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  1. @Pdoggg from your post it appears you are back in AC?? As I am heading to Philippines (and then to Malaysia) next month can you advise if the Walking Street ladyboy curfew is still in place as it did ruin the vibe of the place when I was there last November. Cheers and enjoy
  2. This may work: Right Click his name and hit copy link location; Open a new window and paste the link location in the address bar... DO NOT hit enter or the arrow to go there yet : Edit the address to only leave the facebook part of the address: Then hit Enter
  3. I use Firefox on PC and that is the method I use . Note that when right clicking it is on the name ' Christian Laporte'
  4. @xyzzy The method I use is ; 1) Right click the link: 'Christian Laporte' and open in a new tab; 2) In the new tab the subject line is for example http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=embed&url=https://www.facebook.com/christian.laporte.75/videos/10156226039382876/# 3) I delete the first section of the subject line, leaving only the facebook part of the subject line 4) Hit enter and there you have it.
  5. BB, thanks for bumping this old thread up. I spent all of Sunday reading this and A Story of Greed, Attempted Extortion .... and Ladyboys. Absolutely amazing stories and extremely well written. Is Jaidee still around?
  6. Are there any BM's planning to be in Philippines any time this year? I haven't made any plans for this year as yet so if any are intending to go just let me know the dates and I'll see what I can do. @donnykey have you planned anything as yet as we just missed each other last time.
  7. ditto, for the last few days I have remained logged in.
  8. 20 minutes for 2,500 yen? That's about $30AUD, $22USD, 725 Baht or 1170 Philippine piso. Can't really see the value as I know how far 1170PHP goes and its a lot longer than 20 minutes
  9. The guy who used to run Southern Cross shutle is now working as a manager at Phillies and said the cost of running the business outweighed the benefits so closed down late 2017. The Fly The Bus shuttle running between Swagman hotels in Angeles & Manila is still running but only in mini buses price used to be around 650 PHP. The Victory Liner with stop at SM could have been their new P2P to Olongapo or Dagupan https://www.victoryliner.com/P2P.aspx
  10. As of yesterday October 28th all Qantas flights will arrive and depart from NAIA terminal 3. For those arriving and going directly to Angeles, the Genesis P2P bus by exiting terminal using the bus and taxi exit and turning right. Bay 14 is only 1 - 2 minutes walk and clearly marked. Price to SM Clark is 350 PHP. From SM trike mafia want 100 PHP . The day I arrived Grab taxi was 120PHP which I showed trike driver who wouldn't budge on fare. If weather was cooler I would have walked but took the Grab who arrived in 30 seconds just to pissoff the trike driver
  11. sydneyjohn57


    A few changes to Phillies. The stage and bands have gone, replaced by giant TV screen for sports. They have covered over the opening above pool table where you could look down from upstairs so more seating is likely upstairs. On the outside patio there are now panels under the counter so vendors, street kids, lbs etc can't reach under and are in process of jack hammering away some of the concrete and widening footpath a bit so no one is able to sit under the counter
  12. Apparently the new barangay rules are that no LBs are allowed on walking street or environs between 10pm and 3am unless accompanied by a foreigner or are already in an establishment. If they leavethe establishment unaccompanied they have to go home by avoiding walking street. The 2 nights I have been here the whole area is quiet with hardly anyone in walking street at all and only 1 or 2 lbs on the street and a few each in Bretto's, Phillies and Margarita Station
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