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  1. Let's face it though, most major US beers are pretty tasteless!
  2. But after brumberbree arrived Teya took off the skirt and shorts. She may have been hot as she stood in front of fan to do that>
  3. At least it's digital (just about!). I expect yours uses a smoked glass plate and you have to cover your head with a dark cloth to view the image! The Kodak (they went bankrupt years ago) resurrected itself from the dead today and I managed to upload the pics eventually:
  4. She was wearing a short black skirt with black shorts underneath earlier. Looked sort of like a cross between a Japanese anime school uniform and a maids uniform. She discarded the skirt and shorts not long after you guys arrived. I had taken some pics of her earlier but my camera seems to be dead at the moment. If I can get it going I'll post the pics.
  5. In the DW documentary people in Appalachia, one of the poorest regions of US, are being evicted and can't afford healthcare. But they voted 80% for Trump, and say they will again.
  6. Certainly things are better in US and generally across the world. Mankind does progress economically and scientifically or we would all still be living in caves. But even in the US, the wealthiest country in the world 40 million people live below the poverty line receiving welfare and food stamps. I was just watching this German documentary this morning. Worth watching if you have the time. When I post youtube/videos on here they generally don't work but you can google it.
  7. Watch out for young ladies/ladyboys trying to wipe your face at airport!
  8. Quietguy

    Party Time.

    I know some Brits will be celebrating Brexit, but they might not be so happy if the Pound falls even more in the coming months.
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