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  1. Tomcat


    a game changer in the real sense... i think its only $4 a pop as non profit and can be stored in the home fridge.... jack me up please I think the London vaccine is only a few weeks away as well.. that will do nicely...
  2. Tomcat


    your probably right ... i think the vaccine will have to come in reality... anyway i booked a flight 6 months ago for xmas... maybe a small chance i think long stayers can go from October with strict rules..STV program.... https://www.thaienquirer.com/18277/government-to-allow-extended-stays-for-tourists-starting-in-october/
  3. Tomcat


    no .. not now.... still time though for things to improve....i think its called Pavlovian optimism The issue is i have a stop over in Hong Kong so im not sure about transit through there either Anyway .. should the Thais open up i will the there .. be sure of that Even if i have to build one of these
  4. Tomcat


    Thailand has been added to UK travel corridor list.... some good news then... so maybe my xmas trip may still be on
  5. the puzzle and conundrum page now has a announcement border to the right... its buggered the page up and the images are scrunched up all other topics are normal... how can i get shot of this border... help someone for example this page is normal so why are some other pages with a border ? ... call the mechanic
  6. Tomcat


    thats the real deal ...full fibre
  7. Tomcat


    These routers only work on Fibre Optic installations ...or so it seems Basically you have three types of cable installs and they will each need a different router, the issue is that many Companies tell lies... 1 Fibre Optic.... the best but many companies tell lies and dont really have full Fibre unless you live Seoul so you probably need to get the router from the service provider so it matches up in case its not full Fibre 2 Fibre to the street Cabinet and short copper link to the home.. ( what many claim as Fibre) 3 Copper wire...... hopeless of course then you have the Dongles ..most of these are useless ... may as well tether to your Device via smartphone You will probably be limited to what wire the Condo has installed ... but u need to check it out
  8. nice Dave .. I think i met Pentire last time at one of Stogie Bears 49th birthday parties... Stogie was 49 for at least 4 years as i recall
  9. my God she is lovely... i used to be in BKK every August month end but that looks dead now... after that i have another flight in from Hong Kong on the 16th October If shes still there ill let you know
  10. over Xmas the place was buzzing and some fab ladyboys .. i was in every night and had many pleasures there. Im not sure how it is now but they had a treasure trove before Covid struck... ill be back as soon as the flights are allowed from UK... i think its still a no no at this time..
  11. Tomcat


    it wont happen... that crap was leaked on purpose so the Govt can use it as a soundboard. I think the term is ......."they through a dead cat on the table" The UK would be bankrupt in a week....
  12. Tomcat

    Pet Peeves

    Bangkok Taxi Meter drivers who wont go on the meter.........
  13. Tomcat


    I love Budweiser , the US one.. not the original Czech one ....... "The King of Beers" ... indeed
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