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  1. Siiiigh,.... This has been a rough couple weeks for me here at LBR... First fenton, then duke, now 1-by-1 more BMs who I held in high esteem are turning on me, right here at the Romscars Club where they are all my guests. @BBG who cast the first stone: how would you feel if I or another BM posted " I didn't join this forum to be constantly pestered" about Emmy's Bar ? that gets mentioned by you BBG far more often than I mention PY/Pyongyang... (for the record: I have nothing against Emmy's Bar and having followed the livestreams I plan to barfine them all first thing when I get back to Pattaya). This is the Romscars Club and it is named after the peer recognition awards I made my mission to contribute with to the online ladyboy lovers community... I know a lot of you think that's conceited of me but it's a harmless endeavor and some BMs seem to like it. To me it's important the Romscars and the Hall of Legends be perceived as credible exercises, not as a personal settling of scores or rewarding of pals, so that's why I have agonized over not having Kendo in the Hall of Legends, for which he is a no-brainer induction. To deny him his rightful place makes me look bad; not him. So please let me do my thing. I locked the nomination thread because I know I am skating on very thin ice on this one, which is why BMs coming right back at me by posting in another one of my threads what i tried to prevent them from posting may crack the ice right under my feet... do you get what I am trying not to say ?...I haven't hoovered any posts, but I may have no choice if you keep pushing the limits of my patience and the ADMINS'... 'nough said... Having made sure that BMs had a chance to record their Ayes & Nays through the emojis, at this stage the only one who can stop Kendo's induction into the Hall of Legends later this year is Kendo himself if he speaks up. You may think I am a sucker for honoring someone who messed with me in the past, but I am only too pleased to welcome at the Hall of legends someone of his ladyboy monger caliber who turned his back on PY... Vayan con Dios, rom
  2. When I started the Romscars Hall of Legends it was evident some fellow mongers were already proven shoo-ins for induction. One of them was Kendo the UK TV face of farang ladyboy chasers and PY moderator extraordinaire who made PY into the online hub of the ladyboy world. But in the process, he cracked a lot of fellow monger skulls (including mine) which made him a controversial choice for the Hall of Legends without much peer support when I asked last year. My take on Kendo is that notwithstanding him standing side-by-side with the goons running the show at PY, he is way smarter than them not just in terms of wits but in recognizing BM effort over attitude. I don’t think he liked me too much, but he respected my contributions and I heard from good source I would have been PY-banned a lot sooner if it weren’t for him standing in the way. I also heard from the same good source that last year (2020) he slammed the door on PY due to “management tensions” and, whether he has or not, the FACT is that he has not made a post, given a like, or recorded a log in at at PY in almost a year. BMs there keep asking about him but, in good North-Korea fashion, the official explanations are vague and dismissive. I take such distancing from PY by Kendo, even if only temporary, as an act of redemption that washes away the bruises he inflicted on so many fellow mongers, including myself. And I HEREBY NOMINATE KENDO FOR THE 2021 INTAKE OF THE ROMSCARS HALL OF LEGENDS. I am sure Kendo will see this or be informed soon enough and if he objects, he can contact me here at LBR where he is already a BM and I will promptly withdraw the nomination. I am not going to put this one to a vote, nor allow a discussion that could turn into an intrusive dissection of Kendo. So this thread is LOCKED right with this OP. But if you think Kendo deserves to be in Hall of Legends pls give this post a If you don’t think he does, give it a If you don't care either way, give it a I think I am doing the right thing. Rom
  3. TR LV sensei we need you here a proven expert compiler of ladyboy information, contacts and beautiful pictures. LBR is the only online ladyboy Board with a "Clubs" feature that allows the club master editorial control over the content he shares in the club. The software limits interface design (like for example you cannot have a page with photos of multiple ladyboys with hyperlinks to the information for each) but in compensation you can have adult content and input from viewers wiki-style... You could for example organize your club with alphabetical threads for each ladyboy and nyuhafu and then post pics and information on each. To keep it stricticly alphabetical you could just pin the threads so they stay alphabetically ordered. If you don't want other guys to post on your threads you just lock them. Take a look at my own club called the Romscars Club and you will get the idea ... It has a section called the Hall of Legends where I list not ladyboys but their top mongering aficionados in their own individual threads... http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/forum/194-the-romscars-hall-of-legends/ There are of course other Club aspects (like monetization if u have it on your website) that you may want to discuss with the admins who are very open to media-rich content and ideas. Think about it sensei... I say BANZAI ! rom
  4. konnichiwa TR LV and welcome to Ladyboy Review I am Rom and I also have a youtube channel with ladyboy-related clips. I was very well-impressed by yours and I would like to suggest that you consider starting a CLUB here at Ladyboy Review where you can post your media including more adult visuals if you wish... If you think you could be interested I suggest discussing it with the admins... Looking forward to more of your work and to hearing about you adventures in Thailand. cheers Rom
  5. well, well, well,... this thread started with me getting sucker-punched, then with me showing what a considerate sucker indeed I am, but now has taken a turn for the constructive---my favorite topic: nude sissies. Here are some pics and vid clips of one such sissy who just swindled me out of 10 bucks, not realizing how much she could have milked me for if she joined my AC fan club... she is a white-pinoy mestiza who thinks she is above the Fields ladyboys and can only be found at the Megadance where she plays hard to get. She does have a big soft ass like a white woman and there is nothing she won't let you do to it... salad tosser extraordinaire... big juicy caucasian cock way fatter than that Cartoon floozie I fucked before she got the bolt ons... 'nough blabbing, Here's RUN from AC: video-1630322928.mp4 video-1630492239.mp4 video-1630299884.mp4
  6. Vayan con Dios hombres ... you shall not be missed... it's my bed time here in Europe and I am still wondering whether my new pet troll is the PY Fenton or not? At first I thought it was him and welcomed him; then I thought he was an impostor when he started trolling me; but now I think it may really be him... I thought that by asking him what English football team I support, he would answer correctly regardless of his intentions, but now I am starting to think he does not remember... ( It is Forest, Nottingham Forest FC, I came of age to football when they were tops ) The question then becomes why would the real Fenton have switched from a trusted pal and ally at PY to a backstabber here at LBR even as I welcomed him with open arms ??? There had to be an explanation and something he posted in the Chess thread made me connect the dots. And I quote: "... ROM, you are already in the service of a clique handler somewhere else arent you 555" At first I did not understand what he meant, but now I think the "clique handler" is this other PY BM who together with Fenton and one of the banned PY BMs started in 2018 a by-invitation-only mini-Board where the 3 of them were the admins (btw with Fenton joining LBR, all 3 of them are BMs here now). I was one of the first PY BMs to be invited to that mini-Board and a couple months down the line Fenton had a disagreement with the root admin over a new BM prospect and Fenton abruptly quit. The root admin offered me Fenton's admin slot which I accepted only to help out and with the POSTED caveat that if Fenton returned I would immediately give the admin slot back to him. I had absolutely nothing to do with Fenton's departure and perhaps he sees the fact that I accepted his admin slot as a betrayal of sorts that warrants the hostility he has been displaying here at LBR towards me. The "clique handler" would be that root admin with whom Fenton had been pals with long before I knew either of them... If that's the explanation, it's a mistake on Fenton's part but I don't think he is in a mental state to recognize it and stop trolling me. The irony is that in the process of trolling me he made pals with one of the uberCliquers at PY who never once posted there a word in Fenton's defence unlike me who used to do it all the time. Fenton's trolling style at PY was the overactive posting kind and he is LBR moderation's problem now. 0n a personal note, I would again like to express my gratitude for the Club feature of LBR that allows me to protect my painstakingly crafted content from the 2 threadfuckers du jour... Your Club CHAIRMAN Rom
  7. This thread has now entered the realm of SURREALISM: ...with fake-or-not-Fenton objecting to me having inducted Rinzler (RIP) to the Hall of Legends while saying Rinzler does deserve to be there. What will it be? fake-or-not-Fenton ? Rinzler at Hall of Legends or Rinzler Not at Hall of Legends? The same fake-or-not Fenton who started this thread to chastize me for not drawing myself by posting right under one such drawing ? I guess fake-or-not-Fenton does not mind coming across as a moron as long as he gets to troll me. Anyway, I can handle him and will kep on riding him admins allowing it. ... the other one is more problematic. He is a mod-without-a-badge here at LBR and statuswise and hooverwise I am no match for him even here at the Romscars Club. I am just going to bite the bullet and not engage him directly anymore... But why don't you 2 just put me on ignore and/or stay away from the Romscars Club ? Seriously: if you dont like me and my posts why do you follow me like groupies?...put me on ignore and stop threadfucking me... I wish I could stop you from seeing my content like in FB but I cant... @P&G the upside is that the Romscars Club is getting more visits than ever. I don't think I am going to give them the satisfaction of locking the thread...
  8. I can live with posts like the 2 above, which also make this a good time to remind PDoggg of my request over a month ago to please restore the spell checker function LBR lost in the last software upgrade. Alas!... Back to my broken heart ! In case this "Fenton" is the real Fenton, then he is even more of a jerk than if he is an impostor. The Fenton I knew supported me through my calvary at PY as I supported him though his. After one of his "stints in the cooler", I posted this movie clip in honor of his return. I knew it was going to further irk the moderhaters towards me but I posted it because that's what pals do: we stand by our pals... AND THEN after his next cooler stint I SOUND-DUBBED this clip of a ladyboy with a dog also in honor of Fenton's return. Listen carefully: THEN, when "Fenton" joined here at LBR, I welcomed him in good faith with the following post that speaks for my admiration and solidarity towards him: Seriously folks: What kind of person would turn on someone who never had but acts of respect towards him? Either this threadfucker is not the real Fenton? or then the real Fenton has gone senile? It's not rational human behavior to be hostile to others who have a track-record of going out of their way to be nice to you. Duke also. We were never pals like I was with Fenton, but we had not crossed swords and I never posted anything but glowing praise about him. He seems to have gone bonkers over my institutionalization of the term "PY". Get over it! It's pertinent! It's Fun and EVERYONE is using it now. Even the PY BMs outside PY. That's all folks R
  9. It just gets more baffling with each new post !!! ... First an impostor, then a clueless joker... I've moved this thread from the "Hall of Legends" section of the Romscars Club to the "Cartoons" section and I'm giving the "wind-up" another day or two for general entertainment purposes and then I will probably have to lock the thread if the personal pot shots continue. The OP's pretext for this thread: that I don't draw cartoons of myself! was instantly debunked with one such cartoon right above his post, which made him look like the moron that he is in addition to ill-intended. So WTF is he still doing here? I guess he likes me to ride him... But i don't want to give the impostor any more direct attention. Instead I will repost here for the record a cartoon I had first posted at PY when the real Fenton was being harassed by the goon PY's moderation uses for their sick preludes to banishment of BMs their 2 thick mods dont like. At the time, the real Fenton and I were pals and we had each others' backs when thread scuffles broke out. That would be reason enough for the real Fenton not to turn on me. The real Fenton to the extent that he remembers me at all would also remember the English football team I support. I even used to post pics at PY of a main squeeze ladyboy wearing my jersey from that team. This guy has no clue of what that team is and probably did not even know the real Fenton was a Stoke fan, which I revealed. All this to say this "Fenton" is as phony as a 3 dollar bill... Here is the cartoon along with the caption I had previously posted here well before this clown joined LBR... for those who don't know, the real Fenton's avatar at PY was a lab dog named Fenton that had gone viral on the internet... I bet the impostor did not even know that much when he picked his graphic font LBR avatar...
  10. yes. i think he is that same bitter PY goon with poor English written skills and a history of harassing BMs including the real Fenton while he was at PY. I will give him a due-dilligence chance to prove his identity. The real Fenton would know the lesser English football team I support as at PY we used to discuss it and the weekly scores along with his beloved Stoke City FC. What team was that "Fenton"?
  11. "insidious means" ? what's wrong with you Fenton ? we used to be pals at PY and then at that other mini-Board ... are u an impostor ? or did I do something to the real Fenton I am not aware of ? Thinking you were the real Fenton, I welcomed you here at LBR from the bottom of my heart with a cartoon and you followed up by twice already kicking me in the teeth. Seriously: are u Fenton? Whoever you are, besides being ill-intentioned towards me, you are also making a fool of yourself in the process: "Why has not (sic) Rom done cartoons of himself?" you ask ... Look right above your OP at the very top of this page. There is a self-caricature of ME right in the middle of the Romscars family picture with YOU to my right. In case you still don't get it, I am the one holding the Romscar trophy and I even drew myself with a bolder outline. And Yes! I chose to draw YOU immediately to my right because I liked you and thought you liked me!!! You were always friendly to me at PY and I had nothing to do with your departure from the mini-Board. Look at the LBR home page. The first thing you see is my cartoon of the Hall of Legends with me serving as the hall guide with a name tag on my chest saying "Rom" in case anyone wonders. There are more drawings of me in a few of the other cartoons... Do you get it now or do I need to make you another drawing? Not a chance. Hope you realize that anything you post here at the Romscars Club I can hoover. But I am going to let your OP stay so BMs can see you "Fenton" making a bitter fool of yourself. Now start say something nice; otherwise it will be hoovered. Rom
  12. UPDATE ... and these are the inductees as of mid-2021. At least 2 more will be added later this year.
  13. Thanks Papa Sam for the cool pics and Mongers Hall of Legends suggestions, Yes they come too late for the 2000 inductions, but they are very timely for the 2021 intake, in regards to which let me recap where we stand: Josh, Nick Jackson and Ernesto are in. Josh was my own ad hoc choice back in March so I could announce and induct him ahead-of-schedule while he was still alive. Nick J and Ernesto were announced, respectively, in this thread and in the "Impromptu Nominations" thread and will be officially inducted towards the end of 2021. Nick J was proposed by PG and I gave it my immediate concurrence and am still wondering why I did not think of it first since I was good pals with him and the Hall of Legends prioritizes departed mongers who are fondly remembered by most in the community. I should have inducted Nick J ahead of Jimbo who got his Hall of Legends wings by carrying on the mini-cabaret concept Nick had pioneered. Ernesto almost made it last year (2020 intake) through the BM popular vote path and he is overdue since he already had legendary status on our Board with his own subforum even before the Clubs and the Hall of Legends existed. When by chance I saw (on one of Ernesto's old TRs) action pics of him with one of the most iconic ladyboys ever in the Philippines who used to be my main squeeze there 11 years ago!, I said it's time to move him up the ranks into the Hall of Legends. I believe Ernesto has the full concurrence of the admins, who have a special say with one of the annual inductees at their choice. To remind: Any BM can nominate another BM here or at PY for the Hall of Legends, and, as far as I've noticed, for 2021 we have a standing nomination by The-Sith for PG (at the top of this page). Not sure if The-Sith was serious, but the nomination stands. We have a quasi-nomination for The-Sith himself when I mentioned it as a matter of time and a couple BMs seemed to like the idea. I would want to see some more explicit BM support for The-Sith to be counted as a 2021 nomination. Now as to your (Papa Sam) nominations: Nick will be inducted in December as per above. Kendo and Scott are unlikely. They are the reason this thread was started. They are legends in their own right but too controversial by their association to the PY regime that has antagonized far too many of their monger peers. They are what I call "legends on the bubble". I would only induct them if there was significant support from LBR BMs, which has not happened. I tried Kendo last year as a matter of due dilligence and he got a couple of Ayes and far more Nays! Not trying it again anytime soon unless circumstances change. Crippsy and David Bonnie I don't know who they are. If Crippsy is Petesie he is in the same situation as Kendo and Scott. Friendly popular monger who unfortunately does the bidding of the thickos who now control PY. Last and foremost: lengcj ! I accept your (Papa Sam's) nomination. He is a bit of a one-trick pony but it's an awesome trick. Not only he has a ladyboy in uniform fetish, but it has to be vintage uniform from the Mao cultural revolution era of the PRC. And it gets even more kinky and specific: it's the engraved BUTTONS on the uniform that he focuses on to ejaculate... I would only like to see him drop by once in a while here at LBR (last log in was 2015!) but at least he is a BM here. Maybe some BM in good standing can PM him at PY and tell him he was nominated to the Hall of Legends and perhaps he will show up again. I would PM him myself but don't want to give the thickos the satisfaction of busting me another account as lengcj fits the profile of the free-monger whose PMs are being read by those who like to stop things... I need 5 Ayes in excess of Nays for lengcj to be inducted into the Hall of Legends? (He already has 2 Ayes from me and Papa Sam...)? Ayes or Nays for lengcj gentlemen please ??? !!! Hope this helps. Please all BMs feel free to participate with nominations and objections... Rom and here is a pic that lengcj might like and that intrigues me: A Thai ladyboy in Thai army combat uniform in what seems to be a military location? Staged or Real ? or is she a GG? not what the caption said...
  14. In starting this thread one year ago, I underscored covid would inevitably get pandemic-bad in Thailand. Took longer than I had expected, but last week I finally confirmed it with stats and a prognosis that infections and deaths would get worse, which they have. But I also assessed Thailand gained precious time by avoiding the pandemic stage last year and the death toll will not be as bad as it might have been last year due to the fact that since then medical responses got better including vaccination of Thais (15% as of today), as opposed to last year when vaccines did not exist. To help grasp that, here is a timeline comparison I prepared betwen Thailand (pop.: 70 million) and the UK (pop: 67 million) that have about the same populations. As you can see, the UK's initial covid deaths accelerating stage was much more pronounced (more deaths) than Thailand is at its own initial stage one year later. Based on UK-comparable extrapolation of the Thai trend, it is unlikely deaths in Thailand will reach 1000 per day (like they did in the UK) and will likely peak at less than 400. That wil be dozens of thousands of deaths fewer than in the UK. So well done in 2020 Thailand ! Not so much in 2021 where the vaccination part could move faster and more lives saved.
  15. I have a self-imposed rule that whenever I draft a heartfelt post I force myself to sleep on it and if on the day after I still feel it’s important I say it … then, and only then, I go ahead and post it. This time I slept on it for 2 days until I decided NOT to post what I had drafted. All I am going to say is that RESPECT is earned by treating the weak with more empathy than the strong. The few with more care than the many. LBR is a labor-of-love (not mine!) that fosters free-thinking and creativity (artistry even) unmatched elsewhere in the ladyboy online world. The other Boards have their own specific merits but overall they have nothing on ours and to come here and disparage us to our faces is … never mind! I may have over-reacted to the GGfication of Sweethearts but that’s bc I gave it the 2020 Ladyboy Bar of the Year Romscar and wanted it to succeed, only if for the sake of Youngone to whom I feel indebted because he was always so kind to me at PY. After these 2 days of reflection, I also concede that I may have gotten carried away with the dungeon thing but I could not resist it when Duke mentioned it. I guess I should not have showboated with my pics of 4 naked ladyboys in multiple group-bondage predicaments so I just erased them… I will repost those pics (and even juicier ones) another day at the Romscars Club when I get around to the S&M section… This thread is for showcasing SH ladyboys one of whom is on my bucket list for the Pattaya return… If Sweethearts is dead? Then: Long Live KRus! and the new GG bar venue ! Rom
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