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  1. the one in the middle ..im a coming for you
  2. thats great news... ill be on the first flight to LOS as soon as the rules allow re edit ... it has re opened
  3. what about Cash payments...i bet they keep that . .. these rules will change after a month anyway... its always going to start off strict
  4. Tomcat

    Airline News

    like my expensive Laptop arrives in Taiwan as a Jigsaw Puzzle...WTF
  5. Tomcat

    Airline News

    it seems that IATA want all hand luggage to be stowed in the hold... what a stupid idea. As Mike O Leary called them ... " the Department of idiots "
  6. Tomcat


    If there is no second wave Trump will take all the credit , thats a given
  7. Tomcat


    Anythony Costello former head of WHO doubts if a second wave is coming....Karl Frisson of University London College London thinks some kind of Immune dark matter is at play . Science is a moving body of knowledge so each day sheds new light but now the prospect of a burnout is a dice roll rather than a lottery win. A study last week in LA found a mirror immune response in a control group who never had the Virus By July we will have some idea.....anyway now there is reasonable grounds for hope
  8. TT Chang was their best patron and he would know her name. Ill ask him later , we chat on LINE ID once a month.I think he had his own comfy chair in the corner He is still stuck in Melbourne and even he knew of the sad demise of a famous institution ..i think Candy must have told him., she works in 7/11 now i do believe. News travels fast these days
  9. Tomcat


    maybe they counting on cross- protective immunity due to the fact that we have been bombarded with the common cold etc. Look at the case of the Cruise ship Diamond Princess where only 5 of the passengers got it even though it should have struck everyone after 2 weeks There wont be a second wave , this thing is going to burn out ( IMO) . Also Asia got the weaker strain and its appears that in Japan they are the Master race anyway according to some and so were spared its ravages... of course i might be wrong
  10. The resident Mamasan must be on the street map by now she has been there for so long. she was ok really and i used to buy her a drink or two on occasion.although i had to push her away sometimes as she had the habit of inviting herself along as a facilitator to often..... anyway im sure she will be there if the bar survives
  11. the bar spawned the lovely "Candy" ... and her many admirers like Candylover ( remember him) and TT Chang
  12. Tomcat

    Airline News

    I agree this seems to be the case..I think the Science will start to converge around Xmas...but now its very confusing But one things for sure , when i do take off , i aint going nowhere near that middle seat . Some trains you have to book in advance and only every fourth row can be taken....as my Attorney tells me , where theres blame , there a claim A Lawyer was on RT last night and he says that this Covid will be a legal health and safety Wild Wild West . A lot of Companies are going to get shot up in this
  13. Tomcat

    Airline News

    This news report does not fully answer the middle seat issue and even mentions that the EU is a bit vague on this The twitter feed below went viral and was from a Professor Weiss last week after being forced into a plane where he was told the middle seat was blocked off but the plane was full and packed to the rafters, he said will probably never fly again. Lets face it no one is going to climb into a middle seat unless its free . So i cant see anyone making a booking if they dont have a gap of some kind. QUOTE As he was signing out of his last shift at the hospital on Friday night, Weiss says he told a group of physicians that he was actually more nervous about getting on an airplane than walking into a COVID ICU.
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