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  2. Who is 'We' ? As a resident of Pattaya/Jomtien it's good to know about the wheeling and dealing and where my hard earned is going - and which businesses to avoid.
  3. The 90 day report at Jomtien is very quick at Jomtien these days. They also built a nice new building which is where you get a queue number although you can also get it inside the main building but I suspect that in a couple of months you won't get the initial screening in the old building. The new building has great AC and a pleasant place to wait to get your passport back if doing a 90 day report. It's also where you collect your certificate of residency although you apply for the residency certificate at Window 9 of the old building. You need the residency certificate if applying for or renewing a Thai Driver's license. You might also need it if opening a Thai bank account. This residency certificate is not the TM 30.
  4. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed the anecdotal style rather than a diary. I was a little late getting on board but have since caught up. You're wrong about me despising you deviating from your plan, I'm all for being flexible, but I cannot applaud your decision to spend your time on old pussy. Urghhhh! Why did you even leave Mowgli? Your sanity has occasionally been questioned in the past and this does nothing but add fuel to the flames. Hopefully with a bit of therapy you can get back back to fucking beautiful young Bayots. Onwards and upwards. See you in Lisbon brother!
  5. Last week
  6. Here's a link to Frank's TGirl World where you can see Creamy and other sexy ladyboys. Frank's TGirl World
  7. Woodie


    First time that I have heard of his sexual leanings. I liked the show back in the day.
  8. Mabulox

    Hooters Pattaya

    I think closure is more likely
  9. Sounds like a very welome break ... hahaha
  10. Another visit to CIB yesterday. Although less than 10 guys were in, almost all girls were engaged with drinks and more hahaha. Very positive vibe, which unfortunately ended at midnight because of religious holiday (alcohol ban). Attached photos of Jenny and Bebe
  11. A serial transgender person was arrested by police once again for snatching gold necklaces from foreign tourists near Pattaya Beach. Pattaya Police nabbed a transgender gold snatcher named Boonyawin or “Frame”, under an arrest warrant issued by the Pattaya Provincial Court early this morning, June 1st. Boonyawin was brought into custody for allegedly snatching gold necklaces from Indian tourists on May 13th near Pattaya Beach. According to Pattaya Police, Boonyawin was a transgender person who had previously been prosecuted for pickpocketing foreign tourists on Pattaya Beach. After being released, she returned to commit the same crime, leading the court to issue a warrant for her second arrest. Boonyawin remained in police custody as of press time. https://thepattayanews.com/2023/06/01/serial-transgender-thief-arrested-again-by-pattaya-police-after-snatching-tourists-jewelry/
  12. Currently staying in Travelodge, Sukhumvit Soi 11. Above expectations! Rooms are not too big, but clean, good aircon, good bed and descent shower. Paid around 1800 THB/night, incl. breakfast. No hassle with guests, no ID checks whatsoever. 5 min walk from Cindy's and about 10 min from CIB. https://www.guestreservations.com/travelodge-sukhumvit-11-sha-extra-plus/booking?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1YnHirKk_wIVMSlyCh1IMgYtEAAYASAAEgIfqvD_BwE
  13. The Difference between Ladies and ladyboys is not as discernable in Thailand , that you can keep the Y when you write ladyboys in the plural and ies for ladies thats it :)
  14. The first video in Rxpharm's post deals with several ladyboys. One of them is Jessica. Her business went bankrupt when the COVID epidemic hit HCMC, but I she managed to run a troupe of models until the Vietnamese army invaded HCMC. At that time, she bounced back by engaging in humanitarian work, which allowed her to be out during the lockdown imposed by the military. Last year, she was in Bangkok working at a hospital, and then she returned to Vietnam where her friends lost sight of her once again.
  15. Earlier
  16. The Pattaya Community Pride parade will take place on June 10th from 3 PM to 6 PM along Jomtien Beach, starting at Chaiyapruek Intersection and concluding at Jomtien Complex, covering a distance of 3.5 kilometers.
  17. I do agree Sith, some real head turners available at Cindy's place. And indeed, over the last year I had my share of 'samples' hahaha. Actually, the last one, left my room about 8 hours ago (see attached photo, credits to CS) I don't like to share personal details here, but if you want more specific info on one of the girls, send me PM please.
  18. Took a stroll through Nana Plaza yesterday. It rained from 5 to 7pm, entered Nana around 8. The whole place was a graveyard. About half of the bars still had no music, no girls on stage and were cleaning the place. Only exception was Rainbow 1, with few girls on stage, but not a single customer. Around 9.30, finally some crowd hit Nana, but still not an impressive amount. At Obsessions there were like 5 customers, and quite some nice looking lbs dancing and hangin' around. That's probably why rain causes low season ... less customers, less girls coming in, results in even lesser customers aso
  19. In which soi 6 bars are there ladyboys ?
  20. Also bumped into this old thread. I remember a similar subject in PY around the same time in the AM section. Since I don't go to bars and don't try to meet forum mates, this doesn't bother me, but I wonder about how frequenting bars leads to the formation of clans and cliques that become hostile towards each other.
  21. I forgot to reply the main question. I used to pay something equivalent to BF, which was called champagne in bars in Eastern Europe. So the bar could add in their accountancy they had sold a bottle of champagne. It had been hard for me to understand about ladies drinks and bar fines before I go to Thailand. I had eventually read about it in another forum before I go. However, the first ladyboy I met was a freelancer and I didn't have to pay for a barfine. I paid her 700 THB for LT during about 7 days. When I came back to TH 2 years later, I started again with freelancers in Chiang mai, but in ST. Then I pushed to Phuket and paid for ST and barfines. But I had been disappointed to see that although their prices were higher, some ladyboys snubbed me. I hd found a ladyboy for a LT at a reasonable rate to cover the LT and her barfine though, but I remained carefull on spending money. I had been then explained (in PY) that barfining a ladyboy was some kind of insurance against a poor quality of service, so I could go back to the bar and request for a refund. After I had a bad experience with a ladyboy at C&D, I found it hard to go and see the boss and and explain what had gone wrong to get a refund. This beach had spoilt me an evening, I didn't want her to spoil my next day. When wirting the TR, I had noticed there exists a correlation between working in a bar and delivering a substandard sex service. That sparked an outcry as if customers were adamant about paying for this expensive and illusory service. This is how I had been banned from PY. I never cheated with BF though. I don't try to get out of a bar with a ladyboy working there without barfining. I prefer freelancers. I remember a ladyboy I had met in soi LK Metro asking me to go to her bar first to pay her bar fine. Not a way. Since then, I preferred to go with freelancers. The main dvantage is that I found freelancers (and good quality ones) in many places in Cambodia, Vietnam, Koh Chang, Issan, Phuket, Hat Yai and other places. I know that bars must pay their employees and need to get a commission when one gets out, but I had read too much about bars abusing of bar fines, I experienced expensive ladyboys unable to provide a quality service and even using sales techniques to try to ripp off and provide a frustrating service. IMHO, I go to SE Asia to meet ladyboys, not to spend my time and money in bars.
  22. Thats Why they don't scratch your eyes out :)
  23. Cosplay = costume + play
  24. Made a couple of visits to Delirious. As good as ever with Herbert steering the ship. I must say Chaiyapoon seemed quite busy compared to other spots.
  25. Was a pleasant time catching up with Emmy, Teya and the girls on my trip. Like old times. John and Roger turned up which was good. I took along Dao as she had not seen Emmy for some time. A good night and one I am glad I made happen. Teya was pleasant company too!
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