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  2. Haha, so sensible I should react the same because of her not showing up in BKK early February as agreed
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  4. And besides the doll of the day, one of the WN dolls decided to go for an awesome shoot at Franks TGirl World. Look at what miss Notto has to offer All credits to Frank's !!
  5. In the black dress you mean ? That's Patty
  6. Another nominee for the triple crown is miss Pai (or Pay if you like (pun intented ). Besides making some hot shoots for Franks TGirls World, she also started in 2014 at Check In bar on the old location in Soi 5, where she worked for a few years. Sometime at the end of 2016 she moved to Why Not in Soi 20, for a respectable period of >6 years. Last years at WN she worked mainly in the service team, or as cashier. Last time I saw her (sometime 2023), she moved to Lusty Ladies, in Soi 11. Also here she's part of the service staff. Pai is a true sweetheart
  7. Zeppie

    Airline News

    As is in most cases, someone has to be the fall guy........have no idea if Clark was culprit or not.....but heads will roll. I wonder if any BM's were fired...I doubt it. They have buffers. When people lose their morale compass they bend to the wishes of greed. I'm sure Boeing will put up signs about accountability and quality and speak up for safety slogans......yeah right. Anyhow, nice report Pdoggg, and I hope they get things right and then stay there.
  8. Thanks Pdoggg.......I hope you get the opportunity.......
  9. it's a CCP tool and has many purposes and many nefarious.
  10. Life starts after 9 pm and news before noon are usually no good news.
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  12. Will be there Mar 13th,(unlucky for some).
  13. A friend of mine is in BKK now and pissed off about the closure. A short visit and made worse by the closure. It does seem crazy that a country that relies on tourism can close down businesses for those days throughout the year.
  14. Welcome to LBR rabbitx2. Nice prose but any chance of pics ? Surely a player of your sophistication snaps a few as he goes along...
  15. so many hot babes! thanks @Dan Miller
  16. If you are near Central World, Super Rich Green has the best rates I've ever seen. Usually just a 5 satang spread between the sell and buy. Another way to make a small profit is to exchange baht for one dollar denominated USD with Georgie W's pic on them and spend those dollars in the USA or Cambodia. In Cambodia you can even go further by trading the USD for Riel at the correct rate and then spending the riel at the informal rate of 4000/dollar.
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  18. I found tonight a a video dealing exclusively with the bar while I was looking for Rom's last girlfriend in another YouTube video. Here's Bon Bar's. Enjoy.
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