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  1. You mean Dieter? I sure wonder what happened to him. Likable guy , hung out with him in Guess Bars last location many times.
  2. Good idea, PD. Someone should pitch it to Jimbo.
  3. I read a piece today suggesting Thailand and some parts of SE Asia is about one year after the west in the pandemic. That and the double whammy indian variant now appearing which makes the existent vaccines outdated and the rise of new infections throughout Thailand make you on this beautiful sunny spring sunday in old Europe a lot less optimistic for a bright future.
  4. seven

    7/11 Stamps

    Oh ok, well, then you still have to pronounce it Pe-Tayya.
  5. seven

    7/11 Stamps

    Within 10 seconds its explained.
  6. Hope for the best! We have the highest transmission rate in Europe, according to msm and how you want to spin the numbers. The reality is far from that though.
  7. seven


    Pie wants the Johnson &Johnson (talc and baby oil ) brand as it reminds him of anal sex in a nice way. Gentle. No more tears. 'Lets put a flag on the side of bottles of british vaccines. Why? Because it will increase our standing on international stage as a global briton? No, it will make us look as a bunch of self important tits. Unicef may have to step in to feed britains poor, airdropping food parcels of dairylea and bovril to the council estates of the 6th largest economy of the planet, whilst the supremely privileged multimillionaires sits in number 10 choking the life out
  8. ‘HiSo Thais that should know better’. That guy is good, I watch his vlogs. He's wrong in the end though regarding actual numbers. I still think its a lot higher and pray to buddha it wont kick off like it did in Europe, Thailands healthcare couldn't cope. Stay inside you expats!
  9. I don't care if people wear them or not. They aren't helping us to beat the pandemic, if anything they are creating a false sense of security stopping people from social distancing. Your comparison with masks and safetybelts is lost on me, or are you saying we need to use masks the rest of our lives and people started wearing the safetybelts in the 70s around their ankles? I know people are stupid but I'm sure that belt sat where it should right away.
  10. Yes, and so, they dont help. I haven't seen one person using a mask 100% correct. On my flight home from Los a year ago the people next to me put the mask up on their forehead while eating, then down again after finished meal. True story.
  11. I'm so glad I'm not in the US. Fascists.
  12. Only those two options? Is there any thing else that can be shoved down your throat if you decide to roll the dice? Thats because they don't prevent transmission of covid.
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