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  1. etgohm

    Holiday shopping

    What about the vibrators and batteries, oops soory you already are well stocked there!
  2. Famous last words.... If you ooze you lose! Nothing like a shot in the head or the eye or a gag followed by an "Oh My Buddha".
  3. WTF! $150 US thats like $180 CDN... At those rates she can have new tits in a month, but methinks thre wont be any BMs from here paying the way. Gotta love em, after all it is free to dream. Now wheres my 1500BT all nighter... Hi honey l am almost there, you can stay for 5 days and l still will have change.
  4. I love it, where else in the world would you find a bunch of mushy bastards? Its a motley crew we have here, from all walks of life and all corners of the world. All of us drawn to the fire by the drive and desire to fuck our brains out. Who would have thought that so many great friendships would be formed! Yes its a strange world but the beauty of the season is that it allows us to reach out to our brothers in arms and embrace the moment. Merry Christmas everyone. Ok so its not in the spirit of the season, but l couldnt resist...
  5. Fuck me l get caught all the time, its part of the excitement, or the ongoing drama that unfolds every day. By the time l am half way into my trip l have more numbers than sense. Problem is l get half of them when l am drunk and put wrong names! So fast forward and someone calls or sends a message..no voice just a message. Hi honey, just having a drink with my friends, yeah l will be at Marine later. Then at some time later in the evening when the shooters take hold and l am horny l send a message to the real one... Hi bb miss you see you at Marine. One day l am going to get a stiletto in the eye!
  6. etgohm

    SiamSam 2014

    Stop being so coy and show her jn that lil uniform that l am sure got you all messed up. She sounds like a keeper though, cant imagine why you didnt take her to Patts. Shit, sorry buddy l forgot you are looking for some size queens.
  7. etgohm

    SiamSam 2014

    Sam enough of the wine and get back to business. No doubt she has a school uniform, so let see your princess.
  8. Wow you are getting to be an old fart. Try girating to ear splitting music in the wee hours of the morning in Marine. Drunk as a skunk with a hot ladyboy who is hornier than you. I never hear a thing!
  9. He didnt say anything about a pillow but did say that so many falangs get ill because they dont know how to control themselves. We had a long chat and both agreed that lack of sleep, too much alcohol and wreckless interaction with multiple partners is a recipe for problems. He asked me if l participate in oral sex, put my fingers in places that could be dirty and possibly rubbed my eyes or experienced any of my partners juices on my face! Of course the answer was no, no no, but l do suck my thumb! Cheers, ET
  10. I just had an incident where l had to go to the hospital on Soi 4. Woke up one morning to find my left eye almost closes and swolen and weeping. I went to the hospital on Soi Baukau and got the ususal diagnosis of pink eye and drops and pills to the tune of 800Bt. Next day it was worst and 360 took me to Soi 4. I saw an eye specialist that evening and after a barage of high teck tests and bag full of creams, drops and meds l was 5000bt lighter. Point well taaken as next time l will be a card carrying Dude. Just my 10 cents
  11. It wasn't the superior shot making of Team Euro that beat the US. Or Rory steam rolling over poor Ricky.......It was those gawdy red pants the US team had to wear. They looked so gay! Ole Ole
  12. Sounds like a plan, lead the way
  13. Its never too late, cant imagine who inspired him to write this song. Priceless..... http://youtu.be/EG8Iyk4ykw8
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