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  1. Better than the 1000 baht or so as many mongers do!
  2. I know the Pattaya bars are closed but it's easy enough to find willing ladyboys. Is it unfair to a bargirl to have sex with her in these COVID-19 times? Is it a needless risk to yourself to have sex with a stranger these days? Does it put 3rd parties other than the fucker and fuckee at risk? Is doggy style OK but not missionary with lots of kissing? Pattaya hasn't had even one "reported" case in the last 5 weeks. Most people in Pattaya don't know anyone in Thailand with COVID-19. Most people don't even know anyone who knows anyone in Thailand with it. In Pattaya it doesn't feel like a risk although kissing is probably best avoided. I would think the airplane ride to Thailand is riskier than bargirl sex. What do you guys think?
  3. Pdoggg

    Airline News

    Plane crash in Pakistan
  4. https://soundcloud.com/mj-teong/too-much-so-much-very-much-1
  5. https://soundcloud.com/team-o/zoe-vs-pussycat-dolls-busta
  6. Was under the impression that Hollywood would give it a R rating compared to PG-13 for LBWVB. From what I recall there was some sort of problem between the bars involving a watermelon game in the pool.
  7. He speculates that some bars might re-open on June 15th or maybe before.
  8. With the bars closed, the lively, cheery atmosphere of Treetown is where people are headed. There have been zero new reported COVID-19 cases for a month now in Pattaya so many people feel the risk is lower than getting hit by a baht bus and are itching to get out and about. Nick mentions that there is speculation that open air beer bars could open in June. He also mentioned Nidcha Bar saying he is sure some of his viewers like the joint.
  9. Ah, the Rebel Alliance charity event. Nice pics Snoop!
  10. Doesn't hurt to wear gloves or even just one glove. Very inexpensive on Lazada.
  11. No need to talk by phone. If she posts a pic of her food on Facebook then it's just like being at the same table.
  12. 400,000 baht to build a small wooden house. Seems fair enough.
  13. Pdoggg


    There is a list of countries from which travellers are not admitted to Thailand. Almost every country is on the list . China and South Korea was just removed from the list. However, international flights into Thailand are banned until the end of the month except for repatriated Thais who must quarantine, cargo, and some very limited exceptions which will not affect the general public. Today was another day of no new cases reported in Thailand. Most new cases are repatriated Thais. There will be pressure from business interests to reopen the borders. The military tends to be socially conservative and I suspect that they will clamp down on prostitution in the name of social distancing. Much of the economy is reopening tomorrow. They had floated the idea of foot massage being permitted but that will probably have to wait until June 1st. The beaches are still closed probably until June 1st. Starting tomorrow, the curfew starts at 11PM instead of 10PM as workers in reopened businesses have to get home. When you enter a 7/11 an employee takes your temperature (you don't have to bring your own KY) and there is a sanitiser. One 7/11 employee was daydreaming and sprayed sanitiser into a lady's eyes instead of taking her temperature. Some sexy dancers have now taken jobs to shimmy up trees and cut durian.
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