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  3. let me throw in a high end option: The Bull. It's a french-thai steak house on third road, not far from Pattaya-Thai. Great food! Owned and run by Guillaume and Bomi - cool french guy and thai lb. They opened shop just a few month ago. Highly recommended: https://g.page/thebullpattaya?share
  4. duke007

    6 Nations

    I bought Gareth's Book off EBay a few weeks ago, not read it yet but will be doing soon. Thankfully Gareth has the backing of most of the British people including both big Rugger fans Prince Harry and William (who is the Welsh Rugby Union Patron) and its great he will be TV Pundit for the upcoming Rugby Union World Cup starting next week in Japan. Chin up Boyo
  5. 99 baht for a pizza and looks like 2 people could split one
  6. Pdoggg

    6 Nations

    Former Wales rugby star Gareth Thomas has revealed he is HIV positive. Thomas, who came out as gay in 2009, is thought to be the first UK sportsman to go public about living with the virus, and has revealed he was driven to suicidal thoughts as a result of his diagnosis. He went public with his illness after being put “through hell” by blackmailers who threatened to expose his secret.
  7. I'm sure everything will be fine. She probably just assumed you always take taxi from airport. Btw if you are returning to airport from Jomtien you can buy bus ticket from the Jomtien bus station in advance, up to 3 days before you leave. I always do that rather than just turning up as buses may be fully booked. If they have a lot of people booking a particular bus they sometimes put on a second bus for that time. Enjoy your trip!
  8. Maybe all the girls will have silicone?
  9. I don't know much about the bar business but I would think you could name a bar, Barbie Ladyboy Bar. How will your bar be different from existing ladyboy bars in Pattaya or Bangkok other than having lots of Barbie dolls at the bar? Good luck!
  10. Its funny how americanos think our so called socialism is like Stalins or Maos. Theres no true socialism left in the west. See Bernie has the new handshake down. He'll make a good prez, dawg
  11. thanks again...i'll catch it...and i thank you for the information that actually my lb should have given...ok...not talking about it as she stays just behind the bus station...but as i pay...probably not important...starting to have a bad feeling about it
  12. Here's the schedule (sometimes they add extra busses though). Price went up from 120 to 130 baht. The Bell Bus is now 300. https://airportpattayabus.com/from-suvarnabhumi-airport/
  13. i ' ll try... thanx...report will follow i hope the bus will not be full at 7 a.m..being september...my plane direct flight to BKK is landing at 5.15 am...otherwise i'll catch a meter taxi. I usually like to wait...so to smoke a few cigarettes after a 11 hours flight.( sooner or later i'll quit...smoking i mean...not flying ) I will not stay in soi 4 this time....just a few days in jomtien and fly to Phuket....need to swim in clear waters. Swimming in Jomtien...i don't have sins so serious to expiate
  14. Agree they have this superstar attitude and prices beyond imagination for there looks cheers
  15. When they're good they're great but most pinas in Thailand are best avoided
  16. Hi Sustra4 I got that bus on my last trip to Jomtien in January. But the bus leaving shortly after I arrived was fully booked so I had to wait 2 hours in airport for the next one. Bear that in mind as you might not want to hang around in airport for 2 hours. It didn't matter to me as if I had got to my accommodation on earlier bus I would only have had to wait in condo lobby for 2 hours as I couldn't check in until 1400. When you get to Jomtien bus station you can get baht bus to Soi 4, but if you don't have much luggage you can walk there in 10 minutes.
  17. There is no such visa for Thailand. Attempting to suggest to the government that such a visa be created is highly unlikely to succeed, as the Thai government tends not to accept suggestions from foreigners regarding legislation/regulations, with the possible exception of other governments or world bodies. Also the government would only want medical tourists who can afford to pay for procedures, and not open it to all countries world wide. They are already getting a large number of patients coming in for SRS. Most western countries are allowed 30 day stamp in on arrival, and of course 60 day tourist visas are available, which they probably view as sufficient. The other issue would be the psychological evaluation and requirement to live as the gender you feel you belong to. That requirement is to be done in your home country - not Thailand as the challenges of language and adjusting to society living as a woman doesn't prepare you for your own society. So, while your idea is nice, it is highly unlikely to happen.
  18. Ok the shister is in Bkk goes bye name of Tsdominacassandra on ThaiFriendly and line. chatted couple times and first she wanted a deposit to book her services in bkk ( alarm ringing) so then we got onto price 2 hours 7000 Bt for this flat chested pinay. I told her I in no way would pay that price , so she immediately dropped it to 4000 because I had not lied to her( fuck me I big lier man). I declined again and politely told her it was not to my liking. This is where it got nasty with a tirade of abuse and expletives on me waiting her time. Sorry no photo but be warned she is s very aggressive and nasty thing, who charges western prices in bkk for a tubby little fen boy look cheers the flash
  19. Yes I know about duke and his football "likes" (and dislikes). Well, your + count has changed, so you can relax now It's good to be able to share a joke as well as to be serious when we have to.
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