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  1. Great to hear from you Jaidee, hope you stick around, it will be great to catch up.
  2. Yep, originally they planned for Friday reopening due to having to put the implemented new processes and procedures in place, but in typical Thai fashion changed their minds at the last minute and decided to open today. The girls are eager to get back to work (Jennifer included), I just wonder where the cussomers will come from?
  3. Bumbar will probably be Friday. They are now starting to put in place the measures to comply with the guidelines, so in true fashion will no doubt not have that done in time for the official re-opening date.
  4. I am going to enjoy it even more now. My beloved Liverpool have now officially won the Premier League. First time in 30 years. I may have a hangover in the morning.
  5. Yep, that's the one- Jura 12. Having a nip as we speak.
  6. ciobha


    Ohhh sweet fucking Jesus, I have heard it all now!!!!
  7. Excellent work Herbert, I hope the locals appreciate what you are doing. On another note, I had a nice singe malt given to me last week, which although not the most expensive, is one of the best I have tasted for some time. "Dura 12" was the name, not sure if you have tried it? Anyway I hope to share a nip of it or similiar this year at some point, provided we are allowed back in the country by then!!!
  8. ciobha


    I'm with Tomcat and seven on this, I don't believe there will be a second wave. Obviously opinion and not based on science. There will be a spike in infections as things start to return to normality, that is a given, but it will be a spike, not a massive second surge, as the doom and gloom mongers would have us believe. That spike will happen whether normality returns this week, next week, next month or next year, it is inevitable. What is also inevitable is that the longer we live under severely restricted freedoms, the harder it will be for people to overcome fear and accept normal life again.
  9. Fook, you're up early ya baldy wee git!!!!
  10. ciobha

    Airline News

    I checked last week, and business class from Dublin to BKK over the Xmas period with Emirates was €4,500. That is almost twice what it would normally be. I reckon a lot more people are now looking at Business Class, people who previously would have never considered paying the extra just for a seat on a plane, now perhaps consider this to be worth it as it could be safer, given the natural distancing.
  11. I think the one thing we all know about this, is that we know nothing about this. There are opinions ranging from the extremely optimistic, i.e everything will be fine in 3 to 4 months, to the doom merchants, i.e we ain't going back to normal for 3 to 4 years. Even the scientists and medical experts have conflicting opinions, because right now they are just opinions as it is new even to them. This thing could come back in a second wave even harder than the current situation, or it could disappear out of the blue, never to return. I like to live my life with my glass half full, so am going with the brighter predictions, for now.
  12. Interesting you mention that mate, we talk about the long term negative impact this whole pandemic will have on Pattay, and what it may look like 6 months or 1 year from now. Benidorm, along with the likes of Ibiza, Majorca et al, are in the same boat. How many bars, restaurants and even hotels will never open their doors again in those places? I would say these places will also be very different for a few years to come.
  13. I should have arrived in Pattaya yesterday for 3 weeks of fun and relaxation. But, c'est la vie. I knew from an early stage, as most people did, that it was unlikely I would be on this trip, so that slightly dulls the disappointment. Hopefully Xmas will be a go, so as I have carried over these hols (no point taking leave and siting in the house) I may do a 5 week stint, all things being equal.
  14. Yup, a whole lot of people looked at the 80% and thought "I can live on that for a couple of months, sit at home doing fuck all and still have liveable income". Problem was I think the Govt. believed that there would be more of a backlash than actually happened, and they would roll down some restrictions on the back of it. But too many companies/individuals were scared by the hysteria created by the MSM, hence where we are now.
  15. I enjoyed his vlogs, generally very informative. Thanks for letting us know Dukey. R.I.P
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