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  1. Interesting i am looking to make a series of pic based on tattoes (on lb obviosuly) in 2021 ...hopefully
  2. Lets me know if you made it to Koh Samet or Koh Chang I understood that in Hua Hin , there is not so many lb there
  3. Yes indeed !!!!!! start to wonder if i can even travel there in 2021!!!!!
  4. On my next trip to Pattaya , I was planning to go to Hua Hin for a long weekend in the middle of my trip. Wanted just to know if it is worth .... Any recommandations for hotel will be welcome
  5. I never met too many pics while with the girls with the exception of some phone pics . I am planning to bring my camera and do some shooting. For those who have some some photo shotting when picking up a girl, do they charge more or they are happy to get the pics Feedback welcome
  6. Good idea ..d o you have her line ?
  7. Thanks you i gyess they would need to update themafter the pandemic
  8. was wondering if somone have issued some sort of map or alternatively a listing and location of the pattaya bars. if this piece of information exist, i am interested ....although the scene may have chanhed drastically with the pandemic
  9. I never met any postop ladyboy with one exception in some massage place near Buakhaow street and it was a good experience. On my next trip hopefully by beg 2021, i plan to meet at least the two following girls that I met on TF : Noey083355 24,Pattaya ThaiFriendly Meang1984 35,Pattaya ThaiFriendly We have been chatting a while on line and they look interestng to meet. Any feedback or experience to share welcome
  10. Yes indeed as well woudl like to know where it could be done in pattaya ? and some cost indciation if possibb;e thansk for the help
  11. This is what i extracted from teh web : Love Inns are hotels or motels having rooms mainly without windows, usually furnished with a large bed, an airconditioner, some kind of lightshow, a large bath- or shower-room and a television set. The nicest ones are built as small bungalows with parking space for motorcycles and cars. You can find them all over Thailand (mostly announced as 24hrs. motel) - and therefore also in Pattaya. Prices vary between about 300 and 400 Baht for Shorttime activities & between 600 and 800 Baht for Longtime use. Pattaya's nicest Love Inns are Ful
  12. One of my ladyboy friend in Hua Hin would need to have a frenuloplasty surgery. Does someone knwo if it can be done in pattaya ..i guess yes and what will be the cost Thansk for the return of informations
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