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  2. Just did a bit of detective work on Google Earth. Found the massage shop. It is called Lamyai Health Massage. About 50 meters past the Subway shop on the corner of Soi Diana. I guess she may not always be there but you could try.
  3. What a coincidence. Looking at some of Cine's videos and one called Ladyboy Love machines in Bangkok and Pattaya showed a girl I had a good time with. She is in a black tee shirt with Bulls on it. Shown at 16 secs. I met her at a massage place on Soi Bukhao just past Soi Diana heading South on the right hand side. Sorry dont know the name. She works fl. She is half Thai half Vietnamese. Has the best tits I have seen for a long time. Soft and with puffy nipples. Just perfect. Sorry I dont have anymore detail such as name etc. Always a buzz when you see a lb on a video that you have met.
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  5. Whether outraged or not, it fails to improve the perception of farangs in Thailand.
  6. How is it that despite poorer video quality, ladyboys appeared more attractive back then compared to ladyboys today ?
  7. Last August, when I took Nena from Cindy's BKK, she was a farm-fresh, innocent, skinny femboy. I remember that I was not even able to penetrate her, because too tight (at least for my tool ). Now she appears a professional sex worker, who must have already taken many cocks in her bum . I'm really anxious to check it
  8. He is from the Uk long term stay and the posts i saw in thai were Not outraged but it is songkran so no one is sober i guess :)
  9. pinkpinkness.mp4 The Blue Ribbon award for being hot as fuck goes to her btw , she is all over my Twitter :)
  10. Just an update , the foreigner who defecated on soi 4 ( not main sukhumvit ) and went to the Shrine pool for a dip naked to clean himself even being hosed by the security guard has been id-d by the thai's , he is from the uk , long term guy , just checked and no mass outrage or anything , they seem to find it homourous or sad also because of Songkran its being pushed aside good for him , so no not swiss , not russian etc , perhaps street food or he was banged hardcore by a ladyboy , posts say both but i think the ladyboy stuff was them being funny :)
  11. Thanks Pdoggg , fully grown men at bars with a view , you know height advantage they are the worst , i can take a beating from the Thais all day never be upset but when the foreigners who are too afraid to mess with a thai see you they become Rambo , then you cannot take a joke when they spray you in the eyes with disenfectant , suprised there is not more brawls , twitter is a odd place for these videos , a foreiger defecated openly on sukhumvit a few days ago then jumped into a Shrine pool to clean himself omg worst i have seen i will not post it , but nothing in the news yet i have seen but the video is 4k so there , perhaps some one posted it , there is a lot of foreigers behaving badly twitters etc , black guys in japan a whole site to them as that seems to be the flash point there , there is a poll on twitter what nationality was the foreigner who did the deed on sukhumvit , more live feed twitch guys are let loose here now and it stopped for a while after the last guy was run out of town , never do a live feed and i have been asked , editor tools are my best friend , Last video i posted here said over 100 clicks or more , Youtube says only four came from here hmm also those other ladyboy sites you know i am not on them but someone is posting my stuff there i see in Analytics anyway enjoy the New video being supressed by youtube - Cine :)
  12. Ghosts of Lady & ladyboys of the past Another video which youtube will Shawdowban as its too unique and has No awesome youtuber with a pro -mike on another boring date with a ladyboy asking you have operation ? you lady or ladyboy ? honestly , my twitter is ablaze but youtube buries me , average click rate ( when they see a video impression )and click on your video on yt is 6 % , good is 10% mine is 20 % on average also good like rate is 10 % mine is 20 % but youtube just does not show my videos , otherwise my patreon would be on fire like other vloggers here anyway feel free to share this video or support in any way - Cine :)
  13. BANGKOK – Videos and photos of a farang defecating in public on a busy Bangkok street and then bathing in a Buddhist shrine has gone viral, sparking disgust and anger among local residents and online viewers. The incident, filmed on Thursday in the infamous Soi Nana (Sukhumvit Soi 4) district, shows the man casually squatting on the sidewalk before proceeding to wash himself in a nearby shrine. 3b8be566-ee8d-4dca-a6ab-1e9fefc2a29f.mp4.743cd0c77904188a38a686a859b7db84.mp4
  14. WN04 Songkran Doll of the Day Say hello to Tew, today's Songkran Doll of the Day. Tew is a petite femboy, with a nice body and rosy red cheeks. She can help you to dry off, if needs be. Tew Photo Credits to Creamy
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  16. Why not teach youngsters that a good cunni is far better than sexual strangulation ?
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