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  1. Move along please... nothing to see here...move along please. The nonces-in-brown have been rousting hookers along the beach road since time immemorial, but the authorities like to put on a brave face to show they're not completely useless.
  2. I don't think exotic and UK should be used in the same sentence! What I really meant was that if you're already in the UK then it would be a good idea as many of them are very exotic looking and have no interest in taking payment for any services rendered.
  3. Plenty of Indian trannies in the UK, no need to go all that way!
  4. Thought I would walk past Treetown for a change and came across this bar next to Cafe Pitini. Only about 6 LBs in attendance and I just can't recall having seen it before. Managed to get off one photo, but I'm sure the rest are the usual suspects. Oddly enough, the the bar closed at 12:15 so bear this in mind if you're going to pay it a visit.
  5. I was 'accosted' along there a few days back - the LB in question started to touch me up, but in reality was patting down my pockets to see if I had anything worth nicking. I pushed her away firmly but politely as I had my phone and wallet on me at the time. If you do go trolling for a bit of action along there, carry nothing but a few hundred kept in your shoe for emergencies and unmissable deals. There really are some good looking LBs along there - but watch your wallet!
  6. Almost reminds me of the good old days along beach road (back in the nineties and noughties). Everyone used to laugh at the old duffers sitting there with their cheap beers from 7/11, but they had obviously been where we were yet to go! If only we could recreate those days along Yin Yom beach.........if only.......
  7. Definitely no getting past that barrier - perhaps only by bicycle. I'll have a look up soi 5 next time I'm passing.
  8. Well as long as there is somewhere to go whilst in Naklua then I'm not too fussed. I wasn't overly impressed with the buzz of the area but more research is needed as I have a sneaky feeling that it's a bit cliquey up there. If I was ever considering renting a condo then I would have to take this into consideration.
  9. I was up there a few nights ago also - reasonable activity in some bars but the rest of the place was dead. TJs looked dead AND buried!
  10. I was thinking about Laguna Beach 2 for location, but at 24 sqm I am needing to think about that for long term letting as it's too small for a sofa and coffee table even. It's getting precarious now as many rentiers are setting 10k minimum rent once current contracts expire, plus the Russians are snapping up everything left on 12 month contracts - no doubt sub-letting to draft dodgers! Going to need all the luck I can get.
  11. Laawman

    The Big Breakfast

    'Last Tango in Paris' springs to mind!
  12. I think it would all be much simpler if I just got my ass into one of the Laguna condos and keep it local!
  13. Many thanks for the reply - I was indeed looking to avoid any DUI issues by taking a back route! Looks like hanging a left off Thepprasit road is the only other way, short of going the long way round and using the Suk highway.
  14. Laawman

    The Big Breakfast

    I would say yes, it's pretty much the same as others I've seen. WYSIWYG. Could do with a bit more butter, but at least you get the requisite knife to spread it with.
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