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  1. I agree, thats some crazy money whether you can afford it or not. In europe you pay roughly €200 an hour for a pro escort. Already too much imo. Some will request another 50 or 100 for a cumshot , a rather new stupid thing which I refuse to even get involved with. When they mention this you already know its gonna be shit. "Dating" semi pros will cost you helluva lot more, and imo not worth the hassle.
  2. I'm a mug with a conscience.
  3. How much you can give? I knew it, johns from Sweden sending baht. Fu**ing mugs. Foreign sponsors or back to Isan only options for many Pattaya bargirls https://www.pattayamail.com/news/foreign-sponsors-or-back-to-isan-only-options-for-many-pattaya-bargirls-340169 With no real prospects, many of Pattaya’s bargirls say they have basically two choices during the city’s coronavirus shutdown: Depend on foreign men to bail them out or go back upcountry and let their parents take care of them. “Warunee” said she used to make her money spending time in hotels with foreign men
  4. I disagree, you capitalist!
  5. 660 USD? You crazy, Joe Rogan.
  6. Thats gonna cost you, sith. You can afford it.
  7. "I'm no shank diver". Blade and Ron ask ladymen the inevitable question. Are we gay?
  8. And prostitution is illegal in Thailand.
  9. seven

    7/11 Stamps

    Love how he pronounces P'tayya.
  10. No way. If the pay my flight and free quarantine I would consider it, but probably not go as I think the thai quarantine is one the most stupid things ever during this pandemic. That, facemasks and buying online drinks. They should beg us to come back and spend money.
  11. Oh well, I tried. Thanks for answering, PD. Youtube vloggers is the new ladyboy forum standard.
  12. I realise this question might be controversial but hows the ladyman situation in Pattaya. You expats; are you getting any? Are there any around? If so, what are they doing besides stuffing themselves and do livestreams? Or have they all left along with all 2 week millionaires? Have you had a dodgy massage lately? TIA.
  13. seven

    7/11 Stamps

    Annabelle? Call PD and BBG quick.
  14. Good job, PD. My baht has gone directly to ladymens accounts so my online lady drinks will be very few if any. Is buying online drinks required or can anyone watch? Theres one bar owner moaning about freeloaders watching his stream.
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