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  1. It's more complicated than just quoting the stats. First it's not in "in the history of the planet"; it's "in the history of the US" (euro and other major currencies money supplies have increased by much less). What happened is that in April 2020 (I repeat: 2020) there was an unprecedented surge in the Federal Reserve purchases of US securities as a means to inject liquidity in a suddenly stalled US economy due to covid. It did not do that much good because banks and businesses remained cautious and did not use up much of the new liquidity to expand credit and investments. Some analysts say it was done to help Trump and the Republicans win the 2020 election. During 2021 year-on-year money growth has decelerated sharply. Inflation tends to go hand-in-hand with money supply growth but the inflation we are seeing now is due to disruptions in the global supply chain due to covid (factories had stopped producing and shipments became more irregular) thus when demand picked up scarcity ensued and prices rose; the increased demand for oil is putting extra pressure on inflation as most things are produced or distributed with oil products... The inflation we should all be worried about here at LBR is BOOM-BOOM INFLATION in Thailand. Regardless of covid, supply of new Thai commercial sex workers is plummeting year after year, while demand skyrockets from more farangs and non-farangs. And then there are the punters like The-Sith who willingly pay "30-50% above market rates" (plus make it "so DOPE") and in doing so bid up the Cheap Charlies out of the market. Gentlemen, I have seen the future of mongering in Thailand, and the future is The-Sith !
  2. thanks gentlemen for engaging in the discussion. Thailand for me, and I suppose most non-resident farangs, was never so much about price as it was about CHOICE. Because if I factored the prices of the flight taxis and accommodation, the 1000 baht fucks became more like 5,000+ baht and at that price I could have stayed home and fucked attractive-enough hoes from south america or eastern europe for cheaper. But nowhere in the world was there CHOICE like there used to be and still is to a lesser extent in Thailand. The choice of 20,000+ (my guess) women and ladyboys all over Pattaya just waiting to be asked to come to the room. Of 100+ ladyboys in NEP alone, where in the 1990s all the ground floor GG bars had at least 60 girls on stage with half of them completely NAKED. And no more than a handful over 25. Thailand bars will never be like that again. There just aren't enough whores anymore... and the ones left will be older and more professional like in the western countries... and more EXPENSIVE ! I think the wheels are in motion to downsize the sex scene in both BKK and Pattaya. The only consolation is that even at a fraction of what it was before covid, it will still be worth the trip. Personally, I am old but not so old and could have used another 20 years of the good old days. I will take what I can get...
  3. "Soi Cowboy tonight, Wednesday December 1st (...) Prices: 2500 short time and 5000 long time. And no: I'm not talking about (top choice GGs)." Papa Sam at his Soi Cowboy thread This is exactly what I had feared and prognosticated: That despite the economic hardship caused by covid and the scarcity of sex tourists to date, once prostitution venues reopened:.... prices would be going UP, not down, contradicting the logic of supply and demand. My prognostic was that the covid pause would serve as a breakoff chance to upgrade Thailand's sex industry and cull the numbers of sex farangs in view also of inexorable demographic trends of lower birth rates and higher education levels that were already resulting in young Thais no longer needing or being interested in becoming commercial sex workers. I think there is also a less tolerant attitude by Thais in general towards their country being a sex playground for foreigners and the political mindset is turning to curtailing sex businesses starting with the farang-owned. Before anyone counters that soi cowboy and patpong prices are higher than elsewhere, Yes I know that! and that savvy mongers like us can still get laid in Thailand for 1000 baht or less... but the choice and quality of partners and service is nowhere near what it used to be when I started going to Thailand in the 1990s and LTs were 1000-1500 with Patpong-NEP GGs or ladyboys with 100s of 18-25 year olds to choose from, a Thermae GG freelancer could be had LT for 500, and a blowjob at the bar was 500 also. (since then cumulative Thai inflation was 75%, which means the inflation-adjusted price equivalent of a LT today would be 1750 -2200 LTs, less than half of the 5000 reported by Papa Sam) But I think the high prices worse service are here to stay... The next part of the Thai plan is to get rid of riff-raff sexpats and sex tourists to show that the country is serious about upgrading its image. Do other BMs see prospects as irreversibly deteriorated like I do? How long do you think we got ? GGwise, I say another 5-10 years max before it becomes like HK or South Korea... Ladyboywise, I think we have a little longer, but we better get used to the old ones...
  4. and now one for the trivia buffs: I recognized this cock (and circled it) in the thumbnails above as belonging to one of the most unforgettable ladyboys I ever fucked as did other BMs here and at PY... Anyone else knows or wants to guess: Who does this big, juicy, curvy-bent cock belong to?
  5. Don't recall Candy... Recall another young petite ladyboy at Casanova I scored (cant remember the name) but for the most part they were older and bigger... When I was dating superstar Noon of Cascade 3rd floor she would talk about Casanova as a bar "if you like old ladyboy" as opposed to Cascade that had several 18 and 19 year olds... "Apple" ? does not ring a bell ... the one Casanova dom-ladyboy I am thinking of was like over 6 feet tall (with the spiky heels) and had biceps bigger than my thighs... basically a muscular Thai dude in black lingerie and leather boots ... He once used his dom authority act to make me ST-barfine him but at the time (20 years ago) I was not ready to let myself go into sexual submission to a man in lingerie ... in the room he quickly realized it and to my surprise asked me to fuck him, which I did after closing my eyes and fantasizing of buttfucking Elizabeth Hurley in front of Hugh Grant while he blew me a stiffy... (the ladyboy dom! Not Hugh Grant!). He must have intimidated the hell out of me into not taking pics because I don't have a single one of him to post either in the bar or in the room... if someone told me the name maybe I could find it on the internet because I remember seeing him there... perhaps he will pop up in the thumbnails some day... Nancy: I am talking about default Nancy. The horse cock Nancy of La Bamba. He who owns the "Nancy" name of the ladyboy world. And as I said above, he embarked on facial plastic surgery too much too soon and now must not be a pretty sight to look at. Chiew (Chiu). Again: almost 20 years ago. She worked at a mini-cabaret show in a beer bar plaza along 2nd road and I used to wait for her to finish performing to take her overnight. Very curvy soft like a girl with a wonderful thick hard cock that she wanted worshipped. My infatuation lasted one trip as when I returned to Pattaya she was no longer performing at that bar. I only had her e-mail at the time. We lost touch and never saw her again or any other punter reporting on her at PY. Here are some pics of Chiu. The first 2 from my archives. The rest from an internet free gallery:
  6. I am the OP and I started this thread in a fit of self-enthusiasm over recognizing and having fucked so many ladyboys in one of the thumbnail galleries sites I visited. Previously I would recognize only 4 or 5 ladyboys on a full-screen of 30 and this time I recognized a whopping 17 !!! Even though I rushed here to the Romscars Club to brag about it, I kept thinking it was too good to be true. Statistically with random sampling, the probability is infinitesimal of 17 desired outcomes when the expected value is 5 or less. The explanation is that the 30 thumbnails I posted were NOT randomly generated but took into account my previous visits to the website's galleries of the ladyboys I knew, which were again presented to me by the website (same as how in Youtube they post links to our previously watched favorites). To confirm, I visited a different thumbnails website and sure enough this time the results were much less promiscuous. I took 3 screenshots that I post below with the ladyboys I fucked circled in yellow. This time the scores were 4 of 30; 3 of 30; and 2 of 30. Apologies if I mislead or disappointed you. I bet some BMs here can check mark more ladyboy fucks than I did... and perhaps share how it happened... Rom
  7. This thread has to be a response to @The-Sith's enthusiastic assessment yesterday that our Board's mongering legend Ernesto was the greatest ladyboy monger who ever lived on account of the remote places he traveled to and of how he "bagged more two-hole pussy than anyone." The-Sith is entitled to idolizing who he wants but I doubt Ernesto who did NOT live in SE Asia could run up the score on the sexpats who live there year round. Several come to mind: my good pal Captain Outrageous who nude-photographed 100s of ladyboys for his website in the 2000s and also traveled extensively in Asia and even to South America. The Apeman who fucked virtually all the bar ladyboys in BKK and Pattaya and posted videos and pics to show it... And perhaps PG himself whose map shows he was in some of the places Ernesto was (Malaysia and the Philippines) and some that Ernesto wasn't (Vietnam). As regards the Philippines, I certainly have been to a lot more remote places and with a lot more ladyboys than Ernesto reported being at or with... I also partied in Laos and Cambodja and HK and Macau. When I lived in America I used to monger in the Dominican Republic and made sure not to TR about it at PY to avoid a stampede of East Coast mongers to my hunting grounds. I've done some TS shopping in a few European cities, etc... All this to say: who is counting? But I like the map approach. I used to have a world map like that on the wall of my office where I placed color-coded pins on the places where I had been and where I had fucked GGs or ladyboys... I would tell my colleagues it was just the places I had been and that the different colors of the pins had no special significance. Party on all over the map ! r
  8. Thanks gentlemen for sharing your memories along with mine... pls allow me some further queries: @duke007 I remember seeing Wise at NEP and thinking he was drop dead gorgeous but it was one of those so-many-ladyboys-so-little-time situations... my problem was that I had started going to Casanova in the 1990s and the old timers like Talisha, Jessica, Ramona, Champagne recognized me the moment I set foot on the 2nd floor, grabbed me, and made it difficult for me to buy drinks for or scoop the younger newcomers... Towards the mid-late 2000s I did connect with one of the more recent ones by the name of Pang/Sandy/Sydney and I have fond ST memories ... (pic below) @The-Sith At PY you shared plenty of pics of ladyboys and Tinder hook-ups. What about your pics from the 2000s? Don't you have some you can share here of Noon, Annie, Jenny? etc. etc... @seven I remember Jessica retired from Casanova circa 2010 and went freelancer and his phone # reached me but I never made the call. Are you still in touch? I am curious what he looks like? Probably on the scary side as all the plastic J did in the 1990s-2000s must have come apart by now... Same-same for Nancy. He abused the plastic surgery and now must be borderline grotesque... He was when I last fucked him in 2013. Does anyone have their Facebooks to check??? As to Annie's' wigs, the impression I got from the other ladyboys is that she wore them as a result of whatever serious medical condition the ladyboys kept suggesting afflicted her. But Annie seemed in perfect shape otherwise. I wish I had asked. I hope she is alive and OK. @everyone : Does anyone remember the S&M dom-themed huge muscular ladyboy at Casanova? He did not speak much and just put on a tough-sissy act knowing that he wasn't every punters cup of tea. But could take things slow in the room. I have some prints of him somewhere but can't find. Does anyone remember his name or have a pic of him you can post? Heeeeeeeeeere's Sandy:
  9. @The-Sith my counterpoint exactly: The reason I wrote "I wish I had fucked Talisha as mamasan" is that it would for me be a DELIVERANCE of sorts: I never cared for sissy old bags over 25, and to take pleasure from a much older, matronly trans man (NOT ladyBOY) in his 40s is something I would challenge myself to do and break yet another barrier of my twisted sexuality. Talisha would be all the more special since when I last fucked her was like 20 years ago and she was a rail thin twink... On a more general note, it seems you and I tagteamed the same iconic ladyboys of the early-mid 2000s: Anny, Noon, Jenny. They were all wonderful, and I shared special GFE times with all of them with Noon falling for me to the point of desperation when she first arrived in BKK. I TRed at PY how 10 years later I ran into her at Patpong and she was with a jap and hardly said Hi!. JoJo the name sounds familiar but we never hooked up as far as I can remember. At the time my go-to ladyboy at Casanova was another diva of the late-1990s by the name of RAMONA. Am I the only one here at LBR who remembers RAMONA ? For old time sake The-Sith, here is a mini-trip down photo memory lane of Talisha, Annie, Noon, Jenny, and Ramona in that order...
  10. “Ernesto” is the hallmark mongering name of an intrepid Austrian monger who pioneered the TR-with-pics genre back when digital cameras and phones with cameras were still pricey and not many mongers had them or knew how to use them. He started out at the old AsiaTS forum area, which then became The Ladyboys Forums (TLF) in the latter part of the 2000s, diligently posting blow-by-blow accounts of his ladyboy adventures that often took him off the beaten path into remoter locations in SE Asia. Ernesto also posted copious amounts of pics of the ladyboys he bedded and often in bed with himself, such as the pic below he posted right here at LBR that I (Rom) am reposting with Ernesto's face hidden since he did not bother to do it himself. The interest such TRs generated among his fellow mongers must have motivated Ernesto to offer more and more outlandish adventures and explicit pictorials and to take his show to a couple other Boards, including LBR where in 2013 he was awarded his own sub-forum and labeled a “Legend” before even the Romscars Hall of Legends existed… Below is the link to Ernesto’s sub-forum where you can marvel for yourself at his exploits in 2012-13 that span the hubs of BKK, Pattaya, AC and some more remote cities in the Philippines, Malaysia and Cambodja. In the TLF Board you may still find some of the TR classics of his 2000s’ trips. http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/forum/66-ernestos-adventures/ As far as I can tell, Ernesto’s TRs for our Board were his last as he had a serious accident in 2014 that debilitated him and likely changed his outlook on life and on pursuing ladyboys. This was his last post and he has not since been heard of in the online ladyboy world: http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/topic/5583-back-in-life-again/&tab=comments#comment-120950 Ernesto the man just faded back into the crowd. But Ernesto the Legend lives on in his TRs and now in the Romscars Hall of Legends. VIVA ERNESTO !
  11. Thanks for the posts gentlemen. @Fenton Not sure who you mean by JoJo. The #3 I featured was known to me and on the internet as JESSICA and she was the biggest cock in NEP even bigger than Talisha's. There is no confusing her with anyone. @Pulci Gorgon Annie ALWAYS stayed with me LT, but unlike other ladyboys who want to keep my company she NEVER stayed with me during the day. As to the barfine that first time she paid for it herself but I remember that back in the day it was either 500 or 600 b which was the highest in Thailand. The exchange rate however was 40+ baht to the US$. @duke007 I am not sure what you mean by Annie "was a gay boy dressing as a ladyboy". Arent most of them? What I remember is that Annie was taking a lot of hormones, or so she said. I did see her taking several pills several times a day and I remember other ladyboys saying to me that if I had sex with Annie they did not want to have sex with me. It's obvious what they were getting at and I am not gonna spell it out. Hope it wasn't true. Another thing about Annie that perhaps fits the "gay boy" attribution is that her long hair wasn't all real. It felt like wigs but they never came off with me during sex or sleep... And I obviously I wasn't gonna pull it hard and make her loose face if indeed it was wigs. I miss Annie. Not just because I got to play stretch her ass with all kinds of stuff. She was a great pal to be with. Hope she is OK.
  12. ... looks like the fisting may have shocked BMembership into uncomfortable silence, so maybe time to mothball this sucker. I will just do a quick review of the 17 and if anyone has questions about any of them please ask . # 1 Jenny As mentioned above, met her fresh-off-the-farm (actually she told me she had been a live-in help in the big city and her house master routinely forced himself on her) and had total GFE every time I saw her. Also 3sums with her roommate Sonia with an "i". Life inevitably hardened her into a clock-watcher in Singapore and the UK ... #2 Nicky The most glamorous of this bunch and supermodel grade, Nicky knew she was hot shit and yet made herself available at Walking Street rates. We met at Tony Disco and I had to settle for a ST there and then or risk never having another chance. Good thing I did because I never saw her again. #3 Jessica One of the grand dames of Casanova took me like 7 or 8 years to finally barfine her, having over those years played gearshift with her biggest-in-NEP cock on many occasions. She agreed to LT but as I rinsed my mouth she did a runner on me after praising my oral skills. I remember thinking it's better I don't see what she looks like in the morning. #4 Nancy It was not the size (mine is bigger) it was the sheer weight (mine is lighter) of that thing. Like a bent cylinder of granite. We hooked up on several occasions over 7 years (a couple of which she was away "married" in Australia). Each time I saw her she had become more of a hardened pro and disfigured by surgery. Our last time she wanted to box me because I tried to take some nude pics. I told her I could defend myself and that I had dozens of pics of her I had taken over the years that I could have posted online and hadn't . Actually I did post a few at PY just to show off. I would have posted some here but no one asked. #5 Milk Another Pattaya top-of-the-cocks, Milk could be found at soi 6 where I went 2 or 3 times for afternoon delights with him. He never expressed much interest in a sleep over and I never insisted. Good sex. Good enough pillow talk afterwards. Good kid. #6 Bo Sensations best kept secret when it first opened was the darker skin sissy with the washboard abs and soft-to-the-tongue-yet-tight-cock-gripping anus. I stopped barfining him to put the moves on Sensations' PY-anointed queen bee. What was I supposed to do? Settle down with Bo? Heard he was shuttled to the monkey house. Never had the confirmation. #7 Appen. A starfish and a thief. See above. #8 Beam Girlie-girlie cutie-patootie with the rock hard to the belly vertical cock. We hooked up for a few days in one of the trips. That was it. I wasn't comfortable with her recreational choices. Other than that she was a nice person to hang out with and kept quiet. Came from the exact same village as Sonia the one I mentioned was Jenny's roommate. So Beam joined the group sex thingy. #9 TJ's Ninew Don't tell Lily I posted this, but THE Hottest ladyboy at TJ's Music Bar went by the name of Ninew. Beautiful delicate features contrasting with that thick veiny hairy juicy cock always rock hard at a 90 degree angle. If I lived in Pattaya I would have fallen for her. It would have been a waste of my time though. She did not seem very eager to repeat with me and preferred the young Thai player parasites whose recreational activities she bankrolled with her hard earned money sucking farangcock. Probably did not end well for her. Haven't seen her on the TJ's threads. Anyone knows what she is up to? #10 Jean was one of the original, pre-Jimbo chorus girls at C&D. Skinny as a rail when I met him, she porked up and moved to one of the bars on Soi crocodile. Good chemistry for us. Lots of sex all day which she would choose to spend with me at the beach and in the room... I think I gave her my faltering laptop at the end of a trip. She had it fixed and passed it on to her kid sister in Issaan who used it for school. Who says mongers can't do good ? #11 Yoyo Possibly Bangkok's classiest, most educated prostitute ladyboy. And what a sex machine the first time I barfined him. With time she became jaded but she is aging so well I could see me nailing her well into hers 30s. #12 Chacha You cant tell from the thumbnail but once you click on it online she looks kinda young in the gallery. I am safe because when I met her she had bolt-ons and was definitely of age. This one worked for Jimbo at C&D but got too wired to last. Another tall supermodel type with very white skin, she couldabeen a contenda'... #13 Bobo is perhaps my most noteworthy ladyboy fuck. He used to work in a restaurant on Beach Road where diners would scoop the shrimps from big tanks. She visited me a few times after work. She went on to become the lead singer of Venus Fly Trap, an all-ladyboy band in the early 2000s promoted by Sony Records but they did not last due to catty infighting between the newly made Divas. Bobo was like a porn-choreographer in bed and so much fun to party afterwards. I'd love to see her again but doubt she would remember me... #14 Talisha is a ladyboy I wished I had fucked when she became mamasan at Temptation. I could have but like duke with Annie I "bottled up." I did fuck her a few times at Casanova 20 years ago. It's nice when some old fuck remembers you. If I ever see her again, I will do the mature tranny deed with her. #15 Annie Kindness repaid with fisting. See above. #16 "Makati" I don't remember the girlie name and the thumbnail link gallery did not reveal it. Very high class Manila ladyboy I met whoring on Burgos Street 10+? years ago who was not interested in LTing me. Quickie nearby and objected to pics and I did not have the patience to change her mind. #17 Jina TJ's hot mamasan had put the dibs on me in one of the trips and since Ninew was playing hard to get I went with her boss. It was not really memorable, but I liked the muscular boyish dark body. It became awkward when I started picking Lily... I guess that's all folks... I will answer any questions you might have and post pics if relevant...
  13. Thanks duke, I could not ask for a better ladyboy than Annie (aka Anney, Anny, Anny Kha, Annys) to kick off this Q&A with a good story. That's what I like to do: to tell good stories. I met Annie at Obsession in the very early 2000s when it became the second all-ladyboy bar ever at NEP (the first one was Casanova). She was not my first barfine there, but was one of the earlier ones. Our first night actually started with me barfining another ladyboy whose peeps I had seen on the internet. He had a long sinewy cock that I just had to play with. The name was Yo and here is a pic of said cock courtesy of the good Captain-Outrageous who paid for one and only one of Yo's bolt-ons (that's another great story). The second pic I took of Yo in the shower after I barfined him... After the shower we got to bed, shot some more pics, and Yo sucked me for a minute or two to full romhood and then just let go of it, got dressed and got out of the room saying I was too huge to fuck him. He did not demand any payment. Just got out before I could react leaving me bewildered and holding said hugeness. I was staying at the Nana Hotel and since NEP was right across the street I went back to Obsession to demand my barfine money back. Yo did not return to the bar or if she did she was hiding. Trying to get money back from a Thai means loosing face all around and the mamasan just stood there listening to my grievance without intention of returning the cash. That's when Annie stepped in: she pulled out her wallet and gave the mamasan a self-barfine and told me she would come with me and take care of me. The underlying calculation, I suppose, is that I would pay her more for the sex than the amount of the barfine. This was very thoughtful of Annie who did not particularly need my business as some other punter would have shopped her. Maybe she fancied me or maybe she just exercised peacemaking leadership. Annie was a wonderful, daring lover and that was the first night of several that followed over the couple of years she worked at Obsession. She always stayed longtime and we used to go out clubbing together to exclusive (and expensive!) events with famous-DJs. The first 2 pics below are from our first night. With time, we went on to do some pretty weird shit as you can see from the subsequent 2 pics of my hand fisting her crapper... So you see Duke, no reason to have "bottled" you attraction to Annie and the only explanation I can reckon is that you must have been a rookie at the time ... Annie questions ?
  14. Good guess Bumblebee. The answer is 17. And I want to make it clear that 17 out of 30 is an exceptional high score for me (or any other punter really) and that with different samples of 30 I probably would average 10 or less. I think this sample concentrated on iconic ladyboys of the late 2000s-early2010s and that's why I scored so many because I pursued them back then ... It defied randomness... Or maybe I am just lying and did not score all 17 as I claim ... If you think I am lying (or just interested) please ask me about any ladyboy as numbered below. I dont have my own pics for 3 or 4 of them, but for those I have I will share the pics and my experiences with them... R
  15. thanks for the reference soiboy. it informed me of something I did not know and is a major no-no about returning to Thailand: @snoopdawg you may want to check this out... "If a tourist has a positive Covid test when they arrive or a negative test but is seated next to someone who had a positive test, they will be quarantined for 14 days at their own cost. This was not announced at the time of border opening. According to local media accounts, this has cost some travellers between Baht 50,000 and, in one example, Baht 350,000." I tried to confirm this in an official TH website, but this is the best I found in a "FAQ" almost like an afterthought. But to me, it's a major caveat: What happens if someone on my flight to Thailand tests positive on arrival? Will I be ‘pinged’ and have to quarantine? Under the new travel rules, it’s only an issue if a person sitting directly next to you (not in front or behind) tests positive on arrival. (source https://fanclubthailand.co.uk/quarantine-free-travel-to-thailand-faqs/) What to do ???? I think I'd rather go back to Europe than stay 14 days in a hotel room or hospital waiting.
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