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  1. Really enjoying your updates BB. Just wish I could have a few weeks chilling out in LOS Keep up the good work mate. BD
  2. Shes amazing fella.... really cute. Looks like a place worth having a look at for sure. BD
  3. Fucking brilliant this is..... http://www.nerve.com/scanner/2009/12/23/guy-posts-his-sisters-hookup-list-to-facebook-and-tags-all-the-guys What a revenge, I love the fact that if Brian cuts his hair he is getting a blow job... BD
  4. All booked up for Angeles City in April - Cant wait!!

  5. Have a great trip BB, hope you feel better soon mate. BD
  6. I hate to say it but it looks like BM Alaskan Bear in them shots??? Could be wrong?
  7. It was really bad mate I took a motorbike taxi to Obsessions and he had to stop half way through because the water was too deep. Think it flooded the poor blokes engine. As I was walking through the shit and piss murky brown water I was actually thinking the things we do for Cock and tits!! I had to carry my barfine through the water up to Soi Buakhao... Wish I would have got a picture. BD
  8. Tonight was the worse flooding I have seen in Pattaya ever. Soi Lengkee and Buakhao were pretty much knee deep in horrible brown water, it must have put a lot of people off even going out. I did manage to get over to Obsessions were there were a few people in the bar. The party at Baby Boom was a big problem though… You basically had to walk above knee height in water to get down to the end of the soi, when I arrived the place was flooded and pardon the pun but a bit of a washout… The girls put a brave face on though and one sexy ladyboy made it back to Opey De with me for what was a superb little session. Hopefully that’s the last I will see of it. BD
  9. All looking very exciting to see yet another Ladyboy option for us mongers. Fantasy Lounge bar is located in Soi Baukhao and run by the lovely Joy, these pictures are just to give you an idea of the layout of the bar, all the fixtures where there and brand new and I think they have the makings of a great Ladyboy bar. Of course the bar is no where near finished yet and they are planning an opening party next month which I am gutted I will miss. To anyone that's in town next month this is a must to go to the opening party. BD
  10. WOW What a first night so far.... lets the good times roll

    1. pdogg


      Laissez les bons temps rouler!

    2. bumblebee


      Stay safe BD and have a ball or lots.

    3. BackdoorSpecialist


      cheers lads, just arrived in Pattaya seems very quiet

  11. The new uniforms delivered and everything is about ready to go, cant wait to join the Fogmaster to tear up Bangkok and Pattaya, the wheels will be shortly up. Cant fucking wait!!!

  12. Fogmaster and I will be in the house for this one. Can't wait BD
  13. Nice to see some updates on the ground LR. Looks a decent little late night stop that bar, will 100% check it out with Fogmaster in a couple of weeks. Hopefully see you then. BD
  14. Nice work Foggy me old mate. Not long now mate... Let's make every night a party. BD
  15. Final update done on the Trip Report. A big thanks to all that posted a comment. Enjoy guys BD - http://www.ladyboyreview.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2800-backdoors-–-the-pinnacle-of-indecency-trip-report/page-14#entry64593

    1. bumblebee


      Another fine installment BD, check it our guys when you have a moment.

    2. pdogg


      And a big thanks for posting your report BD!

    3. balibago


      a mighty fine trip report!

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