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  1. Batteries have to be in carry on....most are Lithium Ion or similar and can be dangerous due to the vast amount of energy compacted into a small space... In Europe products have to be drop tested 1 metre onto concrete floor without damage to the batteries to pass CE marking I put all Electrical items in carry on
  2. She drinks Whisky , Welsh Whisky so she said ... her and her ol man get on it after hours so she let out a few days ago.
  3. Tomcat

    Happy Holidays!

    Merry Xmas from Pattaya and my new LB friend ...could pass for lady any day ,,, you would never know
  4. Tomcat

    Bangkok IT Stores

    TT Chang probably knows other places and he should be in soon as he is a Soi2er like me.. ill be in but not until around 23, 24th If you are in town then let me know as i am in Soi2
  5. Tomcat

    Bangkok IT Stores

    Its on ground level...sort of in the middle from memory , its not a shop but a fancy stall.. There are a few stalls selling all sorts but i use this one to buy chargers and travel plugs as i keep losing them.... also there is a mobile and accessories stall in the small Mall over the other side of Sukhumvit near the soi 4 junction... just cross the road bridge that joins the Pleonchit Centre and its a short walk up on the left on the corner ( thers a KFC there i think and Burger King) The Pleonechit Centre has a food court on the 5th floor and well worth a look as long as its not 12 O Clock Midday when the office workers flood in..... i eat there around 2.30 as nice chicken soup + Rice kiosk
  6. Tomcat

    Bangkok IT Stores

    If your near Nana there is a stall set up in the Pleonchit Centre at the top of Soi 2 and also in the small mall on Junction of Soi4 where KFC and Starbucks are a stones throw from NEP... i use them all the time for small bits and bobs
  7. Tomcat

    Why Not Bangkok

    hey Poe... does Natty have nights off...both times i popped in October she was gone or bfined.... Is she just a Girl Friday$$$ or works every day
  8. Tomcat

    Why Not Bangkok

    popped couple nights back for Nat ... shame she was not in.. had to leave quickly due to the rain...that Soi is a nightmare and didnt want to get trapped in what a shit week with the rain .. worst in 30 years
  9. Tomcat

    Why Not Bangkok

    see you on the 15th ... Natty looks nice... yummy...
  10. Ill try it out later tonight... Are you still in town
  11. Tomcat

    Why Not Bangkok

    Hi .. it wont be 25th as i could not board the plane due to ear infection... i hope to be there nexr week...
  12. Tomcat

    Why Not Bangkok

    i may be in also on the 25th .. or maybe sooner
  13. They should have a sign above the door " THE LAND OF SMILES ENDS HERE"
  14. I popped into Straps a few months back and a few Bossy LBs were rude and told me that if you sit at the front you must pay bar fine or sit down the end ....ha ha... like im ever going back again.. .. the Lunatics are running the Asylum it seems. Disgracefull , i hope it closes down...or goes bust
  15. Tomcat

    Bangkok july

    All are Bangkok... they dont like Pattaya LBs it seems
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