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  2. As they have been together for some time now Mr & Mrs Bumblebee and Mr & Mrs Pdogg must also be contenders.
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  4. Also I'll nominate Bumblebee's mate @Kylemore for BM Newbie of the Year, his January/February 2020 trip is here: https://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/topic/8452-kylemore-back-in-pattaya-jan-2020/
  5. I'll vote for Teya for lb of the year too. And for Emmy as Bar Owner and/or BM of the year. If I have a single transferable vote my second choice for Bar Owner would be Em. It might be too late but I'll nominate New and Petesie for LadyboyCouple of the Year. Bumblebee for BM Photographer of the year. His 2020 pics are in various threads but mainly for the ones in the Katty Bar and TJs threads in Jan/Feb 2020.
  6. P&G, can you tell us a bit more about Kate and her bar? Here's a 2020 Beach Blanket Bumblebee photoshoot: Beach Blanket Bumblebee Bumblebee's snaps from January and February are all over the forum in various threads for instance in Katty and Tj's threads. TJ's is a photographer's delight. Page 11 is approx where the new year begins at TJ's: TJ's Page 11 For a more fashion oriented shoot here's one that starts last year but finishes up this year as the same models were in two different shoots that he crashed, one in '19 and the other in '20. Crashing Wongamat
  7. Thanks you i gyess they would need to update themafter the pandemic
  8. I am a long term resident and citizen in Europe. I started mongering ladyboys in Asia in 2011. Before I had already shagged Asian ladyboys in Spain and Switzerland. So far, I found ladyboys in Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket , Hat Yai, Koh Chang, Si Sa Ket, Ubon, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Chayiaphum and Chiang Mai for Thailand. I also shagged ladyboys in the Malaysian peninsula in KL (2 locations), Kuantan, Penang and Ipoh, in Borneo in Kota Kinabalu, in Singapore, in Cambodia (Siem reap, PP and Sihanoukville) as well as in 7 locations in Vietnam. I created a closed club in this forum (highly sele
  9. It's really tough to make romscars or talk of excellence in our "community" this year. I will just add my 2 cents : we'd better focus more on ladyboys or BMs who promote ladyboys than on BMs of the community, either in the romscars or in other posts. Having said that, if I feel like criticizing Rom, I will PM him first. I guess that Rom is also trying to attract the best members he velieved would post at LBR (The Sith, Snoopdawg). I also agree that LBP or PY should be mentioned only in high standing satirical posts. I would like to add an original vote for the Bar owner of the year
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  11. was wondering if somone have issued some sort of map or alternatively a listing and location of the pattaya bars. if this piece of information exist, i am interested ....although the scene may have chanhed drastically with the pandemic
  12. A sneaky wank in the car park.
  13. 1. can be only one winner this year, miss popularity herself and a fun-loving nice person... Teya. 2. Bar owner of the year, and i'm going to surprise you all now... Em at TJs... for looking after her 50 or whatever staff and dogs through very difficult times. 3... BM of the year.... it's about time Emmy at Emmy's bar was applauded for struggling on with her bar, looking after her mum miles away and joining in when she can on the forum [remember a lot of the stuff is difficult for her to comprehend] an actual Ladyboy BM winner would be a fine thing.
  14. I wasn't going to post on this matter again until I saw this. I was merely making a comment re Roms experiences and stating my own. Lets just move on and please no one follow up with a comment. There can be pleasurable things to comment on, although at the moment it is only those lucky enough to be in the LOS to experience them. As far as Roms categories go it is hard to comment when we have been barred from the country. We will have to leave it to the ones still living there. Good luck on that one.
  15. …and speaking of PY this is starting to feel a lot like there… drivel, drivel, drivel … no staying on topic. I think this is a good time for me to refocus the thread by taking stock of where we stand in terms of the 2020 Romscars nominations: Newbie BM of the Year -- I did not put forward a name, and no one else did other than Imran Khan’s who already won it last year. I was thinking of Jimmy Cargopants but lately he seems to have withdrawn from our Board. Same-same as regards The-Sith. Initial impact but has not been back in a while. I can't give it to Snoop because he
  16. I'm not taking any potshots at you, quite the opposite. I honestly don't understand why you say that. No ladyboys painted in gold, no drawings, only whining about PY. Come on, man. I know you can do better. :)
  17. Thanks so much Rom , we have been together for nearly 5 years now and to see Dao so house proud really is great. Her very large family on her mum's side and the same on her dad's side are amazing . There has never been any hint of " Dao's falung boyfriend will pay for stuff for us " ( that you hear happening all the time ) , if anything its completely opposite. We and the family consider us married. So I BIG premature thanks for the prestigious award Rom , we may get beaten to the post.
  18. Of course you can Rom, no problem with that at all, but are people really taking potshots at you? i think not, only your constant reference to PY really. Other than that i don't think that anyone has a problem whatsoever with you. Do i remember correctly that PD has requested BMs before not to talk about LBP? [maybe i'm wrong] but if so you too need to remember that you also can be hoovered by the powers that be?
  19. Please everyone keep in mind that as club leader I can hoover posts in this thread. But go ahead you each get ONE potshot at me that I will not hoover. But if you do take that potshot, I expect you not to post again in this thread until I am done with the Romscars. Deal ? Let’s move on to a more consensual Romscar: Farang-Ladyboy Couple of the Year. This is always a difficult one for me to award because it’s so personal and there is no telling what is really going on. Last year I awarded it to TJ’s Lily and myself for the couple weeks we hooked up, but it did not really count because
  20. my new fantasy Seven...thanks! i want to cover Annabelle in 7-11 stamps and peel them off one by one and stick them in my little book slowly slowly.
  21. You know you've been in Thailand too long when you get excited over a farang woman.( Or collecting 7/11 stamps)
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