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  2. Hi Rom. Terrific trip report. Good information. Thanks for the boots on the ground reporting from LOS as it stands right now. Speaking of boots on the ground and standing, quick question. How would you compare the footing you get on artificial turf vs. natural turf when boning a he/she/him/her/sissy/femboy/non-binary/ladyboy doggie style while standing? I think with bare feet artificial turf would cause annoying slipping backwards during vigorous boning. Didn't you pack your cleats for this trip? Yeah, just messing with you again, Rom, you lucky he-bitch boning bastard! Cheers!
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  4. I had Toyos fitted to my first car but I remebered that so much is riding on my tires. I enjoy Bibendum's since they last longer so their price ain't so expensive.
  5. I'm sorry the video disturbed you. I saw nothing negative though, these are just well hung ladyboys playing pool. You can hide the post if you want.
  6. I am not done with TRing Pattaya and already so much has happened in BKK ... I will just go LIVE to report that the main sissy-revisited of the trip did happen: as planned, the sissy who got the chop came down from Issaan to stay with me in BKK the final days of the trip. I will TR later on how it went. For those who don't remember the misgivings I had about spending my precious time in TH with a postie, here is the link to the thread where I opened my heart to the Board and received good advice that steered me to a compromise plan of having her come join me in BKK, as opposed to us eloping somewhere beachy which is what she wanted. In that thread you can also see 2 pics of the spectacular cock that got chopped... For today's pictorial, the first glimpses I got of the frankenpussy which is still healing and cannot be played with. No problemo ! Straight-to-Anal at least for this one more trip...
  7. New talent in Check In bar? Anyone knows her?
  8. Some familiar faces here. Here's the best deal I've seen for the Ladyboy Gold Group Of Ladyboy Websites. You get access to 12 different websites. The normal price is 39.95 but with this link only 14.95. Note, this free tour is blocked if you are in Thailand but the member's area is not blocked. Ladyboy Gold Special Offer
  9. where pretty girls have big thick cocks!
  10. It’s in a parallel Universe ;)
  11. I think it was JPP over at LBP that gave her a very favourable review recently. She's certain quite striking.
  12. I think Mona is probably the hottest gurl in Pattaya at the moment. I would love to spend some time with her. I rarely bottom, but I could make an exception for her. I’d even let her bitch-slap me with her cock, and call me names.
  13. Yeah this cunt filmed secretly but we know now how he looks like and will confront him when he's coming back.
  14. An excellent trip report. Mona looks damn fine but the femboy Cindy does it for me. Thanks for sharing.
  15. The Thailand ladyboy experience is way way more than the mind blowing sex for pocket change. It's really about the many little things happening around you that if you blink you missed. It takes being able to constantly communicate on a subliminal plateau of awareness with ferocious yet prone to shattering demigodly creatures who seek not just your money and adulation but whatever affection there is you can give someone who knows better than to ask for love. As I make my way through my sissy adventures with what I think is a relative degree of insightfulness and success, I sometimes miss out on the signals and on the experience. Today's post is about the best fuck of the trip that did NOT happen: As self-quoted above, I had on a prior trip been with a sissy, the name is MONA, who subsequently subjected me to the harshest possible of all post-Thailand punishments: a Facebook block. Why she did it remains to me a mystery as she could not possibly have had feelings for a one-night stander old enough to be her father. I did not even think she would remember me on Facebook and perhaps she did not and just blocked me for being overly familiar for mentioning the FTGW nude shoots. But apparently she remembered me. Because yesterday I found out she unblocked me sometime following my recent visits to Delirious Bar (she works there now) where I could not help coy glances at her from the arms of other sissies. Mona is a very striking transwoman the kind who retains just the right amount of masculinity on a muscular yet delicate feminized body to die for. And than there is the cock. Not just that it is big and hard like few in Thailand but when Mona gets nude every move she makes every step she takes is about the cock and I cant get my eyes out of it. If I am going to use the "he" for some ladyboys and not others, Mona is really one I should use the "He" for but I don't dare. Anyhoo: if I can speak ladyboy, and perhaps I can't, what I think Mona tried to communicate to me by removing the block on Facebook and making sure the first pics of her I saw were mouth-watering ones was: LET'S FUCK. If I had been in Pattaya I would have made a beeline to Delirious and barfine the vixen. Hélas I am not and will just regret the rest of my life what could have been. Yes! there is always the next trip. But in ladyboy time that's an eternity... Here are the pics from Mona's Facebook:
  16. Jeezus, this TR has taken a bizarre turn. @LadyMarsha Be careful what you wish for. Rom is depraved.
  17. I have only walked through tree town one time, but I did notice a few ladyboys in bars with mostly female staff. I remember when BKK go gos often had one ladyboy in the lines up.
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