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  1. Thank you so much, Stoolpusher, Dao Pdogg, Jimbo ,Chris, and Dao's friends. Visited to my bar last night. Stoolpusher and Dao said not need Yellow Chicken head. ok.
  2. Welcome to Emmy's Bar with the most beautiful and nice Ladyboys in Jomtien Beach. At jomtien beach road soi3 We are waiting for you to visit Come have fun with us.
  3. Thank you very much to everyone who came to my birthday party 21 July. Thank you for the birthday gift. If anything goes wrong I apologize And I will improve it At the next party And this is a picture of my birthday party Thank you so much Emmy
  4. This is my bar's name sign. Is it beautiful? The girl image on the bar sign, John, you guessed it correctly, Her is Teya. received_284961509253006.mp4
  5. If there are Thai and English names mixed together You will have to pay a lot of sign tax. That's why I choose only english name for pay the cheap price tax. hahaha
  6. Yes, the bar sign will look like this. Tomorrow in the afternoon wait to see the real name sign. It is beautiful or not. I will take a picture and post in here.
  7. Dear all I post with news that from [day and date] The Katty bar will change name to Emmy's Bar, this is because i move to Soi 3 Jomtien and have to change the Licence. Myself and the Kittens hope to see you soon. please remember the official opening and my birthday on Tuesday 21st July. I know it is not easy now, but if you are in Pattaya please come. We wait to welcome you. Thank you, Emmy.
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