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  2. a wise statement DC
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  4. Yep that’s about it QG, the missus confirmed that’s who they are thanking.
  5. Steady Eddie did a 'live stream' back at his home in Blighty last night He talks about his adventures in various countries
  6. Originally booked for May. Postponed to November. I'm clinging on to the possibility that I'll be able travel then. But will be no big surprise if it's well into 2021 before it's possible.
  7. But if she sees him he will get nicked!
  8. Well that ends your late night walks.
  9. I feel really sorry for her. She is out in the sticks near Khon Kaen and does not have a lot of friends around especially of the tech type.
  10. thanks QG..... hope you had a happy April 1st by the way........
  11. Yesterday
  12. Afraid not BB. Just gaggles from them as they run up and down the corridors and into each others rooms, at silly o'clock in the morning.
  13. bumblebee


    Always enjoyed my times down in Snooky, this occasion has to be the most memorable no doubt.
  14. absolutely nothing to do with Buddhism Nosher... Noise pollution and brain-washing. just saying like....
  15. Last week
  16. Coronavirus in Vietnam Vietnam has been impacted by the covid-19 epidemic as the neighboring countries. What's original is that VN remains a socialist republic with a family spirit when the safety of citizens is at stake. Earlier this month, VN suspended visa procedures and started implementing measures against covid-19. Foreigners or Vietnamese citizens coming from foreign countries had to be isolated, either at home (VN citizens) or in designated areas for quarantine. The army was ordered to help the health sector to implement the measures decided by the government. Then the Prime Minister decided to ban flights from abroad. Elder people (over 60) were requested to stay at home to avoid being contaminated. Unnecessary services had to be closed starting with bars, restaurants and karaoke to minimize most of the crown. The above measures have been taken since the beginning of March. On 29th, the PM issued a new directive in 12 points to order what they call "social isolation", in other words a lockdown. People have to stay at home and participate in a program of medical declaration. Public passengers transports are now prohibited since people must stay at home (except for medical purposes, to get food or go to work). State agencies employees shall work at home using information technologies. Boarders are now closed and controlled by the army. The ministry of public security is in charge of order and public safety. The army will help health services and control isolation facilities. Soldiers will be responsible for separating new cases and isolated cases. The lockdown of Vietnam started 6 hours ago at midnight local time. The originality of VN is a process called medical declaration. I don't know how it's been implemented for Viets but foreigners had to upload an App in their smartphone and use it twice a day to fill in a medical check so that medical services can intervene if information suggests that the person is covid positive. The Vietnamese population is requested to actively participate in voluntary medical declaration. I haven't found official figures of cases and casualties except those given in Wikipedia. Since mid February, more and more ladyboys stated they felt sad. A few of them declared they were looking for a new job and most of them moved back to their family. Although they didn't say it, they had stopped working in bars and cabaret, perhaps even before the People's Committees closed them down. A few ladyboys whose family is poor decided to stay in town. When they felt like changing their minds, they were stuck and couldn't go back home. They are in a pretty fix. The Vietnamese social safety won't pay for joblessness. They must live on their savings. I know one who has no saving. She kept on looking for guests but only aggravated her debt in her hotel. When she tried to quit, she couldn't. Another one spent her money for her recent mammoplasty (verified). She's broke now. She made a budget for her food but feels in troubles since she can't pay for her rent. I don't know how the country will recover with so many unpaid jobless people.
  17. a lot of the food carts have vanished in jomtien. For years, all day and evening there were four in situ every day in my local 7-11 car park. chicken, fried banana , fruit some sort of thai food ...... all but one now gone. some still doing the motorbike food cart thing in Jomty...but not many... even the thai customers have gone. There was a time until recently that riding down beach rd in the evenings was like a food cart obstacle course. not any more. the only traffic is the police checking the beach.
  18. Thailand's tourist haven Pattaya devastated as coronavirus hits travel PATTAYA, Thailand, March 29 (Reuters) - Beaches are deserted, go-go bars stand empty and cabarets have shut their doors in Thailand's tourist haven of Pattaya, as business has ground to a standstill after worldwide travel restrictions because of the coronavirus pandemic. For one of the world's most famed - some might say infamous - tourism hotspots, the economic devastation is near-total and business owners say haven't seen anything like it for four decades. "Our organization has halted business 100%. Pattaya is a tourist city, we rely mostly on them. The whole city is affected by the virus," Alcazar Cabaret Show executive Pawin Phettrakul told Reuters. In normal times, the theatre - which features high-kicking dancing girls wearing elaborate feather headdresses and sequined dresses - sees over a thousand tourists daily, but now there are zero. Alcazar Cabaret is not planning on laying off its staff at the moment, but the foreseeable future seems bleak. Thailand depends on tourism for around 12% of its GDP, but in Pattaya, nearly the entire economy runs on visitors. The resort town saw over 15 million visitors in 2018, according to the 2019 Chonburi Provincial Statistical Report, which was already a 20% drop from the previous year. "I would say that this is the worse that has ever hit Pattaya. And, during the past two to three weeks, so much businesses has already folded, has already went bankrupt, closed down due to the coronavirus," said Roy Fu Wanlong, a business owner in Pattaya. The city in recent years has been trying to shed its association with sex tourism that started in the 1970s when it became a rest and relaxation spot for U.S. soldiers during the Vietnam War. https://www.yahoo.com/news/thailands-tourist-haven-pattaya-devastated-081749199.html
  19. Yes. And it maybe the soi where Sensations (indoor version) was located or just near there. It was a bit more of a remote location 13-14 years ago.
  20. #1) The Admin Control Panel for the Ladyboy Review Forum permits me and BB to login as a Member (this is not a direct link to someone's PMs, though once logged in as a member one could read PMs). I have used this feature when some members had technical difficulties with their account to help determine if the tech problem was on the LBR/Invision end or rather something to do with that member's computer/phone. #2) I've never even heard of the $7.99 software add on before you posted about this. We don't have/use it and will never have/use it. Btw, the Invision Community Forum has some interesting info especially if you enjoy tech. One thing some of you might like is the new Invision Phone App. They have a Beta version that can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store. You can use one of Rom's links and poke around from there. Do the LBR admins read other people's PMs? I have never, ever, not even once, read someone else's PMs. Neither has BB. I view this as a breach of trust besides being downright creepy.
  21. I did mean to post this little story last week when I witnessed it. At the Seaside restaurant I was sitting eating my food when this English guy , his Thai lady friend and his soon to be stepson sat down opposite me and the English guy immediately started trying to teach the boy English table manners, how to hold the utensils and the like ( All the usual niceties) . What I couldn't understand was the guy was doing all this while sitting in a public restaurant with no shirt or shoes on .... there should be a dress code in place . Stay safe guys . SP.
  22. I think many of us can just dream of the day when we will get back at this stage Jimmy. I doubt many, if any, will be back in the next 6 months or so.
  23. Didn't know what to expect with the video, Pdogg, but better than a porn mag. And I haven't bought a mag for maybe 15 years. Blame the internet, like many other BMs.
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