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  1. duke007

    LBWVB - 2019

    Take a Bow and have a good Rest Tony, you deserve it It has indeed been a blast
  2. There are plenty of ladyboys about willing to do this if you take the time to look
  3. duke007

    6 Nations

    What happened with the Jocks coming back like that Were they on Speed?
  4. duke007

    6 Nations

    The Taffs certainly put the Paddy's to bed, too easy and they coasted it But well done to the Boyo's on the Grand Slam, very well deserved
  5. Both the Champions League Quarter-Final and Semi-Final Draws will be made tomorrow at 11am GMT
  6. Yes, another class act by your favourite player.
  7. duke007

    6 Nations

    If Wales win they will win the Grand Slam regardless of what England do and I cant see anything but a Taff win tbh, especially being at home at Cardiff Arms Park and with the most fervent fans in the world (imho) behind them, isnt it
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