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  2. Jesus Christ, the goddamn empire has to fuck with every country on the planet. How the fuck does the US have the right to tell any country how to conduct its own internal affairs? The US already bombed the shit outta Cambodia, destroying the country, mass murdering thousands of innocents, and setting the stage for the Khmer Rouge during the Vietnam war years. They gotta fuck with it some more, seriously? Fuck the psychopathic US government and its deranged military.
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  4. If you are a member who cannot login please email basschcuk@gmail.com and I will help you with a password reset. If you know a member who cannot login then please tell him to email me at that email address.
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  6. The last 2 videos of the reality series Also one video from Nisamanee Nutt who is sponsoring the Pherone Award
  7. HAHA! Just as well! I hope your friend in the bar opposite Katty Bar doesn't arrange a surprise Karaoke again! I hope you have a great evening. I wish I could be there too!
  8. Tuesday, July 16th and Wednesday the 17th are Buddha days. Gives your liver a rest and Thai Friendly sees a Amazon Prime type surge.
  9. rxpharm

    Google Voice

    I know you are asking about not using a US number, I faced as similar problem as my Canadian bank has moved to an SMS confirmation text now for increased security. The challenge was my Canadian sim card stopped working in the Arabian Gulf country I am working on. Fortunately I have a long break for summer and during my visit home, I was able to set up Google text using my Canadian sim card. Now I am able to receive the SMS on my computer (having downloaded the app to my laptop and syncing my phone account). Do you have a US sim card? I know you can also set up a US Skype in number to receive US texts to the Skype in number (you need to register that number with your bank).
  10. Please support my patreon ladyboy vlog as I need to buy a decent camera,:) http://Www.patreon.com/cinederose
  11. Hi if anyone wants to support my ladyboy vlogs on patreon I would be really pleased as I may have to quit if I dont buy a camera lol:) Www.patreon.com/cinederose
  12. One of the girls in Blackpink is Thai so that's really helped them get over in Thailand.
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  14. Agreed. A good player she may be, but winning graciously is not part of her make-up. And seven is right too; USA are currently the best women's team in the world.
  15. seven

    American Women

    The white sport need girls like her. Go Coco. I can't help but wonder what's wrong with australians. Saw Nadal-Kyrgios the other day. What a disgrace. Tomic got stripped off his prize money for tanking matches. Hewitt was and still is a complete cunt http://www.espn.com/espnw/video/17784030/greeny-thinks-kyrgios-biggest-jerk-sports http://www.espn.com/espnw/video/17784030/ http://www.thegurgler.com/2019/01/18/new-2019-tennis-jerks-bingo/ Could it be that the Tennis Jerks abuse a poor innocent 10 year old ballperson, throw a racquet at an umpire, get arrested for doing burnouts in their high performance car, and worst of all release a rap album. Or perhaps just some good old-fashioned tanking, and throwing away ability. And who is to say that the Tennis Jerks won’t deliver them all. And you win if they do. Sure these guys are super talented, and probably massively misunderstood, but while we wait for one or both to fulfil their talent instead of the bank accounts, you can join them for the rocky ride of being an underperforming Australian sporting star with giant chips on shoulders.
  16. foreign informant = tourist police
  17. I had an urge to listen to this a few nights ago. Fucking fabulous! Lyrics are brilliant. All the late 70/early 80 bands were on fire looking back on it.
  18. Pdoggg

    World Cup

    A former governor of Rio de Janeiro says he helped pay a $2m (£1.6m) bribe to secure the Olympic Games for the Brazilian city in 2016. Sérgio Cabral told a judge the payment was made to secure votes in the decision-making meeting in 2009. He said that Carlos Nuzman, then the chairman of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, handled the negotiations. In 2017, Mr Nuzman was arrested amid an investigation into the alleged vote-buying scheme. He denies wrongdoing. Cabral is currently serving a 200-year sentence for several corruption cases. On Thursday, he said the then-president of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), Senegal's Lamine Diack, also served as intermediary in the alleged deal.
  19. globetrotter

    Heat Wave

    Montreal and Ottawa going up to 40 °C with humidex today
  20. “It reinforced the anal opening that I believe Mueller to be.” A Texas Congressman just said that he believes Special Prosecutor Mueller is an anal opening. My guess is that he thought this was a polite way of calling him an asshole. But to me anal opening brings up thoughts of penetration and seems to be a bigger slur than the word asshole, which eveyone uses.
  21. In the case of the Hollywood movie, giant Fast & Furious 9 travels across the country to shoot in Thailand. By choosing a location at Krabi and nearby from this 1-27 July, which is now the filming equipment team Props With a luxury car that will be used in the scene In the midst of news flows Last June 30, reporters reported that The movie form Giant Fast & Furious 9 carries the equipment stored in the warehouse in the center of Krabi. Heading to the oil palm plantation Surrounded by limestone mountains In the area of the house in Sa Mu 1, Khao Thong Subdistrict, Mueang Krabi District On an area of more than 100 rai, which will be the main shooting location that will open the actual camera on July 1, and also adjust the road area in the palm garden To winding complex Including the high mound And installing dozens of props, cranes and generators. And also requesting the temple area in Sa Mu 1, Khao Thong Subdistrict, to be filmed as well. From July 1-6, the villagers understand and cooperate very well. By lifting the squad to shoot this time, help create jobs for the villagers. After July 6, will move to Ban Hin Toei Stone Mill, Phayao District, Phang Nga Province. https://www.dailynews.co.th/regional/717750
  22. I don’t know how anyone can watch that nonsense. Your time would be better spent watching angry monkeys throw shit at each other. It is a fucking puppet show. Makes no difference which corporate tool gets installed as prez of the land of fat and stupid. The imperial perpetual war machine will roll on regardless because Merika. Industrial scale mass murder for profit is the Merikan way, always has been. This will not change until the empire collapses.
  23. ciobha


    I'm with strocube on this - why can't there be a society that lives outside the social norms but is fully accepted?? Everybody is in too much of a hurry to have there preferences recognised as "normal". We don't want normal, why not have something that is a little bit "wrong"
  24. Just reading this now. It’s my home town and at the time locals were scratching theirs heads who this company is. Never heard of them as undertakers.
  25. Also good to see representatives of both police forces on the island marching together for the first time.
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