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  1. Very few passers by the two times I visited too. I think that's due to a lot of Rompho bars closing.
  2. No the Rock Bar is still open as far as I know. Well it was last time I went into Rompho at night a couple of weeks ago. It's too loud for me, but it seems to be the only bar left that has live music though one did have a Thai karaoke type singer for a party about 3 weeks ago.
  3. Teya only puts on the warpaint, usually just lipstick, when Bumblebee is taking pictures of her.
  4. I don't have personal experience but I'm told Mona has the biggest 'ladyflower' at Katty Bar - Duke can probably confirm. Followed by Bell, a tall lb in Katty Bar.
  5. OK, well I probably won't see you before you go then, I don't usually get to Katty Bar until around 10pm. Have a good return flight! I'll be leaving on Wednesday. Maybe see you next year.
  6. I think you guys are thinking of the Dao from Sallys Bar/Roadhouse with the big boobs. I don't think she was crazy, but often quite maow. She was working in Red Carpet Bar last year, but has gone home to look after sick papa. The Dao in Red Carpet Bar now is a different Dao. No implants, but she also worked in Roadhouse Bar
  7. A Russian couple wanted to barfine a ladyboy in Katty Bar last week, but none of the lbs would take up the offer as the guy was drunk and aggressive. The wife apparently walked off down the soi to see if she could find a willing lb. I don't think she was successful.
  8. I couldn't login today - password not recognised. I did the reset thing and got logged in.
  9. Rompho is quite dead, most of the bars have closed. My favourite bar there, Party Girls, has closed the music bar. Ray Bar which used to be lb is now gg. I visited Roadhouse a couple of weeks ago. Four ladyboys there and only a two customers, an older couple playing pool . I had a couple of drinks with Kelly who said it's really quiet now. She said Som hasn't been there for months. Kelly is thinking about going to University and I tried to encourage her in that. Katty Bar in Soi 4 is now the main Jomtien lb bar and attracting the displaced lbs from closed bars. They come and go during the evening but always at least half a dozen on hand. There are a couple of lbs, including Dao who used to be at Roadhouse in the Red Carpet Bar in Soi 2, near the junction with Beach Road.
  10. I've run out of 'likes' for today Bumblebee, so will get back another day. Good to meet you and Pdogg again at Katty bar on Monday night, after seven years. I might see you there next Monday - I believe Duke is going to be there too?
  11. Most Brits don't think much of Trump and can't understand how he was elected Video from protest against him when he visited London in February: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqiwLYhwAY As to Brexit, it's a shambles. I think there will be another referendum or a General Election within the next few weeks. I can't seem to post video. How do I preview before posting?
  12. A sign has gone up outside Rompho saying the lease on the site (between the Church of Christianity who own the land and a Thai leaseholder) expires in April 2019. Not sure what this means. Could be that the lease is just up for re-negotiation, or the Church might want the land back for re-development. Apparently there were rumours 3 years ago that there was some plan to build a hospital there. Many of the bars in Rompho are presently empty.
  13. Same (last) night as killing on Soi 6 https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/681663/Thailand-fight-Pattaya-Brits-abroad-brawl-party-island-video
  14. Cheap drinks?!! I'll definitely be there tonight Emmy!
  15. I had a drink with Kelly in Roadhouse last night. I said you might be coming to bar on 2/3 April. She is intrigued to know who you are on TF and said to send her another message to say Hi.
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