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  1. After a memorable night of getting intimately acquainted with this OP, the tall skinny ladyboy from the Mall made herself available to come back for more and that suits me just fine since, as noted, while in Manila I have to concentrate on work. Let’s call her Pepsi-Cola as in: the choice of a new generation!. During the day she goes to school (college!) and I go to work. At night we go out for dinner and then retire to the hotel where we fuck like rabbits. No time wasted. Pepsi-Cola is a great kid but is insistent on bringing her same 2 friends along every night. They see me as their “meal ticket” in that I literally pay for their meals. So here are some more wine & dining pics like you saw in the previous post, plus a few more like you did not see of the 4 concert tickets I bought for us. At PY such ticket display of affection would set off their moral majority of 3 or 4 winey cunts into the kind of snitching frenzy that the Kims so actively foster for their own validation. I am sure here more manly liberality will prevail. As I said, I am gonna stick with Pepsi-Cola for the duration of my stay here in Manila, so I won’t bother you guys with more encores of her and her 2 sidekicks. Non-TR back in 2 or 3 days from another PI location. Cheers. R
  2. Yes: THE THRILL OF THE HUNT! Nothing beats that feeling of scoring an opportunity fuck be it a woman my age or a sissy one third. It's not like I don't barfine by the dozen. I do. But let's face it: it's like shooting fish in a barrel. The poor indented things may not even have the option to say No! While a good old-fashioned pick-up reassures me that they want to be with me as much as I want to be with them. ... So: after not scoring a ladyboy while playing PoGo at the park, I moved on to the nearby Robinson Mall where I was sure to find ladyboys among the Sunday afternoon crowds. Like elsewhere, the pinoy go to the mall to hang out and not just for shopping. They are very approachable, especially by a clean cut fatherly figure foreigner like me. It is especially easy to meet girls and women of all ages, but I was on a quest for the 3-legged kind. Eventually, I spotted a group of 3 ladyboys, one of whom was of interest to me. (Tall and skinny with a pretty face). I first followed them around from a distance, but in a way they could tell I was following them. Down the halls. Up and down the escalators. Ladyboys love the attention. I finally said "Hi" and asked them if they knew where the mall's chapel was. They were surprised by my question and said they did not know. (I had no idea if the mall even has a chapel or not). That's when I introduced myself as Father O'Malley even putting on an Irish accent that was completely lost on the ladyboys. I told them I was a priest and that it was time for my daily prayers and needed the quietness of the chapel. At first they believed me and said there was a church nearby and gave me directions, but when I stepped up the flirting they quickly caught on. The fact that I was grinning the whole time and kept botching the Irish accent into an Indian one also did not help the Father O'Malley act. Absent a chapel, I invited them for an ice-cream (How's that for a non-sequitur?). Banana-splits to be precise. Having broken the ice, it was just a matter of reeling the cute one in. We took some pics around the mall and I invited them to a movie making sure to seat next to my target. After the movie, I invited them over to the hotel. One of them had to go home, but the other 2 came agreeing to spend the night since their homes were far. And no, we did not do a threesome. The surplus one slept on the couch of my suite. The other one with me. She was wonderful. I knew I would be seeing her again.
  3. I am now in the Philippines where I am conducting some bona fide moolah-earning business in Manila, after which, and only after which, I will go chase ladyboys in AC and in a remote province. While in Manila, I have to get up early for work and without hangovers, so can’t be partying and fucking all night. Yet, my cock is not gonna suck itself and I needed to find a time-efficient solution. While online opportunities abound in Manila to have someone come to one’s room, I am oldschool and prefer hooking up face-to-face. I also like the thrill of the hunt, in which I get to cast myself as one of my lovable alter egos (such as the visiting american literature professor at Chiang Mai U. that shocked PY’s hardened ladyboy mongers). And since I got to Manila on a Sunday morning, I had all day before work started on Monday to go out and bag me a native or 2. That Sunday also happened to be Pokemon Go (PoGo) Community Day, which is when players of the popular online game gather for special monthly events. Being an experienced, high-ranked pokemon trainer myself with rare pokemons from Europe and America to trade for Asian ones (which I also have, but pretend not to), the Community Day presents a great occasion to make new friends in a safe, daytime, public environment. [ Btw playing PoGo was one of the things that first got me antibodies at PY at the height of the fad in 2016 when all the ladyboys were playing it but the elderly sexpats of the Clique could not tell Pikachu from Bulbasaur. So when I started posting reality-enhanced pics of real life ladyboys with cartoon Pokemons there were a few Pokeignorants who posted hostile reactions that set the tone for pretty much everything I ever tried afterwards that was new or different. ] To play PoGo on Community Days, trainers gather at public landmarks where the frequency of pokemon apparitions tend to be higher. In Manila, the best place is the Luneta/Rizal central park and I was sure it would be full of players looking to trade with me. Indeed there were, but, as bad luck would have it, I did not see a single ladyboy pokemon trainer. Saw one practicing football and I might have kicked a few with him, but at that point I was too engaged in the PoGo game myself to let it go. So here are some random pics of a lovely, clean fun Sunday at the park. No ladyboy scores, no problem. I would try again afterwards on a sure to be ladyboy-rich habitat: The Shopping Mall.
  4. Great Scott ! cherjam ! What took ye so long ? You missed 2 whole threads of me and a couple other badasses breaking Pyongyang balls. In one of them, your fellow countryman bar non-owner posted: “The Daddy Rom account was the most controversial we ever had. It received by far the most complaints” I guess that officially makes ME #1 on Pyongyang’s most wanted list ? Sorry cherjam. I am sure you are a close #2. Welcome to the Romscars Club cherjam. Let’s PARTY ON ! R
  5. Thanks for kindness SP. I am used to getting either editorial accolades or outright vitriol. Rarely has a BM addressed me like a fellow human being with feelings for the ladyboys I meet. Coca-Cola is a wonderful, very sexy (and very sexual) ladyboy who will have no trouble bagging a farang far more eligible than me into a relationship if that's what she wants. She is a free-spirit and a very forceful one at that, as witnessed by BM blind boy grunt who saw her refuse to go in with me into the Katty Bar despite it being my choice to go there. I think she feels frustrated that she has feelings for me and I don't retribute them with the kind of interest a beautiful young woman expects from an old man too lucky to have her affections. After I left, she keeps calling me at all hours to pout and say "You don't love me!" in the hope perhaps that I say "I do!" (and mean it!). Just this morning, like at 5 AM Thai time, she called me to tell me to "come back Pattaya." As if I was in nearby Jomtien and could just pop over. She was fully dressed in party clothes and with facial make up, so she must have been out all night and I told her I liked her and that it was time for her to go to sleep. And then I went back to sleep into the arms of another (filipino) ladyboy. So, to answer your question SP: Yes! I would love to see her again and will try to stay in touch until my next trip to BKK in a few months. But by then SHE will probably have moved on. C'est la vie! Here is the drawing she made me and what seems to be a love declaration. I hid her real boy name with my cap: R
  6. My stay in Pattaya has come to an end, and now I am off to Manila where I have some $$$ business that serves as the reason for this trip to Asia. I am sure I will be meeting more ladyboys (and GGs) and will try to post some more flashes later. So stay tuned. In summing up the Pattaya stay, it was uncharacteristic in that I spent most of my time DAY AND NIGHT with a single ladyboy. She is a good heart and seems to genuinely like me and cried a lot when the time came to say good bye. She used my dry-erase markers (the infamous ones with which I write on ladyboys skins) to draw a heart and a house and write me a love declaration in Thai that I would like to share here, but since it says her real Thai BOY name and surname I can't. For the purposes of this non-TR, she shall be remembered only as Coca-Cola the extremely horny, fat cock ladyboy that made the superbutterfly Rom go quasi-monogamous in Pattaya. Here is a parting shot of that cock that was like pure heroine to me for the past week.
  7. The 5th is the admin-boss of the 4 you listed, but who seems to have surrendered editorial control to the 2 thick ones. But enough of the Kims and PY politics. Back to the non-TR from my current Pattaya stay. To recap: a few days ago a ladyboy I met on the beach moved in with me at the hotel and I’ve gone along with it because she has a thick hard cock that reminds me of a Coca-Cola can. Coca-Cola, as I call that ladyboy, has been a great arrangement to fuck non-stop on the cheap, but she has seriously cramped not just my butterflying on this trip, but also my bar experiences as no ladyboys bother with me when they see I bring my own. A couple days ago, I decided I needed some bar mischief and provoked a little tiff with Coca-Cola so she would walk out on me (ladyboys are so predictable!) and I could have a few hours for myself. So I went to soi Yamato to check out the scene. I was very pleasantly surprised to see La Bamba back in full business with at least 8 ladyboys I counted. Further up, The House was open, but dead. I looked in and saw no one. Staff or customers. No one. Continuing to the old Boomerang Twin, I saw 3 or 4 ladyboys, but none too exciting. The sister Boomerang bar to the left, however, had some pretty yummy GGs. Finally, I got to Hunny Bunny’s latest location and there were 6-7 service providers. There was no other customer in sight and that’s the way I like it so I can recreate the Baby Boom experience without having to go to Baby Boom and have other perverts look at my cock while I look at theirs. And as you can see from the pics below, that’s exactly what I did at Hunny Bunny. One thing led to another and before I knew I was getting a complimentary blowjob and, mongeresse oblige, I ended up climbing the disco-lighted stairs to the ST room. The ladyboy featured in this post is clearly pushing 30 so I hope there are no insinuations which I would have to hoover. She explicitly asked me NOT to post at PY the XXX pics we took in the room, and although this is technically not PY I think she would not want me to post them here either. Sorry. But I think you get the idea of what happened in the room from these pics she told me was OK to post:
  8. Funny and practical P&G. But then you would have to rank each of the Kims from 1 to 5. I am curious how you would do it? who you consider the #1 Kim now running the show at PY ? ... and btw: are u Portuguese or Brazilian by any chance ? (for using um, dois, tres, quatro, cinco...) In the meantime over at PY, the Kims continue to preside over what has to be the greatest destruction of content in the History of Ladyboy Boards. Now they went after another old account of mine—the Valar D account that had changed trip-reporting at PY as they knew it. This time the Kims not only manually obliterated the thousands of “likes” to Zero! they also obliterated the number of posts to “Zero”, which means the one-of-a-kind content was not just hidden, it was deleted! As far as I am concerned, THANK YOU! It is liberating! For me and for the dozens of ladyboys I had selfishly exposed for the benefit of a Board so poisoned by its own success that it puts the inflated egos of its caretakers ahead of its fiduciary duty (as highest-membership ladyboy Board) to serve as a depository for the ladyboy experience. ALL ladyboy experience. My destroyed content at PY is ALL fully backed up and I am looking forward to re-post the best of it here at The Romscars Club.
  9. Good morning gentlemen... and what the hell happened here while I was sodomizing Coca-Cola followed by a much-needed good night's sleep ? I guess a good old-fashioned brawl can't hurt the thread's view count... Nothing was hoovered so far, but "Harry" (who I suspect to be the PY troublemaker who goes by the initials J L ) used up all his threadfucking allowance at The Romscars Club. If he posts any more shit like he has, please no one waste their time answering it, because it is just going to magically disappear. My personal thanks to seven, Duncan, P&G and Woodie for riding the fool while I was away and to Quinn for expanding my artistic horizons into scribbled messages on ladyboys' panties... Why did I not think of that while I rocked at Pyongyang? Now back to business: what this thread needs is a good serving of condom-free cock and I will come back later with plenty of it. For now, I am just going to answer Duncan's much pertinent query: "The Kims" dear Duncan, the Kims are the 5 autocratic, absolute rulers of Pyongyang : Kim-Do-Uk the Great Leader Kim-Pee-Tsi the Dear Leader Kim-Ma-Gu the Ferocious Leader Kim-Al-Xp the Absent Leader and Kim-Jang-Uar the Supreme Leader
  10. NEWSFLASH from Pyongyang: In PY's Baby Boom thread, BM oldlover had posted one pic he took of my PERSONAL birthday wishes to him that I had written on wee Eye's back for her to show him during the party. This morning I looked again and that pic was gone. Seems the Kims made oldlover remove it. I guess I am to them what Trotsky was to Stalin: even after being forced into exile, any vestige of my virtuosity is a thorn on their dictatorial egos. Well dear Kims: I could repost here oldlover's hoovered pic but I would not want to give you even a remote copyright pretext to have it hoovered. Here is one of mine again that looks just like the one he took. For the sake of FREE SPEECH:
  11. Thanks Quinn. Great Photoshop job. So great, it took me like 30 seconds to figure out my name on the can. I kept looking at the cock instead to see where I had supposedly left my mark... What can I say? I like big cocks and I cannot lie. You other brothers can't deny that when a ladyboy walks in with an itty bitty weiner he aint gonna be no winner. Coca-Cola is all about the COCK. Mine that is. She has a predilection for giving me Sumata masturbation but always cums herself first before I can even get close to it. She also constantly wants frotting with me on top, but for me is difficult because her cock is so rock hard with a forward bent, it bores into my belly. She is constantly asking me to fuck her, more times than my middle-age enables me to. But when I do fuck her, it's like a torture chamber with she wriggling in pain and begging for mercy in Thai. And then when I finish she expects me to immediately start all over again as if I were a teenager myself. For such a horny-for-my cock sissy, however, the one thing she does not seem to be into is giving (me?) blowjobs. She only puts mouth to cock in the context of a 69 and even so she quickly shifts to manual mode. I was starting to think I taste bad or something, so I had to get a second opinion at soi Yamato and everything is OK. Yesterday she played with my glow-in-the-dark condoms: Romscarswise: PARTY ON !
  12. As I mentioned in my previous post, a loose-canon ladyboy, who I call Coca-Cola, just unilaterally moved in with me at the hotel for (it seems!) the duration of my stay. She has not asked for any money but nickel-and-dimes me for cheap shopping items from street vendors. She keeps talking about "350 and 500 cubic centimeters" and, at first, I thought she wanted me to buy her a bike or a tiny car, but she was talking about upgrading her bolt-ons from 350 cc to 500 cc. Forget it! I am the last monger in the world to hit for a boob job fundraiser ! Besides being tight with post-boomboom extras, I don't care for silicone on women or sissies. Flatchest or saggy is the way to go. All natural. But back to Coca Cola. Look at all the shit she brought over to my room in just a couple days. And that's not counting beauty products and shoes that I did not want to pile up on the clothes. This post is a FLASH of our return to the beach. This time to Ko Larng. We took an early 30 baht boat and then the collective taxi to Samae Beach. It's my favorite of Ko Larng's beaches because the chairs are no more than 10 meters from the waterline and I can monitor my stuff while I am marinating. So, as you see from the pics, we did the usual beach stuff. Nothing crazy. Circa 2005 (fuckballs! time flies) on this same beach I had rented one of those big black inflatable buoys and a ladyboy (THE Jenny from High Boss! remember her?) gave me a blowjob as I floated on it. We were right in front of everyone on the beach, but no one could see because Jenny's head and my lower torso were hidden by the buoy. All they could see was my legs and arms holding on to the buoy and my head hanging back with a big smile on my face. I also remember the beach coming to a complete stop as Jenny walked by in the tiniest of dental floss bikinis. Not a chance with Coca Cola who acts modest in public... We came back to my room right after lunch as neither of us wants to expose to peak sun. She to avoid getting dark. Me to avoid getting pink or worse. Nothing like a shower after the beach followed by squeaky clean bodies in bed buttfucking and napping, which is exactly what we did. You gentlemen are probably and pertinently wondering how such an incorrigible butterfly like me would let myself be constrained by Coca-Cola moving in with me... The answer gentlemen is that for me there is nothing like a motivated ladyboy experience provider who wants to stay beyond LT even. There was a time back in the 1990s-2000s when the daily bread of my ladyboy encounters was practically ALL OF THEM wanting to stay with me ALL THE TIME. This is no longer the case. Why? First, back then I was in my 30s and was truly as sexy man as it got mongeringwise. Second, ladyboys were much more desperate for business and less jaded at heart. One that famously latched on to me for a week was said High-Boss Jenny together with her almost as famous roommate at the time Sonia (both were silicon-free pristine with hormone nippies and permanent late teen erections). Tried the stick-around thing with Lilly last year by taking her out of town for a couple of days but it was a pain because I was there to serve her, not the other way round. The other thing you gentlemen may be wondering about is why do I call this squatter ladyboy Coca-Cola ? The explanation actually applies also to the previous question of why I let her stay with me indefinitely. Here's why:
  13. Having been banned from that other Board where I had first started the annual Romscars tradition, my decision to covertly post the 2019 Romscars there simultaneously with here was certain to be controversial. But at the same time, I wanted to give Romscar-winning BMs at the other Board their due public recognition and show all BMs there that my spirits had not been broken into never doing the Romscars again. Management at the other Board reacted to my stealthy Romscars announcement (and cartoon) by suppressing it 30 minutes after it was posted and treating as “Spam” the 20 or so PRIVATE messages I had individually sent each of the Romscar nominees and winners some of whom never got to read the good news of their distinctions. Moderation at the other Board further reacted by expunging all record of the Romscars from existence deleting last year’s Romscars painstakingly crafted thread. Plus all my TR contributions that also took me countless hours to produce. Plus, in what can only be seen as a bizarre hissy fit, they manually reset the +1 likes count of my long blocked Daddy Rom account from almost 10,000 to … zero! I reacted to what I felt was Soviet-style annihilation of personal accomplishment from collective memory by denouncing it here at The Romscars Club in 2 threads that I have just deleted because they would cramp the artistic and mongering excellence focus that I would rather be the editorial thrust of this club. The griping that I started in those threads prompted a few other BMs here to post about their own (understandable!) frustrations with the other Board, and one of their mods (also understandably) to react by passive-aggressively counterattacking me while selectively addressing the criticism expressed. Plus 2 of the BMs closely aligned with moderation over at the other Board joined this one to character-assassinate me with the vilest of insinuations imaginable. In the ensuing mudslinging, the multilogue degenerated into some pretty weird shit that has nothing to do with the Romscars (such as the bar non-ownership mantra of said mod; or the net present value of revenues foregone from a BM who herds rugby teams into ladyboy bars, …). Several core BMs here expressed their, heartfelt or shit-stirring, disappointment with the unprecedented animosity levels for this Board. I think this sums up accurately the dozens of non-excellent, non-chivalrous posts that followed my 2019 Romscars attributions that this Board now serves as the sole record of. If any BM, including the mod from the other Board, thinks I left out any relevant information from this summary please PM me and I may include it by editing this post. Now everyone: Be Excellent and Party On!
  14. I'm back guys. After NOT posting 3 FLASHES yesterday that I would have made were it not for an unexpected situation I find myself in: the ladyboy from Jomtien beach moved in to my hotel room. Yeah Just like that! Showed up unannounced, we fucked and then she has just kinda stayed. PLUS she has put me under so much pressure to have sex after sex that it has cut into my online media time allocation... I will still try in the coming days to post the FLASHES from yesterday and debrief the Romscars Club on how this Jomtien beach ladyboy crush-on-me thing turns out. I don't even remember her name. I just call her Coca-Cola. Today I am sharing a couple of highlights from last night: After I posted here the teaser that was my visit to the Delirious Bar party 2 nights ago, Herbert (der owner) private-messaged me here inviting me for a Beerlao. So I went by last night and had one on the house. I don't know about the Scotches (I am a Tequilla man!) but the bar is very well stocked with ladyboys, including one who is Lilly-grade boner material and who I will be returning for (I also don't remember her name; I call her The Lady in Red). So if anyone wants my autograph, or smash a bottle over my head, or just say hi! hang out in there same-same as I plan to. My other bar stop of the night was Oldlover's birthday party at Baby Boom. And there I was in the belly of the beast and none of the Cliquers even looked my way. Understandable! They were too busy with the sissies. At some point, I stepped outside with my main one there Eye and media-used her too-sweaty-for-Dry-Erase-Markers nubile skin and sent her back in to pay my RESPECT! TO THE GODFATHER of the Pattaya mob:
  15. And you seven don't pursue a career as a diplomat. What part of "deliberately out of focus pics" (as to protect identities) don't you understand ? Back to the non-TR: This afternoon I went on a movie date with a ladyboy academic at a local institution of higher learning. We went to see the latest Star Wars movie and don't ask me about it because I was not paying much attention. On our way in to the movie theater, my date could not resist pointing out that it was in the same compound as the Pyongyang Protectorate that is Thailand's only ladyboyless ladyboy bar.
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