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    Some pic of lastnight at Katty bar. Thank you very much everybody who come to my bar. Emmy
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    Those Northern Farmers Daughters Ladysons Where did it all go so wrong I hear no-one ask? How did you go from sweet, innocent Yorkshire lad to international playboy? Well I think the pivotal moment, for a number of reasons, was Song Kran of 2012. This was to be the semi infamous TR co-written by a little known BM called Kendo (who subsequently faded back into obscurity — anyone know what happened to him?) and myself. It marked the start of my ventures further afield and helped me overcome any last reservations about traveling alone. It also marked the end of me pursuing relationships with girls back home. Just a few months after my previous trip, and having struck up a bit of a rapport with Kendo, he suggested that I accompany him up to Udon Thani / Isaan. At the time his affections were split between May (who he’d met at Phuket airport) and Jenny the wildcat of Cocktails & Dreams; naturally it didn't end well but it made for a fun ride. May (left) and Shirley (right) at Friendship Bridge in Nong Khai May posing in the room (above) and at Sala Keoku sculpture park (below) We spent the first half of that sojourn in Nong Khai with May; the three of us took a long bus ride out into the middle of Nakon Nowhere, seemingly picked a house at random and demanded the company of whichever son looked prettiest in a dress. Shirley was adorable, never asking for anything, taking good care of me and I'm sad to say I took her for granted. When we left Nong Khai I slipped 3000bt into her handbag — she didn’t realise until sometime after we’d departed at which point she got May to phone Kendo, so she could thank me. I never got her contact details, something I regret a little, and I still wonder to this day what she's doing now. After Nong Khai we headed south to Udon Thani to celebrate Song Kran in Jenny's village by drinking and dancing. In fact, I got so drunk I hooked up with one of Jenny's gg friends, Wan. After a couple of days I left Jen and Kendo to do a bit of exploring around Khon Kaen on my own before returning to Udon. All of this was a real eye-opener for me, on how easy it was to get laid anywhere in Thailand — your options don’t end with go-go bars and “massage” parlours. Wan (left) and Jenny (right) at a Song Kran festival in a small village in the outskirts of Udon Thani dinner at Jenny's house in Isaan (above) Snoop Dawg, Toey aka Nong aka Oei Oei Boogie, and Jenny at Day and Night bar complex in Udon Thani. A ladyboy I picked up on consecutive nights from a Thai disco in Khon Kaen (below) A few days after leaving Isaan a teary-eyed May turned up in Bangkok looking for Kendo and despite having no information at all about where he was staying somehow managed to find him. He felt obliged to bring her along to Pattaya — sand to the beach — before finally paying her off and sending her back to Nakhon Nowhere. Within 2-3 months of returning home I inevitably broke up with the girl I’d been seeing prior to my holiday. She was perfectly nice and it's not as if we didn't get along, but I felt no enthusiasm for seeing her in fact it started to feel like a chore which is not what a relationship should be, so I ended it. What had died was the last breath in me that was human, now I was truly Cock-Wampyre!
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    Katty Bar Soi 3, Jomtien Hello everyone, i am very happy to tell you all that i have a new bar. i hope that you can visit and we can have fun, all my staff will be here too. Thank you to everyone who came to my old bar, please come to the new one too. Emmy
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    good god! Emmy Mr Quinn finished this about 5 seconds ago!... but here you go then!
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    Feeling sad too, and a bit angry.. KB had so much going for it, as the reported turn out one recent evening attests to. What an absolute cnut the sister is. With bars re-opening we can hope that the kittens - as young, attractive and personable as they are - will all find jobs quickly. Emmy has a lot of goodwill among the ladyboy community (shared here and on the other forum) - That means many of us will follow her to any other bar with which she's associated. She has experience now that is hard to beat... but best wishes to all - perhaps some of us can get back before the end of the year. Here's to hope - it springs eternal.
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    BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand's cabinet approved a civil partnership bill on Wednesday that would recognise same-sex unions with almost the same legal rights as married couples, in one of the most liberal moves yet for a largely conservative nation known for its tolerance. cont......
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    Yes indeedy. Good news. Here are a few details for you. The new Katty Bar is on Soi 3 but I guess that you’ve worked that out already. It’s on the right hand side as you walk down Soi 3 from Beach road. To save confusion QG and Annat, soi 3 is the one between soi 2 and soi 4. If you walk down soi 3 on the right side you will pass a Gymnasium, the Katty is approx 3-4 units after that. The neon sign is already in situ. The bar itself is bigger than the old Katty bar, wider and deeper. It has a pool table, looks quite a nice one, one of the bigger size tables. The bar is at the rear of the room, much like in the old Katty, but is much nicer. Unlike the old Katty there are no patio doors, just 2 roller shutters, so immediately the bar is more spacious. There is space for outside seating at the front, more than the old Katty. A plastic or steel awning hangs from over the shutter doors into the street, as with most places on the street. So, even more room for outside seating. All the bars do the same. There are no rooms for rent, it isn’t a Guest House although there are loads of them around.. Therefore S/T has to be takeaway only at the moment. No doubt as soon as Emmy can she’ll arrange something with somewhere local. Give her a little time. There is also I think a S/T hotel not a million miles away in Rhumpo. All very early days yet, all this only happened the morning after the farewell do a couple of days ago. The lady who owns the bar building heard that Katty was closing and popped around to see if Emmy was interested in another place. Simple and quick as that. The last 2 days have been hectic for Emmy and Teya and Sara. It was a bit like watching Sherpa’s carrying stuff up Mount Everest for a day, except the route between sois 4 and 3 is a bit less steep. Still work to be done, such as separation between the Katty and places on either side, bear with Emmy for a while. It will all happen. The Katty name will remain, but maybe dependent on license laws. All will be revealed in the future.. There are 2 or 3 open Action Street type GG bars further down the Soi and a currently closed Gentlemen’s club 2 doors away from Katty. So on good days we might get some nice things passing by….. All of the staff will be there.. Teya and Sunny live but 4 doors away. Mind is moving back to soi 3. Talking of Sunny QG informs me that she has had to delay return for a while due to a funeral in Chiang Mai. But she’s definitely coming back. [as far as definite means in Sunny world!] I think that Emmy is planning a soft opening tonight but will confirm later. There will be an official opening bash on 21st July which is also Emmy’s birthday, can’t call it a party due to current regulations. All will be officially confirmed by Emmy soon. Below an updated Quinn Map.
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    At the outset of this TR, snoop and I coordinated that I would play the role of "the interviewer" as to generate a minimum of interaction in-between his posts. Accordingly, I've tried to come up with good follow-up questions, my own anecdotes, media, etc. But now I'm kinda stumped... Snoop's last post is a tough act to follow. Possibly the most meaningful post I ever read here or at PY. Because it captures that exact moment when we realize our experiences in Thailand have irreversibly changed us from what we expected ourselves to be. I confidently say "we" because I know all of you also experienced a reckoning like that, be it a sudden epiphany or drawn out rationalization over several trips. Snoop captured it masterfully in his last post right above when he marveled "how easy it was to get laid anywhere" while showing heartfelt empathy for the simple-folk lovers who made him "loose enthusiasm" for "human" relations as he had known them. From then on snoop, it's that lyric all over again: "You can check out, but you can never leave..." ... But we all know the price we pay for Thailand is HUGE even if we keep telling ourselves we come out ahead. The heart-wrenching price of walking out on our blood and loves. The absurd price of walking out on ourselves for the sake of our best selves. The inenarrable price of walking out on lives and loves that never were. Snoop you are a good man, in fact so good I think you became "the Cock-Wampyre" not for the sake of lustful pursuit, but because you don't want to break anyone's heart should you subsequently succumb to it... It's too late for most of us. We are old. But you are not snoop. You can still be all you can be. The heart-red Karmann Ghia snoop. It's no coincidence it's been shelved after you got back from Issaan. Thanks for the TR snoop. It's yours to close. I'm out. I owe you a cartoon still...
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    Just to officially announce on Emmy's behalf...good news. The Katty Bar will reopen july 1st. Initially opening times will be 6 p.m to midnight. Because of the new rules, to help with social distancing. The Big Guest room on the 1st floor above the bar will also be open as an overflow bar for anyone to use. All will be obviously a bit hit and miss until things settle down as they no doubt will soon. here is the big room...you can sit on the bed if you want but no throwing Teya on it! seating will be sorted in the near future... smoking on the balcony please. Also the short time room will still be available for use.
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    Our free food handout today (25.06.2020) for the people in need affected by the corona crisis. The Lady´s worked again very hard. This will maybe our last handout. The girls did a great job :
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    Teya has made it back to Jomtien. She told us her Line is ttopaz if anyone wants to meet her before the bar reopens hopefully early next month.
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    Poppy has opened a food stall on Soi Buakhao in front of Nin Barber (see map). If you are passing and feeling hungry please buy some delicious food and help her out at this difficult time, thanks guys.
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    Among the manly men expat bar owners of Pattaya’s ladyboy bar circuit, one delicate Thai lady stands out: M. Just ‘M’. As in TJ’s Bar Mini Mom M, whose outlier Naklua establishment is a cut above the rest spacewise, entertainmentwise, and staffwise and is currently the most-talked-about ladyboy bar on the web and on the ground having won its industry-niche's last 2 annual awards for Thailand’s #1 Ladyboy Bar of the Year. Like her M namesake in the 007 movies, Mom M is the brains and willpower behind the TJ’s operation that is run with MI6 precision and exhilaration since she opened it in 2003 together with her (since departed) farang husband. TJ’s Music Bar branded itself for its nightly live music and started out as an all-girlie bar with ladyboys gradually showing up on staff until it became an all-ladyboy bar circa 2012-13. In 2018, she hired the legendary but suddenly barless Patong Jimbo who brought along his mini-cabaret concept that worked out spectacularly at TJ’s where Pattaya's most beautiful ladyboys sing and dance under the open tropical night sky. M is also known for her love of dogs, namely her ever-present 3 or 4 in-house pets that are very much part of the TJ's experience. She is especially fond of wild roaming dogs, the canine and farang kind, that flock to TJ's in search of her shelter and sustenance. This thread is meant for us BMs at LBR to acknowledge M and the awesome times at TJ’s she makes possible for us. Well done M ! Thanks for the memories. from us BMs here at LBR
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    Some of the girls doing a dry run of some new costumes for when they reopen.
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    Sitting here in a cold 13degrees. cloudy and miserable day. Bored and thinking of the bars and people I know Decided to put some of the few photos I have left of Thailand on the forum, what an amazing country, when you away from the flesh pots so here a few photos General view of Chiang Mai Buddah at the Bhumibol Dam Station to North of Bangkok Mountains at Chiang Mai Ants eggs at roadside (no i did not partake) Back Packers Hotel Hua Hin Bangkok main station Bhumibol Dam 8th Largest in the World Boiled eggs with formed chickens in them (how can anyone eat these) Chiang Mai Airport from Wat Phrathat Chiang Rai at night Donkeys on Hue Hin beach elephants painting bowl of flowers Chiang Mai Bang Bang Station Eva Air at Suvarnabhumi Flood Damage near Bangkok 2012 So there thats taken 30 mins My best wishes to you all. Hope you are all well and Covid free Seem to have finished up with a girlfriend i was not really chasing - she is back near Buriram now asking if I am moving to Thailand - some chance So am looking forward to returning hopefully before i die but when and how remains a good question. Never been to Buriram so that would be good, she has never been to Chiang Mai, so that another great car trip. Waiting to hear how you get a BJ with a mask and face shield How many bars will re-open? Just have to say I do miss the Country - some of you old farts and the lovely boys with long hair, short skirts and high heels
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    The whole world has been put back several years, but in Thailand's case it is seemingly more with such a reliance on tourism. Stubbornly refusing to devalue the baht can only go on so long as they have no tools left in the toolbox unless they go for zero interest rates. Negative interest rates are for losers. Tourists don't give a shit about a country's interest rates, they focus exclusively on exchange rates. Interest rates are for locals. We can add June and all of July, plus several more months before tourists beyond any other Asian countries are allowed into their bubble. This face-saving bullshit could well end up biting them harder in the backside than is truly necessary. Wiping some painted smiles off a few of those smug high ranking faces wouldn't be such a bad thing.
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    We are ready to service Teya, Sara, Moon, Spy and more are here now.
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    Tonight I will open the bar for the first day. but just soft opening. Grand opening is 21 July also my birthday. Welcome everyone.
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    A great turnout for the 'Farewell Party' - not really farewell but 'Hello' to the next move by Emmy. She is very upbeat about starting afresh. Looking as sharp as ever top 'Front of the House' man Jimbo was an early arrival. 'Pad Thai Boy' from KRUs/Sweethearts. Petesie and New from New Bar of course. Lots of lovely ladies floating about. Everyone wished Emmy all the best for the future and I'm sure they will be there to support her next move. No rush I don't think - slowly slowly.
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    I feel really bad about this. It was a bar that you could feel very comfortable in, with no pressure at all. There are a couple of degenerates who habit the place and bring the tone down a bit, but we could excuse those. Nothing stays the same does it?. I think part of its appeal was the location. Out of the way. But I guess that may have been a drawback as far as pulling customers in. Sure enough the regulars know about it, but not passing traffic down Beach Rd. Also the passing foot traffic in Jomtien is not the same as that in parts of Pattaya such as Soi Bukhao, if you know what I mean?. They are not in the main, looking for ladyboys. I really feel for Emmy. With no customers for months and now this. I am guessing the money needed to setup a new bar would be substantial?. Hope she can open a new bar with her present staff and make a go of it. If she has the will to do it?.
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    Not only is Teya back....but tomorrow the 3rd July....Our Sunny is back too. Think her plans regarding working in Big C, or becoming an Astronaut or whatever have been thrown out of the window. Surprise surprise! Sara was also working last night. MInd and Moon were both there early on in the evening but because of the downpour became convinced that no customers would come last night so went home. And not only but also... to be officially announced soon, Emmy and Sunny's joint birthday bash will be on July 21st. It's actually Sunny's birthday on the 6th but as with last year they have decided to have a joint 'do' on Emmy's birthday the 21st. No-one will be expecting crowds to come along but we hope some of you locals can.
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    All celebrations cancelled and a bit soggy here on the Wet coast but will have a few cold ones at my favourite beachfront bar just the same
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    I thought i'd venture out tonight, being the first day of bars open. Unfortunately the weather was not helpful, with varying degrees of damp the whole evening. So i only ventured as far as Katty Bar, which is not far from my condo on Theprasit Road. On my short drive i was interested to see how many bars were open - my guess would be 30%. Most had a handful of customers, some had none at all. However, i was delighted to see a pretty decent turnout at Katty Bar - maybe 10 or 12 guys while i was there., which made it the busiest bar in Jomtien! It's early days, and the weather certainly didn't help, but it was very pleasing to see "our lot" giving support to Emmy. I'll be back in a day or two.
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    Teya prepares for the re-opening (pic from her fb page).
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    Yeah the bar owners are really in a tight spot, rents are so high and with no revenue coming in, it's a sure path to bankruptcy. A bar owner in Subic Bay, Philippines shared that he asked his Pinoy landlord for a discount or forbearance; the reply was a curt "No, but feel free to vacate." I hope the greedy landlords get some of their own medicine.
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    Unless rents are renegotiated how are any Pattaya bars going to survive if farangs don't return this year and next year has 20% of 2019? EDIT: Same goes for restaurants. I would think the best positioned eateries would be street stalls such as those that might be found outside a Family Mart which I assume pay some sort of monthly rent but probably not any upfront fees and can walk away at any time.
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    The Best Things In Life Are Free I'm sorry if I gave the impression that any of those encounters were free. It's not often freebie are offered but they are possible. I hooked up with Jonelle Brooks via Grindr in November 2018 and all that cost me was 300bt for the short-time room at Full Love Inn. It was the very definition of a quickie, 69'ing until she came then she was out of the door like a shot. Quite amusing really. It wasn't until I travelled to Phillipines for the first time that I really started to take benefit of freebies; many of the girls there are happy just to be taken out on a date and treated with respect - giving them bfe - and will readily put out if you're nice to them. And of course there are others that just want to get laid and if you pay for the taxi will happily come over. But that's another story. Ironically within days of getting back to Thailand from PI I was hit up on Planet Romeo for a booty call by Coco. Only cost to me was travel to her apartment that was out towards Jomtien. She'd obviously got a decent job (in marketing or something simliar) and her apartment was brand new (very nice). Slightly older LB (early 30s) she looked just as good as her photos though as I was her booty call the liaison was more on her terms - she was not looking to provide a service but get laid so it wasn't all about what I wanted, but what she wanted to - which was to be Top only.
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    The Last Of The Famous International Playboys The years have flown by like minutes. An endless menu of magnificent strangers in foreign lands as I continued supplementing my time in Pattaya with a side trips to other regions. Sometimes with a companion but often flying solo, safe in the knowledge that ladyboys were an abundant fruit ripe for the picking wherever I traveled. It was inevitable that I would eventually run out of new places to visit in Thailand and therefore start looking further afield. Phimai Historical Park (above) and freerange ladyboy picked up at Tawan Dang Disco (below) - Korat (2014) Kendo suggested I check out Laos; I could fly up to Udon Thani and get a bus across the border to Vientiane. The language is very similar, they take Thai baht and USD as well as their own currency, and we all know more than a few ladyboys in Thailand who come from Laos. All in all it's like going abroad without leaving Thailand. I treated it like a weekend city break, enjoying a day in Udon Thani at each side for old time's sake - proving what a small world it as I ran into two of my old flames there are Yui and Pon. It was a similar story when I reached the Vientiane. I did some sightseeing during the day then hit the local bars at night, where of course I met Hannah who used to work at 69 bar / fantasy lounge. Patuxay Monument, Vientiane Laos (above). Unnamed guy, Hannah, Pee and Snoop Dawg (left to right) at @Home Club - Laos April 2016 Buddha ParkAlso known as Xieng Khuan (above) and Pha That Luang (below) That was 4 years ago in 2016, and since then I've visited Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Indonesia and most recently Philippines. Gardens By the Bay (above) and Marina Bay (below) - Singapore Nov 2016 Laos (or at least Vientiane), Cambodia and Burma were like a poorer Thailand - though Burma didn't have any ladyboys or p4p scene being a Muslim country - and from a cultural perspective worth visiting. I have very fond memories of Burma despite the lack of p4p - it's a country that's just opening up to tourism and feels very unspoiled. Angkor Wat, Siem Reap - Cambodia April 2017 A cute little spinner I picked up from Barcode in Siem Reap (below) Royal Palace (above) and Choeung Ek Genocidal Memorial (below) Phnom Penh, Cambodia Myanmar aka Burma - The road from Mandalay, to Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon - Nov 2018 (below) Mandalay Hill (above) - View from Soon Oo Pon Nya Shin Pagoda (below) U Bein Bridge (above) Yandana Sinme Pagoda, Inwa (above) and Maha Aungmye Bonzan (below) Mingun Pahtodawgyi (above) and Lions of Stone, Mingun (below) Mandalay Palace (below) Shwezigon Pagoda (above) and Alodawpyi Pagoda, Bagan (below) - Bagan, Myanmar Alodawpyi Pagoda, Bagan (above) and Mount Popa (below) Inle Lake (below) Cute girl at Utopia Tower (above) and Supreme Court of Myanmar (below) - Yangon Swe Taw Myat Pagoda, Yangon (below) Likewise, Vietnam is rich in culture; I have a theory that most people who have visited southeast Asia will either have Thailand or Vietnam as their favourite destination, and which one is usually the first they visited. I visited both north and south Vietnam; Hanoi and Saigon respectively with a side trip to Halong bay from Hanoi. Of the two I preferred the quaint old town of Hanoi even though there was more nightlife if in Saigon. Though compared to Thailand this pales too in significance - there's next to no p4p scene and there's very few (almost no) ladyboys which I put down to this being a communist state. Though I did meet one ladyboy in Zero Three Bar (Saigon) and I also hooked up with one I met online (also in Saigon) though she was not as attractive as her photos. Bui Vien (Walking) Street - Saigon, Nov 2017 Cao Dai Temple (above and below) Chợ Bình Tây (below) - Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh City Quán Chùa Huyền Thiên (above) and St Joseph Cathedral (below) - Hanoi National Assembly Building (above) and One Pillar Pagoda (below) Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long (below) Halong Bay (above and below) Religion and politics seem to be the main two factors of a number of transsexuals in a country. Something I discovered when I went to Malaysia. Again very enjoyable for sightseeing; I enjoyed a nice city break in Kuala Lumpur followed by a few days on the island of Penang. I didn't see any ladyboys in public, being a mainly Muslim country, but I did manage to hook up with one online in Penang. Central Market (above) and Sultan Abdul Samad Building (below) - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia April/May 2018 Parlimen Malaysia (above) Petronas Towers (above and below) ABC Batu Caves Temple (above) and Istana Negara, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim (below) Famous street art in George Town, Penang (above) and Lee Jetty Kek Lok Si Temple (above) and Batu Ferringhi (below) Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (below) too be continued...
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    I have often said to myself and others on particular occasions in Los “Where did it all go right?” One such time that always springs to mind was when a group of us ended up spending a Sunday morning canoeing along a river with the staff of Ezy bar. 4 regular blokes from various corners of the world crammed into small rafts with about 20 transsexuals. And it all felt so perfectly normal....:)
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    Well part one was well received have some more time on my hands on yet another cold, murky & wet day in the colony of Wales. drove 50 miles yesterday biggest journey for 3 months, to get to dentist and told we cannot do anything with water, fillings, crowns etc. until Jan 2021 So temporary filling or tooth out - when the young lady dentist heard I had a stent fitted in February, no take tooth out until talk with consulant. So hope the temporary will hold for a few months cost £72. anyway now the photos General view of Chaing Mai from hotel next 3 all at the Grand Palace Bangkok Painting of King Chulalongkorn in foyer of Bangkok main station growing tea at 4000' in the Hills near Fong Hua Hin cock have posted him a few times over the years next 3 all at the Grand Palace Bangkok Inside lampang Temple Khon Kaen Street scene inside the Kosa Hotel Khon Kaen Lampang street scene Outside Lampang Temple Nakom Pathon Station re-build city gates Chang Mai Road side stalls in central Thailand Edited just now by annat
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    So being Big Buddha day today we ( Dao ) decided to go to the big Temple in Ban Phue ( about 15 minutes from home ) " Wat Phochaishi ". There was the usual Buddhist temple things and some stuff I didn't expect to see there .
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    always welcome at the Katty Big Tel! from Quinn of course.
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    Delirious Bar is open from today. We also have already a couple of girls working for us again.   Over the last 3 month i stocked up on different Single Malt´s, Bourbon´s and rum´s. We stock now 51 different Whisky´s, 11 different rum´s, 7 different gin´s and 7 different Vodka´s. From time to time i will upload some of our new additions. Here is the first: A Japanese Singlemalt from Suntory Yamazaki Distiller´s Reserve This whisky is fresh and fruity (a good summer whisky). Full of red fruits and a touch of sherry cask.  The finish is long with vanilla and sweet spice :-)
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    The bar is back open tonight, looks a bit quiet but the visors look hot in their own strange way.
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    rumours! i have never actually used it but the once a long time ago when Katty first opened... so, let's see what happens with the Katty and other bars now... are the customers here to keep the bars going? frankly i doubt it. Re the Katty itself i rather imagine QG and BB and maybe others paddling canoes across the oceans to get here quickly.... Jimmy Cargo..if you read this...i was walking around Pattaya the other day and saw some camouflage face masks for sale! there will be one behind the bar waiting just for you. the overflow big room mentioned ..i'm not sure how Emmy will organise it, maybe she'll just leave it open for people to just walk up, or maybe she'll open it for people on request. all a bit hit and miss until things settle. A good idea though to help those of you worried about social distancing and all that crap... don't worry, no names mentioned QG! please guys, treat the room with respect as it is a guest room [or it was..] it's a nice big room. How service will work, not sure yet. Depends i guess on how many Kittens are around. hence forward for ease i'll refer to it as the 'speakeasy' [ thanks Pdogg]. the staff will no doubt float between the bar and the speakeasy, depending on custom. Remember though guys.. it's not the short time room, you may have people walking in! i did speak to mind some time back and she was all for the idea of the speakeasy.. i suspect when Teya and Sunny get the idea they will be all for it...a playroom! if the kittens join you in there please buy them a drink ... they might be loosing out on custom in the bar. Anyway, let's see how it works, might do, might not. One can only try. i do believe that Emmy has one of those bluetooth speakers in there, so if you want music can be played from your mobile phone. Not yours though QG...for some reason the speaker won't play C&W... yeeh-haw! thank god.
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    This is why the US isn't getting anywhere on coronavirus.. Sometimes an image is worth a 1000 words
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    PS, and as a special thank you and bonus to all Riverpool supporters, anyone aged 70, slim and sexy, and who lives in Jomtien can have a free Boom-Boom tonight.
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    well, fella's as you know i never talk about English football on forums, and certainly not in this topic. BUT... strangely enough, you won't believe the email i have just recieved from the Kittens, i have copied it as requested in its entirety below. Dear Blind Boy, we the Kittens would like to specifically and enthusiastically say heartfelt congratulations to Riverpool F.C for winning the Premier league title. The Kitten Krew lub Riverpool, and we are over the moon for the boys. Please Blind Boy, we would all be enternally grateful if you would find the time to copy this onto the forum as we are extremely aware that you would never talk about Riverpool yourself. Thank you Blind Boy, and we send everyone a wave from Jomtien. And another one.. oops!...it's a 2nd wave! Once again well done Riverpool F.C, and greetings and felicitations to all Riverpool supporters, we lub you all wherever you are**. yours sincerely... Teya and the kittens. PS, and as a special thank you and bonus to all Riverpool supporters, anyone aged 70, slim and sexy, and who lives in Jomtien can have a free Boom-Boom tonight. PSS ** especially Bumberablee. My pleasure Teya, thank you for the wonderful surprise.
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    Ohhh sweet fucking Jesus, I have heard it all now!!!!
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    Its funny how they make rules to suit them selves, all the markets, stalls and even the farmers planting rice ( me ) there is NO social distancing . There was a gathering at the local school yesterday to sort stuff out and there must have been 200 people there , all bunched up together and NO masks on .All the banks just before opening time is standing room only then when the bank opens the distance thing kicks in . As said before its a good excuse to try and clean up the hole coming to Thailand thing .Anyway we will open Zaza on the 25th and see how we go .
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    Love Thread F**king a Rom Thread Just to say to all you weird and wonderful folk after 12 weeks of lock down in Wales. I am finally crawling up the walls, still only allowed to drive 5 miles. Have not put anything on forum as nothing has changed But I am alive which is good I am pleased you old ones like blind boy grunt, stoolpusher and likes are all still alive Just had a look at some of the early post on the other forum about Covid - they make fine reading as most of what the members sayabout only a flu no big problem - noting is stopping them from seeing a bar with ladyboys etc.etc. - well i TOLD YOU So. The Positive is I got a loan from Bank on Bounce Back which i would never have got before the virus My Ebay is doing better than before I have saved stacks on hotels, planes and Thai ladyboys Cannot see myself on route to Thailand until a vaccine or summer ; that is if the General will let scumbag farangs like me back into the country Cannot belive I am replying to a thread by Rom - I really am sinking to the bottom and loosing it
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    The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that workers cannot be fired for being transgender in a blockbuster win for the Transgender community. The 6-3 holding, authored by Justice Neil Gorsuch, a conservative appointed by Trump, is a landmark development in the history of transgender rights in the United States. While workers in about half the country were protected by local laws that prohibit discrimination based on gender identity, there was no federal law that explicitly barred transgender workers from being fired on that basis.
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    good luck on a vaccine ANY time soon. Serioiusly. I'm personally prepared to never see LOS again. The requirements even when "normal" flights in and out resume are impossible for many of us, and what amounts to cherry picking only the "BEST" of people to let in and fleece. $3000 ponyed up and THEN pay for a 2 week quarantine? fock, there goes any one month visitors (most tourists?). In the future only the rich and people in business with Thai's will have an easy time of entry methinks. Tho apparently it might gut the condo building juggernaut unless they make a blanket exception for the Chinese. They've been getting ever more restrictive doing almost surgical rule changes to cut out sex tourists, backpackers and low spending types. I believe they think they can do fine without ALL that segment. The Chinese alone would more than pick up the slack.
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    Last year I took this one in Pattaya (TF, bars closed on that day). Agreed 1500baht for 3 hours, gave her 3000, because I literally broke her ass
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    typical left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. Social distancing? has anyone told the baht bus drivers that run the Pattaya to Jomtien route from the bus rank in Pattaya? The ones that still refuse to go until there are at least 12 people on the bus.
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    This post summarizes the 18 BM and mod posts + 3 of mine that followed my Ploy/Golden Gun post in the original TR at PY (which, for those who don't know, is short for ‘Pyongyang’ which is how the People's Republic Ladyboy Board of No-Dissent is referred to here at The Romscars Club). I had expected PY’s BMs to instantly recognize Ploy and cheer at the sight of his huge cock, but no one did. So I expressed my bewilderment, which was instantly used as a false pretext for the threadfucking to start right on p.1 of my TR led by the BM sexpat who posts mostly to condescend on lesser BMs not self-exiled to the Naklua-Pattaya-Jomtien Corridor of Enlightenment (no, not the rabid, semi-literate one; the blasé one with the smooth prose). To be specific, he passive-aggressively lectured me in the 3rd person (as in "he this ... he that" addressed to all other BMs but not me) to "be patient as the +1s would come", which he knew would sting because I had not asked about any +1s, only if anyone had recognized Ploy! Back in 2017, PY had 3 mods, and one had been assigned to police my TR. But instead of quietly hoovering the threadfucker’s post, he PMed me to tell me not to pay attention to it and carry on with the TR. I did not know I could, as OP, demand of moderation to hoover hostile posts until much later in the TR when another mod took pity on me and offered to. So I chose instead to tell the threadfucker to fuck off, which he did and never returned. But his threadfucking mission had been accomplished and set the tone for a heckle-infested TR with his sexpat pals duly following suit with more posts disparaging me, this time for my “thin-skin”. The policing mod posted perfunctorily appealing to all BMs to let me carry on with the TR. Only when I responded breaking threadfuckers balls wholesale did the mod finally hoover a couple of their posts … along with my unsparing crazy-funny response! In parallel with the sexpat BM's threadfucking, a few other BMs posted to bitch at me after mistaking (or pretending to) the undried gold paint on Ploy’s cock for shit and to accuse me of degrading and injuring Ploy by painting him with toxic media. What had happened was that Ploy got impatient and did not let the paint on his cock dry long enough for the excess to be removed and those were the only pics I managed to snap before he stormed off to the shower and washed the paint off. I put to rest concerns with the health of Ploy's middle leg by following with a couple of posts with pics of Ploy washing his cock, of the skin-SAFE body paint product, and of the 2 of us back in action.
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