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  2. I wouldn't have bet that Nan is the oldest. The problem with young femboys is when they look hot and sweet but turns out to be extremely shy in the room. I didn't experience it at KRU, but I had paid what I saw as a high price for a femboy in a go go in BKK and she was like a virgin unable to bottom. At the end of teh same trip, I had visited KRU and had been wary of these good looking but shy femboys.
  3. Nothing much to review since last week. However, here's a page posted by a Chinese guy to purchase cages in China. This address is intended for use with a smartphone. I couldn't find a corresponding page suitable for use on a personal computer or desktop. BTW, this is a page of Taobao website. Taobao is the Chienese version of Ali Express. I started being tired of watching pics with cock cages, I was on the brink of photo overload. I found more discussion groups showing porn videos and photos. I could find more CD sissies Twitter accounts. It seems that many sissies are occasional crossdressers or crossdressers to go to public places and shoot photos or videos of their cocks and cages. I can't measure how widespread this phenomenon is, but I can easily find social media accounts with photos that claim it in a certain way. regretfully, many of these accounts don't post contacts and ask for money to provide more videos.
  4. Yes mate. In moments of deep thought I sometimes go to call him, and then it dawns on me. Life can be a shit!. By the way, D actually responded to a message, so that's something.
  5. Next Friday, 29th, ms. Angie celebrates her bday party at CIB in Soi 10. With a DJ on-site, some free food for guests and girls and a nice live show ... if you're on the grounds, don't miss it!!
  6. Wow Bon Bar just keeps getting better... some real beauties there. Thanks for sharing gents.
  7. Last week
  8. Hmmmmm.........the car........with the car i can get plenty of ass.............with the ass i can't get the car.....
  9. Some eye-candy from Cockatoo Credits to FB
  10. I have seen no Pepsi, only brandies that aren't meant for drinking but for use in pastries.
  11. a lot to wrap up, which about explains it.......
  12. Hopeland Hotel Sukhumvit Soi 8 Hopeland looks great! For those on a more modest budget the Woraburi on Sukhumvit Soi 4, close to Chaos 9 and Why Not are good options. Woraburi Sukhumvit Soi 4
  13. Haha, just found this topic here ... an awesome read about crazyness among the 3rd gender. Never had any real crazy experiences in my room, but remember one occurence which I should share with you guys. Last year I was with a buddy having drinks at Cindy's, when I got a text from Balloon (former Why Not). She asked if she and her friend Momay (also former WN), could join us. No problem of course so I told her our location. Half an hour later they came in, joined at our table and we got drinks. During conversation me and my buddy were teasing Momay a little when trying to guess her age ... always a sensitive topic haha. I can't recall exactly what my buddy said to her, but suddenly she grabbed her drink and threw it in his face, yelling everything dirty and ugly at him. She grabbed her bag and ran out of the place. We didn't see her back anymore She left all of us at the table astonished and suprised ... couldn't stop laughing afterwards. Photos below are Momay (while working at WN) and Balloon (took it last year in Beer Complex Soi 7).
  14. Now that's a post which deserves a Sith-com on TV
  15. Zeppie

    Cindy's Secrets

    and willing......thats nice
  16. BS. France is essentially a monarchy in many aspects.
  17. I met several times Kiki, I'm sorry to read this news. Surprise Yourself was one of the best bars for the femboys lovers, I took sooo many.
  18. Lisa from Buri Ram moves the stock market. Don't know if Korea has insider trading laws but if she and her surrogates buy stock before signing her new contract they could make a killing. If the reported 37 million is spread out over 7 years then it's certainly not Taylor Swift numbers. Ballsy move by Lisa as YG could replace her with someone younger and it would probably only affect record/concert sales in Thailand. Nice boots and thighs btw. BP In Your Area.mp3
  19. seven


    Kiki, owner of Spot bar. Great guy, met him several times. RIP.
  20. Perhaps they were using an estimated weight system based on international standards and they bet that Thai people average is lighter.
  21. Miss Pie from Shadow bar made some naughty poses for Franks. Here some previews ... All credits to Franks Tgirl world.
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  23. Yep....... did my 90 day online last week. Piece of piss, took less than 5 mins. I believe it even stores your details for next time.
  24. I liked this photo. So I tried to lighten it.
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