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  1. I heard the brexiters will pick up the tab with all the money they save leaving EU.
  2. Because its off topic and irrelevant. I apologise to you if the question was too hard for you to understand.
  3. I was just wondering about your OT concerns in his thread about him being banned or not.
  4. Its getting OT so Rom might delete this stuff, but he sure attracts new members here which cant be a bad thing.
  5. Great stuff, Rom! I didn't expect you be a faithful man, but you got a nice one there.
  6. Ricky is liberal. And we are no self-important, hollywood elitists. Love Gervais. Hope he makes it.
  7. Wow, thats cool. The attendants tonight might not be as obvious targets for him tonight though.
  8. Sorry, I missed that part. Any painted knobs coming up? The student from today wont do that , I guess.
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