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    A cowboy appeared before St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. "Have you ever done anything of particular merit?" St. Peter asked. "Well, I can think of one thing," the cowboy offered. "On a trip to the Black Hills out in South Dakota, I came upon a gang of bikers who were threatening a young woman. I directed them to leave her alone, but they wouldn't listen. So, I approached the largest and most tattooed biker and smacked him in the face, kicked his bike over, ripped out his nose ring, and threw it on the ground. I yelled, 'Now, back off or I'll kick the shit out of all of you!'" St. Peter was impressed, "When did this happen?" "Couple of minutes ago."
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    As Stro says capitalism by its very nature is exploitive. Perhaps the lady who works in a 100 baht Buakhao foot massage joint is being exploited? Or the Cambodian garment workers who are fighting to make $177 a month? Is sex morally wrong and deserves a special category? So how could we avoid exploitation? I reckon we could double what we pay them and it would still be exploitation. If it were triple then we would just go to the Philippines and exploit there. In an ideal world there wouldn't be such income disparity between countries. But the unholy alliance of neo-imperialists and corrupt local politicians limits opportunity for much of the population. No easy answers here. Of course if no money were involved our ladyboys would much rather go with a young Thai guy. I remember one night a garbage truck rolled past Famous Bar and the Famous Girls went gaga over the garbagemen. But I don't think it is as easy as we might think for ladyboys to find the Thai partner of her choice unless she is supporting him. So being young, horny, and full of cum, if she can find a farang sex partner who she doesn't find repulsive then she can get paid and laid then she might think she is doing well for herself if she is the promiscuous type. If not the promiscuous type she can work in a tourist area and keep her eyes peeled for her rusty knight in shining armour.
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    I do feel this a lot of the time, especially when I'm back home. When I'm in los it doesn't seem to matter so much as it feels more like just the way things are. Perhaps I'm trying to justify myself but I like to think that p4p with ladyboys is less exploitative than with Thai ggs as I can see the lbs get erections and climax so I can believe they are at least enjoying themselves to some extent. But maybe I could think that if I made a gg climax. I do always treat people with respect, I don't treat people as sex toys just because they are in p4p.
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    Good question, QG. I have felt this many times and also expressed this on various forums but that has been as popular as cancer. Its simply nothing that's being considered, at least not in the open. My mongering days are completely different from 10 years ago though so I don't have to contemplate this too often now. Last trip was a 5 month stretch with under 10 paid for sexy time. Excellent points , BB. I have friends who been employees all their life and they look upon themselves as whores or slaves. Go do something every day they don't like for money to be able to survive. One friend even said he'd fuck for money rather than go to his work. Problem is that hes no oil painting and would get zero business. So he goes to work every day and pays for sex while on holiday. Look at the football players today. No loyalty to any club, its all about money. Whores if you ask me. Being on the wrong side of 50 its no secret you're not the catch of the day in a nightclub or bar anymore. To think anything else is self-deceptive and you need to question your own self-image. To bang around in Marine at my age ( 52) and believe you are "scoring" is just pathetic, imo. Some guys may be enjoying Marine for what it is, I personally can't stand it, but thats another topic. Ive met som very nice persons on the job, but also some total lowlifes. Treat people who deserve it with respect , hookers or moneyboys.
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    I met an older woman in a bar last night. She looked pretty good for a 60-year-old. In fact, she wasn’t too bad at all, and I found myself thinking she probably had a really hot daughter. We drank a couple of beers, and she asked if I’d ever had a Sportsman’s Double? ‘What’s that? I asked. ‘It’s a mother and daughter threesome,’ she said. As my mind began to embrace the idea, and I wondered what her daughter might look like. I said, ‘No, I haven’t.’ We drank a bit more, then she said with a wink, ‘tonight’s your lucky night’. We went back to her place. We walked in. She put on the hall light and shouted upstairs: ‘Mom…you still awake?’
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    38 degrees C here in Benidorm (Spain) at the moment, someone told me last night that she saw it hit 42C on a temperature guage. Even though I have AC in the room I still bought a little fan which has been a blessing and worked a treat. The good news is that I can chill out with pints of beer at €1.50 (52 baht) and large G &T's in the Sports Bars that are showing the Cricket and Womens World Cups on large screens. Might go and chill out by one of the 5 pools here at the Hotel Life aint too bad
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    The word "exploitation" by it's exact translation is divisive and open to interpretation. My thoughts are that exploitation is where a person is forced to do something against there will, because they have little or no other choice. But it could be argued that I only translate it to this context because it allows me to sleep soundly at night, believing I have done no wrong. Others may argue that the very fact I indulge in sex for cash in a third world country means I am exploiting a less well off society for my own needs. This is probably a valid argument. However, as seven mentioned earlier, we could all argue we are being exploited in our own society by the rich business owner, if you wanted to perceive things in that manner. For example, I work my ass off usually 60 hours a week, and although I receive a generous remuneration, only my boss is getting rich through my hard work. But i don't feel I am being exploited, because I am not doing it against my will, I am doing it to make ends meet.
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    @seven, yes it is sad that lbs in Thailand are discriminated against in employment. I like to talk to the lbs I meet in bars about why they work there. It's usually the same story, as lbs they find it difficult to get a good job, even if they have degrees. If they do manage to get employment it will be at a low level, in a factory, shop, hotel or something like that and they can not progress to higher levels. And of course Thai society requires them to financially support their parents and other family members. Sometimes it does make me feel guilty. Am I exploiting them?
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    They should also look at filing such acts against some other neighbouring ASEAN countries.
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    Hello every body. thank you Kwan for the artwork. You do good for me many time . For a thank you for everybody that comes to my birthday party next sunday the 21st, i will start the free barbeque around 8.30-9p.m. until the food finish. Please come early to enjoy the nice food. i will also as a gift for everybody that comes, discount all bills by 10%. whatever your total bill is when you leave i will discount 10% from that much.I want to do this to say thankyou so much to my friends and every person that comes. the Katty kittens will all be there to take care of you and i hope that some of my Ladyboy friends will come. last time i discount all beers by 10 baht, this time because i know some people like shorts and mixers, every thing is discount that is on the bill total, including any bar fines. all i ask is if anyone like the free food please give a small tip to the cooker is my nephew , he works hard! thankyou very much Emmy
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    Welcome everybody to join Meet and greet Lur Saluces and Sunny's birthday on 14 July. The Katty Kittens team are ready to welcome everyone. ^^ Sent from my vivo 1819 using Tapatalk
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    This kinda music makes me wanna dropkick a bag of kittens. Though the girls, and to be honest, a few of the boys, are totally doable. Had a grumpy old man moment at my local pizza joint this weekend. Walked in and they were playing that horrible shite with the fucking auto tuner, ugh, arrrrrgh! Asked the server if she could maybe turn it down or switch the music to something, anything else. She was very sweet and just shut it off, no worries. “You kids, get off my lawn!”
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    Tough way to lose. thought the better team won but England had its chances. Thought they were hard done by to have that offsides goal ruled out. I mean, I thought the benefit of the doubt was to go to the attacker? Thought the penalty was a dodgy call as well. whats the standard to change a call? clear and obvious error? Dont think it was a clear and obvious error on the pen call. It was a poorly taken pen though. I dont know what all this mystery is over Rapinoe. I think her replacement was aces. She had a couple of wicked shots one of which was blocked. Just say she has a non specific knock/slight injury and may or may not be able to go in the final. Its not the plans for fucking D Day now is it??
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    Not been to the 'poofter' area of the Old Town yet......apparently loads of 'benders' bars around. Will take a look in a few nights time as got the England v USA World Cup Womens Semi tomorrow night plus the World Cup Cricket match between England and New Zealand on Wednesday. These shows are knocking about too
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    Also the fan has come in very handy early evening whilst having a Vino before dinner on the balcony. Its still Scorchio
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    Looks like jomtien.enjoy your night in Cambodia...always wanted to visit
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    I was one of those guys PD. It happened to me in a clothing store in June 2008. It was a small store with two floors, on 2nd Road, if I remember correctly between Baywalk and the Royal Garden Plaza. While I was fitting a T-shirt in a dressing room that was closed off with just a curtain, the young and attractive saleswoman suddenly came in. Within a minute she was on her knees giving me a BJ. Only in Thailand…..
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    I am sure you are right to some extent, sustra. Human trafficking also exists to some extent. Its not all black and white. There are of course lazy ladymen who collect serious cash from WU, who never had a hard days work in their life. The trick is , I guess , to be able to tell the honest ones from the scammers. Given the exchange rate , neither of us should be sending anything to Thailand.
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    when you work like a dog...and you want to send a present via western union to a ladyboy you felt in love with..and the receiver account looks as blocked temporarily as she received too much money...( blaming starvation ) only then..you understand that capitalism or socialism are nonsense when you talk about prostitution....i've seen prostitutes also in Nicaragua, Cuba and Russia in the 80's.. i wasn't alive at those times but also in the ancient Rome A prostitute sentence " why should i have a decent job for 1.200 when i can earn the same amount having fun and drinking champagne in 2 day's work?" there is sure exploitation on some of them....but if you start listening to them..it's over...what should they say? i make prostitution because of money...or...i was forced by society to be a prostitute? what would you say...victimism is the first way to give excuses false like Judas...cunning as a fox...it is good to lie in bed...waiting to say i love you i miss you.....400 Bath a letter
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    He's not insane. He is clever, but also a narcissistic entitled bully. He covers that up quite well with the bumbling buffoon act. I can't see him doing any better than May with negotiating the Withdrawal Agreement with the EU, so it will be interesting to see what happens as we approach the deadline 31 October. He is in the news again today about a domestic row with his current partner who he left his wife for: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jun/21/police-called-to-loud-altercation-at-boris-johnsons-home https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48721211 I doubt it will have any effect on his supporters though.
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    I agree with the first, not the latter. Nothing wrong with humanity. Its not only westerners of course, the domestic sextrade in Thailand you won't see in Pattaya, but guess who's buying the young ass in the sticks of Issan. Its somchai, the uncle. Btw, the human trafficking of young eastern girls by Russian and Albanian mafia here and on the continent is real and brutal. No one have any numbers or statistics, but when they bust these sweatshops with some 20 young girls living and "working" in the same house, serving up to 10 johns a day its hard to argue they do it because they like it.
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    i'm 52 too....hey....nowadays at 52 we are teen-agers!!!!!!!!!!!!!....c'mon
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    “Am I exploiting them?” —QG. I often wonder the same thing. One thing is for sure, as Bumblebee mentioned, most of the ladyboys would not look twice at us old guys if not for the money. So, in that sense, we are taking advantage of (exploiting) an economic situation that works in our favor. The ladyboys are making the best of a difficult socioeconomic situation that leaves them with limited income options. Although no one is putting a gun to their heads, there are very real economic pressures steering them into selling their ass to old farangs for money. This is very much like the economic draft in the US; poor people with limited options obliged to do something they would otherwise not, but for the money. Looks like exploitation to me.
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    Good point QG. I suppose we could view it in two ways, as a situation that suits both parties, if the girl is enjoying her time with a punter then it could be seen as the same as any job in a way. On the other hand if they had alternative, decent paid employment would they look twice at most of the guys who go with them. Any of us who have ever tried to catch the eye of a gg or lb who doesn’t work the scene, particularly outside the tourist areas, will know it’s the same as back home, they are just not interested in older guys for the most part. So desperation for income does give us that advantage.
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    I know you are asking about not using a US number, I faced as similar problem as my Canadian bank has moved to an SMS confirmation text now for increased security. The challenge was my Canadian sim card stopped working in the Arabian Gulf country I am working on. Fortunately I have a long break for summer and during my visit home, I was able to set up Google text using my Canadian sim card. Now I am able to receive the SMS on my computer (having downloaded the app to my laptop and syncing my phone account). Do you have a US sim card? I know you can also set up a US Skype in number to receive US texts to the Skype in number (you need to register that number with your bank).
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    The last time I drove through Yass, like about 15 years ago, I don't think even MYass would've been open at 6 am. But 15 years ago I wouldn't have been looking.
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    Thank you very much Quiet guy. Not see you long time. Hope you are find.
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    Hello everybody. Welcome to the bar with the most beautiful Ladyboys in Jomtien Beach. At katty bar and room for rent on jomtien beach road soi4 We wait for you Come to greet and have fun with us. Thank you Emmy Boss
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    Freakshow at Disneyland
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    Anything by ELO I would have to say. First album I ever bought was by ELO. have a CD in the car-double Album about 1978 forgot the name but its brilliant. think beatles Sargent Peppers is pretty good as well.......
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    I mean who am I to put a "damper" on a wet T shirt contest but how can they afford to pay that type of prize money? Is it bullshit? Do they get some sucker to "sponsor" it? I dont think I would do it if I had a lot of money. Maybe I would I dont know.......
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    I very much agree with that mate. We are all, well most of us, faced with distasteful choices at times. I've done some shit jobs in the past, but they paid reasonably well. I've never felt ill will to the man who profits from my efforts. I disagree with your definition of exploitation though. No one needs to be forced to be exploited. " To gain unfairly from another's work, " is the broad definition. However, that poses the question: who determines fair and unfair?
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    Does the hong nam in Central Avenue Cineplex count?
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    Actually I will still probably be going to los as long as I'm still mobile. I really hate the short dark cold days of winter in London and need some sun in January/February. It might be easier to go to somewhere closer like the Canary Isles, but I don't think I'd fit in with the other elderly Brits spending the winter there. I'd rather take the long flight to los for the company of friendly ladyboys.
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    I do agree that third-world hookers are being exploited by Western, and increasingly Indian, African, and Chinese guys. And I find it laughable when I speak to Western fellas who get so enraged about the perceived social injustice in the West yet feel no guilt when shagging the arse off a teenage street urchin in Pattaya. But, I would say that exploitation is much, much less than others would have you think. Let's face it, it's a fantastic story to spin for a hooker. It really elicits sympathy. 99% of hookers will tell you they don't like to do it with other guys but they need the money. That's exploitation of a hooker. However, they really like having sex with you for money. That's exploitation of a customer. Capitalism by its very nature is exploitative. That's a cop-out. Humanity by its very nature is exploitative.
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    Talking of JSB, I've still got some photos I took there in 2002. In those days you could get little Amy there for B500 LT - or any of them for that matter. Then stardom arrived in the shape of the pornographers and the internet - the rest is history.
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    I'm 68 next week. I reckon I'll still be going to los for at least the next two years. Maybe give up when I reach 70.
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    Fookin ‘ell, I’m old. I turn 60 this year.
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    Absolutely correct. Haha Good for you , sustra.
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    Lets be honest, there really is no reason to go to Walking Street. Between the traffic, the hustle, the herds of lookey loos its just not that great for, especially, us long term mongers. I used to enjoy the Happy Hour at Honeys or was it Happs Go Go where they always danced topless. Used to be 60-70 baht for a watered down Sangsom + Coke. Good for a couple of pops and some eye candy. The only other reason i would visit that area is to put on the feed bag @ The Beer Garden. Was there recentl with a couple of gents and it was busy. Food was good, service was good and priced right! Otherwise i would be happy NOT to go south of VT 6!!!!!!
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