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  1. Just tried on my Samsung Tab Touch the link on right of the unread thread . i.e. Katty - Bar and Guesthouse.... and it will take you to that last post If there are multiple unread sub threads under a topic header there should be a dark circle or star to the left of that thread and clicking/touching that should take you to the last unread post. ( sorry no screenshot as I had already read everything)
  2. Videos don't work on Firefox. Just a blank area where video should be embedded. Works ok on Chrome. One weird dude.
  3. Welcome BBG, We have never met or had any interaction on another forum of which I have just recommenced perusing. But I will make a guess and suggest that the name has relevance to The Beatles and Mersey?
  4. By not having any kids not only have I saved more than my share of CO2 but approximately $AUD300,000.00 raising each child to adulthood. So now in retirement I am spending my savings (both CO2 & $'s) by flying to SE Asia a couple of times per year and enough money for barfines etc
  5. In June/July this year I took a trip to Penang in Malaysia to catch up with an old school buddy I hadn't seen for about 30 years. I went in a roundabout way, flying to Philippines for a week first, then Penang for 2 weeks followed by Phuket for a week and back home to Sydney. On arrival in Sydney I went through Immigration, collected my luggage and headed out the Nothing to Declare aisle only to be pulled up by Border Patrol officer who looked at the Custom's declaration form and asked if I had completed it truthfully and was it my signature to which I replied Yes. I was advised that my luggage will be searched and was taken to one side. The officer asked on a number of occasions if I had anything in my possession that might cause them concern and my answer was always No. I was asked to take everything out of my pockets, empty my backpack and open my suitcase, give them all my electronic devices and also any SIM card or SD card. My mobile phone (with its Australian SIM and SD card inside), tablet and Sony action cam along with a Malaysian SIM were taken to be examined by their technical officers after getting the unlock PINs and in the meantime the officer went through all my belongings, opening every compartment in the backpack and unzipping lining in suitcase. All the while asking if I had anything they may find and querying my exact movements from day I left Sydney to return. Who I met, where I stayed, why have I traveled so often to SE Asia etc. Another line of questioning was whether I had been sending money overseas to anyone It was becoming more apparent as time went by that I had been tagged as a pedo, kiddy fiddler etc.... single man in his 60's who travels to SE Asia once or twice a year for the last 10+ years. I explained that I do have a predilection for ladyboys, however, the latest trip was sightseeing and catch up with old school mate. Questions were asked where I would meet these ladyboys, how old were they, how did I know their ages etc etc. They wanted to know if old school mate was married, did he have kids? and by the way who is the young girl whose pictures you have in your wallet? In my wallet I carry a number of photos of my niece. These are school photos that my sister gave me every year of my one and only niece and for whom I hold in trust money from my late mother's estate, so I had to explain all that to the officer without losing my temper as by now I am all over it after flight from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur, 3 hour wait then 8 hour flight to Sydney with no sleep and no coffee!!! I just kept repeating that I don't do anything illegal, keep my nose clean & avoid anything that may appear non kosher as I want to spend my retirement at my leisure not at the government's pleasure. The officer by now has found nothing untoward in the luggage and the persistent questions start to dwindle into small talk whilst he was waiting for the technical people to finish with the mobile phone as the tablet and camera had already been returned with no questions asked, which I thought was a bit strange as the tablet's SD card did have some porn downloaded from the web on it, however, I had 'unmounted' the card from the device whilst in Malaysia in case of being searched there and I didn't want the movies showing up in the video app. Finally after an hour and a bit the mobile phone comes back and I was on my way home with the officer's assurance that the search was a one off, their systems had appraised me of fitting profile of someone of interest and I shouldn't expect the same to happen in future. Has anyone had a similar experience after returning to their home country?
  6. In Australia as a citizen he would get whatever treatment needed straight away and it would be fully covered by Medicare. Even if he was just visiting the country I think they would do the operation and worry about collecting any costs at a later date.
  7. Here in Australia the 2 major supermarket chains stopped using free single use plastic bags for 12 months with an approximate reduction of use of those bags of 80%
  8. Here in Australia the moon walk was around lunchtime and as a 13 year old schoolboy I watch in a classroom packed in like pimply sardines as only a few TVs for the whole school. As I remember most all of us had model rockets, orbiters and landers and becoming an astronaut was all we wanted to be when we were grown up.
  9. Caught Grab from Clark to Pacific Breeze Hotel yesterday at 1.15pm for fare of P1,213.00. Breakup from emailed receipt is Fare P40.00, Distance P112.84, Time P32.00, Surge P28.16. The remaining P1,000.00 you ask ? Checked into hotel, get to room, start unpacking then decide to charge my phone. Therein lay the problem.... no phone in pocket! Called my number from room phone, message bank x 3. Find my phone by Google.. nope as I refuse authorising of location services. Out with the tablet, search for Grab contact number, first one disconnected finally found another and after 12 minutes wait spoke to operator who couldn't find any record of me, my phone number, email address so after a lot of back and forth I get an email receipt from Grab and as I say this to the operator he suddenly locates the account. He calls the driver who now has the phone (as his next customer found it on the seat and handed it in) gives me the driver's number whom I call and driver says is on way now to my hotel. Driver arrives with phone and leaves with P1,000.00. I go to Phillies and havea calming San Mig Light. Just checked Grab price for hotel to Clark now at 2.30 pm and fare is P263.00 due to high demand, so @Pdoggg your fare of P180 would appear to be about base fare.
  10. I've never had a problem getting around Philippines, there are cheap flights internally with respectable airlines (Air Asia, Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific) and the buses, local and provincial are regular and cheap. The main problem is in places like Angeles where the trike mafia have inflated prices, however, there is also Grab (Uber equivalent) who are mostly cheaper than the trike there. I'll be back in Phils tomorrow and report if any problems getting around.
  11. In April last year I flew out of Australia with one way ticket to Singapore with no onward travel documentation other than a visa for Vietnam which commenced on 28th May. I was not asked for anything when boarding in Sydney or on landing. I then caught a bus to Kuala Lumpur and the Malaysian authorities did not ask for any proof of onward travel. Same when I flew into Phuket then Siam Reap. I think it is possible that as an Australian in his 60's that they saw it unlikely I would try to overstay the tourist visas issued at airports. I will keep in mind the info about flying from Cambodia to Bangkok and wonder if it is only JC International with that rule.
  12. Femboys are my preference as well, however, a pretty face, nice size cock and proportionate size tits would never be rejected.
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