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  1. I think 'Katty Bar' and the 'Kittens' has a certain 'ring' to it imho so hope the name stays, wishing you all the best on your new venture Emmy, chok dee to you and the girls
  2. Jimbo said he will be now reside on his usual perch so I take that he is moving back to Sweethearts Bar. That might be a relief to the 'Last of the Summer Wine' crew that reside in Jomtiengrad
  3. Well it looks as if Sweethearts Bar won't be closing its doors after all, despite Jimbo and Cindy to go their separate ways (after haggling with their landlord). The owners of Katoeys 'R' Us ( youngone, jolski and Pad thai boy) have stepped in and Jimbo will remain in a part-time capacity front of house. So some good news at last. I wish all of them 'chok dee'
  4. duke007


    That is certainly another reason not to bother amogo
  5. It seems that Hunny Bunny Bar has been sold
  6. duke007


    So glad I booked a 'Jolly' yesterday for Benidorm this August, I can't be arsed with Pattaya for the foreseeable with all the goings on there at the moment tbh.
  7. Sadly Jimbo has announced that he and his business partner Cindy have decided to call it a day with Sweethearts Bar and won't be opening it up again, he will now hopefully enjoy his retirement in Jomtien. I wish them both good luck.
  8. That's a shame as Jinny would be the one reason I would venture up to Naklua again. But good luck to her, and her BF
  9. Lastest News on Benidorm from the last month, I can't wait to go back tbh
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