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  1. A customer who came to my bar posted on his Facebook. He is a French photographer. Teya's pic.
  2. Tomorrow, my bar is closed. Because it is the big Buddha day Called in Thai as WAN-OC-PAN-SA
  3. I have my cat's permission. She said she didn't want the yellow chicken head. Don't worry, I do it every time with everyone except some people who don't want to make me save the yellow chicken head.
  4. Welcome to Emmy's Bar at Jomtien beach road soi3. We are waiting for you here. Come on, have fun with us.
  5. Good news today !! From the Thai government It will open the border in October. long stay visa 90 days to 270 days There was a 14-day quarantine. Welcome everyone who can come. Come to Emmy'sbar at Jomtien road soi3. We wait you here.
  6. Her name is Jessica. She is a friend of Mind's friend.
  7. Thank you so much who come to my bar last night. Brett and Dao Num and Nut 2girls from Zaza massage, Soi dog, bbg, Quinn, puppy, Chris, etc It's like the Meet & Greet party I had in my bar before. Hope we will meet again soon. Emmy and kitten gang
  8. Get well soon Annat, love from Emmy and the kittens.
  9. Yesss. I have to register and I have already registered at Sattahip.
  10. My cat is now in Sattahip, not in Pattaya.
  11. Thank you very much Cobber32. I hope you will come back again soon. Always welcome. Emmy
  12. Thank you so much, Stoolpusher, Dao Pdogg, Jimbo ,Chris, and Dao's friends. Visited to my bar last night. Stoolpusher and Dao said not need Yellow Chicken head. ok.
  13. Welcome to Emmy's Bar with the most beautiful and nice Ladyboys in Jomtien Beach. At jomtien beach road soi3 We are waiting for you to visit Come have fun with us.
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