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    6 Nations

    I bought Gareth's Book off EBay a few weeks ago, not read it yet but will be doing soon. Thankfully Gareth has the backing of most of the British people including both big Rugger fans Prince Harry and William (who is the Welsh Rugby Union Patron) and its great he will be TV Pundit for the upcoming Rugby Union World Cup starting next week in Japan. Chin up Boyo
  4. Maybe all the girls will have silicone?
  5. Its funny how americanos think our so called socialism is like Stalins or Maos. Theres no true socialism left in the west. See Bernie has the new handshake down. He'll make a good prez, dawg
  6. Agree they have this superstar attitude and prices beyond imagination for there looks cheers
  7. There is no such visa for Thailand. Attempting to suggest to the government that such a visa be created is highly unlikely to succeed, as the Thai government tends not to accept suggestions from foreigners regarding legislation/regulations, with the possible exception of other governments or world bodies. Also the government would only want medical tourists who can afford to pay for procedures, and not open it to all countries world wide. They are already getting a large number of patients coming in for SRS. Most western countries are allowed 30 day stamp in on arrival, and of course 60 day tourist visas are available, which they probably view as sufficient. The other issue would be the psychological evaluation and requirement to live as the gender you feel you belong to. That requirement is to be done in your home country - not Thailand as the challenges of language and adjusting to society living as a woman doesn't prepare you for your own society. So, while your idea is nice, it is highly unlikely to happen.
  8. FF Hats are the new Fancy Fashion.

    Yellow & Pink always go well together.

    More Fashion Flash News Updates to Follow.


  9. Bee Love Slater, Black Transgender Woman, Found Slain In Torched Car The South Florida death — estimated to be the 18th killing of a transgender woman of color in the U.S. this year — is being investigated as a homicide. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/bee-love-slater-black-transgender-woman-found-burned-to-death-in-car_n_5d7aa837e4b061b5526a0d1f
  10. Villa Markets in Thailand, as well as the grocery store in SM Mall in Angeles City, have been using pseudo plastic bags for years. I have no idea how effective they are at breaking down but do feel a bit different than regular plastic bags.
  11. Cindy still looks good!! I saw some TJs girls in those pics-probably just a field trip for them. I do wonder about this bars talent and I will be happy to have a look in a month or so......
  12. America lost the plot. I remember when Slick Willy (Bill Clinton) got caught with his pants down and the media went wild, a french friend of mine couldn't make sense of it: Oh merd,./... what is the big deal mon ami - only normal for a man to have a mistress, mais no?
  13. Sounds like one I know but it isn't, and the accused is almost always found guilty, especially if farang
  14. Pd s advice is good i think you should follow it...and something small from me ... both LB and lady love money ,they will do anything to please you remember that...
  15. cannot log in...cannot remember password pls help
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  17. Managed to score a ticket to the UFC here this Saturday, not exactly the most stacked card by any means but the atmosphere should be great
  18. thanks for the information...also seems very reasonable priced...€ 70 round trip for 2...obviously plus the luggage weight ( she is going to overpack with make up and lb stuff... )
  19. Hello everybody This is the menu of Katty bar. Welcome everyone to Katty bar and room for rent. Emmy.
  20. That makes sense actually. Maybe three out of the last five times I was in TJs I saw Cindy. She was always with a small group. I guess one of the fellas in the group is her boyfriend, but I don't know. She still looks great.
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