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  1. Nikki sent us in some new photos to let you guys know she is in Pattaya this weekend.
  2. https://web.facebook.com/christian.laporte.75/videos/10156012629692876/
  3. Some breaking news. We have been reliably informed by an inside source that View and her partner are the new owners of the bar. We at LBR wish them a very happy and successful future with La Bamba.
  4. A clip from the Blues Brothers themed party last night on FB.
  5. Some more shots from Coco.
  6. Stroker

    Party Time.

    Friday is becoming regular party night in Surprise Yourself bar.
  7. Coco sent us in some more photos to post.
  8. Stroker

    Party Time.

    Hawaiian Night at Baby Boom this coming Saturday night, 24 November.
  9. Stroker

    Party Time.

    Something for next Wednesday.
  10. This is coming in from Facebook.
  11. Stroker

    Party Time.

    Also on 15 there is a do in Surprise Yourself bar.
  12. Stroker

    Party Time.

    Sindy’s birthday party in La Bamba on Thursday 15.
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