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  1. Getting back to the TR after all the doppelgangering banter: Another day went by in the company of my own 24-hour sex slave sissy live-in. And with each day that passes she is starting to show more and more serious signs of affection namely kissing and wanting to be kissed like farang women do, something not all Thais are culturally geared to including her who at first barely touched lips. Other than stepping out of the room for meals, we spend most of the day in bed either making some sort of love or watching movies with her gently holding the romrod which she also does all night while we sleep. Yesterday we got out also for Thai and foot massages. Then at night I had made plans to go barhopping with a local expat pal who is also into the sissies and so I told mine to take leave and wait me at her bar. I suggested to my pal we meet at this Myth Night Plaza (formerly soi MIT) bar called Lita, which I had passed by and seen a couple of sissies and thought it was a reincarnation of the infamous Lita bar of times gone by. It is not. It had a single sissy and that was it. A MILF with wanton pendulous breasts took an interest on me but I wasnt shopping for pussy (her barfine was 800 baht!). I repeat for the record: this Lita bar 2 slots to the left of the New 69 bar has nothing to do with the former Lita Bar. I then dragged my pal to Bon Bar where I enjoyed all of their star sissy Anny's attention. She had previously seen me pass by but said nothing either because she was busy with customers or I was with Nana. My friend remarked that Anny was quite the contrast with the all natural skinny sissies I like, but somehow curvy plastic Anny really rocks my world. Like when she is naked all girlie curvie and softie with a big sack of hairy balls and cock hanging for me to devour. Were it not for being hitched to Nana, I probably would have preemptively barfined her on the spot and be back for her later. But I did not. So we continued to Cindy's Secrets. This time Lily recognized me. So much so that she avoided me and I had to ask Cindy herself if I could buy Lily a drink. She finally came over and it became clear she had expected me to have barfined her last time I went there or to have come back for her. My pal who was already lady drinking with the formerly TJ's Dada who works at Cindy's now was instantly smitten by Lily and it appears Dada and Lily have some beef so Dada just left after gulping down her drink and making demands for another one which my friend ignored. Lily made me look really good telling my friend all sorts of praise about me. Again, I would have barfined Lily if it wasnt for being hitched to Nana and I think my friend would have bagged her himself if he wasn't giving priority to our bar-hopping. But he is a sexpat here. He can go back tonight or in a month if he wants to. Next stop: Delirious. I thought we were heading to Duangjai to get Nana but my friend just sort of made a sharp left into Delirious and we stopped there for another beer. The whole PY sexpats gang was there including my idol Colywob who spent the whole time DJing with such focus and determination that it bordered on the nerdish. Yes his music was fine. But all music is fine when you are surrounded by half-naked sissies. In this regard, I think Delirious has less talent than on my last visit having lost Mona and the mestizo farang one. Their house star now seems to be the femboyish Pepsi who is acting perhaps a little too sassy for her breeches. There was another tall, blonde farang ladylike guitar-shaped one that caught my attention towards the end. Nana joined us at Delirious but I had to leave shortly after to participate via videocall in the condo owners meeting of the building where I live in Europe. Nana quietly lied in bed during the videocall and afterwards I thought I'd just turn off the lights and go to sleep but she had other plans and showered me with love like she meant it. Buggery ensued and again more buggery a few hours later. Considering I had drunk multiple beers and have not taken any Kamagra or Apcalis in the last 3 days I was very pleased to self-confirm that I can overcome the limitations of my age with a partner who is willing and patient. It is about 3 PM as I write this and as soon as I hit the "submit reply" another round of buggery is likely to happen. Some pics from last night:
  2. Welcome to LBR rabbitx2. Nice prose but any chance of pics ? Surely a player of your sophistication snaps a few as he goes along...
  3. If I had to liken Quinn to a God, I'd go with the God of Country Music: Willie Nelson ! Hi Quietguy I did not/do not know what you look like but betcha you were the 3rd guy at Quinn's and bbg's table ... am i right or am i right?
  4. @QuinnLOL. OMG. I am laying in bed with Nana who got a glimpse of the laptop screen and saw the Harry Worth pic and instantly said "THAT's YOU !" to me. I chuckle and deny it but she does not want to believe. So much for hiding what I look like ... It is also a disconcerting testimonial to how I am getting old as until 10 years ago the Thais and Pinoys and even my own kids likened me to the even more famous British actor "Mr. Bean". All my life I had been a "skinny guy" but since then I aged in a way that my face rounded and no one calls me Mr. Bean anymore. But you also picked the best possible pic of this Harry Worth fellow looking like me as when I googled him most other pics the resemblance was not so obvious and in some cases not at all as corroborated by Nana. Now let's turn the tables: Do you know Quinn which British actor in GoT you remind me of ? Additional clues: he was also in Harry Potter and After Life. He must be a bit older than you. Surely someone else in England has noted the resemblance to you. Party on.
  5. After bbg's post I am however compelled to clarify something regarding BM Quinn rhol who I saw that night for the first time and greeted him from the distance and he greeted me back but I thought he had done so out of courtesy without knowing who I was. The only reason I recognized him is that he was sitting next to bbg (who I was familiar with) and he does look a little bit like one of the members of a 1970s rock band quartet, which is who I was told he looked like when I set out to draw him for the Hall of Legends. So my drawing of him came out a little pudgier than he is. Turns out the guy is the spitting image of a famous British actor in his age cohort whose name I am not going to say or might as well post a pic of Quinn himself. Will say only that he was in Game of Thrones, which raises Quinn another notch on my consideration scale. Anyway, this is how I drew him (and bbg in the back) but besides being lean he does not have a walrus moustache like that. Next time we'll shake hands my lord ...
  6. Welcome back to posting at LBR BBG. I am just making sure to capture your post to document you did so right here at the Romscars Club. As to the rest, I will quote that Nightowl guy who used to write for the BKK Post: "TIT (this is Thailand) and I don't give a hoot."
  7. Thanks for the chronology check and Yes! "disappointing" but other than what I look like, Lily remembered everything else about our encounter including in superlative terms every last inch of the romrod. I will try to find a way to be with her again without breaking up with Nana. One more thing: other ladyboys and ladyboy punters have seen me and subsequently forgotten what I look like for whatever reasons. At PY one of their BMs once barked that I was "a master of desguise." ... LOL ... We have met once Dan Miller (at Cindy's BKK). Sooner or later we will run into each other again. Wonder if you will recognize me? Patts is as busy as I ever saw it and fully recovered from covid. Yes there are "many russkies" but I think there used to be more, at least more young tourist couples with hot russian girls than I am ogling on this trip. What for sure there are more than ever is Indians and Pakis and Banglas and all nationalities of tan-skinned punters from the Middle East. Also the Chinese Group Tours are back. At night Walking Street is a river of people. Ladies and barswise this is the first trip I don't feel there are fewer than on the previous trip. Perhaps it's just the successful consolidation of mongering outlets in Buakhao and Walking Street that are rocking at the expense of the many other soi bars and mini-plazas through town that remain closed and are being redeveloped for non-mongering tourism especially along Beach Road. We may be in for fast rising prices in Pattaya if tourists keep coming like this and they run out of cheap labor and whores to handle them... As to my trip, not much to report. After 4 nights, Nana and I are developing couple's routines especially in sex that happens in the morning after getting up and in the long afternoons we spend back in bed. She is a good influence on me and at night steers me back to the room rather than the bars and clubs. Saves me money too. Yesterday we went to see a movie at Central and I witnessed something I had never seen or expected. I'd love to describe it but it would be so against Board rules that I can't (it had nothing to do with Young Boys Berne). I will describe the movie instead - Madame Web - as yet another Marvel superhero franchise launch with the big predictable showdown at the end where the bad guy finally gets it. But unlike the Hulks and the Captain Americas, etc ... Madame Web is a more sensitive girlie super hero so the movie had a pleasant new spin, at least for me. It was the first of what will be a new franchise with 3 teenage girl superheroes that only met on this one and had to be protected by Madame Web who I guess will mentor them into superheroeness much like the wheelchair bound Professor X does to the X-Men. That's all for today, which I think I will spend in bed with Nana bingewatching "House of Dragon" the prequel to "Game of Thrones." Y'all have a nice day.
  8. Thank you Z. Thank you PG. Nana reminds me of the Baby Boom-famous Nok Young when she started out ... Prestine tall skinny sissy 100% hormones-free wickedly flat-chested... You'll see more of her for sure since it looks we are staying together for the rest of the trip. Thanks also DM. "A success" ? Only in the platonic sense. It could have been if I followed up. This is how it went: As reported, my attempt the previous night to reconnect with Peachy Lily (who I had last seen in person almost 5 years ago) was NOT a success. Not that I expected her to throw herself into my arms again, but I certainly did not expect her to pretend not to recognize me. Likely she took it as a slight that I went there with a sissy in tow, but to my mitigation I had gone there alone the night before and she was not in the bar. So last night I made sure not to botch Cambodja Lily as well by bringing along Nana, who in addition to being a sissy is very much the same type of elegant beauty sissy as Cambodja Lily. So I treated Nana to a new set of nails and left her there at the street parlor and went to Cindy's Secrets by myself. Boss Cindy herself was there and recognized me and greeted me warmly, which made me feel so welcome and at home that I looked Lily's way and waived her over for a drink as if we had been together just the previous day. It was 4 months ago and if anyone is interested you can read and see pics here: http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/topic/10418-torn-between-sissies-and-milfs-a-tr-of-another-trip-to-th-ph-oct-nov-2023/&do=findComment&comment=232630&_rid=10259 Cambodja Lily looked as skinnylicious as ever although her beautiful face continues to be hampered by hormones-induced acne. We instantly chatted away with the familiarity of old fucks, but like 10 minutes into our conversation I realized SHE HAD NOT RECOGNIZED ME. 2 Lilies 2 blanks. What a blow to my ego. So I refreshed Cambodja-Lily's memory with mention of the BKK river hotel where we stayed LT and immediately her memory came back. She remembered the hotel, that we got ice creams to eat there, how much I paid her (very generous of me!), and the kinkyest sex thing we did (very deviant of me!). And then she said something that almost blew me into the middle of the soi: She said she would never forget me because I WAS HER FIRST EVER BARFINE ! I certainly had not been aware of that or I would have TRed it for sure. I know I got to her before Dan Miller, but it was not her first night at Cindy's when we met. A hot sissy like that surely would have been barfined by other punters. Perhaps she meant I was her first barfine outside the bar??? What you think Dan? I did try to clarify with her and she kept saying I was her first farang in BKK... The "success" part of the reunion could have been that Cambodja Lily became very interested in coming with me and yesterday started communicating on messenger for the first time since we exchanged FBs last October. She is giving me the landing signals, but I doubt she could outperform Nana GFEwise (and pricewise) and although more strikingly beautiful I actually dig Nana's more boyish looks. Probably those messages will end today following my failure to go back last night or say that I will tonight. One of the things I wanted to do on this first visit of mine to Cindy's Pattaya was give Cindy the original of her caricature I drew for the 2023 Romscars Bar of the Year Award that Dan Miller delivered. So when I gave it to her she was very surprised to realize the Romscars' Rom was I (as most mongers are and then go on to forget me again that's how bland looking I am). Did she thank me? Not that I discerned it... Did she offer me a free beer? Nope. Did she ever offer you one Dan ? I bet her farang did, but Cindy? Cindy and I go back 20 years to when she started out as a teen at Cascade and became the toast of NEP's sissies on arrival. I recall that in 2005 Cascade won the Romscar Bar of the Year and if I were to give one for Best Bar Ever it would win it hands down. Other than that, the framed Romscar award was in a high shelf where no one will ever see it and I counted 10 sissies not including Cindy. According to Cambodja Lily, 6 were Cambodjan, 3 Thai and 1 Laos. Here's a pic of the award and another of Lily, the only one I took. She looks even more awesome in the flesh.
  9. Some pics with this post PG. Not trying to hide her. Just different editorial approach whereby I try to get the reader interested with my words instead of pics. Adding pics also takes time and effort to select and edit and upload and perhaps once in a while I want to give myself a break. Of my last 60 hours in Pattaya, 58 and a half were spent with Nana who I met at Duangjai a couple hours after I got here. There was an half hour she was gone to get clothes and was back in a flash; and there was an hour last night I left her doing her nails and went to Cindy's alone to check up on Lily. If you read my past TRs you know I tend to let myself fall into such latch-on attachments, for example on my last visit to Pattaya I had a 40 yo tatooed bar MILF who moved in with me for 3 or 4 days, and on the prior trip a thick cock freelancing ladyboy I call Coca-Cola who stayed the rest of the time after I had butterflied a bit on arrival. Nana however was my first fuck this trip and looks like she will be my only one as I enjoy her company for sex and non-sex reasons and assess it unlikely to do better if I go on the prowl again. Of course if I did go I would have other exciting encounters, but also some duds. Besides, I need to slow things down. As I mentioned, I am in a post-surgery recovery stage and committed all kinds of excesses already in the PH both with sex and booze. Nana is the kind of partner who tells me to go back to the room instead of a club and once there puts me to sleep with a massage along with any form of sex I want. My 2 mornings waking up with her so far were wonderful no rush no limits lovemaking as opposed to Kamagra-fueled STs. The one thing Nana is not up for is threesomes. I floated the idea 2 or 3 times already and got categoric Lektis (no!). I even suggested it with her unattractive-to-me chubby sissy roommate thinking she would want to give her the business and the answer was the same. I accept that group sex is not going to happen again this trip and I think it's just as well because honestly my libido and body parts are drained. Nana is a bar sissy so that means a 500 barfine every night but she does not even have to show up at the bar if she knows she stays with me. Other Pattaya bars are more strict and make them be there at a set time and charge higher barfines if they go away early in the evening. After my second night with Nana and realizing she might be around for a while I decided to put her to the "old switcheroo" test. In the morning, claiming not to have enough baht I paid her with a USD bill that was less than the baht amount I had given her for our first night. She knew it was less, frowned a bit but did not make demands for the higher amount. She passed the test. If she had demanded more I would have paid and then found an excuse to unhitch. I will try it again today. Anyway the smart ones quickly figure they are better off accepting less in the morning and letting me spoil them the rest of the day, which is what I built my reputation on in the PH where P4P money is never mentioned with me (with only that Subic altercation to regret). For example yesterday I treated Nana to a day at Jomtien beach. The plan had been to go to Koh Larng but I woke up with an unexpected strong erection (all the more unexpected since I had not taken any kamagra since i got here) and put it to good use in yet another old man fuck where I just leave it inside for over an hour knowing it's too tiring and potentially hurtful for her and myself to pump away to orgasm. As a result we missed the Koh Larng boat. At night I treated Nana to a new set of nails. While she was doing them I went to Cindy's Secret and reconnected with Lily and I was going to write about it next, but think I will save it for tomorrow's post as this one is kind of long already. Below some pics of Nana including some taken just now as she morning sleeps peacefully next to me. Nana is a 31 yo sissy (I saw the ID) which is much older than I tend to pick'em but is the tall skinny type I like with the perfectly flat chest. Her elegant body reminds me of a farang woman supermodel the kind I will probably never in my life touch again. She has that just right curve of her butt and space between the thighs like such young tall farang women do. Cindy's Lily for example is equally tall and skinny but has a flat straight ass like a boy's (which has it own merits). Nana's cock is not proportionately long but is ever so hard and ready to go. Sometimes I look at her and see a dark haired latina beauty. Other times I see an effeminate Asian dude. I like such androgyny. She is a good kid. When I met her I saw her vaping but she has not since knowing that I am not a smoker. I did not tell her to stop. She seems to have done so on her own. Our room has a balcony and she never once used it to vape or smoke or done it anywhere else. Here some pics of her. As I said she is a good kid.
  10. May as well turn this thread into smart watches and phones discussion because I am seriously considering going steady for the duration with the first sissy I tapped back in Pattaya. This is how love is blossoming: So on my first night I had done a first round of Chayapoom where I met this Duangjai sissy, skinny tall supermodel looks, and she was nice enough to me but as mentioned I was too tired and wanted to see the football game so barfining was not even mentioned. She gave me her FB, and the morning after while I was posting the TR I noticed she was online and invited her for breakfast at the Beer Garden. She accepted (not many ladyboys get out of their beds at 10:00 AM) and we had a nice breakfast with a view. Afterwards I invited her TO GO BACK TO SLEEP in my room (very nearby on Beach Road) and she accepted and money was NOT mentioned which left me in the delicate position of not knowing how far to go before she asked for some and then there would be no telling how much. Once in bed it took like 2 minutes before I had her cock massaging my tonsils but I refrained from fucking her alleging I was still feeling too tired and sick (which was true) but the main reason was that I was wary of shopping without knowing the price. Afterwards, she drifted back to sleep wrapping her body around mine like a serpent and I just stood there watching TV relishing every second of GFE. We had another mutual cocksucking interlude and at around 6 PM she had to leave and that was the moment of truth as I gave her only 1000 that included her barfine (500) later that night. She did not fuss and said she would wait for me. Then I went to change money and ended up buying crap souvenirs and yet another football shirt I don't need. Then by chance I learned here in the board that there would be a party that same night at Emmy's and thought it would be a "nice date" thing to do to take my new sissy crush. So I biked to Duangjai around 9 barfined her and bought her and her bestie drinks (all paid for with the 1000 I had given) and we took off. I did not want to be among the first at Emmy so I decided to go with Nana (that's her battlefield name) to Peachy Lily and face the namesake Diva who had once graced me with multiple trysts. We got there around 9:30 and witnessed Lily giving marching orders to her bar crew sissies (counted 8). The music was off and I dont speak any Thai, but I could understand much of what Lily was communicating as I heard words like "barfine", "longtime", "come back bar". It seemed all too basic for sissies already under employment but every each one of them was visibly enjoying the officiousness of the moment. When they finished I greeted Lily with the familiarity of an old fuck, but she pretended not to remember me. I made the face-losing gesture but she had no mercy. Then something happened that I had never witnessed in 30+ years of mongering TH's bars: A lady drink was refused ! ("maybe later") Perhaps Lily was pissed that I had gone there in the company of a sissy and one that she knew was more my type than Lily herself. I definitely felt I lost face, but perhaps Lily did too. She knows how to reach me. I don't think I am coming back there. For what? Lily is off-the-menu and if she is pissed I took a Duangjai sissy there, how would she feel if I barfined one of her own from the bar? (one of them is really cute). At some point youngone came in and he recognized me and he may well have been the only farang all night who did. One last word about Lily: she looks as scrumptious as ever, especially her girlie curves, but the time has come to start paying the botox piper (sorry for the idiomaticity but I need to keep it untranslatable). Then we went to Emmy's. Again: arriving with a hot sissy is not going to endear you to the house ones. Teya also gave me the cold shoulder and Emmy only later greeted me with the familiarity I expected. Sweetie Sarah was the only one who greeted me warmly and also Nana. There was also a new broad-shouldered sissy who I had never met. Ever the highroller, I got a full bottle of Sang Som hoping others would partake but no one did. I did not know the birthday boy throwing the party, but saw there a few of our Board's chore BMs and waved, but I think only one recognized me and he was busy DJing. We did not stay long enough to finish the bottle and came back straight to the room and had a wonderful night of lovemaking with penetration being accomplished in the morning with unexpected difficulty as she howled in pain. I did not pursue pumping and just asked her to let me stay inside and we drifted back to sleep like that with me stuck up her in the spooning position. One final occurrence to report: during the night we were woken by a woman's hysterical screams in one of the hotel rooms. It was a situation like I almost experienced with a sissy in Subic. The woman (from Uzbekistan) wanted money but the monger (from India) told her to fuck off and may have hit her. The woman then started breaking things in the room (hair dyer, coffee pot, lamp,...). It's a small hotel without all night front door control. The reception lady got up and was able to diffuse the situation without calling the police. I heard her telling the Indian he has to pay the lady and apparently it was only 2000. If so, did he think he was getting a freebie? Did he also pay for the broken appliances? If the police had come it would have cost him more... That's all folks.
  11. I got to Pattaya yesterday. Exhausted. From all my excesses in the PH. Got picked up at the airport (1200 baht), checked in at around 8 PM and should just have gone to eat and then sleep. My body ached; my throat was sore but no temperature or intestinal mishaps. Normally feeling so tired and unwell the last thing on my mind would be bar hopping for sissies. BUT just so happened that later in the night my Lisbon home team would be playing for the Europa League a swiss team called Young Boys, which, besides being interested in the game, made me feel I could not miss a once-in-a-lifetime-chance of being in Pattaya to see Young Boys being shafted (my team won 3-1) and then get to write in a ladyboy board about "Young Boys being shafted" and get away with it. Problem is the game was at 0:45 AM so I had to make time and stay awake. While in the room getting settled I saw the Trump trials live on FOX. The NY one was fast and Trump's motion to dismiss was summarily denied and then he just bitched about it to the press. The other one (Georgia) I saw 15 minutes and then realized it was going to take all night and left for the bars. My focus for this first night was on hostile recognizance with a view to coming back the following days. Here are my initial impressions and highlights: New 69 Bar - I did not see more than 5 sissies and they did not look nothing like the hot ones in the pics Dan Miller posted to the board. There was a blasian one who got my attention. Other bars in the Midnight Plaza - I actually saw quite a few sissies mixed in with the GGs in several of the bars, including in one called Lita bar that had a couple of sissies but has nothing to do with old Lita bar of soi Post Office glory. I don't recall seeing that many sissy stragglers on my last trip there. New Bar - hardly any customers, hardly any sissies. Ran into Petesie elsewhere. Bon Bar - Few but very hot sissies, including my muse Anny who either did not recognize me or did not want to show it (she was with another dude) Pook, Fantasy Lounge, Old #7 - Very well staffed quantitywise. More than I remember. They were spilling into the street in respectable numbers. Cindy's Secrets 2 - My first time there. Nice space but saw no more than 5 of 6 sissies. Lily was one of them and she looked awesome. I should just hand her all my money and ask her to stay with me through my stay. Wanted to give something to Cindy. She was not there. Will be back tomorrow. Peachy Lily - Also my first time. I peeked in and Lily La Diva and Youngone were not there, so I just kept moving. Chayapoom - Also noticed more ad hoc sissies mixed in with the GGs than I recall seeing last time. Delirious - As usual more farangs than sissies, but maybe they had been barfined. My previous trip house sissy the boyish Pepsi has transformed into a sassy little diva. Talked to her but she did not make me feel special enough to be back when she declined to be casually photographed in a unlikely furry white ensemble so did not go in for a drink. Duangjai - Ran into Petesie there but he did not recognize me. Got some Thai food delivered there and ate it in the company of a tall elegant sissy in her early 30s. She was unexpectedly attentive to me and wanted to come LT but I explained I was so tired so she said she will visit me tomorrow at the hotel. That's why I am not writing her name. On a separate note, I was surprised that all the pot joints are still in business. I had read somewhere the Thai govt had reversed the liberalization. When does it go into effect? Watched the game alone at the multiple screens sports bar across from Treetown. Took us a while to find the chanel broadcasting it. Nobody else in Pattaya it seemed was interested in Young Boys... Watching Young Boys until 2:30 AM at my age took me to the limit of my strength and at some point I thought I might faint. After the game, took a bike to the hotel and the Trump Georgia trial was still on Fox. Trump's lawyers were grilling a black man who worked for and used to be lovers with the lady prosecutor, which Trump is arguing is a conflict of interest that warrants the case be dismissed. I agree that it is and just wish those 2 recuse themselves and let another Georgia prosecutor finish the job. Fell asleep alone for the first time since I arrived in Asia and it felt surprisingly good. This morning having brunch witht the Duangjai sissy.
  12. Today is my last day in Manila and is Valentine's Day. I purposefully chose to spend it here with the MILF rather than in TH where I fly to tomorrow. The MILF is not exactly the romantic type but I guess we are the best each other can get for an illusion of Valentine's Day affection. I'd like to go back and add something to my AC chronicles: As some of you may recall, on my last trip I had a situation in Subic with a sissy who demanded (and got!) more money than agreed by making a scandal at the hotel. That sissy was an AC sissy I had first met on the street there and going back to AC for the first time after that situation I was a bit concerned what might happen if I ran into her. In Subic during the altercation at some point she actually lunged at me with a closed fist but being much bigger and fight experienced than her I just grabbed her arm and gave it a good twist which put her out of commission (notice that I knew not to floor her with a punch of my own which would have got me in big trouble). But I was thinking that if I ran into her in AC there would be no telling what a mean crazy ladyboy might do ... Fortunately I did not see her. Perhaps it was the nightly barangay pogroms, but I know from experience that problematic ladyboys don't last long. What she did to me in Subic for starters got her blacklisted from the Orchid Resort there (the manager assured me of that) and by extension from the 2 Orchid Hotels in AC. I am sure that if she pulled in AC another stunt like she did to me, she may well be banned from all AC hotels. She also probably has run into trouble with the police (drugs!) and the other ladyboys I talked to don't like her and ostracize her. Good riddance! Getting back to Valentine's day, I am about to go dance and drink the night away with the MILF. We got the sex out of the way this afternoon with an 18 yo neighborhood sissy who is not a prosti. I had cornered the sissy at a 7-11, told her she was pretty and then the MILF just stepped in to say something to her in tagalog (probably $$$$) and the sissy showed up at the hotel a few hours later. I'd be lying if I said it was an all-out 3sum as the sissy was terrified of touching the MILF so just getting the 3 of us in bed for separate fucks and taking some pics was the best I could do for this year's Valentine's Day ... Next stop Pattaya.
  13. @Pulci Gorgon While in Manila I "find the ladyboys" in all walks of life. In Angeles they are invariably street prostis and their acquaintances. The one in the black dress was one such acquaintance who came along that time. Never mind @Dan Miller. It was Lily's loss. I will be in Pattaya soon and will go check out the new Cindy's joint but Lily will have to show some interest if I am to barfine her. Our first and only time she was wonderful and I'd like to repeat... But will she? I did not pay her above market... My mind frame for this trip has been more to seek extended company than sex. Obviously the 2 are correlated. But I feel I am above even negotiating ST vs LT. I know my Daddy Rom status in Patts is not as high as in Angeles, but there must be some TH sissies left who want to latch on. And if not sissies perhaps MILF freelancers-- a segment that is increasingly getting my Kamagras and dollars. At present I am back in Manila and brought along the MILF from my past that I had come meet me in Angeles. She used to be a pretty hardcore prosti and does not seem to be entirely at ease with the GFE underscoring our reunion. Still not many women would play along with a punter who sleeps with her plus 2 sissies. Now she has my entire attention here in Manila but is not one to initiate things so it's me who has to summon her to duty and i dont feel like such a nice guy when I do... She is a heavy drinker and gets wasted every night so I've learned to detect the perfect level of inibriation to drag her home, put her in the shower, then in bed and then take liberties with her body too degenerate to describe even here. A quick note on G-Point where we have partied the last couple of nights and contrary to what I wrote earlier those last couple of nights had some younger GG prostis. Not so young (30s!), not so many (5 or 6!) but had them. The usual old slags were still there and they pursued me like I am Frank Sinatra despite having brought my own slag... I take this occasion to wish every BM at LBR a Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon. The pic was taken a couple weeks ago when the sissy I took to Coron joined me in Manila...
  14. Look who's talking Mr. Barfine-a-different-one-every-night... Is Cindy's Lily still coming over from Patts for a sleepover ? if so, details please copious details... PG, the 500K Pesos and the 30K USD Rolex were 2 different heists from 2 different Koreans by 2 different small groups of ladyboys... And these values and related information is mostly hearsay to me. The only established facts to me is that AC's queen bee sissy Lu Sierra stole a valuable watch which she admitted to on her FB when she accused two other sissies of being accomplices to the theft. The "red-haired ladyboy" is indeed the one I call John Lennon and who was disappointed she had to play second fiddle to the MILF but she was a good sport about it. No I did not go to the Visayas this trip. Perhaps I would have if I had not at the outset of this trip tracked the MILF I had been asking about for years which was fortuitous and made me feel I might as well spend time with her. I briefly considered going to meet her in the Ifugao rice terraces region where she is living, but then felt it was too much of an effort on my part. So I had her come to me in Angeles instead. If we did not click I would ship her right back. But we did, so I brought her with me to Manila through the end of the trip later next week. As to my "Daram ladyboy love" (you have a keen memory PG!) she is the one featured in this Board as "Snow White" who is indeed a delicate beauty but too prone to manipulate me. I went to a lot of trouble and expense to bring her to Manila for what turned out to be one and only one wonderful night of love despite her not letting me fuck her which is a no-repeat to me. She has since offered her cherry unconditionally if I go to Leyte but that would restart the me sending money for "transportation" drill and I just don't trust or desire her that much. Today's post is a testimonial to sissy impulsiveness and denial. Read on. Yesterday was my last night in AC: a Friday. I mentioned above that the previous night the Barangay "educators" and their wagon were absent and night time streetwalkers started to show up again. Well on Friday the Barangay was out in force and took every prosti in sight, including 3 of mine. I try to give a chronology matched by some pics below. So we spent the afternoon frolicking at the pool followed by a more restricted 4some session in the room. When it became time for dinner I declared it Korean food night and asked if they knew of an all you can eat 500 peso K-joint nearby (I know a good one in Koreatown near Clark). And they told me there was one on Walking Street and gave me the impression it was near Kokomo's. It was not. It was at the very end of Walking Street right next to the Barangay!!! So I walk the length of Walking Street with 3 sissies in tow with all the Barangay henchmen eyeing them but not making the move to extract them because they were with me. And then when we get to the restaurant I don't like their a-la-carte prices and we walk right back again flaunting it right in front of the barangay guys. I decided to eat at Envy (across from Phillies) and we all seat down and order. That's when John Lennon goes for a smoke despite me having kept telling her and all the others not to get away from me under any circumstances. John Lennon not only gets away, she exits Envy to cross the street 6 metres to talk to one of the geezers perched at Phillies. NABBED ! Next thing I know I get a call from John Lennon, I lift my eyes from my plate and there she is right in front of me inside of the Barangay wagon (see pic. possibly my saddest one ever in a sissy board). I go over try to vouch for John Lennon, but they don't care, tell me it is just a short "orientation session" and the van just takes off. Since John Lennon had already ordered and I could not cancel I spotted another sissy I like and invited her over and stressed how I had just saved her from certain capture. I don't think she believed me despite the others telling her about John Lennon and she seeing the barangay car back for more. As soon as she finished dinner she wanted to go back to hustling, so all I could do was walk her to INSIDE Phillies and left her there perched at the outside balcony. When I finished dinner and walked out I did not see her there. She had either found a customer or was NABBED I thought. And indeed it was the latter as informed by John Lennon. The barangay guys were sniping my sissies 1-by-1. Then us survivors went to Megadance: myself, the MILF and the 2 sissies left. I was not so sure about 1 of them and when the time came I told her she could not sleep with us and I'd give her money for a taxi to go home. I walked her outside to the car and then she refused to get in saying instead she would take the jeepney (which meant walking the length of Walking Street). It was very late and i thought perhaps the barangay rustlers are done for the night, but the fact is that there is nothing anyone can say to dissuade a sissy from following her impulses. I found out a few hours later that she was NABBED. At about 2:30 AM we went to sleep the MILF, the last of the sissies and I, and at 5 AM John Lennon shows up. She was the first one they released. I don't know when they released my second one, but the 3rd only came out at noon. I would not be surprised if tonight they are all right back in the street... Pics:
  15. For what? that's kind of u Z. Party on ! The days go by and my stay in Angeles is coming to an end and then it's back to Manila with the MILF only. Our days are spent at the pool where several of my local sissy groupies come and go and run a tab on me. At night we sleep 3 or 4 to the bed. Group sex happens but I did not succeed in having any of the sissies touch the MILF despite she being open (and eager!) to it. The MILF and I also did not succeed in finding the tomboy for a threesome. As I mentioned in the OP, I am in a post-op recovery phase (not that kind of post-op!) so I am limited in the sack and save my erections to buttfuck the MILF who I had tested HIV-negative just in case. That's all folks. Some pics below... sorry for not posting XXX ones ... maybe later when I am in a different mindframe. As to the sissy situation, it improved last night (Thursday) with some 7 or 8 of them I spotted streetwalking between Phillies and the Natalia Hotel. I did not see the Barangay cowboys or their wagon. Where I did NOT see a single one the whole trip was on Walking Street. As to the 500K theft occurrence I reported, there is a lot more to it, namely it was 2 thefts not 1 and the watch one was a Rolex valued at 1.8 MILLION pesos. That's 32,000 US. My old acquaintance Lu Sierra who is on the lam but taunting everyone on her FB page is the one who took the watch as reported and has a 50,000 bounty on her head offered by the victim. The 500K cash theft initially reported was a separate crime by "a group" of sissies who snatched one of those over the chest pouches from a Korean in a club. Apparently he kept his trip money on him: 9,000 US cash equivalent that he wil never recover. Here are some pics:
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