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  1. It's ok Emmy. You wrote it right. Pdogg was just being funny!
  2. I don't know how to do that. I used to be able to copy and post videos by pressing Ctrl + shift + c. Then I'd do the Share thing (copy and embed). Then post by pressing Ctrl + v. But all I get if I do that now is a load of screed, and I have to delete the bits around the link, to only post the link.
  3. I tried to copy and post the Dubliners' Fields of Athenry, but can only post the link. https://www.youtube.com/embed/YS0dUvEXx3g
  4. I hope phones are charged up for next livestream Emmy.
  5. I'll have to be careful when I get back to Jomtien!
  6. I have loads of Irish Music, Country Music's roots was in Irish and Scots immigrants' music which they brought to the US. I got to like Country through going to Irish pubs around Kilburn and Cricklewood which had live music. The Irish bands would play traditional Irish music and Country. But my pc is on it's last legs and I can't post music videos.
  7. True. Sunny knows Muay Thai. She dealt with some kids who tried to bully her at school, and taught them to respect ladyboys. Sunny might look sweet and innocent but she could knock you out if she wanted to. Her fists are bigger than mine.
  8. I concede to Jimmy 'Six Shots' Cargopants. He can adopt Sunny! (But I might request visitation rights!).
  9. https://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/international/2021/09/21/thailand-urged-not-to-deport-trans-woman-charged-in-malaysia/
  10. Yes Sunny does have a sort of innocent vulnerable quality that makes one feel protective towards her. Not like any other ladyboys I've known.
  11. It does seem to be working in India. They like Thailand used to attract a lot of low spending tourists, backpackers and elderly retirees who would go there to get some cheap sunshine, food, alcohol and guesthouse accommodation over the European winter India too wanted to deter the cheap tourists and attract the rich. A few years back India started increasing visa charges. I think Thailand might raise visa prices and introduce charges for even 30 day visas. Also India introduced 'Luxury Taxes' in tourist areas on goods and services foreign tourists would use, hotels, alcohol and restaurant meals. Indian Nationals are exempt I believe. A bottle of wine or spirits cost 3-4 times what would be paid in London. One of the main reasons I stopped going to Goa in Jan/Feb and went to los instead. Also I do not like Modi's Hindu Nationalist Government. Despite the price increases foreign tourism increased by 3.5% from 10.56m in 2018 to 10.93m in 2019. They are promoting 'luxury hotels and tours for the wealthy. Internal tourism increased a lot, which I think is because the increasingly well off middle class are holidaying in the guesthouses and cheaper hotels previously used by the budget foreign tourists. Thailand might be looking at India and realising higher prices will likely deter the less well off tourists and attract the rich.
  12. I don't know what US pensions are like. But that would be high at around £29,000 in UK. The average UK pension is about £15,000. I wouldn't like to guess about what is going to happen in Thailand, but I suspect there will continue to be 2-4 week tourists on lower budgets.
  13. Hole in the ground. https://www.youtube.com/embed/P-JVnlB7Onk
  14. And shopping has started for tomorrow's distribution.
  15. Teya and Sara helped out with the food distribution from DD Inn last Tuesday. Pics from Poppy's fb page, originally from DD Inn's fb page.
  16. Could have done with the heavy rain last night.
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