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  1. One week later, and as I predicted: Without Twitter, Trump has gone silent, not even attempting to use other platforms. Maybe he is too proud, or lazy or dispirited, ... who cares? He is neutered ...
  2. Thanks gentlemen. I have many more such memories penned under my old Sargent Shameless alias at the Captain's http://www.third-sex.org/ blog. It is NOT my intention to repost any more of those memories here, so you may want to check them out at the source. I will however, repost here an interview I made with the Captain 10 years ago!!! that I think is interesting for all of us to learn a little more about the man behind the legend. I am the one who drafted the questions and the wisecracking comebacks on the Captain's answers. He answered the best he could and selected the picture
  3. Aye-Aye The-Sith ! With the Captain's prior permission I am going to repost here one of the thirdsex.org blog entries I wrote 10 years ago as Sargent Shameless about the night I fucked BOTH of Casanova's size queens JESSICA and TALISHA. Re-reading it after all this time made me chuckle because I would not have written it like that today. Narrativewise, I would have been more concise ( but the Captain wanted details! "Copious details") and I would not have been so explicit about Jessica's praise of my cocksucking skills or Talisha's sticking of that big bulbous hairy thing in me.. twice! ap
  4. well done Pdoggg for figuring how to embed the livestream on LBR. In addition to Pdoggg's live streaming above that is running as of this post, there is a 4-hour long video already uploaded to Emmy's facebook page (not giving the url link because no idea if she would want me to...) Here are some selected Teya stills from said 4-hour video for when PDoggg's live stream ends and BMs come to this thread and there is otherwise nothing to watch. (I call on bbg to do a similar selection of stills with Emmy who was rocking on the video: dancing and playing with her hair and with her boobs com
  5. This is to congratulate Youngone, Jimbo and all the ladyboy staff for resurrecting Sweethearts after it shut down due to COVID, thereby keeping the ladyboys employed and our dreams alive of returning to Pattaya one day and find at least some bars opened. The decision to do livestreams was a very timely welcome one and potentially a game changer which, all combined, made Sweethearts the #1 Ladyboy Bar of 2020. Hit Play
  6. WTF @ The-Sith ? The Twitter ban is NOT about censorship... Trump remains free more than any other person on earth to express whatever he wants and be heard ... He can if he wants issue press releases from the POTUS/White House (or as an ex-president from Mar-a-Lago) which puts him above all censorship and he can call press conferences and be on national/worldwide TV at a moment's notice. This is not someone being censored The-Sith! This is a Twitter user being subject to the same rules as other Twitter users and the only thing Twitter did wrong was allowing him to disregard the rules fo
  7. ... never thought I would be saying that, but I am also never thought I would be saying "There is a God" but there is! Thank you God PERMANENTLY !!!
  8. I would like to interject to add the following to the record: @ The Captain - FYI, the "seed spilling" BM who goes by the Stars Wars moniker The-Sith, is arguably our community's most lavish punter and is on the fast track to join you at the Hall of Legends having won 3 Romscars the last 3 years thereby becoming the only recipient to ever have bagged 3. I am just waiting for him to be banned from Pyongyang (PY), which fyi Captain, is how here at the Romscars Club we call that all-powerful ladyboy Board where your death was reported last year. @ all BMs - PY's fake news reporting o
  9. you can find the data here Pdoggg. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/04/21/world/coronavirus-missing-deaths.html The NY Times is tracking the Excess Deaths in many countries including Thailand where there is more to it than meets the eye as I will explain below. btw, It is you not me who is raising the analytics of the discussion to a level perhaps best continued in the Lounge... OK by me if you hoover or edit this post. Your call. First let me clarify for BMs who might not know what calculating "excess deaths" is about: it is a comparison with a previous year(s) when,
  10. Right on The-Sith ! I have been saying since the beginning of covid that whatever comes after--it will never be the same in Pattaya/Thailand ... The covid shock coincides with major demographic and social-political change and the Thais will probably take this opportunity to get rid of us sex tourists and sexpats that they don't need anymore and are a national embarrassment ... There will still be plenty of P4P action for another generation, but it wont be the same with 100s of bars side-by-side with 18-25 year-olds eager to be picked by old creeps to provide them LT GFE for pocket change...
  11. That's from my OP almost 6 months ago when I started this thread. Since then, the official total count of Thai covid-dead has risen from "58" to a whopping ... "64" ! That's only 6 more dead Thais in 6 months. 1 Thai victim per month ... Sorry Thailand, but I don't buy it for a second, as well as for most other Asian countries starting with the PRChina... It's statistically plausible for Asian countries to have lower covid death rates because their populations have less elderly than in the West and it's mostly the very old who die of covid. But it is not that much of a difference:
  12. Hi The-Sith. I could see you high-rolling into the Ladyboy Mansion and showing the mongers-on-a-budget how it's done. Besides ladyboymansion.com you can find an early days thread at PY (use "mansion" on the search function). However, that thread sparked so much jealousy and catty posts that loverboy stopped updating it and posting pics a few months ago... it's evident from the posh website and ladyboys featured that loverboy is not targeting the Cheap Charlie market segment and doesn't need to put up with crap from the PY ones. And speaking of PY, a few hours before posting the above
  13. If the Chinese played cricket instead of eating the bats, Annat would not find himself in this situation ... Happy (as can be under the circumstances) Birthday Annat! You made it to 70 and this is another long TEST MATCH you will win. Seriously Annat, we never met each other but I care what happens to you. I can't bring you meals or run errands for you, but if you want to vent here at LBR, I am all hears and will give you likes... Full recovery wishes. Rom
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