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  1. pdogg

    Swiss Air

    I don't have any experience with Swiss Air but would imagine they have sound planes and adhere to their schedule like clockwork. If booking directly with Swiss Air onlne, please use our links on Asia Hotel and Travel. Same cost to you but helps out the guys who bring you Ladyboy Review. http://www.asiahotelandtravel.com/index.php?/topic/302-swiss-air/
  2. In Thailand just about every bar worker has an ID card. This is not so in Cambodia. I would say that about a third have IDs. This is due to the poor administrative infrastructure of the country. If you have a hotel that closely checks IDs, it's not a big deal if a lady borrows and ID from another lady her same age. But it can be problematic with ladyboys trying to use a lady's iD. If bringing guests to your room is your most important concern then I recommend Sundance. http://www.asiahotelandtravel.com/index.php?/topic/11-phnom-penh-accommodation/?p=701 You can either enter through the noisy non-hostess bar downstairs or through a private side door. No ID check. No lift, steep stairs. Has a pool, but by no means a lap pool, barely swimable. Friendly owner. Cheery rooms. On Street 172 with lots of good farang restaurants. Although it's an easy walk to the bars on Street 51 and Street 136, it is a dark deserted walk at 2AM. Of course you can always take a tuk tuk. Lots of pros and cons to this joint but if making sure that your ladyboy can get to into your room is your number 1 priority, this is a good choice. If you book this hotel through Agoda, please do it by way of Asia Hotel and Travel. Thanks! http://www.asiahotelandtravel.com/index.php?/topic/11-phnom-penh-accommodation/?p=701 Please share your experiences and exact guest policy details and ID check of Phnom Penh hotels.
  3. Excellent Sustra! Who needs to travel if this is the girl next door!
  4. pdogg

    The Bangkok Times

  5. She is one smoking hot Ladyboy!
  6. Some great deals here guys. 30% off. Book by March 3rd for 2105 Travel Period http://www.asiahotelandtravel.com/index.php?/topic/301-etihad-worldwide-sale-30-off/
  7. I guess they mean either Tiffany or Alcazar.
  8. My experience is mostly with United in the days when they had a crappy webiste. The new website, Continental's old site is actually quite good. Identify the toughest leg and if speaking to a Rep just say you are looking for that leg. And I would suggest specific partner flights that I found on StarAlliance.com. But now on the United/Continental website I can do all the legwork myself though for a really complicated flight plan a phone rep might have to make the actual booking but I've already found all the individual pieces of the puzzle.
  9. I think she looks great, tall, slim, sillycone free and a fresh young face, But I'm sure other guys like different types. If we all liked the same, life would be boring.
  10. Not sure but the ladyboy on left in the first group pic is a stunner if the slim look turns you on. Think her name is something like Marina.
  11. http://pattayadailynews.com/german-man-shots-himself-in-pattaya/
  12. Stumbled upon a Ladyboy Birthday Party last week at Rompho. Forget the name of the bar butit was the exact same row as BoatBar but Boat bar is on the left and this bar is on the right. Jen/Jane who usedto work at Sally/Roadhouse works there. She looked like Elly Mae with hot denim cutoffs, and a checkered shirt knoted above the waist and her boobs hanging out.
  13. pdogg

    The Bangkok Times

  14. It seems these days that guys want to meet ladyboys throughout all of Southeast Asia. The Air Asia ASEAN pass "might" be a good way to that. Of course the devil is in the details and Air Asia sure has details. But it looks like it could be good. Meet ladyboys in all 10 ASEAN countries! Though Brunei might be a tough place even for Ernesto! http://www.airasia.com/ot/en/book-with-us/asean-pass.page?icid=iae166hpmba
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