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  1. New menu at Emmy's bar Her name is Joon Welcome
  2. Teya the kitten. Thank you @bumblebee for photo.
  3. Thank you so much to everyone who came to Teya's birthday party at my bar last night. There were a lot of people coming. if something goes wrong I apologize to everyone. See you again at the next party. Happy new year everyone Emmy and the kittens
  4. Teya's birthday December 29th Invite everyone to come and have fun at Emmy's bar Jomtien Soi3. The event starts at 7.00 pm, free food, soft music. no loud karaoke Thank you everyone for coming Emmy
  5. This is my kitten Sunny. She is working in Dubai now.
  6. Pocky now works at her home. but don't worry The party will have a lot of my sexy kittens.
  7. Welcome all BMs to Meet&Greet Party at Emmy bar Jomtien Soi3. Thursday 15th Sep. 7pm-2am. Let's talk and drink with my sexy kitten, free food, no karaoke, no covids, just happiness and fun. Phwooar!! Emmy
  8. Last night at the Emmy bar Thank you for the photos from my lovely customers.
  9. Yes, She work at KRU. before. You know her?
  10. New menu at Emmy bar Jomtien soi3. Her name is Palmy. Come to see her tonight.
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