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  1. These are the absolute lows of the day, which would be night time temperature, hopefully not taken with an anal thermometer. https://www.timeanddate.com/weather/thailand/pattaya/historic
  2. Took a look at this site. Seems useful for guys who want to extend their Sim's validity from abroad so they don't lose their number.
  3. The last week is probably the longest extended cold spell that I can remember in Pattaya. The last few days the low of the day was 18 degrees (64 Farenheit). I'm not complaining but my pool doesn't get much sun so I haven't been swimming but luckily I do have a sauna. Do you guys like it when it's this cold?
  4. Vern lost his defamation lawsuit. Some speculate that jury selection played a part as the young social media savvy jury might have saw things differently than old farts would have.
  5. So how DO the bars survive? I suppose there are some situations where a farang is financing a bar for his girlfriend by paying the key money and maybe even the rent so the Thai barowner just needs to have positive cash flow rather than an actual profit. Would be cheaper to just give the girl money but some farangs like the idea of owning a bar. Guess if you own a bar you get your own special table and can pick the music you want to hear. Then I guess there are situations where the barowner also rents out upstairs rooms and if the rooms cover the total rent then one way to look at it (incorrectly) is that the bar is rent free. I also think there is a trend towards freelance hostess staff with perhaps the the cashier being the only salaried staff. I guess this works best if your primary concern is not losing money as opposed to making money which makes good sense in an economic downturn. Of course, this makes it more difficult to force the staff to show up every day so if for example there is a big morlam and all the ladyboys go to the morlam then there are no staff available for customers. (I would imagine that the big morlam held on December 5th probably had a 1000 ladyboys in the audience). One night at Katty Bar there was no staff except for Teya which was just fine with me but then my buddy wanted to barfine Teya so she had to call Emmy who appeared sleepy eyed from upstairs. In the massage business it is standard that the girls are not salaried and just get a cut of the massage price plus tips. So where my girlfriend works there is no salary, just a cut and tips and she still has to clean the joint one day a week. When she operated her own beach massage place, her workers were expected to set up and break down the place every day with her and share the non massage workload even though they weren't on salary. Except for the most successful operations the farang barowner is just buying a job. He is forced to be on premises most of the time unless he has a honest cashier. And if he has an outgoing personality that draws in customers then he must be at the bar most of the time to entertain them which probably gets old quick. I guess there will be a Darwinian shakeout, the strong will survive and perhaps rents will come down creating a more positive business environment. But it seems the Chaiyapoon/Treetown area is on an upswing so even in bad times there are areas that are prospering.
  6. That's what I hear too! Note I'm a married man with no first hand knowledge but she seems like a good choice if you want a wild session! And as QG said, bring your own gear.
  7. No, they're mugs, I guess 12 ounces? Or could be 10, not really sure what the glasses hold. They also have pitchers fro 2 USD but not sure how many pints in a pitcher.
  8. Draft Angkor or Anchor is only 50 cents or about 45 Eurocents in some Phnom Penh bars. These aren't hostess bars or sports bars though. That is literally cheaper than the chips they serve!
  9. Bud is more expensive than Heineken or Amstel??? People actually drink Bud there? They seem to really like one football club.
  10. Some quick observations............... The town feels emptier than at the same time last year. Additionally the ratio of mongers to total visitors has decreased. My girlfriend works at a busy massage shop and there are more women customers than men. Obviously the strong baht against all monger currencies has an affect. I guess that is mitigated to some degree by more affordable airfare than years ago. Thirty years ago, there was not a general awareness of how cheap and user friendly the Pattaya sex experience was. The internet changed all that. But there's not that many people nowadays that are all of a sudden aware of what happens in Pattaya. It amazes that ladyboy barowners don't take advantage of the free advertising potential of all the forums. Put more effort in bigger forums of course but there are there are some guys who only read one of the less populated forums. It's free. Why in the world would you not take advantage of free advertising? There are a handful of photographic hobbyists who enjoy the ladyboy shoot niche. These guys are happy to take nice pics, send them to the owner so he can post them on the forums and Facebook. Not sure why barowners aren't approaching these guys. Beyond advertising, of course bars have to give the customer a good experience. TJ's seems busy. It's hard for me to evaluate Katty Bar cause if just a few guys beyond the regulars shows up it seems much busier than usual . The other bars I rarely go to. I figure some random ladyboy is just going to pester me for drinks. But there might be another bar that appeals to me but it's just off my radar. I mean I know they exist but I don't hear anything about them. I suppose truth be told, I am not really the type of guy who spends big money. OTOH, I know lots of guys, and when they're in town I suggest the bars that I like, So for example, Katty Bar would go out of business if they depended on guys like me. But since they treat me extremely well there I bring other guys who buy those things called ladydrinks and who sometimes barfine.
  11. Well playing the Thai lottery which I've never done ain't going to do it. In the USA occasionally the Powerball (good name for a ladyboy) or Mega Millions (Mega Cock would also be a good name) gets to 500 million USD. In such case the EV (expected value) of a $1 wagered might exceed $1 albeit with sky high variance. Since winning 500 million isn't really ten times as good as winning 50 million, in offices co-workers often pool their money when the jackpot is big to increase one's chance of winning. If I do ever win 50 million we're going to Rio where a travesti in the 50% percentile of length and girth is probably better endowed than her Thai sister in the 80th percentile. BBG, While sipping your coffee you can ponder, "where does a gay senorita say si si".
  12. Very useful info Rom! If a ladyboy says she hab big cock what does that mean? She should say hab cock 80th (or whatever) percentile!
  13. A buddy of mine is visiting China for a couple of weeks after a 3 month trip in Thailand and was asking me about getting a Chinese Visa in Bangkok. Have any of you done so? Were you required to provide either an Invitation Letter or Hotel Booking? Which office did you use? Anyone know how convenient these places are?
  14. Was hungry as hell at 9PM as all I had to eat all day was 2 slices of toast so figured it would be a good time to revisit CC and had the roast chicken dinner again. Chicken was good. Stuffing was more like a pastry than American stuffing but that's OK. Both mashed and roast potatoes. Veggies, broccoli, carrots, and cabbage were all cold. In hindsight, I could have just asked the waitress to microwave them for a minute. Black pudding advertised but not served. Did not get served black pudding last time either. Not 100% sure what black pudding is but don't think anything on the plate could have been it. But my plate was so full if they gave me black pudding there wouldn't have been room for something else and I like it all. Gravy. Lots of food. No way I would go out afterward as I was way to stuffed. Tremendous value.
  15. They're all excellent but I think Hitler short times a ladyboy is my favorite!
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