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  2. Same same with me Snoop. On my first trip to the LOS I had a week alone and then my girlfriend joined me for the remaining two weeks. I wanted to be a kid in the candy store and she wanted a family. No contest!
  3. On LBC Radio they said the UK Govt advice is all hols should be postponed indefinitely
  4. No doubt looking for any excuse to rob expats and tourists. Times must be tough for the BIB these days with tourism shut down.
  5. yes this is a big issue ... my feeling is that you will need a Certificate of testing to fly... otherwise the travel biz is a goner as it cant wait 18 months. Also Singapore just closed terminal 2 at Changi for 18 months which gives a clue
  6. Maybe Prince Andrew should have made the speech .... Lockdown , self imposed travel bans and social distancing is something he will be doing long after we have moved on
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  8. While Snoop and I are closely coordinating our posts on this thread, he does not get to see all of mine in advance and has no guarantees I will not put him on the spot. Like now! that I am posting a naked pic of the above featured ex-girlfriend he took to Thailand on his maiden trip there. Snoop had posted it himself at PY and I saved because it reminded me of how fun it is to fuck badly sunburnt white chicks after the beach. It adds an element of pain. Cheers Snoop. Rom My next question: Ahem… ladyboys ?
  9. So does bbg, he looked old and knackered then!
  10. It's never easy to proof read your own stuff. You end up reading what you meant to write not what is writen.
  11. Try this one. She has amazing eyes! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e7114c604ecf
  12. Back in the USSR You could say the first time I went to Thailand was by accident. It’s Summer of 2005, and I am planning a holiday for me and my long-term girlfriend. She's 6 years my junior, has just finished a history degree and is studying to become a teacher. With her passion for history we decided to go to Moscow and St. Petersburg, so I was on ceefax looking for holidays. Those of you who don't know about ceefax aka teletext it was a precursor to the internet. Pages of news and other information could be accessed through your TV, further pages would rotate through slowly and it could take half an hour to view a dozen pages. So I was scrolling through the holidays in search of a holiday to Russia, when I spotted a bargain for 10 days in Bangkok. I think flights and hotel were around £500 each. It didn't occur to me until part way through our holiday, when a taxi driver mentioned the tsunami, that it had been Thailand that had added been so badly hit less than a year. I guess back then my world view was quite narrow; if it didn’t affect me directly it didn’t really appear on my radar. Amazingly though there were no signs of the disaster anywhere we went. We stayed at the Mandarin Hotel on Rama IV Rd — which all the taxi drivers would mispronounce Mandolin. I could never decide whether it would have been racist of me to purposely mispronounce it in order to be understood as they never seem to know where I meant when I asked for Mandarin. I did very little in the way of planning; at least nowhere near as much as I do nowadays. I think I had borrowed a Lonely Planet travel book from someone, and we visited the Grand Palace and attempted some DIY walking tours through Chinatown. But mainly we got a nearby travel agency to arrange everything for us including an excellent day out to Ayutthaya; excursions to a floating market; the River Kwan; and elephant trekking. At the time it didn't occur to me that when we traveled in August it was low season, but back then we were getting 65 bahts to the pound and everything seemed so cheap. We even arranged for a trip to Phuket through the tour company — staying at the Baan Karonburi hotel. We had intended to go to a ladyboy cabaret show whilst in Phuket but severe sunburn curtailed our activities for a couple of days/nights so the only ladyboy I met was in a tour shop and she was far from passable. In the evenings we would rely on taxi drivers to take us somewhere suitable. Of course, they didn't have a clue; I remember one evening asking to go to a nightclub and the driver dropping us off at which in retrospect was a brothel — the cocktails were cheap though which was the only thing my girlfriend seemed to be interested in. We spent several evenings at Patpong; some girls have got a thing for buying shoes, for my girlfriend it was handbags and she enjoyed shopping for them almost as much as she did drink cheap cocktails so the night market there was a big hit with her. Maybe I was a bit naive but this was where I first witnessed p4p even though I didn't realize it at the time. All these beautiful young women out on "dates" with Caucasian men of all ages. My girlfriend always dismissed them as prostitutes but this didn't fit it to my idea of what prostitution was. Anyway not long after the holiday my girlfriend and I split up. We'd been on the rocks for some time and if I'd not already paid for the holiday I would have probably broken it off with her long before. I was madly in love with her but unfortunately she got a bit of a drink problem and without being nasty I think she got mental health issues. When things we're good we were amazing together; loved going to see the same films, concerts and travel and the sex was phenomenal, but it was exhausting dating her because I never knew when she would snap over the most insignificant things. Once I remember her going mad because I wouldn't agree with her that the white guy who played Ivan in the film The Machinist was the same actor (Lawrence Fish burn) who played the black guy (Morpheus) in The Matrix — what can you say in a situation like that when someone truly believes white is black.
  13. Woodie

    Stunners 2020

    Hey, come on. I look the same as when I was 18!!!
  14. Yes it has. They were very enjoyable too!!.
  15. I've got nothing against the Queen or any of the Royals as people, and I think her broadcast will encourage many people in this crisis. But perhaps they could do more practically. I see the media castigating football players for not taking a 30% salary cut. Why don't they advocate a 30% tax rise for all rich people?
  16. The people who grinned themselves to death , smiled so much they failed to take a breath , and even when their kids were starving , they all thought the Queen was charming .
  17. Annat


    Oh Grunt I knew when we were drink that politically we were far apart, tbhough we had some pleasant times. that is why i am here and you are where you are and as to last comment yes i do the women cares she has given us a life time of service, though I do agree there have been a number of cock-ups But the left hate the Monarchy and i do not like the lefties - they all want something for nothing, but each to their own, pleased to say UK is still the land of the free - not sure one can say the same for Thailand!
  18. One can't enter or leave Samui without special permission. The Bodega Bar inside a hotel in Bophut was raided for having an after curfew party. The authorities were waiting at all exits for fleeing tourists.
  19. Lucas picks up his bike.
  20. The same could be said for bar owners in Thailand of course But you could possibly just take the time to watch a docu or two of say Prince Charlie for example, you would be surprised of the hard work he does, he also has a great dry sense of humour and is a very likeable chap imho, anyways that my lot with the Monarchy on this thread
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