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  1. This guy has his priorities in life right. The rings are a bit too much though for my taste:
  2. How I figured, with your clue in your previous post though.
  3. What?? Football corrupt??? No way Jose
  4. Oh well, its not easy being a lefty among this hard-nosed rightwing crowd. And I thought THE FORUM was conservative. I'll give it a rest now and wish you best of luck with Brexit, deal or no deal , hard Brexit or stay... Only ladymen cockpics from now on :)
  5. I absolutely get your points, and I agree on this. I just believe united is better than standing outside. People are scared. We have the EU election coming up in 2 weeks and you should see the fear monger campaigns.
  6. One guy couldn't afford the insurance.( I think he spent his money on pot). This was way back in college though, I'm not saying I know better now. Fyi, our system is not very different from NHS. We are shifting from a system which was well known all over the world. Its political, rightwing and alt right is gaining ground here like everywhere else in Europe. Liberals and rightwing made it possible for private operators who came in and offered/ (bribed their way) the care for less than the cost government had. Lower cost= poorer quality, nurses with no education, doctors "educated" in Poland and Lithuania, less personnel/staff , no unions, poor conditions for the workers. I think one of the biggest private companies is american owned btw.
  7. I couldn't agree with you more on these points here, redrock. EU is by no means perfect, but the alternative to bail is worse. Like you say the EU needs to be reformed thoroughly. We have free healthcare too and I wouldn't want it any other way even if I could afford private healthcare which is now on offer since a few decades here. Are they any better? Hell no. All these private care providers are doing is leeching/abusing the system ( tax money and government funds) and provide shitty care. Elders sit unattended for days in their pissed undies, while the healthcare company makes millions in profit from taxpayers money. 40 years ago all medical care was state owned and it was near perfect. With all do respects, archie, I'm not convinced you have a clue about the quality of the european health care system. I have lived in your country, while that was a long time ago and I was young and healthy, and wouldn't suggest I know about yours. But when my friends in the US need to take a loan to afford medical care, you know somethings wrong.
  8. Hahah, I watched that. Graham is such cutey huh, especially when he gets mad and foam comes out of his mouth.
  9. He won't last. Hes gone before summer.
  10. Been quite the year for Enland football. Last years World Cup success and now this CL and EL. You should be proud , duke
  11. seven

    Royal Baby

    So what's the babys name? And who's the daddy of Harry Pothead? No way its the same dad looking at the two brothers. Williams looks like Charles, but I think read somewhere that Harry looks just like Dianas bodyguard at the time Anyways I'm sure Megan chosed Harry for his looks. Kate too. Nothing at all to do with becoming royals.
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