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  1. No offence but can't we have all these Transgender Threads interwoven into one? How many separate threads do we need? A Transgender News Thread perhaps
  2. Sensations Bar....Action Street
  3. Katoeys 'R' Us is not my bag tbh but Noel is a great guy so I think I will attend
  4. Noel's (Jolski) Birthday Party Katoeys 'R' Us Saturday 10th December
  5. Dao is having her Birthday Party at Zaza Massage tonight
  6. I wont use Bolt or Grab, due to the reasons given in the post above. It's either walk, baht bus or the motorcycle taxi for me,
  7. Saw a couple of crackers sat outside there last when passed by on the Baht Bus at around 7-15pm, one girl smiled at me as she obviously knew my eyes were transfixed on them
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