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  1. I know very little about cameras and photography, but could the rainbow effect be due to the camera lens creating a prism effect, separating colours?
  2. Neptune is the furthest planet from our sun and cannot be seen without the aid of at least a small telescope, so unlikely to be the planet you saw if you saw it first with your naked eye. It is blue though. Your pics show what looks like a large swirl, which might indicate that it is Jupiter, which has what is called the Great Red Spot, a huge storm which moves around Jupiter.
  3. I had problems over the last two days. I could log in, read posts and give like/smile reactions but was unable to post, reply to posts, or send pms. I thought it might be the Russian hacker! Back to normal now.
  4. @Woodie, people from India have been in Thailand since the 18th Century. Many married and had children with Thais. Under Thai law any child born in Thailand with either a Thai mother or father is automatically entitled to Thai citizenship. It is estimated that around 400,000 Thais are of Indian heritage, 2% of the population. Also anyone can apply for Thai citizenship if they have lived legally (with appropriate visas) for over five years and are of good character with no criminal record. Around 65,000 people from India have acquired Thai citizenship by this route. You could too if you want to set up a business in Thailand. Apologies to @Romfor thread derailment, but I felt Woodie's question needed to be answered. If Rom feels this is inappropriate he can delete it and I will reply to Woodie in a new seperate thread
  5. Police fine brawling drivers. https://www.pattayamail.com/news/brawling-pattaya-motorcycle-taxis-fined-for-street-brawl-423031
  6. I wasn't aware of that either @Zeppie. I'd always thought you would need a telescope as they are millions of miles away. I never took much notice of the skies above London as you could rarely see any stars. It was only during the first covid lockdown that they became a lot clearer and someone told me that the pinkish one was actually Mars. There are only a couple of 'dark' places in UK where the night sky is more visible. When I was on holiday in a village in Crete I could see countless numbers of stars in the Milky Way in our Galaxy. It was breathtaking. I could understand why ancient civilisations put so much belief in the night skies. There are trillions of stars in our Galaxy, and trillions upon trillionsof galaxies in the Universe. Most stars have at least one planet orbiting them. I think in the US there are more 'dark' places over deserts and less inhabited areas where the enormity of our Galaxy can be seen.
  7. I only used phone camera. I got interested in the stars and planets during the first covid lockdown. The huge reduction in traffic pollution meant I could see the night skies above London a lot more clearly. Previously the air pollution along with light pollution largely obscured the stars, also the UK weather means skies above London are cloudy a lot of the time. And I didn't know you can actually see most of the planets in our solar system with the naked eye. I saw Mars then for the first time, it's a pinkish colour from the red dust storms which swirl around it. I was waking up at 3am most nights to see it through my bedroom window. Venus is the brightest object. I had previously thought what I saw was a star but it is a planet. A bit smaller than Earth it is bright because it is enveloped by freezing sulphuric acid and acidic crystal clouds which reflect 70% of the Sun's light. The Moon only reflects 10% as it is grey rock. Fascinating subject which puts into perspective our brief mortal existence.
  8. https://www.thepattayanews.com/pattaya-bolt-riders-and-motorcycle-taxi-drivers-spar-over-overlapping-territory-three-injured/
  9. I had problems yesterday, was unable to log in. But seems to be working ok today.
  10. I'm not 100% certain as I usually see skies from the Northern hemisphere, but this is a pic of sky over Pattaya tonight. The bright object above the Moon should be Venus, and the dimmer one below should be Sirius.
  11. Is it an abstract modernist self portrait by Jackson Pollocks Grunt?
  12. You are correct PG. It was the Californian Zwicky Transient Facility that first detected it last March. It may not be seen for at least another 50,000 years, or maybe never as some astrophysicists believe it may disappear into the outer reaches of space. https://www.lifestyleasia.com/ind/whats-on/spot-the-rare-green-comet-in-the-sky-approaching-earth/
  13. Never too late to stop. Apart from saving money your health and life expectancy should improve. Even bbg tried last year. He got a vape, but he couldn't work out how to light it.
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