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  1. I fully agree with that. I think people can believe whatever they want to, but shouldn't try to impose their views on others.
  2. People who are against leaving aren't doing so because they are willing to weaken the UK. They believe the UK will be weaker politically and economically if we do leave. I voted against remaining in the Common Market when we had the referendum in 1975. I thought it was just for the benefit of big business. I have many reservations about the way the EU operates now, particularly about it's support for austerity measures across Europe and for market liberalisation, which means encouraging privatisation by member states. But I do think it can only be changed from within. I know that won't be easy, but neither will trying to survive on our own in a world which is carved into trading blocks. Perhaps we will eventually be better off. During the referendum campaign pro-Brexit campaigners acknowleged that we might be worse off after leaving, but claimed that we would make great trade deals, the rest of the world would be falling over themselves to do deals with us, and that after 2-5 years we would be better off. But now Farage says he never said that we would be better off, just that we would be self-governing. Rees-Mogg now says it might be 50 years before we are better off. I do accept that the majority voted to Leave in 2016, but I think now we all know more of what the consequences will be, rather than false promises on the side of a bus.
  3. Well it's actually what Theresa May proposed in her 3 Withdrawal agreements but they were all rejected by Parliament. The DUP voted against as it would mean Northern Ireland being treated differently to the rest of the UK. Boris Johnson and the 'Hard Brexit' Conservative MPs also voted against. Speculation is now that he might accept it as he is having to face reality as Prime Minister. We wait to see what the outcome of his negotiations are.
  4. Well that's the main problem. The DUP, on who Boris Johnson relies, won't agree to Northern Ireland being treated differently to the rest of the UK. A lot of Conservative Unionist MPs won't either, unless the DUP agrees. The EU won't 'punish' the Republic of Ireland, but they will support whatever they want as they will be staying in the EU. I think the only solution is for Northern Ireland to remain in the European Customs Union and to have customs/border checks on the UK mainland. But Johnson would have to get the DUP to agree to that. Perhaps he'll bung them another billion.
  5. Abstinence on Friday was originally to remember that Christ was crucified on Good Friday. Giving up meat was a sacrifice when meat was more of a luxury. Perhaps less so these days. Fish often costs as much as meat if not more now. Friday was traditionally the day for fish and chips in England, even for people who weren't particularly religious. As is a roast on Sunday. I don't care too much about the Church hierarchy and wouldn't be interested in a Papal visit, but I know it is important for many Catholics.
  6. If it was that easy it would have happened by now.
  7. I think Boris Johnson is gearing up for a General Election blaming everyone but himself for not being able to get a Brexit Agreement, the Irish, the EU and the UK Parliamentary Opposition. He championed Brexit during the Referendum campaign without actually believing it would get a majority, and no plan as to how it would be implemented. And he still doesn't despite his bluster.
  8. https://www.joe.co.uk/politics/dara-o-briain-border-brexit-202884
  9. I was brought up as a Catholic, but lapsed at 15. I remember reading James Joyce's 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man' as part of my GCE O-level English course, and it resonated with me as the Catholic Church terrified me with the fear of terrible eternal punishment for even sexual thoughts - which just about every teenager will have. I have regarded myself more as a Catholic as I get older - insurance maybe?! Actually I think the Church of England has a more progressive attitude to sexuality which I prefer, but having been baptised as Catholic I will stick with it. Karl Marx is often said to have called religion 'the opiate of the masses'. Actually he said 'Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people'. I agree with that. Religion does give people who have not much else the strength to go on. It's not just Christianity or the monotheistic religions. Buddhism too gives even the poorest/lowest status Thais the hope of a rebirth to a better life and ultimately achieving Nirvana. The Catholic Church (and others) does have many problems, including child abuse. But religions also do good things, an example being the Catholic run Pattaya Orphanage for abandoned deaf children. Pope Francis has said that is not for him to judge gay or transgender people, which is an advance for the Catholic Church who used to condemn any non- heterosexual or extra-marital sexuality. My view is that God or whatever created life and the Universe also created diverse sexualities, and ladyboys, and if he/she/whatever is a loving and forgiving entity will accept whatever we are. And I do eat fish on a Friday! It's cod and chips tonight! Better than a Big Mac!
  10. I don't chat with farang bar owners, I'd rather talk to the ladyboys. I did talk to Jimbo at TJs as I was curious to find out if he was really as bigoted as he comes across as online, but having met him i don't think he is. I was more interested in the cabaret though. I will probably go to Sweethearts Bar next trip to check it out, but not to talk to Jimbo. I do like talking to Emmy at Katty Bar, not to ingratiate myself, but because she is a nice person and I like her. I'm a quiet introverted person and find it difficult to talk to people usually but find it easy with Emmy, and she does have good English which many of the younger lbs don't.
  11. I think in UK if he had private health insurance he would be seen fairly quickly by private clinic, but if he needed a stent he would be referred to NHS as UK private health care providers generally won't do major surgery. If he went to his NHS doctor or a NHS Accident & Emergency he would probably be referred for emergency treatment immediately. I don't think he'd be kept waiting for a heart problem. There are waiting lists for other non-urgent procedures like hip-replacements, but heart problems are usually fast tracked.
  12. The narrow steps are also a problem for ladyboys you take back to room. They have to take off their shoes, especially if they are wearing high heels. Anyway I stay in a rental condo on my trips now.
  13. I'm sure everything will be fine. She probably just assumed you always take taxi from airport. Btw if you are returning to airport from Jomtien you can buy bus ticket from the Jomtien bus station in advance, up to 3 days before you leave. I always do that rather than just turning up as buses may be fully booked. If they have a lot of people booking a particular bus they sometimes put on a second bus for that time. Enjoy your trip!
  14. Maybe all the girls will have silicone?
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