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  1. Talking to Sindy today, she seems to think the bars will open again on Monday. One thing struck me though, she and the rest of the girls in the bar are scared, and I mean petrified of this virus. They seem to be of the opinion that if they get it, it is a death sentence!! I tried to re-assure her that given the young age and lack of any underlying health issues, they may get a little bit sick, but it is certainly not a death sentence. However best to be cautious anyway for the next few weeks, better not having it at all.
  2. Happy New Year to you BBG, at least you have the warmth to keep you content - I am freezing my balls off here (although to be fair I live practically at the top of a mountain so it is cold all year round) I think we will the EPL again this year mate, but will need to buck up our ideas on the last few matches!!
  3. ciobha


    At that rate Dukey, you will have had more tests than Phil Tuffnell.
  4. I am with you 100% there QG, you are almost describing my own life. I had many years of having to spend my free time at the pub or club, going on holiday with a group of guys and generally being part of a large circle. But as QG says, friends move on, get married etc., or move abroad for work, and all of a sudden the group of 12 dwindles down to a few, the few you least liked among the original group. And so one has to re-evaluate what one really wants in life. For me, I stopped my nightlife habits back in 2008, until then, for almost 20 years, I was out on the town each and every Friday
  5. I think the context of lockdown really boils down to how it hurts the individual (outside of the obvious economic disadvantages). What I mean by that is; I would say I wouldn't be too far off the mark in saing a lockdown isn't too much of a hardship for any of us guys here in the LBR forum. We almost have a self imposed quarantine even at the best of times - none of us are anti-social, but are all happy in our own company on any given normal day. We don't really need social interaction, and I know I am not just speaking for myself when I say we are quite willing to avoid people on a daily basi
  6. Red Poppy (ex La Bamba) will be having a party on Sunday 15th November to celebrate Sindy turning 21 again. If you are lucky enough to be in Pattaya at the minute, why not pop in and help the lovely young lady enjoy her day. You know you want to.
  7. Oh come on BBG, you know you love the morlam. Mind you, it probably would have been more fun than watching our Liverpool last Sunday.
  8. Thanks for the invite Dave. Yamato looks a shadow of it's former self, as does much of the town. Sad to see in a way! Sindy was telling me a few days ago that they had one customer all day, bought 3 beers, played pool and then left. Nobody else the rest of the day.
  9. Irony of the above post Dave, is that is exactly what will happen FFS. These so called scientific experts and their groundbreaking ideas have no fookin clue whatsoever how normal people think or live their lives. Kind of puts me in mind of a guy I play golf with from time to time. Forensic microbioligist or something along those lines, academically probably the smartest person I know. But in general daily life he is as fucking daft as a brush, no clue whatsoever!!!! The mind boggles.
  10. ciobha


    Interesting thing Tel about one hour after the SAGE so called expert made this statement, the head of the WHO stated he was "very confident" that Covid will be totally gone in less than two years!!!! All of them just vying for 5 minutes of fame IMO, which is why I now ignore everything I read or hear.
  11. She is actually a Liverpool fan BBG, that's how we became so friendly. One of the nicest girls you'll ever meet as well as being hot. Late 30's/early 40's in age, perfect in every way. Boyfriend is about 6 foot 6" and built like a lighthouse I went out and about all day today to various places without a mask and I am still alive. Do you think it is a miracle???
  12. The wearing of masks became a mandatory requirement in N.Ireland on Monday in shops etc. I was in my local Tesco for the first time today since it became mandatory, and found only about 75% of the customers wearing masks, and almost none of the staff. Asked the girl at the tobacco till (who I know quite well, and by fook she is hot) what their policy was. She said that the area manager had basically told the local authorities that they would not subject their staff to policing the customers, based on feedback of violent outbursts from Tesco outlets in England and Scotland. They recommend custo
  13. You know you will always be welcome there Tel. I might even buy you a beer if I am feeling in a generous mood.
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