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  1. "What do you all think ? how much time do we have to enjoy Thailand on the cheap ?" Well, I think those times have - more or less - ended already even before the pandemic started, especially in the tourist trap bars in Bangkok's RLDs [emoji20] In the ladyboy world this wasn't perhaps as apparent as in the GG universe. Pre-pandemic, even some at best average looking Thai GG girls of Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza were demanding big money for their services (if they were willing to go with farang customers at all). Guess there will be a year or two after the restart of the sex tourist business, where the girls will be desperate enough to go for less money than before covid. But wait until after the tourist business is back in full swing and the good (i.e., cheap) days will be over again pretty soon. I think that doesn't mean there won't be any prostitutes around anymore looking for farang boyfriends for the night or week. But I'd say you will more and more often see girls from poorer neighboring countries, such as Laos and Myanmar and less and less Thai girls. As for the ladyboy sex business, I think there'll be enough Thai ladyboys around for quite some time. Their options in the regular economy are still limited and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Until they have better chances getting into good, regular jobs, there'll be enough lbs around in the short run, perhaps even the medium term. Those are my thoughts... [emoji3456]
  2. Great! Thank you for posting it!
  3. An alternative to TikTok is BIGO Live. This relatively well-known, beautiful ladyboy (ex-Why Not? Bangkok) for example has more than 2,000 fans (apparently all Thai guys and girls) on BIGO who watch her pictures, videos, and live streams: I think it's even possible to make a bit of money on BIGO. The girl above has earned 8,000 beans so far. At a rate of 210 beans for US $1 that's almost 40 USD. She's also earned 3,760 diamonds up to now. 1 diamond is worth 0.03474 US$. That's 130 USD, right?
  4. Fire on Walking Street https://youtu.be/mV980WVzW5k https://fb.watch/7ZRjlkW-yc/ Under control:
  5. Papa Sam

    Chaos 9 Soi 4

    Chaos 9 on 31 August 2021: Source: http://bangkokeyes.com/chaosnine02109.jpg Medium sized Bangkok ladyboy bar Tavern 2 in Patpong 2 is poised for survival - if - and when - the Pandemic winds down writes the Midnite Hour Pic source: http://bangkokeyes.com/taverntwo02109.jpg
  6. Hi there! Congratulations on that fantastic site! Sorry to hear about the imminent closing of TR LV. Is there anything we can do to help you out?
  7. Strange... If you click on the "Poll" tab, what happens?
  8. There is. Works on mobile and PC version. This is how it looks on Chrome mobile: When creating a new topic you just have to switch to poll instead of content by clicking on the small black down arrow on the right hand side.
  9. Sorry for resurrecting this old thread. Anyone here familiar with a dating site or dating app called "omi"? "Omi is currently ranked as one of the top online dating applications in Thailand, gaining increasing popularity among Thai teenagers." writes: https://www.thebigchilli.com/news/up-and-coming-way-to-meet-new-people-for-the-new-generation-winning-2-million-downloads-within-3-months-in-thailand I'm asking because I just found out that Boombim, a girl I know who works (or rather used to work) for Bangkok ladyboy bar Chaos 9 apparently has an account there: Any experience with this platform?
  10. Visiting Nana Plaza in the mid and late 1990s, when approaching Casanova I would increase my walking speed in order to get past the amazonian ladyboys as quickly as possible.... Nowadays I wished it would still exist... The times they are a-changin'...
  11. No!!!! https://www.manutd.com/en/news/detail/official-statement-on-agreement-reached-for-cristiano-ronaldo https://twitter.com/ManUtd/status/1431283208889544707 What's your opinion, 007? Surprised?
  12. Jo Ferrari: Wanted Thai police chief surrenders after manhunt: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-58352441 His "spectacular collection of luxury cars and properties, on a salary of perhaps $1,500 a month has raised fewer eyebrows" in Thailand... God almighty...
  13. London Calling, located next to Obsession ladyboy bar in NEP was (at least in its final years) a (largely) post-op ladyboy bar. Here some scenes outside London Calling: 0:32-> London Calling 2:45-> True Obsession I remember sitting one night by that bar counter in front of London Calling (i.e., outside, facing other ground floor Nana Plaza bars such as Rainbow 2 and Obsession) when one of the LC girls dropped her panties (in full view of other people nearby) to proudly show me her man-made pussy... Btw in general I hate spy cam videos but since filming isn't permitted in Nana Plaza it's unfortunately the only realistic way to watch any footage from there. The video above must have been taken more than four, five years ago because the last couple of years they dropped the "True" in front of Obsession (not to be confused with Obsessions bar in Pattaya). Boom first worked in Cascades: then moved to London Calling: Boom (left) with Mani (right): When London Calling couldn't pay its rent anymore, sometime in 2019 IIRC, she moved to DC 10 on the middle floor of Nana Plaza: Her name is Boom as well but I'm not sure if it's the same Boom (different nose?): Before it became a ladyboy bar, London Calling was indeed a GG show bar: facebook.com/london.calling.9406 www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004262897405 I remember the rent due notice posted outside London Calling by the operators (or rather their Thai bookkeeper) of Nana Plaza. The notice was addressed to a person in South England (though not from London I think).
  14. CIB's new black and red room: From: https://www.localbarsfinder.com/TH/Bangkok/401617183283119/Check-In-Bar
  15. Now that was quick; June already switched from Onlyfans to Just for Fans: https://justfor.fans/checkInBar1
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