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  1. My initial thought was maybe a 1%er, rides a Harley and has interest in tattoo parlours. They always seem to have lots of folding and live in luxury.
  2. According to Shazam it is GBX & Phil Campbell
  3. I don't know that it is fake. The white tick in blue circle next to the poster of the article means that Fartbook has verified the poster. Also the link provided is valid: I just went to Sweden . se and followed the links on the site to it.
  4. Looks like a good time was had by all... Happy Birthday!!!!
  5. I read the first post here that Rom has already selected one inductee to his hall of legends. The second inductee is a choice by the BMs of the forum of one of the 3 nominees that Rom has put forward and the 3rd inductee to be selected by PD & BB. From the 3 nominees listed I have met none. I read some of Ernesto's adventures here when I first joined as well as Stealth's. Can't say that I remember any of Kendo's posts and have absolutely no knowledge of any Sky Channel or YouTube videos (maybe someone may post some details at some time). I can say that I found Stealth's contribution very helpful as I have spent more time in Philippines than I have in Thailand and he was quite generous in sharing knowledge and tips to me. So I will endorse Stealth's nomination. I agree that both PDoggg and Bumblebee should be honoured in the hall of legends for their untiring work on the forum, however, I think they should both be given the chance to put up their own inductee as I am sure there are plenty of Bms over the years who have made great contributions here. The only BM other than PD that I have met here is Bruce (Donnykey) and from what I have seen and heard he is/was a legend with the LBs.
  6. You could try "right clicking" the pic link and choosing open in new tab or new window.
  7. Am also seeing the same announcement panel in the puzzle thread ( the only thread that I have looked at to date that has it): @Jimmy Cargopants The edit function works for me, it only appears after posting the message
  8. I always thought that photos from Emmy/Katty Bar had little yellow chickens flying about..... did they get eaten by mutant Pacmans ???
  9. I checked the article and yes they spelt (spelled for those in USA) borders as boarders. Strange one would think as the Yahoo article is shown to be a reproduction of a Cosmopolitan UK article.
  10. DACA? DHS? As an Aussie don't know those even though you were kind enough to explain APA! I like to keep up with world affairs but unfortunately more and more people now use local acronyms and nicknames so makes it hard to keep up. Some newspapers are rife with unexplained acronyms.
  11. Thanks for the feedback gents. It seems to be working better this morning. May have been a slow server somewhere in the scheme of things.
  12. I clear cache, history etc every day before shutting down browsers. I also use AVG tune up weekly which clears all broken shortcuts, fixes registry etc etc. The problem is specific to LBR as the only other forum I am a member of works perfectly. Spose I'll just see how it goes for a while, thanks for getting back to me promptly.
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