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  1. I take it that 18c temperature was the shaded air temp, and that it's probably in the 20s in the sun. That would be fine for me during the day, it's around 6-7c here in London. I was in Jomtien during a cold snap 3 or 4 years ago. It was ok while the sun was out but quite chilly when I was in Party Girls bar in Rompho at night. I wouldn't like to live in Thailand permanently. It can be too hot and humid for me too. I go there in Jan/Feb to avoid the worst of the UK winter, but I like Spring, Summer and Autumn here.
  2. I thought for a moment that the two characters at the bottom were the 2 we were referring to earlier!
  3. 555! But SP told me his username was a reference to when he worked in a Oz bar and pushed the empty stools to the counter. Not what BMs assume!
  4. Black pudding is a blood pudding made with pigs' blood, pork fat and oatmeal. It's usually eaten with a fried breakfast. I wouldn't expect it to be served with a roast chicken dinner.
  5. Katty Bar is in Soi 4, Jomtien. The beer prices are for small bottles. I don't think the girls would have canes or whips at the bar, but you could always bring your own! From what I hear Tiger is up for anything.
  6. I never followed the ongoing attacks on you there. I'm not interested in rows between BMs. I only go on the forums for info on lb bars and Jomtien. I've got a good idea who you are referring to, and they seem to hate me too, which I gather is because of my ethnicity. I've never actually met them. If they were in Katty Bar when I'm there I would just ignore them. I'd rather talk to Emmy and the girls.
  7. Well that's more than anything I've ever won bbg. I do the Euromillions online and they send you a email if you've won anything. Occasionally I'm checking my emails in the morning and there will be one from the National Lottery saying to log on as I've won a prize. For a couple of minutes I can imagine it's the big one, or even a million or two, or even a few hundred thousand. OK I'll be happy with a few thousand. Then I log on and it's something like £3.70. Not even enough to buy a pint in London. Still 'It could be me' - one day.
  8. That's what I wonder everytime I go to los now. The first time, a few years back the bars had a fairly steady flow of customers. The last 3-4 years they seem to be empty a lot of the time. It's not just the lb bars. There are a lot of gg bars on the quieter sois that are empty or just have one or two older regulars in the evening.
  9. I thought I was quiet until I met Quinn!
  10. Were you a footballer too? You and bbg could start a football team!
  11. That's what I wondered. They probably trialled for a Doncaster football team with bbg around 80 years ago!
  12. Come to Katty Bar, cheap beer there too! And sexy ladyboys!
  13. I do stay at VT7 on my trips to los now. I do appreciate the balcony with views out to sea, and spend most daylight hours on the balcony, reading or listening to UK BBC Radio 4 programs on laptop. When I stayed at other places I would usually spend days by the pool. VT7 does cost a bit more than other rental condos, the higher you go the more the cost, but still good value compared to other long haul destinations I've been to, at around 1200 baht per day. I budget for spending 4-5,000 Baht per day after the condo rental, and bring that much with me, but usually I only spend around half what I bring. The first week or so I just eat a bowl of soup in the evening at Rompho, and lose around 5 lbs (2 kg) in weight. After that I still usually only eat in the evening, so my food bill in los isn't that much. I don't eat much at home, and in the Thai heat I don't feel hungry. My main expense is drink. I don't drink that much myself usually, 3 or 4 glasses of red wine in an evening, around 400 baht. But I do buy drinks for the lbs, so an evening in a lb bar will work out at 2-3,000 Baht, occasionally over 4K. I don't mind buying the girls ladydrinks as I know they are getting a cut, and it makes up for me not barfining much these days. When I don't go to a lb bar in the evening my day's spending will be less than 1000 baht. I used to go to a live music bar (Party Girls) in Rompho a couple of nights a week, and my bin there would only be around 400 bt for 4 glasses of red wine, and 100 bt tip for the singer. Unfortunately that bar has closed. I probably spend less than 500 baht (£10) on daily living expenses at home. I live quite frugally, I don't go out much. My mortgage is paid, so apart from utilities and council tax I only need to buy food, maybe £5 (200 Bt) a day, and 2-3 glasses of wine (£2.50/100Bt) most evenings. So los is dearer though not prohibitively expensive, and it's my holiday so I'm not counting the pennies. And as I've said before anything I leave when I kick the bucket will be taxed at 40% so I'd rather spend it in a lb bar than leave it to the Government. And I'm away from the cold and darkness of the UK winter, and with friendly sexy ladyboys!
  14. Apparently there are £100 Scottish bank notes - the biggest denomination English bank note is £50. Would the Scottish £100 note be recognised and accepted in los? Are there any Scots on here who have used them?
  15. Or a ping-pong cheque? Bouncing_Check.mp4
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