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  1. Go!!!! The nickname I gave you isn't very PC now.
  2. Pretty cool. Gosling is great. Eddie Van Halens son Wolfgang playing guitar along with Slash.
  3. seven


    Yes, I agree. Pointless.
  4. seven


    …..and the 2020 election was stolen, right? Theres no way to reason with Maga nuts like you. Try the Maga butt hurt balm
  5. seven


    Yes, could go this way but this is why Ukrainian victory is essential for our future.
  6. seven


    I have no doubt about it with help from Russia and Trump. 'countering western influence' could mean no more Hooters in Thailand. Its a rude awakening for Europe going on. Its obvious we're at it alone in a near future, around 8 months. Its the americans wish. The Supreme Court sided with the orange grifter today, no surprise as he appointment the conservative judges himself. I never thought I would see a US president supporting a russian dictator. No more Ukranian aid, no more Nato. It's a messed up world but I have faith in Europe and our allies, UK, Australia, France, Germany , Spain , Italy etc. I still believe in our way of life as we know it. America just getting more dumb and authoritarian by the day. Shame really, it was great a few decades ago.
  7. Thanks for your reflection, Rom. I enjoyed it. I'll never understand this. It's not specific for thais although they're very good at it. I know a few persons my age who come from old serious money and they would never flash their blingbling, in fact they try to stay under the radar. It's the nouveau riche and social media in an appalling symbiosis.
  8. I hope Eulo , then she can hang it up.
  9. I like this guy. Hes probably coming off like a whining yank for most though. He had some delicious street food in Jomtien market the other day. Poor guy. And the russians.......
  10. Life starts after 9 pm and news before noon are usually no good news.
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