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  1. Well said bbg, I do think Rom could have added another option for his voting system though, for example using one of these (below) for a 'I couldn't really give a fuck' Btw... I also gave you a 'like' mate
  2. I've just reached 'Rear Admiral' status, what are they trying to say?
  3. Perhaps you should refrain from wearing balaclava's when transitting through Airports mate.
  4. That story has just made a great start to my day Fenners, I can just picture you . Thanx for sharing
  5. My preference nowadays and has been for many years (or should I say it was 'once' nowadays ) would a connecting Flight with Qatar Airways (MAN-DOH-BKK and back), as I personally think they are the best. If there would be problems with a connecting Flight getting to Bangkok or getting back into the UK then I would quite happily fly Direct with BA from LHR.
  6. SKIP to 5 minutes in
  7. Same Same with me, I really don't want to waste another second of my life reacting to the likes of the Chairman of this Club or his disciple
  8. You are the one that needs to 'get over it' Rom and quick, you're endless crusade against PY has got very very 'boring' to say the least and to the majority here, but then I am just 'presuming' that
  9. You know that, I know that but some people cannot help presuming you were 'banned from PY because it somehow gives them reason to slag off the LBP forum on here, perhaps they should instead get their , 'FACTS' CORRECT FIRST before posting. And for the record I have given you a 'like for your post above.
  10. And it brings back happy memories I had with the Viet girl Linda in Room 2 of the Chow Soy
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