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  4. WN04 Doll of the Day Today's Doll of the Day is Tew, a petite femboy hailing from Pakse. Tew is quiet and is often in the background, but she is well worth a 'butchers'. I never realised she had such a great ass until I saw these latest photos Tew Stats Birthday: 01 November Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Type: Femboy Orientation: Versatile Breasts: N/A Tew Photo Credits to @Singter1
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  6. My pleasure Rom - always good to have accurate information to formulate a good strategy. Yes, it is very pricey for the finals on the main floor, and even the balcony tickets are not cheap. Taking Fang (alone) to the preliminaries is a good idea. The preliminaries tickets are not likely to sell out but the Finals night most likely will be as per previous contests. Good luck with your planning!
  7. Miss Gin appeared in front of the camera. Long live Daisy Dukes Credits to Franks Tgirl World
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  9. Looks A little like Kim Kardashian. If you do try her, please share the experience.
  10. and Post op nordic ladyboys https://x.com/Cinederose/status/1814515957727219824
  11. Will have to consider Taiwan for my ladyboy adventures bucket list. I would enjoy A turn with her.
  12. See you tonight at my birthday party in Emmy Bar and Restaurant at Jomtien soi2.
  13. Indeed, it was both. Semantics play a crucial role in our mutual understanding, and it’s important to discuss them, especially when talking of sissies.
  14. My Pale Nordic Post-Op ladyboy short is doing gangbusters on twitter and instagram , i will post the instagram as twitter needs a log in https://www.instagram.com/reel/C9oYj4Xyz5m/?igsh=MXVpdmJ0MzB0eGZzcw==
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  16. I appreciate your response and I gather that this may have been brewing and finally came to a head. That does happen but the outside observer only see the end result vs the lead up. I have no issues with you or Woodie. As for Barforth, my impression is he is just a nice guy, since there was no backlash from him and did not give the impression he felt slighted.......my observations. Anyhow.....I hope it is over.
  17. Dan Miller

    Chaos 9 Soi 4

    Chaos 9 shared some photos from Miya. Looking lovely! Credits to Meta.
  18. Yes cheap cell phones and the internet changed the world across all professions by enabling instant information sharing and gathering. But bear in mind that initially they BOOSTED the Thai bar scene by showcasing the sissies in bars to porn surfers worldwide generating an unprecedented wave of mongers newly converted to sissies who flocked to TH to meet them in the bars. Cell phones existed but using them for mongering was only for repeat customers wanting to bypass the barfine. It was only when social media came into the picture that cell phones made viable the no-bar business model. The sissies could sell themselves directly on FB, TF, Tinder, PinaLove etc and no longer needed to subject themselves to the grueling bar rules. The trend inscreasingly is for the prostis to work when they want, wear what they want and bar owners feel they are lucky to have them as FREELANCERS. As to "the Thai bar scene" I believe it was and still is truly unique. I have traveled all over the world and every country has its red light districts and bars but nothing compares to TH BKK and Pattaya in sheer numbers. Not Ermita (in the 1980s) + Makati + AC together even come close. As mentioned, in Sub-Saharan Africa and Cuba and DR and Colombia and Brazil there are GG prostis and easy women galore but you never have them bar-packed by the 100s or 1000s in front of you like you do in TH. And as regards sissies the Thai advantage is even more pronounced. As regards inflation, the Thai CPI has gone up roughly 50 percent since 1997 (the Asian crisis) but so has the exchange rate so prices for me in USD have on average not changed in those 25 years (although they have eroded the initial exchange rate gains). In Pattaya you can still find 300 baht barfines but in some places they skyrocketed to 1000+. I remember at Thermae I could get LTs for 500 with attractive GGs and now it would seem impossible. I can still get 1000 LTs in Pattaya but only with sissies or MILFs. A young attractive GG will not spend the night for less than 3 or 4 K. That's my 2 cents worth for today. Gotta go. Going to watch Biden make a sorrow spectacle of himself at the NATO summit...
  19. Laawman

    The Big Breakfast

    American breakfast at the cafe in Villa supermarket - B79 before 11am and then B99 after. Definitely on the small side, but comes with fresh squeezed orange, filter coffee and wholegrain bread.
  20. I decided to extend my stay in BKK for another week, so after my stay at Solitaire, I moved to the Sawasdee Hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 8. I got a room at the ground floor, which had a small outside seating area for smoking. The room is small, but has all basics. The bed was okay, the shower very poor. A kind of shower with a water pressure, ensuring it will take 3 minutes to get wet at all I had to work in the afternoon/early evening, so I asked them to make up my room in the morning. The answer was: That's no possible! So I think they cleaned my room only twice during my 7 days stay. Working from the hotel wasn't a big succes either, because the wifi sucks ! The breakfast was included in the room charge, so I did book it. Already after one day, I decided to not go there again, because very limited options. After 9pm, you need the room access card to open the front door of the lobby, otherwise you can't get in at all. Bringing guests was no issue. One time my guest had to hand over her ID, the other times they didn't bother. Room charge was approx. THB 1.320 / night (including breakfast). It's very cheap, so if you're on a small budget, probably acceptable. I won't return though, prefer some more service and comfort for which I happily pay some more. Attached photos from their website. Must be there best room, because mine was probably half this size
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