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  1. I have had two trips to Benidorm (Spain) in the last 6 months, its probably a 6 hour journey door to door from my house to the hotel (that includes Bus journey to Manchester airport, Bag drop off, the Flight and the Coach Transfer from Alicante Airport to Hotel). There is a 'Gay' area in the Old Town, but I have not sampled it yet so don't have Intel about about any of 'ours' there. However in Valencia, a 1 hours Bus journey away from Benidorm, there is a lot of 'ladyboy' activity if you want it, and not at a great cost either I may look into it on my next trip to Spain, it just shows you don't have to travel 6500 miles, and 24 hours to get your kicks
  2. duke007

    Party Time.

    Brexit Party @ Sweethearts Bar Friday 31st January
  3. It wasn't PD, he was just passing and included it in his daily Vlog.. this guy certainly isn't part of the 'Balloon chasing' crew imho.....
  4. Another Vlog from Bangkok112, this from Phuket last month
  5. duke007

    Party Time.

    Was the old Asia Backpackers before it changed its name to The Spot, several of the girls have moved there from the now defunct Surprise Yourself Bar, same owner too I believe For others that don't know its on the corner of the soi that leads to Baby Boom from Soi Buakhao
  6. Yeah I know you did Bud, just wanted to share a story with those not on this forum back in the day
  7. Yep, I kinda agree.. but perhaps that is because we are getting 'past it' for KSR and think the music is shite, or at least it does for me But I do have a great memory of there back in May 2009, and that was having a night on the town with Taneisha Black and later getting 'banged' into next week by her 'doggy style' (with her black panties stuffed down my throat) back in her room on KSR
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