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  1. Ashoka


    Thank you. much appreciated. This really helps me out. And I think your description puts it just past the ladyboy massage shops area roughly so that's a plus!!
  2. Ashoka


    Yes I too was looking up the stuff for when I'm traveling back and I saw this on the US Embassy in Thailand website: Unless I'm wrong the Pattaya City Hospital is the only location near Central Pattaya (actually located on Soi Bukhao) though there are a few in Chonburi and quite a lot in Bangkok. As for being thick.. I didn't see RT-PCR test anywhere so an antigen test should be adequate! If someone else has traveled and used a different place for a test, please let me know and how much it costed!
  3. Ashoka


    Yeah the world is completely nuts right now. BTW you're right.. prevention is the best cure!
  4. This might be controversial but I've yet to taste a foreign food that tasted up to par in Thailand. Most of them are cheap imitations. It's not just western cuisine either. The same can be said for "samosas" which are Indian food and I love them but they're always under par. Same with bento boxes. Burgers and Pizzas are always undercooked. I mean even the best lasagna I tasted in Jomtien was ookay. Probably the best thing I could say I found would be the nachos and cheese in the Movie Theater in Central Festival or the caesar salad that were on par with the western stuff. Nothing that literally blew my mind away! Only thai food seems to taste good in thailand.
  5. What is it 8 per electric unit and 25 per water unit now?
  6. WTF? I paid 10k for a room with a bathroom and a balcony in 2019 june. Paying similar soon but not staying that long that next month.
  7. That's gotta be great value for you. Extra 4000 baht every month if you have a $1000 to spend every month. But how's inflation? I imagine that's cutting into the value bit.
  8. Woohoo a card for goblins like us! How do I get one?
  9. Fucking hell.. 10 years ago I cringed when I had exchange at 29, closer to 28. 10 grand too. As it turned out.. I moved back stateside and still have like 70k baht left over from that transaction with the last king's pictures on it. Hopefully that money is still good!
  10. Everyone has a type! And there was one working in the old Guess bar a long time ago that some might have had good times with.. Vivian?? At least I think her name was Vivian.
  11. Yeah India. Sometimes I like exploring stuff off the beaten path or at least I used to. It seems they've gotten into hormones and silicone like Thailand so the results are way better than they used to be. Met a really good looking Indian transgirl in Canada over 10 years ago.. rates were quite reasonable then too as she was starting out but now you're pretty much paying western rates for her. She seems to have become quite popular.
  12. When I travelled here in 2007.. I was not impressed with the quality of trans women there. Forward 15 years and some are not that bad..
  13. I gave the missus a make over on her pc by dual booting linux mint. She hasn't complained in over a month. She was annoyed by constant windows updates and dell update prompts. Been able to watch her videos, search for thailand hotels, atk, embassy, use messenger, discord, line without problems. So linux mint.. ladyboy tested.. ladyboy approved that it does indeed float the boat!
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