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  2. I spend a lot of time on airplanes-often on long flights as a passenger. I definitely gravitate to the "classic" usually movies I have already scene. Some of these multiple times. I think the last time i actually went to a theater was in bangkok to see Argo. that was, what, 6 years ago maybe more. On my recent travels the only "latest releases" I bothered to watch were 1) Bohemian Rhapsody and 2) The Green Book. both were excellent and I enjoyed them very much.
  3. I love that movie. I was flipping channels here in Cambodia and caught it from the beginning.
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  5. Now your talking Pdoggg. I love classic movies. It's strange, I spoke to someone a while ago who professed to have a great love of old movies. When I asked some of their favourites they stated Predator, Terminator, First Blood. When I said The Third Man, The Big Sleep, and Ice Cold In Alex he seemed totally lost. Last year I recommended Raiders of the Lost Ark to a young Thai fella who loves movies. He couldn't believe how good it is. Wouldn't stop going on about it. That reminds me of another fucking excellent American movie often overlooked. Star-studied cast too: "First prize, Cadillac Elderado. Second prize, set of stake knives. Third prize ... you're fired!" Anyone know? Pdoggg, you know.
  6. Yep LOS is becoming excessively more restrictive every year. To be honest though I consider insurance an absolute must, there are so many tales of woe about people who thought they could save on insurance and got into some major hassle. I would not dream of leaving home without adequate insurance. We have to submit all other kinds of bureaucratic info when we apply for a visa, so I don't really consider proof of valid insurance any big deal. Anyway that is only my opinion.
  7. If you enjoy looking for ladyboys online then there are a few websites that might work for you but it depending what you are looking for some will be better for you than others. I think the 3 main categories are: 1) sites where the objective is a serious relation 2) sites where the objective is hooking up 3) sites where what you want is good video wank Here are our recommendations for the best free sites in each category: Best Free Ladyboy Dating Websites
  8. Here's an excellent movie from 55 years ago. A betting pool on the Preakness is part of the plot. In this year's Preakness, one of the horses threw off the jockey.
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  10. Wow! Thailand seems like a super fucking pain in the ass place to retire to these days. Philippines looks a better possibility. Or Cambodia. I suppose Malaysia is a possibility. I need to do some research on this.
  11. Many thanks for the info PD, I'll go ahead and book it for 4pm as I'm staying in soi Chaiyaphun and don't fancy getting off at Jomtien as with the other bus. If the worst comes to the worst, I'll just get one of the yellow/green taxis and cough-up the extra. I used to live in Pats from 97 - 2011 so I have a fair amount of catching up to do, plus old habits die hard!
  12. Here's a video of wastewater, a nice euphemism for a cocktail of 1 part feces and 2 parts water, being dumped dumped into Na Jomtien Bay, the southern part of Jomtien that the baht busses don't service. Anyone for some wastewater rafting?
  13. Pdoggg

    Phnom Penh update

    Matilda Bar on Street 104 has been sold and the new owner changed the name to Nana Bar. One ladyboy works there and she might be the only ladyboy on Street 104.
  14. Sustra, you seem to capture the erotic without explicit porn. I've never seen anything quite like these, and I've enjoyed looking through this thread. So pleased you've posted these works of art.
  15. Welcome to the forum Ring Master! If you deplane at 3PM you will most probably make the 4PM bus. The Bell reps at the airport have always been quite nice to me. They will only be cuntish if the people who regulate airport transportation require them to be strict about tickets. A fews years back you could buy tickets at the airport but now they are prohibited from doing so. In my experience it is rare for an afternoon Bell Bus from the airport to be full. But here are the official regulations: I suppose when booking the bus you could list a different flight which is scheduled to arrive before 2:30. Depending on where your hotel is located, the Jomtien Bus might be a better option, for example if you were staying at View Talay 6 on 2nd Road. http://airportpattayabus.com With the Jomtien Bus you pay 120 baht at the counter in the airport. These busses are scheduled hourly but in practice they add lots of extra busses due to demand.when you get off the bus in Jomtien you cross the other side of the road and take a baht bus back to Pattaya for 10 baht. This is a good option for people who know Pattaya fairly well but if you haven't been here for 8 years then you might not be sure where to get off.
  16. OK guys, another question involving Bell Transport whilst we're at it. If my flight gets in at 3pm, what are the chances of making the Bell stand by the time the 4pm bus leaves? I could book the 6pm bus and hope they take me at 4pm if I make it on time - then again they might be cuntish about it and insist on the original booking time! I haven't been back to Pattaya in 8yrs so my memory is sketchy on this......
  17. hi guys, am wondering if any of you would have the contact to picture C. or patty as she is known. i am in bangkok from the 20 of may and would love to meet with her. thanks loads, leon
  18. No booze today, May 18th, until at least midnight.
  19. Pdoggg

    Phnom Penh update

    Island Bar which in the past had the highest ladyboy to customer ratio had no ladyboys when I popped in the other night.
  20. Brilliant, vibrant colors in those paintings Sustra. Nice way to while away the time while waiting to go on your travels again.
  21. It seems like a major league hassle to buy insurance that will only cover up to 400,000 baht and it would just be easier to self insure and not have to deal with an insurance company. Also interesting is if the consider Medicare valid foreign insurance. It is foreign insurance but it can't be used in Thailand.
  22. A foreigner jumped to his death from the sixth floor of a shopping complex in Chon Buri’s Pattaya City on Thursday afternoon. The man, whose nationality is unknown, was rushed to a nearby hospital though he was declared dead at the scene. Pol Lt-Colonel Pitak Nernsang, an investigator from the Pattaya Police Station, said police learned at 5.30pm that a foreigner aged about 50 had fallen from the sixth floor of Central Pattaya Beach Department store.
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