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  1. I haven't booked yet obviously, but am optimistic about Christmas this year. I think the I would be more in fear of not being able to get a flight due to high demand, than everything still being in lockdown.
  2. Speaking of lovely asses (sorry to go a bit off topic Petesie). Since the local lockdown, there is now a young lady, probably mid twenties, walks past my house every evening at about 6pm. Must be a neighbour from the next street down or something out for some exercise with no gym to go to, I had never seen her before until last week. Anyhoo, she wears these incredibly tight jogging pants, you know the new fashion chappies that are half lycra and half fishnet. And her ass eats the whole top of them, and sweet Jesus what an ass. It is now my daily ritual to be standing by the window at 6pm to get a glimpse. Must admit I have polished the happy lamp a few times thinking about her. Now back to New Bar.
  3. Afraid not BB. Just gaggles from them as they run up and down the corridors and into each others rooms, at silly o'clock in the morning.
  4. Reside above a ladyboy bar for a few weeks. You soon realise that the fantasy is nothing like the reality.
  5. Be fair BB, those photos have nothing to do with CV. Five minutes before they were taken there was a public announcement that PDogg was about to ring the bell in a bar near Soi Buakaow.
  6. Sindy just told me that from tomorrow night there will be a total curfew for 1 week, no going out at all. So pretty much mixed messages going out.
  7. Much as I hate to say TC, I think you could be correct. This thing is going nowhere anytime soon, and as it stands people are struggling to toe the line with the restrictions set out. A lot of others, a large number, will be happy to comply for a few weeks, maybe even two months, but then will start to rebel and insist on getting back to normal, socialising etc. That is the hard truth of the world we live in. This will make an even tougher decision for the UK Govt. and others, as lawlessness sweeps the land, will they be forced to revert to plan A, a you say Herd Immunity, and allow deaths to happen?
  8. That is one hell of a nosh up Doris is having. Reminds me of he time I took Sindy to Beefeater for a farang style proper feed. She had a large steak, mash, veg, onion rings and a dessert. Ate the lot, and finished mine also as the plate was so full I couldn't finish it.. I thought it impossible to eat another thing for about 24 hours, but no, half an hour later we were back in La B and as I sat struggling to down a beer, being so bloated, I noticed her sitting outside with the girls tucking into to some cart food. Where the fook do they put it?
  9. Yeah that pretty much sums up what I read. The truth is that if Trump does go ahead and reopen everything or most things well ahead of when it is safe to do so, other countries, including the UK will probably follow for fear of falling further behind in terms of their economy. Much as this lockdown/restrictions are pain in the ass, I am willing to go along for as long as it takes to make sure as many people as is possible can survive. There are going to be deaths, absolutely no doubt, but if they can be limited then that is good. Sadly some governments will view the old and sick as collateral damage and get back to business.
  10. Still a tad vague what qualifies as essential, in terms of work? I supply packaging for the pharma and food industries therefore would class this as essential, as these items can't be sold without appropriate packaging, however is it still classed as essential. I would have said yes, but no clarity. What about plumbers, electrician and boiler repair engineers, are these essential. If your boiler breaks down and no heat for the house, then also yes, but no clarity. And then on the more trial things, will supermarkets still be selling things like alcohol and cigarettes? I can get by without, especially the beer as don't really drink that much, but others, especially as bars are closed, may believe that having a beer or glass of wine at the weekend is an essential part of life. Especially our NHS workers, who will most certainly deserve a wind down glass of wine a tough shift. Again no real clarity on this. As for review in 3 weeks - my arse, this will be 3 months minimum. On another note, I think I read somewhere the Mr.Trump is already considering returning to normal after 15 days, as one of his advisory "experts" reckons that the overall cost would be more damaging than the death toll if current measures prevailed. Can any of our American friends confirm this, or is it just whispers.
  11. Keep safe and well Duncan
  12. Yep can't blame you Dukey. Quite obviously my May trip isn't going to happen either, so looking at November, but i may need to make it October for various reasons. Emirates sent me an email giving me the option to reschedule my ticket any time within the next year, obviously paying any difference in fair, which I can guarantee there bloody well will be. I love the way they never give the option of a refund. On another point, I was talking to Sindy yesterday, sitting in her room bored senseless. The Thai attitude to this astounds me, they honestly think that after the 2 week lock down everything will return to normal, carry on as you were. I reckon Pattaya is fucked for the forseable and a good possibility if and when we do return there, it will be a very different city.
  13. I have just rang an imaginery bell for all you fine chaps.
  14. Yeah, I guess this let's reality hit home. For all the cursing I sometimes do of my job, I am lucky, at the minute anyway, to be in an industry that isn't directly hit by this virus. In fact, due to all the panic buying, we can't keep up with demand, never seen it so busy. It will fall off eventually, but as I make packaging for the Pharma and food industries, people still have to eat, and will get sick no matter. No consolation to the poor people in the hospitality industry, my thoughts are with them and I hope they can get some government relief then come out the other side of this with a job to return to.
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