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    These are challenging times. Some of us may know people who will catch it, and there will also be economic and social consequences alas. In the difficult times to come, many of us will be turning towards online communities such as LBR to socialize instead of meeting mates face to face. In these troubled times, I'd suggest that we make an extra effort to interact with our fellow forum members respectfully even if you disagree with their point of view. To some degree we're all in this together so let's treat our forum brothers (and handful of sisters) with good cheer, the way we would if chatting with them at our local pub.
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    I would say that for the majority of farang who've already made the decision to live / move / retire to Thailand that is the case, in varying degrees. Something they will all likely share is/was the ability to create a nest egg with income. A perpetual money-stream or sufficient built-up and invested without the necessity to work again. The 'living for today, tomorrow will take care of itself' policy most Thais live by is perhaps turning on them now and many, if not the vast majority, will get bitten on the backside sooner or later for sucking the life out of that sorry mantra. It is only going to get worse before it gets better. Resentment from those not under-the-wing of a financially savvy farang will increase. Blame poor education and stupidity. The best thing farang in Thailand can do right now and for the foreseable is not to display unecessary signs of wealth. To Thais, a farang simply living in their country and seemingly doing nothing all day yet happily paying for rent and food without a worry in the world is already rich, so plenty enough for resentment to begin. Despite this, there are some farang among us who don't know when to shut-the-fuck up and stop displaying unnecessary signs of apparent wealth. Bragging about their life upgrades and consumer items and the other useless things they enjoy spending their money on. It just makes them stand out as a bigger wanker than they most likely already are. Thais are not blind, they will notice all these things, too. A curfew is annoying and confining, but in the long run could well be something which prevents someone getting robbed late at night on one of those usually busy streets. Thailand is a very safe country in terms of physical attacks and street crime. Most is done by stealth and the victim unaware until later. But these are unprecedented times and desperation levels are at the foot of a steep upcoming incline. Be safe and smart.
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    Unlike most of us ladyboy enthusiasts on the down-low, Pattaya expat Tony Sales (Rossco / Streetwalker) is the very public face of ladyboy celebration. Every year he organizes a pool volleyball mini-tournament for bar ladyboys to showcase themselves at their bikini and civic best and to raise funds for Thai charities from the very same mongers who keep those ladyboys in the commercial sex business the other 364 days of the year. We buy a ticket or two, party with the ladyboys, and choke back the tears when the orphans sing in their clueless English the most redemption we are ever going to get. Such fundraising-for-charity alone would be reason enough to induct Tony into the Romscars Hall of Legends, but there is another good reason: his pool volleyball tournament is arguably the greatest ladyboy show on earth. Nowhere else will you experience so many ladyboys in skimpy bikinis and glamorous evening gowns on once-a-year adulation highs from gawking mongers who are themselves as much part of the show. When it ends, the tranny Cinderellas go back to their stepmamasans and become barfinable again. Tony retired from holding the tournament in 2018, but after it was revealed here at LBR in January 2020 that he would be inducted into the Romscars Hall of Legends, he announced in February that the tournament was back for 2020. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I like to think that Tony’s induction into the Hall of Legends contributed to his come back decision. After all, a Legend never retires from being EXCELLENT. Thanks Tony Rom
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    "Everybody wants to be the biggest. But no one focuses on being the nicest. James Garetson, Tiger King. These are trying times. Let's work on being nice to each other. So when this pandemic is over, the fight for our survival, and those we love, will not have been done in vain.
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    #1) The Admin Control Panel for the Ladyboy Review Forum permits me and BB to login as a Member (this is not a direct link to someone's PMs, though once logged in as a member one could read PMs). I have used this feature when some members had technical difficulties with their account to help determine if the tech problem was on the LBR/Invision end or rather something to do with that member's computer/phone. #2) I've never even heard of the $7.99 software add on before you posted about this. We don't have/use it and will never have/use it. Btw, the Invision Community Forum has some interesting info especially if you enjoy tech. One thing some of you might like is the new Invision Phone App. They have a Beta version that can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store. You can use one of Rom's links and poke around from there. Do the LBR admins read other people's PMs? I have never, ever, not even once, read someone else's PMs. Neither has BB. I view this as a breach of trust besides being downright creepy.
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    Welcome to the bar with the most beautiful and nice Ladyboys in Jomtien Beach. At katty bar on jomtien beach road soi4. Ladyboy bar of the year 2020. Thank you very much to Albert for nice pictures Emmy Big Boss lol
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    snoopdawg (aka Snoop-Dawg; Snoop; Shane) is a gentleman punter from the English countryside who actually has a striking human resemblance to the Peanuts’ Snoopy cartoon character, as evidenced in the picture to the right that he himself posted in one of his TRs in the public area of Pyongyang. He is best known ladyboyworldwide for his prolific and content-rich TRs and I can’t think of another ladyboy monger who ticks so many EXCELLENCE AND CHIVALRY boxes. Here are the TOP 5: #1 snoopdawg started younger than most mongers and precociously became a ladyboy virtuoso. His relative youth makes him "sanuk" to party with, especially for the ladyboys. # 2 He is by nature a kind, empathic man who treats everyone with respect be it the ladyboys or his fellow mongers amongst whom he is so highly regarded even the regime-approved haters at Pyongyang dare not express their resentment of his success and popularity. # 3 He is likely the most read ladyboy world traveler who shares every single one of his dozens of trips in meticulously prepared TRs that are travel guide-grade with hundreds of pictures and valuable logistics and cost information. # 4 For such a nice, considerate guy, Snoop is not bashful about sharing his voracious erotic adventures with great gusto and mouth-watering pornographic detail. More recently, he began posting nude pics of ladyboys subject to his own set of ethical standards. # 5 While on the road, he makes sure to counterbalance his pursuit of ladyboys with the pursuit of knowledge about local culture and history. His fondness for ancient temples is legendary. It’s all legendary! snoopdawg was an obvious fast track choice for the Hall of Legends. We were trying to meet in person last year during his first ever trip to the Philippines, but a few months before the trip I got lynched at Pyongyang and we lost touch. He is a longtime BM here at LBR who has been absent for a while, but I hope this induction into The Romscars Hall of Legends brings him back and we can get in touch again. Stay Excellent and Party On Snoop! Rom
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    The ladyboy lovers’ community is fortunate to have had among its ranks one Jomtien Englishman expat who happens to be a highly proficient illustrator and graphics ARTIST. He goes online here at LBR by Quinn and by kwan at Pyongyang and is otherwise known for being a Katty’s Bar fixture along with his sidekick pal BBG. He is a man of very few words, so I will substantiate his Romscars Hall of Legends induction in just 3 words: Labor of Love There are no better words to describe Quinn’s original, professional-grade cartoons and photoshops that he bountifully posts here and at Pyongyang knowing the artworks will not be seen for more than a few days and by no more than a few dozen mongers, many of whom are too thick or indifferent to grasp Quinn’s talent and generosity. And yet he keeps on drawing and posting, thereby amusing and giving everyone food for thought. Quiet Quinn is not your typical serial monger such as others in The Romscars Hall of Legends, but his EXCELLENT artworks that he so CHIVALROUSLY shares cast all of us mongers and the ladyboys we love in a more humane, non-strictly transactional light. And that gentlemen is LEGENDARY. Thanks and keep on dazzling us Quinn. Rom
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    A very Cheeky Sunny last night !
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    The idea for a Ladyboy Mongers Hall of Legends came to me during the 2018 Romscars when I decided to honor a recently departed fellow monger with a Romscar for Lifetime Achievement. The deceased was a sweet, unassuming man who had been a moderator at Pyongyang until he was demoted in a palace coup that replaced him with the first of the 2 brutish enforcers currently calling the shots over there. His name may have been Brian (not sure) and he went by Rinzler online and, from his posts, one could tell he was a big-sized guy and a fervent Christian. I also recall him posting that he worked somewhere where he had access to cosmetics at discount prices and that he would carry to Thailand a suitcase full to gift the ladyboys. To me that’s a sign of a good-hearted, generous man, not so much because of the money value of the cosmetics, but because he was willing to inconvenience himself with procuring, packing, carrying and distributing those cosmetics to as many ladyboys as possible. After being stripped of his mod powers, Rinzler had to endure further indignity at Pyongyang for his Christian Faith in a “religion” thread where he was viciously flamed for years by the usual Board confrontationals. I am not a religious man, but I posted calling moderation’s attention that such flaming was discriminatory and against their rule #13, but to no avail. Rinzler’s online Calvary continued until he died suddenly and alone in Texas in 2018 way too young in his 40s. Only then Pyongyang improvised some simulacrum of respect for him with … a pinned condolences thread ! I know my made-up Romscars awards don’t amount to much, but that’s all I could give a departed fellow monger, so in 2018 I created the first Lifetime Achievement Romscar to be awarded post-humously to Rinzler in a post that was callously hoovered by the Pyongyang retaliators along with the cartoon I drew in his memory and that I am reposting below. Rinzler’s Lifetime Achievement Award also made him the first-ever inductee into the newly-created Romscars Hall of Legends, where 4 other excellent fellow ladyboy aficionados would join him in 2019. RIP Rinzler. If there is a Heaven and mongers are eligible, then you are there for sure. So long big guy. Rom
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    Monkey Magic It was Christmas of 2010 the year it happened, and I was now a man of 34 years, though considered by many in our erstwhile community a boy — a young gun. I wanted to lose my self between the thighs of a lady of easy virtue. I wandered through the closing bars of Soi Bangla looking for a victim. But Lady Luck didn't oblige. Most of all I longed for a reawakening. I know that now. I invited it, a release from the monotony of everyday life. My invitation was open to anyone. Bar girls, street-walkers, whores and hookers... But it was a lady boy that accepted. As a child I was obsessed with a tv show called Monkey also known as Monkey Magic; a Japanese television show with Chinese characters travelling across India. The boy monk Tripitaka was played by a beautiful woman and several of the female deities played by men; with all this gender bending a young boy was bound to grow up confused. But truth be told it wasn't till 1993/4 that I discovered transsexuals whilst watching a late night documentary called "Boys from Brazil". I distinctly remember drunkenly knocking one out to these "beautiful" transvestis; though with the raging hormones 17-year old it held little significance and I soon forgot about it. I mean back then I could get turned on in the middle of a maths lesson or waiting at a bus stop — if only I could have that kind of libido again. What did stay with me though was my interest in all things from Southeast Asia; from Hong Kong action flicks of Bruce Lee and John Woo, to the art house films like House of Flying Daggers and Takeshi Miike's jidaigeki films. So I guess it was hardly surprising that one of my first girlfriends was from Southeast Asia; I'm a bit ashamed to admit I can't remember where she was from exactly, she moved to our small mining town in South Yorkshire during sixth form (year 12) as her dad had become the coach for a British table tennis team. Lucy Lui was her name and I still fondly remember her American accent, the feel of her slim body pressed against mine, the way her kisses tasted faintly of garlic, and the way her bullet nipples would harden at my touch. The relationship didn't last long though; after watching Oliver Stone's film The Doors Jim Morrison had become a bit of a role model for me, and I was intent on living a rock and roll lifestyle but without any of the talent. I'd got 3 girlfriends on the go at that time was drinking far too much, and taking their affections for granted. I’m still a fan of The Doors and after stumbling across a playlist on Air Emirates flights to BKK it has become a bit of a ritual of mine to listen to them to put me in the mood for my arrival in Sin City.
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    At a time of pressure and bad news and more bad news. Some more of the beautiful fauna & flora of Thailand. Just so you know what we are all missing. Look after yourselves especially the oldies like me. Taken at Queen's Botanical Gardens Chiang Mai and aroung Udon Thani & Samui Quote Edit
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    and now a selfie taken 45 minutes ago by Sunny, using my phone.... HA! take note QG... not a dodgy found in a lucky bag in 2008 special!
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    Self isolation made easy
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    Wanted to stretch my legs a bit so had a wall around town. I suppose that self isolating with only food delivery is the absolute safest but I would think that a walkabout without interacting with people is safer than eating at a restaurant. I didn't wear a mask but I wore cheap gloves. I was the only person walking wearing gloves although a couple of motobike taxi guys had a different sort of glove on. I did get quite a few look at the crazy farang stares from people wearing masks. Not too many farang were wearing masks; more Thais but much less than 50%. The gloves were big enough but hot and uncomfortable. But wearing them is a reminder not to touch my face. I did wipe the sweat off my forehead with my shirt sleeve. But gloves are a problem as far as reaching into my pocket to pay for an item or to use my phone. I am thinking that perhaps wearing just one glove might be better. 2nd Road was quiet. It was very easy to cross the street and it is almost never easy. On Soi Honey Retox was open but there was a sign that one must order food if going in there. The massage joints were more or less closed but I could get a massage if I had wanted albeit with a limited choice of ladies. On Chaiyapoon, the English Rose had a sign saying alcohol not being served. On Buakhao, the Tin Cup place is closed until April 5th they are doing some sort of renovations. Kateseree was open but not serving booze. Cheap Charlies had just one customer but it could have been partially due to the time of day; too early for dinner and too late for breakfast or lunch. The little bar next to me was open and discreetly serving beer without bins.
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    I don’t know, Arch. From my perspective, it’s the political conservatives more concerned with corporate profits and the re-election of Trump next November who are beginning to use the talking point that the ‘cure may be worse than the disease.’ I think that is incredibly irresponsible and selfish. More deaths will occur, particularly those over 60 and those with compromised health, if we don’t drastically slow the infection rate. The situation is dire. Europe is being ravaged. Look at the death rates in Italy, Spain, etc. Britain just went on lockdown. It looks like we will see a spike in deaths in New York City in a week or two when their capacity to test and treat those afflicted will soon be overwhelmed. I suspect Trump’s strategy in dealing with this crisis is far more oriented toward political outcomes than with what’s best for long term public health and the economy.
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    My initiative for starting this thread comes from private exchanges I am having with a BM who is reluctant to post exclusive ladyboy information because he cannot stand the thought of indiscriminately benefiting BMs he thinks undeserving. That is a very familiar dilemma to me: at PY I shared my best adventures and pictures knowing that I was giving away for free what took me much effort and money to learn or record. And worse: the more I did it, the more I sparked competitive resentment from a few (I repeat: a FEW, not all!) BMs, some of whom even used my own shared content to personally attack me (eg: body art on ladyboys, pick-up techniques, etc). But this thread is NOT about me or other unique content contributors and what motivates us: Altruism? Extroversion? Exhibitionism? Narcissism? A combination? IT DOES NOT MATTER. This thread is about how YOU balance sharing your best ladyboy intelligence with the drawbacks from sharing it: heroes, haters, leeches, personal exposure, exclusivity loss, time and effort, etc… The objective is a collective reflection that I believe would also be helpful for admins who have to deal with the delicate balancing act of fostering high-quality exclusive content versus fulfilling BMs’ free-speech expectations, including the free-speech of BMs who contribute nothing or perversely. I will start: There was a time when, at PY, I shared almost everything I had and even staged many of my interactions with ladyboys with a view to sharing them online subsequently. Despite such dedication, it did not end well for me and I was banned. Ironically, the banning came in the course of a TR where I was about to share my jewel of the crown which would have been explicit pics of the nude pool volleyball improv tournament I try to hold every year in AC with ladyboys, GGs and me and another white dude playing. If I post a single pic from that tournament, I will give it all away: where it takes place, who plays. It would become a piece of cake for another monger to stage a pool orgy knowing where it can happen; and even easier to stage a regular indoor orgy knowing which ladyboys and GGs are tri-sexual and horny enough to participate. All he would need to do would be to track down one of them, mention the tournament, and tell which of the others to bring. I am only human and it would sting like hell if a freeloader or hostile BM used my info to score himself some easy group sex action while laughing at me for sharing all the steps. Plus, like the BM I mentioned above pointed out, if one gives away too much promising information, there may be a stampede effect from other mongers that will subsequently diminish your own experiences in regards to whatever information you shared. I have since my PY crucifixion become less generous and more cautious about sharing. If anyone noticed on the TR I posted here at the Romscars Club I did not even reveal the names of the ladyboys and GGs I featured (I used Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, etc…). I still posted nude pics, but much fewer than I used to at PY and none showing their faces. And for some of the ladyboys, I drafted our interactions in a way that suggests I fucked them, but does not say I actually did it. Unlike at PY, I was not concerned with hostile posts (that I can hoover here at the Romscars Club) but honestly I no longer feel like sharing my best tips and pics with indifferent (or worse!) BMs despite knowing that plenty more BMs would genuinely appreciate it and would post or +1 to show it. This gentlemen, is the free-rider's quandary that keeps (i) me, (ii) the BM who contacted me, and (iii) I reckon some of you -- from being our most EXCELLENT and CHIVALROUS (sharing) which is what The Romscars Club seeks to promote. Questions for BMs' discussion: -how much are YOU willing to share online at ladyboy Boards and why ? -what can be done to foster a Board climate that is conducive to as much sharing as possible? In this regard, I would want to commend administration here at LBR for activating the Clubs feature that, as demonstrated by all 7 LBR clubs to date, is highly conducive to sharing high quality content by OPs reassured in advance they can defend themselves from threadfuckers who, as a result, are much less likely to try. Thanks in advance for any input and cheers. Rom PS - I started this thread here at the Romscars Club not out of self-importance, but because I do not want to impose my existential questions on the Board-at-large. In the spirit of sharing, if admins think it would be useful, you are welcome to move the thread to the questions section where it will no longer be under my hoovering power so that BMs who dislike me also feel at ease to express themselves.
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    There was a good old party in the bar in January 2010, can’t recall the exact reason for it, but I think Rossco had something to do with it. Besides the standard roast pig, there were some tasty sausage rolls and pies, not that usual at an LB bar party at the time. Most of the staff from that period and before were in attendance.
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    I'd forgotten all about that comic-strip... I must have had far to much spare time on my hands. I was thinking about your suggestion last night; it's been 15 years since my first holiday to Thailand and 10 years since my inaugural (what is now) bi-yearly pilgrimage. I was going over all my old photo's just t'other week as I had to re-build / upgrade my PC and perhaps now is a good time for a retrospective.
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    Som was the one ladyboy I really clicked with in the bar, although I got on great with all of them. She had a good sense of humour, and I remember clearly one time she told me how some of the LBs and GGs sleep in a communal room upstairs, and that she serviced some of the GGs when they were horny. Not the kind of thing you tend to forget come to think of it.
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    I spent two weeks in the Nirvana Boutique Suites Hotel in Soi 4, just behind Sally's Bar and was in there every night. It was where I first learnt ladyboy bar etiquette. These were the four fulltime ladyboys there at the time, Nuch, Dao, Nan and Som
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    For me it would be Benz, who has been a favourite and a regular of mine on my last few trips to Pattaya, the only silicone she has had done aka boobs (where it mattered to her) look great too, she is great company, has a lovely personality, is zero drama and a lot of fun in the sack Lily from TJ's is good looking (face wise) but she has done the 'silicone' trip way too far imho and I don't find her attractive at all, each to their own I guess. A couple of pics that Benz sent me last week
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    I think this will be fixed sooner than most, with maybe a backlash in the fall. I don't think travelling to Los july or august is impossible and hopefully back to "normal" whatever that'll be , at the end of the year. But what do I know, this is just my guess (and hope), everyone is a pandemic expert nowadays, and we're all just guessing.
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    CORONA UPDATE !!! saw them last night...SUNNY and MIND are fine . Happily demolishing a couple of those big grilled fish things ..Sunny assured me it was actually breakfast..... i'm unsure if she meant yesterdays or today's. and Teya messaged me at 6 a.m this morning...thanks teya! she's fine too. relax boys.... the world keeps turning....
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    POST-EDIT: This thread was started under a different title and with a different thrust but evolved into a factual investigation and documented conclusion that private messages can be read as explained in my post below and confirmed by Pdoggg. Apologies for hiding other BMs posts.
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    Interesting to see the different approaches there Seven. In Ireland now all non essential businesses are closed more or less along with all schools, colleges etc. Restaurants can only sell takeaways if they have a licence for such. Non family gatherings are limited to 4 people, but we can still go out whenever we wish. But towns and cities are dead, people are staying at home for the most part and observing social distancing of 2 metres/ 6 feet. Although I live in a town there is plenty of countryside right beside us, so easy enough to get out and away from people in a few mins. Yesterday the other half and I spend a few relaxing hours in the sun at this spot, a nice short break from the madness that surrounds us all at the moment.
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    This thread is a repository of my 2018 Romscar cartoons that were originally posted at Pyongyang and then regime-expunged (along with all the threads I ever started) in retaliation for me briefly announcing there the 2019 Romscars winners after I had been banned. At PY’s microcosmic level, it was the equivalent of the Nazis’ public burnings of “degenerate art” paintings by Jews that, more than punishing for contrived sins, self-deprived the Reich and posterity of one-of-a-kind creations. Not this time meine Führers! All my former threads at Pyongyang are fully backed up and I COULD easily repost all of the 2018 Romscars thread here at the Romscars Club. But I concede that it would be awkwardly excessive. So I will be posting only the more record-worthy Romscars 2018 cartoons with a short recap of the respective categories' winners. I start with the introductory cartoon to the 2018 Romscars that now serves as the page top image for The Romscars Club. Initially, I had sought to depict myself, the PY mods and a few chore BMs there. But once I began drawing, I kept adding more BMs and in the end I had 21 personages. For the record, here are the contemplated: 1-Aitch; 2-Jimmy Love(/Cargo)pants; 3-Lord Jim; 4-Hellokathoey; 5-LWFM; 6-cherjam; 7-Miguel; 8-fenton; 9-snoop-dawg; 10-Rom; 11-Rom’s wingman who is a lurker at PY and wishes to remain incognito; 12-loverboy; 13-Youngroy; 14-oldlover; 15-AlexP; 16-Petesie; 17-Kwan/Quinn; 18-KendoUK; 19-Ausmagoo; 20-Rinzler; 21-PY’s ladyboy logo with a proper size cock.
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    Oh Bollocks, this whole episode is giving me the shits. So here goes, some photos of my GF I would not normally do this, but due to the circumstances!!!. I hope she survives back in the village. I will help her out. As you can see, there is nothing "naughty" about them. Just a great looking girl!.
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    Not sure how it blows around here but respect to all , I have been documenting the ladyboy scene in Thailand for three years , face to face interviews ,50 YouTube lb videos , 7000 subscribers and dozens of uncensored ladyboy videos (not porn but risky interviews ) I won't mention my channel because I won't pull a cheap plug / promotion on you guys , but happy to help anyone out with stuff , many of you have seen it all , some of you live vicariously , some know the lb around town , some when they see Miley from fantasy lounge with her boobs out on the street ( my favourite interviews ) cannot believe it , some are wise old owls anyway survive the virus stay safe , god bless Cine:)
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    I wanted to give the Romscars awards that “red carpet feel” with show bizz stars in attendance, so who better than the greatest clown of all time to be my MC ? Trump that is! I spoofed him and his lovely wife Melania from a ladyboy angle in the cartoon that opened the ceremonies and in a couple more. Then, I stopped when haters were using it as a pretext to threadfuck with politics. Here is the first cartoon that kicked off the red carpet awards: And here is another one featuring Pyongyang’s happiest camper BM oldlover: And the third and final Trump appearance at the 2018 Romscars was to decorate the Romscar for Trip Reporter of the Year that was won by snoop-dawg with OzzieC, Miguel and The-Sith runner-ups. The cartoon's joke was on me. Do you get it?
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    indeed! here's an early days photo of .. [sorry i forget her name now]... think photo credit should go to LS. or mayhaps Emmy.
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    Quinn is very self-effacing. I asked him if he'd worked for the top end papers in the UK. He said nope, just a bit of computer skills and his own imagination. I still think that his best work easily matches the work of some of the most famous illustrators in the world. We're lucky to have him.
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    It's been a busy old 10 days so far, town is quiet, not dead. The previous main body of tourists has vanished, the China people and tour buses are no longer present which while it may be looked upon as a blessing the TAT forecasts are dead in the water. We had a chat with the manager of the Areca who told us they are at 70% occupancy as most of their custom is from Farangs,; other hotels are as low as 5% and having to lay off staff. The bars are bracing themselves for a tough few months ahead with a general feeling of uncertainty for the future. We soldier on. I've had a busy house full of work people, both hong nams are undergoing full refurbishment, all our windows & door are now UVPC, another LG aircon unit fitted, some new furniture, a new kitchen has been ordered and the Thai unit is being refurbished with new doors and inserts. 4 security cameras installed and the bar cams have been replaced too. Best of all is our new 82" Samsung TV and top of the range sounder...a wee treat for myself & Doris. Next up will be a refresh of Newbar... Ked is ready for it.
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    I don't know if this will show up, taken from Sunny's FB page. It's pretty damn funny... Sunny Maxim is feeling silly at Katty Bar & Room For Rent. Yesterday at 12:17 AM · Pattaya, Thailand · listen to me Please You not scared colona I have cock lona for you Don't worry
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    overpaid...over sexed... over here....... so..there it was..happening. The New Yorker and Irish meet up in the Katty last night... except for the lack of powdered wigs it could have been a meeting room in Tammany Hall back in the 19th century. But... Tammany never had a waitress wear the same outfit as Sunny. i did ask Teya early on.. 'where's Sunny?' She just smiled and said, 'she go change clothes...wait!' it was then i knew... the shorts were going to be on display again. so, Sunny walked in , looking pretty normal from the front in her blue shorts.... but when she walked past!... only once before have i seen Mr Pdoggg change in a split second from being Mr Cool... to being Mr 'covered in sweat'.. that being the night of AnnaB of course.... Archie Bunker wasn't too far behind either... Luckily Quinn and I being the reserved English gentlemen that we are managed to restore some sort of decorum. No 'high fives' from us. we just went home later and had a cup of tea. but Rom, if you are reading this and ever decide to make an award for shorts of 2020... there can only be one winner! Nice to meet you Archie...hope you've recovered okay... i just wonder, if Teya and Sunny ever open their own bar behind closed doors... Baby Boom and others would go out of business overnight!
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    I think I have her here literally for you KM, and rest assured she doesn't bite.
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    They cheated me. They got a free sleeping room in my bar and not turned up to work for 2 days so I kicked them out. If a lady lives in my bar she have to work from 6pm to 2am.
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    It looks like I stopped posting my TR about 1/3 of the way through. FYI I'm still in touch with Som-Ao though she seems to be mainly marketing herself towards the Asian market. Good to hear from you ROM - I'm glad to know you're still alive and well and bringing much needed love to ladyboys!
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    In my mind, James H was an ordinary man living an ordinary life in a forsaken English town and THEN… he moved to Thailand in his 50s (?) and became JIMBO the LEGEND among the farang manly man who are into girly men. It helped that he was an avid ladyboy chaser himself and that it was the mid-2000s when the ladyboy scene was exploding on the internet. He took over Patong beach’s sole ladyboy bar (C&D) that under his convivial management and astute online promotion at Pyongyang became a ladyboy Mecca for sex tourists and sexpats who did not really need to travel all the way to Phuket to fuck ladyboys but did so anyway to party with Jimbo and other like-minded groupies. In 2018 he moved to Pattaya bringing C&D's mini-cabaret show concept to TJ’s Music Lounge making it an even more successful bar than it already was. In 2019 he started over with Sweethearts bar which is open for action as of this posting. Through it all, Jimbo established himself as a the ultimate Thailand mongering pundit with his trademark rants at Pyongyang for the education of the adoring masses. Despite all the business he got from me over the years, Jimbo is not that keen on me but that is no reason not to induct him into The Romscars Hall of Legends as a representative of the cohort of the bar owners who make it possible for us spoiled mongers to score a ladyboy at the snap of a finger. Rant on Jimbo! Rom
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    Probably more so that having 6 inches of she cock shoved down your throat according to some deniers.
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    The feeling on the ground is also pretty grim bud, most of the girls have gone into a different mode, more like a survival phase, support each other and make sure your friend can eat. Anyone who is being a sponsor to the girls may notice they've changed their tack; anyone girl who's demands have increased I'd swiftly ditch as a piss taker. A lot may lose sponsors over the coming weeks but that's down to them; there is no chance a new sponsor will appear anytime soon. So far financial requests to Doris are on the low side as the girls eke their funds out to what they actually require. There are a few she will not give support to... Reality will kick in as they realise there is no endless supply of Farangs & there is no one around to support them.
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    With the hole of Pattaya technically in lock down there are still quite a few places open , we have a resident high ranking police officer ( according to all the fruit on his chest) who lives in the soi ,last night he was home and the bar opposite was open and someone rang the bell .He had his back to the bar so I suppose out of sight out of mind . We are getting a lot of lost souls wondering up and down looking for drinks and a bit of fun before bed . Most bars/ shops are putting food on for staff so at least they are eating but obviously they still need money for rent and day to day stuff .As with 95% of businesses only a lucky few are on salary ( managers and cashiers) so please support the working girls from any business in the soi by taking them back to your room .
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    A nice colourful reminder of the beauty in nature at this testing time for us all, well played Annat. The other half and I headed up to the local hills today just to get away from the smothering coverage of Covid 19 and get some fresh air safe in the knowledge that it was unlikely the virus would find us there. A nice respite for a few hours.
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    More scenery in the bar tonight.
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