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  1. Social distancing is going to do nothing in baht busses. It's going to be the railings that people grab onto when entering and leaving that will spread the virus. You're better off walking or getting a bike from Big C and cycling from A to B.
  2. Washington Examiner is a hoax site. I would not use them as proof.. infact the opposite. That tends to actually weakening our arguments which make perfect sense based on real facts.
  3. They really have to stop eating bats and snakes.
  4. BTW One thing I found interesting in a Sky sports/ sky news report is that a lot of Valencia fans went to Italy for the CL match and came back carriers of Covid and its wrecking the Valencia region. I don't even know how you prevent something like that without quarantining every traveler. And I myself got MERS (I think) on an Emirates flight. I don't know who else did but I know in my 30's it was really bad for a week.
  5. Yeah me and my fav ladyboy were talking. She was showing me videos of people in Thailand at home in isaan and uploading dancing/ singing together at Morlams yesterday. I told her.. in 2 weeks 1/2 the people there could have covid 19 because they're supposed to be under quarantine. And also if you've seen the videos of how busy Morchit has been/ always is.. its a massive hub for spreading covid-19. The numbers are vastly underrated but the people of Thailand tend to not live very long anyways. 60 is considered an old age in isaan. So it may infect them but they won't have the casualty rate of say Italy or Japan or even the USA.
  6. I hope I'm wrong. I truly do. But I'm very skeptical about the capitalists who look for mass profits out of every situation and they tend to have the politicians in their pocket to make laws that favor them.
  7. You know I can honestly see international travel having more precautionary guidelines in the future like.. requiring 7 day stay in isolation hotel before boarding flights and after arriving from flights becoming the norm. And hotels will make a killing on it so capitalists will be all for it.
  8. Those are only the ones that're confirmed, so most likely they got it a week or 10 days ago. The actual # will be much much higher. Remember people can not show symptoms for up to 14 days or worse not have symptoms but be a carrier.
  9. My fav ladyboy misses "mama noodles". But I've told her no because the shop is in the zone that's worst hit in NYC. I'm seeing pictures on websites saying Elmhurst hospital overwhelmed.. people waiting outside in long queues for treatment and the shop selling her mama noodles is just a block away. I think she'll have to do with rice, omelette and som tam for a while.
  10. I guess there are idiots everywhere.. even in Ireland. Avoid these ones please.. https://www.nydailynews.com/coronavirus/ny-coronavirus-teenagers-coronavirus-covid-tag-elderly-20200324-dhkqeel5orbyjbsylvizvgih7m-story.html
  11. Young people think they're immune. Even some middle age people are like look at that retard who's got a mask and scarf to avoid coronavirus while getting food. Some people are so easily brainwashed by the main stream media. The police sometimes do drivebys with loudspeakers blasting.. this is a health emergency.. go home, go indoors, but 20 mins later, they're back out on the streets partying. Edit: LOL https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/24/health/kentucky-coronavirus-party-infection/index.html
  12. There's 2 ways to think about that. When they say they locked down.. you can think they seriously locked everything down.. unlike here on the streets where everyone is still outside, blasting music like its a party and not caring. The second thing is they were locked down over 50 days. That's 3.5 cycles of the virus running its course and hopefully no one spreading it to someone else other than the people they were locked down with. BTW ever wonder why Trump won't use the defense production act and he wants to end this quarantine. This is exactly what conservatives have always wanted.. 1. They get rich making states bid against each other for medical supplies. 2. Social security spending goes down as they think hopefully a lot of older peeps will die 3. Those that live will be so in debt with medical bills.. they can use their newly placed judges to seize their wealth and property in the name of debt collection. Woohoo conservatives!
  13. It comes down to if you believe in common sense or do you believe Trump at his word? I'm sure there will be plenty of people still saying coronavirus is a democratic hoax while they're in the hospital waiting for ventilators and they'll still vote Trump anyways. So what can we do? Nothing for them and plenty for ourselves: Wash hands, don't touch your nose/ face. Don't touch anything where another random person has touched in the last 3 days. That means mail, shopping carts, bus/ train hand railings, doors. Use gloves if absolutely necessary like with your mail, and then leave it alone for 3 days.
  14. https://www.cnn.com/interactive/2020/health/coronavirus-questions-answers/ How long does coronavirus stay “alive” on surfaces? Up to three days, depending on the surface. According to a study funded by the US National Institutes of Health: The new coronavirus is viable up to 72 hours after being placed on stainless steel and plastic. It was viable up to four hours after being placed on copper, and up to 24 hours after being put on cardboard. In aerosols, it remained viable for three hours.
  15. Were you slightly drunk? Alcohol kills a hard on!
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