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  1. Thanks H. that was short and to the point. I now feel like I should just have PMed you, but I thought my bottles would generate some interest and I would show some more. But I guess that woulda been kinda braggy right? I would then just ask PDoggg to let this thread stay for a few days and then hoover it, since Herbert is too considerate to do it himself despite it botching his Club's fine scotches sub-forum. But before Pdoggg hoovers, let me just quickly share one of the bottles I inherited. It's a rum from Panama branded Ron de Jeremy. "Ron" means "rum" in Spanish. And of course the pun is on the legendary porn actor of the 1970s and 1980s: Ron Jeremy whose face is featured on the label. It's damn good too, as far as I can tell ! Perhaps someday I will bottle my own pinoy rum moonshine named after me: Rom Pyongyang Cheers Rom
  2. Hallo Herbert, A dear departed relative left me several dozens of bottles of spirits and cases of wine he did not get'round to drinking during his lifetime. I gathered all the scotches and took this pic and am interested to see if you think any of them are noteworthy? I would add most of them were acquired DECADES ago, which would make them far older than the 12-year "old" Scotch designation, but I don't suppose they stand to have gained much qualitywise from aging further in a glass bottle. Your candid thoughts appreciated... As well as other discerning BMs' s. Prost Rom
  3. Congratulations Brett. A man's house is his castle, and you built a mighty fine looking one... may you & Dao find in it the happily-ever-afters that made you want to build that house and your lives together. As far as I am concerned, this is the most uplifting piece of news from my secret online ladyboy world since the dark days of covid fell upon us, and you & Dao are all but certain to be the 2020 Romscar Couple of the Year for building a purple house in a green field of dreams. Big cheers Rom
  4. Well done @Emmy Emmy ! Now everybody knows it's your bar. You may want to further consider calling it "Emmy's Bar Jomtien" to better identify your brand/bar and distinguish it from "Emmy bar" and "Emmys" that already exist in the Pattaya area. Again, just another suggestion. "Emmy's Bar" is very good already. ---------------- @Quinn That was the fastest visuals rebranding in the history of name changes! But you probably knew in advance ... Now for your next challenge: "Katty's Kittens" becomes ... "Emmy's Emissaries..." ? "Emmy's Eminentlys" ? "Emmy's Emeralds" ? Can you work with any of that @Quinn ? Any other ideas @anyone ? Rom
  5. Gentlemen, 6 months into the pandemic and Thailand has only recorded 58 deaths to COVID-19. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/thailand/ France and the UK that each have approximately the same population (60 mill+) as Thailand have recorded, respectively, 30,000 and 45,000. That's 500 French victims for every Thai. And almost 800 Brits per Thai. Likely the Thai fatalities are grossly underestimated. But even if they were 100 times higher, Thailand would still be much better off than EACH AND EVERY COUNTRY in Europe or the Americas. So let's accept COVID infection rates in Thailand are indeed much lower. Which brings me to the main point of this reflection: What do you think is going to happen if/when Thailand opens its borders and businesses like it used to? The Thai population having been spared mass exposure to it, COVID-19 would FINALLY spread in Thailand like it did in Europe and America. Which is exactly what is happening here in the US where some states (AZ, FL, SC, TX) reopened for business and COVID infections (and deaths!) skyrocketed. We were all hoping COVID-19 would fade away in the summer (like the flu) but it did not. Which means that by "flattening curve" all that was accomplished was DELAYING people from getting it... but in the same manner that everyone sooner or later catches a flu, we will all catch COVID if it sticks around indefinitely as it appears to. The vast majority of the Thai population are thus sitting ducks for the corona virus. What are the implications for us mongers ? That it may take even much longer than we feared for us to be allowed back in Thailand. Mongering like we used to, say 10 partners in 1 week, will be a sure way to catch and spread COVID like wildfire... (Honestly, I would not even want to risk it.) Those expats bragging about how many desperate-for-business Thais they've been fucking on the cheap are very lucky to have been there while infection rates are so low. But what would happen if mongers are allowed back from all corners of the world? P4P will be a super vector of transmission to the Thai sex partners and subsequently to the rest of the Thai population. Public healthwise, the Thais just cannot allow us mongers back until COVID has disappeared from the face of the Earth, which may take another 6 months, 1 year or more ??? To me this stands to reason. Someone please show me I'm wrong. R
  6. As to you (The-Sith) getting 2 weeks suspension at PY is part of the harassment that precedes your banning ... quality content contributing BMs don't take kindly at being emasculated by thickos and will react which is what they ultimately want so they can ban you for good. And once they are on to you, any pretext will do. As you may remember, what finally got me banned was posting a picture and a quote of ... Hemingway ! Party on The-Sith... !
  7. Having been everywhere else in SE Asia, obviously Snoop saved the best for last: The Philippines! I recall when last year (2019) snoop PMed me at PY saying he was considering going to the PI and asking me for tips … I gave him some, and was secretly planning to be in Manila or AC when he would, so we could meet in person for the first time and I even staged in my mind a spectacular initial meeting with the participation of my groupies. But then I got booted from PY and lost the PM channel to stay in touch with him, and also lost the motivation. But I think after our newly-created bond in this TR, it’s only a matter of time until we meet in person bro ! A couple more questions for Snoop: 10 years and dozens of trips everywhere else in SE Asia, why did it take you so long to finally go to the PI ? For those 10 years you had always photoshopped a Snoopy cartoon face over your own in the travel pics you shared online. But after going to the PI you started showing yourself. What made you change your mind ? Cheers Rom Glossary: PM = Private Message PI = Philippines PY = Pyongyang (as in that niche-dominant, no-dissent ladyboy mongers Board)
  8. The-Sith is a master mind games player who has survived the pogroms at PY by saying what he wants in ways that just about don't give the thickos the pretext (unlike me!). This to say that The-Sith is also playing mind games with me when he mentions Noon (at the Romscars Club) or farang traps (in this thread), which he knows will trigger my competitive monger streak. Noon is but a beautiful memory now, but farang traps is all aging dudes in the US like The-Sith and I have left in-betwen ladyboy trips. And it's so fucking damn hard to score a cute one. Yet it can be done... The-Sith's "PorcelainGoirl" is absolutely to die for and I wish I could track her (have you The-Sith?). But there are others... And if there is no pic immediately below is because PDoggg or I removed it...
  9. theryago Duncan pal ... Black Sissies Matter ... The name is "Vaniall" The-Sith is too much of a gentleman to post cock. But I'm not: llemming-ilqkg-6bf97e.mp4
  10. I rest the case gentlemen. I think we can ascertain Apeman is highly likely to be Australian based on his accent and word-of-mouth from a ladyboy. I have been keeping an eye on the parallel PY thread, but there is nothing but unsubstantiated drivel. If anyone ever finds out something else about Apeman or Nigel please post here... Hi Duncan. The plot thickens... Is it possible he has a twin? I am pretty confident it's the same one. In his earliest videos he wore a Zorro mask rather than the cheap hairpiece. And it sure looks AND SOUNDS like him. Trust me: I have seen 20+ clips of him in the past 24 hours. Thanks The-Sith. Old skool indeed. That's me. I started in the 1990s and I laugh at the self-declared PY pundits who act like they invented ladyboys just because they got advanced after being to Thailand much more recently and kissing a bar owner or two's asses. I remember you (The-Sith) once reacting at PY to a TR post I made about me running into Noon(pink) from Cascades after like 10 years, so I will share a personal anecdote that involves her, me and the Apeman. I met Noon at Cascades when she was 19 and I must have done something right as she fell for me, at least that's what she said and acted like crying like a baby when it was time to say goodbye. I never gave her hopes or extra-cash, so I like to believe it was not an act. When I met her she had already done the obligatory ladyboy-ladyboy.com debutante shoots, but I pleaded with her not to let herself get fucked by the Apeman and "loose face" (a paramount concern for Thais) on the Internet. I described to her what the Apeman and Nigel looked like and she said she had not met them. She was pleased by my concern and promised not to do XXX movies with any farangs (but me!). She had already done one XXX for a jap studio (very good quality btw). But sure enough a few months later, there was Noon on the internet being fucked by the Apeman. I don't want to post here her pics being desecrated by that troglodyte, but if you must see them google "Nongsao" which is what the Apeman called her in the clip. When I told Noon (by e-mails) that I had seen her, she responded she was tricked and begged me not to dump her. I did not. I saw her a couple more trips as my main lady and even took her to Patong, which was like taking coal to Kentucky... With time we drifted apart but not before she did another XXX with the Apeman. It was another group sex clip with him, Daddy O and another ladyboy from the golden era;: "Aum" i think her name was. Here are some pics of the happy pool table fuckers to liven up the thread:
  11. Thanks gentlemen. I appreciate your interest in helping identify Apeman's English accent. To me he does sound Aussie but also sounds a lighter South African accent than Afrikaner. NZ no idea. Malta is also a possibility as they have a slow paced accent like Apeman speaks. Malta would also explain the "Italian" attribution due to proximity. Let's try it again with another clip where from 0:30-1:00 Apeman pretends to be on the phone and we can hear him pretty well. The way he said "sooner" and "horny" sound Aussie to me. Any Aussies in the house? What do you think? He speaks a little more from 2:30-3:00 and from 8:00-8:30 when he is sodomizing the sissy and howls like an American !!! ??? https://xhamster.com/videos/thai-ladyboy-zarah-3786411#mlrelated I would like to add that I had to watch like 20 ladyboyguide/cock clips of the Apeman until I found this one because in all the others there was too much background music or TV and/or static from the camera microphone. Those clips were done in the early 2000s when 90%+ of the farang-ladyboy action was concentrated in 6 or 7 bars in BKK and Pattaya and I remember seeing in the flesh ALL those 20 or so ladyboys in the clips and fucking at least half of them myself. I even remember the real names of most of them (the Apeman gave them new ones). My friends: the early 2000s , when those clips were shot, were the GLORY DAYS OF LADYBOYS when the scene was exploding on the ground and on the internet, but there were still not so many of us players. Ladyboys numberswise, the scene peaked in the early 2010s but the growing numbers of dabblers and nouveau mongers took away that feeling of being part of an exclusive secret world of forbidden pleasures... r
  12. It's the Apeman 's turn.. Any info anyone ? OK I will post what I know, which isn't much: I've heard he is Italian, but his English accent sounds to me like a native speaker's ! Italian-American ? But I am not a native English speaker. Would any of our American BMs (or other native English-speakers) pls give his opinion on his accent and possible nationality ? https://xhamster.com/videos/performance-thai-ladyboy-in-gold-pants-4182103 Apeman starts babbling at the 2 minute mark before he starts cocksucking: https://xhamster.com/videos/ladyboy-thailand-carpark-3856882#mlrelated same-same at around the 5'15''' mark: Other than that, ... I already mentioned that his porn sites got him in trouble with the Thai authorities and his computer was apprehended and the Apeman got out of Thailand. Did he ever return? I never again ran into him in Pattaya or any new clips with him on the net ... He had also done a few group sex clips for another ladyboy site extremeladyboys.com that has also not been updated for a while and where he renamed himself "The Bear". But the star of extremeladyboys.com was another farang porn actor that went by "Double O" (a lesser legend) and who also took over from Nigel sodomizing GGs at AsianStreetMeat.com. To conclude on a wild note, some pics from an extremeladyboys clip that is a classic with "The Bear" and "Double O" alfresco with 3 ladyboys (including May the youthful mini-diva from the Penthouse Hotel go-go right after she got the bolt-ons and disappeared from the scene). Gotta hand it to him: the Apeman knew how to PARTY ON ! R
  13. Sawadeekap Emmy! I don't think you remember me but I went to the old Katty Bar a few times and used to party with Mona and Belle. Well done on getting a new bar so soon after you had to close your previous one. I have a suggestion you may want to consider: Why don't you rename your bar "Emmy's Bar" ? Nobody knows anymore who "Katty" is or was, and you are the #1 reason your regular customers go there. So it would be a good idea if the bar was named after YOU. And the time to do it would be NOW. I am sure your good friends BBG & Quinn could help you with the name change and with informing all the farangs to come to Emmy's Bar. Just a suggestion Emmy. Good luck to your bar whatever you decide to call it. rom
  14. 8% of GDP loss projected this year for Thailand? 8% only? seriously? Let's see: if "tourism accounts for 15% of GDP" and falls to HALF of what it was last year, right there you would have a loss of 7.5% of GDP (15%x0.5). And tourism this year will fall much more than 50%... Not to mention that I had seen other sources estimating tourism's contribution to GDP at 20%+... I'd say it's safe to say Thailand's GDP loss on account of tourism alone will be at least 10%. Then there so many other sectors of the Thai economy that are also producing below last year. Moreover, external demand (for Thai's exports) has to be weaker as partner economies have also slowed (and the baht strengthened!). ... All this to say that the economic projections we are seeing worldwide from central banks, IMF, WTO, OECD, European Commission ALL SEEK to soften the blow... as time goes by, they get revised downwards and even so there is much overestimation built-in such as accounting as production all wages paid, including to workers (such as those on lay off with partial pay) who produced nothing for most of the year. I'd say worldwide we are experiencing contractions in production and demand (production's mirroring concept) of upwards of 20%. But the statistics will never show that... The IMF's latest projection (2 weeks ago) for the world economy is of a 5% contraction ONLY. Thailand's 8% would not even be that bad in light of that... https://www.marketwatch.com/story/imf-slashes-world-growth-outlook-for-2020-and-sees-sluggish-turnaround-next-year-2020-06-24 If only...
  15. Siiighhhh! I can tell from the way the thread is going I am not going to learn anything I don't already know about either of the 2 non-gentlemen legends. I am especially interested in knowing whatever happened to Cowboy/Apeman? Has he been back to Pattaya? Surely our resident expats would have run into him... In this post I would like to properly document what I hinted in my OP had happened to Nigel. At PY I was constantly a victim of the vilest slander and insinuations, but here at The Romscars Club there is no room for false testimonies and so I better document my hints with public information on Nigel. Makes for entertaining reading, especially the Stickman bit. I realize I am sailing a bit close to the wind as regards moderation's understandable preference for narcotics-free topics, but this is as far as I will go. Also out of respect for a dead man. But if anyone is interested in the juicier bits, it's not hard to find them on the net. rom Published Highlights of Naughty Nigel's Demise 3 arrests: Jan. 2009, Sept. 2009, March 2010 source: Pattaya News Second arrest with picture source: Pattaya Today Death Announcement and Stickman Eulogy in 2014 source Stickman Bangkok June 22, 2014
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