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  2. Hi Josh, I think our members would be quite interested in the Colombian and Costa Rican T-Girl scene!
  3. But as exciting as Anabelle? A portion of Jomtien Beach Road that had collapsed due to storms last week is still under repair with Pattaya City authorities stating that it should be open to traffic, at least one lane, in only a few days. https://thepattayanews.com/2021/09/15/update-jomtien-beach-road-portion-damaged-by-floods-to-be-opened-to-traffic-in-3-4-days/
  4. Yesterday
  5. I'm a big fan of Aroi Dee. Second Road, opposite soi 8. Pre Covid, open 24-7. Been eating there pretty much 8 years, never had stomach probs, hence my loyalty. Good menu of Thai and western food.
  6. Well I just assumed it was her coconut juice. It does look like the load of a 20-something rather than a 50 or 60-something punter.
  7. don't worry Al... Sara used to work there so she will hopefully advise Sunny
  8. An alternative to TikTok is BIGO Live. This relatively well-known, beautiful ladyboy (ex-Why Not? Bangkok) for example has more than 2,000 fans (apparently all Thai guys and girls) on BIGO who watch her pictures, videos, and live streams: I think it's even possible to make a bit of money on BIGO. The girl above has earned 8,000 beans so far. At a rate of 210 beans for US $1 that's almost 40 USD. She's also earned 3,760 diamonds up to now. 1 diamond is worth 0.03474 US$. That's 130 USD, right?
  9. I don't use apps on my phone although some are installed but rarely, if ever, get used. No food apps at all.
  10. Last week
  11. old news! you should be more concerned about what the Cowpoke is using!
  12. Could have done with the heavy rain last night.
  13. Hope so :-) I Dedicate this song to she :-)
  14. I have said this many times, unfortunately for us insurance companies are in business to money first it doesn't matter if its health, car or household insurance they will do their best to get out of paying
  15. seven

    Airline News

    Anything more to make the holiday enjoyable? Masks?
  16. The Kittens are waiting at that romantic spot as inch by inch their big holes open wide for Khun Wat Boon!
  17. Lisa who hails from Buri Ram and who is arguably the most popular recording artist in the the LOS just released a solo album yesterday and it's already a mega hit. Quite clever in the teaser that the lightning appears to be in the shape of Thailand before heading between her thighs.
  18. If you like ladyboys action, there is a new onlyfans page with differents models and regular content update. here is a free link for a sneak peek : https://onlyfans.com/action/trial/hkdwdxxqfnh7ogkarvykvkwagv2jgqvc All content is included with subscription, not paying for every video. also 50% on first month on cheap price at the begining come have a look
  19. Papa Sam

    Chaos 9 Soi 4

    Chaos 9 on 31 August 2021: Source: http://bangkokeyes.com/chaosnine02109.jpg Medium sized Bangkok ladyboy bar Tavern 2 in Patpong 2 is poised for survival - if - and when - the Pandemic winds down writes the Midnite Hour Pic source: http://bangkokeyes.com/taverntwo02109.jpg
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