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  1. Thanks for posting Herberth, certainly looks like a fun night. But, is it wrong that I am turned on by your selection of whiskey almost as much as your selection of girls?
  2. The girl in the right of that pic sitting at the bar looks well and truly sozzled!!
  3. Bloody excellent young sir. Much better than that Hong Thong shite the La Bamba girls force me to drink. Next visit I will most certainly call in for a few drinks more that once, with the added bonus that Sindy and Alis are best friends, so she can trust me to go there with no alterior motive, otherwise Alis will tell her and my life won't be worth living. Look forward to seeing you in the near future, and keep posting on our little forum, your input is much appreciated.
  4. I see a bottle of Bell's in the background there. Not seen that in Pattaya before. One of my favourites for a nightcap nip, before going of to slumberland. Not much else to see in that pic.
  5. Happy for you BBG and everyone else. Happy New Year to you all. My new year was not so perfect unfortunately!! Went to climb into bed at about 11p.m and pulled something very nasty in my back. I have spent the last the 3 hours or so walking the streets trying to ease the pain, along with half a pack of painkillers, but to no avail. Standing up typing this as sitting down, lying down, bending causes excruciating pain. Just trying to do something to take my mind off it, but I have a feeling the sois of Belfast will be well walked tonight/this morning. Happy New Year my fucking arse. Still, on a + side my beloved LFC have finished the year as UCL champions, European Supercup Champions, World Club Cup Champions ans 13 points clear at the top of the league (with a game in hand). I know Dukey will be happy. I'm of for another wander because I can't stick this pain!!!
  6. I will most likely be in bed sleeping by the time midnight comes. Been knocked sideways by a serious bout of the flu the past few days, and struggling to keep my eyes open. Not particularly bothered, as I think New Years Eve at home is one of the worst nights of the year. Trying to get taxis is almost impossible, and prices for everything seem to double, including entrance fee charges into normal bars. Rip off!!! FYI, Sindy video called me just after midnight to wish me HYN. La Bamba totally void of customers, and the Italian restaurant next door all was quiet. I remember last year, although not packed there was a reasonable crowd, and the Italian next door was pretty packed with them letting off fireworks for almost an hour after countdown.
  7. Yup A certain lady who shall remain nameless, but suffice to say I know her very well, got addicted to that last year = big time addicted. She got herself in a bit of trouble over it too. I think thankfully now she has realised the perils and has given it up.
  8. Hmmm, can't say I know her BB. Looks vaguely familiar but certainly not a La Bamba stalward.
  9. Because your head look same same mirror???
  10. Sounds a bit like Nikki (small frame big boobs?). Description of her asking for drinks while having a communal bucket of booze sounds about right. She is generally fine, but when drunk can be a bit persistent asking for drinks. I just ignore her and she eventually gets the message.
  11. WTF was that all about buddy. As Boycie once said, " Have you been on the funny fags again Rodney"????
  12. About fookin time you started posting some photos here my wee baldy brother. That Benz reminds me of a young Lek, from La Bamba and 131 back in the day. That Handbag reminds me I must have a wank tonight.
  13. Very valid point my monkey mate. I think I mentioned previously about the having to retrieve my fleece from my room a few years ago, because the temperature had, for the first in my Thailand experience, gotten so low!! Now I believe if you looked at thermometers and official weather channels, it stated 16 degrees, which as DC stated would be a pleasant day at home. But I can tell you it felt nothing like that, it was bloody cold. That being said, it is currently minus 3 here with wind chill factored, and that is the official Belfast report, I live half way up a mountain so you can take several degrees off that again. I will swap you any day of the week.
  14. I wonder has a lack of clientele/bookings led to an early insurance job???
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