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  1. I agree and I agree. I am all for a good blunt in the company of the one I fuck. Just that I thought you went beyond 420 with your tinder traps and chongas, but apparently not. So pls accept my Apologies for insinuating it. What about 420 in Thailand ? I dont recall smelling doobies much. I do recall the plastic water bottles made into bongs. To say any more may get Mod1 out of hibernation... Actually I place a premium on hairy ass sissies and ladies. I like my nose tickled during 69... OK this is is my second post today because tomorrow the circus moves from MNL to AC again and I wont have time to post in the morning as I will be sharing the ride to AC with the other punter here. Last night we went to Makati/Burgos Street, which, like AC, has seen better days. One of the big go-go bars is closed and the other 2 or 3 had few ladies for sale. The full-clothed bar pickup ladies seem to have moved across the street from Cafe Havana to Bourbon NO. Mixed Nuts the only ladyboy bar in the PH was closed. We did not stay in Burgos long, but while we were there we saw plenty of lady streetwalkers but only a couple of sissies. Then I went to rejoin Phoebe Cates at a concert and my fellow punter had his own sissy in the cross hairs. This quick post is just to say than when I tell a sissy "whatever you do don't drop the soap" I MEAN IT, as a clumsy one learned the painful way this PM... seriously: I joked about it after she dropped the soap while we were showering together, one thing led to another, and this is the end result:
  2. I wish The-Sith's vision of traps-for-all in the West becomes a reality but I don't believe it will. The correlation (an inverse one) here is INCOME, not internet and/or cultural change. Poverty level incomes make desperate youths (boys or girls) available to old men. When incomes rise (as they trend to everywhere) the young choose status over cash and don't want to be seen with old men. What The-Sith is doing is combining drugs and huge amounts of cash into an irresistible package to lure young partners who otherwise would not accept sub-par elderly sex partners. I believe The-Sith when he says a connection develops (it's called "game" and "human desire to bond") but he will never reach the levels of bonding reached in TH or PH, where youths still seek committed relationships with western men old enough to be their grandfathers. BTW The-Sith, from a US law enforcement perspective, the drugs part of your package is going to end bad for you sooner or later... Speaking of old men with young partners, I am spending this Manila interlude mostly with Phoebe Cates who is aware of my butterflying but accepts me nonetheless. Or until something better comes along. I mentioned I connected with another punter here in Manila and we are going to AC together and then by boat to a couple of islands. He has already picked a sissy travel companion for the islands and so have I (Phoebe Cates cant come because of her office job). I am thinking of bringing 2 and am currently field-testing for the 2nd spot . Here are some pics of one I brought with me from AC for a night in Manila (before meeting Phoebe). She was good enough in the sack but otherwise uninteresting to be with. I love her hairy ass but she failed the casting.
  3. I am glad you asked. She was all over me when I first got there, but did not want join my posse and hang out and wait her turn... Understandable. I saw her clearing 2 STs while I watched the W Ham - Man C match... I am going back to AC this weekend with a fellow monger (and BM) and I prepped her to party with him if he likes. It's to make up for the fact that here in Manila we went on a double date -- me with the gorgeous Phoebe Cates; and him with the not so hot friend of Phoebe she chose to bring along. I swear I tried to get Phoebe to bring along this other sissy friend who is also catwalk hot, but Phoebe chose instead to give her homelier friend a shot at the white dick... As I write these words, I dont know how it turned out for them ... Phoebe and I left them together when we headed back to my hotel. He is too much of a gentleman to hurt her feelings and perhaps he let her stay with him for a mercy fuck. He was the only one of the 4 of us who was NOT plastered. I remember vaguely dancing with a dwarf man (a la Twin Peaks) and at some point I picked up the dwarf and was going to toss him to my monger friend but one of the security guys stopped me. Phoebe left for work and I am going back to sleep.
  4. Funny name your companion. In my culture we call her "Lefty's Sister" ... don't let her bring you down old chum. I am sure it's only a matter of time before a sissy is chomping on it. thanks PDoggg what a cutie. I have a clone of Candice in the AC pipeline. Problem is my AC entourage is already at capacity and can't fit anymore in the king size bed... You jest dear Snoop ... but there is some truth to your remark. If you notice there is a 3rd sissy in my arms with the panties down... the other 2 understandably feel like chopped liver ... Was there once on a day trip with my own sissy that I had picked in Batangas (Puerto Galera is a boat ride across). Not planning to go to Puerto Galera, although could go to Batangas with my quality Manila sissy (Phoebe Cates) who has mentioned it. Batangas is quite popular with Manila residents who go there for quick seaside getaways.... seven, you are like the devil tempting me into an addiction relapse after 2 years of "Sissy Cock Gilders ANONYMOUS" group therapy ... I know where to get the body paint in Manila, but how many BMs here want to see it ? At PY was different: I had a cohort of art-minded BM groupies sure to cheer and give me likes every time I painted or wrote on a ladyboy (plus a cohort of haters who gave me even more satisfaction to piss off). But here at LBR I just don't see any BM who might like my body art... sorry! ??? I "treated a sweetie to a North Star" ??? Neither my posts nor my photos show any ice cream... I think you meant "a pucker star treat". Yes I have been treating those all around .. Since I did not post yesterday, today's post covers the last 2 days, which were also my last 2 days in AC before moving back to Manila to resume the business part of this trip after a pause for an international bank transfer to clear. Those 2 days were more of the same: sissies coming and going by my room all day like it's an airport lounge (frequent fuckers lounge). Sometimes we watch TV, sometimes we go to the pool, sometimes we bukkake, Rom's casa es los sissies' casa. Many come just for logistics: a shower, phone charge, a nap in a nice bed with sheets, FOOD! ... things we take for granted but that for them are sporadic treats. I also like to think they enjoy my fatherly figure company along with the cash and goodies. One of them clearly has a crush on me and we haven't even been intimate. He is potentially the dark horse of this trip. More than the sex, I consider myself blessed to be able to partake of their world, a world so secret and exilarating. I am often privy to episodes I don't see documented in other BMs TRs, not even in the sexpats' posts from the field. Like when they come to my room to do the hormones injections as I hold their hands and tell them they are beautiful no matter what (sounds supercheesy I know). I know BMs would rather I TR more trip developments-focused (as opposed to trip feelings and reflections), but this is the best I can do this time... I am trying to transmit the "gatherings" dimension of this trip. Lost souls coming together in search of respite, since redemption is unattainable.
  5. Such has been my expressed view for the last 10 years having realized the scene had peaked sometime in the mid-2000s (the GG scene; the ladyboy scene was more like circa 2013). I don't think any sane punter would disagree with me, although there are many who have bitterly resented me posting it not for the prognostic itself, but for the underlying implication that us punters are doomed to the bad guys side of History. Yes I know: it's a lot more complicated than that, and like in the slave trade much responsibility falls on the natives... but all the houses we built in Issaan or LWVBs will not redeem us. On more TR-related matters, I want to clarify what I posted a couple days ago when I said "Ladyboywise, (AC) is thriving as much as it ever was "... Yes it's evident there are as many street ladyboys as I have ever seen. But it's also evident that the demand for them is higher than it ever was, nothwistanding the ongoing covid impact on monger arrivals. One moment I see a ladyboy on the prowl; then she is gone; then she is back. Implication: ST accomplished! which was not the default for PH ladyboys until apparently now. I also see them posting in their FBs pics they take in the hotels where they are taken...every night a different hotel or 2. Even I who thought I could turn any PH sissy into a groupie have had 2 runners already on this trip. They said they wanted to LT me and then one skidoodled after the deed and the other at 6 AM when I got up to piss... Which brings me to yesterday: a bunch came in the afternoon to hang out at my room. Watch movies, eat a bucket of chicken and rice on my dime. Drink and smoke also. There was some heavy petting but I was saving the bukkake action for later at night. I took them out to a hostess bar where they played live country music, but the energy level just never charged up to bukkake. Then to make it even worse: we were denied entry into that club I posted above. The clubs here in AC have strict attendance limits of only sitting capacity and no dance floors. So when the clubs figure they are full or going to be full, they don't want the ladyboys. It's discrimination but that's the way it is. At that point, I canceled bukakke and took one only for a penis colonic. She stayed til brunch for another one... \
  6. You betchum, Red Ryder! And then the blue panty came off but I had my hands (and mouth!) full and could not snap more pics. The club has a small loft platform VIP table where only we were and out of sight of everyone else. U can get a sense of the height-space on this one: -h Not all want their pic taken and if they object I tell them to step aside. But 90% of the time they agree if I ask nice. My problem is actually the opposite. They incessantly asking me to BE photographed since the pics I take often end up in their FB profiles... Back in the late 1990s, AC barfines were PHP 500-700 (that's in the USD15 vicinity at the PHP38 to the USD at the time). Barfines included LT sex. A tip to the lady was discretionary. It is still the case although the barfines I surveyed this week are in the PHP2,500-4,000 range (USD 50-80 range) and the ladies clearly expect more than pocket change for a tip. Also in the 1990s, hotel rooms could be had for less than PHP 500 (USD 10 range) with a fan. I indulged in aircon at USD 15. I am currently paying USD 32 for a small suite with breakfast for 2. The hotel has a pool and is sissy friendly which not all in AC are. The hair sure looks like hers. But I cant be 100% sure bc I did not get a close enough look or interact. I did take a pic of them that I almost posted yesterday, but stopped myself. Not because of exposing DonnyK (several of his pics are posted to the Board) but because the pic was taken without his knowledge and to post it ostentatiously would not be the Rom thing to do. Gentlemen, I'll make today's post quick: I went karaoking with a bunch of them, 3 of us ended up in bed, but I only had eyes for one who has the most perfectly straight hard chewable cock I have put mouth to in recent memory. Great kisser and the fucking was passionate GFE grade. I was in love for 10 minutes but then she chose not to stay despite me offering to pay double in the morning (the other stayed). As I seat penning these words, I wonder if I should pursue her further this trip? ... or move on to the next stack of sissies... \
  7. Hi PDoggg. I am quite familiar with the AC Padi's Point and happened to trike by there yesterday and to notice it was closed BUT IT IS STILL THERE unlike my former home field Padi's Point in Adriatico-Malate that is closed for good. Yesterday I also saw Donnykey (Adriatico's wingman) at Phillies. Seems he has gone steady with the fancy ladyboy (Thai?) he was there with. Very well groomed platinum blonde one with what I consider top quality plastic surgery (still prefer them prestine). Donnykey just stared at me wondering who the fuck I was that was getting all that attention from the street bayots. Ladyboywise, Raymond Street is thriving as much as it ever was on the Phillies' corner. I saw at least 20 yesterday (a Friday night), which may have triggered a police show of force that sent the sissies scrambling into the shadows or around me for the immunity of my white man's company. But the rest of Raymond street is DEAD to its former self. The Las Vegas go-go is closed. The shacky blowjobs bars at the end of the street also. There was a woman sitting in front of a now closed one and I asked about it and she offered to blow me, but I dont even think she was there for that. Same story for Santos Street. There is one last blow job shack there with 2 or 3 senior gummers asking 1,200 a pop (that's USD 23). In the Raymond Street horizon, a towering new hotel with only a couple room lights on foretells of further demise to come. Today's TR update was going to be about the start of the group sex shenanigans. But, like PDoggg, BMs (other than perhaps The-Sith) are likely more interested in a field update than in my hotel room pile-ups, so I will post instead some more pics of the Raymond Street scene where I rounded up the 5 sissies involved in the pile-ups. I took them to party at the Sky Traxx Club after we were denied entry at the trendier Mega Dance Club on the grounds that I could bring in no more than 2 sissies. I passed obviously. Here are the pics. I think they tell the story better than my pidgin english would. The hotel room part another time...
  8. Time to threadfuck my own thread and take everyone back to 1982 and the movie "PARADISE" After their caravan is attacked and their respective families butchered by Arab marauders, a teenage dude and Phoebe flee across the desert from said Arabs whose leader was a sex slaves auctioneer after the beautiful virginal Phoebe, who deals with it by loosing said virginity to the teenage dude in the first oasis they hit. Somehow, wild chimpanzees (in the Middle East !) help them fight the Arabs and the movie's time arch allows for Phoebe to realize she got pregnant. The Arab auctioneer eventually gets killed by the teenage dude protecting Phoebe and at the end they find civilization in the city of Damascus (!!!) "Paradise" was a copycat attempt to emulate the huge box office success a couple years earlier of "Blue Lagoon" with Brooke Shields and another teenage dude similarly losing their virginities in a paradisical setting. Here are the juicy bits that made me dream of loosing my own virginity on the beach absent an oasis or a lagoon where I lived... Bonus Pic:
  9. Thanks Quietguy. She is very pretty indeed. In fact to me she looks like Phoebe Cates the teen star second only to Brooke Shields back in the 80s when puberty hit me. Am I the only BM here who used to fuck his GF while fantasizing about Phoebe ? I have been struggling with that for the past year here at LBR. When I draft a post here I usually do the whole thing in one-go and only afterwards meticulously edit and reedit the English as best as I can (being a non-native speaker). In those one-go first drafts, the references to ladyboys mostly come out as "he"s and then at the end I used to change them ALL to "she"s. Then about a year ago I stopped editing that aspect. I just felt that, literarily, the spontaneity was more interesting than the consistency plus the indiscriminate use quite appropriately reflected the androgeny of the subjects. So my posts had both "he"s and "she"s often for the same ladyboy. At some point, another BM here raised the same question, and I self-tracked and saw that there was a positive correlation between my feelings for the ladyboy and the frequency of "she"s. Conversely, ladyboys I did not like or never met I was more likely to use "he"s. I just reread my posts so far on this TR and it seems I have been using mostly "he"s but not always. Must be all the cock sucking I am doing. No, seriously: if you notice I have also switched from using "ladyboys" to "sissies" (influenced by PG's thread) and with "sissies" the "he" flows naturally. I will try to use only "she" hereafter. My posts will loose in tension, but if it will be reassuring to BMs so be it. Busted ! Does anyone know what I wrote on the buttocks of the chinese sissy ? probably "PY sucks goats" but I can't read my own Chinese handwriting... I remember that guy from PY and mostly he was a pain. He contributed nothing but blabber in the form of way too many posts. The fact that he nibbled at the mods did not make up for it. I doubt he was (as The-Sith suggests) THE reason for the demise of the layboy-69 Board. The emergence of PY as a more user-friendly, better organized Board with the most media-savvy of moderators (Kendo) and bar owners (Scott) was the reason. I first came to AC circa 1994 and the Yanks were still here. At the time, I was young and free and condescended on the idea of having to pay for sex and found the place quaintly promiscuous and have no recollection of noticing the ladyboys. Then Mount Pinatubo erupted, the Yanks left and I came back in 1999 when the bars had turned to catering to retired military left behind and newly internet-made sex tourists. I remember thinking at the time, how basic the bars (SHACKS!) were, as well as the sexpats (low income and uneducated). Yet it must have been paradise for them, because in each of those shacks you would find 50+ girls in bikini most under 25 ( and many way way under 25! ). Hotels were also very basic and cost like 10 a night and the girls 15 barfine included. There was no such thing as ST unless you forced them out the door. Over the last 20 years I have witnessed the scene reverse completely. The number of mongers exploded, especially Koreans who are now the main mongering and bar-owning nationality. The number and quality of hotel rooms also skyrocketed. Meanwhile, the number of girls keeps plummeting while the median age of those still in the game must be well into the 30s. What happens when demand (for paid sex) rises and supply falls? Prices rise and quality of sex falls. I think, like TH, the white man's mongering paradise of AC is on its waning days. The ladyboy scene has been a little different. They never really became a mainstay like in TH and attempts at ladyboy bars in AC never lasted long. I think it's because the pinoy sissies are a more independent and romantic bunch than the Thais. It is not easy to herd them in place for long and they tend to attach. They rather free-range the streets and as far as I can tell from what I saw last night there are as many of them now as there have ever been. Having been gone 2 years many of them are new to me and I have my work cut out for me. Here's some random street pics from last night. Besides the street sissies, notice the closings (many iconic bars gone like POOF!) and the new upscale hotel towers. What were they thinking when they build them?
  10. LOL & thanks gentlemen. Those gimmicks died a heartbroken death at PY. I would stage it here as a special request but I did not bring any skin-safe body paint. Gold or any other color. I brought the green pen, but I dont know if I am yet mentally ready to reuse it. Also other than perhaps The-Sith I am not sure anyone at this Board appreciates my skin graffiti work. I guess the days when I would set up a whole Board in flames by drawing an innocuous smiley face on a ladyboy's torso are behind me now. This is a kinder gentler Rom with the boring mushy TRs... Ah yes the Hitler videos! That's a lot work. Cant believe I used to do it for thickos to hoover ... maybe Hitler will come back some day in the context I used to cast him: The Annual TOP10 Ladyboy Bars of Thailand. Back to the trip being reported : "Pixie" is gone and I reconnected with a former fuck "Hanging Balls" as The-Sith so observantly cast him. Yes he is very feminine. Tall and with a just curvy enough body like a young, athletic white woman. I am toying with the idea of later in the year importing him a couple months to Europe where he would be totally passable and I would not risk my macho man reputation... Total GFE. The GFE capitulation kind where he no longer expects me on any of his terms and willingly overlooks my recreational, exploitative ones. He is a nice kid. Technical college graduate and "executive secretary" at a corporate office, from where he comes straight to my hotel room in the lady uniform he uses at the office. He then wakes up at 5:30 and leaves at 6 so he can be at the office in Quezon City using public transportation (jeepneys and a train) at 7:30. I could just stay in bed while he is in the shower but I hop to 7-11 to get him a coffee and a piece of chicken with rice. For the sake of the mutual illusion, I cannot pay him for sex so I give him "money for a nice lunch" and to go to the dentist. The rest of the day, we are both physically tired from dozing on and off at night to make love and my back hurts from the tight hugging position we try to sleep in when we are not fucking. She sleeps. I try. I still think of all the bad things in my life from which I get temporary respite from the tight embrace of her warm body. As you can tell, I am very fond of this one and am not going to show the face. Some snapshots of moments of intimacy. Not just physical...
  11. Thanks gentlemen for your interest and flattery. In the past, it would have spurred me to be even more staggering. But that joyfully irreverent Rom is dead to this world. This TR will therefore fall short of your documental expectations as it will be somewhat self-introspective and contemplative... As to naked sissies' faces, I would only show them if I know they have PREVIOUSLY posed nude on the internet out of THEIR own will and initiative. In Thailand most of the sissies have. Here in the PH most haven't. However, when I am in AC I will try to remember to line up a few of them on all fours and play centipede for The-Sith. FLASHBACK TO 2020: 2020 was the year I moved back to Europe under much adversity. Sex was the least of my concerns but I found some solace in connecting online with former lovers from countries (in Asia, Africa, Brazil) where needy youths seek the company of old men. Obviously, they would take advantage of my eagerness to communicate to ask for support which I would send against little tasks of photos or videos (some of which I staged for posting in this Board in the early days of covid). It made me and them feel like it was earned money rather than charity or me being milked. Soon enough, I got innundated with offers and at some point had to stop altogether. I have a collection of 70+ such videos from 20+ different ladyboys and GGs who often flashed themselves in group naked dancing and sex action... I recall one night when a Manila sissy I find very attractive and who was not prone to doing such videos unexpectdly offered to strip and jerk for me in the course of a Whatsapp videocall. I just quietly watched while taking screen shots as I did not want to risk him changing his mind if I made pornographic demands. The reasons I am sharing this memory are 2: (i) it was sadly the most romantic moment I had these last 2 years (more than anything with the live pinays and a couple white ladies); and (ii) we just met in Manila and it was mega-GFE (or should I say "BFE"?) and that Manila sissy will probably be coming up a few times in the course of this trip and this TR. For now, just some faceless pics of him from the impromptu Whatsapp show I remember so fondly:
  12. Apologies ! The link I originally shared is not the one I used and I have since edited it out in my post. Guess I was steered to it when I tried to find it here from the PH. Hopefully the credit card info request pertained to testing and was not a scam. But may have been. Apologies again. This is the link: https://www.onehealthpass.com.ph/ and no payment or credit card information will be requested.
  13. Every BM considered me the celibate of the Board During covid I never fucked a single ladyboy To prove the BMs were wrong The-Sith told me to pay whatever it takes But I chose pinay maids for free All they really wanted was to convert me 2 years of second choice vagina was bottled up inside me I wouldn’t hold nothing back I let him have it all When pixie left the bedroom He was walking like a penguin And I said “this one’s for all the Bible study And psalm singings and church picnics I had to endure for matronly company Everyone considered me the celibate of the Board…
  14. Faceless… Same-same me… Same-same you… But picture this instead: He / She / It (pick one!) is the older of 4 brothers and sisters abandoned by both parents. The other 3 stayed “in the province” and are in school thanks to this older one selling his ass to our kind of faceless. He used to be a caretaker for a 70+ year old expat partially paralyzed by a stroke. He got my attention when he posted on FB a video of himself sobbing uncontrollably at the hospital over the corpse of the expat. Today is presidential election day here in the PH and he has just left to go back to the province (mid-Luzon) to vote. So wonder not: … he is old enough to vote. My suite does not feel the same without the naked pixie:
  15. Mabuhay boss Daddy Pdoggg. Are u planning to come during rest of May/first half of June? if so: dates! give me dates ! Would love to meet AND there would be another esteemed BM there in AC who I am sure would love also. We have inter island travel plans. (PM?) As regards PH exit testing I am not planning to. I am going straight back to Europe where nationals cannot be denied entry into our countries even if we arrive infected on a stretcher in a coma... But, as far as I can tell, it should not be a problem to do an instant lab test here in the PH. In Manila there are small private clinics in every street corner and they are all offering antigen tests. Like elsewhere, it should take no more than 10 minutes to get the results on an antigen test. If Thailand still requires the RT-PCR you can get it overnight. I saw they set up a big RT-PCR test center at Robinson Mall in Ermita 2 blocks from where I am staying. Have not been to AC yet so cant help you with groundwork info. Btw, when I was doing my One Health Pass registration I remember reading about a testing lab "at the airport". Seems there is one lab at the Philippines Airlines Boarding Area but, as far as I see it, it would only make sense for the antigen (30 minutes). How/why would anyone go there 48 hours before the flight to do a PCR ? There is probably more to it. I am not familiar with the latest entry restrictions into Thailand, but all my local disappointed-that-I-went-to-the-PH-instead LOS sissies keep texting me there are no forced hotel restrictions left. Hope this helps you making your decision to come and see for yourself that I am not Frankenstein as painted at that other venue I better not refer to this time using the 2-letter abbreviation. Cheers R
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