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  1. duke007

    6 Nations

    I bought Gareth's Book off EBay a few weeks ago, not read it yet but will be doing soon. Thankfully Gareth has the backing of most of the British people including both big Rugger fans Prince Harry and William (who is the Welsh Rugby Union Patron) and its great he will be TV Pundit for the upcoming Rugby Union World Cup starting next week in Japan. Chin up Boyo
  2. Just a few pics of the many took by Sonya (thanks Sonya) from the official opening night of Sweethearts Bar on Sunday Starting off with the new owners Cindy & Jimbo
  3. At least Letterman tried to be funny, but came unstuck by a lot of British people including Oliver I would rather be kicked in the bollocks than watch this guy Colbert tbh ...
  4. Who the fuck is Stephen Colbert? , and what has he got to do with the UK? I actually took the time to watch this video and I have just wasted 4 minutes of my life, he is as about as funny as having toothache
  5. Jimbo will not try to 'poach' any of the TJ's staff, now that just wouldn't be Cricket , but its up to the girls if they did want to defect. The bar has only been open a few days so we will just have to wait and see what happens Staff wise.
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