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  1. Lydia is down WS area in this clip.
  2. Lydia takes us around Pattaya from a ladyboy’s view point.
  3. Some of today’s photos from FB.
  4. The bar is back open and here is some of the talent that awaits. (Courtesy of their FB Page)
  5. More Poppy arrived in to us tonight.
  6. She also said she can do cam shows on Line by using PayPal.
  7. Poppy has sent us in some more photos and to remind you gents she is still around Pattaya.
  8. Jassica has been in touch with us and wants to let you guys know she is in Pattaya at the moment if anyone wants to meet up. Her details are line deiw_999 Wasapp +66946286350
  9. See more of Nanny at LadyboyGold here: See more of Nanny here
  10. Nikki sent us in some new photos to let you guys know she is in Pattaya this weekend.
  11. https://web.facebook.com/christian.laporte.75/videos/10156012629692876/
  12. Some breaking news. We have been reliably informed by an inside source that View and her partner are the new owners of the bar. We at LBR wish them a very happy and successful future with La Bamba.
  13. A clip from the Blues Brothers themed party last night on FB.
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