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  1. It depends what time that was. I was sitting with Quinn and bbg in the latter part of the night. Earlier I was sitting at the bar with Emmy. I think you said in an earlier post that Emmy didn't acknowledge you (I can't turn back pages on here for some technical glitch). But Emmy was really busy doing the cashier job as Teya wasn't well. I think I now know who you were. If I see you again I will say hello.
  2. Quinn thinks he looks like Colonel Custer, whose picture he keeps on his phone. But bbg says he isn't that slim.
  3. I think it is only fundamental Evangelical Christians, mainly in the USA, who believe that, not most Christians today
  4. Once again, thanks for the pics DM. I like the look of Kaka.
  5. Bump - party tonight!
  6. If you are in Jomtien now remember it's Teya's birthday party tonight at Emmy's Bar, Soi 2. There are usually a lot of Teya's lb friends attending
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