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  1. Yeah, great fun huh. Hes off to next adventure soon he says, and it's not back to the UK. Hope its Japan. I keep watching it for some reason, he seems to be a decent guy. Hes sure spending money.
  2. Only 30 years of mongering then? Why are you single again? (Just joking, Rom ,better add that).
  3. That’s the spirit, PD!
  4. Perhaps one of the most boring ladymen I have ever met. Perhaps shy. Tried to talk to her many times at Baby-Boom to no avail. Most likely she wasn't into me, thats why. She reminded me of Joey Ramone. Taller than me as well. In fairness she had stiff competition from not so shy Nokyung, Atom and Nanny. I'm sure she's a great funny person, I like her looks, and hope you had a good time with her though.
  5. Thanks for the rundown , Rom. I have a feeling we have similar taste and arrived at the scene around the same time some 15-20 years ago, so your report means a lot for me. I gave Bkk a miss the last few trips as I got too much of it about a decade ago. Still have many fond memories and would love to go back one day. Nana shitpits was a lost cause well over 5 years ago. I always liked Patpong, my time in Soi Cowboy was pre Cockatoo days so maybe that soi is still ok. A bit sad reading that last sentence, but I could see the changes going on in Bkk on my last visit which is years ago now. Thanks for the summary. Much appreciated.
  6. So which is it, do you need proof of vaccine or not? He says you do (or PCR test). I think on Thaiger the other day they said no, no need anymore. Also since its digital application now you can apply for SETV from another country, not necessarily your permanent resident country. Malaysia is his example. Interesting.
  7. You da man, Rom! Thanks for posting! Don't worry about the gold paint, I just really appreciate you're making the effort sharing with us. I really liked the room in the first set of pics. Reminded me of old trips.
  8. No, not really. It's weak against other currencies as well. You won't see many sextourists from Sweden in Patts this highseason unless they are tax evading far right voters. Surely there aren't any of that kind there. https://english.news.cn/20220922/fad6dadc1b0448118509bc5fe1d4b406/c.html STOCKHOLM, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- The Swedish krona fell to a historic low against the U.S. dollar on Thursday. For a brief, the krona traded at 0.090 dollars, its lowest ever, against the backdrop of staggering inflation and a string of domestic and international rate hikes, TT news agency reported. The krona weakened despite Tuesday's decision by the Swedish central bank (Riksbank) to raise its main policy rate by 100 basis points to 1.75 percent. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/banking-finance/us-dollar-firm-ahead-of-fed-swedish-krona-not-helped-by-rate-rise US dollar firm ahead of Fed, Swedish krona not helped by rate rise THE US dollar remained strong near a 2-decade high versus major peers on Tuesday (Sep 20) as investors held firm in expectation of another aggressive rate hike by the Federal Reserve (Fed), the centrepiece of a week packed with central bank meetings. Sweden’s central bank set the tone for the week by raising rates by a full percentage point on Tuesday. The rate hike by the Riksbank was larger than analysts had expected, causing the Swedish krona to briefly spike against the euro and US dollar. It failed to hold on to that strength however, and the euro extended recent gains, climbing to a fresh 6 month top of 10.846 kronas. The US dollar also climbed 0.36 per cent to 10.82 kronas.
  9. seven

    Prompt Pay Scan

    Nice. Had that on all festivals this summer. And, the food was delivered with a drone. Seriously, you don't have to handle these filthy notes anymore? Is BBG still using old money? What about the tech adverse ? They don't eat then? I know a few in Patts.
  10. Swaddy cap! Bloke that one. Grab me bum, he did. Suck my toe for 500? Can not. Go next door , they can. Can not. They're all too rich these thai birds these days. Back in the days they had jumped on some toe sucking for 500b. Hes pushin it.
  11. seven

    Irish Grill House

    That’s fair. The 500b euro dinners in Patts are overpriced imo. Maybe not for 2-week millionaires but for expats.
  12. seven

    Irish Grill House

    How much for that meal?
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