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  1. Haha, so sensible I should react the same because of her not showing up in BKK early February as agreed
  2. And besides the doll of the day, one of the WN dolls decided to go for an awesome shoot at Franks TGirl World. Look at what miss Notto has to offer All credits to Frank's !!
  3. In the black dress you mean ? That's Patty
  4. WN04 Doll of the Day Today's Doll is the lovely Dao, who is frequently seen in the company of Creamy. In fact it has been said that the two of them work very well together... Dao is the Thai word for 'Star' Photo credits to Cream. Dao
  5. Another nominee for the triple crown is miss Pai (or Pay if you like (pun intented ). Besides making some hot shoots for Franks TGirls World, she also started in 2014 at Check In bar on the old location in Soi 5, where she worked for a few years. Sometime at the end of 2016 she moved to Why Not in Soi 20, for a respectable period of >6 years. Last years at WN she worked mainly in the service team, or as cashier. Last time I saw her (sometime 2023), she moved to Lusty Ladies, in Soi 11. Also here she's part of the service staff. Pai is a true sweetheart
  6. Indeed @Pdoggg, good topic on it's own. Personally, I am an early bird. Really like to go out for drinks between 8 and 9pm. When bars would be in swing earlier, probably I would go earlier too I don't mind being is a relative calm bar, just having a drink, some nice music, playing some pool and some small talk. Which probably is in all lounge bars what you'll find before 9pm. Another pro of starting early is that most likely the girl you fancy is still available and not had a couple of barfines already When drinks flow, vibe will go to party mode without a doubt. But most of the times, I moss the wild times because I barfine my girl before she (and myself) gets too drunk I don't like ST rooms, so normally won't return to the bar afterwards. Regarding closing time, it differs. I know for sure that when Cindy is around and some customers are in, bar will remain operational. When Cindy isn't there, it's easier for the girls at 2am to call it a night and go out for food themselves. But it's all about customers, when many customers are in, entertainong themselves and the girls with drinks, all bars will extend closing time
  7. Like also other bars, around 8pm the girls at CIB are getting 'ready'. Depending on the number of customers coming in, the vibe will increase over the hours from calm to sometimes sensational. Ofcourse, it strongly depends on the amount of drinks for the girls, which is undeniably a good catalyst for the atmosphere in the bar But in general, post 10pm is a perfect time to make an entrance!
  8. Honestly Rom, although it's less than a year ago, I can't promise! It will probably depend greatly on the amount of alcohol consumed and the amount of punters present But in the end, we will find eachother hahaha. Fun guaranteed
  9. WN04 Doll of the Day Wednesday's Doll is Tew, a petite femboy who seems quiet in the bar, but I heard is different upstairs! Tew arrived about 18 months ago and settled in very fast. Photo credits to Cream. (I triple checked, she only took 3 photos). Tew
  10. One more photo of miss Risa
  11. The first contender for the triple crown is miss Cream. A well know lady from both CIB and Why Not bar. Been around the block for many years and did several tours at both bars. Currently one of the strongholders at WN04. Despite the length of her career, still a gorgeous girl to see and fun to have around
  12. Miss Shasha (Cindy's Secrets BKK) is ready for a ride
  13. And Rainy, better judge yourself 1708457306111.mp4
  14. Bebe loves to show her balls ... miss Beer still a little shy 1708457258611.mp4
  15. Oh my dear God !! There are not enough adjectives to describe your way of writing Mr. Ribbitrabbit. I think it's really fantastic, you definitely knock it out of the park I would place you on the same level as Dickens, Rowling, Orwell or Conan Doyle. I truly hope you'll be back soon in the promised land, discover that Otherside to the max and share your adventures with us via the forum.
  16. But since my answer probably isn't adding much value, feel free to post here. Probably @youngonecan answer it better
  17. Miss Rose says Hi while showing her new boobs Screen_Recording_20240220_140247_Instagram.mp4
  18. Thanks for sharing your personal opinion
  19. It is not easy to make an overview of girls who have left Check In bar over the years. That place looks a lot like a dovecote Nevertheless, I have made an attempt, limiting myself to the current location in Soi 10. Note: most likely not complete. But certainly good enough to give everyone some pleasant memories
  20. Well Rom, interesting question you ask me here. I did some digging and found following: You wrote the previous TR on October 13th: So I assume you barfined Lily on October 10th. In the sister forum, I see following post from Singter1 also on October 10th: So indeed, very well possible you have gone somewhere where no one has ever gone before But it's a little surprising (might even call it disappointing) she did forget (at first) ... hahaha
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