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  2. excellent Soju. good to hear stuff we wouldn't normally come across.
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  4. @Rom Price for me Rom, got more bang for my money really. If I wanted choice it would be a trip to London (where you can get a ladyboy from anywhere in the world). If the Pascha in Cologne was still open, the floor of TS hookers would suffice. But I'm getting older myself. One trip, the firework festival was on at the weekend, I didn't even bother going to the bars, I was on the top floor of my hotel had an excellent view. 711 for my booze and TF's and saved a £1,000 in 3 days. It was a more chilled out experience for me. But I do like going out at silly times of day for a drink or two for the amusement factor :-). Which I would never do here in the UK.
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  6. It's not just about sex. In Thailand you can get to know the girls - if you want to. It can be more of a gfe than just a monetary transaction. I am old too, I'm not able to have multiple sexual encounters. I like to go somewhere sunny and warm in the winter. I've been to different long haul winter destinations, but if you are single you can be quite lonely. In los I can go into a bar and be guaranteed some company with an attractive young lady/lb and more, if I want it.
  7. thanks gentlemen for engaging in the discussion. Thailand for me, and I suppose most non-resident farangs, was never so much about price as it was about CHOICE. Because if I factored the prices of the flight taxis and accommodation, the 1000 baht fucks became more like 5,000+ baht and at that price I could have stayed home and fucked attractive-enough hoes from south america or eastern europe for cheaper. But nowhere in the world was there CHOICE like there used to be and still is to a lesser extent in Thailand. The choice of 20,000+ (my guess) women and ladyboys all over Pattaya just waiting to be asked to come to the room. Of 100+ ladyboys in NEP alone, where in the 1990s all the ground floor GG bars had at least 60 girls on stage with half of them completely NAKED. And no more than a handful over 25. Thailand bars will never be like that again. There just aren't enough whores anymore... and the ones left will be older and more professional like in the western countries... and more EXPENSIVE ! I think the wheels are in motion to downsize the sex scene in both BKK and Pattaya. The only consolation is that even at a fraction of what it was before covid, it will still be worth the trip. Personally, I am old but not so old and could have used another 20 years of the good old days. I will take what I can get...
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    Curiously they left out the letter Xi for a strain. ;-)
  9. @Rom Another you have to take into account is the safety/security aspect of LOS (mongering hotspots). I feel perfectly safe wandering around after midnight and its not unusual for me to wake up at 03:00 go for a drink in a bar then some breakfast than back to the room to scan TF. There was one LB who used to charge 3,000 ST, I don't think she had a problem obtaining customers due to her notoriety.
  10. Sorry guys, I forgot 2 piglets November 28th : Rose December 1st : Ngọc Giang
  11. There's a saying "Time is money". Don't have the time to go wandering, that's why Pattaya or BKK works me and the average LB chaser on here. Other places around the world where there are similar concentrations of lb's if your prepared to adapt. But if I was quoted a silly price for an ST or LT in LOS, I would politely move on to the next opportunity.
  12. You can try a "cheap charlie tour", ie you go to the source and look for ladyboys fresh from the farm of their provincial jobs. Here are a few examples of low prices you can find if you're smart : - Udon Thani : 1,000 THB ST (2016) - Chiang Mai : 400 to 800 THB ST (2013) - Khon Kaen : 1,000 THB LT (one night). - Koh Chang (Trat province) : 0 THB ST. It's time to start afresh by redefining the fundamentals of ladyboys mongering.
  13. Well Rom if they want to get rid of the goose that lays the golden egg, thats entirely up2them. With reference to you starting in the 90's it was very cheap after the currency crisis in Asia in 97 up to 2007 USA crisis, what I call the "happy time". Its really difficult to see what's going to happen here. All that lovely foreign currency not going into the reserves $¥€£ etc. I think they may see things differently next year.
  14. Isn't the featured restaurant the new incarnation of Mr Shrimp 99, the joint that had ladyboy fisherpeople help you catch a fish that the restaurant cooks for you?
  15. Nana Plaza tonight, December 2nd: L-Pop is SHA certified: Pic source: Twitter
  16. That's interesting! I didn't know that. That explains a lot. Thank you!
  17. "Soi Cowboy tonight, Wednesday December 1st (...) Prices: 2500 short time and 5000 long time. And no: I'm not talking about (top choice GGs)." Papa Sam at his Soi Cowboy thread This is exactly what I had feared and prognosticated: That despite the economic hardship caused by covid and the scarcity of sex tourists to date, once prostitution venues reopened:.... prices would be going UP, not down, contradicting the logic of supply and demand. My prognostic was that the covid pause would serve as a breakoff chance to upgrade Thailand's sex industry and cull the numbers of sex farangs in view also of inexorable demographic trends of lower birth rates and higher education levels that were already resulting in young Thais no longer needing or being interested in becoming commercial sex workers. I think there is also a less tolerant attitude by Thais in general towards their country being a sex playground for foreigners and the political mindset is turning to curtailing sex businesses starting with the farang-owned. Before anyone counters that soi cowboy and patpong prices are higher than elsewhere, Yes I know that! and that savvy mongers like us can still get laid in Thailand for 1000 baht or less... but the choice and quality of partners and service is nowhere near what it used to be when I started going to Thailand in the 1990s and LTs were 1000-1500 with Patpong-NEP GGs or ladyboys with 100s of 18-25 year olds to choose from, a Thermae GG freelancer could be had LT for 500, and a blowjob at the bar was 500 also. (since then cumulative Thai inflation was 75%, which means the inflation-adjusted price equivalent of a LT today would be 1750 -2200 LTs, less than half of the 5000 reported by Papa Sam) But I think the high prices worse service are here to stay... The next part of the Thai plan is to get rid of riff-raff sexpats and sex tourists to show that the country is serious about upgrading its image. Do other BMs see prospects as irreversibly deteriorated like I do? How long do you think we got ? GGwise, I say another 5-10 years max before it becomes like HK or South Korea... Ladyboywise, I think we have a little longer, but we better get used to the old ones...
  18. It might be because the Bangkok governor is elected while all other provincial governors are appointed by the Ministry of the Interior. These days some Western TV pundits seem to use the talking point "unelected bureaucrats" accompanied with the requisite snarky sneer on their faces as a way to denigrate the policies of government officials. So the Choburi governor, like Pontious Pilate is appointed, and not beholden to Pattaya barowners. The Mayor of Pattaya is elected and responsive to local business interests but it seems the governor has the power in this relationship.
  19. TiT... The governor of Bangkok, Pol. Gen. Asawin, today even explicitly recommends pubs and bars and karaoke clubs to become restaurants: https://www.topnews.co.th/news/176092 Published : 02/12/2021 17:21 Why isn't the Chonburi governor doing the same? #BangkokwinswithAsawin Inspection of KSR bars: They've now inspected 10,161 out of 15,840 establishments in Bangkok. 9,380 establishments in Bangkok have passed the SHA / SHA plus inspection. Alcohol was consumed in 172 non-SHA-compliant establishments in all 50 districts of Bangkok. https://www.prbangkok.com/th/news/detail/2/7469
  20. Thought I would add a little more music to this thread-- some island music from God's Country (Canada) of course 555. First from PEI, Lennie Gallant was/is a popular performer who has both Celtic and folk influences. This song is one of my favourites...used to sing this song, Peter's Dream, to my daughter many moons ago when she was a baby. I had to include this fantastic performance by J.P. Cormier & Tim Edey from the Sydney, Cape Breton “Celtic Colours International Festival” in 2019. The ad-lib is, IMHO, absolutely brilliant! Finally, the Newfoundland Band is a group I've just become aware of over the past year or so and have never seen live—the tribulations of living in Asia. Anyway, they absolutely jam here.
  21. Fenton


    Yes Big Tel agree with you. We have yet to see what the new pill can do. Doesn't focus on the spikes but more the envelope. I think its time for a big gamble, let Omicron spread to displace Delta. By the time the 100 days are up (what pharma companies say that they can tweak the vaccines) and the pill should be available, is it worth the risk doing this? And then how do we maintain Omicron to be dominant not just months, but years. Is this possible? Or should we just drink bleach and hope for the best :-). I found this site https://nextstrain.org/sars-cov-2/ Geeky science stuff, the rona family tree in colour 555
  22. BigTel


    It really is like playing Russian Roulette regarding the different strains that are inevetable in any Virus, in our case for wanting to travel it's like we have to hope for a new strain free window while we travel out and back to Thailand as we now know that at any time period within our trip a new strain pops up and we are then in all sorts of bother, ie quarantine on return etc etc.
  23. The PM was asked today about the prospects of reopening bars sooner. Seems he's moved away from any thoughts of relaxing the rules he might have had one or two weeks ago: https://www.brighttv.co.th/news/politics/pm-bar-postpone-bar-open https://www.khaosod.co.th/politics/news_6762372 Published 2 Dec 2021 11:31 a.m. Naewna says, the PM wants to wait another month before deciding on the reopening of bars: https://naewna.com/politic/619593 Published Thursday, December 2, 2021, 11.41 a.m. The Post Today writes that the PM is apologetic about postponing the reopening of bars but that he listened to health officials: https://www.posttoday.com/politic/news/669665 Published 02 Dec 2021 12:10
  24. The scene is currently constantly changing. It's been only one day now that "entertainment restaurants" are officially allowed to serve alcohol until 11 p.m. in Bangkok. It's therefore difficult to come up with an up-to-date "ladyboy restaurant" list. If you're looking for ladyboys in a classic bar setting, I would have a look at the following three, in my opinion obvious, options: Why Not? Bar Sukhumvit Soi 4: facebook.com/Whynotbangkok/ Chaos 9 Sukhumvit Soi 4: facebook.com/Chaos9BKK Check-in Bar (CIB) Sukhumvit Soi 10: facebook.com/Check-In-Bar-401617183283119/ All three are pure play ladyboy bars. All three I think have short time rooms on their premises. CIB is SHA certified, I don't know about the other two and I also don't know their current BF prices. If I were looking for p4p ladyboys in a classic bar setting, I would check out the three above mentioned places first. There are, t.m.k. - currently - no pure play ladyboy bars open in the three main red light zones for tourists, i.e. Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, and Patpong. I don't think any of the main ladyboy show bars, such as Calypso, are open yet. Some smaller transgender show bars, including TV/CD bars, might be open however. Stranger Bar in Bangkok's Silom area for example opened yesterday: facebook.com/TheStrangerBar/ In Soi Cowboy, there are two pure play ladyboy bars: Cockatoo: www.facebook.com/CockatooLadyboyBar/ and Shadow: facebook.com/shadowladyboybarbangkok/ The Facebook pages of both bars are still online, which is hopefully a good sign. But both bars are not open yet. Other areas of interest in Bangkok are Sukhumvit Soi 7 and Sukhumvit Soi 7/1. In both alleys you should be able to find p4p ladyboys. A main freelancer hotspot in Bangkok is in front of the Ruamchit Hotel on the main Sukhumvit Rd. On Sukhumvit Soi 8, ladyboy freelancers were recently spotted in Random Bar. A good site for finding ladyboy freelancers is Thai Friendly: https://www.thaifriendly.com/?ai=1364
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