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  1. Thank you QG. I will try keeping on.
  2. Many thanks to @Rom, @blind boy grunt and @Quinn for the "Lady boy bar of the year 2021" award. I'm very surprised and very happy that i received this award. I asked bbg the reason why I received this award. He told me that because I was trying to help my staffs Teya Sara survive a difficult COVID crisis for over two years, yes, I tried to help them. i do everything Even though the bar is closed I do Live stream to earn money and give them money and buy food for them. and give them money to rent their rooms Even if I earn a little money. Only a few people knew about it. That why I'm so surprised However, thank you very much for the award. I will continue to do good things for my staff and the bar. Emmy
  3. Thank you very much all who came to my bar last night. Hope you come back again. And Mike hope to see you back later this year. Emmy and the kittens
  4. Alice and Teya. My kittens No.1 before and No.1 now. we met last night
  5. Next to Dongtan Beach. Yinyom Beach has a beach volleyball court. I went there 2 times I met a lot of Ladyboys from many bars. And there are many gay men too. but no foreigners
  6. Madam Dao from Zaza massage told me to post a picture of her here. because she doesn't know how to do it. And she told me to tell everyone Welcome to Zaza massage Dao come back now.
  7. Last night, Madam Dao from Zaza massage came to my bar and we went to Yinyom Beach.
  8. Wine and spirits, my bar still sells the same price. Including mixers such as soda, coke, fruit juice are also sold at the same price.
  9. Yes, beer is getting more expensive now. But it's not much more expensive. So my bar will still sell at the same price.
  10. Emmy Emmy

    Visa Overstays

    He said You was allowed to grant in cases of overstaying up to 24 hours. The text below is the name and position of the authorized officer.
  11. Thank you to everyone who came to my official bar opening event. last friday night Lots of ringabells from Rene and Oh from DD inn, 2 large cakes from Paul. The food was completely eaten for the first time. It must be delicious. Anyway thanks everyone See you again at the next party. Emmy
  12. hello everyone Emmy's bar will have an official bar opening party. On Friday 25 February the event starts at 6 pm. Free food. Many of my old kittens will be joining the party. Emmy
  13. Hello everyone. On Saturday Night Feb. 19th , Emmy's Bar will have a live stream at 9 pm.-10 pm. at the bar Theme School girls. Who want to see us please come to Emmy"s bar Jomtien soi3 Come and have fun with us. I will post livestream on my personal Facebook page as follows. - My Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tutu.wattanasiri -Page facebook Emmy's bar https://www.facebook.com/Emmybarladyboy Website : LBR (Here) You can support us via https://wise.com/invite/u/758e05c (You have to register with Wise first and then you can buy a drink for the girls. Once you have registered, please send me a message. I'll give you my information you need to transfer money to buy drinks. Only € 3.5 or 120 Baht for 1 drink) *** paypal is no longer available in Thailand. So you can buy a drink for a girl through Wise, it's better, cheaper and faster too. Thank you very much for support us Hope to See you all Emmy and the kittens.
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