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  1. duke007

    Jokes Thread

    Just in case any people take offence
  2. duke007

    Jokes Thread

  3. duke007

    Jokes Thread

  4. duke007

    Eateries in Pattaya

    Yep, certainly looks super value for 70 baht (pic courtesy of kwan)
  5. duke007

    $500 in Philippines Peso

    I thought you would have made a bit more than that with your long hair buddy
  6. duke007

    Eateries in Pattaya

    Roast Chicken Sunday Dinners in Jomtien for 70 baht
  7. duke007

    Party Time.

    , nice one mate
  8. duke007

    Party Time.

    It would be very rude of me not to attend this Party and I am quite looking forward to it now And as the Fulham v Manchester United game kicks off at 7-30pm (Thai time) it should be a great night
  9. duke007

    Surprise Yourself Bar.

    Not bad price , if you get the horn and end up with the lady of your choice, which I will be if Patty is still in house early February
  10. duke007

    Name That Shot! Pattaya

    Between the hours of 3-5am perhaps?