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  2. Everyone can relate ( from my instagram ) https://www.instagram.com/reel/C9T8JGiyJO-/?igsh=bXo2OXljbWZ5dDA= whats the trick embedding twitter & instagram So you can see the post first nice boob job ladyboy below
  3. I thought this was nuts , added the music myself , lots of good videos on my twitter , never embeds better add a photo Cine https://x.com/Cinederose/status/1811764762877005895 Half black half filipina ladyboy working Bangkok below , broke the last guy in half i am told , Subscribe to my twitter
  4. WN04 Doll of the Day Today's Doll of the Day is Minnie. I believe that Minnie has an unique look, probably best described as 'kawaii' (please correct me if I have got that word wrong). This first pictures set of Minnie is quite conservative, but the photos heated up as the session went on. Stats Birthday: 28 September Zodiac Sign: Libra Type: Lady Boy Orientation: Versatile Breasts: 375cc Minnie Photo Credits to @Singter1
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  6. unless i'm not seeing everything, because it's difficult moving between pages for me on this forum and the pictures take so long to open. Pla isn't the last 3 pictures, Jinji is. Pla is away visiting her family, she hasn't left as far as i am aware.
  7. Welcome everyone to my birthday party at Emmy"s bar Jomtien soi2 on Monday 22 July Free food, no karaoke, 06.00 pm-02.00 am
  8. The last three pics are of Pla. She has boobs now.
  9. WN04 Doll of the Day Say hello to Nan, a lady who needs few introductions. Nan is always great fun in the bar and I enjoy her company very much. I just wish she would stop switching names. So far she has gone by Nan, Nabi, Rose, Barbara and Sprite and that was just on Wednesday night! Stats Birthday: 02 October Zodiac Sign: Libra Type: Lady Boy Orientation: Versatile Breasts: 380cc Nan Photo Credits to @Singter1
  10. Last week
  11. Yes cheap cell phones and the internet changed the world across all professions by enabling instant information sharing and gathering. But bear in mind that initially they BOOSTED the Thai bar scene by showcasing the sissies in bars to porn surfers worldwide generating an unprecedented wave of mongers newly converted to sissies who flocked to TH to meet them in the bars. Cell phones existed but using them for mongering was only for repeat customers wanting to bypass the barfine. It was only when social media came into the picture that cell phones made viable the no-bar business model. The sissies could sell themselves directly on FB, TF, Tinder, PinaLove etc and no longer needed to subject themselves to the grueling bar rules. The trend inscreasingly is for the prostis to work when they want, wear what they want and bar owners feel they are lucky to have them as FREELANCERS. As to "the Thai bar scene" I believe it was and still is truly unique. I have traveled all over the world and every country has its red light districts and bars but nothing compares to TH BKK and Pattaya in sheer numbers. Not Ermita (in the 1980s) + Makati + AC together even come close. As mentioned, in Sub-Saharan Africa and Cuba and DR and Colombia and Brazil there are GG prostis and easy women galore but you never have them bar-packed by the 100s or 1000s in front of you like you do in TH. And as regards sissies the Thai advantage is even more pronounced. As regards inflation, the Thai CPI has gone up roughly 50 percent since 1997 (the Asian crisis) but so has the exchange rate so prices for me in USD have on average not changed in those 25 years (although they have eroded the initial exchange rate gains). In Pattaya you can still find 300 baht barfines but in some places they skyrocketed to 1000+. I remember at Thermae I could get LTs for 500 with attractive GGs and now it would seem impossible. I can still get 1000 LTs in Pattaya but only with sissies or MILFs. A young attractive GG will not spend the night for less than 3 or 4 K. That's my 2 cents worth for today. Gotta go. Going to watch Biden make a sorrow spectacle of himself at the NATO summit...
  12. The above post explains perfectly what I think except on point 5- I'm afraid that Africa has no longer been a GG monger paradise for less than a decade. You can't include Vietnam among the less developed countries like Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar when compared with Thailand. While statistics are available, a visit to Vietnam shows that their cities are just as developed as those in Thailand, and their countryside is equally developed. Transportation, hotels, restaurants, and tourist infrastructure in Vietnam are on par with those in Thailand. They are simply developed in a different manner, and p4p is highly restricted by stringent laws. It's not a question of development. Otherwise, I fully agree that smartphones have changed the deal, not at the advantage of mongers and low prices that you describe no longer exist (I have never found so low prices in SE Asia).
  13. That is an interesting point. The free flow of information does have an impact and can affect expectations....but, all-in-all, I am still surprised that TH has an monopoly on sex tourism and still inexpensive cost compared to other countries with similar market resources.
  14. Maria made another sexy photo shoot! Credits to Franks Tgirl World
  15. definitely on the list for next time :D
  16. Laawman

    The Big Breakfast

    American breakfast at the cafe in Villa supermarket - B79 before 11am and then B99 after. Definitely on the small side, but comes with fresh squeezed orange, filter coffee and wholegrain bread.
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