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  1. The journey from Jomtien put me off too, but Emmy from Katty Bar took some of us over in her car. A bit of a tight squeeze going back with an additional lb. I was thinking of getting there on Baht Bus, and returning to Jomtien by taxi. I'm told taxi fare to Jomtien should be between 3-400 baht which seems reasonable. I don't think TJs will abandon the cabaret type shows as the owner Em will have seen the revenues generated by these.
  2. And drinks are reasonably priced too. Ticked all boxes. I've only been once and now regret not having checked it out before, but I thought it was bit difficult to get to.
  3. I only went to TJs once - on my last trip. I did think the show and general ambience were great and I took one of the girls back to Jomtien. I was intending to go again, but due to events wasn't able to. I was planning to go om my trip next January. Will have to see how it is without Jimbo. I gather Jimbo has plans for another bar. If it is anything like TJs I will be going there to check it out. Hopefully it might be closer to Central Pattaya and easier to get to.
  4. Ladygod: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iTUobT3Sxc
  5. I remembered the wine box name, it's Mont Clair. The bars have the Mont Clair red and white wines in the cooler cabinet. So it's not served at temperature between 16-18 C!
  6. What have you got against Sweden?
  7. But the very existence of the universe originating around 13.8 billion years ago in the 'Big Bang' must suggest some sort of 'creator'. If 'God' didn't exist people would have to invent him/her/ladygod to explain the creation. Prophets or founders of different religions are going to find their own definitions of the creator. I think the explanations would be relevant to the different cultures from which they came, hence Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and all the other religions. If intelligent life exists elsewhere I would think they would have some sort of belief as to how the Universe came into being too.
  8. I usually drink red wine and all the bars I've been in sell it by the glass. It's around 100 bt a glass. It's the same brand, from a winebox kept in cooler so it's chilled. I can't remember the name. It's not great but after a couple of glasses I don't care too much!
  9. Quietguy

    Heat Wave

    True, but not many Thai lbs. And those that there are cost £150 an hour. I'd rather meet them in los.
  10. Yes the vastness of the Universe is unimaginable to our minds, and it is unlikely that we are the only intelligent life. I watched 'First Man' last night. It's a biopic about Neil Armstrong. It was a reminder that the moon landing was achieved at a time before microprocessors and the powerful computers available today. Astronauts then were turning handles, pulling levers and making calculations with notepads and pencils.
  11. I was 18 and had just finished at secondary school. I stayed up to watch the moon landing on our small black & white tv. I thought it was wonderful, though I did have some doubts about the expenditure involved when there were so many problems in our world that needed fixing. But I do think Mankind does need to expand our knowledge of this solar system and beyond.
  12. Quietguy

    Heat Wave

    According to internet weather reports it is about 31/32 C in Pattaya this week. It's going to be around 33/34 C in London today, and will be 37/38 C tomorrow. It's hotter here than los, but without the ladyboys!
  13. It wasn't an election, at least not one that the general electorate participated in. It was a Conservative Party Leadership contest as May had resigned. As Leader of the governing party he then also becomes Prime Minister. The Conservative Party has 159,320 members eligible to vote, so the members who voted are 87.4% of the eligible membership, a relatively high proportion. But the problems facing Johnson will be the same as those which faced May, and he will have an even smaller majority. One Conservative MP has had the Conservative Whip removed after being charged with sexual assaults last week. The Conservative Party will probably lose a by-election in Wales next week after their MP there was convicted of fraud and the electors called for him to be removed (he is standing again). So Johnson is likely to have a majority of only three. And some Ministers in May's Government have resigned or said they will not serve in a Johnson Government and might vote against any 'No Deal' Brexit. It is probable that he will have to call a General Election to try to get a working majority. That might be quite soon.
  14. HAHA! Just as well! I hope your friend in the bar opposite Katty Bar doesn't arrange a surprise Karaoke again! I hope you have a great evening. I wish I could be there too!
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