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  1. Yesterday
  2. I find it interesting the looks they adopt when a camera is pointed. Mind intrigues me, she often has a "don't care" look, above in one she looked a bit dazed :) Anyone ever take her? She seems the most "normal" of the lot. BB, how is it Pokky don't make these sessions?
  3. Looks like he was holding on pretty good on the bike
  4. Imagine if the cashier was a ladyman!
  5. It’s opposite the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. Quite an impressive looking complex.
  6. I presume that is the general you and not innocent me in particular.
  7. Lol, there seems to be much more of them around this trip compared to last year. Some more random shots, including the location of the old Triple X bar.
  8. Yes, BB. I hope we can meet up after all these years. Who Knows about Chris de Burgh? He said "Don't pay the ferryman". But I could be carried away with this lady in red. TJ's a must visit this trip for me.
  9. Last week
  10. I go to bed watching this and hope I could see this in my dreams https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5b3d71e887a84
  11. One of the staff in the bar last night. The crotch of Foggy’s pants must be almost worn through after the rubbing they received for her eager hand.
  12. absolutely nothing to do with the food SP... but as you may well recall, sitting and eating in the Seaside [on the street tables ] gives you a great view of the gorgeous Cambodian blonde LB, now a post-op... sitting opposite. name leery or lily. if you want to bring her along to your party on the 1st... feel free!
  13. Patpong Museum • Building 5, 2nd floor below Black Pagoda Bar, Patpong Soi 2 Open daily, 10am to 11 pm; 091 887 6829 • Tickets are 350 baht for visitors and include headphones offering narration in English, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish • The entrance fee includes one free beer or soft drink • Museum souvenirs are on sale, including ping pong balls
  14. Anti-trans memes are constantly showing up on my Facebook Newsfeed posted by ignorant assholes. These often have to do with transgender toilets and transwomen competing in women's sports. I reckon the sports issue is a thorny one but these ignoramuses post their memes so gleefully because Trans are on the other team in America's culture war. Now I'm starting to see the Trans Day of Remembrance being snickered at and being negatively compared to Veteran's Day yet these same bigots oppose transpeople serving in the military. I think it is easy to compartmentalize our experiences in Southeast Asia and not identify with the very real everyday struggles that our trans brothers and sisters experience back home. Transgender Remembrance Day honors people who have been murdered for just being born that way.
  15. BBG-the Au Bon Pain to which I refer is in Bangkok. Sorry for any confusion. Its in the Siam Paragon Mall. Some wondeful eye candy both local and farang!!!
  16. Sasha Velour, season 9 winner of Drag Race, is now performing in Smoke and Mirrors. Here she is with the woman who might be POTUS in 2025. As the Bard, Zimmerman said, The times they are achangin'.
  17. Pipe down , sugar tits. -Report from Stokes.
  18. I don't suppose they will be using the dodgy ones you can get from Pattaya beach.
  19. not to forget the isle of Wight festival with Dylan and the Who etc. August bank holiday 69... and the sun shone for the whole 3 days!
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