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  2. OK smarty pants give us another one... I'm ready this time
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  4. Before some of you guys get your hopes up permanent residency and citizenship are not easy processes. I don't personally know even one farang who has permanent residency status and do know a guy who applied but got knocked back.
  5. It was just a routine upgrade which took slightly longer than anticipated.
  6. Glad to see someone who dares dealing with the subject. I hope that you will add your comments based on your personal experoence after you summarize the book. I have first visited Thailand in 2011, what makes be look like a newby compared to you. I have been to Thailand for the last time more than 5 years ago. I could add my comments about fantasies or promises of cheap ladyboy whores country, how the LOS hasn't granted me so many smiles, or add comments about farangs and/or country fellows (who are not the worst farangs in Thailand though). Looking forward to reading your posts.
  7. Hopefully, you will forgive me, but I looked for information posted by medical experts on the web. I prefer to believe their opinion about molly. BTW, I don't feel attracted by this ladyboy.
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  9. I prefer blu ray discs as there is a special non-sctatch coating on the disc, and I have tried toothpaste and numerous cleaners to clean and repair damaged DVD discs, sometimes to disappointing satisfaction
  10. Woodie

    ATM fees

    In that area I alway used Superrich Green, but I see it is closed. God knows how I am going to manage getting around the airport on my next trip. I will have more stuff to carry than on a gypsy caravan. Might put it in storage for 9 days. Will check out the rates. Only a short stay this time unfortunately. But enought to get into trouble!. I am off the leash now so watch out. If in early May you see some news about an old falang found dead in a room,it might be me!.
  11. And some more from from another beauty: gorgeous Alyssa
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  13. Mod1

    Why Not Bangkok

    To clear up disinformation in a post above, someone should tell Iain that his LBR account was hacked because it's possible he might have other important stuff hacked such as banking apps. If he still has access to his LBR account then he should change his password. If he does not have access then he should create a new account.
  14. @lance2546 : I see no interest of dealing with politics when sharing experience and information about ladyboys. Dealing with politics in such a board should be restricted the impact of politics on to our favorite activity. No one cares whom yo voted for.
  15. im pretty certain on that Cathy shot the old airport can still be seen directly across the image .. scary and wonderfull at the same time when coming in to land. .. How a massive accident was avoided is a miracle to this day... i do miss the old airport..if no traffic you could get there in a jiffy . I spent a lot of time in HK and loved it
  16. Soju

    Chaos 9 Soi 4

    Thanks for the Bangkok updates Dan.
  17. I remember that night very well, even though it is dragging up the past The two scrooges,(or other more appropriate owners/managers names), could not include Sophia's birthday in that evenings celebrations even though it was only 3 days prior! Some things you dont forget. Bastards!.
  18. I watched this report about indigenous trans in Colombia. Found it interesting...in German and Spanish with English subtitles https://www.arte.tv/en/videos/106265-007-A/360-reportage/
  19. https://t.me/pump_upp
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  21. Police fine brawling drivers. https://www.pattayamail.com/news/brawling-pattaya-motorcycle-taxis-fined-for-street-brawl-423031
  22. Ok here i posted a section of a prior Trip Report named RETURN OF THE SITH. I posted a section talking about Ladyboy Leo / Cartoon from Wii Massage (plus Lusi Mustang my GLOAT is mentioned in their too).
  23. Syl.......did you just created a new acronym....LOFS!!
  24. Oz, maybe you should explain it to us (those that fear it/don't understand it), before categorizing us as "ridiculous". I for one would like to her your arguments and in-depth knowledge you posses regarding the future of the subject. Indicating some ones opinion is ridiculous without demonstrating the why's, seems to me to be a ridiculous argument. When I hear such baseless counterpoints and name calling, it reminds me of the left wing propaganda machine. Also, I think you should not attack someone personally, for having an opinion different then your opinion. Also, are you suggesting that AI is all good and there are no drawbacks or unintended consequences?
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