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  2. Who is 'We' ? As a resident of Pattaya/Jomtien it's good to know about the wheeling and dealing and where my hard earned is going - and which businesses to avoid.
  3. Honestly, we don't give a damn about the backstage deals with the owners, their cousins, and all that jazz. Soi MIT is a razed block. We don't need to waste our time figuring out the whys and the hows. We'll see what eventually unfolds, and Pdoggg will keep us informed when something interesting happens.
  4. The 90 day report at Jomtien is very quick at Jomtien these days. They also built a nice new building which is where you get a queue number although you can also get it inside the main building but I suspect that in a couple of months you won't get the initial screening in the old building. The new building has great AC and a pleasant place to wait to get your passport back if doing a 90 day report. It's also where you collect your certificate of residency although you apply for the residency certificate at Window 9 of the old building. You need the residency certificate if applying for or renewing a Thai Driver's license. You might also need it if opening a Thai bank account. This residency certificate is not the TM 30.
  5. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed the anecdotal style rather than a diary. I was a little late getting on board but have since caught up. You're wrong about me despising you deviating from your plan, I'm all for being flexible, but I cannot applaud your decision to spend your time on old pussy. Urghhhh! Why did you even leave Mowgli? Your sanity has occasionally been questioned in the past and this does nothing but add fuel to the flames. Hopefully with a bit of therapy you can get back back to fucking beautiful young Bayots. Onwards and upwards. See you in Lisbon brother!
  6. Lets call it 'Shed Town'... The condenced version; Covid hit, everything closed, management company didn't charge rent. Land owner asked where his money was for the last few years...his cousin ran the management company, bit of a falling out so he pulled it all down; there were bars there folk had just paid 1m thb for. Alledegedly put up for sale but no one will sell prime real estate in Patts if they have any sense. They were looking for a 25 year lease with 100% investment; there was no intention to sell. So...another management company arose with a plan; divide it into 50 lots. 50k initial deposit, once construction started 100k, then 300k key money. The math; 2.5m from deposits paid for things to get going, 5m to build the bars, 15m from key money which I'm guessing will go straight to the Land Owner for rent of the area. The Dodgy Gits Several Soi 7 ladies bar owners bought multiple units which they've since rebranded & are asking 900k takeover plus everything else... First concrete pour yesterday...
  7. Last week
  8. Why didn't you invite her gay cousin to your suite ? He wouldn't have used the excuse of menstruation. Didn't you find someone else on the boat ?
  9. I am back in Manila. One final report regarding Panglao-Bohol where you can find ladyboys at Alona beach but some nights there may be hardly any. I got there on a Monday and walked all over looking for them and only spotted 3 or 4. Tuesday and Wednesday I hung out at a beach bar and saw no more than 5 passing me by. Thursday, Friday it got better and only on Saturday did I spot “at least 15” as reported in my previous post. On Sunday there was an early night rainshower, the beach cleared of people, and I did not see a single one. After one week in Panglao, of which 5 days of intense sex with the latch-on MILF masseuse, I took the boat liner back to Manila. Besides the extended panoramic joy of sea travel, I choose the boat for the chance to enjoy a natives only experience, including fucking 1 or 2 of them aboard when the chance presents itself, which it usually does. I reported how on the outbound from Manila I met an ugly trans and we gave each other blowjobs. This time I met a very cute 24 yo GG within an hour of the boat sailing off. Totally by chance, at the ongoing live music show, I sat across from her and the guy she was with who I at first thought was her BF but turned out to be her gay cousin. She smiled a lot at me, complimented my looks, and suggested I sing on stage, which I did just to impress her. After the music show, I offered to show her my cabin suite and once there she agreed to stay the night. She acted very shy and reluctant, but soon we were sucking and fucking and she screamed wildly and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. I say “seemed” because with GGs you never know but one thing was for sure: her pussy was drenching wet. Afterwards we took a shower together in my suite’s private bathroom and she diligently washed me all over. Based on my post-coital experiences with most pinays, I fully expected her to latch on for the rest of the boat trip (and possibly longer) and immediately started anticipating all the wild passionate sex we would be having the next day locked up in the suite. But that’s not what happened. After the shower, she came to bed half dressed and after a while got up saying she was going to her bunk dormitory get her phone charger and would be right back, but she never came back. The next day I ran into her at lunchtime, steered her back to my suite, but she declined to undress or fuck and after a short cuddling nap she again found an excuse to get out of there… She returned before dinner and explained she had not been feeling well because her menstruation had struck. That’s the oldest pinay excuse in the book for dodging a fuck, but perhaps it was true because she left some bloody evidence in my toilet bin. Either way, she was clearly not eager to be with me because she again left right away despite me having 2 beds in the suite and telling her she could stay in one bed by herself and that I would not touch or disturb her. But she preferred to rest at her cramped 50-person bunk beds dormitory. Oh well! At least I got one memorable boat fuck out of it. We are now in touch on FB and perhaps we will have another go at it in Manila this trip or the next if she shows a little more interest… I will not be the one to pursue. Now I am back in Manila and will reunite tonight with Mowgli who kept asking me if I hooked up with anyone in Panglao and I never quite answered that I did. But Mowgli herself is a bit of a junior swinger with the afams so I don’t expect she giving me a hard time.
  10. Looks like they are building a brand new set of beer bars at the old MIT beer bar complex. My guess is that originally it was going to be redeveloped as condos but the market is too soft for condos.
  11. Here's a link to Frank's TGirl World where you can see Creamy and other sexy ladyboys. Frank's TGirl World
  12. Creamy made new shoot at Franks tgirls world !! Why Not must be delighted having her back in the saddle
  13. Those are highly interesting pieces of information you have shared. 1- your pic of a tarsier is very good too. The one I posted was shot with probably an iphone and I "photoshopped" it to make it look better. However, the tarsier's green color in the photo was a result of poor color capture and subsequent manipulation, even though its actual color is gray/brown. Your pic reflects better the tarsier's colour. After enhancing it with photoscape, it looks like this. 2- I had visited Panglao island more than 10 years ago now. I had been to White beach that was the main attraction at that time. I had only encountered scuba divers whose sole interest revolved around observing schools of fish in the see. I must admit that my exploration of the place was somewhat limited since I was accompanied by a femboy (the same person who took the photo and was latching on me. He [yes, I say "he"] since he cut his hair a few months later and studied till he became an English teacher at Balambang university) so I couldn't explore as easily as I could have. I was unaware that there was a city located west of Panglao. I suppose Población developed alongside the airport. In fact, I was intrigued to learn about the presence of an airport in Panglao. After conducting a brief search, I discovered that this new airport began operations in November 2018, replacing the Bohol airport. Flights are operated to regional destinations (even flights to Mactan - Cebu and Dumaguete airport), but also domestic flights to further destinations (one going to El Nido might interest you) and a few international flights link Panglao to Seoul. This latest information may be of interest to Canadian or American BMs who wish to visit the ladyboys directly in the heart of the Visayas. It appears that the construction of this international airport has sparked a new hub of activity and nightlife, as you have witnessed. This is likely what attracts the ladyboys but also poses a potential draw for Korean (ladyboys) clients on the island.
  14. Panglao island. Which is a small beachfront resort area with the local airport very nearby. Tagbilaran 20km away is where the boat peer is, so I only go there to come on shore and depart. There is a cathedral to visit and a big shopping mall where I could have gone a-sissy huntin' but did not. Here in Panglao the place to be is Alona beach and over the weekend I saw more prostis there than ever. GGs and sissies. At least 15 sissies, including the butt ugly one I met on the boat who fortunately did not embarass me in front of my company. There is a disco where everybody goes after midnight when the beachfront bars close and that's where the afam-pinay match-ups clear when it's time for the prostis to stop partying and make some cash. But as I mentioned, I have a latch on MILF GG with saggy tits and it has been massages and assfuckapalooza for the last 3 days... so my sissy body count here in Panglao was only 1. Your picture of the Tarsier is a really good one. The 5 or 6 Tarsiers I spotted at the reserve were all curled up and with eyes closed or looking away. Below is the best pic I took, along with an extra one
  15. Ok, I have wondered what became of her. She certainly was the star performer pre covid,(god I hate that term), in Pattaya. Never made me want to give up anything else I was attracted to, but that is just me. I actually befriended a young German guy in a bar and suggested he might like to partake of Lily's services. I took him up to TJ Bar and he duly latched on to her, or she to him, (she likes the younger ones). I took one of my favorites from TJ's, Peach, and we went back to near his hotel. I went off with my "date" and he with Lily. Met him next day to get a report on the nights activities. Surprisingly he said he could not get it up and sent her off!. I did not ask for the sordid details so dont know what happened. She certainly was one of the stars of TJ's.
  16. Woodie


    First time that I have heard of his sexual leanings. I liked the show back in the day.
  17. Mabulox

    Hooters Pattaya

    I think closure is more likely
  18. Pdoggg

    Hooters Pattaya

    Hooters Pattaya is either closing for good or undergoing an extensive remodeling.
  19. Sounds like a very welome break ... hahaha
  20. Another visit to CIB yesterday. Although less than 10 guys were in, almost all girls were engaged with drinks and more hahaha. Very positive vibe, which unfortunately ended at midnight because of religious holiday (alcohol ban). Attached photos of Jenny and Bebe
  21. Saturday, June 3rd, is a Buddha Day. No alcohol sales in Thailand.
  22. Chocolate hills are worth a visit since it's a "must see"/ Don't expect the 8th wonder in the world though. Here's a photo shot with a Nokia before smartphones invaded the market. As a matter of fact, the Philippines Tarsier sanctuary is just 15 km (less than 10 SM) away from Tagbilaran. It's close to one of the roads going to the Chocolate hills. You can go by car a pick up a small bus or a jeepney at the bus station. Here's a pic shot by the ladyboy with whom I visited the sanctuary. Several resorts either in Bohol or cebu island propose scuba diving swimming with wale sharks. What town are you talking about ? Tagbilaran or a place in Panglao ?
  23. A serial transgender person was arrested by police once again for snatching gold necklaces from foreign tourists near Pattaya Beach. Pattaya Police nabbed a transgender gold snatcher named Boonyawin or “Frame”, under an arrest warrant issued by the Pattaya Provincial Court early this morning, June 1st. Boonyawin was brought into custody for allegedly snatching gold necklaces from Indian tourists on May 13th near Pattaya Beach. According to Pattaya Police, Boonyawin was a transgender person who had previously been prosecuted for pickpocketing foreign tourists on Pattaya Beach. After being released, she returned to commit the same crime, leading the court to issue a warrant for her second arrest. Boonyawin remained in police custody as of press time. https://thepattayanews.com/2023/06/01/serial-transgender-thief-arrested-again-by-pattaya-police-after-snatching-tourists-jewelry/
  24. Currently staying in Travelodge, Sukhumvit Soi 11. Above expectations! Rooms are not too big, but clean, good aircon, good bed and descent shower. Paid around 1800 THB/night, incl. breakfast. No hassle with guests, no ID checks whatsoever. 5 min walk from Cindy's and about 10 min from CIB. https://www.guestreservations.com/travelodge-sukhumvit-11-sha-extra-plus/booking?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1YnHirKk_wIVMSlyCh1IMgYtEAAYASAAEgIfqvD_BwE
  25. Regarding TJ Lily, I may have exagerated the impression of her "latching on" to me, and it may have been more the other way round with me latching on to her to stage an attachment that was driving all my haters at PY green with envy everytime I posted intimate pics of us... But the fact is that we stayed in touch until my following trip in January 2020 when I tried to go away with her on a beach vacation but she ditched me when it became apparent I was not going to make up for lost revenue... Then COVID-19 came, TJ's closed and we lost touch and Lily only reappered on my radar in 2021 with her Only Fans account that continues to this day, which suggests it has enough subscribers to make a living. In addition, Lily may still have abroad sponsors (twice I was with her when she chatted different ones) and she makes porn movies with the ladyboysfuckedbareback guy who now owns PY, and she likely has a frequent fuckers club of her own among the Pattaya sexpats. I am sure she is doing fine incomewise. She is a good person and I wish her well. Regarding my trip, I have mutually latched on with a 49 yo masseuse who gives me sex around the clock. She is an attractive woman for her age and certainly more attractive than those frumpy Pinay church ladies I managed to score in Europe and who became my new benchmark for sex. Since we are together all the time, I hired a car and showed her around the island (she is from Cebu) even though I had seen all the sights just last year with Phoebe Cates. Bohol is where the famous Chocolate Hills are located and also the habitats to a tiny primate species called Tarsiers and to the inoffensive whale sharks you can swim with. In the sack my masseuse is a joy being extremely dedicated to please me. She said she had never allowed anal, but after 2 days of teasing by suggesting it and probing with the tip of my finger, this morning we had a go. I know to be gentle the first time and not attempt to ejaculate in there because it would take fast pounding. So after penetrating we basically just kissed for like half an hour and then both fell asleep with me inside her in the spoon position. For like an hour we slept and then I was still stuck in there so I pumped a little more and there was neither blood not shit. Great MILF. She took to anal like a duck to water. I am sticking with her through the end of my stay here. Yesterday was Thursday night and more ladyboys must have come into town for the weekend business. I counted at least 12, INCLUDING THE UGLY ONE I HAD HOOKED UP ON THE BOAT. He saw me with the MILF and did not bother me. This place is a bit like Angeles with groups of 2 or 3 ladyboys cruising around on the beach walk and the perpendicular party street. But unlike Angeles with Phillies' corner, there is not a concentration point where they flock to. Or if there is, I have not come across it.
  26. The Difference between Ladies and ladyboys is not as discernable in Thailand , that you can keep the Y when you write ladyboys in the plural and ies for ladies thats it :)
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