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  1. seven


    I'm sure you go somewhere. I think I had a cocktail of different jabs , measles, smallpox , polio, TBC etc. as an infant which supposedly last you the whole life. But who knows, you can't be sure they still protect you, right?
  2. seven

    The Bangkok Times

    Why would I go to a: Norway , b: watch Bieber? LOL
  3. seven


    QG, now its monkeypox. Theres not end to this.... https://news.sky.com/story/monkeypox-cases-in-uk-more-than-double-to-20-as-who-says-summer-festivals-could-accelerate-spread-of-disease-12617201
  4. That can only be a good thing. Here it’s free. We all need to eat and pay rent though, it’s easier to go p4p than take a regular job for a femboy. I get that, too bad for me.
  5. I agree. I talked to a well heeled american monger , around 60 years old, nice guy, in TJs 2 years ago. He just discovered Thailand, was ‘dating’ one of the girls just started working there, straight from the factory in Issan (to quote owner Em). He told me he couldn’t touch a girl like her in the states (California) even with his money. Over here in Northern Europe a hot trap won’t give me time of day unless you make it clear it’s FWB or sugardating. We had a good run alright. I wish I was the Sith or the Rom :)
  6. I arrived around that time and it really was (at least I like to think so). There are multiple factors to take into account though. I was almost 20 years younger, the Thailand scene was new to me, lbs weren’t spoilt rotten by online wankers yet. Was it better then? I don’t know. It sure was different though. Try getting todays Onlyfans superstars come back to fuck old white men in a manky room in Pattaya for 20 bucks when they can make 10 times as much from their rooms on a webcam. Do I blame them? Hell no. It is what it is.
  7. There’s a brilliant example of what the www do to people, if that’s part of your point. Longmint. Lovely sweet girl starting out in Fucket, then with the help of ‘helpful’ farangs/ boyfriends/sponsors/pimps she turned into a poster boy for internet capitalism.
  8. seven


    Amen. Depressing it took some 50 years to realize that in my case. I used to care, but things have changed.
  9. You would think he goes to parties for the food, it’s actually the Thai karaoke that draws him. Morlam too.
  10. How is the noise pollution situation in Jomtien these days anyway? I know Pattaya is a lost cause. Coming of age I find this very troubling.
  11. Horrible! Next thing is chocolate north Star! Rom is getting warmed up , me thinks. I still have hopes for golden cocks!
  12. I think he mentioned Phi Phi yes. He should do a victory lap in Pattaya
  13. Ah , I didn't know that. Yes! He's simply a likeable guy. I don't really have a problem with him trying to crash these fancy places as he's doing it with a grin. So what if he gets a free dip into the infinite pools he's so fascinated by. I'm amazed by all these places he finds hidden away, all void of tourists. Even the plane spotting vlog was entertaining. At 55 he's genuinely curious about new places and discoveries , I envy that. I thought it was hilarious when he tried to find out about history and tin mining in old town. They didn't understand jack, just nodded and smiled. If he only knew some thai basics he'd find out so much more , but he just goes on in english talking slower and more articulated, like that would make them understand better. He paid 1300 or so for the muay thai fight night which was rather expensive. Abandoned resorts, ship yards and fun fairs, he's in heaven. He should get on his horse and move on though.
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