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  1. I got request from girls to bring them some various sex toys ... Is thre any sex shop in Pattaya ...just surprise of the request
  2. I read on a previous post member making reference to a preventive tratement for AIDS....cannot fnd it again. If anybody have informations, i am curious about it Thanks
  3. David3615


    Thansk you; let me know when you will have a mor positive feedback br
  4. David3615


    I would ike to know what are the restricyion when you enter Thailand or when you want go out as of today ? Anybody can update me Thanks
  5. i finally find the site . http://www.pattayakamagra.com/index.php http://www.pattayakamagra.com/index.php?route=account/login
  6. i can recommend that one that i piked up last time she is on TF : Tangkwa4461
  7. I guess most of us are having some genetic girl in between ladyboys for a change ...... I wanted to start this topic to share past expereince with some girls ..many many girls in Thailand but to find the naughty one is not so obvious.
  8. I have seen over the year some very beautiful tattos on ladyboys (and girls too by the way) ; although i am not a fan of tatoos, i find them quite sexy on some of the girls. It may be good to share on this new topic, the best tattos you have seen so far on the pattaya ladyboy
  9. there was an online site in pattaya to buy viagra and others items but cannot recall it, anyfeedback would be welcome
  10. any contact detail would be welcome
  11. I just realysed that there is no specific topic dedicated to Viagra, Cialis , Sidegra and any others similar pills. The purpose of this topic being to identify the best place to buy these pills , recommended pharmacy, ..... Equally to have some feedback on the efficiency of these pills
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