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  2. Some more recents post from her IG account
  3. Donut works now at Why Not in Bangkok. A very pretty girl, with a killer body!! Although I don't like coloured contacts that much
  4. I agree and I agree. I am all for a good blunt in the company of the one I fuck. Just that I thought you went beyond 420 with your tinder traps and chongas, but apparently not. So pls accept my Apologies for insinuating it. What about 420 in Thailand ? I dont recall smelling doobies much. I do recall the plastic water bottles made into bongs. To say any more may get Mod1 out of hibernation... Actually I place a premium on hairy ass sissies and ladies. I like my nose tickled during 69... OK this is is my second post today because tomorrow the circus moves from MNL to AC again and I wont have time to post in the morning as I will be sharing the ride to AC with the other punter here. Last night we went to Makati/Burgos Street, which, like AC, has seen better days. One of the big go-go bars is closed and the other 2 or 3 had few ladies for sale. The full-clothed bar pickup ladies seem to have moved across the street from Cafe Havana to Bourbon NO. Mixed Nuts the only ladyboy bar in the PH was closed. We did not stay in Burgos long, but while we were there we saw plenty of lady streetwalkers but only a couple of sissies. Then I went to rejoin Phoebe Cates at a concert and my fellow punter had his own sissy in the cross hairs. This quick post is just to say than when I tell a sissy "whatever you do don't drop the soap" I MEAN IT, as a clumsy one learned the painful way this PM... seriously: I joked about it after she dropped the soap while we were showering together, one thing led to another, and this is the end result:
  5. And I guess the 'Singapore' girls are heading back to BKK, so you'll see them soon again
  6. i'd say the first ones look like they frequent boyztown and 11 might be a femboy :)
  7. Yesterday
  8. JustSumGai


    my favorite quote regarding this is from the great Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong who said...."there are some people who, if they don't know, you can't tell them"
  9. not really a ladyboy content vid but this new rascal landed in the last few days and is getting some pretty good video of Nana, even INSIDE the plaza and a few bars...belt buckle cam. Those in the know might be able to say how it looks now, but to me it appears Nana is drifting away from ladyboys. Prominent Korean signage here and there too. Gotta wonder what the barfine is now as one Pattaya youtuber hit 10 big bars on walking street and almost all of them quoted New Year's Eve like barfines of 1500 and said ST was 3000. There's some big gambling going on for sure.
  10. Last week
  11. What happened to Ms. Jeley of La Bamba? Did she join Poppy as well, or can I find her somewhere else?
  12. Thanx Woodie. That's a promise I can make! For sure I will go visit next time when I'm in Pattaya. A massage a day, keeps the doctor away
  13. Well Pdoggg, I suppose because the San Mig Zero doesn't make your hangover less. It still makes it worse, but probably less worse When I reach that stage, I switch to Bacardi/Coke or Vodka/Red Bull. The soda boosts you more than alcohol makes you deteriorate, I think (or hope)
  14. This guy does THE best vlogs. I have always wondered about the relationship between the girl and he. Never seems to be any touchy /feely stuff. In this video at the 6.00 minute part he finds her in another area waving some money around. Intriguing stuff!. I wonder how she earned the money?.
  15. I think he mentioned Phi Phi yes. He should do a victory lap in Pattaya
  16. Awesome lineup in my opinion. Certainly on my bucket list for my next Thai adventure
  17. Thanks BBG! Would be nice to see some recent update here. As also other forums, not much recent activity
  18. I have to agree with Bubba. Although I totally don't mind some onk on a girl ... this girl really goes almost the whole 9 yards ... I pass.
  19. well, I'm done with the fucker, been watching since vid 1. He's off on some idea to show lux places, BIG YAWN. Of COURSE they're fabulous, they charge and arm and a leg. Beach after beach, boring. And now he's always whining about how much it rains. IT'S THE RAINY SEASON YOU IGNORANT BLOCKHEAD! all through the vids he's saying stuff like "I don't know where I am, the signs are all in Thai" or trying to talk with some Thai who obviously knows no English. Now I've told him about Google translate and what it can do but he ignored it. SooOOOooo I send him another heads up ..... "watch Uncle Craig Day Trippin' Out and About Khlong Lan Waterfall, in the first 2 minutes he shows how to use your phone and Google Translate app to read those signs in Thai. It will also listen to a Thai person speak and translate into English for you. Should satisfy your curiosity about many things." Easy peasy, Craig shows it in the first 2 minutes. (btw, impressive park, with trash cans and upgraded GOOD trails, etc. They'll even supply a bag to pick up trash with and give you a plant when ya bring it back). his reply? "not for me, i hate all that crap, bar codes everywhere, Talking is the only way to communicate. I only use my super duper phone for flying me drone and thats it" he does what I call "embracing ignorance to achieve stupidity". I have no time to waste on stupid shit if I can avoid it. (Sadly it's over unavoidable in LOS). He'll keep showing rich people places (does he REALLY think any of his viewers have the dosh to buy into any of these places? what a maroon) and he'll keep saying he don't know where he is or I wonder what that place is? when he could use the app to read signage. He'll keep not knowing what's going on with Thai people cuz he can't be arsed to use the flippin app. There are none so blind as those who will not see. Waste of time trying to help this clueless guy. the latest hoot is he's whining about the coppers dingin him 2700 for expired motorbike license, hahahaha. For a while there he was not wearing his "authentic Vietnam war helmet" and went to the usual motorbike one. Obviously dinged several times for improper helmet. Now he's whining about how bad the cops are in Phucket. He's been there 2 weeks or more and STILL can't say Phuket properly, tho he tried a bit last vid but relapsed into his usual ignoramus pronunciation. Hell, I only started watching him cuz I was SURE someone would knock him out or he'd land in jail. After that it was with amazed disbelief that he continued to careen and crash thru one place after another. He DID find some nice out of the way places and great spots to stay and provided many chuckles and interesting views but I think he's just run outta steam and refusing to use his phone for translation (not even gonna mention GPS features) gives me a clear idea of what redundant bullshit is to come. Willful stupidity don't amuse me.
  20. I have just visited the website of the Embassy of the Philippines and another website. If I got it well, 1) you may enter the Philippines without a visa if your intended stay in the Philippines will not exceed 30 days and you have a roundtrip ticket. In case you wish to extend your stay, application for extension of stay may be filed at the Philippine Bureau of Immigration Office before your 30th day of stay. 2) you can ask for a tourism (L) visa at the Embassy of the Philippines that will allow you to stay up to 59 days in the Philippines. This costs 1,500 PHP. 3) A temporary visitor's visa holder whose stay in the Philippines will exceed the authorized period of stay (example: 59 days) should apply an extension of stay at the Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines and pay the corresponding immigration fees. Information on fees for extension of stay and other Immigration fees are available at the Bureau of Immigration website (www.immigration.gov.ph = 404 Not Found ). In other words, if yo visit the Bureau of Immigration before you overstay, they seem always to have a solution to extend your visa and make you pay for a fee.
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