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    I'm back guys. After NOT posting 3 FLASHES yesterday that I would have made were it not for an unexpected situation I find myself in: the ladyboy from Jomtien beach moved in to my hotel room. Yeah Just like that! Showed up unannounced, we fucked and then she has just kinda stayed. PLUS she has put me under so much pressure to have sex after sex that it has cut into my online media time allocation... I will still try in the coming days to post the FLASHES from yesterday and debrief the Romscars Club on how this Jomtien beach ladyboy crush-on-me thing turns out. I don't even remember her name. I just call her Coca-Cola. Today I am sharing a couple of highlights from last night: After I posted here the teaser that was my visit to the Delirious Bar party 2 nights ago, Herbert (der owner) private-messaged me here inviting me for a Beerlao. So I went by last night and had one on the house. I don't know about the Scotches (I am a Tequilla man!) but the bar is very well stocked with ladyboys, including one who is Lilly-grade boner material and who I will be returning for (I also don't remember her name; I call her The Lady in Red). So if anyone wants my autograph, or smash a bottle over my head, or just say hi! hang out in there same-same as I plan to. My other bar stop of the night was Oldlover's birthday party at Baby Boom. And there I was in the belly of the beast and none of the Cliquers even looked my way. Understandable! They were too busy with the sissies. At some point, I stepped outside with my main one there Eye and media-used her too-sweaty-for-Dry-Erase-Markers nubile skin and sent her back in to pay my RESPECT! TO THE GODFATHER of the Pattaya mob:
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    I know when I am back home in the real world next month I’ll be asking myself did this stuff really happen. Even after all these years of coming to Los I find it hard to believe how a day can pan out sometimes. (And all going to plan there is another surprise coming tomorrow ...)
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    NEWSFLASH from Pyongyang: In PY's Baby Boom thread, BM oldlover had posted one pic he took of my PERSONAL birthday wishes to him that I had written on wee Eye's back for her to show him during the party. This morning I looked again and that pic was gone. Seems the Kims made oldlover remove it. I guess I am to them what Trotsky was to Stalin: even after being forced into exile, any vestige of my virtuosity is a thorn on their dictatorial egos. Well dear Kims: I could repost here oldlover's hoovered pic but I would not want to give you even a remote copyright pretext to have it hoovered. Here is one of mine again that looks just like the one he took. For the sake of FREE SPEECH:
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    The forums are a tremendous source of information for everyone; you choose what you look at, take what you want and scroll on, it's there if you want it and ignore it if you don't. It does however allow anonymity to individuals whose distorted opinion/personal attacks may be questionable. I've nothing to hide, I've been a regular Patts visitor for 13 years, met a lot of great people along the way. Stop posting here...where on Earth did that personal vitriolic demand spring from and are you actually aware of what you said? You also question my honesty; a person you've never actually met or have previously known...really? Please do not respond to perpetuate your personal myth. Back on topic... New may be still in her 20's but is fast becoming Mama to the girls. Their rent is due, visa runs, family crisis...she helps where she can. One girl asked for a loan to buy a new Burberry handbag...yon particular one was refused. She also is a great Temple goer...her idea of a day out is visiting a new one so she'll bundle 4 girls in the truck and take them for a trip & a feed. She helps other bars out too, she understands the bureaucracy so freely gives out information & guidance when requested...and when they run short of beer/whisky a crate or bottle is there if required. There's always a few drop by's...one old gay fella drops in to do their eyebrows etc...10 baht a pop, I offered to pay one night and Farang Auto tax kicked in and was asked for 40...an older ladyboy called by and asked New if she could clean the bar. New realised her girls didn't like doing it so she was hired and the bar is tip top every day. A refresh is needed as Newbar is getting a bit shabby...this will happen soon.
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    Yeah you mean beauty :-). She has a great body. Was nice to have a chat with you and I hope your enjoyed the beer Lao dark :-p
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    I told the girls you are envious Sustra, they just laughed and one even stuck her ass at you to kiss it 555.
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    And the show continued, eventually Sunny got her kit back on, but good old (not in a BBG way) Teya decided to remain in her undies to all those presents relief.
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    i think that TJs would have been close. also can see why Baby Boom is popular...but to me it's not really a bar as such... can one actually go in there to have just a drink and a chat? to me in its way it's more of a monger's tourist attraction. But it does have it's place in the scheme of things .i'm not being critical in any way. All bars are what they are.
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    Very nice pics Bumblebee. I knew Lily and DaDa looked stunning. Good to see DeeDee in bikini for the first time. Didn't see before as she is a freelancer in TJ's and doesn't participate in the shows. She looks beautiful !
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    It is midnight in New York and the poll is now closed. Congrats to Katty Bar! It is a landslide victory!
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    I was asked by Grunt to join this body of free thinking people as it did not have the nasty views of the other forum (which by the way I much enjoy) But hell there are some really nasty people on here as well Why get so worked up. biz guy 111 you got your opinion and have made it - then the others may take that point up I only met Herberth the other night he seem a decent guy and how, as it is only a few months since he opened the bar, can he influence the other forum, I know not. Good to see olf Woof Woof in the kennel
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    I left last night when I realised I was surrounded by perverts from Ireland, Australia and UK. I thought if I stayed any longer I would get infected by their outlandish lustful thoughts and I had left before Pdoggg arrived At my age, I am too close to my appointment, with the maker to explain why I was mixing with these weird folks. Great night, enjoyed the company and once again really really really looking forward to my return with heart repaired and boom boom back on the menu Finished at Sweethearts where the real perverts where hanging out - three weeks in Greenland I think for next Xmas instead
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    Mmm...I suggested you and your rugby team had never been in the bar; I didn't search for the pic as to be honest why would I? From reading your posts why on earth would I be interested in anything other than a genuine specific complaint? I'm not on a personal financially penalising threatening witch hunt...you are. There are guys who frequent New's bar who I am more than happy to shake their hand and share stories with, nice fellas, not met a bad one yet, neither has New, she's always pleased to see you as is Som in Delirious, Opor will get her tits out and Herberth will entice you with good value Scotch; what the fuck is there not to like? Mate, this is a friendly forum, yours is unfriendly and unwarranted fire.
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    You are possibly right there Duke. The occasional drop-ins such as colywob and others don't come as a surprise really but it's nice for us out in the far reaches of the solar system to sometimes put a face to a name. Re the scoring so far... i think it would be a lot different if the same was held on LBP. Sensations would be a lot higher [even though it gets few customers nowadays] due to cronyism..and i use that word nicely as in friendship. Same with the non-ladyboy- ladyboy bar up in the sky. {i know it's quite rightly not included here] Obviously people don't only vote for the bar but also the owner or spokesman, rightly or wrongly. Krus would be a lot higher too... ...owned by some nice guys. Still think TJs would win it though. But in the meantime let us living in god's waiting room have our fun! Emmy will be over the moon if she wins
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    That Guess in the Rajah, IMHO, was a poor imitation of the original on that building on Soi 1 I think it was. Is that building still there? I know they have outdoor restaurants there......
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    Miss "Touch my ASS" :) (and the dear departed Beauty)
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    I wonder why ? (Pic by LS)
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    I was in bed by 11pm and slept right through. Seen too many NYE's that they are no longer a special occasion. Happy New Year to all
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    dear me Annat! i hope that you recover soon. glad that you enjoyed yourself. i don't know if August has recovered yet though....... re teya... absolutely blotto at her party, the next night as bright as a button again. Top girl is teya. i've said it before about Emmy now being the Dowager Empress of ladyboys and the respect she gets from them... did anyone notice that when Nok arrived , before saying hello to anyone outside, she went straight inside to introduce herself to Emmy...who she hasn't met before, other than she perhaps has seen at a 69 bar party once.
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    petesie, please stop this stuff over here, don't you get enough of that over at your place(?).
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    Start of this year I culled most of the active LBs on my social media because their daily feeds start to get tedious, they post a pic “I’m lonely” and every basement wanker from Atlanta to Timbuktu writes nonsense in the comments. The only ones I still follow are ones that have got out, and stayed out....Atom formerly of Sensations, now married and living in Canada. Wey/Helen formerly of Ezy and Fantasy Lounge, now married and living in Brighton.
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    How Do The Girls Survive... It's a different ballgame these days; 10 years ago they would be reliant on sitting at their bar hoping to catch someones eye for a few drinks and a take out. Barfines, Ladydrinks etc. were usually paid at the end of the month where discretionary cuts may be made for tardiness, behaviours and in some bars, quotas not achieved. This ensured that the bar could get a full months attendance out of them. Some of the more savvy ones snared their sponsors early, clever ones would play the game while the airheads would soon destroy any element of trust previously earned and swiftly lose their monthly allowance. One Ezy bar girl had 3 European fellas all sending her 1k Euro pm and still was in the bar every night looking for more. Some of the girls from those days are still around; a few have steady relationships which maintain them, a few have bars as their source of income, some have found regular jobs and others drift into the massage parlours or return to the village; sadly a few were lost along the way.
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    I volunteer to be part of the refresh crew. When I say volunteer there is a limit. I would ask for free access to a LB of my choice whenever required.(at my age could be once a week). Paid airfare and lodgings also. Not a lot to ask for, as in return you will have my expertise in directing otherwise unemployed LB's in the art of resoration. I am sure there are some whose talents go beyond bedroom activities?. If not I don't mind giving hands on training!. Equipment such as paint, brushes, rollers to be supplied of course. The other stuff such as condoms, lube etc.. should be on hand. Please advise a startup date.
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    liverpool... named after God ! And...if we are going as Scottish then...might as well include rugby too... so both in one hit...Petesie's Newbar-barians
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    Lol BB, Teya updated her profile pic on Line earlier today , must be one of yours me thinks
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    Merry Christmas Guys all the very best to you all
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    Business does seem to have picked up a bit the last few days. I spend some time in the GoGos on LK Metro (just windows shopping, drinking cheap draft beer and cooling off in the A/C) and the number of twats seems to have increased. Perhaps I've been lucky but two days ago is the first time this trip I encountered a guy that had the uncontrollable urge to dance in a GoGo. I was in a GoGo and a guy (looked Japanese or Korean) was sitting on the usual bench seating fairly close to some farangs in a booth. He bought a 1000 baht bucket of ping pong balls and started throwing them. One of the farangs, who was really drunk, tried to reach into the bucket and get some of the balls. The wait staff and one of the guys friends restrained him but as soon as they let go he tried it again. This time his large friend restrained him a bit better and the staff moved the Asian guy over one bench farther away. Moments later one of the farang's friends walked him out of the GoGo.
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    obviously i know Mona but have never really talked to her too much... She always seemed very pleasant to me, a nice kid. always hello and a smile. She is always very elegantly dressed, very smart indeed. Dunno if you know Duke...[ I know that Mona used to be simply Mo when you knew her back then].... but I suspect the name change came when she joined the Katty Kitten Krew.. Talking to Emmy recently, actually the night that Sara and Moon started at Katty... Emmy said to me "they both want new names, what can i call them?...help me decide please." So i said okay... call her Sara! .... actually my daughters name but i can never think too originally anymore... Emmy said okay...Sara...good! Then i said... call the other one Moon [actually my missus's name..told you about the lack of originality] Emmy looked a bit bothered by that suggestion... " no i can't" why not Emmy? " because Ladyboys have to have names with 2 syllables" "Eh?" "yes always LBs have 2 syllables like Sara and Emmy and Alice" "Er... Emmy... what about Bell, Mind and Dao?" Bless her...God knows where she had got the idea about syllables from.... so Moon it was. the next one is going to be lola...if i have my way....
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    I'm sorry I read this. I'm an Australian, and we, New Zealand and ROK were there too - not just the Americans. I was there 1966 - 67, and those who died did not deserve that.Of course war is not good for either side - too many people died and/or have had their lives ruined. What I do respect is your right to your views, strocube, and for that I have no problem.
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    Thanks for kindness SP. I am used to getting either editorial accolades or outright vitriol. Rarely has a BM addressed me like a fellow human being with feelings for the ladyboys I meet. Coca-Cola is a wonderful, very sexy (and very sexual) ladyboy who will have no trouble bagging a farang far more eligible than me into a relationship if that's what she wants. She is a free-spirit and a very forceful one at that, as witnessed by BM blind boy grunt who saw her refuse to go in with me into the Katty Bar despite it being my choice to go there. I think she feels frustrated that she has feelings for me and I don't retribute them with the kind of interest a beautiful young woman expects from an old man too lucky to have her affections. After I left, she keeps calling me at all hours to pout and say "You don't love me!" in the hope perhaps that I say "I do!" (and mean it!). Just this morning, like at 5 AM Thai time, she called me to tell me to "come back Pattaya." As if I was in nearby Jomtien and could just pop over. She was fully dressed in party clothes and with facial make up, so she must have been out all night and I told her I liked her and that it was time for her to go to sleep. And then I went back to sleep into the arms of another (filipino) ladyboy. So, to answer your question SP: Yes! I would love to see her again and will try to stay in touch until my next trip to BKK in a few months. But by then SHE will probably have moved on. C'est la vie! Here is the drawing she made me and what seems to be a love declaration. I hid her real boy name with my cap: R
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    Forget Name that Tune. Perhaps the hot new quiz show will be Name That Cock!
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    same with all bars really, LBs come and LBs go. i guess that you're talking the femboy types? Pokki/Mona? god knows what Mona is doing, she seems to have vanished, Pokki is still around but doing internet things. She never really liked the 'no lady- drink hassle' that emmy tries to enforce Mona i suspect is working from Thai friendly or whatever. This a problem all bars will sooner or later have to adapt to. Some guys like the flat-chested types, some the bolt-on type. it was but recently...earlier this week... Sunny and Sara were both bar-fined twice , together, by the same fella. certainly the 5 or whatever staff there now are doing okay... bar fines are pretty good for most of them, lady drinks too. The big problem for Emmy is if bar fines i.e longish term ones are too many at the same time... it means the bar can temporarily look bereft of staff. then add in holidays ... earlier this month with tiger away on a long-term, sunny away, sara on a few days booking, it looked pretty quiet. but all are back now. a balancing act keeping the staff and customers happy.
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    You can't love a hooker without accepting to be confronted with the dilemmas that go with it. You pay, she doesn't need you any longer and she will leave you. Khop khun kháp Mr Sponsor. You pay, she stays with you but asks you more and more every day or she will leave. You don't know what's strength and what's weakness in your behavior. She will let you down and thanks again for sponsoring her. You refuse to pay but you still like her. You will curse the whole world for quite a long time. I am convinced you're this type of guy. You refuse to pay and forget about her. There is nothing great forgetting someone you like but it happens when loving prostitutes.
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    Mr Stoolpusher been there, seen there and after 5 years left there, a lot poorer and very sad money, drink and being taken for granted As you say not hard but hurts when you realise things have finished
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    Nah mate...I prefer this one.
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    yes JSG... the famous Carol, Cindy, Catriona with Bewty... god knows which name she is using now [Cindy i think] never known anyone change her name so much... she used to walk in to Katty announcing who she is that night... she once walked in ... came up to me and said proudly..."I've just been to walking St and an Arab man paid me 3000 baht to fuck me! they like big arses! she was at Teya's party recently..looking good, has lost a bit of weight too... a funny pleasant girl indeed. She's been working in a restaurant all low season... but in Katty 2-3 times again recently. Shame about Bewty. troubled person i think. thank god Emmy finally got rid of that massage sign... took me about 6 months of nagging her! never worked, used to cause so much confusion with mainly Russians who wanted simply a massage for 300 baht... no tips no extras.
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    All the Very Best Herberth & Som on your Opening Day Party
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    I thought it was 20 baht after the bus gets to where it turns off Second (?) Road. Anyway not much. I don't want to ask Emmy. Now Jimbo isn't there she might not want to make the trip and I don't want to impose. I usually go to Katty Bar every third night. I used to go to Party Girls' Bar in Rompho, or Roadhouse or Country Roads Bar on other nights. But Party Girls has closed, well the one that had live music. Roadhouse is dead from what I hear, and I might need to avoid Country Roads or I'll probably be grabbed by Bee again She was nice MILF type, but I don't think I want a repeat. I might be tempted after a few drinks. So I might make the trip to TJs at least one a week.
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    Been following him a while now, mostly great content
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    i doubt that Duke will be happy! but i am... sorry to hear about the back...lower spine? been there done that... walking is good, so the doctors told me... but i did find that a walking stick helped to take some of the weight off the injury. Problem now is even when you recover from this...you have to be so careful when bending or twisting in future. Take it easy. good luck.
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    Thanks so much, Cobber. From your lips to God’s ears.
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    Da Nang has been ok. Wanted to go for another swim in the ocean, but it’s been raining today. Don’t wanna risk getting sick from shitty run-off water. Tried the pool at the hotel. It ain’t heated so forget that. Guess it’ll just be lunch then a massage and a nap. That still leaves a pretty big chunk of the day left, not sure how I will entertain myself. Guess I’ll figure it out. I gotta say, I am enjoying being a three week millionaire, four star hotels and flying business class is pretty sweet.
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    that is possibly the politest moddy warning to get back on topic that i've ever seen Pdogg ! no wonder i love this forum... what is USP? something selling point? you're right i think, it must be worrying for the LB bar owners sometimes to be so dependent on a specific customer base, if the said base starts to dwindle for whatever reasons. it does seem that TJs either by accident or design has got it all sussed out. Unique!! got it.
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