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  2. Here's an excellent movie from 55 years ago. A betting pool on the Preakness is part of the plot. In this year's Preakness, one of the horses threw off the jockey.
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  4. Wow! Thailand seems like a super fucking pain in the ass place to retire to these days. Philippines looks a better possibility. Or Cambodia. I suppose Malaysia is a possibility. I need to do some research on this.
  5. Many thanks for the info PD, I'll go ahead and book it for 4pm as I'm staying in soi Chaiyaphun and don't fancy getting off at Jomtien as with the other bus. If the worst comes to the worst, I'll just get one of the yellow/green taxis and cough-up the extra. I used to live in Pats from 97 - 2011 so I have a fair amount of catching up to do, plus old habits die hard!
  6. Here's a video of wastewater, a nice euphemism for a cocktail of 1 part feces and 2 parts water, being dumped dumped into Na Jomtien Bay, the southern part of Jomtien that the baht busses don't service. Anyone for some wastewater rafting?
  7. Pdoggg

    Phnom Penh update

    Matilda Bar on Street 104 has been sold and the new owner changed the name to Nana Bar. One ladyboy works there and she might be the only ladyboy on Street 104.
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  9. hi guys, am wondering if any of you would have the contact to picture C. or patty as she is known. i am in bangkok from the 20 of may and would love to meet with her. thanks loads, leon
  10. No booze today, May 18th, until at least midnight.
  11. They may even have a strict policy of not being allowed upstairs unless invited.
  12. This guy has his priorities in life right. The rings are a bit too much though for my taste:
  13. How I figured, with your clue in your previous post though.
  14. Banning Manchester City for a year in the Champions League would not do them any harm, after all its been 49 years since they won their last European Trophy
  15. Things have changed a bit these days at many businesses. Many companies have employees paying a greater amount of insurance costs. The ACA actually made it worse for companies offering their employees great health care plans (so called Cadillac plans). A friend of mine has to play a much greater part of his insurance at his work because he has a Cadillac plan. Preexisting conditions were a big part of my problem before the ACA. I have one skin condition, that isn't as noticeable as it once was, that I haven't taken medicine for in 10/15 years. But it will be a preexisting condition for all my days I guess. I came back from Thailand with a GI tract problem years ago and had to have a stool test. I had changed insurance companies and the testing lab sent the bill to my old insurance company that of course rejected it. The lab then billed me directly US$450 for the test. I called and gave them my new insurance details. Going through the insurance company the bill was reduced to US$90. So the hospital was charging 5x as much to people with no insurance. FWIW it's been a few years but the last stool test I had in Thailand cost 100 baht. A lady I know back where I grew up was all pissed off about the ACA as she made too much money to get any assistance on paying her insurance premium. The cheapest insurance she could get a few years ago was US$1000 dollars a month. She was considering going without insurance. She changed her mind after she had a brain aneurysm. The medical helicopter flight alone to a bigger city cost US$100k. So not having insurance in the US is like playing Russian roulette. Sorry, back to Brexit. I don't really understand all the facts. But the EU quotas on immigrants would be hard to swallow. I think GB has already absorbed a lot of Indian immigrates to make up for their past? So much so it starts rants on other boards. At least they kept the pound and could manipulate it as necessary. But I really know little about Brexit as it usually just starts arguments and I have no idea who to believe. IMO the EU is a failed experiment. What works for one country at a certain time might not work for others. But again I know little. BTW Rick it may not sound like it but I think the vast majority of guys on LB boards are liberals. Because of the nature of our sexual preferences. You will find a majority (IMO) of conservatives on the Thai GG boards like pattaya-addicts.
  16. xyzzy

    NBA Finals

    Yea it was an amazing finish. Unfortunately my Nuggets lost their game 7. But I think it likely they or Portland would be lucky to win one games vs Golden State.
  17. Hahah, I watched that. Graham is such cutey huh, especially when he gets mad and foam comes out of his mouth.
  18. I edited it as I thought we had already gone over it previously but the ผู้หญิงข้ามเพศ is good and far more appropriate than the ผู้หญิงของเพศที่สาม .
  19. Didn't enjoy my first trip to the island, but my second was good fun. Hired a scooter second time, made all the difference. The view from the summit is well worth it. Pattaya looks awesome from there.
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  21. I was always shit at Countdown. No wonder. Fucking distractions like that, and Carl Vord back in her prime. Always with the short skirts too.
  22. Even if the water looks like shit...when it is so hot...the only thing you can do is swimming
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