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  1. One of the reasons I really like this forum is because I don't get chastised for having a budget lower than some two week millionaires. My past trip my biggest single expense was the room.. I tried finding something about 6-7k but settled on 10k with a nice view and walking distance from beach road. Other expenses are mostly meals and souveneirs though I kept it down in cost this time. Got most of my shopping done in bangkok and to my surprise if you want to buy clothes, they're actually cheaper in bangkok in bulk than buying in patts from the stalls or night markets. I might have to find where to pick up ladyboys in BKK without barfines as patts is much easier for that. If you guys know spots, lemme know.
  2. Are they mostly tops or easy to find bottoms too?
  3. Been there many times. Only gripe is the road from Nong Khai to Tha Bo was just horrible and riding the bike gave my rear a bigger workout than a ladyboy. Hope they have fixed it. Otherwise the area is great. Have fun.
  4. I may not have everyone elses opinion but.. Natalie Long Mint
  5. Hello! Nice to see many faces from various forums :)
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