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  1. my guess is that you will need a certificate to fly, at some point, either the antibody test or the swab test. The airlines will be the last business to come out of this mess IMO... i hope im wrong EVA are still showing flights in August but they told me to take a refund as its not likely to be taking off...... i had a years itinerary booked.. re EDIT ( i was going to move my April flight to August... she now told me to phone back on May 1 for an update and then see about a refund which they are happy to do)
  2. shit , this thing may last 3 months or more..... one of the few things made in China thats free of charge and actually reliable
  3. The WE thing was shown to me by a fellow member here , i dont really know much about the Examiner but it appears you do..... SKY news has just stated the same but even worse,. They claim that the real toll maybe 40 times higher ... China is printing fake news , its all bullshit. Eventually the Scientists will get a handle on it and some kind of trusted information will come to light . Just as long as they are not from China
  4. The Daily Telegraph Editorial states that if the wet markets are not banned with all haste the next mutation could really wipe us all out ... China will become a pariah state or perhaps now is already in this Hall of Fame...
  5. Tencent the Chinese Tech Company did some research and on Feb 6 stated that 26,000 had C19 in Wuhan . The Chinese Govt stated the figure was 300 and Tencent had to edit the figure quickly The truth is out there somewhere
  6. yah .. just like China is " Communist"...
  7. The Washington Examiner reports that some of the locals in Wuhan say that 20 times more deaths have happened than have been reported due to numbers of cremations and so on Unless they are all immune over there then one expects it will bounce back, if indeed it ever went away...time will tell
  8. I thought these wet markets in china were a delicacy kind of thing for aphrodisiacs and so on... .. not for the underfed . They have them in Hong Kong also but im not sure they are for the poorest there.... i think i see them in Taiwan as well and they are pretty well off. The issue in China is all the different types of livestock in the mix causes the animals stress and immune drop off and so the virus is in heaven
  9. some place in China are getting back to business as the Americans have been measuring the pollution and heat emination from office buildings and its back to normal in a lot of places. Some provinces will be more relaxed than others. The actual figures though are bound to massaged to a degree ....i agree I have some business in Ningbo and Shanghai and they are doing ok right now ... they are shipping orders
  10. sorry .. i agree with you as well.. what i was mentioning that in some UK Press they were concentrating in the China cover up... of the course the wet markets is where this all started and i agree it should be stamped out for good
  11. I agree 100%...like in South Korea and Taiwan .. and in China ,,anyone with it should be quarantined away from mainstream society.... i dont think in S Korea you can self isolate with the family . As long as the Govt dont abuse the situation at a later date as Strocube alluded to.
  12. Thats for sure ..an equal threat are the police.. I hate them all
  13. Its not the wet markets .. its the cover up about the discovery of the novel virus strain... they could have jumped on this 4 weeks earlier ... remember the whistle blower who died I think Covid has now being called SARS 2 in the UN,
  14. A 6% reduction in GDP could mean that the deaths caused by a lockdown maybe worse or equal to that caused by a depression that follows.....It may sound Trumpian but this model probably has some legs. An "inconvenient" model perhaps. The exit strategy is the most important thing right now. Are people going accept with being couped up for months on end .... probably not ... testing seems the only way out now ..in the millions and million
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