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  1. Banning Manchester City for a year in the Champions League would not do them any harm, after all its been 49 years since they won their last European Trophy
  2. The NHS has saved my life, I didnt pay a penny and I didnt have to wait long. Yes, I am very happy with it
  3. So I take it you wouldnt go out for a pint with him then amogo?
  4. Dont do this to yourself PD, they are a Bunch of Scallies
  5. I would have said Man City as I dont want Liverpool to win any game let alone a Trophy However having listened to the verbal diarrhea this season from fans from the Emptyhad Stadium, a lot really do think they are a massive Club and bigger than Man United now . Yet they are still very much a minnow in Europe football wise and certainly a stikleback Globalwise. I dont really care who wins the Premier League, whoever finishes Top deserves it at the end of the day.
  6. When I want a real gg I think of Pic 1 ........ When I want a boy I think of Pic 2 Fortunately I have had the pleasure of the latter a few times So how 'gay' am I ?
  7. You are already well past that stage now Sustra
  8. I am not one for supporting English teams (apart from my own) in European competitions but I am going to make an exception this season on cheer on both the North London teams (Spurs and Arsenal) in the Champions League and Europa League Finals. As for the Royals, Prince William will be cheering on Aston Villa in the Championship play-offs as he is a very big fan of theirs
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