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    Another covid denier dies from covid 19. Don't go to deniers' parties! https://www.insider.com/norway-top-covid-19-denier-dies-from-virus-after-hosting-house-parties-2021-4
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  4. i,d do that. woodie i would do that. thats what he is thinking. i know ive seen the look on my face 55555
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  6. got my 2nd Jag today Astra Zenica, so I'm good to go when Thailand is ok
  7. The girls are all down the beach again tonight asking me to come but I cbf lol. Police won't enforce as literally Jomtien beach is crowded with 1000s of people same with dongtan
  8. Pdoggg


    Rather than a curfew, the authorities are eliminating just about everything one would want to do late at night. Nothing is open and they are cracking down on beach parties. There is a 20K baht fine in Samui if one doesn't mask up!
  9. This is a good video showing what it is like doing a 10 day Alternate State Quarantine Hotel in Bangkok, Sukhumvit. This was posted by Cappuccino, a Thai lady who was a Qatar Airways flight attendant. She recently left them.
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  11. I don't agree with you and Rom about lb pricing soon being on a par with Western lbs. That will only happen if a lot of stars align. Eg, the powers that be in Thailand allow the lower classes to improve their standing. Why would they?. It keeps them down!. Lb prices will only increase dramatically if we as the customers pay stupid prices. Guys going around precovid throwing 3 or 4000 baht for a short time just to show that they are 2 week bigshots!. I bet now, that you could get the best for less than 1500. Things change and we as customers are the controlling force. If we resist the urge to s
  12. You mean Dieter? I sure wonder what happened to him. Likable guy , hung out with him in Guess Bars last location many times.
  13. If someone want to meet them just send a pm to me and i can arrange it :-) Or via social media.
  14. I will request a slowed down version next time! omg was it intense, I know some say "good" pain but hell, that kinda distracts from the good part haha
  15. Most massage on Buakhao appear closed though a couple seemed secretly open.
  16. I have a look in every day, just didn't have anything to say. (That should be in the poetry thread!)
  17. years ago, Moo of Guess Bar showed me she could squeeze some out, and she was flat chested and said she didn't do hormones, a GOOD trick indeed.
  18. so someone tell THEM that cuz Stringfellows is long gone now :(
  19. I asked my gay neighbor what he thought of me and he quickly said, oh, you're straight really. At the time I was sevicing him and his 2 housemates on occasion :) So there you have it straight from the mouth of a lifetime gay man. but is often mentioned, if one is gay they're looking at manly men. Gay really is a pretty specific term to me. Anyone here own chaps?
  20. Good old Nancy, Kylemore are you watching ;)
  21. According to Wisit Piemjai, the director of the Postal Customs Service Division, the customs department confiscated over 4,000 sex toys in 2020 alone. The penalty for anyone caught peddling, buying, or possessing sex toys is up to three years jail time or a fine of up to 60,000 Thai baht ($2,000), or both. The Thai government refuses to amend the law banning sex toys because it goes “against the view of Thai society,” but many activists say this is hypocritical, especially for an economy that is, in part, driven by red-light districts. “The phrase ‘Thailand is a buddist country’ means no
  22. Hi everyone. Welcome to Emmy's Bar Livestream tonight theme Kittens Costume Choice.
    Have fun with us.
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    Emmy's Bar-Ladyboy bar
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      Looking good ladies!

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