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  1. Thanks for the detailed clarifications Pdoggg, especially as regards the Antartico secret stash. I just went and checked that he has 63 trackable posts out of his 66 on-record and it is just not possible that the missing 3 would have earned him over a 1000 +1s (more likely those 3 were hidden). So, he must have been running his own personal sub-forum where the +1s were counted but not his posts (? probably the 1000 +1s were given directly to pics ?). I just wish I could see that stash because he got to a lot of the filipino ladyboys I cherished earlier than I did… As far as the prospective clubs, I am wondering if the club starter will have mod-like powers for the club? I showed over and over at LBP that I am not afraid of being heroed and posted publicly where I could reach the maximum audience. What broke me was the haters and how the LBP mods enabled them and discretionarily suppressed and edited my posts. Never again will I put hours of work and 1000s of pics for others to resentfully destroy and be at the mercy of thick moderators who expect me to go cap in hand for the privilege of contributing media like no other BM did. Fuck the lot of them and their vitriolic canine string-puller ! A Club could be a good option for me to contribute here, but I would not want to start a Club by invitation only. I would want it open to everyone. But if a BM personally attacked me or disparaged my Club posts (for ex: pictures of ladyboys with their cocks painted or skins written on) I would want to then, and ONLY THEN, block that BM from the Club. Without having to ask a mod. You guys are being really nice to me in this thread, but the reality is that at least 2 of the BMs who actively undermined ALL my threads at LBP are senior BMs here and probably will do the same here if they see an opening. So: would a Club starter who makes his Club open to everyone have the power to block haters without going through a mod ? This is something you admins may want to think about (if the software allows) not just on my account but on a broader Board context of constructively differentiating itself as a ladyboy Board where all BMs can contribute their best without fear of being flamed. thanks in advance. Rom
  2. But of course! ... Like myself, you push the stools IN... ! ... NOT out! How did I not see that before ? ...
  3. Here we go gentlemen: been lurking this Board for years, signed up 1 week ago, advanced yesterday (Thanks mods!), immediately checked out the lounges, but still have the same gut-wrenching questions I always wondered about back when I was a lurker: 1 - What does exactly the “upvote” button do here? Is it just a +1 that says you agree? Or (like at reddit) serves to give the post more visibility? If so how/where? 2 - I am a big Antartico fan and saw he has like 1200 likes for 60 posts and had imagined he had tons of awesome pics in Advanced Members (like he has at LBP). But I did not find but a few such pics at the Lounges. And when I checked his posts history, I did not see any posts by him with more than a few likes. So where is the stash that would generate so many likes? Is it in a super restricted area of the Board? 3 - What are the Board's “clubs” (on the Home page tabs) and are there even any? I don’t see any of them. Is it by invitation only? Is that where the Antartico stash is? 4 - Who the fuck is/was Ernesto? You may want to put a one-liner below the link to his sub-forum clarifying that ... was he Spanish? ---------- and @duke007 you know we have no beef from LBP, so I'll break the ice and say Hi again pal! Sooooo ... if you know how to get hold of Mona you better spill the beans... FAST! because I need to close my schedules and to know if will be needing to pack extra gold paint for her extra long cock. Thanks in advance to any BM who helps out with any of these queries. R
  4. You guys are being so nice to me, it gave me the strength to face my LBP trauma and grab a pen and paper for the first time in over a year. Just a very rough sketch for the 9 BMs who posted here so far. Hope you recognize yourself and like it, especially the 2 mods…
  5. Howdy boys, my 2 cents worth if I may: The OP mentioned he hardly ever sees customers (at Sensations, I presume) anymore, but he could have usefully added that he also hardly sees any ladyboys there anymore. And therein lies the problem: No ladyboys, the customers dont come. No customers, the ladyboys quit. Vicious circle. The way I see it, the kind of small bars as we became used to enjoy with the contented farang owner, cheap liquor and more young whores than you could go through at 300 baht barfine a pop are going the way of the dodo. Demographics, economic growth and the internet changed that. Demographics and economic growth on the supply side: fewer Thai youths coming of age, more educated and with income alternatives to becoming bar-indented prostitutes. The internet on the demand side: more foreigners learning about Thailand and about ladyboys and joining the legions of sex tourists. And when supply (of bargirls) falls and demand (from mongers) grows, markets adjust by raising prices and/or reducing quantities transacted. The latter applies to the growing number of smaller bars that find themselves loosing customers because they lost staff. It's NOT the "low season" or the "strong baht," since the big gogo bars in Walking Street and Buakhao with many girls on staff seem to be thriving. So, to answer the OP’s question: Many of the little bars from back when the scene peaked 10-15 years ago are still open only because of INERTIA but one by one they are closing. That’s inevitable and Sensations wont be around much longer unless Paeng finds herself another sugar daddy. The new bar business model is the Walking Street bars where girls can make more money pushing ladydrinks to tourists than sucking punters’ cocks, while the bar owners can sell more drinks and at higher prices with the girls in the bar than if they leave. Hence the 1000+ baht barfines and the 3000+ baht to do the deed and the growing numbers of non-barfinable GGs which only 5 years ago would be inadmissible. It’s only going to get worse. The ladyboys situation is a little better as it’s still easy to find them on the cheap under 25 in bars (all but impossible with the GGs now) but the scene clearly peaked 5 or 6 years ago (for GGs it had peaked much earlier, possibly in the early 2000s). I remember in 2013 counting over 30 ladyboys at Sensations with many (not all) I deemed fuckable. Now if you spot 2 or 3 it will be a miracle and they will be late 20s-early 30s. Last time I was there I ended up negotiating with the GG cashier to let me buttfuck her. And you know what? I was glad I did.
  6. I think this is a good time and place for me to come clean about my relationship with the Katty Bar. I could do it in its respective bar thread but I am not ready yet to step out of the safety of the “Welcome Wagon” forum where everyone has to be nice to me; AND it might also be disconcerting for Emmy if I posted there. The bottomline is I don't have much of a relationship with the Katty Bar anymore. I go often to lunch and swim at the Jomtien beach with ladyboys who want to hang out with me in between longtimes. But at night I party in Pattaya. However, 2 (?) years ago I started going a lot to Katty Bar for 2 very good reasons: Reason #1: Bell. One of the most wonderful, sexyest ladyboys I’ve ever met. And I knew her from way before Katty’s Bar and even before she was temporarily withdrawn from circulation by her Tony (???) sugar daddy. So as soon as I saw at LBP she was on Katty’s staff I started going there to barfine her … But then Reason #2 happened: Mona ! Who was also working there and who is exactly my ideal type of ladyboy: tall skinny all natural with a cock in the 95tth percentile. I cant get enough of her and hope I can track her down when I go back on my coming trip. To sum up: like 1 ½ years ago (???) I was going to Katty’s a lot hoping Bell would be barfined so I could barfine Mona. Or vice-versa. In the process, I sat there many a night watching the Jomtien crew regulars including 2 who hate my guts (or rather my former LBP Daddy Rom persona's guts). If I had introduced myself there was a risk that it would not have ended well. So I just kept quiet… I did not even post about Bell or Mona in my TRs as some of you guys would have instantly outed me by asking Bell or Mona who was the farang who scribbled on them and they would have shown you tons of pics with me in their cell phones, including inside the bar where you may or may not have noticed me playing with Mona’s cock despite Emmy’s objections. So there you have it. As much as I would like to go to Katty’s to get Kwan’s autograph I better not. If any of you, however, comes to my turf in AC do look me up. But think Apocalypse Now and judge not. Cheers r
  7. Hi Kwan! I knew you were here. I had quietly seen your artwork here over the years and it is to your utmost credit that you keep creating such original artwork for an audience even smaller than at LBP. I find it hard to believe that you are not illustration trained. Your cartoons remind me of those I used to see in the English stroke magazines of my youth like Fiesta, Knave, Men Only, Mayfair,… I honestly thought you had published work like that not just from your colored drawings style but also from the light-hearted naughty humour characteristic of those magazines and of your cartoons. I have also observed you live at Katty’s Bar and I know you are not a man of many words. So I only have one word for you: RESPECT !
  8. Despite my Pyongyang jabs I am not here to carry over from LBP. In fact, I dont really know why I am here. It was a spur of the moment thing to register and post ... For years, I had periodically guest-visited here, which (unlike at LBP) allows one to check out all the content and then move on. I appreciate that you guys are being nice to me and showed interest in my videos. Please let's not talk about my photos. I am very keen on them and on sharing them with fellow mongers who appreciate the liberating dimension of sex with ladyboys. As to the drawings mentioned above by BM seven, I am not a trained artist like Kwan. I do quick sketches for my work team to carry out and when by chance I did one such sketch of Jimbo and the LBP mods somehow BMs seemed to like it so I did a few more cartoons trying each time to draw them nicer. I drew my limited best for the Romscars and have not drawn since and don't have the good pens anymore. Anyhoo... since everybody here seems to like my videos, here is one I had NOT posted at LBP that I had done (before all the ones there) for the philippines-addicts website where I used to be a rock star. I got advanced there after only 5 posts and won all the voting contests I entered. Unfortunately that is a strictly hetero Board with mostly ladyboyphobic BMs and it was not my place to change that so I went back to the drama queens-moderated LBP joint. But apparently I did not fit in there either. But I digress...here is the video! Very hetero, but with a subversive ladyboy message at the very end:
  9. Those videos took me anywhere from 1 hour (the first one done on the internet template that everybody uses) to several days (or weeks even!) of mentally conceiving them and then incrementally assembling, scripting and polishing. It was ongoing creative work that I was having fun doing at my own pace, so you can not think of it as “labor hours”. But if I were to take a guess, I would say an “average video” took me like 4 hours editing at the computer over several days. This not counting all the prior time spent looking for original footage to inspire me while a video concept takes shape in my head that may or may not come to life.
  10. Thanks Pdoggg. I am posting the videos right here as I am not sure where else I could post them. But if you have a better idea please feel free to move this post into its own thread in whatever subforum you like and rename it whatever you like. -------------- The idea to create a ladyboy-themed Hitler video using the online "Hitler rants" template was a spur of the moment thing in 2016 when I found myself being flamed at LBP for preferring all-natural ladyboys over the silicon tits & botox ones. My response was to educate the masses on where to find cute all-natural ladyboys in Pattaya: Hitler rates the TOP 5 Pattaya bars for naturally beautiful ladyboys  The video was an instant box-office hit, so one of the LBP mods made sure to move it to another sub-forum where it would quickly disappear into the backpages. My response was to make another video to bump the thread back to p.1. This time I had to do it the hard way (clipping and subtitling myself) as there are no more online templates other than the one above. Hitler reacts to his TOP 5 video being moved to Chit Chat  Video #3 was an olive branch to LBP to show what a fun guy I can be. Again: the grunts loved it, the brass kept quiet. A video like this is a lot of work. Hitler short-times a ladyboy  Video #4 was a hint to moderation that it was time to advance me. I am sure they got the hint. They were just too pigheaded to do it. Hitler becomes ADVANCED MEMBER at PattayaLadyboys.com Video #5 was another ton of work wasted because a prejudiced few make it hard for the rest to express their enjoyment. What was I thinking? Video #6. Same-same. Another naif attempt on my part to engage the Soi Buakhao Clique. Looking back it was a pathetic waste of time, but I was having fun doing it ! Casabuakhao  Video #7 was personal between Scott and me. I always liked the guy, but he had flipped out when I had posted calling him the "Sheriff of Soi Buakhao" and he PMed me a terrible threat. I then made this video to patch things up but the truth is I have ever since avoided him in Pattaya even though I still kinda admire the guy. The Sheriff of Soi Buakhao  Video #8 was a similar waste of time trying to bond with Jimbo who did not even give it a +1. Video #9 was when I finally gave up making videos MODssolini tells it like it is  I was however too much of a sucker for LBP and could not resist doing one more when Cristiano Ronaldo won the Ballon d'Or that year. The truth is that I was also trying to impress C&D's Patricia but to little effect as she was all about the cash... CR BEST 2016 & Patricia I made a comeback in 2017 with another painstakingly subtitled Hitler video for the best bars of 2017. I felt I had to. Big sucker I know. That's video #11. There were a few more short ones in between but I am not even bothering to post them here. HitlerRom Rants and Ranks the TOP 10 PATTAYA LADYBOY BARS of 2017 And I again did it in 2018. It was during the Romscars so I did a 3-part Extravanganza. Ausmagoo actually deleted one of them because I had posted it twice (no other clutter at all there at LBP!). He was kind enough to pre-notify me he was going to delete. Daddy Rom Gets Ready to Rank the TOP 10 Pattaya Ladyboy Bars of 2018 Hitler Rants the TOP 10 PATTAYA LADYBOY BARS OF 2018  The third and last video in the 2019 Best Bars trilogy is Video #14 here in this post (but as I said: there were more!) and is the last video featuring Hitler (at the very end) I ever made. It was meant to celebrate Jimbo, and the mods at LBP. They banned me shortly afterwards. Jimbo Celebrates TJ's #1 Pattaya Ladyboy Bar of 2018 That's all folks. I would gladly have kept on making more videos but it's hard when it gets you nothing but resentment from those in charge to the point that if you keep trying you look like a fool. Thanks for watching. Rom 
  11. You and Kevin Keegan were school-mates at SCUNTHORPE ????? Please do clarify... I was a big fan of Kevin Keegan who briefly played alongside my idol Hrubesch at Hamburg. (I also played youth-division football in the late 70s-early 80s and my nickname was Hrubesch for the style of play).
  12. Greetings blind boy grunt. First, let me say I googled your strange 3-worded name and it appears to be an early career alias for Bob Dylan when he recorded the song Talkin' Devil in 1962. I can't resist posting the first verse: "This is all about where the devil is. Some people say there's no devil." I had never heard or read this verse and it made me think it could be about me under the Pyongyang regime. Second, and speaking of the Pyongyang regime, I am trying to figure out who you are over there ... my best guess is you chose to show your native pride for the Beatles and/or for Virgil Van Dijk ? Am I right or am I right? Third, the Hitler videos. I am honored that you remember them and expressed interest. And it's also timely that you mentioned them because just last week in Pyongyang they moved the TR thread containing all 6 original Hitler videos conveniently grouped into 2 posts into the back pages of a busier sub-forum so they will never be seen again, along with all the ladyboy-themed spoofs on every 007 movie ever made and over 1,000 original pics of mostly nude ladyboys in group sex situations. So !Hell Yeah! I will gladly post the Hitler videos here if it's OK with this Board's mods, who I don't yet know who and how many there are... gentlemen? please let me know...
  13. thanks for the friendly welcome Pdo3g. Regarding my Philippines hangouts, it's first and foremost Manila where I have occasional gigs and an ever-expanding network of fuckbuddy LBFMs and bayots. I go to AC strictly to party and that’s where I stage the “group activities” such as the nude pool volleyball (inspired by Tony’s annual event in Pattaya). And I think I know exactly who you are through the AC bayots grapevine … If that's you, you have also seen me around Fields. I do travel a lot to other Philippines spots (including Cebu), but usually bring along special GGs and/or ladyboys as to focus on the local sights and enjoy them undetracted by ass-pursuit. i'm big on surfing in Siargao, where there are not many ladyboys, but when you do find one they are pristine and agreeable to being sodomized on the beach. I know to stay out of other white mongers’ faces as many who see me think I am mental, but what I am is a very driven horny dude who likes to share his adventures. I have a blog about ladyboys and, as far as I know, I am the only ladyboy-world source ranking the best ladyboy bars in Thailand every year as well as peer-recognizing the top ladyboys, ladyboy-mongers and ladyboy bar owners of the year. But dont worry I am here to watch as I have been silently doing it for like a decade. To finally sign up was an impulse thing. So please don't mind me.
  14. ... longtime ladyboy aficionado here who has been to Thailand and the Philippines countless times. I am known in them there sissies' milieu for daring cosplay and for throwing unabashed parties with as many as I can round up, including nude pool volleyball games featuring also nude GGs and my farangpals. I see this is a composed, well-mannered mini-Board and hope you accept a joker like me to contribute. Will ya ? Cheers r
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