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  1. Allow me to start with my personal submission immediately: General: Kayla, Apr. 2022, Bangkok; the most gorgeous smile someone can wish for. Erotic: Sugas, Feb. 2017, Bangkok; when looking in those eyes, I knew would have to beg for mercy. Kinky: Lauren, Oct. 2019, Manila; she couldn't stop smiling, even while giving head.
  2. This forum these days contains hundreds, or more likely thousands of beautiful ladyboy photos. Of course everyone has his own favorites, but somewhere there is a shared preference. So I propose to make a small contest, to see what’s the ‘All time favorite ladyboy photo’, in the following categories: ‘general’, ‘erotic’ and ‘kinky’. Some ground rules: 1. The photo has to be taken by yourself; 2. Asian ladyboys only; 3. Mention girls name, location and approx. date when you made the photo. In a few weeks, I will collect all entries and put a vote together, where all BMs can participate and determine who can call himself the most creative highflyer behind the lens. So for those on the ground, get to work . And for the others, time to take a deep dive into your personal archive
  3. Hahaha ... I'm quite sure Aitch didn't start this topic to be some 'shaming and blaming' about some textual or grammatical ambiguities. I called it 'drama' before, since English isn't my native language, the best word I could think of at that time. But indeed, it's nothing like drama at all. It can be just for those who go to the bar with having the intention of BF her haha. But I guess the ones pleasure is the other ones bad luck. I don't mind people BF-ing girls for days or even weeks, up to them right? And indeed, jokes especially can be misunderstood quite easy.
  4. I wouldn't make a drama of it. Most likely, she get dumped again in a few days/weeks and comes crawling back to the bar, begging for work
  5. That's the plan Bumblebee ... I can't believe I've missed it in April. Went out to Buakhao / LK Metro area a lot while in Pattaya, so near, but simply wasn't aware where to go. Guess I should have discovered this forum earlier
  6. Oh wauw! Everytime I see pics of the Delirious girls, I get to like them more and more. An awesome LineUp if you ask me. Will not be possible to visit only once when in Pattaya ... so much beauty desrves more attention
  7. Guess he's truly a lucky guy. Got her in the most natural way. Good for him But like I said before, despite all latest transformations, she's still one of my favorites.
  8. I do agree with you @seven. Although I think everyone should decide themselves whether to use some plastic aids, some take it too far. Attached a pic I made of Nikki in 2016, in which I appreciate her looks more than the current one. Must say that my encounters with her then and also later on, were always very comfortable and laid-back. She's never given met the 'attitude'.
  9. Ah okay, a great addition indeed. Love her looks! And about the naughtiness ... trust you on your word (for now ). Keep up the good work!
  10. Your LineUp still looking top notch @poesface. Thanks for sharing. Guess in the attached pic Donut was BF'd already Can you (or another BM) elaborate on the girl I've marked. Did I 'miss' something, is she a new girl at WN?
  11. I ran into this website, with, among others, an awesome ' LB in boots' section. If you like 'm in boots, just check it out: http://www.pornpicsladyboy.com/boots-page-1.html Here's already a slight preview:
  12. Nikki loves her bikinis, and the bikinis for sure love Nikki (Courtesy for pics to her IG)
  13. Good news! I'll certainly drop by when I visit Pattaya again Are there only LB working, or mixed place?
  14. From the top or the bottom. We can't be too picky Pdoggg
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