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  1. Ashoka

    Pfizer Pattaya 40+

    Good Job guys.. the Pfizer one is the way to go. Just plan on going easy for 2-3 days after the shots.
  2. Yep me and my ladyboy mask up everywhere outside of home and wear gloves. We avoid public transporation as much as possible. She has asthma so it would be really bad for her. She wanted to return to Thailand this year but under the quarantine rules and stuff, its not really possible. She also wanted to buy a few things but is unsure with covid if the places are even open so we'll try next year. What really surprised me in this covid thing is how resourceful people can be when they try. We had a few problems where our bathroom had a few tiles fall off and reveal mold underneath and we didn't want to risk anyone coming in.. so we decided to DIY it. Yep you heard that right.. a ladyboy and me fixing our bathroom (tearing it all down, packing debree of sharp tiles into bags, taking it outside, then helping me cut and replace old pipes & valve then cut and install cement board, sheet rock, waterproofing, joint compound, paint, and then cut tiles to install, splash thinset and apply tile. Infact she and I bought a 28 foot ladder and I secure it at the bottom and she goes to the top and paints mold resistant paint outside below the gutter so we don't have mold again). Never would have thought that when we hooked up that she and I are capable of this but we didn't want to live in a mold infested house and had to fix it ourselves. Sure beats the ladyboys that just want the latest iphone every year and want to just look pretty, buy expensive stuff, show off on facebook and be generally lazy but maybe covid has forced us both to be active instead of just paying someone else to fix it.
  3. BTW Have you gotten the vaccine in Thailand? And this delta variant is no joke.. it also seems to be more airborne.
  4. The first 3 passed away during March- April of 2020. 1. The person who did my taxes 2. A person who my dad knew who worked in a shop at the counter of a store 3. One of the health care workers I knew Then it was pretty much a lot of people getting infected by no fatalaties. 4 & 5 in March of 2021.. 4. A bank teller in my bank. She was always nice to me 5. That bank teller's girlfriend.. they were 38 and 32.. #6 was August 2021 He had covid before and survived.. he was vaccinated but he seemed to have a cough that never really went away so long covid and secondary infection. It seems to have been the delta variant as I talked to him sunday and he was fine and he was gone on Saturday.
  5. I would trust homeopathy more than this smoking garbage. I was playing volleyball with my ladyboy and she spiked so hard she ripped my rotator cuff when I tried to block and I didn't have money for surgery. It hurt a ton.. couldn't even lift my hand to pick up soap but then I tried homeopathic medicine (oral and a cream).. it healed it in a month. Good as new but still afraid of her spikes.
  6. How bad has it gotten recently? I am over in New york.. which thankfully has a good % of vaccinated but regretfully a lot of unmaksed people now. One of these who I knew and met 2 weeks ago passed away from covid last saturday. So that makes 6 people I knew personally who passed away of COVID. Hopefully its nowhere that bad for you guys.
  7. Ashoka

    RIP Ice

    Sorry to hear, but why did she go? Illness or..?
  8. Ashoka


    I for one am very surprised with Thailand's numbers given the numbers of Chinese bus tourists. We already know 50%+ infected are asymptomatic so something seems very off or covered up like with China showing only the numbers of those hospitalized vs truly infected.
  9. Ashoka


    It is a big deal because it means any immunity via a vaccine to it will most likely not be like measels/ mumps (entire lifetime) but for a much shorter duration so that means multiple vaccinations over time. Most people can do the lifetime vaccine but people are lazy and can't be bothered to do a vaccine every few months? And ofcourse you have anti vaxxers. So there will be dumbasses who are carriers for not just a few months but maybe for years like the flu.
  10. Ashoka


    There are now three known cases of patients contracting COVID-19 twice So much for immunity.
  11. To be brutally honest.. Thai women age worse than ladyboys. Most thai women are past their sell by date at 35 and it sorta begins to be past sell by date at 32ish. Yet to see a 40 year old thai lady that gave me a hard on but a little makeup and a sexy dress and a ladyboy is a great companion. What puts me off most is attitude but it sounds like you won the lottery there. Congrats man!
  12. The only thing that honestly makes a difference is their being able to afford hormones and makeup later on vs in their prime. The ones that can tend to look much better than the ones that don't obviously.
  13. Ashoka


    It sorta feels like the AIDS crisis except sped up.
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