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  1. A few of us are meeting in Sensations this Wednesday around 10.30 for a drink in memory of our good friend ET. We ordered food from a fantastic (simple) thai restaurant that I don't think has ever been tried in our group of bars. Everyone is welcome - we'd love to see you.
  2. 360

    Restaurants in Pattaya

    Osaka is a nice little authentic Japanese restaurant owned by a Japanese guy. Located in soi day night just next to tukcom. Recommended. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Osaka-大阪-Restaurant/441161972610297?rf=250034805101480
  3. 360

    Cobra Gold

    Obsessions, back when it used to be a cool place, used to put the lbs in the small side room behind a curtain for the week. As if after months at sea anyone really cares :)
  4. This is only relevant for people on long stays. I've had a monthly prepaid data plan (mao mao 450) for a long time now. The way it works is that if you have sufficient credit the plan will automatically renew and if you don't you're just cut off from your data-plan. Not anymore. This month, although my balance was enough for the plan to renew AIS started charging me 50baht a day for data and before I realized it drained half my credit. When I went to the AIS office the girl explained that they changed it so that the plan automatically renews only for three months and after that they resor
  5. 360

    Restaurants in Pattaya

    May's Urban Thai - nice little Thai restaurant where the owner tries to provide a fine dining experience at very reasonable prices. We used eatigo and with a 35% discount it came to 550 baht per person for two starters each a main course and a glass of wine https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g293919-d7235043-Reviews-MAYs_Urban_Thai_Dine_Pattaya-Pattaya_Chonburi_Province.html
  6. 360

    Restaurants in Pattaya

    If you're willing to venture to the dark side I can recommend Livv finest food and drinks. It's a 10-15 minutes bike ride from Tukcom and definitely worth a visit. It's not cheap but in my opinion it's one of the best restaurants in town. They are listed on google maps so not hard to find (same soi as booze lounge).
  7. 360

    Restaurants in Pattaya

    A friend recently recommended an app called eatigo. I tried it and it works. It offers significant discounts on off hours dining in a good number of restaurants in Pattaya and BKK. Very easy to use too. It's available for both android and ios.
  8. There's another similar type setup directly across the road on the same dead-end soi
  9. It's right behind buffalo bar (3rd road): Map It looks like a small gated community. It's very quiet and peaceful. As I was leaving I saw a farang coming out of one of the units and he said it's owned and run by a thai couple who live on the premises. They have different types of rooms and cabanas that go for around 5-7,000baht a month(!) but it's usually all rented out.
  10. You're officially in charge of making the toast on my next birthday :) thanks for the kind words my friend
  11. Thought I'd share a quick video of my gg. The girl got talent Tongue.mp4
  12. A ladyboy friend once told me that the reason she hates seeing customers go with a gg is because she knows that it's the one thing she can't compete with. It's pure jealousy (her own words). She works hard to be the sexiest most fun 'girl' and in walks that naturally born pussy bearing cunt and effortlessly wins the battle... Pdogg nailed it, what surprised me was the negative attitude from people who I've never wronged and have no vested interest. They just choose to hate it. It's worth mentioning that there are a good few lbs who are real sweethearts. To name two Apple and Emmy from Sensatio
  13. I recently started seeing a gg who I've known for a while. She is well aware of my extra-curricular activities. She's kind, friendly, and very open minded. Since the majority of my friends here spend most of their time in lb bars it's only natural that we end up in a lb bar most nights and have a couple hanging out with our group. Her past experiences with lbs weren't always positive and I was really advocating on behalf of the third gender suggesting lbs in general are a great group of people. To my disappointment we keep having less than pleasant encounters where the lbs are rude towards her
  14. could very well be, not sure where your picture was taken :) It is in Naklua, on the small soi that goes parallel to Sukhumvit when coming back from Bangkok Hospital Pattaya https://goo.gl/maps/u7cGFqvHtqo (not showing on Google maps as it's recently built) The original picture with the name of the condominium
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