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    this reminds me the most wonderful day ( and night ) in Santiago de Cuba ....i met them in Plaza de Marte...in front of a chinese restaurant ( chinese in Cuba? do not try ever ) Their name Neriza & Nelly
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    As usual ....another trip will be over soon....and as usual the big depression will be upon me. But...i am lucky as my passion is ladyboy art. Living in Rome, being italian...how can i not love art? I have been painting ladyboys from around the world for more then 25 years. Part of my time spent in Thailand, Brasil and Cuba...as well USA or anywhere.... is looking for models...i take then pictures and at home i paint them Oil on Canvas...usually very large canvas. Also known in the art world as the ladyboy painter...not many people could understand what they mean to us. When they ask me why i sit down in a bar, drinking slowly a Leo beer with the eyes almost lost in the air...i am simply waiting for the perfect creature to paint...if i meet her...i stand up...and run to her Here 3 paintings made before my first trip to LOS...in the beginning of the new Millenium ( so almost 18 years old)...based on pictures i have seen on the net...you can possibly recognize who they are. ( could be also lbr quiz )
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    and from Colombia my adorable arelis ladyboy ( well in spanish..that i speak perfectly, is more correct travesti )
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    Welcome everyone to the bar with the most beautiful Ladyboys in Jomtien Beach. At Katty Bar & Room For Rent
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    Very quiet in jomtien right now....that is what I like
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    I'm straight. End of! I'm thoroughly turned off by all the trappings of masculinity ... except a cock but body or facial hair, beer bellies, male pattern baldness, big biceps, strong forearms, etc, etc, make my cock recoil in disgust. Also, if one has the desire to have one's rectum pumped full of spunk like a cream doughnut, then ...well ...difficult to square that with heterosexual behaviour. But when it's a sexy young ladyboy doing the pumping ... well ... not guilty m'lord. None of us are gay. There are proper gay websites for that kind of thing ... so I've been told
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    this is the most beautiful travesti in Sao Paulo...the wonderful Adriana Fofinha ( fofo/a or fofinha in portoguese means...sweetie )
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    in Jomtien...where is the the toilet please?
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    Outside a shop in Cork.
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    บุคคล is a Noun used as in a "person or individual etc" so would be good to use also try นรชาติ which can be used to describe, a Man, Woman or Person and would be put at the end of the Sentence. I will show you three examples of it in use. คน, มนุษย์, ผู้ชาย, ชาย, บุรุษ, นรชาติ คน, บุคคล, ผู้, ตนเอง, ราย, นรชาติ หญิง, สตรี, ลูกผู้หญิง, อิสตรี, มารศรี, นรชาติ
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    Even if the water looks like shit...when it is so hot...the only thing you can do is swimming
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    Mi casa es su casa
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    Due to lbr suggestions..never wrong...having wonderful time
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    For those that can speak Thai https://www.seesantv.com/seesantv2017/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw5J_mBRDVARIsAGqGLZCt5Sk4knbD_pEayqHdS2dYC2upHwxF3hSnK1AXXE6BAZ_IY6pki6caAus-EALw_wcB
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    I was on the pitch that night with the Wild Boars
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    So according to Musk, any guy who goes to Thailand is a “child rapist!?” What an asshole. I hope this dude can get some money outta the bastard.
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    I like them too maybe they are forbidden fruit and also because they are rare IMO as it is maybe only one out of a hundred like that. Mincers who could be pretty ladyboys if they wanted to go that route. I guess the Thais think these mincers are ladyboys.
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    Good deed done today, at Big C check out I was behind an old lady in the queue. Her bill came to 1100baht but when she counted out her change she had just under 1050baht She didn’t want me to help her bless her, but I insisted, and in no time we had all her shopping back on the shelves.
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    OK guys, another question involving Bell Transport whilst we're at it. If my flight gets in at 3pm, what are the chances of making the Bell stand by the time the 4pm bus leaves? I could book the 6pm bus and hope they take me at 4pm if I make it on time - then again they might be cuntish about it and insist on the original booking time! I haven't been back to Pattaya in 8yrs so my memory is sketchy on this......
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    I am pretty sure it's an Asian word, so I am going to go with Thailand, solely as a guess because that is what this forum is all about. As an aside, do you know how to confuse a blonde? Tell her you know a guy who lives in a blue bungalow, with blue floors, blue walls, blue ceilings and blue furniture, then ask her what colour the stairs are??
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    Thank you very much Sustra4. I hope you come back again. Emmy
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    I had a nice stay....told Emmy to subscribe on TripAdvisor...I've already done it..write a good review on it to push it up
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    Things have changed a bit these days at many businesses. Many companies have employees paying a greater amount of insurance costs. The ACA actually made it worse for companies offering their employees great health care plans (so called Cadillac plans). A friend of mine has to play a much greater part of his insurance at his work because he has a Cadillac plan. Preexisting conditions were a big part of my problem before the ACA. I have one skin condition, that isn't as noticeable as it once was, that I haven't taken medicine for in 10/15 years. But it will be a preexisting condition for all my days I guess. I came back from Thailand with a GI tract problem years ago and had to have a stool test. I had changed insurance companies and the testing lab sent the bill to my old insurance company that of course rejected it. The lab then billed me directly US$450 for the test. I called and gave them my new insurance details. Going through the insurance company the bill was reduced to US$90. So the hospital was charging 5x as much to people with no insurance. FWIW it's been a few years but the last stool test I had in Thailand cost 100 baht. A lady I know back where I grew up was all pissed off about the ACA as she made too much money to get any assistance on paying her insurance premium. The cheapest insurance she could get a few years ago was US$1000 dollars a month. She was considering going without insurance. She changed her mind after she had a brain aneurysm. The medical helicopter flight alone to a bigger city cost US$100k. So not having insurance in the US is like playing Russian roulette. Sorry, back to Brexit. I don't really understand all the facts. But the EU quotas on immigrants would be hard to swallow. I think GB has already absorbed a lot of Indian immigrates to make up for their past? So much so it starts rants on other boards. At least they kept the pound and could manipulate it as necessary. But I really know little about Brexit as it usually just starts arguments and I have no idea who to believe. IMO the EU is a failed experiment. What works for one country at a certain time might not work for others. But again I know little. BTW Rick it may not sound like it but I think the vast majority of guys on LB boards are liberals. Because of the nature of our sexual preferences. You will find a majority (IMO) of conservatives on the Thai GG boards like pattaya-addicts.
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    Could not agree with you more there Redrock, Corbyn is a duplicitous terrorist loving piece of scum along with His flock.
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    I think the Lady of the second Gender would just sound to over the top, I have never received any negative vibes when always simply referring to our Lady's as Ladyboys Pdoggg mind you if you wanted to make the person feel special you could refer to the Ladyboy as นางสาว which is insinuating in your belief that she is a Lady you would put the Ladyboys name before the นางสาว when introducing Her.
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    I suggest this show...at 11 everyday
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    Some pics....I love jomtien
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    I lnow players normally swap shirts at the end of the game but is it true Klopp and Suarez swapped teeth? Well done Liverpool, fantastic comeback to go through to the Final after the 1st leg result There, I have said it
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    I'm off for a wank.
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    Soi 5 at 2 o'clock Io
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    Just a quick note about restaurants in manila--Banana Leaf with many branches all over the PHips is one of my faves when stuck in the wasteland of non-Thai food...but they are not all created equal. To wit--the BananaLeaf in the basement of Century Mall in Makati just downright sucks. Small portions, poorly prepared, and a shithead manager; whereas the Banana Leaf in the lower level at PowerPlant Mall in Rockwell--also in Makati and just an 8-minute walk away, is still excellent. For example--the green chicken/eggplant curry: at Century Mall branch there's barely enough curry 'soup' to cover half the ragged pieces of chicken--and the pieces of chicken are mostly bones and butts; but at Powerplant, the solid pieces of chicken and eggplant are totally submerged in a thick spicy tasty curry sauce/soup--and there's good meat on the bones. Just one man's opinion, but Powerplant is well worth the walk. BTW, there's also a branch at Greenbelt in Makati, but I didn't get back there this trip. And--a new phenomenon has gripped Manila -- the SaladStop--a year ago I had never seen one. This trip i saw FOUR of them. A little heavy on the dressing, but if you want fresh salad to balance out the fatty fried cuisine of the PHips, i recommend. Eat well. Fuck hard.
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    I've eaten at Bob's many times, good food at a great price. SML is P45; I pay P29/bottle when I buy a case, so his markup is low. Many expats go there to socialize; after a while the girlie bars get old and many of the customers have live ins, so they are not looking to hook up. But girls do stroll by, so its possible to get a number. Some nights it's packed, no seats available. Bob is a Filipino guy, lives around the corner and really looks after his customers.
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    Some photos on FB, not sure if a winner has been named yet.
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    Damn, that’s really a hard one to answer. When I first ventured into the lady boy world, I considered myself 110% straight, and remember wondering why all of you guys talked about watching shemale porn, I just couldn’t get into it. Now, I would say that a good 60 to 70% of the porn I watch is trans with even a bit of gay porn in the mix. I guess I’d still rate myself about 75% straight, although it’s a pretty crooked sort of straight if you know what I mean.
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    Oh geez, I’m a big swishy poof. I’m as gay as Liberace’s sequined platform boots. Lol! Actually, I find these categories limiting and annoying. There is nothing obviously “gay” about me, yet I love sucking ladyboy cock and getting fucked in the ass by ladyboys. I have also found that over the years, as I have become more accepting of my proclivities, that I also like cute, and feminine Asian boys. Of course, I am also attracted to females. Though, honestly, I prefer ladyboys/femboys.
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    A while ago I booked a week away in Benidorm for the end of this June, which I am looking forward too. Even more so now watching this right up to date Vlog by our Geoff who is on the ground as we speak....Sorted
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    Here's my current favorite candidate, "Mayor Pete" Buttigieg. I saw this guy in an interview 3 months ago and sent him a $100 campaign donation, which is something I RARELY do. In my life, I think I've donated to a buddy from High School who ran for state Senate in Washington; President Obama when running for first term; Elizabeth Warren when she ran for congress; and Bernie Sanders in 2010 when he filibustered for tax equality. Latest thing Mayor Pete has done to improve my life: in an interview this week he was asked about his taste in music, he mentioned a song his husband turned him onto called "American Pie" by transgender artist Shea Diamond. NOT the "American Pie" we all know from Don McLean. Check it out!
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    Agreed, but it's the cost thing. Thailand gives us so much for so little. I was talking to a friend the other day who said the price for a hooker in Thailand wasn't that much more than that of the UK. But to compare the two experiences is silly. £60 could get you a ride in many provincial parts of the UK, but with whom and for how long. £60 in Thailand can get you a night you'll never forget. I wonder how Spain compares. Gran Canaria eh?? Wouldn't have expected much on that island. Especially back in the 90s.
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    From what I can understand, she was reporting in Derry about disturbances which followed on from police raids on homes looking for weapons. Unfortunately there has been a rise in dissident republican activity lately, fueled by Brexit for the most part. (Basically they are opposed to a return of a hard border but there are other factors at play also). She felt relatively safe reporting from beside the police lines, the police were under attack from a mob using various missiles, when a gunman appeared and shot in the direction of the police and she was hit. There is little sympathy for these dissidents in the general public on both sides of the border, but sadly there are some die hards who will continue to use violent means to achieve their aims.
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