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  1. I can't give 'likes' but it's good to hear work is progressing.
  2. Your bar looks good Emmy. I look forward to coming there! I think the st barfines at Pooks Bar and Fantasy Lounge in Soi Buakhow was 300 Baht - and that included use of room.
  3. Good to hear! I look forward to visiting next trip.
  4. Like! I tried to give you a 'like' #Dan Miller, but my reactions don't work. Thanks for the update.
  5. I think Emmy intends to run it like the original Katty Bar, with rooms to let above bar. But might take time to get the upper rooms ready.
  6. And some BMs! Not on this forum of course.
  7. Isn't that because we already get free 30 day visas on entry. I think they are just giving Russians, Indians and Chinese the same treatment.
  8. I remember a few years back when a couple of Russian guys were causing problems at bars in Jomtien Soi 5. They made the mistake of passing Sally's (lb) bar and abusing the ladyboys there. Two of the girls went out and taught them to show respect. Iirc it was Quinn who recounted that.
  9. Don't disrespect lb Lizzie! https://www.pattayamail.com/news/transgender/assaults-russian-tourist-for-ladyboy-remarks-443372
  10. Could you tell the guy on right of photo to get off his phone and get on with the work! After hearing so many good reports about Cindy's Secrets in Bangkok I am hoping the Pattaya bar will be open in time for my next visit.
  11. OK Emmy. Nice photos. You and your staff are looking good.
  12. Is that a cigarette lighter hanging on your neck Emmy? I hope you haven't started smoking again!
  13. Is this the first cave art depiction of a ladyboy doing her thing?
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