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  1. I am pretty sure it's an Asian word, so I am going to go with Thailand, solely as a guess because that is what this forum is all about. As an aside, do you know how to confuse a blonde? Tell her you know a guy who lives in a blue bungalow, with blue floors, blue walls, blue ceilings and blue furniture, then ask her what colour the stairs are??
  2. Sooo, 31 points and a goal difference of 56 between Liverpool and Manure. Oh dear oh deary me, Dukey. Still Solskjaear will bring the glory days back, I have no doubt. In fact, if recent form continues, I reckon in a couple of seasons, Manure could even win League 1.
  3. I'm off for a wank.
  4. I know my opinion may be slightly biased, but having watched the whole game live, the score did not reflect the game.For large parts of the game Liverpool were the better side, Mane, Salah and Milner all missed pretty much open goals. Not too many sides got the Camp Nou and have a lions share of possession and shots on goal, and the Barcelona defence looked rattled every time Liverpool attacked. However the game is about goals, and Barca took their chances, that wee bastard Messi being in fine form, he is almost unplayable in that kind of form. I think Liverpool, if they are more clinical, can score 4 at Anfield, but I doubt they will keep a clean sheet as Messi, Suarez and co. will thrive on the counter attack, and the spaces Liverpool will have no choice but to leave if they go all out attack.
  5. I used to like Lionel Messi. Wee Bastard.
  6. Sadly Dukey, after watching that performance tonight on MOTD, it looks like United's players are pissing on their own shirts. From a footballing perspective, I think it is disgraceful to the great players of the last number of years who gave their all for the club, to now witness this bunch of overpaid primadonna's waltz around without a care for the shirt or what it means. Of course from a Liverpool perspective, it is as funny as fook, and long may it contunue.
  7. Well this Wednesday night, I will officially be Manchester United's biggest supporter (for 90 minutes only mind)
  8. Yep, what BB just said. These scumbags have no place in Irish society, and need to realise they don't have ANY political or public support anymore. They are just hard line thugs clutching on to a cause that is no longer viable, and has long since evolved.
  9. I must say I fookin love Benidorm, but alas I haven't been there since 2005, which is the year I first discovered Thailand and all it has to offer. It may very much be on the cards for another visit in the too distant, given that I have really started to go off Thailland, especially Pattaya, over the past year or two. Pricewise, mongering aside as I didn't ever partake while in Benidorm (no need to monger, there are a plethora of Brit/Irish girls more than willing for a bit of holiday humpty dumpty), I found Benidorm extremely cheap for accommodation, food and drink, and there are cheap flights almost daily from Belfast. Not sure if it still as cheap, but hopefully young Dukey can report back with a tip or 4-0, oops I mean a tip or two??
  10. ciobha


    Yep, most certainly no pervs here in good old Norn Iron. I mean, chasing young boys in frocks and getting Big Nancy's weapon up the wrong 'un can hardly be described as pervy, right???
  11. I think that's on Chaiyapoon. I know there is a bar there called the English Rose. Saw it last trip while looking for Hunny Bunny Bar?
  12. From afternoon until 11pm you say. I wouldn't like to be cleaning your cage in the morning!!!!
  13. What, all 3 of them????
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