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  1. As you might know Theres a new ladyboy bar in Pattaya, located at second road in a small bar complex right before Central festival a really nice Little open beer bar with some really sweet girls heres some pics from last night
  2. Couldnt find a tread about this place so i thought i would add some pics from this bar&massage A soapy including "boom-boom" is 2 k, and there is no rush the bar is cheap, no ladydrinks so if you buy them a softdrink its 40-45 thb the bar is located almost 100 meter from the massage place on rath u thit and if you go by tuk tuk or motorbike taxi just ask to go to Patong whisky which is a well known retailer just opposite the massage place...
  3. Great night last night no pics from that YET....iam lazy today....but here are some from yesterday
  4. Sometimes it feels like that Naaaah...we are still happy
  5. will make sure to take some pics while iam there Lita is right now in Phuket to celebrate Oh and visit old friends
  6. as the title say.. Theres a party at Lita bar on the 29 with a grilled babypig :party0021: starts at 9
  7. indeed i had and tonight its Madam Oh`s birthday at C&D
  8. some more updates from the bar.. Really good fun at the moment in the bar, lots of good costumers around
  9. Hello Guys... beeing present at the moment i thought i would post a few pics
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