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  1. Is she was in KRU lately ? or is it an other Alis /
  2. Anyway ......whata bout these girls .... Bewty (Delirious bar) - Alis (KRU) - First (KRU)
  3. Bar will open ..may be ..may be not and who will be there !! Many girl will switch to freelancing
  4. Hi I am sure you are equally picking some hot pussy between meeting with ladyboy. I would be grateful if you could share coms good contacts of naughty girls and / or pick up location. ......lets forget the gogo and other bar girls .....really freelance hotties ..any age .with a prefernce for the fourties .... I have seen on the forum, some references to a very hot girl, but cannot locate it anymore Any help welcome
  5. tought that there was a topic on ladyboy over 40 ...cannot find it again ....my apologis if it is a duplicate. It could be of interesst to share some experiences with teh more aged lab. There are some ladyboy over 40 that are still hunting on TF and that are performing quite well compare to some of the young hotties. I met during my last trip : Jasmin : https://www.thaifriendly.com/Trans4u4u Marisa : https://www.thaifriendly.com/wongkotch Jan: https://www.thaifriendly.com/jankan I have had outstanding services from these three girls .
  6. I understood that these 3 girls are great Kisser do - Bewty (Delirious bar) - Alis (KRU) - First (KRU) Does antbody have contacts for these girls ? Thansk
  7. David3615


    i tought the same
  8. Any contact for Teyas : TF ?LINE?
  9. Do you have her contact details ?
  10. I am looking for great kisser ladyboy .....the ones that really enjoy kissing . Thansk for any feedback and contacts in Pattaya
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