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  1. Just bumping this because I've had quite the bourbon trip over the last 2 years.. Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Benchmark (couldn't find Buffalo Trace) Evan Williams Bottled in Bond Evan WIlliams Black (my usual go to) Wild Turkey 101 Old Forester 1792 Jim Beam Black Knob Creek 9 year Larceny All on recommendations by others.. some were really good. And then I was curious and tried Jack Daniels again. Fucking blown away.. so smooth.. no spicyness. Peanutty like a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Can understand why some hate it and some love it. Maybe bourbon is like ladyboy mongering. You go around and then back where you start. Makes me swing back and forth like a pendulum.. I used to have it in college, then I hated it, and now I'm loving it again. Maybe it's a nostalgia high or people's palette changes over time. /shrug Either way it was nice to rediscover how smooth it is! Good ole #7. Atleast it's easy to find in Thailand!
  2. A bud? They don't have Coors?
  3. @Pdoggg Apparently this sort of behavior is a feature amongst the scum of the earth.. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-68716467 A ringleader in a global monkey torture network exposed by the BBC has been charged by US federal prosecutors. Michael Macartney, 50, who went by the alias "Torture King", was charged in Virginia with conspiracy to create and distribute animal-crushing videos. Mr Macartney, a former motorcycle gang member who previously spent time in prison, ran several chat groups for monkey torture enthusiasts from around the world on the encrypted messaging app Telegram. The groups were used to share ideas for custom-made torture videos, such as setting live monkeys on fire, injuring them with tools and even putting one in a blender. The ideas were then sent, along with payments, to video-makers in Indonesia who carried them out, sometimes killing the baby long-tailed macaque monkeys in the process. This fucker is only getting 5 years. He deserves to be stripped naked and nailed by his nuts to a pole in a nature preserve along with all the others involved.
  4. The first rule of fight club is.. You do not talk about Fight Club…… The second rule of fight club is.. You do NOT talk about Fight Club. No one should be surprised supposedly Janet got there with her friends.
  5. If you watch the video in chronological order, it started in Soi11 with Filipinos starting a turf war and the 1 thai ladyboy never provoked her and kept telling her to calm down. What happened afterwards is basically what happens when you lose your country to immigrants who want to boss you around and treat you like second class human beings. Hopefully this fire spreads further and all the troublemakers get their bones broken before getting deported. Hell I'd have rounded them up, and decorated their faces with bangkok canal sewage before deporting them. BTW this is apparent that this is not the first time. A filipina ladyboy slashed a thai ladyboy last year!
  6. Seems they've taken the thai ladyboy culture to heart over there!
  7. If that's for 1.75L that's a bargain!
  8. Yeah I get it. I have been recommended Blantons and Evan Williams and Old Crow but I prefer what is easily available and doesn't break the wallet. Jim 4ROSES and Jack is very easily available here. Jack is expensive. I can find Knob Creek if I drive a bit away but others are much rarer. BTW I'm curious how much is Evan Williams over there? It's actually one of the cheapest ones over here, quite popular for mixing. 78% Corn, 12% Malted Barley, 10% Rye
  9. How much is Jim Beam black label?
  10. This might be right up your alley if you like that. It isn't watered down to 80 proof either!
  11. Ahh so you're a neat drinker. Yep you need the higher proof bourbons then!
  12. Interesting.. Find out something new everyday.. apparently Bulleit isn't a true distillery like it says at all.. Oh well quite happy with jim beam white label. If you're a true neat bourbon drinker that likes higher proof.. try Knob Creek. It's basically Jim Beam aged longer! Jim Beam white label: aged 4 years 80 proof Jim Beam black label: aged 8 years 86 proof Knob Creek: aged 9 years 100 proof
  13. Well not really. I actually did the Philippines before Thailand (looking for ggs) in 2006-09. If Thailand is land of smiles.. Philippines is the land of scams. I had shacked up with a non p4p GG cutie and made her go and sign us in for a room in Cebu and when in the evening we were ready to go out for a night out on the town, she was told I'd have to pay more since I'm a "banyaga". Well I chose to leave the place, didn't pay and as a bonus told her to sleep that night since we had already paid. Left a bad taste in my mouth and that was my last trip to Philippines. Can't say I regretted my choice even though there are times I think.. that gg was nice and I could have had kiddos with her. Oh well. Was always more careful in Philippines anyways due to Abu Sayeff and PBMA.
  14. I might have to check out this Stillhouse distillery in Red Hook Brooklyn.
  15. Yeah I was wondering about that.. my jim beam had a white label. While I was out buying Jim Beam, the missus had a bit of nostalgia and wanted 100 pipers, so we got her a bottle but we both tested our drinks and she ranked Jim Beam #1, Four Roses #2, Kahlua #3, 100 pipers #4 and Jack #5. And with current inflation Jack is $57 a bottle and Makers Mark which is rated better is only a little bit more. So for the money you can buy a whole lot worse bourbon than Jim Beam. There's a shop here in Elmhurst that has Thai products but crazy marked up prices.. $3 for a small Singha/ Chang.. but we were curious so we bought 1 of each Singha, Chang and Leo and a small Blend 285. She agreed the Thai beers and whiskey are a lot more bitter than Coors Light and Bourbon. She has a theory that it became more bitter during transportation on hot shipping containers but corn is corn and barley is barley.
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