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  3. I'm circumcised and never really given it much thought. Now that I have given it some thought I find the thought mostly wasted. If you are in Thailand you won't often find a circumcised LB. Much more common in the Philippines. But phimosis is a big turn off for me. And I see some Thai LBs with phimosis that functionally, I think, would be better off clipped.
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  5. Is it true ???? Rompho beer bar complex is finished April 1. Signs are up, anybody on the ground know if its 100% a done deal?? very sad I'll be there in 10 days won't be the same !!
  6. BigTel

    LBWVB - 2019

    Tone you have given hope and indeed life to the many charities that you have donated to. Well done my friend for being at the helm for so many years of the LBWVB organization and events.
  7. Living outside Phitsanulok city, I see several decent looking posters every day along the roadside. And yes, one or two are quite attractive. But as you say, tongue in cheek (and very cleverly put), I don't think those sort of services are what they are standing for. And I've not been tempted as yet.
  8. Here is the Mastercard converter; similar to the Visa converter. Note, at 13:30 Thai time the Visa site was updated with the March 21st rate but the Mastercard was not. This could mean that Mastercard's day starts at a slightly different time or it could mean they are just slow updating their website. https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/consumers/get-support/convert-currency.html
  9. Welcome to katty bar and room for rent on Jomtien beach road soi 4. We wait you here. Come to enjoy with us. Emmy Boss.
  10. I've enjoyed most of these videos. He seems to be a genuine bloke, and gives another view of life in Pattaya. Thanks, duke, for posting.
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  12. I never thought Biden would run and I still dont. I could be wrong. He has dithered, hemmed and hawwed about running in the past and hasnt pulled the trigger recently. Years ago when he did run, he got absolutely nowhere!! He is on top of the polls for one reason only-name recognition. The front runner this early almost never ends up the nominee-especially when there is such a crowded field. The way the Democratic Party is these days how could they nominate and get behind an old, establishment white guy? To hell with whether he might be the best candidate-he is old, white and part of the establishment. Those are his biggest sins and oh yeah he has said some nice things about the opposition. Thats not allowed anymore its search and destroy.......
  13. bumblebee

    6 Nations

    Well done Wales, Ireland just weren’t at the races today. I didn’t even watch the England Scotland game as I reckoned it would be a foregone conclusion in England’s favour. Shows how much I know.
  14. Where can these 2 be found?
  15. so...after well over a year of no new information i stumble upon a video of the one and only Candy teaming up with cute Pooh to nail a guy. here's a link to a clip: https://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/434048/tgirls-candy-and-pooh-bangs-gabs-ass-in-hot-anal-threesome/ it would appear to me that Candy looks just a bit older, so maybe it's new? and if it's new does it mean Candy is back? and if Candy is back--where is she? ANY information or tips would be greatly appreciated. i have had the pleasure of sweet Pooh's company in the past, but Candy has remained on my bucket list for far too long and i had feared it would be forever, so...please...post here or pm me if you have more personal info--contact info perhaps?-- to share. tia. and on the tiny off-chance Candy reads this--*welcome back! i would love to meet you!* xox
  16. Oh dear. So its Juve-City, United-Liverpool in semis.
  17. Guess guys in Pattaya will have to order in on Thai Friendly
  18. Pdoggg


    Franky Boy Cali, the boss of the Gambino Family was gunned down outside his home on Staten Island in what is considered a disrespectful mob hit.
  19. Trump has grounded the Max 8 and Max 9. Most of the rest of the world has already done so after the second crash in 6 months.
  20. Always sad to hear of someone passing. RIP.
  21. soiboy

    The Edge

    Update: I just got back from Thailand where I stayed in Pattaya at The Base for 10 days from late February through early March. Construction has begun in earnest, starting at 8:00am Monday-Friday and running until dusk. They are now driving the foundation support pillars. I stayed in Tower B, which is the one just north of Tower A, in a lower room facing the construction. Actually, the noise was not so great, although I would hear it waking up in the early morning hours. In contrast, my LT companions slept soundly through the distant din...how do they do that? I think a higher room in Tower B, especially one facing north (away from the construction) would be OK. Not so sure about anywhere in Tower A. The LK Residence is situated to take the brunt of the noise so would not be such a great choice now. The Apex was mentioned earlier. I think it would be OK if it is your go-to place to stay, but it depends on how sensitive you are to any noise at all.
  22. My, my, my... https://www.thaifriendly.com/Saranphatkaty88
  23. Got mine from Khunrose in Bangkok, such an amazing experience. I never thought I would feel this free. Makes me want to stay here for long.
  24. Yeah, that's the best attitude/approach at this point. Careful of the motorbike grab and go schemes around Bui Vien and in Nha Trang.
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