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  2. I am 99% sure he is from Trumpland from what I could hear. Does not sound like anyone from around here. Mind you I dont hang around looking at his videos. They just turn me off. A strange character!.
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  4. Today´s Whisky Update: Cragganmore 12Y - Singlemalt Scotch Whisky This is the Speyside representative of the Classic Malts series and is rich and spicy, with a very satisfying complexity. On the palate you get fresh citrus notes, joined by sweet toffee, malt and oat biscuits. Very clean and refreshing (perfect for the weather in Thailand).
  5. nope. travel Bubble is the latest idea of some countries with low corona, i think it meant less quarantine or something like, but don't have much of a clue, as soon i as i see new buzzwords i turn off.... i believe the bubble plan included Thailand,New Zealand and others. it's been talked about for weeks, but now evidently forgotten because of bubbly wavy spiky happenings in some of the planned members countries how come you didn't know that it's called travel Bubble in Thailand then? Pattaya Mail gone bust? You and Lily could be a bubble. more like half a bubble really.
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    You are right Ashoka, I think that was from mid June. This is a later graph with figures up to 4 July: Even more 'Stupid'.
  7. Sweethearts Bar re-opens Friday 10th July 5 p.m. After several days hard work redecorating, cleaning, and a general spruce-up, we're ready for opening. I grabbed a couple of pics today, as we neared full readiness. Hopefully plenty more after tomorrow will include the all-important ingredient: The Girls !
  8. You forgot surge, and it's travel bridge not travel bubble. A bubble is a small group of people. You and Lily could be a bubble.
  9. Some very nice shots there Snoop. Now you have me regretting not traveling as much in the region when I had the opportunity. Alas the Missus has an aversion to visiting neighbouring countries there for some Thai reason
  10. so do we get a spikey -wave or wavy- spike soon? or a bubbly- spikey- wavy -lockdown? perhaps a lockdown- spikey- wavey- bubble?
  11. I view a spike as a sudden uptick and a wave as a sustained uptick. Travel bubbles: Three guys were found trespassing by Mabprachan Lake on the Darkside. They were put on trial and the judge called them in one by one. Judge: What were you doing in the lake after 9 pm? Farang 1 from Birmingham: Your honor, I was blowing bubbles. Farang 1 exits, Farang 2 from Melbourne comes in Judge: What were you doing in the lake after 9 pm? Farang 2: Your honor, I was blowing bubbles. Farnag 2 exits, Somchai comes in Judge: Dont tell me you were blowing bubbles too. Somchai: No sir my name is Bubbles
  12. The Last Of The Famous International Playboys The years have flown by like minutes. An endless menu of magnificent strangers in foreign lands as I continued supplementing my time in Pattaya with a side trips to other regions. Sometimes with a companion but often flying solo, safe in the knowledge that ladyboys were an abundant fruit ripe for the picking wherever I traveled. It was inevitable that I would eventually run out of new places to visit in Thailand and therefore start looking further afield. Phimai Historical Park (above) and freerange ladyboy picked up at Tawan Dang Disco (below) - Korat (2014) Kendo suggested I check out Laos; I could fly up to Udon Thani and get a bus across the border to Vientiane. The language is very similar, they take Thai baht and USD as well as their own currency, and we all know more than a few ladyboys in Thailand who come from Laos. All in all it's like going abroad without leaving Thailand. I treated it like a weekend city break, enjoying a day in Udon Thani at each side for old time's sake - proving what a small world it as I ran into two of my old flames there are Yui and Pon. It was a similar story when I reached the Vientiane. I did some sightseeing during the day then hit the local bars at night, where of course I met Hannah who used to work at 69 bar / fantasy lounge. Patuxay Monument, Vientiane Laos (above). Unnamed guy, Hannah, Pee and Snoop Dawg (left to right) at @Home Club - Laos April 2016 Buddha ParkAlso known as Xieng Khuan (above) and Pha That Luang (below) That was 4 years ago in 2016, and since then I've visited Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Indonesia and most recently Philippines. Gardens By the Bay (above) and Marina Bay (below) - Singapore Nov 2016 Laos (or at least Vientiane), Cambodia and Burma were like a poorer Thailand - though Burma didn't have any ladyboys or p4p scene being a Muslim country - and from a cultural perspective worth visiting. I have very fond memories of Burma despite the lack of p4p - it's a country that's just opening up to tourism and feels very unspoiled. Angkor Wat, Siem Reap - Cambodia April 2017 A cute little spinner I picked up from Barcode in Siem Reap (below) Royal Palace (above) and Choeung Ek Genocidal Memorial (below) Phnom Penh, Cambodia Myanmar aka Burma - The road from Mandalay, to Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon - Nov 2018 (below) Mandalay Hill (above) - View from Soon Oo Pon Nya Shin Pagoda (below) U Bein Bridge (above) Yandana Sinme Pagoda, Inwa (above) and Maha Aungmye Bonzan (below) Mingun Pahtodawgyi (above) and Lions of Stone, Mingun (below) Mandalay Palace (below) Shwezigon Pagoda (above) and Alodawpyi Pagoda, Bagan (below) - Bagan, Myanmar Alodawpyi Pagoda, Bagan (above) and Mount Popa (below) Inle Lake (below) Cute girl at Utopia Tower (above) and Supreme Court of Myanmar (below) - Yangon Swe Taw Myat Pagoda, Yangon (below) Likewise, Vietnam is rich in culture; I have a theory that most people who have visited southeast Asia will either have Thailand or Vietnam as their favourite destination, and which one is usually the first they visited. I visited both north and south Vietnam; Hanoi and Saigon respectively with a side trip to Halong bay from Hanoi. Of the two I preferred the quaint old town of Hanoi even though there was more nightlife if in Saigon. Though compared to Thailand this pales too in significance - there's next to no p4p scene and there's very few (almost no) ladyboys which I put down to this being a communist state. Though I did meet one ladyboy in Zero Three Bar (Saigon) and I also hooked up with one I met online (also in Saigon) though she was not as attractive as her photos. Bui Vien (Walking) Street - Saigon, Nov 2017 Cao Dai Temple (above and below) Chợ Bình Tây (below) - Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh City Quán Chùa Huyền Thiên (above) and St Joseph Cathedral (below) - Hanoi National Assembly Building (above) and One Pillar Pagoda (below) Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long (below) Halong Bay (above and below) Religion and politics seem to be the main two factors of a number of transsexuals in a country. Something I discovered when I went to Malaysia. Again very enjoyable for sightseeing; I enjoyed a nice city break in Kuala Lumpur followed by a few days on the island of Penang. I didn't see any ladyboys in public, being a mainly Muslim country, but I did manage to hook up with one online in Penang. Central Market (above) and Sultan Abdul Samad Building (below) - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia April/May 2018 Parlimen Malaysia (above) Petronas Towers (above and below) ABC Batu Caves Temple (above) and Istana Negara, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim (below) Famous street art in George Town, Penang (above) and Lee Jetty Kek Lok Si Temple (above) and Batu Ferringhi (below) Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (below) too be continued...
  13. wow !....we got a new buzzword? so is a spike a wave, or not a wave? maybe a little wave? a short-time wave? does travel bubble come into it? that's a new one too.
  14. it's still chickenshit, my COUNTY of 400,000 has 140 deaths.
  15. well, my first awakening to one was a big tittied blonde showing off her new BIG tits in a gay bar at Mardi Gras. She was a slim thing so they looked BIG. spent some time with her, hit more parades, with her stuffing all the beads n stuff she got thrown at her, later parting as I was DEAD BROKE that night. Wandering home I had a pretty good idea where I would head if I could. Alas, ladyboys are not easy to find (unattached) in Mobile. So for the next many years I made do with the occasional females that came by. When I hit LOS I tried to be a "good boy" but that, as always led to disappointment. By the third trip I was diving into the deep end, but trying to avoid the erm, entanglement of the heart. It's best for some to be a roving Wampyre. And now at this age I wonder just how relationships will evolve if there is no sex in the mix. I think it should greatly simplify things, tho occasionally I might slip out and find some cutie who loves to give a fella a workout. It really should be as low key and natural as it is in Thailand everywhere. Sure as hell there's t girls wishing to burst out and be...everywhere. And here we have two groups marginalized and even hiding in most places, because us guys are as looked down on in those places as the girls are. I sure hope this virus thing concludes before I'm taken out of the game by a busted hip or being on oxygen all the time :) great thread, and wonderful reports, you have surely had a blast over the years.
  16. possible hoovering coming on! Pattaya Mail is no good for Annat, much more of a Times or Observer man... unless there is a 'Welsh Sheep weekly' or suchlike. Read the Pattaya Mail as much as you want Annat...just don't copy and paste utter shite out of it...like someone does that i could mention...
  17. Annat if you want to wind bbg up just mention
  18. Perhaps a native speaker; perhaps not. Could be Mediterranean. He doesn't look like a Yank though.
  19. It's the Apeman 's turn.. Any info anyone ? OK I will post what I know, which isn't much: I've heard he is Italian, but his English accent sounds to me like a native speaker's ! Italian-American ? But I am not a native English speaker. Would any of our American BMs (or other native English-speakers) pls give his opinion on his accent and possible nationality ? https://xhamster.com/videos/performance-thai-ladyboy-in-gold-pants-4182103 Apeman starts babbling at the 2 minute mark before he starts cocksucking: https://xhamster.com/videos/ladyboy-thailand-carpark-3856882#mlrelated same-same at around the 5'15''' mark: Other than that, ... I already mentioned that his porn sites got him in trouble with the Thai authorities and his computer was apprehended and the Apeman got out of Thailand. Did he ever return? I never again ran into him in Pattaya or any new clips with him on the net ... He had also done a few group sex clips for another ladyboy site extremeladyboys.com that has also not been updated for a while and where he renamed himself "The Bear". But the star of extremeladyboys.com was another farang porn actor that went by "Double O" (a lesser legend) and who also took over from Nigel sodomizing GGs at AsianStreetMeat.com. To conclude on a wild note, some pics from an extremeladyboys clip that is a classic with "The Bear" and "Double O" alfresco with 3 ladyboys (including May the youthful mini-diva from the Penthouse Hotel go-go right after she got the bolt-ons and disappeared from the scene). Gotta hand it to him: the Apeman knew how to PARTY ON ! R
  20. yes ghosted... Blind Boy doesn't do photo's! don't need to anyway with Mr Quinns capabilities.... and also...welcome to the Klub Maxx and Ciobha... thanks. i may be wrong but aren't you a Liverpool Man Ciobha...? if so.... i'll speak to Emmy...you get your own V.I.P seat... {Duke has to stand up !]
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  22. Yeah, i saw that video :-)
  23. Thanks for the pics. The girls look lovely. Hey, just wanted to let you know that your Bar appeared in a recent YouTube video by Rides for Kicks. Here’s a screen cap.
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