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  2. Recent Coronavirus case here in LA. Anyone remember The Omega Man with my favorite HAM actor Charleton Heston? He even shags a a hot black girl in that movie, ah the 70s.
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    Party Time.

    It's not a debate, just a fast remark. There could be other reasons to organize a party. We're not going to organize one to celebrate next Kim Jong Un's reelection for example.
  5. It's always been an old whores attitude to insult customers they don't find profitable enough. I could name a couple of bar owners posting in mongers forums too.
  6. Oh Yes great to meet you, I have thank you - you made me look very young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. yes the one was not from my phone but sent by line to me the 3 portraits I tried all failed but had on trouble on LBP
  8. Forget about PY. They still believe mongers are kids. It's up to us in other forums to give another image to newbies and show them they needn't a "wingman" as interpreter in communist countries in the 1960's to show them the right way. Your pics are shocking ? WTF ? We are in a forum for members 18+ y o. They just need to scroll down faster and don't watch them.
  9. I have no idea but it appears one Portrait was loaded. Was good to catch up with you Annat!
  10. Obviously not good news. At least Kev is not in any pain.
  11. I have been back 8 days. Arrived back late Tuesday night 14th, drove the 300km back home, nearly did not make it, as I kept nodding off while driving. In the end opened the window and put music on loud, made it back 01.20, about 24 hours from when I got up in Thailand. Picked up my beloved cat from the cattery, on the Wednesday, £240 wow. Then she came down ill and I have spent the last 5 days taking her to various vets and trying to get her better. The jury is still out on that, not sure how she is. Good job I got insurance, as so far the bill is £550. This was not what I expected and has left me out of sync, which is the reason why I have not been up to either looking at Forum or posting. To be honest, just cannot be bothered to take up the cudgel and take on the silly posting of some of the members. Well considering my health, I had a nice time, spent too much money. Enjoyed the Parties and the Bars, missed swimming and sex not necessarily in that order. I will put two further reports one on The Boom, another on Tjs and finally a round up with more photos, some general points Had great service from Nams Taxis on time, decent driving and no problems. Bangkok Limousine delivered this time, sent a different lad to September, the service was very efficient. Though I beginning to think landing at about 0600, it is not the busiest of time and maybe I will take a gamble and save the money next time Thai Airways was much better this time, two great seat, 100$ each, made the flight more enjoyable. The window seat on the way back allowed me to look at the coastal islands of Burma, Afgan mountains and the old Russian Empire, some wonderful views. The food was much better and the entertainment was very good. Heathrow Airport landed at 1900 and was in my car by 2000, very well organised through immigration, case collection and customs. Easy lift and straight on the bus to car park. Pattaya was so quiet, it was Xmas/New Year, but often when I called in a bar there was only me and one or two others. The only exceptions to this was Tjs and whenever a party was called and even then they were not in my opinion rammed. Just did not seem to be the tourists about. Thank heavens I never invested in a bar I much enjoyed my visits to Katty Bar, worth it for what Teya told me she would like to do to me. It is a relaxing place to drink and talk. Tjs was great (see my report when I file it), Sweethearts and Jimbo, well what can one say – Mr Grumpy was a real pleasure to spend time with. The Boom was fun at times and Josh & Poo are fine hosts. New & Peter looked after me well. Gucci is very sexy and the line-up most impressive Thanks to Herberth for the party at Delirious. Had two great night with Iain and Nam in Why Not I also visited Sensations, Hunny Bunny & 69 QUESTION why can I load landscapes on this forum and not portraits? So a few photos of various bars, the streets and social history Bars Tree Town Bars Hidelberg Guest House & Restaurant Nakula, three doors from TJs Mum and baby Fireworks New Year at New Bar Street Food Oh some fine Memories Central Mall Santa's little helpers Paeng & Tong Sensations Kungs Hot Dogs Gucci/Snow at New Bar Back streets around Soi Chaiphum
  12. An update on Kev in Thailand, some of you who may have heard of him, met him, or watched his Vlogs
  13. It seems rather odd when a low budget guy is told he should stay home and don't come to Thailand unless he going to spend a certain amount of money. I won't be ringing any bells on my 500 baht per day budget (after rent). OTOH, if a guy wants to splash the cash that's up to him.
  14. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/22/health/snakes-wuhan-coronavirus-outbreak-conversation-partner/index.html Snakes could be the source of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak Snakes -- the Chinese krait and the Chinese cobra -- may be the original source of the newly discovered coronavirus that has triggered an outbreak of a deadly infectious respiratory illness in China this winter. The researchers used an analysis of the protein codes favored by the new coronavirus and compared it to the protein codes from coronaviruses found in different animal hosts, like birds, snakes, marmots, hedgehogs, manis, bats and humans. Surprisingly, they found that the protein codes in the 2019-nCoV are most similar to those used in snakes. In the case of this 2019 coronavirus outbreak, reports state that most of the first group of patients hospitalized were workers or customers at a local seafood wholesale market which also sold processed meats and live consumable animals including poultry, donkeys, sheep, pigs, camels, foxes, badgers, bamboo rats, hedgehogs and reptiles. However, since no one has ever reported finding a coronavirus infecting aquatic animals, it is plausible that the coronavirus may have originated from other animals sold in that market.
  15. i'm wondering about you comparing your recent conquest size-wise to a can of coke Rom... does this picture mean that you once bar-fined longmint?
  16. Nice post and welcome to the forum Markm! I think the timing factor also works for farangs too. Something clicks in one's head and it's time to settle!
  17. ah ha ready for the Auckland catwalk me thinks
  18. Maybe it was a Welsh accent you were using. Some I know have commented over the years that when they try one they tend to slip into the other. I find it the same with a Northern Ireland and Scottish accents, they tend to merge half way thro’ a sentence. Anyway back to the reporting... :)
  19. first time on this thread as i'm not particularly into chicks with dicks photo's...but opening it up i landed on Mai Ayese...the spread above with the whip...long my favourite newhalf.... also prefer plastic boobs...but Mai could change my mind...certainly could ! unfortunately she hasn't made too many vids recently other than a great one with ririca and another newhalf. miss you long time Mai!
  20. Friends of mine who had a days long sex romp with a dozen Filipina ladyboys in Angeles told me there were one or two ladyboys who nobody had sex with but insisted on staying in their multi room penthouse suite as they wanted the free food and booze and also get to hang out with their friends in such luxurious lodging. There seems to be a culture of ladyboy friends looking out for each other and it seems to me that ladyboys are not accepted into Philippines society to the same degree that their Thai sisters are accepted in Thailand.
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