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  1. I am not done with TRing Pattaya and already so much has happened in BKK ... I will just go LIVE to report that the main sissy-revisited of the trip did happen: as planned, the sissy who got the chop came down from Issaan to stay with me in BKK the final days of the trip. I will TR later on how it went. For those who don't remember the misgivings I had about spending my precious time in TH with a postie, here is the link to the thread where I opened my heart to the Board and received good advice that steered me to a compromise plan of having her come join me in BKK, as opposed to us eloping somewhere beachy which is what she wanted. In that thread you can also see 2 pics of the spectacular cock that got chopped... For today's pictorial, the first glimpses I got of the frankenpussy which is still healing and cannot be played with. No problemo ! Straight-to-Anal at least for this one more trip...
  2. The Thailand ladyboy experience is way way more than the mind blowing sex for pocket change. It's really about the many little things happening around you that if you blink you missed. It takes being able to constantly communicate on a subliminal plateau of awareness with ferocious yet prone to shattering demigodly creatures who seek not just your money and adulation but whatever affection there is you can give someone who knows better than to ask for love. As I make my way through my sissy adventures with what I think is a relative degree of insightfulness and success, I sometimes miss out on the signals and on the experience. Today's post is about the best fuck of the trip that did NOT happen: As self-quoted above, I had on a prior trip been with a sissy, the name is MONA, who subsequently subjected me to the harshest possible of all post-Thailand punishments: a Facebook block. Why she did it remains to me a mystery as she could not possibly have had feelings for a one-night stander old enough to be her father. I did not even think she would remember me on Facebook and perhaps she did not and just blocked me for being overly familiar for mentioning the FTGW nude shoots. But apparently she remembered me. Because yesterday I found out she unblocked me sometime following my recent visits to Delirious Bar (she works there now) where I could not help coy glances at her from the arms of other sissies. Mona is a very striking transwoman the kind who retains just the right amount of masculinity on a muscular yet delicate feminized body to die for. And than there is the cock. Not just that it is big and hard like few in Thailand but when Mona gets nude every move she makes every step she takes is about the cock and I cant get my eyes out of it. If I am going to use the "he" for some ladyboys and not others, Mona is really one I should use the "He" for but I don't dare. Anyhoo: if I can speak ladyboy, and perhaps I can't, what I think Mona tried to communicate to me by removing the block on Facebook and making sure the first pics of her I saw were mouth-watering ones was: LET'S FUCK. If I had been in Pattaya I would have made a beeline to Delirious and barfine the vixen. Hélas I am not and will just regret the rest of my life what could have been. Yes! there is always the next trip. But in ladyboy time that's an eternity... Here are the pics from Mona's Facebook:
  3. Bring it on Lady Mother of all Sissies! if I go down a rung or 2, I go down with a fight and if you are as hot and hung as you say you get to seat on my face. However if I outbitch you, I hope you are not skin-allergic to body paint and dry erase markers. Thanks for posting in my TR. Cheers, I can't remember the name of that ladyboy bar either. It was very short-lived. But no! That's not it in the pop-quizz picture. But it's a space for prosties to dance for the civilians: The russian prosties of the old Moulin Rouge. Below it was the King Seafood Restaurant that did not make it through covid. I could not help gawking at the russian sluts every time I walked by and so did many visitors that stopped to take pics. That' s why I consider it an icon of the old Pattaya. Look see:
  4. Walking Street yes! but not Jenny Star. Guess again. I'll give some clues: The focal point is NOT the ground floor establishment which used to be one of those seafood restaurants hanging over the water. The focal point is the now boarded up upper floor little cubicle that everybody used to stare at. Thanks for the compliment PG. I just checked myself and indeed the Penthouse website is up with misleading pop-ups saying someone just booked a room. But it also says "the hotel is closed until further notice due to covid-19". It does NOT say it's FOR SALE. Sneaky ol'Dudley may want to give the impression it is an ongoing business. I peeked inside and did not see any furnishings on the ground floor... that place is NOT ready to come back to life without major investments... Hi The-Sith. As mentioned above, 69 was bulldozed along with all the soi MIT bars. KRUs is there, but fewer sissies and zero customers both times I went there. I'll post about it later. Buakhao area (not just street!) is rocking more than ever and within that area soi Chaiyapoon is on fire and is the place for broader horizon mongers like us who graduated past the GG go-gos. The Tree Town ?Plaza? which did not exist 4 years ago is fully occupied with bars AND RESTAURANTS. Fantasy Lounge was there but I did not see the love of your life Sandy. I also did not see ubercock Polla that I hoped to get on my knees for (NOT on my hands-and-knees). The sissies' vibes seemed same-same as before and they are definitely striving for business. In my case it's getting hard to gauge the vibe. I've had 3 sissies I wish I had LTed skidoodling after the fudge-packing while in the past they would all stay with me even during daytime. But I suspect the main reason is not "jaded sissies" but the fact that I got old and am no longer as "sexyman-handsome" despite what the ladies cry out when I walk the sois of Pattaya. I did see at Pook one ladyboy that I can't get out of my mind and I will take this opportunity to include her in the TR, which I had hesitated as to avoid giving away a gem indiscriminately. But it's not like she cares for me, at least not yet, so here goes. Her name is Annie (not sure of spelling) and works at Pook Bar and has an exquisite body like a beautiful 20 yo farang lady the kind I no longer aspire to score. Add to that her magnetic personality, and I put her on par with Lily in terms of allure, but unlike Lily she is strictly bottom with a smallish pecker. I am surprised no one else is raving about her (also at PY!) but to me she is the find of the trip... No nude peeps for this one Sorry! cant risk being ratted as I plan to tap that ass further and with a seduction game plan more effective than showing up at her bar with another sissy in tow.
  5. This is another post where I blab away. Skip it if you are here for the sissy pics or the broad swipes by me and at me. Like I did earlier for BKK, here are some personal post-covid impressions on Pattaya: Overall vibe: Clearly less crowded, but plenty of tourists and natives all over. I did not see the russians, nor the buses with Chinese. On the other hand, plenty of middle-easterners and what seemed to me as record numbers of Indians/Pakistanis. Many street level businesses and medium-big size hotels are still closed. Especially along Second Road but that's perhaps also because it is undergoing a major upgrade of the sewage mains. Prices: The hop-in buses are still 10 baht and hotels are giving away rooms at less than pre-covid prices. The big boxes with 50 kamagras are down to 800 baht. But the rest is all more expensive: from 7-11 shit in general, to restaurant prices, to drinks at most bars and especially the BARFINES everywhere but Delirious that still has an after-midnight discounted 300 baht barfine. The cartel price for a taxi to the airport is now 1,000 baht. To BKK 1,200 (I paid). The Bolt alternative was more (1,500+) but Bolt for in Pattaya-Jomtien transportation saved me much money over the corner motorbikes that should not be more than 50 baht but they always haggle for more. Legit massages up to 200 baht hour (from 150 last time I did) but happy endings still 500 tip. Walking Street: The neon lights don't shine as intensely as they used to but most (not all) bars and go-gos are open with plenty of attractive ladies hustling you in outside. Jenny Star bar that refuge of old botched thieving sissies was closed. Marine Disco seemed closed (or maybe was too early when I passed) and Tony is no more. I think the Tony empire crumbled bc I did not see his ads around. Plenty of freelancers standing on the sides of Walking Street. New clubs catering to middle-easterners. The biggest change for me was the Issaan live music club at the start of Walking Street that was closed. I used to bring the sissies there to bond. The beaches: South Pattaya and Jomtien both seemed to me more clean and with more sand than I remembered. Definitely had fewer farang beach goers. Did not see the jet ski scammers. North Pattaya: it's like post-war desolation. those big bar plazas at the northern end of Second Road all gone. soi 1 and soi 2 reduced to a few whores. The Naklua stretch still has the bars but seemed dead when I passed. soi 6: a few bars closed but wild as usual with plenty of sluts lined up all the way. What I did not see were sissies. Have ladyboys been eradicated from soi 6? (only went there one time around 8 PM). other sois off Beach Road: they seem to be slowly emptying of monger venues. Still plenty of action on Sois 7-8, 13/1 and 13/2 but again not what it used to be and no ladyboy-only bars. 13/3 and 13/4 are dead in the water. soi Made in Thailand: bulldozed. the bars likely moved upstream to Tree Town that is packed. But again: no sissy bars and the 69 bar was lost for good. some new areas of bar consolidation: motorbiking around I noticed at least 2 beer plaza areas between 2nd road and Buakhao that I did not remember having so many bars before. Perhaps the bars that closed elsewhere moved there which would be a positive thing. Sorry I did not take note of where precisely those stretches are. Twink venues: Boys Town is all but dead although they put some lighted arch with a guard standing by in the access to it from soi 13/4. Sunee dead. As far as I can tell, the place to go for twinks is now that alley soy when you arrive in Jomtien. Quite a few bars open with those disturbing rows of old white men starring at each other from across the soi. Good luck finding a money boy younger than late 20s... Buakhao and Chaiyapoom : ROCKING! within a 150 meters radius off the intersection. However, as you get further it's dead like Action Plaza where it's pitiful to even look at Sensations and the other bars empty of staff and customers. Tree Town, that U-shaped soi with the girlie go-gos, Chayapoom and the parallel soi and the Buakhao stretch connecting all those are the place to party in Pattaya now. PERIOD! Ladyboy Bars : Fewer than before but still enough to butterfly across bars for the duration of most stays. I got hooked on Delirious and spent too much time there to survey all the others. Pook and Duangjai caught my attention and some of my money. Katoeys 'Я' Us has fewer staff but remains the more upscale and pricier venue. Jomtien seems to have only 1 bar with 2 ladyboys. Street Action: Plenty of GG sluts old and young on Beach road and some botched-surgery overweight sissies. Where I found many ladyboy freelancers, including some silicone-free skinny ones, was at the intersection of Buakhao and Chaiyapoon. I did not remember seeing them there before and one night I counted 15 almost shoulder-to-shoulder. That's already long and I have a postie about to arrive from Issaan. Hope this helps as a debrief for those who have not traveled back to post-covid TH. Rom To close: a quick Trivia QUIZZ: The image below is of a former Pattaya iconic sight that is no more. What was it? What made it so iconic?
  6. I'm not done with TR-ing Pattaya, but here is a LIVE (10 minutes ago) post from the field-of-play... One night in BKK makes a humble man hard...
  7. SHE (as in S-H-E SHE! in my author's mind) is one very sweet and sexy sissy who tearfully said goodbye to me this morning. She is not a barsissy. I met her, as reported here at LBR in a previous TR, at Jomtien Beach 2 1/2 years ago. She works at a hair salon doing nails, but I have no illusion she taps into farangs now and then to pay for the ice, cellphones and groceries. When I give her money she makes a point of looking me in the eye and putting the bills in her pocket without even counting. I probably should not be posting here pics of her body parts... I hope to see her again... They may be whiney cunts, but they ain't stupid. I am already back in the Big Mango (BKK) for the final 5 nights of my trip. I still have much to TR about Pattaya so what I will do today is combine in one TR installment the 3 sissies from Delirious Bar I did on different nights while I was there. This will allow the TR to catch up to the trip. As far as I am concerned, Delirious Bar has become the focal point of Pattaya's ladyboy mongers now that 69 and TJs are history (New bar is more like a mercy stop). Delirious also currently has its most numerous and best looking ever lineup of sissies on par with Katoeys 'Я' Us. The rest of the Pattaya sissy bars are notches below although some have diamonds, such as Pook's Annie who I consider to be the new Lily (am I going to TR on her? itching to but risky...). Every night I stayed in Pattaya I would without planning end up at Delirious Bar. Such is the gravitational pull of soi Chaiyapoon now. Unlike in the other Pattaya mongering hotspots, there is NOT one free commercial slot on the whole soi and a couple of the old rinky dink beer bars have given way to aircon fitted mini-clubs with better quality women at 1,000 baht barfines. On my first night at Delirious, I greeted Herbert (the owner and BM here) with a familiar Hi-5, which he reciprocated enthusiastically with a big smile on his face, but the kind of smile that showed he had no idea who I was. I went back every night and he still did not remember me not even from the previous nights. (Nice haircut you got while I was there Herbert!). He was very busy and perhaps on a businessman's high seeing the bar around him doing so well with so many customers and motivated staff. Herbert is one of the very few PY-LBR BMs who ever met me face-to-face me as the "Daddy Rom" non-avatar and perhaps it's for the best that he forgot me. I like to think of myself as a stealthy punter good at hiding in crowds in plain sight, which I used to do in the face of my sworn PY haters at 69, Baby Boom, and the old Katty bar. Same-same this time at Delirious where some of the most whiney PY cliquers also hang out. The Delirious Bar sissies however seemed to remember me all too well, including Herbert's partner who, on the other hand, has no clue on the Rom-connection. Delirious currently has 2 queen bees: Mona and Beauty. Mona I knew already from another venue and our history ended with her blocking me on FB after I told her I saw her nude pictorials on FTGW which I had nothing to do with (apparently she objected that I knew Sonya made those shoots, and so did the Finn guy at PY but that's another story). I feared Mona's reaction when she saw me, but she was cool. I did not want to press my luck and ask her if I could take pics, which I wish I had because she looks great very elegant and classy. I also observed her being very attentive with the customers. I wish I had barfined her but it did not happen... I did barfine Beauty who is a wonderful sexy sissy who considers me "a good boy" (her words) despite the unspeakable things I do to her. She is very much in demand, but will LT for me, although she never sticks around after breakfast to make me feel even more special. I also had a good first time ST with Cindy a tall skinny sissy without the bolt-ons as I prefer them and with another skinny one I forgot to write the name and now I don't remember (Ice? Icey? Spicy? Rice? Racy?). He enticed me like a newbie with tongue kisses and tongue in the ear probings and promised LT, but once we did the deed he did a runner on me. He was not the only one this trip. Others I wished would have left, stayed for breakfast. My very first night at Delirious I also met a skinny tall pristine sissy fresh-off-the-farm who I came back for in subsequent nights but not only was she never there, but nobody else seemed to remember her. I took one (and one only) pic of her, which is the pic to the left (or above-left if u on a cell phone) of the sissy in the patterned 2-piece. All I remember for sure is she communicating to me (she does not speak any English) her name was "Nail" or "Nails" as she pointed at the nails on one of her hands. If anyone knows who I am talking about please brief me on what you know. She is my Cinderella-who-got-away of the trip. To conclude: (i) I can't recommend Beauty enough. Tight devoted bottom and steel hard cock in a perfect fat compact size for sucking. The only snag is that she reminds me a bit of Paeng, Sensations Scott's ex who I did before him but subsequently turned me off because of the association to Scott. (ii) As far as the Romscars jury is concerned, Delirious is as of now the frontrunner for the 2022 Thailand's Ladyboy Bar of the Year. Here are some more pics of the 3 sissies who put me into delirium semens:
  8. Do you know baseball rules bbg? If not, look'em up. That's strike 2 ! This is a rare (for me) 2nd TR post on the same day. It is one of those ladyboyless personal impressions posts so you may want to skip it. The topic is Pattaya's PENTHOUSE HOTEL (soi 13/4 just off Beach road close to Walking Street). If you are not already familiar with it don't bother reading. But I know it was a rite of passage for many other GG and sissy mongers earning their Pattaya devil wings. I don't remember where I stayed the first couple of times I visited Pattaya. But in 1999 I stumbled on the internet on the webpage of a new porn-themed Pattaya hotel called Penthouse. It had an in-house go-go with a closed circuit channel of the GGs dancing onstage broadcast to the rooms; mirrors on the ceiling; jacuzzis; dance poles; sex swings; and it was decorated with an overload of kitschy Thai knick-knacks. It was also openly ladyboy-friendly, which not many hotels were back then. The room rates were competitive, the location was prime (back then!) and I gave it a try. It was there I purchased my first Viagra pill from the manager who got them from an Australian doctor hotel guest (Viagra had just recently came out and was not available everywhere like now). I stayed there on all my subsequent trips through 2006 when said manager embarked on a megalomanous expansion of the hotel and began to nickel-and-dime the guests with pesky added charges every each way he could (like charging the VAT in addition to the published prices, and little service charges for everything from using the indoor pool to extra toilet paper). After that, I stayed at other locations all over Pattaya but often return to the Penthouse hotel sois (13/3 and 13/4; 13/5? is Boys Town) and as I write these words I am indeed in soi 13/4 across the Penthouse. Let's talk about the 2 Penthouse owner-partners: Ian and Dudley. Ian was a party dude and pehaps the main money man. Only talked to him once. Died suddenly and mysteriously while visiting South Africa. Dudley was the working manager always at his post at the hotel and the visionary micro-manager who turned the Penthouse into the white elephant it became. He was also a con sleazeball and you could tell it from a mile away. Everytime we talked he steered the conversation towards me investing in the hotel in exchange for a lifetime of free stays, drinks and barfines. I am sure other more gullible punters fell for it. Just after we met, Dudley married one of the hotel's go-go dancers who went from a total Thai hottie to a dragon lady bossing him around. At some point he got a hot pinay GF with whom he had 2 children. They separated and she took the children back to the PH and then he went there, the pinay died, and he brought the children back to Pattaya. Rumours abound. The older child was a girl of 11 yo he would have dancing onstage with the sluts. To his credit, he was into ladyboys himself and pioneered in Pattaya the co-ed ladyboy/GGs go-go. At some point it became ladyboys only (Obsessions) and it had some damn good ones. All this to say, Dudley was a complex character and not the most ethical one. Once a business looses a customer, it is extremely hard to get him back. And that's what happened with the Penthouse customers like me. We stopped coming back. Dudley apparently doubled down on the new customers and that's when the outrageous charges for use of the pool, toilet paper, taking the lift started. With all the construction work (and noise!), the cash-flow had to be negative and the hotel closed prior even to covid (2018?). I asked at The Shamrock across the street, and Dudley and the Thai wife retreated to an island near her hometown in the south of Thailand where they run a smaller beach hotel... The Penthouse seats vacant for rent or sale like a relic of glory days past on a dead soi becoming indianized...
  9. "He" ... "She" ... what does it matter what an online shadow of a man in a microcosm like LBR picks to call a bunch of sissies? I suppose my sporadic use of "sissies" instead of "ladyboys" is also touching the politically correct nerves of some BMs. Again: who cares what a nobody like me has to say? Perhaps it will help those BMs to think I try to make my posts entertaining with a touch of rogueness and that this ain't PY where bitter conformity is the norm ... I am now going to recap the bucket list I posted in November 2021 of the 7 sissies I planned to hit on once I made it back to Thailand after the covid interregnum: #1 BKK bakery chef sissy featured in the OP. DONE #2 Rayong's Chalita NOT POSSIBLE (she told me she has a BF who monitors her constantly and can't come to see me in Pattaya or BKK) #3 Phuket homely but horny sissy with massage parlor skills NOT POSSIBLE (I am not going there and he is not worth flying to BKK) #4 Issan sissy. COMING UP She is the one I wrote about who had the chop. She is flying from Roy Et to be with me in BKK the last 4 days of my trip. She is putting up the airfare money herself, so I have no financial risk ahead of seeing her. #5 Pattaya 1 sissy DONE #6 Pattaya 2 sissy DONE #7 Pattaya 3 sissy DONE The romantic, huge cock one I mentioned in the previous TR post. Laying naked in bed by my side as I write these words. If anyone is interested on more details and pics of some of these 7 you can read about it here: http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/topic/9743-rompocalypse-now/ So, as you see I am 4-for-7 and may go up to 5-for-7 if the postie comes to BKK as planned. I got Pattaya 1 and Pattaya 2 checkmarked as soon as I arrived here, which was no small feat since they know each other and knew I intended to sleep with both (separately!). Sorry but I can't reveal further details or show their pics... I have had here in Pattaya STs and one night stands with other sissies and a 50 year old MILF and I will report on them another day. Today, I will just add something on the sissy sleeping next to me and some pics from when I fucked her this morning, after which we both went back to sleep with me still inside her for another couple of hours... a practice she seems to like a lot, as do I. Sooooo yesterday I had planned a beer with this farang acquaintance in Jomtien and she asked to come along in the Bolt taxi to be dropped elsewhere in Jomtien at a friend's. In the course of my time with the farang I got a message from a new Facebook account with my sissy friend's pic saying she had left her phone in the taxi and no one was responding. I felt bad for her and expected the night to be understandably ruined as for most people losing the phone would be a very stressful setback. But that was not the case for my sissy friend. When we met again at the hotel she seemed nonchalant about it. She also seemed high on ice (can I post this?) and I suspect that's what she and her friend did in Jomtien with the money I had given earlier for the overnight ... We had a good time going for dinner at Tree Town and playing pool/drinks at Delirious. If I had lost my phone, the first thing I would do today is go to the company and try to get my old # back. She does not seem the least bit hurried to do that. She also is not contacting Bolt directly to report the incident and get a response. I think she may just have pawned the phone for the ice (again: can I say that?) figuring I might feel bad for her and help her with a new phone. But she has not asked. Instead she is saying she has another phone in the room, but again she is no hurry to get it. This is all very strange but I am not going to ask any more questions or make any offers. Here are some pics from this morning:
  10. I am giving a link above to my earlier post where I sensed the demise of TJs and was even inspired to sing from an old song: Another exhilarating facet of the ladyboy world as we knew it that will be lost for good: TJ's unique experience of SPACE, OPEN SPACE with beautiful ladyboys frolicking under the sultry night sky with the implausibly nearby sea whispering during the karaoke breaks... unlike any of the other ladyboy venues that tend to be cramped and enclosed so what happens in the premises is hidden from passers-by... On a personal note, I would go there not just for the ladyboys but also to gawk at the mongers and put faces to PY-avatars, especially "my" Romscars nominees and Hall of Legenders 1 or 2 of whom could always be found at TJs on any given night. The place was so spacious they could not even tell I was checking them out... Only little momma M would recognize me from way back when her husband was alive but she never connected the dots to the misunderstood Rom shadow of an outcast so many of her patrons disliked. I dont know what is coming over me ... the monger's blues perhaps... or a broader existential crisis ... but this is what is playing in my mind as I write these words and think of TJs: Starry, starry night Paint your palette blue and gray Look out on a summer's day With eyes that know the darkness in my soul For they could not love you But still your love was true And when no hope was left inside On that starry, starry night
  11. My use of "he/she" for ladyboys was raised here at LBR LAST YEAR and I went to considerable self-analytical length to provide an explanation in a post I am giving the link to below. If you read my previous post here in this very page and just prior to the 2 critical posts above, I used "she" for the loving ladyboy. And on the penultimate post I used "he" for Sam (who wanted to top me). Like most authors trying to express themselves in writing the best they can, I have my own literary style that reflects my emotions and I repressed it at PY and here initially for far too long to conform to BM expectations such as the ones that are being tried to be imposed on me. I will continue to TR with "he-s" and "she-s" as it flows, so please read the post below and don't bring up the matter again in a self-righteous manner. To the extent that it makes some BMs uncomfortable, perhaps it's a constructive thing because NEWSFLASH! they are NOT women and you know it and may want to calibrate accordingly... Thanks Sylvester (touché by the "her")
  12. PG with you I can't be sure if you are joking or serious. Just in case: that's a dancer slut from Angelwitch. NOT Sam. Thanks seven. I arrived on the scene more like 30+ years ago. First time in TH late 1980s as a grad student. Started mongering in the early 90s. So much has changed since then. Mongeringwise and societal. Maybe I will start a thread on that... I love Sam's looks and we had a memorable LT after I met him at Why Not? So much so, I plan to be with him again and am going to some trouble to adjust my trip plans accordingly. I am also not going to show here the nudies of Sam in case someone snitches and ruins my plans... I don't think he remembered me when he first saw me at Why Not?, but when I told him the nickname the Baby Boom crew gave me ("Pokemon" I am a man of many names) she instantly stood in attention and knew this was also her chance to be with one of the prime farang characters of the ladyboy scene ... ---------------------- I wrote above and I reiterate here that this TR will be patchy and peppered with personal reflections. Sexwise, already so much has happened in this trip that I could keep you all entertained for another 10 posts just with my bedroom adventures, all documented with pics if I choose to show them which I will in some cases, others not. But now I am at a turning point of the trip. Here is another personal reflection post: It's PM in Pattaya and as I write these words a wonderful skinny sissy with the thickest cock you can imagine lies by my side frantically looking at infomercials on her cellphone. She has no intention of leaving my room and I would be a fool to push her out. I am trying to convince myself it's not a good idea to bring her to BKK when I go back in 3 days (that would mean no more Sam! or fresh new sissies...). Also as I write these words, there is a 50+ yo lady stalker waiting for me outside the hotel and by chance I spotted her from my 3rd floor balcony. To go for late breakfast/brunch at the Beer Garden I sent the sissy ahead, and then I exited special forces style waiting for the right time when she was looking away to crawl behind a row of potted plants until I was out of her field of vision... then to come back the sissy distracted her while I sneaked in from the opposite direction. I know she starts her work shift at Rayong at 5 PM, so she should be out of here soon. If not, I will have to confront her. The hotel staff is instructed not to let her in. I will post about this shuned MILF later. It is an interesting story of who is the hunter or the prey... Was it all masterfully staged for me? Or am I the masterful one? Back to the sissy lying next to me. She was one of those in my return-to-TH bucket list but we had not communicated for over a year and I thought she had become unavailable (as happened with Chalita who was also on my bucket list and declined to see me). I waited until yesterday to contact the loving sissy and she immediately came to my room and gave me the most intense, passionate bargirl (she is not one) sex you can imagine. She even brought a small projector that shone stars in changing colors on the bedroom ceiling to the sound of a playlist that started with the Queen's "Love of my Life"... I had had sex with her before but I swear her cock is even bigger now and that was already a huge thick cock to start with. She wanted to fuck me last night, but I insisted I be the one to fuck her first, except my cock was not rising to the occasion due to a massage a couple hours earlier that degenerated into a hand job. But thanks to the folks at the KY Corporation, I managed to slip it in her improbably tight and blemish-free bunghole and faked an orgasm as we kissed passionately. She came from the friction of her cock against my gut and then I positioned myself sideways behind her with my cock still inside her and we both fell asleep in loving spooning embrace. My ass lives to see another day, but it's only a matter of time... All this to say that I am done butterflying here in Pattaya, both sissies and GGs period! I post pics of my loving sissy with her projections machine, and a few samples of the many colorful visuals it generated:
  13. I am on record here at LBR prognosticating, as diplomatically as I could, the likely demise of TJs once they moved to the back of their mini-plaza. Because TJ's was not just about the beautiful and plentiful sissies, but the ample space no other sissy-bars have and it just felt really good to go there for a drink under the big night sky. I even had the impression I could hear the sea, which obviously I couldnt with all the music and chatter ... It was great while it lasted and we should all be greatful for the memories. TJs is the only bar ever to win TWICE the Romscars Ladyboy Bar of the Year (in 2018 and 2019) and Little Mama M was a great part of that. So RESPECT ! By chance I was there at the new digs a couple days before this thread was started and I took some spur-of-the-moment pics I share below. Mostly candids of the sissies playing pool. That particular night there was a Thai lady live singing and plenty of sexpat-looking farangs in the audience. What there was not was more than 4 or 5 ladyboys, with only 1 of them making my mouth water. There were also 2 (and only 2 I asked) barfinable ladyladies but none was anything to write home about. Just prior to going there, I had gone to the TJ's old place which had the lights on, shutters open but was completely deserted. I could have made off with a bottle of tequila that no one would have stopped me. That's when I learned from one of the hoes in the neighboring bar about the new place around the corner. I wish the best for Little Mama M and may she assemble another crew of sissies like the ones in Bumblebee's iconic pic at the top of this page.
  14. Getting back to the sissies... as I mentioned, the one I met on arrival and had planned to go to Trang with left after 2 nights and we haven't chatted since. Not that there is any hostility. Just mutual awkwardness as we both know we will never meet each other again as lovers, and absent that what is there for us to meet for? So night #3 in BKK I was a free monger on the prowl and that's when I went to Nana and marveled at the sights. Soi 4 is rocking, as is NEP with very attractive women all over pulling you into their respective establishments. I peeked into the go-gos and they were reasonably staffed some with topless dancers and even some nudie ones on the 3rd floor. Then I had dinner at The Jungle and saw the lively freelancer street action with very enticing picks. Across the street from me was Hooters that now occupies the space of what used to be the Nana Hotel cafeteria and lobby and I wondered what is going on with that legendary hotel, which I recall someone else calling "the mothership." Having been to Check-In Bar the night before, I decided to go to Why Not? next and check out their sissies. I forgot they had moved and made my way to their old location in Asoke but it was not a total waste of time because on the way there I did beer stops at the Thermae and at that new bar mini-plaza on soi 7 where I found a gem of a bar girl I seriously considered barfining and calling it a night. I also peeked at Soi Cowboy from the main entrance and it seemed in good shape (unlike Patpong). When I finally made it to Why Not? I was very impressed by how well and tastefully it is fitted, but not so much by the staff who were no more than 5 or 6 and heavily botoxed. I thought I would just finish my beer and go somewhere else, but that's when that old LOS magic happened: a sissy comes out of the backstage and I immediately knew I was going to barfine her. Said sissy was none other than a former Baby Boom staff I always wanted to barfine but never got a chance to, be it because a certain pesky PY photographer was always taking her upstairs or because other Baby Boom sissies who had known me for longer put dibs on me. The nom-de-guerre of that sissy-fantasy-come-true is Sam. Just Sam. Possibly the tallest sissy I ever fucked at 1m 85 and rail-thin as I like them. He got the bolt-ons which I dislike in general but in his case they make for a very striking silhouette, so I exceptionally approve. Having agreed on a LT, it was still too early to fuck and sleep and I suggested we go to a new club next to the Nana, but it was also too early for it and the few guys there were Arab-looking and they were playing Arab music, so we passed. I then suggested we go to one of the NEP bars and that's when Sam said he had never been to a girlie go-go (hard to believe but apparently none of his customers took him) so I took him to Angelwitch as I knew they have stage shows that might capture Sam's attention. But once there, we barely looked at the stage and just had a blast with a couple girls I bought ladydrinks for. Sam claims he has no problem fucking girls, so I look forward to barfining him again and get us some pussy. I took some pretty good pics of Sam in the room, but I don't want to risk being ratted before meeting her again so maybe later in the TR when I leave TH for the PH. For now some pics of Sam at Why Not? and partying with me at Angelwitch.
  15. Thanks seven you get a smiley face +1, Thanks Pdoggg you get one also, Bumblebee, The-Sith, Sylvester, PG ... Thanks ALL! everybody gets a smiley face +1. Frequent ejaculation makes me an even more congenial BM than I usually am... Regarding PG's curiosity, I will just say that my occupation in life at this stage is to live to see another day. Traveling the world keeps me out of the crosshairs and mongering money is pocket change in my big order of things... As mentioned above, this TR will be patchy with personal reflections interjecting with on-the-ground events. Here is the first batch of instant impressions on post-covid Bangkok as I saw it: Overall BKK vibe: Less packed. Of farangs and Thais. My flight from Dubai was full but the airport seemed less so with no lines at passport control. The big hotel where I stayed was practically empty and most other guests I saw at breakfast were Thais. The Sky Train is less congested. More Thais must be staying home. A lot of regular street shops are shuttered close as you randomly drive by. I mean A LOT of the small Thai street level shops we never set foot into are just closed. Why? Maybe such businesses are no longer viable. Something societal must be going on and it's what I would place in my experiences category of the vanishing Thailand as I knew it. Hotels: Buyers market. Walking around you can tell many hotels have not reopened after covid (and perhaps some never will). Prices on Agoda are way cheap and the best indicator is that practically all offers come with free cancelation. I wanted to stay at a top riverfront hotel. No specials at The Oriental or Shangri-La, but got me a huge suite with 2 balconies at the Royal River for US$60. Cannabis: It's reefers paradise in Thailand now. Something happened while I was away that they legalized marijuana and pot shops are everywhere. Prices start at 100 baht for a tobacco mixed blunt and then you can buy all kinds of strands by the gram. To think all my life I declined smoking with the sissies to avoid trouble with the law and now that I can I found out that ... it counteracts the Kamagra! Exchange Rate: 37+ baht to the US$ which has not been this strong since the mid 2000s. Even though I now live mostly in Europe, the USD is my reference currency and so I feel things in Thailand are generally cheaper. Mongering Scene: I will break this one down: Patpong 1 and 2: Dead. Went there with my bakery shop sissy and only 2 go-gos were open (one being King's Corner with GGs and post-ops) and 3 or 4 of the smaller bars. No night market. See a pic below of the desolation. Soi Cowboy: Looked OK. I only glanced in there and cant tell if the bars were plentifully staffed. Nana: Thriving. The NEP was rehauled while I was away and there are no empty bar slots. It lost much of the grittiness with a lot of the bars being renamed RAINBOW-something which makes it obvious there is now a Rainbow Group that owns and/or runs the place. Drink prices and barfines are way up. Plenty of women, but only 1 ladyboy bar: Obsession, which seems is called now True Obsession. Nana Street Action: Plenty of GG and sissy streetwalkers on soi 4 just like in the old days. To my surprise, many attractive ones too like in the old older days. The asking price seemed to be 1,500 ST. Fellow Mongers: Plenty of them in all of the Sukhumvit Nana-Asoke sex corridor where the closed hotels and businesses are perhaps more a reflexion of the non-sex tourist numbers not having recovered. I noticed more middle-easterners than ever, as well as Indians/Pakistanis something us entitled farangs have to start to learn to live with. New soi 7 beer bars: I was pleasantly surprised with a new small beer bar plaza with some 20 bars adequately staffed with women. A lot of these mini bar-plazas have disappeared elsewhere in the Sukhumvit area so it's comforting to see a new one sprout. It's just before the Beer Garden, which had very few freelancers when I went there for dinner. Thermae: As pussy-packed as ever. I estimated more than 100 to be there and saw 10 of us guys (of which 8 were japs or koreans). The asking price is not cheap: 2500 upwards ST. There is clearly peer pressure not to discount, so to get a lower rate you may have to get the slut out of earshot of the other sluts. African hookers: Quite a few up and down Sukhumvit. Saw a couple stunners. Asked a cute one how much and she said 5,000 hoping I am sure for a counteroffer I did not make. I like black girls but these are pimp-controlled and GFE not going to happen as I'd want. ...Ok this is getting too long and it's time I start paying attention to the sissy lying naked next to me. Here some pics of Patpong 1 and 2 and the Sky Train and Nana and a couple of public displays of weed which I hope mod1 will allow since it is now obviously allowed in TH. My next post will be way more entertaining featuring an awesome sissy...
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