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  1. It may will be But with Copyrights and all that...lol I was twisting my Melons with Bez's maraca's by the Pool yesterday to one of Anthony H Wilson's signings from the Haciendat, going to see the Happy Mondays in November
  2. Part 3 published yesterday Looks like Nick is opening up a bar in Soi Pothole Funnily enough I wore my Hacienda r-shirt last night for going out in, Wicked
  3. Was gutted for my England girls, played their hearts out, came close but it just wasnt quite enough after that penalty save from the American keeper near the end of the game. Have to say though that the Yankee Captain Alex Morgan is one hell of a sexy MF, I wouldnt like to say what I would like to do to her
  4. Another meet and greet night planned (Poster courtesy of Kwan)
  5. duke007

    Heat Wave

    Not been to the 'poofter' area of the Old Town yet......apparently loads of 'benders' bars around. Will take a look in a few nights time as got the England v USA World Cup Womens Semi tomorrow night plus the World Cup Cricket match between England and New Zealand on Wednesday. These shows are knocking about too
  6. duke007

    Heat Wave

    Also the fan has come in very handy early evening whilst having a Vino before dinner on the balcony. Its still Scorchio
  7. duke007

    Heat Wave

    38 degrees C here in Benidorm (Spain) at the moment, someone told me last night that she saw it hit 42C on a temperature guage. Even though I have AC in the room I still bought a little fan which has been a blessing and worked a treat. The good news is that I can chill out with pints of beer at €1.50 (52 baht) and large G &T's in the Sports Bars that are showing the Cricket and Womens World Cups on large screens. Might go and chill out by one of the 5 pools here at the Hotel Life aint too bad
  8. duke007

    Party Time.

    Another Prize Money night has been announced
  9. Part 2 Shame about the 'gobby' scouser at the start of this Vlog
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