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  1. And shopping has started for tomorrow's distribution.
  2. Teya and Sara helped out with the food distribution from DD Inn last Tuesday. Pics from Poppy's fb page, originally from DD Inn's fb page.
  3. Could have done with the heavy rain last night.
  4. I hear there's a severe tropical storm, 'Conson', coming in this weekend. Take care all of you out there.
  5. I worry about you getting washed away.
  6. Not if they build it well. They could ask Chyna to build it.
  7. Then they need to raise the road onto an overpass, and just let water flow underneath.
  8. I've seen images of flooding in Pattaya before, usually around Soi Buakhow, but nothing as bad and widespread as that. Poor people, Thai and falang, who are caught up in it.
  9. I'm sure I've seen where the collapse happened on previous trips and remember that there has always been a deep outwash onto the beach there. It seems the Thai solution is just to put down new concrete and sandbags each time. Surely they should realise that some serious drainage work needs to be done.
  10. The girls might be missing the buzz, bright lights, booze and handsum men. But those have gone now (apart from bbg!). They don't actually need the latest phone, knock off handbags and new sexy clothes. Unfortunately it seems many Thais don't think much beyond tomorrow.
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