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  1. Nana Plaza Tuesday night: (Picture from Facebook) Only Obsession and DC 10 seem to be open... - Mercury closed - Chili closed - London Calling closed - Casanova closed - Temptations only open on weekends - Straps (temporarily closed?) - Charades closed two years ago - and very short lived New Voodoo closed last year
  2. If protests escalate, I think a curfew will be inevitable. Today's now the sixth day of protests. Who will blink first?
  3. A different browser might also help, such as Chrome for Android devices, Safari for Apple, and Edge for Windows PCs... Error messages could also come from your VPN or your antivirus software, as both might block access to the tweet.
  4. This is how the area where Queens Park Plaza used to be looks like now: Some of the bars, including my personal favorite "Rumours," have moved to the new bar area between Sukhumvit Soi 7 and 5. Chaos 9 and Why Not? bars are now on Sukhumvit Soi 4 (Soi Nana).
  5. All MRT and BTS stations were closed today:
  6. I hope LB! I also liked the layout of Casanova (RIP). But frankly speaking, it was time for a refurb... Judging from the Twitter pics above, the layout of the new bar reminds me of Temptations, Cockatoo, and Shadow Bar. All three have a very similar layout. The dance poles in particular remind me of Cockatoo... Interesting how they space the seats 6 feet (?) apart from each other...
  7. How does the HTML code <> function work? Can you insert iframe codes?
  8. "Shasha is an adorable all natural ladyboy from Laos that works at Check In Bar in Bangkok, Thailand. She really is one of my favorite types of ladyboys. Slender, tight ass, little hormone boobs and a lust to get into your pants. Girlfriend material in my opinion, will be all over her if I ever can get back to Thailand after covid." https://tsmodelstube.com/videos/check-in-bar-bangkok-ladyboy-shasha-17168.html
  9. Papa Sam

    Chaos 9 Soi 4

    Manaow is meanwhile back home in Surin: I think she misses Bangkok:
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