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  1. Oh, man. I hear that shit everywhere nowadays. Malls, beaches, restaurants. Its horrible (getting old).
  2. seven

    American Women

    The white sport need girls like her. Go Coco. I can't help but wonder what's wrong with australians. Saw Nadal-Kyrgios the other day. What a disgrace. Tomic got stripped off his prize money for tanking matches. Hewitt was and still is a complete cunt http://www.espn.com/espnw/video/17784030/greeny-thinks-kyrgios-biggest-jerk-sports http://www.espn.com/espnw/video/17784030/ http://www.thegurgler.com/2019/01/18/new-2019-tennis-jerks-bingo/ Could it be that the Tennis Jerks abuse a poor innocent 10 year old ballperson, throw a racquet at an umpire, get arrested for doing burnouts in their high performance car, and worst of all release a rap album. Or perhaps just some good old-fashioned tanking, and throwing away ability. And who is to say that the Tennis Jerks won’t deliver them all. And you win if they do. Sure these guys are super talented, and probably massively misunderstood, but while we wait for one or both to fulfil their talent instead of the bank accounts, you can join them for the rocky ride of being an underperforming Australian sporting star with giant chips on shoulders.
  3. Congrats, USA. Well deserved. Easily the best team in the world.
  4. Well done, USA.
  5. seven

    Heat Wave

    In Stockholm its not as hot as France or Spain right now, more like yours. +32 C today. Last summer was the warmest in over 120 years, and it went on from may to september. Lots of wildfires. It was rather tough. If the african heat comes this way, which is expected next week, we'll have problems for sure, as we are simply not prepared for these high temperatures, like Asia or Middle East. Over 35 C will probably cancel a few things here, such as mail delivery you mention. Ive heard the subway and buses are very hot as their A/C cooling systems are not in use 9 months of the year and when they are being turned on again in June they crash. No maintenance, I guess. It was 45.9 C in southern France yesterday. Now that's hot and I think there were a few casualties.
  6. seven

    Heat Wave

    Its hotter in Europe than a whorehouse in Bkk without A/C at the moment. I like it, we need this, soon the winter is coming.
  7. I'm enjoying this world cup a lot. I'm pretty much done with the money clubs, I can't stand them. Sweden beating Germany today against all odds adds to the excitement. Go girls!.
  8. seven

    His Bobness

    He doesn't allow any pics taken and you can get thrown out for violating it. I snapped these though. Lousy photos( iPhone 7) but you get an idea of the venue. Is that an aura around his head? He sits at his piano 90% of the gig, gets up and do some strange crooner moves a few times. Did say one word. First four songs were Things have changed, It ain't me, Highway 61 revisited , Simple twist of fate. Like a rolling stone and Blowin in the wind came later on. He was actually very good this evening. His band is out of this world. Who knows if there will be a next time. €100 for the ticket, best seats in the house worth every satang, imo.
  9. seven

    His Bobness

    And if so, how does it feeeeeeeeel?
  10. seven

    His Bobness

    Off to see Him on wednesday. Anything you would like me to ask or tell him?
  11. I felt like a total perv afterwards, couldn't focus on the movie. It wasn't even a ladyman, but an emo-twink. No transaction changed hands though, so I guess I'm not guilty there at least.
  12. No, that's not Sharkey. Ive seen him live many times and like ciobha says hes a bodybuilder built like a tank. This article says hes aussie, but I think his accent is british. https://thepattayanews.com/2019/06/21/australian-man-arrested-after-bar-dispute-caught-on-video-verbally-abusing-pattaya-police/
  13. Does the hong nam in Central Avenue Cineplex count?
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