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  1. Pdoggg

    Rugby World Cup

    THE QUARTERFINALS (ELITE 8) SATURDAY 19 OCTOBER SATURDAY19OCTOBER 14:15 YOUR TIME 16:15 JAPAN TIME ENGLAND V AUSTRALIA QUARTER-FINALS Oita Stadium, Oita Prefecture ============================================ SATURDAY19OCTOBER 17:15 YOUR TIME 19:15 JAPAN TIME NEW ZEALAND V IRELAND QUARTER-FINALS Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo =================================================================== SUNDAY 20 OCTOBER SUNDAY20OCTOBER 14:15 YOUR TIME 16:15 JAPAN TIME WALES V FRANCE QUARTER-FINALS Oita Stadium, Oita Prefecture ==================================== SUNDAY20OCTOBER 17:15 YOUR TIME 19:15 JAPAN TIME JAPAN V SOUTH AFRICA QUARTER-FINALS Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo
  2. Has anyone ever attended a Thai Language School in Pattaya and if so would you recommend that school?
  3. On my laptop I was able to change my Spotify account from the Philippines to Thailand and it is working fine. Haven't tried on my phone yet; think it is a different account and may have forgot my password or other sign up details. Are there any significant advantages to a Premium plan?
  4. Pdoggg

    LK Metro

    Took a walk down Soi LK metro around 7:45 the other night. Most gogos were offering a cheap draft beer option or happy hour. Kink was a notable exception. Customers seem willing to spend since it's Pattaya's premier gogo. Billibong was empty which surprised me. Scooters was crowded and Cafe Racer was packed. Maybe as the night goes on teh crowds will move from the bars to the gogos. As for me, I just went home without stopping in anywhere.
  5. For the past 10 years I've just been travelling within Southeast Asia and have only one major issue whichI attribute to my luggage literally falling apart and breaking open. I used to use soft luggage and overpacking ripped it apart. When I checked in to the airport they had to wrap it up a bit; it looked like a real mess and was actually partially open. So when I went through customs in Samui they went through my stuff quizzing me on what stuff was such as aspirin, ibuprophen, antacids etc. I don't think they really suspected me of anything but I guess they have to show they are doing their job. My bad; now I use hard backed luggage and don't overpack. Airport security seems lax in SE Asia. In the Philippines, I had water bottles in plain sight on the side of my backpack and was able to bring it on the plane. Good to hear they say it's a one off for you John. I know of some North Americans that got checked every time when returning home but that was a awhile ago; maybe things are loosening up the further in the past 9/11 is.
  6. More LadyboyGold here More LadyboyGold here
  7. We all have different needs when it comes to data plans. My situation is that I have free wifi at my condo for two devices and primarily want to be connected when I'm away from home. Also there are some situations where I might want to use my smartfone internet at home. I think I will try an AIS plan that gives me 1GB a month at max speed for 1 month which automatically renews and if I use up the 1GB it continues at the extremely slow speed of 128 kbs. The nice thing about the 128kb is that I won't get hit with exhorbitant fees if I go over the 1GB limit as described by 360 in the thread below. There might also be situations when I'm out and about and just need to retrieve one message and the 128kbs per second might be enough or once I realize I've been throttled, I can add on a short term plan if I have the codes handy. Note that you can get 2GB a month for just 239 but it doesn't revert to 128kbs if you use up your 2GB. In the past I've been using an unlimited plan but it seems in 2019 the price has gone up and unlimited does not mean unlimited anymore but rather there is a very high gigabyte allowance such as 20GB. If you're on Youtube, Netflix, or Chaturbate frequently maybe you will burn through this data, I dunno. There are also some plans with no restrictions unlimited AIS super wifi but have never used it. Anyone ever use AIS super wifi? I don't really understand the concept. I suppose some guys like auto renew and some like manual renew. Guess a downside to auto renew is that if you forget to cancel you will drain your balance if you leave Thailand. AIS has some sort of unlimited plans that gets throttled at 4Mbs or 6Mbs. I think 4Mbs is good enough for streaming but I really don't know. If you are upcountry and only have 3G but not 4G, I'm not even sure if you can exceed 4Mbs with 3G Here are some AIS links: http://www.ais.co.th/one-2-call/en/addon/nonstop.html http://www.ais.co.th/one-2-call/en/addon/internet4g_continued.html Some guys use Youtube for music but if you are only listening and not watching I guess Spotify is a better choice. My Spotify account worked in Thailand and the Philippines stopped working in Cambodia so I switched to Soundcloud. Anyone have any tips for Spotify? Here's a link about how much data Youtube consumes: https://www.whistleout.com/CellPhones/Guides/How-Much-Data-Does-YouTube-Use Here is a link regarding bandwidth efficiency so you don't burn through your data: https://www.howtogeek.com/201827/how-much-mobile-data-do-streaming-services-use-and-how-you-can-make-them-use-less/ How about True and DTAC? Anyone have good plans with them? Unless True or DTAC has clearly superior plans I'd be reluctant to switch from AIS though. Thoughts?
  8. So which countries are you referring to? Powerhouses like France and Germany? Smaller advanced economies such as the Scandanavian countries? Or as Donald Trump would say, the shithole countries of the EU with developing economies?
  9. That sounds pretty good to me. But what do I know? I come from a country that elected Donald Trump.
  10. Steady Eddy seems quite accurate!
  11. I was at Jomtien Immigration and there was a big sign with drawings showing unacceptable attire, mostly of women with short shorts or their boobs hanging out. But there was also a drawing of a guy in shorts. That said, probably half the guys there had shorts on. If you wear long pants on the plane to Thailand then you might as well wear them to Immigration. And the dress code will vary among various Immigration offices. The juristic person at the condo I am renting printed out 5 pages to bring to Immigration, one of them a screenshot of the online TM30 they filed. Immigration also gave me a new form called 90 Days Bank Checking which I must bring back in 90 Days with a copy of my recent bank updates which must be updated the day I go to Immigration. Note, this is NOT the 90 day report but they can be done on the same day. I get the impression that Jomtien won't bust balls about staying in Bangkok for a couple of nights but that's just a guess.
  12. Saw an ad on a baht bus about waxing for men. Mentioned various body parts including sack and crack. It's at a New Plaza salon near the fish 'n chips shop. Don't know the gender of the shavers. No fucking way anyone is shaving my ballsack. There's a buddy of mine that I often meet at New Plaza. Maybe after a couple Sangsom Cokes he'll get waxed!
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