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  2. OK smarty pants give us another one... I'm ready this time
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  4. Before some of you guys get your hopes up permanent residency and citizenship are not easy processes. I don't personally know even one farang who has permanent residency status and do know a guy who applied but got knocked back.
  5. It was just a routine upgrade which took slightly longer than anticipated.
  6. I had problems over the last two days. I could log in, read posts and give like/smile reactions but was unable to post, reply to posts, or send pms. I thought it might be the Russian hacker! Back to normal now.
  7. @Woodie, people from India have been in Thailand since the 18th Century. Many married and had children with Thais. Under Thai law any child born in Thailand with either a Thai mother or father is automatically entitled to Thai citizenship. It is estimated that around 400,000 Thais are of Indian heritage, 2% of the population. Also anyone can apply for Thai citizenship if they have lived legally (with appropriate visas) for over five years and are of good character with no criminal record. Around 65,000 people from India have acquired Thai citizenship by this route. You could too if you want to set up a business in Thailand. Apologies to @Romfor thread derailment, but I felt Woodie's question needed to be answered. If Rom feels this is inappropriate he can delete it and I will reply to Woodie in a new seperate thread
  8. Glad to see someone who dares dealing with the subject. I hope that you will add your comments based on your personal experoence after you summarize the book. I have first visited Thailand in 2011, what makes be look like a newby compared to you. I have been to Thailand for the last time more than 5 years ago. I could add my comments about fantasies or promises of cheap ladyboy whores country, how the LOS hasn't granted me so many smiles, or add comments about farangs and/or country fellows (who are not the worst farangs in Thailand though). Looking forward to reading your posts.
  9. Wrong again. 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds. When a meridian passes in front of a star, say at midnight, while the sun is in opposition to this star with respect to the earth, it continues to rotate until it passes in front of the same star the next day. The star's distance to the Sun or the Earth is considered as infinite compared to the distance Earth/Sun. On the next day, the same meridian wil pass in front of the same star,but the Earth will also have made a movement of revolution around the Sun. In other words, 24 hours have not yet passed since the opposite meridian has not yet passed opposite the sun. There is still an "a"angle to go. After one year, one can see that the Earth comes back to the same postion plus a quarter of 360° (since one year lasts 365.25 days) but will have turned one more time around its axis. The time spent rotating around its axis each day to traverse the "a" angle is 24 hours/366.25, which is 3 minutes and 55.9 seconds. To be more precise, the earth makes 366.25 rotations in 365.25 days. The duration of a rotation is therefore (365.25/366.25)X 24 hours = 23 hours 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds. I never found a ladyboy who could understand my explaination. But if someone believes you're stupid or talks to you with disdain, you can ask him the above question.
  10. 1 year? Edit: dear God I take it back... misread the question
  11. Hopefully, you will forgive me, but I looked for information posted by medical experts on the web. I prefer to believe their opinion about molly. BTW, I don't feel attracted by this ladyboy.
  12. Yesterday
  13. EDIT: Who the heck needs to look at stars, planets, moons with all that expensive equipment, and they don't even move.
  14. How the heck needs to lo9ok at stars, planets, moons with all that expensive equipment, and they don't even move.....Heck come to America we got china SPY high altitude (and what ever they want them to be) balloons flying about 60k overhead. I hear the chinas are selling selfies for 10 a pop. They have a website you can find your self on. The latest report i heard is that they were looking for top secert documents that biden had hidden in various unsecured locations across the country. heck maybe they were looking for oil, since biden can't find it.
  15. I am starting this thread as I wait at Suvarnabhumi airport for my flight back home after another exhilarating visit to the Kingdom of All Carnal Indulgences. It was perhaps my 70th or 80th such visit, maybe more. I started coming more than 30 years ago and have to have averaged at least 2 trips per year. Over those 30 years I have metamorphosed from a starry-eyed backbacker too self-assured to pay for sex into a crushed-by-life old faun resigned to having more money than I will ever be able to spend on sex with the time and stamina I have left. But it was not just me who changed. So did Thailand. In so many ways, mainly for the Thais themselves who went from a poverty rate of 70% of the population in the 1980s to less than 7% currently. This is a major, major societal shift with broader change manifestations than the diminishing availability of the cheap sex young partners we farangs grew to love Thailand for and with our stepped up presence induced some of the very vanishings we will come to miss. This thread will serve to record my and other BMs' memories and reflections on Thailand as it makes the ultimate transition from an upper middle income economy (currently) to a high income one in the 2030s (World Bank projection). So much of what endeared us to Thailand has been and will continue to be lost in that transition. And I am not just talking about the sex. By chance during this just-finished trip I came across at the Canterbury Tales bookshop a Thai-authored book in English called "The Vanishing Face of Thailand" which I bought on the spot because the title matched the tag I've used for a few of my threads here at LBR: "vanishing Thailand." The book is more narrowly focused than my feelings of "vanishing Thailand" as it covers only areas of traditional craftmanship being lost to modernity. Moreover the book was published in 1993 which is only a few years after I started coming to Thailand, so it means that face of Thailand was already vanishing before I showed up. But the book's broader message remains valid even more today: with more education and social mobility, Thais are no longer bound to traditions with heartfelt dedication and acceptance of the hardships that go with it. So, according to the book, in the 1990s craftsmen stopped bothering to spend a week's labor to make a single Thai-God papier-mache mask or a month to make a hand woven cloth with intricate ancestral patterns. I think we can extrapolate the "loss of craftmanship" to the Thai sex workers who when I started mongering here eagerly sought farangs for open-ended GFE LTs, which is no longer the case... In the coming posts I will focus on specific "vanishing Thailand" developments and urge all BMs to do the same. For now I will post the pic of the book that inspired me to start this thread. I read it from cover to cover and in the end left it in my Pattaya hotel room, so chances are it will make its way back to the Canterbury Tales, a wonderful bookshop labor-of-love that I am afraid will soon become part of my "vanishing Thailand" and I will miss it dearly. Rom
  16. No. You'd been warned, it's a P/G question.
  17. Mine too. Great music, ambiance, and staff! Volume is great at Pook though. The place on Soi Post Office is Damini. http://www.daminiexchange.com/ Some TT Shops may have slightly different rates often due to exactly when a particular shop updates their exchange rates. But I suspect the shop that had a rate 5% less wasn't TT but T or TG with the exact same look and color scheme.
  18. I prefer blu ray discs as there is a special non-sctatch coating on the disc, and I have tried toothpaste and numerous cleaners to clean and repair damaged DVD discs, sometimes to disappointing satisfaction
  19. Eric Arthur Blair is better know as? I would say George Orwell
  20. . . . . and where did he pick that alt' surname from ?
  21. I got back into this about 6 or 7 years ago. I was always interested in space when I was younger but life came along. But now I love to wander around on a clear night and appreciate what is out there. Absolutely, a slither of life between two immense voids. It’s where we come from, we are star stuff for sure. “The Cosmos is all that is or was or ever will be. Our feeblest contemplations of the Cosmos stir us -- there is a tingling in the spine, a catch in the voice, a faint sensation, as if a distant memory, of falling from a height. We know we are approaching the greatest of mysteries.” ― Carl Sagan, Cosmos And that’s only the observable Universe some interesting theories online about how it all came about.
  22. Woodie

    ATM fees

    In that area I alway used Superrich Green, but I see it is closed. God knows how I am going to manage getting around the airport on my next trip. I will have more stuff to carry than on a gypsy caravan. Might put it in storage for 9 days. Will check out the rates. Only a short stay this time unfortunately. But enought to get into trouble!. I am off the leash now so watch out. If in early May you see some news about an old falang found dead in a room,it might be me!.
  23. You must be losing your touch... was down Soi 6 at 2pm today and there were 3 lbs at Green Bike Bar and spotted another two one my way down to Beach Road. Maybe you're walking too fast 555. This has been posted ad nauseam by myself and others. Personally, I "trend" around 1200 ST. However, I do agree that Barfines have generally gone up but it is still very possible to find BFs in the 300-500 baht range (see next bar mentioned for an example). I also agree that Delirious is doing well and must say it is my favourite bar in Pattaya. I haven't visited New Bar this trip so can't comment on that. These 3 bars are busy every night I've walked by and gone in. I wish they would turn down the volume on the music in Fantasy and Old n7 however. I totally agree with this and it's not just with the USD.
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