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  1. I found these in my archives while cleaning my files. Darkside Bar Circa 2015 Aya and Myx.
  2. Gutsy


    Video is outdated already. IOC and Tokyo 2020 have postponed the games. The Japanese are not freaking out as the know all video maker suggests. The Japanese Government was doing everything they could to hold the games as scheduled, due to a 20 Billion Dollar investment. They were the firrst to close schools and cancel sporting events in efforts to stop the spread. They also were way behind in testing people although the virus hit this area much earlier than other countries they still have tested less than 30,000 people suggesting there are a lot more out there shedding the virus. It's no
  3. Gutsy


    The fuckers try to control everything.
  4. Ultra feminine Lukpla from Why Not Bar
  5. Nooi was an original CIB alcocart girl and the first one I took from there. Before the ink and the bloated silicone booty I used to say she had the best legs in BKK. Now a bit of a skatterbrain these days, and way to much silicone work done. She can still put in a fantastic ST session which I would recommend over LT with her.
  6. Jenny has to be one of the longest tenured girls there outside of Gina who I don't consider at all. Bella pictured with Aemy made her way to Sweethearts Bar then got the heave ho when she got hammered and threw a glass through the window.
  7. Gutsy

    Why Not Bangkok

    Great photo set! Nice to see a new face in Joy. From what I've heard from a local mate, she is a joy in the sac to. God I miss this place.
  8. The owners of that Soi basically gave the tenants and leasers notice just a couple days before to evacuate. The wrecking ball hit just two days after notice leveling all the buildings on that Soi. They will inevitably rebuild to higher rent facility. that left Jimbo and the girls out in the cold in the middle of low season. He is looking for another location in Patong however it's proven quite difficult. He depends on a lot of walk in business and needs to be close to Bangla Road for that to flourish. Those location want silly money which is why many are empty. They tried to do this with
  9. That was some sad news today. The only good news out of it was the last statement "but we will be back" I was fortunate enough to be there just 3 weeks ago before the untimely closing. I have such positive experiences a from my past visits over the last decade dating back to their previous location when Nick Jackson was the owner. Now I can only look forward to the next location when and if it materialists. Poor Jimbo, having to scramble to find a new spot. When I spoke to him in May he was hoping to find a place by March which is what they had told him he had till then. The bigg
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