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  2. yes Bumblebee..about 3 years back...taken outside the Katty from left to right. Teya me, Annat and.....quietguy. he always had a great taste in lipstick..still has!
  3. you've never met Annat, Cobber? count your blessings..... why are you the lucky one! but in truth, one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet... actually Big T...what i know about Ladyboys other than the Katty Krew.. and Lily maybe, is somewhat minimal.
  4. Oldlover is a popular BM at PY who was good-hearted enough to occasionally post a nice word on my threads. I drew him several times using what I think he looks like or his friendly man avatar. Here are some of the cartoons. There may have been more but I can't find... this last cartoon below was when I branded him "The Godfather of Buakhao"
  5. We are located in soi Chaiyapoon ( soi Chalamphakiat 25 ) ,coming from soi Buakaow we are on the left hand side approx two thirds of the way up the soi . As for a land mark we are right opposite a big red wall and two doors from Chaiyapoon Inn . The blue dot is Zaza Massage, the girls hope to see you soon . If you need more directions please send me a PM . Cheers guys. SP.
  6. Jeab Age : 22 Home Town : Chonburi Massage : Oil and Traditional Thai massage Activities in the room : Happy to do anything for the customer
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  8. Some of Em’s photos from tonight.
  9. A Thai man was attacked and poked fun at over the Covid-19 coronavirus in London, leading to Royal Thai Embassy officials taking him to hospital after he sustained a broken nose, Foreign Ministry spokesman Cherdkiat Atthakor said today (February 17). The assault may have come from racism and prejudice against him, an Asian.While local police are investigating, Thailand’s Foreign Ministry said it appreciated Pawat’s post warning Thais and other Asians to be aware of such a situation in Britain. https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30382279
  10. This guy is nut to go to Đà Nẵng now. A town has been quarantined in the area of Hà Nội because of the corona virus. I received messages informing that schools closed in Đà Nẵng 2 weeks ago and this show-off went there to shoot his video. He'd rather choose another time to do it. He didn't even show a night bar.
  11. Very true, Tomcat, very true.
  12. Pdoggg

    Warrington Swingers

  13. okay okay Big T....... culture .... lovely jubbly.......... now can we have some sex filth and nudity?
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    So very beautiful!!
  15. no worries..i'll tidy up the whole thread before it goes to emmy when it gets longer. at the moment she is concentrating on Duke and Jimmy Cargo.
  16. Last week
  17. i made the same mistake everywhere this morning QG! thought i'd edited them all but missed that one!
  18. Great photos!. It is obvious that buiding inspectors are not in great demand there. The wall colour in the last two photos is a replica of mine. When I bought the place it had been repainted. They must have purchased a 50 litre pail of Primrose, as every room was the same colour!. Just as an aside, I liked the way the toilet seat was down. I am amazed how bathrooms are shown, even on sites like booking.com etc., where the seats are up. So uncouth!
  19. Have fun chaps, it will be much quieter in May when you are there Kylemore, so the ladyboys will be ravenous for customers.
  20. Come back to Parraya Uncensored.

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    Clubs with in clubs with in clubs ,
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