websites
  3. Here's an excellent movie from 55 years ago. A betting pool on the Preakness is part of the plot. In this year's Preakness, one of the horses threw off the jockey.
  4. Here's a video of wastewater, a nice euphemism for a cocktail of 1 part feces and 2 parts water, being dumped dumped into Na Jomtien Bay, the southern part of Jomtien that the baht busses don't service. Anyone for some wastewater rafting?
  5. Pdoggg

    Phnom Penh update

    Matilda Bar on Street 104 has been sold and the new owner changed the name to Nana Bar. One ladyboy works there and she might be the only ladyboy on Street 104.
  6. Welcome to the forum Ring Master! If you deplane at 3PM you will most probably make the 4PM bus. The Bell reps at the airport have always been quite nice to me. They will only be cuntish if the people who regulate airport transportation require them to be strict about tickets. A fews years back you could buy tickets at the airport but now they are prohibited from doing so. In my experience it is rare for an afternoon Bell Bus from the airport to be full. But here are the official regulations: I suppose when booking the bus you could list a different flight which is scheduled to arrive before 2:30. Depending on where your hotel is located, the Jomtien Bus might be a better option, for example if you were staying at View Talay 6 on 2nd Road. http://airportpattayabus.com With the Jomtien Bus you pay 120 baht at the counter in the airport. These busses are scheduled hourly but in practice they add lots of extra busses due to demand.when you get off the bus in Jomtien you cross the other side of the road and take a baht bus back to Pattaya for 10 baht. This is a good option for people who know Pattaya fairly well but if you haven't been here for 8 years then you might not be sure where to get off.
  7. No booze today, May 18th, until at least midnight.
  8. Pdoggg

    Phnom Penh update

    Island Bar which in the past had the highest ladyboy to customer ratio had no ladyboys when I popped in the other night.
  9. It seems like a major league hassle to buy insurance that will only cover up to 400,000 baht and it would just be easier to self insure and not have to deal with an insurance company. Also interesting is if the consider Medicare valid foreign insurance. It is foreign insurance but it can't be used in Thailand.
  10. A foreigner jumped to his death from the sixth floor of a shopping complex in Chon Buri’s Pattaya City on Thursday afternoon. The man, whose nationality is unknown, was rushed to a nearby hospital though he was declared dead at the scene. Pol Lt-Colonel Pitak Nernsang, an investigator from the Pattaya Police Station, said police learned at 5.30pm that a foreigner aged about 50 had fallen from the sixth floor of Central Pattaya Beach Department store.
  11. Height of Robot: 16 feet Length of Tie: 4 feet Length of Penis*: 2 inches *thankfully, not visible
  12. These Cubans are awesome! The colors jump out at me!
  13. Wow! Before the camera was invented a model needed to sit for hours as the painted. It seems much easier, especially for the model, for the artist to take lots of pics and then work with the best one.
  14. May 13, 2019 An investigation into accusations that Premier League champion Manchester City misled European soccer’s financial regulators in pursuit of its success on the field is expected to recommend that the team be barred from the Champions League, European soccer’s richest competition and the trophy the club covets most. English soccer authorities and officials at UEFA, European soccer’s governing body and the organizer of the Champions League, have for months been investigating Manchester City amid allegations of rule-breaking revealed in damaging leaks over much of the past year. Members of the investigatory chamber of UEFA’s financial control board, a group set up to analyze the accounts of clubs suspected of breaking strict cost-control regulations, met two weeks ago in Nyon, Switzerland, to finalize their conclusions. The investigatory panel’s leader, the former prime minister of Belgium Yves Leterme, will have the final say on the submission to a separate adjudicatory chamber, which could be filed as soon as this week. The body is expected to seek at least a one-season ban. Even the suggestion of a ban would be a stinging rebuke for Manchester City and its Gulf owners, who celebrated a fourth Premier League title in eight seasons on Sunday. They long have sought to add the Champions League — club soccer’s top prize — to the club’s growing haul of domestic trophies, and any effort to bar the team is likely to spark a monumental legal fight. Manchester City’s current squad, assembled and financed at the cost of more than $1 billion, is just the latest example of the financial might the club’s owner, Sheik Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan, the brother of the ruler of the United Arab Emirates, can bring to bear. Sheik Mansour has invested billions over the past two decades — on players, coaches, facilities and the team’s operations — to transform Manchester City, which played in England’s second tier as recently as 2002, into one of soccer’s biggest and most successful brands. It remains unclear if any Champions League ban, if levied, would be enforced next season or in the 2020-21 campaign. Qualification games for next season’s tournament begin in June, meaning UEFA faces a race against time to finalize a sanction that City would have the right to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/13/sports/manchester-city-champions-league-uefa.html
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