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  2. I didn't make it but knew how to copy and paste it rapidly. Anyone can use it as a check list and see if bars are still open. Then, he will post a modified version. I don't log in any longer to the forum where where I found it (too much fight) and I don't really care about Pattaya.
  3. The 'Five Finger Death Punch' sounds interesting
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  5. Ooops! I googled Sweden music festivals 2022 and it was listed in that.
  6. Quietguy


    Not really. Only for shopping, though most of that is done online now. Occasionally to the local park. Nowhere else I want to go to these days. Though I live in London I've seen most of the sights. I did go to a local cinema to see the Northman (Vikings) a couple of weeks ago, but that was the first time for about five years.
  7. seven


    I'm sure you go somewhere. I think I had a cocktail of different jabs , measles, smallpox , polio, TBC etc. as an infant which supposedly last you the whole life. But who knows, you can't be sure they still protect you, right?
  8. seven

    The Bangkok Times

    Why would I go to a: Norway , b: watch Bieber? LOL
  9. Also a magazine called 'Grunt' - what's all that about then ?
  10. To be honest, since I took the pics (must been 2018) of Lucy in the black dress, she didn't treat herself too well. I think she gained quite soem weight and all different hair colours and styles were not really a succes in my opinion
  11. It's like a before and after set.
  12. No other choice then @Woodie, you have to go back! I had a very pleasant time with Pocky, both in Why Not as in my hotel She's awesome!
  13. I don't know of any Pattaya bars where you can smoke but Koh Lanta has some beach bars where you can buy and smoke. Phnom Penh also has some bars. I'm sure there are many more locations but I'm not looking for it.
  14. I have an attraction for Pocky. Had a chat with her on my visit to WNB. Would have gone with her if I had not already had an arrangement.
  15. Muvmi, in the above video, looks interesting with rides starting at 10 baht. Has anyone used it? Currently it does not seem to operate on the even side of Sukhumvit. It would be nice to be able to take a Muvmi from Check In to Why Not or Chaos 9.
  16. Sweet Heart bar in BKK ... I actually didn't realize how much I like to play pool. But that's all for now folks
  17. Lucy, from Sensations in Pattaya (dressed in blue from FB, dressed in black by yours truly)
  18. And also Jeley from La Bamba bar know how to handle balls
  19. And finally, some moving action from Why Not. Pocky, Catty and Annie having a good time at the bar. Guess they we're a little bored during the lockdown. At least, they make a good start at the pool table (Credits to Twitter) 900673200_2022-Bangkok-WhyNotbar-AnnieCattyandPocky.mp4
  20. A bm called Snoop Dawg used to do a google maps version. Its on the other forum I'm afraid. However he will be reading and probably comment on Rom's TR at some stage. You could always send a PM if he pops up here, which is quite often.
  21. And last but not least ... VR and Donut (credits for all pics go to miscellaneous social media / internet channels).
  22. Over 60s should stay out of bars, gogos and karaokes? https://www.pattayamail.com/latestnews/news/pattayans-smirk-at-informal-ban-on-pensioners-visiting-bars-399232
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