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  1. Yes I did also give them my Thai mobile no as well as my email address when I attended for second test. I did actually receive the email confirming negative covid test 30 minutes after this morning's call. If not I would have gone to Jomtien Hospital.
  2. I'd be keeping away from just about every lb. I don't insist they live my way, just that they don't smell like an ashtray. Actually I don't insist they use mouthwash, they know they should and always do without being asked, when they have shower.
  3. Not good for a non-smoker, kissing someone whose mouth tastes like an ashtray. Unfortunately it seems that most ladyboys are nicotine addicts. I have mouthwash in my bathroom and insist they use it.
  4. Still not received email, so I just rang again. Got through to same lady as yesterday fairly quickly. She says they had my email address as ********@yahoo.com. It should be *********@yahoo.co.uk. Which is what I put on the form I filled in at hospital. I spelt out my email address for her and she said she would request nurse to send another email with test result, which I should receive by noon today.
  5. As Emmy got me a Thai mobile sim I rang Jomtien Hospital this morning. Recorded message said to press 9 for call back which i did. Two and a half hours later nothing. So I rang again, this time holding on for 10 minutes to get through to someone. Her English wasn't too good but I explained I had not received my PCR test result from Sunday. She checked and it seems they had my email address wrong, with a 'n' where there should have been an 'm'. She said another email with result would be sent. That was two hours ago, not received as yet.
  6. I will assume I am negative ie covid free, take ATK tests every 72 hours and keep pics of test results on phone.
  7. Well I still haven't got result from second PCR test I took at Jomtien Hospital on Sunday 23rd. I attended there on time. On door I was asked to show last PCR test certificate. The man said today was 8th day after landing so I couldn't get free 2nd PCR test and would have to pay 2,000 Baht if I wanted private PCR test. I pointed out to him that it clearly stated on note 'Sunday 23rd January, 9-11am' for second test. But he insisted I had to pay as it was after Day 7. I wanted to get it over with so I agreed to pay the 2,000 Baht. I was taken to Cashier and paid by credit card as I didn't have enough cash with me. Test was done and I was out within 10 minutes. I still have not received any notification of result. I am assuming it was negative, as I took an ATK test in condo on Monday which was negative. But it would be good to have an official clinic confirmation. A BM on Pattaya Addicts forum today said he got his negative confirmation on his phone from Jomtien Hospital the same night after taking test in morning. So I don't know what happened to my test result. Anyway anyone yet to take 2nd PCR test be sure to do it within Day 5-7 of landing (Day 0), or you will have to pay for it.
  8. You live and learn PD.
  9. Admit it, really you didn't know the words.
  10. I did invite bbg to join in, but he too shy.
  11. Quietguy


    Thai people have more sense.
  12. Quietguy


    Before they protested about Vaccine Pass they were protesting about vaccinations. Before that about masks. Apparently it's all part of a worldwide conspiracy by satanic paedophiles, led by Hilary Clinton, to control the population and kidnap and enslave children. The vaccines are to place 5G transmitters into your bloodstream!
  13. Quietguy


    They have been since it was introduced.
  14. Thanks for the heads up bbg + PD. I had a nice iced expresso and cinammon raisin roll. I will make this a regular mid-morning/mid- afternoon coffee stop. I should have taken pic before consuming.
  15. ATK test was negative. I'm still waiting for result from yesterday's PCR test but should be ok.
  16. Anyways, after spending more than an hour perusing this thread I'm going to mosey down to the Dongtan 7/11 for an iced coffee and a pastry. I suppose I need an ATK test less than 72 hours old so I'll take one now.
  17. Been reading the 7/11 thread and found some more.
  18. Nine days, but there's a story to that I'll tell after I get my result.
  19. I should explain that Emmy asked why bbg's forum name is blind boy grunt. I asked her if she knew Bob Dylan. bbg said there wasn't any point in trying to explain. Actually Emmy had heard of Bob Dylan, and those two songs I sang to help her understand. It wasn't for bbg's appreciation.
  20. Blowing in the Wind was good though? Even if I do take umbrage with your comment that I only know Dylan songs from 60 years ago. Has he written any songs since then?
  21. Oh no! What you do now for entertainment?!
  22. I haven't yet received the result of the PCR test I took 24 hours ago.
  23. I haven't been given any 7/11 stamps this trip. The receipt I get has a QR code on it. Has that replaced the stamps?
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