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  1. Not quite accurate BB, she stated this morning on The Andrew Marr show, that she will be remaining very much a member of the Conservatives, but has conceded the Whip. I think this is possibly an even bigger blow to the Tory leadership, as it maintains a number of dissident MO's within the Tory rank willing to challenge the leadership.
  2. ciobha

    Arsenal Carjack

    Good to see Ozil stayed true to form and didn't do a thing!!!
  3. ciobha


    I'm with strocube on this - why can't there be a society that lives outside the social norms but is fully accepted?? Everybody is in too much of a hurry to have there preferences recognised as "normal". We don't want normal, why not have something that is a little bit "wrong"
  4. The word "exploitation" by it's exact translation is divisive and open to interpretation. My thoughts are that exploitation is where a person is forced to do something against there will, because they have little or no other choice. But it could be argued that I only translate it to this context because it allows me to sleep soundly at night, believing I have done no wrong. Others may argue that the very fact I indulge in sex for cash in a third world country means I am exploiting a less well off society for my own needs. This is probably a valid argument. However, as seven mentioned earlier, we could all argue we are being exploited in our own society by the rich business owner, if you wanted to perceive things in that manner. For example, I work my ass off usually 60 hours a week, and although I receive a generous remuneration, only my boss is getting rich through my hard work. But i don't feel I am being exploited, because I am not doing it against my will, I am doing it to make ends meet.
  5. I don't think that is Sharkey. The guy in this video is English going by the accent, and rather portly, where Sharkey is a Kiwi and built like a brick shithouse, also covered from head to foot in tattoos.
  6. The camera to be looks more like a "hidden cam" than a CCTV set up. I am also thinking this was a staged event rather than random hotel CCTV footage, which I would imagine must be illegal in most countries. But I agree with Seven, Neymar is a bit of a scumbag, unfortunately so many of these so called superstars fall into the lowlife category nowadays. They honestly believe that laws regulations and common standards do not apply to them!!!!
  7. I used to like you.
  8. Big Amazonian, massive tits and a cock the size of your forearm. Does it for me every time.
  9. I am pretty sure it's an Asian word, so I am going to go with Thailand, solely as a guess because that is what this forum is all about. As an aside, do you know how to confuse a blonde? Tell her you know a guy who lives in a blue bungalow, with blue floors, blue walls, blue ceilings and blue furniture, then ask her what colour the stairs are??
  10. Sooo, 31 points and a goal difference of 56 between Liverpool and Manure. Oh dear oh deary me, Dukey. Still Solskjaear will bring the glory days back, I have no doubt. In fact, if recent form continues, I reckon in a couple of seasons, Manure could even win League 1.
  11. I'm off for a wank.
  12. I know my opinion may be slightly biased, but having watched the whole game live, the score did not reflect the game.For large parts of the game Liverpool were the better side, Mane, Salah and Milner all missed pretty much open goals. Not too many sides got the Camp Nou and have a lions share of possession and shots on goal, and the Barcelona defence looked rattled every time Liverpool attacked. However the game is about goals, and Barca took their chances, that wee bastard Messi being in fine form, he is almost unplayable in that kind of form. I think Liverpool, if they are more clinical, can score 4 at Anfield, but I doubt they will keep a clean sheet as Messi, Suarez and co. will thrive on the counter attack, and the spaces Liverpool will have no choice but to leave if they go all out attack.
  13. I used to like Lionel Messi. Wee Bastard.
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