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  1. pdogg

    Swiss Air

    I don't have any experience with Swiss Air but would imagine they have sound planes and adhere to their schedule like clockwork. If booking directly with Swiss Air onlne, please use our links on Asia Hotel and Travel. Same cost to you but helps out the guys who bring you Ladyboy Review. http://www.asiahotelandtravel.com/index.php?/topic/302-swiss-air/
  2. In Thailand just about every bar worker has an ID card. This is not so in Cambodia. I would say that about a third have IDs. This is due to the poor administrative infrastructure of the country. If you have a hotel that closely checks IDs, it's not a big deal if a lady borrows and ID from another lady her same age. But it can be problematic with ladyboys trying to use a lady's iD. If bringing guests to your room is your most important concern then I recommend Sundance. http://www.asiahotelandtravel.com/index.php?/topic/11-phnom-penh-accommodation/?p=701 You can either enter through the noisy non-hostess bar downstairs or through a private side door. No ID check. No lift, steep stairs. Has a pool, but by no means a lap pool, barely swimable. Friendly owner. Cheery rooms. On Street 172 with lots of good farang restaurants. Although it's an easy walk to the bars on Street 51 and Street 136, it is a dark deserted walk at 2AM. Of course you can always take a tuk tuk. Lots of pros and cons to this joint but if making sure that your ladyboy can get to into your room is your number 1 priority, this is a good choice. If you book this hotel through Agoda, please do it by way of Asia Hotel and Travel. Thanks! http://www.asiahotelandtravel.com/index.php?/topic/11-phnom-penh-accommodation/?p=701 Please share your experiences and exact guest policy details and ID check of Phnom Penh hotels.
  3. Excellent Sustra! Who needs to travel if this is the girl next door!
  4. pdogg

    The Bangkok Times

  5. She is one smoking hot Ladyboy!
  6. http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/11-thais-passengers-and-crew-members-injured-from-air-turbulence
  7. Yes we do. We live in this universe; this reality. And if I were to go for a colonoscopy, I would sure be a fool to go to an astrologer instead of a proctologist. I know this is a bit of an off topic thread phuck but it would be kind of boring if we just all agreed that it is silly to waste taxpayer's money on the fusion of astrology and medicine. So do you believe that the universe always was and always will be? If so, if the universe is infinite time-wise does this mean that every possibility will actually occur at some point or can time be infinite with some things never happening?
  8. Would you all agree that the universe always was and always will be? Even if our solar system and galaxy gets wiped out. IF that is true, if the universe in infinite time wise, then wouldn't it also be true that everything happens at least once. Maybe farting twice instead of once before you shave? Or eating an 11 ounce steak on Moday instead of a 12 ounce steak on Monday? Or where Ghandi is bad and Hitler is good? Or maybe a reality where everyone has a 12 inch cock? Or where astrology can be used to cure people?
  9. Prayer works. Even if for the wrong reasons. I wonder if religious people are happier than atheists? Opiates can be fun! I would think that education is the enemy of religion. Maybe we need some new modern "religions" that are not based on "the man in the sky". Infinity would be a good name if I were to start one.
  10. There's much to be said for "alternative medicine". Modern Western Medicine is great for curing serious diseases but perhaps some new approaches to wellness might be beneficial. Organizations such as the AMA have a vested interest in the status quo. Is there any great downside to scheduling elective surgery on a day that the stars are aligned for you and your Doc? Nancy Reagen supposedly tried to modify Ronnie's schedule based on astrology. What was considered good medicine centuries ago has now been debunked; bleeding a patient for example. So the future could yield some surprising discoveries. Just saying. Here's a doctor who who practices in another galaxy:
  11. Some great deals here guys. 30% off. Book by March 3rd for 2105 Travel Period http://www.asiahotelandtravel.com/index.php?/topic/301-etihad-worldwide-sale-30-off/
  12. I guess they mean either Tiffany or Alcazar.
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