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  1. Nice one Herb , this is the ladyboy bar that I am most looking forward to visiting on my next trip
  2. Anyone been in the Patcha Bar on Soi 4, not got a sign yet (but it used to be the Katty Bar) Apparently a few LB's mooching about in there
  3. Yep a real shame Jimmy, couldn't believe when I heard that Jen had stabbed her mate to death. I met her and barfined her from C&D's just before this incident, wonder how she is doing. She did agree to some free publicity for this forum while naked too
  4. He's probably not been back to Thailand for 2 or 3 years, like a lot us.
  5. I know Canterbury Dave pretty well, also had a lot of fun staying there a few times n the past, a great guy and so I have booked to stay there again for the Nostalgia later this year, looking forward to more chinwags with the big fella
  6. It certainly was amogo, and the 50% discount off our drinks was a lovely gesture by Dave
  7. His name is Dave, and he was the manager of the The Venue for the owner and a very good friend of his with whom he met and knew from Blackpool, his mate also started up and then sold the firm NetFlights (of which I have booked so many Flights with and swear by). Can't remember the owner of The Venue's name but he would only visit Thailand once or twice a year and just left Dave to run it for him (5 or 6 nights a week). Dave was also married (probably still is) to a very pretty young waitress that worked in the Chow Soy.
  8. They used different sausages depending on which meal you had, the English Breakfast ones for were smaller but if for example you ordered Sausage, Egg & Beans or Chips the 'Bangers' were a lot bigger and were of far better quality imho, I was actually looking forward to going back in there later this year for a scran but alas that may not be the case Funny thing was I was going to email Dave the owner a couple of months ago to see if Room 2 was vacant for my next visit, as many a ladyman have made me very happy chappy there .
  9. Shame one of my old haunts is Up for Sale, have very happy memories of this place both upstairs and downstairs
  10. Looks like Man City have copied Nick Dean's design for their new away shirt
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