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  1. Lucas picks up his bike.
  2. The same could be said for bar owners in Thailand of course But you could possibly just take the time to watch a docu or two of say Prince Charlie for example, you would be surprised of the hard work he does, he also has a great dry sense of humour and is a very likeable chap imho, anyways that my lot with the Monarchy on this thread
  3. Now let me guess who that could be
  4. And perhaps you should have a look closer to your own home before having digs at the British and our Monarchy Btw. my other post was made 'tongue in cheek' hence the emoji's...but I suppose I will have to refrain and curb the ''British' sense of humour from those who don't get it, especially in times like these. Over and Out
  5. Fuck Europe, except for Spain... I couldn't bite my tongue... I am proud to be British God Save our Queen
  6. Not in Pattaya at the moment, she is currently back home in Khon Kaen
  7. I was a smoker myself for over 40 years until I had my last fag on February 18th 2018 so that would not bother me at all to be fair , its her hands and finger nails that would worry me more than anything else tbh
  8. I would not like to argue with her seven
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