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  1. seven


    RandiUno2: I read a piece in NYT last week which was completely wrong. Turns out that one of the (swedish) co-authors is a right wing loonie who's been mocking our state epidemiologist in social media calling him a retard. These tweets are of course deleted now. So much for unbiased journalism. Our black eye is that we share the same opinion about facemasks like your president and his followers. The difference is that over here we don't see it as an oppression or an interference to our "freedom", we simply don't believe they help.Spain and France is a brilliant example of that right
  2. seven


    Apple’s Shifting Supply Chain Creates Boomtowns in Rural Vietnam https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/apple-shifting-supply-chain-creates-210000612.html Not long ago Vietnam’s Bac Giang province was one of the nation’s poorest regions, known for producing rice, lychees and poultry dubbed “running chicken.” That was before the global tech supply chain shifted its way. The boom in Bac Giang highlights how the shift in the world’s supply chains is touching regions previously left behind. Vietnam’s ability to attract more sophisticated manufacturing is accelerating with rising Chinese
  3. seven

    Why Not Bangkok

    5. Almost a paperboys ass. The others are too feminine/passable.
  4. seven


    Simples really. Hit em where it hurts, money and power: https://www.yahoo.com/news/sweden-bans-huawei-zte-gear-073554809.html Sweden bans Huawei, ZTE from upcoming 5G networks STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Sweden on Tuesday banned on security grounds the use of telecom equipment from China's Huawei and ZTE <000063.SZ> in its 5G network ahead of a spectrum auction scheduled for next month, joining other European nations that have restricted the role of Chinese suppliers. he Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) said https://www.pts.se/e
  5. seven


    That is changing in Europe at least. People don't want the cheap junk made in china after they fucked over the world with covid-19. Maybe you guys do , but not over here. You bought the Huawei 5G, right? You say this like its a good thing.
  6. Fair enough, but don't kid yourself locals are lining up outside the US embassy these days, or pre corona. Absolutely not, theres no such place. Nationalism is never pretty. I used to like your country, but that was long ago and before you elected one of the biggest knob in history for president. I really feel sorry for you guys. Lets hope you can avoid a civil war though.
  7. seven


    Fuck, transmission is rocketing in Europe. Italy, Austria, Germany, France, everywhere except here. And they are hardcore face maskers, and the winter is coming up.
  8. seven

    The Bangkok Times

    I see some thais speculate in a curfew in Bkk coming up.
  9. Good for you, QG. I'm sure this will be a nice getaway in boring January.
  10. lance buddy, unless you're a trumper, you really think you should praise the US right now? Seriously? The whole world is astonished how fucked up the US is now. John Kerry Is Mad as Hell The former senator, presidential nominee, and Secretary of State on the “nincompoop” in the White House, the decimation of America’s reputation abroad, and what needs to be done to restore it https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/john-kerry-interview-donald-trump-foreign-policy-international-standing-1073973/ Kerry is so riled up over Trump’s incompetence that he can
  11. Even I would walk that!
  12. My thoughts exactly. Can you imagine the sizes! Dios mio! I'll find em. Just need to brush up my espanol. Honestly, we don't go to Patts for the beaches, do we? I go for 2 reasons, seeing my friends is the other reason. Thanks for the info on Cuba, muchas gracias, QG.
  13. This might be an option, always wanted to go there especially when Castro was in charge and capitalism yet to poison the nation. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/cuba-relaxes-coronavirus-restrictions-7-190110788.html Cuba relaxes coronavirus restrictions 7 months into pandemic HAVANA (AP) — Cuba relaxed coronavirus restrictions Monday in hopes of boosting its economy, allowing shops and government offices to reopen and welcoming locals and tourists at airports across the island except in Havana. Face masks and social distancing remain mandatory, although authorities will
  14. You’re not missing anything, unless you like to torture yourself. Better go for a dodgy massage, bbg
  15. You , bbg and dixon really should go. I went to the xcite location once with you , daveduke and a few ladymen. It was almost better than a Bob Dylan gig. The obligatory fight between drunk thai men in the mud was great entertainment as it had been raining earlier. Go for it.
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