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Jomtien Watch !


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The majority of the ladyboy scene in Jomtien is based in the Rompho area which you can read about Here.  We popped over the hill last night and it was good to check out the place after an absence of many months.  


One thing we noticed straight away was there were more vacant bars in the complex than before but still plenty to wander around.  The LBs tend to work in the back of the complex, including Candy Loco and Naughty Bar (at the very back).  But Rins (on the right hand soi} and Piss bar(on the left hand soi) closer to the front also have a couple of ours.


We didn't get a chance to check out Roadhouse/Sallys on Soi 5 but did spot a couple in the bars on Soi 7.  We will report back more as we find it and feel free to contribute also, cheers.


Nook from Candy Loco




Fong in Piss Bar



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Here's a 'Selfie' of "Nook" or "Luk" as I know her. Pic' also of foxy young "Jam" frpm the The Corner House" - (first bar in the righthand corner overlooking the road) in the Market Complex.

Just to clarify Quinn, is Market Complex the official name for what we call Rompho, cheers? :hi:

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Really "Rompho Market " If on motorbike taxi ask for Jomtien Rompho ("Talad") = Market.

"Jomtien Complex" is actually the Gay Area of Bars across from the Hanuman Statue and going down towards Dongtan Beach.

I have often stroll hurried through there as it is a handy short cut for leaving and entering Jomtien... well that's my story your honour. :ph34r::rolleye0012:

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Nook mentioned earlier is having a birthday party on Monday 3 Nov in Candy Loco.  I'd imagine many of the LBs from the surrounding bars will pop in for a while so may be worth checking out.  I've heard a rumour some of the soi strollers may be in the area also. :drinks:

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