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  2. do you mean a new phone number or a new Sim card PD? certainly AIS used to allow you when you bought a new Sim card from them and as long as your old number was registered in your name to have the old phone number transferred to the new sim. They do this in the shop on some magic machine thing. My Missus has had the same number for about 12 years despite sim upgrades or changes. dunno if they still do but may be worth asking. has to be an official AIS shop.
  3. how did you know that the natives were friendly QG ? How could you tell what they were saying? it's not easy sometimes. I've listened to Kenny Dalglish for years and never had a clue what he was saying..."Hoots mon! can ye noo dack ma fanny, on ma' heed mon, on ma' heed!" no wonder that Ian Rush never passed him the ball, he must have thought that Kenny was asking him to give him a haircut or make him an egg sandwich at half time or something like.. but i digress QG, i love Scottish people. Kenny is my hero and Lulu was responsible for many a pair of sticky underpants...
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  5. WE ARE NOT GAY wait a minute....Am I gay?
  6. Good Topic and good posts all around. I think I would love a tourist free Thailand/Cambodia. My favorite memory of traveling in the region was 4 days I spend on Koh Rong Island in Cambodia back in 2011, and spending all day on 4K Beach, and no other persons were there except me and my ladyboy traveling companion. I have watched a few VLoggers videos on the lslands during pandemic, and to me, a beach with no people (as long as I could get a meal), would be awesome.
  7. At 1:45 in the above video you can see Lita's on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2).
  8. So far have had only good experiences with Bolt but the baht bus is still my preferred mode of transport. I haven't figured out how to store more than two locations yet. I have my Home location stored and stored Emmy Bar with the Work label but would like to store more frequently used locations. Maybe there is a way' maybe not. Btw, Emmy's is listed as Emmy's Ladyboy Bar. Saw a price list at a Soi Diana mototaxi stand and the Bolt prices for a car are cheaper than the mototaxi bike prices. If you have ever used Grab, I'd suggest that you download Bolt from the Play Store or Apple
  9. Just stumbled on this thread. Very interesting, indeed. I wonder how things are in this country since P & G's initial reporting? Certainly looks a worthy alternative to the Land of Smiles in the future. P&G - are you a long term resident or citizen? Where is this community of attractions unknown to me before in 'Nam? HCMC or elsewhere?
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  11. sorry guys, this topic is locked to new posts because it's currently being worked on. will re-open very soon. have no fears.
  12. Glad you were looking at that my eyes were distracted for some reason>
  13. and, welcome to the club BangkokDavid. Thanks for joining
  14. You are absolutely right GT and I fully agree, disgusting, she should have waited till the glass was completely empty first if she had any class and consideration.
  15. Nearly all I think are LB an odd GG pops up occasionally But New's sisters bar is to be GGs
  16. Clubs are a joint venture between certain trusted members and the LBR Administration. Our newest Club is Duke's Vloggers a carefully curated selection of Videos mostly about Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. You can all see the videos but to comment you need to join. Acceptance is automatic. So I would suggest that you join now so that you're all set up. On most browsers the Join button is on the right side near the top. http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/forum/206-thailand-vlogs/ Some say TJ's Music Bar is the best ladyboy bar on the Planet Earth alth
  17. Charades / Cascades closed in late 2018. In its place is now a GG gogo bar called "Geisha", supposedly owned by a Taiwanese guy. These pictures from today, apparently shot before official opening time, show how the bar looks now: Seems to me as if they had an event where the girls could bring their kids.... Source: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011656080032 Source: https://www.facebook.com/nubee.bee.923
  18. Sofie is still my favorite ladyboy-ladyboy pornstar: Before corona, she could often by found just outside Nana Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4 Bangkok. twitter.com/Sofie14175952
  19. Cib's service girls: Shasha shows why ladyboys are called ladyboys: https://twitter.com/checkInBar1/status/1319281088099880966
  20. Thanks all. I have to right click on Open Link (not tabs) in New Window as I hate tabs and have them turned off in Firefox.
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    Apple’s Shifting Supply Chain Creates Boomtowns in Rural Vietnam https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/apple-shifting-supply-chain-creates-210000612.html Not long ago Vietnam’s Bac Giang province was one of the nation’s poorest regions, known for producing rice, lychees and poultry dubbed “running chicken.” That was before the global tech supply chain shifted its way. The boom in Bac Giang highlights how the shift in the world’s supply chains is touching regions previously left behind. Vietnam’s ability to attract more sophisticated manufacturing is accelerating with rising Chinese
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