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  1. La Bamba unfortunately is has now been closed for over a year. There is Ganja cafe now where La Bamba once stood. Red Poppy was on the go for a while, but it has also been closed now for some time and replaced by Nicks Bar. Dee Beach Bar, owned and run by Annie who was once the mamasan at La Bamba, is directly facing where La B once stood and can sometimes have Ladyboys present, though they aren't staff and just appear there sporadically a few nights a week. All down the soi there are various other bars that have the odd ladyboy on staff, but no dedocated LB bars as such.
  2. Or walk up to them and do a Crocodile Dundee. Just Checking!!!!
  3. Is that the area formerly known as Soi MIT?
  4. I think the same is probably being witnessed on a Global scale. I went into Belfast City yesterday afternoon for some drinks with a few colleagues (first time there in years), and I couldn't believe how bustling it was, busiest I have seen in years. The crowds out on the streets, walking from shop to shop were unreal. So many people it took 10 minutes to walk just a few hundred yards. And as for the bars - standing room only, if you were lucky, and a lot of places weren't even letting people in without a reservation. That isn't reservations for food, just to get into a bar to have a few drinks - in the bloody afternoon. Unreal!!! I would suspect after two years of either not being able to get out and about due to everywhere being closed, or having a fear of being in a crowd when places did start opening again, people are now making up for lost time, and enjoying the moment, as is being seen in Pattaya.
  5. So Bumbledude, I assume 'er indoors has went up to the village on her loansome?
  6. Pretty much so Zeppie, I am afraid!! But don't despair, IMO some of the best Guinness in Ireland is served at Dublin airport, so you don't have to venture too far into the county for a good pint of the black (ruby red) stuff.
  7. Not actually true Zeppie - the Guinness you would buy in Asia and even southern Europe is brewed in Nigeria, of all places. It is also a bit of a myth about the pipes, as any draught beer needs to have their pipes cleaned regularly it isn't the main reason for getting a foul pint of Guinness. The two key contributing factors are 1) Guinness does not react well to any tiny contaminate in the glass, so it is imperative they are cleaned thoroughly with a good quality liquid in the dishwasher, and 2) it needs to flow constantly from the keg, as it doesn't sit well. That is why pubs in Ireland that pull pints of Guinness pretty much all day long have a much better chance of serving a good pint. Don't know much about whiskey or wine, but when it comes to Guinness, that is a different story. I worked in a bar in Ireland long enough, and have drank enough of it over the years to tell the difference between a good pint and a bad one, from about 3 centimetres down the glass.
  8. Yeah, but it tastes like somebody dipped their sweaty socks in it. Absolutely vile, which is the case really in most places outside Ireland with Guinness. But to be fair, probably 50% of he pubs in Ireland also serve vile Guinness.
  9. That sentence is hardly a deterrent for any "young, new age" supposed eco warrior to think about their actions. They now know they will get a slap on the wrist at worst, so others will continue to carry out absurd actions. I bet she didn't even know who Tom Moore is, just seemed like somebody who had done good for the public, so is fair game to raise their illegitimate profile. I have no problem with people having a different view on life than mine, or protesting about things they feel strongly about, but when the public pays either through not being able to get their children to school, or worse, not being able to get a sick family member to hospital, I think harsher sentence should be a no brainer.
  10. Totally understand your desire for discretion Sylvester, especially with the hotel. Loom forward to hearing more about your exploits at a later date.
  11. Interesting observations Sylvester. Would you say the attempts to recoup the losses are carried out in a blatantly obvious manner, or in a covert way, i.e bill padding etc.?
  12. No, I neeva have. I'll get my coat!!!
  13. ciobha


    Sorry to hear this, May was a timeless beauty and a true gem of the LB community. Always pleasant and polite, neve pushy, and an ideal "date" for a night out, not just a quick romp in the sack. Very sad news indeed.
  14. Bet you didn't get in to the clubhouse without a jacket and tie? Great course, probably better than Royal Portrush where they held The Open a few years ago, but the most hateful members in the world of golf. Sunningdale Golf Club in England has a sign in their doorway stating "all members of golf clubs are welcome in this establishment, except the members of Royal County Down".
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