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  1. Oh dear. Dreadfully sad. I was not a fan of Fantasy Lounge but stopped there many times just to have a drink with Aun. Drove a couple of my mates crazy because we couldn't pass without stopping for a drink. Just over a year ago I took her to the movies, we saw Cinderfuckingella........ but still managed to have a great time. I have a tear in my eye as I write this Aun - I will miss you!
  2. You have led an interesting life JaiDee - another story I would buy you a beer or two to listen to.... I saw the film a few years ago when working in Amsterdam - I enjoyed it but couldn't figure out what was fiction and what was real - guess it doesn't matter but it intrigued me at the time. My contribution to the thread: A Girl Like Me; The Gwen Araujo Story - powerful but dreadfully sad film about a teenage transexual murdered in California about 10 years ago. Similar to "Soldier's Girl" and "Boys Don't Cry"
  3. No it is not just you BB - I agree with you. To the very point - we were with Mardi late one night at Nong Bar - having a pleasant time - his GF just would not give it up - after 30 minutes of repeatedly saying "I'm hungry" - Mardi made a similar comment "if I don't feed her - she will never shut-up". (Although she may just have been bored senseless).
  4. It is difficult to argue with any of JaiDee's points in his OP. I am sure, in fact certain, that I have used Thainglish on a number of occasions - I do however, think to myself after - why did I speak that way? It is a question of respect....... Having just said that - I must agree with Jimslim - Dav26 is hilarious and great fun to spend time with. It is worth adding that he also shows the appropriate level of respect to the locals - they (mostly) love him..........
  5. Hi ciobha - there were plenty of deviants around, however as you would expect, we most certainly did miss you! Let your friend know that I have a friend of a friend (in fact the slim man's friend) who has said device for sale..................
  6. I was having some difficulty picturing what the K man did with his hook contraption - now it is unfortunately an indelible picture in my minds eye.......
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0bC__I-Lqs I actually like her (him) sans make-up.............
  8. I reckon there will be no shortage of either........
  9. Agree, the prospect of getting old has never seemed alluring and now that I am getting closer, it seems even less appealing. Prostate, I need to piss 3 times each night, skin spots, my ears won’t stop growing, hair on and in every part of my body except for my head, I wilt with distractions such as her phone ringing, I run 4 kms and every bone in my body aches…………… I might be gaining experience, wisdom and the funds to enjoy life but as Bette said “getting old is not for sissies”
  10. Yes, from Plato's text, symposium. He also argued that love between men is the highest form and that sex with women is lustful and only for means of reproduction. Only with ladyboys, can we reach our full potential ....... I am determined to reach my full potential during my trip in October and November! A few more for the thread:
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