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  2. The links that is - ahh thanks PD - I can see clearly now !
  3. One week later, and as I predicted: Without Twitter, Trump has gone silent, not even attempting to use other platforms. Maybe he is too proud, or lazy or dispirited, ... who cares? He is neutered ...
  4. I agree, thats some crazy money whether you can afford it or not. In europe you pay roughly €200 an hour for a pro escort. Already too much imo. Some will request another 50 or 100 for a cumshot , a rather new stupid thing which I refuse to even get involved with. When they mention this you already know its gonna be shit. "Dating" semi pros will cost you helluva lot more, and imo not worth the hassle.
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  6. Always good to have a look at this thread. As Nosher says it's a whole other side of Thailand. I call farming one of the honourable professions. It's honest labour, and actually produces something we all need. Much respect to the farmer - in TH or anywhere in the world... Pretty cold in Nong Khai now I take it.
  7. Hi guy. Livestream today 
    You can give ladydriink for us.
    Only € 3.5 or 120 Baht for 1 drink
    Pay at this link
    or use our PayPal account: tutubas85@gmail.com
    Thank you very much.
    Emmy's Bar-Ladyboy bar

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      The girls are looking good!   :party0011:

  8. I'm a mug with a conscience.
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  10. Thanks gentlemen. I have many more such memories penned under my old Sargent Shameless alias at the Captain's http://www.third-sex.org/ blog. It is NOT my intention to repost any more of those memories here, so you may want to check them out at the source. I will however, repost here an interview I made with the Captain 10 years ago!!! that I think is interesting for all of us to learn a little more about the man behind the legend. I am the one who drafted the questions and the wisecracking comebacks on the Captain's answers. He answered the best he could and selected the picture
  11. Some nice Pictures of the Ladys :-) Bella & Dao Dao Dew, Dao and Nancy Jasmine Jessy
  12. which one was she QG? the one waiting for her beau to return? or the one who became a millionaire by selling Durian from a wheelbarrow or suchlike?
  13. A British man who arrived in Thailand in December passed away on Wednesday in a Covid related death, the 69th official Covid fatality in the LOS. He had numerous serious underlying health problems. RIP.
  14. "I'm no shank diver". Blade and Ron ask ladymen the inevitable question. Are we gay?
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  16. seven

    7/11 Stamps

    Love how he pronounces P'tayya.
  17. I'm very much starting to feel same same, seems to be more of a chore than enjoyment the way it's going, no thanks
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  19. I was in region with my daughter in 2017, and wanted to take her to Snookyville and Koh Rong, but she didn't want to hang out with the frat boys on koh rong, so we went to Vietnam instead. I didn't understand what she meant by the "frat boys" on Koh Rong, but she knew the Koh Rong and Snookyville I knew in 2011, no longer existed. We did go to Phnom Penh, but the whole mongering neighborhood where I stayed oon my first trip was razed and new buildings put up. Cambodia thought me the Buddhist principle of "impermanence" . Was going to post some pictures of Otres Beach from 20
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