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  1. @xyzzy = It is a pity that Zidane's excellent career will always be marred and often remembered by that 2 seconds of madness in the World Cup final. He, for me was simply sensational. If you have time some night, go on to Youtube and watch some videos of him at his finest. Well worth it.
  2. My dear old Dad to this day believes George Best was the greatest of all time, even though he was never a Man Utd fan, he reckons nobody even comes close. I never really had the pleasure of witnessing him at his prime, so when I talk about the best, I will refer to the best I have seen, as it is unrealistic to comment on players who you haven't followed through a career. Maradonna was the best I had seen in my lifetime until Messi came along, although I still have a thing for Zidane. If really pushed I would say Zidane is the best I have seen. It's all down to personal preferences and opinion. Forget about statistics and scorecards, we all have a different view on what makes a player special.. For the record, Jimslim thinks Jonny Jamieson is the greatest player to ever kick a football. Look him up some night when you fook all else to do!!
  3. Point I am making I guess, is that we all have our opinion on who is/was the best player. And I can guarantee a large input to that opinion is if they played for "My Team". Seven holds Zlatan in the highest regard, and believes he is among the immortals of football. I fully respect his reasoning behind that, and although I disagree, I fully respect where he is coming from. Same with Ronaldo - I will never deny how brilliant he is, but I don't put him on a pedestal like I would with Messi. In my opinion, one of the best players I have ever seen up close and personal, is Kenny Dalglish. Now most people will laugh at this and say he doesn't compare to Ronaldo/Zlatan/Messi, but he for me epitomised football at it's finest, and I would love to see how he would fare in the modern game while he was in his prime?
  4. ciobha

    Rugby World Cup

    I fancied England from the start of the competition and certainly am not going to change my mind now. They play a very entertaining form of rugby, and Eddie Jones has given them that extra element in they can adapt their game to counter any given opponent. I put England for a 17 point victory!!!
  5. I would say it is very much set up to suit France and Germany. I am no expert, but looking from the outside, to me it all roads lead to a powerhouse type of economy with those two countries calling the shots and dictating to everybody else what to do, how to run their countries. If they refuse or rebel, the handouts will stop, kind of a blackmail system.
  6. Apology accepted BTW, I certainly do not wish for another referendum - the country voted, and the vote was leave. I believe in democracy and accept the result. My concern isn't with leaving, it is leaving without some sort of trade deal, which I believe would have a devastating effect on people in all of the UK, and in Ireland. I am no big fan of the EU personally, unelected egotistical anti British representatives whose aim is not the improved lifestyle of people within the bloc, but to make achieve a United Europe and benefit a few countries within it, so much so that I think the EU can be "cuntish". That said, there are several advantages when you look from a free trade perspective, and I don't think the UK is strong enough anymore to stand on it's own two feet. i,e Our manufacturing industry is in the toilet, and further diminishing annually, so we simply don't make enough to empower ourselves, and with a lack of skills, it would take a few generations to rectify that issue.
  7. Well i hope you guys enjoy the picking the imaginary money off the money trees, digging up all the gold at the end of tge rainbow, and flying about on your unicorns when Brexit happens, after all that is what the Leave campaign promised isn't it. BTW, I most certainly did not resort to name calling Redrock and Big Tel, I am quite surprised at you both, but a "cunt like me" will remember who my friends are in the future.
  8. ciobha

    Rugby World Cup

    Quite correct Archie and PD- my question would be if the Typhoon was to hit during the quarter finals, or semi finals, what would they do then? I guarantee they would find an alternative venue/date for the games.
  9. As my 3 biggest customers are based in ROI, a no deal would be absolutely devastating for my business. I would have no doubt there would be several lay offs on the back of a no deal (possibly myself included) as those customers have made it quite clear they would look for a more local supplier with no fear of product being delayed at the border. So many other NI businesses are in the same dilemna, so you will forgive me if I say you can take your misguided no deal exceptionalism and shove it up your arse.
  10. I am with Redrock on this one - if you look at the protesters they are almost all middle class white luvvies, who's lives are probably so easy, they feel they need a cause to make them feel better about themselves and feel like rebels. Most of them are absolutely clueless and I wouldn't be surprised if they left the protests and then flew business class to their fifth luxury holiday of the year!! Twats
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