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  3. I'm sorry the video disturbed you. I saw nothing negative though, these are just well hung ladyboys playing pool. You can hide the post if you want.
  4. New talent in Check In bar? Anyone knows her?
  5. Some familiar faces here. Here's the best deal I've seen for the Ladyboy Gold Group Of Ladyboy Websites. You get access to 12 different websites. The normal price is 39.95 but with this link only 14.95. Note, this free tour is blocked if you are in Thailand but the member's area is not blocked. Ladyboy Gold Special Offer
  6. where pretty girls have big thick cocks!
  7. I have only walked through tree town one time, but I did notice a few ladyboys in bars with mostly female staff. I remember when BKK go gos often had one ladyboy in the lines up.
  8. Last week
  9. A Thai woman allegedly raced her sedan against a Belgian driver on a Pattaya road and crashed into a power pole, claiming she got enraged after the foreign driver ridiculed her car. The woman, identified by Pattaya police as Ms. Chanphen Thaweesri, 48, was rescued after her bronze Mercedes Benz 220 sedan rammed into a power pole and caught on fire at 3:00 AM, today, October 1st. The fire was put out by a group of Good Samaritans prior to police arrival. Chanphen was uninjured. Police also found another party, which was a Belgian driver, Mr. Stephane Mathieu Cordemans, 35, at the accident scene. His bronze Honda Civic sedan was slightly damaged, and he was safe. He refused to give any statement to the press or Pattaya police. According to Ms. Chanphen’s claim, Mr. Stephane knocked on her window and argued with her about how she drove. He then reportedly ridiculed her Mercedes Benz for being antique and matchless against his Honda Civic. Chanphen said it was at this point that she lost her temper, leading her to challenge the Belgian driver to a race. The Good Samaritans stated that they saw both parties racing at a high speed and dangerously trying to overtake one another before the crash. Two other cars were damaged as well, according to the Samaritans. Pattaya police took Ms. Chanphen to the police station for an alcohol test. It was unclear what charges would be pressed or if the Belgian driver would also face any charges. https://thepattayanews.com/2022/10/01/thai-woman-allegedly-races-against-a-belgian-driver-on-pattaya-road-and-crashes/
  10. It's known as 'The Bike Shed' ! 5555
  11. I came in on 24/9 but wasn't asked for either proof of accommodation or an onward flight. However, I guess YMMV if the IO thinks you look a bit dodgy.
  12. it's kinda boring in that they don't do much but drive to places, get a good hotel and then eat too freaking much, BUT it's comfortable, there's no conflict, or arguments, it's pretty mellow and they're mostly likeable. (maybe I'm the only one that don't like how CM pimps out his gf on all the thumbnails). Seems like he made a boatload of bux selling his biz. I figure the hotels are partly for youtube views, seems everyone loves looking at condo's and hotels. And the food, you gotta have lots of yummy eats spread out on a table. What makes me chuckle is part of his intro...Be Unpredictable. Right, he's gonna order a cheeseburger or they're going to a Mexican resto, they're always gonna stay in nice hotels, many of which look pretty much the same (overlooking a pool)...and so on :) I like that town they live in, maybe I'll go check it out this trip.
  13. Pdoggg

    Irish Grill House

    A warm welcome Father Dougal! Bless me father for I have sinned. It's been a long time since my last confession. I repeatedly committed the sins of sodomy and fornication. I ask for absolution. What is my penance Padre?
  14. Geez, I think I might run with the one in the lime green top. If I collapse after 200 metres she might give me mouth to mouth!. Well heres hoping anyway. Look at that stomach. No Mc Donalds there!.
  15. No, I don't. What I experienced was far (very far) from PY. After arguments that I won't develop here, one of the guys eventually posted what he meant : we want a guy who doesn't bottom to be banned because he's not one of us. I just don't feel comfortable about a discussion who woulkd be restricted to bottom guys only. (I probably overreacted after this recent unpleasant experience.).
  16. LONDON — The Bank of England will suspend the planned start of its gilt selling next week and begin temporarily buying long-dated bonds in order to calm the market chaos unleashed by the new government’s so-called “mini-budget.” U.K. gilt yields were on course for their sharpest monthly rise since at least 1957 as investors fled British fixed income markets following the new fiscal policy announcements. The measures included large swathes of unfunded tax cuts that have drawn global criticism, including from the IMF. In a statement Wednesday, the central bank said it was monitoring the “significant repricing” of U.K. and global assets in recent days, which has hit long-dated U.K. government debt particularly hard. “Were dysfunction in this market to continue or worsen, there would be a material risk to UK financial stability. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/09/28/bank-of-england-delays-bond-sales-launches-temporary-purchase-program.html
  17. Which of these bourbons are currently available at Delirious? Any good ones not mentioned in the thread? http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/topic/10141-bourbon-whiskey-and-its-drinks/
  18. i think not but am never quite sure of these things, she was very drunk the night of the party, eventually we threw a bucket of water over her and Jimbo to prise them apart. she's a long time on and off Kitten from the old Katty days. Nice girl.
  19. hit Kayak the other night in a "private window" and fares are now closer to 2000 or close to it. American Airlines too. I was always suspicious of cheap flights around the time I booked. Many offered them but there was a lag time between their claimed cheap flight on Kayak and the acual fact. I'd hit the book flight button, it'd shunt me to the airline that would tell me that flight is no longer an option and offer one 500 bux more. LOTS of flux back in june/july and even after. At this point 1500 is OK with me. Plus the dollar is pummeling the baht :) Piggie...3 hours won't kill me, just get on the plane a little earlier and my ride is fine with it.
  20. I am giving a link above to my earlier post where I sensed the demise of TJs and was even inspired to sing from an old song: Another exhilarating facet of the ladyboy world as we knew it that will be lost for good: TJ's unique experience of SPACE, OPEN SPACE with beautiful ladyboys frolicking under the sultry night sky with the implausibly nearby sea whispering during the karaoke breaks... unlike any of the other ladyboy venues that tend to be cramped and enclosed so what happens in the premises is hidden from passers-by... On a personal note, I would go there not just for the ladyboys but also to gawk at the mongers and put faces to PY-avatars, especially "my" Romscars nominees and Hall of Legenders 1 or 2 of whom could always be found at TJs on any given night. The place was so spacious they could not even tell I was checking them out... Only little momma M would recognize me from way back when her husband was alive but she never connected the dots to the misunderstood Rom shadow of an outcast so many of her patrons disliked. I dont know what is coming over me ... the monger's blues perhaps... or a broader existential crisis ... but this is what is playing in my mind as I write these words and think of TJs: Starry, starry night Paint your palette blue and gray Look out on a summer's day With eyes that know the darkness in my soul For they could not love you But still your love was true And when no hope was left inside On that starry, starry night
  21. Think of it as a hoodie on a woody, Woodie.
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