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  2. A beloved National Park Service ranger died when he tripped, fell and struck his head on a rock during an annual astronomy festival in southwestern Utah, park officials said over the weekend. [url=https://kraken13.at-kraken17.at]kraken14.at[/url] Tom Lorig was 78 when he died after the incident at Bryce Canyon National Park late Friday. kraken14.at https://kraken13at.de He was known for his extensive work as a ranger and volunteer at 14 National Park Service sites, including Yosemite National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park and Dinosaur National Monument, the park service said in a statement Saturday. “Tom Lorig served Bryce Canyon, the National Park Service, and the public as an interpretive park ranger, forging connections between the world and these special places that he loved,” Bryce Canyon Superintendent Jim Ireland said in the statement.
  3. A good array of photos. Must have been a good night despite not being with Fang. Who is the girl standing in front of P-------e in New Bar?. In the black outfit.
  4. WN04 Doll of the Day Today's Doll of the Day is Dao. It seems that Sonya focused these shots on her 'money maker'. Dao Photo Credits to Sonya P.
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  6. The lips are a bit overdone, but otherwise, top shelf! Wonder if she plays football?
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  8. this postI stumbled upon this thread and would like to reactivate it since @ribbitrabbit metionned the sick buffalo excuse. I remember I had posted about 'the Hanoian version of the dead buffalo'. Just have a look at this post and scroll down till you find the title.
  9. Can't help you with that ... I never use TF
  10. Which is the more repulsive?
  11. Customers wondering whether they can use the restroom in the popular convenience store 7-Eleven during an emergency now have an answer. While in some countries customers can freely access store restrooms, the policy in Thailand is less straightforward. A query was recently posted on the website pantip.com, where a user asked, “Can we ask to use the restroom at 7-Eleven?” The individual explained that they often drive long distances and sometimes stop at 7-Eleven to buy items before reaching their workplace. They wanted to know if it would be possible to use the restroom at the store. The response came from an official 7-Eleven account, Nong Pao 7-Eleven. “Permission to use the restroom at 7-Eleven depends on the discretion of the specific branch. Due to the large number of products within each store, it may not be convenient to provide restroom services. We apologise for any inconvenience.” https://thethaiger.com/news/national/7-eleven-restroom-use-in-thailand-depends-on-branch-discretion
  12. If you are old enough, BM could also be bowel movement Two others that probably isn't used here a lot but are good to know are: SMH - Shake My Head FTW - For The Win
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  14. I met a ladyboy looker on Chilia the other night ( penang ) very attractive i mean very , post op so she played the " i lady angle " She wanted 300 myr ( 60 usd ) for a hour, she stayed in the eastern hotel so she wanted to take me there , i said there were other lb who wanted 200 about ( also okay looking but not as nice ) so she said 200 but me poor so no , and her glance shifted with the slightest resistence so bad sign always and an hour is bs of course , the cheap as chips 12 usd ladyboys were not there so i guess they allowed the vips to have the pitch on fridays but 10 of them were back next night and no vips so thats the scene here , those videos go on my patreon or subscribestar , photo for edification only - Cine
  15. How about this one year old post ? Has anyone been there to check new bars ?
  16. New Video - The Sexy Drag Queens of Bangkok Please Subscribe & Support on patreon or subscribestar as i cannot go on without it , thanks - Cine
  17. Don't think so. Think I know what the problem was. Please try again and let me know if can now send a message to her.
  18. Gina from Cindy's in Pattaya (formerly known as Zaza at CIB) made a nice sexy shoot ! Credits to AsianTgirl.com
  19. https://www.instagram.com/cine_de_rose_ladyboys/ with soundtrack :)
  20. Happy birthday Pla, have a perfect day!

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      Happy Birthday Pla! 

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