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  3. a friend of mine is working in a company like this.... and he is adding features where instead of buying a ring irl and proposing... you have to spend money on the app. and actually he's starting with real girls on the otherside and adding AI girls too. men are super super desperate. reminds me of that awesome movie HER. It's the exact same situation taking place in the future.... but looks like the future is here. it's kind of interesting that guys now are MIGTOWING. They are tired of tip toeing around their girls crazy outbursts and nonsensical emotional issues and so they want a rational companion. meanwhile women are tired of not getting attention all day all night....so they go to the app. with the addition of porn over the past 25 years on the internet....anticipate this to reduce birth rates by a significant amount. And many men who are not capable of having a relationship and women who are not capable of having a relationship will no longer continue their seed and egg on this planet. And hence....become extinct. And the earths population shall drop. better than covid and the vaccine! better than war and famine! just masturbate yourself...... and kiss your sweet phone from morning to night all the way to extinction. Never need to feel the touch of a human body beyond your own. Never to have any discomfort or challenge. The opiate of the masses for 2023. What a way to go!
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  5. I had lost track of the video and couldn't find it again. I found another sped-up version on YouTube. 1P.mp4 Here's a couple more videos of Chinese crossdressers simulating exhibitions in empty streets at night. 2P.mp4 3P.mp4
  6. A GIF made by pretty femboys. Will you be able to see the fake plastic breast in the video ? 5W.mp4
  7. It's a fairly famous pic in the ladyboys forums, but I haven't a clue of where it was shot.
  8. Should I remind it didn't happened to me with a KRU ladyboy but in BKK (one of the KC bars). It had been a pain in my ass indeed. A femboy crying she can't bottom once in the room is an experience I wouldn't wish on anyone. having said that, I was not so hungry when I visited KRU (a long time ago, 2 years before Covid). I had invited a freelancer to my room earlier in the evening and had seen her limp back soi Chayapoon after we'd done the deed.
  9. Hard1

    Cindy's Secrets

    Cindy does know how to select her girls!
  10. Hard1

    Chaos 9 Soi 4

    I think that my November Bangkok trip will start with these 2 lassies. Chaos9 is returning to its Golden Age Any more pics of these 2 lassies?
  11. And what to think about miss Ice 1696063894862.mp4
  12. Optimus prime loves Ladyboys also videos coming soon on http://www.subscribestar.com/cinederose and paypal videos to email. thanks guys !!!! Cine :)
  13. You might have a look anyway next time you go to Pattaya.
  14. Who's that one ? She reminds me of someone.
  15. I've met Nanny (or Nan as you wish), who worked at 69 bar a few times in the past. She's an unbelievable firecracker. Everything you need for a real PSE !
  16. Sandy's boobs keep getting bigger and bigger. Not sure whether she still works at Why Not
  17. Michael Gambon has died at the age of 82, best known in the HP films as dumbledore, I loved him in films like 'Layer Cake ' and I think one of his best early roles in' The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover'
  18. I am sure there are many others here with gossip , this is my take , first time i saw a gay man freelancer at Nana plaza Sign , the ladyboys have been creeping strady for a while now but for a long time it was a no no and only for girls remember , but a openly gay male freelancer thats new for me , I see indians being rejected by ladyboys as Norm See tiktok link , might be they are wearing hotel slippers never looks good , but it might only be the vips in front of thermae , Yes Africans have exploded as mentioned in other posts , they usually knew how to do it , nice polite guys smiling good manners , nifty sense of dress perhaps three a block Now its the hood and turf wars , much more aggressive as there is more then one crew and the african freelancers also and in the past they kept seperate in a way so the girls seemed available but not now , Been hanging out at the Japanese hostess bars on 23 , 150 a beer and 200 a lady drink and they are Stunning , i mean beautifull no stress , lb Risa is always a hot mess walkng out of soi 15 to soi 10 like a speeder in heels , Who is the tallest lb on sukhumvit ? one of my Vip subscribers wants the tallest , i think Rawi or Barbie both 6.4 in there usual heels , i do vip red light tours now so its polite introductions all round , drag a ladyboy of choice over to the cafe for a sit down so a subscriber can talk , some guys do not want to approach ladyboys on the main drag , those Damn youtubers might shame them, i have to admit those hidden camera they have , risk free and good shots - i take a few good shots myself cine :) https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSNdyqNRA/
  19. Just found one of their LBWVB shirts in one of my wardrobe draws, still unopened in bag.
  20. Earlier
  21. OMG. Unannounced last night at Farm Aid in Indiana. Decent lineup; Bob, Neil Young, Willie Nelson etc. Bob back playing guitar , Tom Pettys Heartbreakers backing him. Maggies Farm, Positively 4th street and Ballad of a thin man.
  22. Yes mate. In moments of deep thought I sometimes go to call him, and then it dawns on me. Life can be a shit!. By the way, D actually responded to a message, so that's something.
  23. Hmmmmm.........the car........with the car i can get plenty of ass.............with the ass i can't get the car.....
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