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    Party Time.

    I know some Brits will be celebrating Brexit, but they might not be so happy if the Pound falls even more in the coming months.
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  4. Well it seems that Tippsy Bar has changed owner again , now Thai owned and as usual you are welcome to take one or more of the Zaza cuties over there for a drink or 2 and a game of pool . There is no Barfine taking a Zaza cutie to Tippsy Bar ( very ladyboy friendly) . Tippsy Bar opens early evenings , and is a low key bar with no pressure and nearly opposite Zaza Massage. I will post some photos later today .
  5. I am shocked and horrified that you havent done it already. We need intel man!!!!! If the internet is anything to go by, then it shold be dead easy. however, Spanish would be ever so helpful. Thank goodness for my great high school Spanish teacher 40 plus years ago!!!
  6. I didnt say love it or leave it. I wish people would just have an appreciation instead of bitching and moaning. Why wait? Why not leave now? Because you probably dont have enough money and dont want to live in another country without money or the chance to make money. I wonder where you would go when you leave, SE Asia perhaps? Hardly a crescent of relative freedom and opportunity. The main reason we are all together here on this forum is that we have a common interest-we enjoy having sex with guys that look like/act like girls. If we are talking abut Thailand and The Philippines, then we are talking about places that climbing any type of economic ladder is nigh impossible. In essence we are taking advantage of these often gentle souls due to their lack of economic opportunity. Say what you want but if you get some kind of education, do the right thing one can carve out a nice living/life for yourself in America.By education I am not talking about a $100,000 plus degree in Lesbian Dance Theory. I am talking about something more competitive, more useful. Were your parents WRONG for bringing you here as a child? How would your lot have been had you remained in the country of your origin? If you were born there, then I assume you are still a citizen. Maybe that country will welcome you with open arms? I think most of the guys on here are older, maybe over 40, and I wonder how their parents did and as a result how THEY did. Many like to rail about "the evil corporations" but most of these said companies provide services and make things that make our lives better and make things people want to buy!!!! If ANYONE is sucking off the teat of this horrible imperial entity that is the US of A, then you are complicit. Its kind of like all those celebutards who were woke before they knew the meaning of woke and proclaimed they would emigrate if trump won. He did and I am still waiting for them to leave......
  7. As per the above, SP. Great you are here now and a new chapter begins. Best wishes mate.
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  9. One of the reasons I really like this forum is because I don't get chastised for having a budget lower than some two week millionaires. My past trip my biggest single expense was the room.. I tried finding something about 6-7k but settled on 10k with a nice view and walking distance from beach road. Other expenses are mostly meals and souveneirs though I kept it down in cost this time. Got most of my shopping done in bangkok and to my surprise if you want to buy clothes, they're actually cheaper in bangkok in bulk than buying in patts from the stalls or night markets. I might have to find where to pick up ladyboys in BKK without barfines as patts is much easier for that. If you guys know spots, lemme know.
  10. In that case maybe I should give her a miss!!! LOL!!!!
  11. I spent some time with her a couple of weeks ago, Ive known Kimmy for years and can be found in a bar opposite Treetown on Buakhoa
  12. I wanna be a part of Shemale porn videos. I can do everything. My favorite is being with group of Shemale. I love suck a Shemale DICK. I can drink Shemale CUM with liters. I even can drink pee. But I don't know what to do for it. :cray:

    1. Quinn
    2. Pdoggg



       I can drink Shemale CUM with liters. I even can drink pee.

      Instead of porn videos perhaps you should try out for the Olympics!   :biggrin:

      If you do want to perform in videos I would suggest that you contact the people who operate the Ladyboy Gold group of websites and the people who operate the Ladyboy-Ladyboy group of websites.  They are the biggest two in the business.

      Ladyboy Gold

      Ladyboy Ladyboy

  13. Woodie

    Boob Job

    Well here is the finished result. I can tell you that they look even better with out the covering dress. She is so happy with the result and so she should be. Everything is in the proper place. Not one pointing west and the other north and no huge gap in the middle that you could drive a Mack truck down!. The doc has earned his money.
  14. Nope, not this one either...
  15. My ex used to work at terminal 21 in BKK...was there everyday..so you can imagine I hate it..but as I was passing by terminal 21 in Pattaya I had a look....some bargain..but those shopping centres are all the same all over the world...she wanted to eat at seafood BBQ at the end right on third floor...I think it was 450 baht all you can eat...looked like a very good quality place...but personally I prefer Thai street food and isàan restaurant in jomtien
  16. I wouldn't stop for me too!
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  18. Probably is as I see the Assienda in the clip opposite the party.
  19. Excellent info on Soi Farang and the Udon ladyboy scene Harry!
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  21. Usual shit going on here! theyve declared a holiday and started reaching out for foreign aid within minutes..... thousands of 5 years old typhoon aid containers are still sitting on the wharves until the Red Cross pays $20M in import duties.
  22. Having been banned from that other Board where I had first started the annual Romscars tradition, my decision to covertly post the 2019 Romscars there simultaneously with here was certain to be controversial. But at the same time, I wanted to give Romscar-winning BMs at the other Board their due public recognition and show all BMs there that my spirits had not been broken into never doing the Romscars again. Management at the other Board reacted to my stealthy Romscars announcement (and cartoon) by suppressing it 30 minutes after it was posted and treating as “Spam” the 20 or so PRIVATE messages I had individually sent each of the Romscar nominees and winners some of whom never got to read the good news of their distinctions. Moderation at the other Board further reacted by expunging all record of the Romscars from existence deleting last year’s Romscars painstakingly crafted thread. Plus all my TR contributions that also took me countless hours to produce. Plus, in what can only be seen as a bizarre hissy fit, they manually reset the +1 likes count of my long blocked Daddy Rom account from almost 10,000 to … zero! I reacted to what I felt was Soviet-style annihilation of personal accomplishment from collective memory by denouncing it here at The Romscars Club in 2 threads that I have just deleted because they would cramp the artistic and mongering excellence focus that I would rather be the editorial thrust of this club. The griping that I started in those threads prompted a few other BMs here to post about their own (understandable!) frustrations with the other Board, and one of their mods (also understandably) to react by passive-aggressively counterattacking me while selectively addressing the criticism expressed. Plus 2 of the BMs closely aligned with moderation over at the other Board joined this one to character-assassinate me with the vilest of insinuations imaginable. In the ensuing mudslinging, the multilogue degenerated into some pretty weird shit that has nothing to do with the Romscars (such as the bar non-ownership mantra of said mod; or the net present value of revenues foregone from a BM who herds rugby teams into ladyboy bars, …). Several core BMs here expressed their, heartfelt or shit-stirring, disappointment with the unprecedented animosity levels for this Board. I think this sums up accurately the dozens of non-excellent, non-chivalrous posts that followed my 2019 Romscars attributions that this Board now serves as the sole record of. If any BM, including the mod from the other Board, thinks I left out any relevant information from this summary please PM me and I may include it by editing this post. Now everyone: Be Excellent and Party On!
  23. I cant really fault Chaiyapooon Inn. Stayed there many times. No lift, but that just gets the blood moving, plus you get the benefit of following the prize up the stairs and getting a great view!.
  24. Last months I fucked four of the new femboys from CIB (yes, well represented in their FB pages). CIB has become a femboy heaven!
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