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  1. While Snoop and I are closely coordinating our posts on this thread, he does not get to see all of mine in advance and has no guarantees I will not put him on the spot. Like now! that I am posting a naked pic of the above featured ex-girlfriend he took to Thailand on his maiden trip there. Snoop had posted it himself at PY and I saved because it reminded me of how fun it is to fuck badly sunburnt white chicks after the beach. It adds an element of pain. Cheers Snoop. Rom My next question: Ahem… ladyboys ?
  2. Good start Snoop ! I liked the part about you rubbing against the slim bodied Lucy Liu with "nips like bullets." She sounds like a borderline femboy planting in you the seed of future ladyboy addiction. But let's cut to the chase, shall we? with these famous lyrics: And she said "We are all just prisoners here of our own device" You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave Some say the all-time classic song Hotel California is about BKK/Thailand. Once you set foot there, you are hooked and longing to come back. For the next interview question: Tell us Snoop, when/why did you first set foot in the Land of Smiles ? R
  3. Rom

    Stunners 2020

    My STUNNER contribution serves also an an inquiry into the latest on her whereabouts and tactics: The name is Itim. I first met her last year at Pook's when she was 18 and freshly arrived in town. I tried to LT her the moment I saw her, but, even though she did not say it, I could tell she was not into old dudes and I did not have time to put on my best game and change her mind. The ST (at standard soi 6 rate) was nothing so kinky, except that she was femboy perfection. (I think she still is: no bolt-ons or hip injections as far as can tell from fb!) We stayed connected and I since saw she was in BKK sidekicking for another trending ladyboy stunner--Coco ! (the blonde with Itim on one of the pics below). Except for the first pic , which is mine taken the first (and only!) time we met, all the other pics are from Itim's Facebook. They are high quality ones almost for sure taken by farang(s), so if any BM here happens to be one of them: Well done! and please understand my posting of your pics. Does any of you gentlemen know the latest on Itim?
  4. Pls watch through the end. It’s less than 2 minutes... Gentlemen, This is gonna be like a TR but way more: it is a mid-life journey rundown by a fellow Hall of Legends BM who, having reached full adult maturity, shares his remarkable ladyboy experience to date and reflects on its existential implications. I will help with his narrative in my role as “enthralled interviewer” making questions that will put Snoop on the spot. Other BMs are also invited to post their own questions and reflections. Let’s do this Snoop. Here are my first 2 questions: 1. Snoop, as all of us ladyboy aficionados are known to have done at some point, when did you first ask yourself THE paramount self-identity question: "Am I Gay?" ??? 2. Tell us about your first kiss Snoop. On hindsight how did it put you on the path to sucking ladyboy dick ?
  5. Suggest PDoggg change the name of this thread to "Thais' Perception of Farangs as ATMs" or something like that, as so far no one posted about "sending money" (the thread's topic) and I am sure some of you did. I did. Here is my take: Prior to the coronavirus and over more than 2 decades of mongering, I can recall only 2 after-Thailand requests to send money (one from a ladyboy and one from a woman shopkeeper I fucked). Perhaps I come across as the kind of monger not even worth bothering to ask. Since the coronavirus, I got 2 requests from Thailand (Phuket and Jomtien ladyboys). In all cases, I said no and they did not insist. In contrast, the Filipinos have always invariably asked me for money as soon as they have my contact. I usually ignore or say no, but they insist without a sense of loosing face like the Thais seem to have. A few times I have sent small amounts to a special lady or ladyboy, but never on a repeated basis. Since the coronavirus, the requests have been non-stop, including from a thick cock AC ladyboy cutie (see my TR) who I have been with no more than 3 or 4 times. My "sort of AC ex" had also been pestering me with requests. I wanted to send her 50 bucks or so, but I am stuck at home and there aren't westernunions around here. But the thick cock ladyboy has a paypal account, so I told my ex to get in touch with the thick cock one and arrange to split 60 bucks I was going to send. I just did. Let's see how it ends. Namely whether the thick cock one shares with my ex... On a more disturbing note, I got a request from a PI GG I was with a couple of times who claims to be infected. She even sent the 4 pics below. They seem somewhat generic. The test pic and the hand with the 2 rings (not hers) are clearly props. The girl on the bed kinda looks like her, but I don't think it is... Could be any round-faced young pinay milf. The drafting of the plea she sent along with the pics also seems a bit generic in that it could have been simultaneously sent to multiple suckers ... She keeps texting me, which for someone in a intensive care hospital situation might not be consistent. What do you guys think? I would help her if I could be sure that's her. But I am not going to fall for the latest bargirl con. Has anyone received pics like these from the Philippines? thanks. rom
  6. Had plans to be in Europe for Easter, but stayed in America with one of my kids in case the world turns Mad Max beyond Thunderdome. My travel-to-Asia priority is to go to Manila in July for a long planned business endeavor, which if delayed or scrapped is seriously gonna complicate the outlook I had for my next few years. If I do go to the PI in July and stick around long enough, I will find a way to go to Pattaya to witness with my own eyes the end of an era. Whatever comes next will not be the same. PS - Rather than farangs-like-me travel plans, I am more interested in how those of you who are stuck in Thailand are dealing with the fact that you have all the Thai ladyboys and GGs to yourself and they are as income desperate as they ever been? Do you risk non-stop sex with multiple partners? stick to 1 only and hope for the best? no sex at all as warranted by this crisis? Please do tell.
  7. Enough is enough and I decided to research until I got to the bottom of the question we all have been speculating about, but never get a clear answer: Does Invision Community software allow moderators to read private messages ? The answer did not take me long and is an unequivocal YES. There are AT LEAST 2 ways to do it: #1 Log in as Member If you read through the thread below, you will realize that a mod with permissions from the root administrator can see everything a BM can, including his private messages, or rather his "personal messages." He can even be logged in while the spied on BM is also online. He can also post under the BM's name and use his Private Messenger and edit or delete his private messages. https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/9662-40-logging-in-as-members/ #2 Buy a software add-on for only US$7.99 specifically designed for admins and mods to monitor personal conversations without having to log in as BMs. It's called "Monitor Personal Conversations 1.0.0" https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8587-monitor-personal-conversations/ If anyone still has any doubt that it is being done, read this thread where mods from different Boards discuss their experiences with monitoring personal messages and how they weigh Board security and harmony versus BM privacy. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/222657-admin-access-to-pms/ I rest my case. Rom
  8. POST-EDIT: This thread was started under a different title and with a different thrust but evolved into a factual investigation and documented conclusion that private messages can be read as explained in my post below and confirmed by Pdoggg. Apologies for hiding other BMs posts.
  9. Thanks P&G. Couldn't have drafted better myself. Which is why it's time to mothball this sucker. All these flashbacks about Pyongyang and their moderhaters are making me boil and wanting to post undiplomatic things I know Pdogg would not like, so the thread ends now ! The most symbolic prize of the Romscars is by definition the BM of the Year. In 2018, I split it into 2 categories: Clique BM and Badass BM. The Clique BM nominees were those Pattaya sexpats more contributively active on the PY Board during 2018 and who don’t post nasty shit like the jerk members of the Clique, who are a bunch of limp dick losers who contribute nothing but opinions in retards' written English. The Badass BMs are the PY misfits who contribute generously and make PY a more interesting, diverse place. It speaks volumes about the regime that they condone the limp dickers to troll the badasses until they loose their motivation to shine and, if they don’t lose it, the badasses get banned. The first cartoon below represents the CLIQUE BMs spoofed as Simpson characters or figuratively drawn Simpsons style. Some are apparent who they represent. Others are not. I could explain why I chose the Simpsons and list the spoofed BMs' respective names, but I feel like it does not matter anymore. The Clique Romscar winner of 2018 was, with lots of merit, BM colywob who also won again in 2019 the unified Romscar for BM of the Year. The second cartoon shows the badass BMs of 2018. It is the only cartoon where I uncharacteristically used some color illustration because they bring color to PY. The winner of the Romscar Badass BM of the Year was Brazil-based party monger Miguel. Thanks everyone for watching. This was therapeutic for me and hopefully educational for some of you and entertaining for all. Be excellent and party on! Rom
  10. Briefly bbg, my frustration with PY has to do with having put hundreds, possibly a thousand plus, of hours into the 2018 Romscars and my TRs and videos only for it all to be erased at the click of a button by thickos just so they could show me and membership they could do without my contributions. Destroying unique media or artwork (if I may call it that) is something incomprehensible to me and I am grateful for the opportunity to salvage some of it here. Quinn & Nok were/are fuck buddies ? Hmmm doubt it. But there is a Couple of the Year Romscar in it for them if confirmed. I take this opportunity to clarify that while I alone picked all 2018 Romscar nominees (and thus excluded all other BMs from potentially winning), the Romscar winners were determined by POPULAR VOTE open to all BMs at PY, with my own vote counting for as much as any other BM's. Here are the official results (nominees without votes are omitted) :
  11. Thanks bbg. If you don't want me to talk about the "other forum", why do you ask me about it? I will say a couple words later when I'm done with the cartoons. Not now because it would threadfuck. Deal ? The annual Romscars awards include one for Ladyboy BM of the Year. Note that it is NOT Ladyboy of the Year. It is Ladyboy BM, which implies membership in a Board like this one. Problem is that there are just not so many of them, although the few there are tend to get a lot of attention. In 2018, I nominated 5, including world famous porn star ChristianXXX. Pattaya's omnipresent Nok bagged the Romscar. So far in this thread I have been very succinct with words and draft only the minimum (such as the short paragraph above) to give context to the cartoon that follows. But at the original Romscars PY thread, I went to a lot more trouble to personalize and justify each and every nomination. As I mentioned, I have the PY-expunged Romscars thread backed up, and to give a better idea of what I did originally I will repost verbatim, just this once, my original post from there. The cartoon that went with it is already posted in the cartoons thread, so I just add a doodle with Christian and Emmy that I must have posted somewhere in PY but don't remember what for. Here we go: The 2018 Romscar Nominees for BM Ladyboy of the Year In 2018 our Board saw more ladyboy traffic than I ever recall. We better get used to it! Ladyboys just keep getting more English-proficient and better cell-phones with unlimited data plans. I totally understand the advantages of ladyboy apartheid on our Board, but, let’s face it, it does not feel quite right. Why does Jimbo get to post in the TJ thread but not Lily? Both are there to make money off the rest of us. And I am sure I am not the only BM here who would be a lot more interested in a one-liner tweet from Lily than yet another 10-page rant about Thai emigration. I am mentioning this because ladyboys don’t always get the respect they deserve on a Board that is, by definition, dedicated to them (Shame on us ! Some BMs even scribble and sketch on them). So it is only fitting that the Romscars excellence awards have a category to honor the ladyboys who, despite their language-handicap and our Board's biases and hurdles, dare posting with some frequency. I am sure there are many dozens more who just lurk. I don’t know if TJ’s Lily is one of them, but if she had ever minimally posted she would be a lock in for the Romscar as she was the undisputed ladyboy star of our Board in 2018. That not being the case, the 5 BM ladyboy Romscar nominees are: The indomitable Nok (aka BM tom4767) is a roaming Pattaya fixture and my only ever first encounter starfish that got repeat business. She OPs a thread here in the Board that should serve as a model to all BMs who believe themselves to be editorially competent. Nok’s posts are as succinct as it gets and she accompanies them with generous servings of pics of herself. No banter, no rants, just cut to the chase which is her slutty self. Nok is now well into her late 20s and in 2018 she announced her pre-retirement world tour where she will be earning more than pocket change a fuck. So before she disappears from our Pattaya imaginarium, let’s give her a well deserved Romscar nomination and wish her Good Luck! with the not-so-cheap-Charlies. The improbably fluent Lizally69 is another BM ladyboy extrovert who at first I thought was a fake. But then I figured there must be a good-hearted english-speaking BM behind her helping promote her massage business with tantalizing posts that include revealing shots of the masseuse in waiting. Never met her myself and was planning to, but the thread seems to have fizzled. Wonder if she is still around in Pattaya? Either way, she deserves a Romscar nomination for having gotten herself noticed in 2018. The pornographic PassionLB is better known as Koh Chang Patricia, a niche ladyboy who if you wanna fuck you gonna have to travel 200 miles for. Accordingly, and necessity being the mother of invention, Patricia started in 2018 a thread where she regularly posted glammed up pics of herself showcasing what looks like a very sizeable juicy hard cock. I won’t be traveling to Koh Chang for it but I will nominate Patricia for a Romscar for giving us all a good reason to want to get out of town in Pattaya. The entrepreneurial Emmy is Pattaya’s rare ladyboy bar owner (Katty's Bar & Guesthouse) and our Board’s unspoken ladyboy civil rights leader, as underscored by moderation pinning her bar thread in “Classifieds” to make up for it being assigned there rather than in the higher-traffic, farangs-only “Pattaya Bars.” Despite such handicap, Emmy’s thread (started in 2017) is quite alive and well thanks to her tireless efforts to engage all BM posters and provide constant photos updates of her bar's femboyish staff. This has made her a major Board character and contributor and earns her the 2018 Romscar nomination! The word famous porn star ChristianXXX is not a ladyboy but same-same like them he makes a living from getting his ass tapped. He is also corralled in the “Classifieds” forum where in 2018 he began promoting his new website Becoming Femme that proved once and for all that Christian will fuck any human orifice available to him. Considering the geriatric age cohort of that website’s models, it’s only a matter of time before we see pics of Christian plowing one of our many elderly BMs amenable to bottoming. Christian is in a league of his own and a deserving Romscar nominee. And the winner for the 2018 Romscar for BM Ladyboy of the Year is ... ?
  12. The 2018 Romscar Annual Awards for Excellence and Chivalry was a 2-month long production at Pyongyang with me posting daily all sorts of multimedia, not just the cartoons I am salvaging in this thread. A lot of it was in the form of Romscar-staged ladyboy pics for live interaction, as I happened to be on a trip at the time. There were also photoshops, songs, riddles, videos. Nothing like it had ever been done in the History of Ladyboy Boards, and anyone with half-a-brain or a quarter-of-a-heart would have felt compelled to preserve it. There were also impromptu Romscars for fun BMs as we went along, and this post records one such award along with the non-cartoon media that accompanied it. It was the Romscar for Zombie BM of the Year won by fellow-PY-banished BM cherjam who makes it his business to pop up at PY uninvited and rattle the Kims' asses under as many new discardable accounts as he can expeditiously open. cherjam is a self-proclaimed Scotland separatist and the photo below shows the indomitable Scots from the hit TV show Outlander, each named after one of cherjam's banned accounts. He had more accounts I could have listed, but I ran out of Scots...
  13. The Romscars’ crowd favorite at Pyongyang used to be the much anticipated Moderator of the Year category, where BMs got to vote for their preferred one and check who the other BMs were voting for. Since there were only 4 of them, all PY mods and the admin got automatically nominated regardless of having done or not anything noteworthy during the year. In 2018, KendoUK won in a squeaker by a half-vote over Petesie. The others got dick. Editorially, the 2018 award presented a bit of a dilemma for me: a 5th mod had just recently been added who hated my guts and immediately went to work on getting me banned. So I could not possibly give him the satisfaction of having me obsequiously draw him. And yet, if I drew the other 4 but not him it would be me who would look like the bitter grudge-holder. What was I to do? The solution was to NOT draw anyone and come up with another clever visual, such as allegorically portraying the lot of them as the inscrutable Willy Honka candy factory owner and his diligent oompa-loompas.
  14. Shitheads happen ! The-Sith happens ! (drawing) Quit happens ! I am glad seven you posted about me drawing the "TOP dogs of PY." I will try to explain how I feel in this post and the next. Same as most other Romscars, and contrary to their intended annual focus, the 2018 Romscar for Bar Owner of the Year was attributed on the basis of the winner's years-long popularity among the BM voters, rather than anything outstanding he did that year. Which would have been even more deserving since 2018 was the year that Jimbo migrated to the Sewer and transplanted C&D's mini-cabaret act to TJ's Music Lounge making it an even more fun ladyboy bar to hangout than it already was. The Grumpmeister comfortably beat the other bar owner nominees (our beloved Emmy was 3rd!). The cartoon I drew for the occasion sought to lampoon Pyongyang's selective bars' promotion. I knew I would be skating on real thin ice when I described the recently opened (and short-lived!) rooftop bar The Roof as "Thailand's only ladyboyless ladyboy bar," and pointed the finger with the cartoon below at "farang versus Thai" bar owners differentiation with 2 of the Kims personally clearing the way for The Roof's promotion at PY. I think I did a good sketch job with the Kim in riot gear, although I much prefer the representation of him in my current avatar here at LBR.
  15. Thanks seven. Thanks Pdoggg. Means a lot coming from you because I know some of my cartoons may touch a nerve with moderation since some of them are not meant to be just “Ha! Ha!” funny but also make BMs (collectively or individually) take a good look in the mirror and perhaps not like what they see. It’s the case with the cartoon below that spotlights what I believe is our (mine included!) greatest character flaw as ladyboy mongers. The Romscar for BM-Ladyboy Couple of the Year is the trickiest one to award because it is about none of anyone’s PRIVATE business. In 2018, it was won by the Petesie-New pairing, and like for LurSaluces, it was more on the basis of their history rather than anything that actually happened with them in 2018. Theirs is a unique narrative of the reformed monger who is not embarassed to proclaim his newfound love and monogamy to his promiscuous farang peers. Throw in the 2 circumstances that he is a top dog at Pyongyang and she has a Pattaya bar, and that pretty much makes them the Royalty Couple of the ladyboy world. None of the other nominated couples even got any votes. (Well, Lord Jim & Maky got 1). The cartoon I drew to post along with the nominations for the 2018 Romscar BM-Ladyboy Couple of the Year was meant to show us ladyboy-lovers at our most selfish, self-serving selves, no matter how much we may help or respect the ladyboys. That’s just the way it is. And I am like that also. So don’t hate me if the cartoon makes you uncomfortable. A good editorial cartoonist’s job is not to make readers chuckle. It’s to make them think.
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