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  1. That's the second time you've missed her, but I think she might be coming to Jomtien again when she has a day off. She seems to be missing her friends there. A couple of pics from the other night with Sunny displaying her tattoo.
  2. Quietguy


    Another covid denier dies from covid 19. Don't go to deniers' parties! https://www.insider.com/norway-top-covid-19-denier-dies-from-virus-after-hosting-house-parties-2021-4
  3. Many of the ggs in p4p have to earn money to support children fathered by the Thai guys who then took no responsibility for them.
  4. I think she was a bit overwhelmed by the birthday greetings.
  5. I was moved when Sara started crying on the livestream and Emmy had to comfort her.
  6. I have a look in every day, just didn't have anything to say. (That should be in the poetry thread!)
  7. I don't think TJ's was the first Pattaya ladyboy bar though. It might have been going for two decades but wasn't it a mixed bar originally, only becoming a lb only bar after @jimbo33arrived. Maybe the first (and only?) lb bar in Naklua but there were lb bars in central Pattaya before then. Which was the first lb bar in Pattaya? Was it Pooks?
  8. If I were there I'd go out, masked up and socially distancing. It might be the last opportunity not just for two weeks but maybe longer.
  9. Quietguy


    I've received text, I'm getting second jab tomorrow. Exactly 10 weeks after first.
  10. An article about TJ's in a certain Pattaya newspaper who's name I cannot mention! https://www.pattayamail.com/news/pattaya-1st-ladyboy-bar-will-survive-covid-19-resolute-landlady-says-350182
  11. https://www.Channel4.com/news/transgender-immigrants-find-a-safe-place-in-portugal
  12. Well bbg will be happy. They are stocking UK brand instant coffees!
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