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    At least 2 to 3 times a week I like to get away on my own or with any of the guys who might be around and head out Naklua way along the shoreline. I am from a coastal town back home, so there is something inside that is at one when beside the water. Add into the mix the potential of encountering the unexpected (well sorta expected in Pattaya) and capturing it of course, plus the reward sometimes of a cold pint of Tiger in the PGB after my exertions and it makes for a most enjoyable afternoon. Some of the eclectic sights I came across on yesterday’s ramble.
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    I have been with my girl now for 3 years and all is great . I am still a pervert and a DV8 and still look at ladyboy porn ( all sorts ) when I am alone ,but when I was single I was never into the super star type girl that everyone else had to tell the world they scored with , I think some guys think of them as a trophy not a real person . Lilly from TJ bar seems to be at the top of most guys list but for me she is at the bottom and now has gone for the "silly- cone " hip and ass implants and the Botox lips . I will always be a tits man .
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    Tiger keeping the beers coming tonight.
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    It's ok if it's between mates who know it's just a wind up. But not if it's being done online or against people you don't know and who won't know it's a wind up and not serious. In London if you insult or wind up people who don't know you it is likely to lead to a fight, or worse.
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    Guess I'm spoiled by the outdoor barber chairs in Phnom Penh where I can get a haircut for 30 baht. Long gone are the days when the Soi Hollywood barbers charged 60 baht. Now it's 100. But the other day I discovered a barber shop still priced at 60 baht. As you hit Soi 17 from Soi Day Night there is a soi that connects Soi 17 with Soi Yensabai (this connecting soi may also be known as Yensabai despite a 90 degree turn). It doesn't even look like a barber shop but a nice lady cut my hair. Can't vouch for her expertise because you don't have to be highly skilled to give a buzz cut (crew cut). She also does 50 baht manicures but my girlfriend handles that.
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    Yes, Blind boy is cute man. but you are very cute. lol
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    Hi emmy, no need to be so formal...... you can call me 'blind boy' ! although we just met a couple of nights ago, already i do feel as though i've know you for a long time.......
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    I remember you just missed Quinn at Katty Bar last year bb. You can recognise him by the wild artistic hair. Teya gets confused by that, calling him Lur Saluces!
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    dang, what a season for me to miss, that Tiger is HOT.
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    We used to sing this song in the basement of the frat house.
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    like teenage years except our dates back then didn't have cocks!
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    Welcome to lbr blind boy grunt! OK you've got me guessing who you are! I'm assuming we've met before - are you going to give us a clue? Actually I think I know who you are!
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    JAILBREAK Three prisoners, including an American citizen, have escaped from the Pattaya Courthouse and are now, as of Tuesday morning, on the loose. A police officer was stabbed in the melee. Pattaya police learned of the incident at 3:30pm at a holding cell at the Pattaya City Provincial Court. Police and emergency responders arrived to find a police captain injured from a stab wound. He was rushed to a local hospital. A court security guard says the prisoners had been in a holding cell. He says he heard the sound of fighting followed up by a gunshot. One of prisoners had fired at officers. It’s unclear how the weapon found its way into the court precinct. The three prisoners, still in chains, commandeered a bronze Izuzu pickup truck waiting in front of the court, and sped away with an unknown accomplice . The three prisoners are a Thai man, ‘Noi Ton Nintet’ who’s charged with illegal possession of methamphetamine and ecstasy pills, and “ice,” (crystal methamphetamine). Reports say he attacked police and opened fire in front of the courthouse. The other two are an American man, 39 year old Bart Allen Helmus, and his Thai wife Sirinapa Wisetrit, who are charged with illegal possession of drugs and a gun. All three are considered extremely dangerous and police have set up roadblocks and patrols to catch them. The above fugitives are on the run. It's suspected that they're headed for the Cambodian border. Don't think they will be filing a TM30. Below captured live on CCTV:
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    dang, rough news. I think BB took that photo when I was there with her for a few days. I really hope it's not true, but I suspect it is I was just wondering the other day if Archie ever got together with her, seemed keen on her.
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    5 years before the 1968 convention and you can buy it in Commie Red. Maybe I'll get it for Archie this Christmas!
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    I think many guys on their first few trips spend money like a drunken sailor but once coming to Thailand becomes a habit or even an addiction, to afford multiple trips they cut back on much of the waste that brings little return. A prime example is buying a drink for a bargirl's friend or an uphelpful mamasan. In response to this drink for friend question my knee jerk reply is "check bin" as I instantly lose interest in talking to a girl that in a rare splurge I bought a drink for. But I don't really need to economize because I have mostly lost interest in going to hostess bars. I don't go out too much so it actually doesn't affect me that much if I'm in a 90 baht joint and I'm having a good time. But when I go to a bar that's not enjoyable then I'm thinking what the hell are we doing here? Even the lowest riced bars, say 50 baht for a Leo in Kateseree or New Plaza doesn't come close to the 15 baht drafts in Phnom Penh but to be fair in Phnom Penh hostess bars the typical price for a draft is 45 baht which doesn't compare all that unfavorably to Pattaya gogos that have a cheap draft beer option. But I'm willing to spend if there is value for money. Kink on LK Metro is a good example as they don't have cheap draft or happy hours but a much better experience than a typical LK Metro gogo. Things get even more complicated for guys who don't drink booze as a small glass of Coke can be quite expensive in some gogos. The price of Singha Light also varies greatly. It's cheaper than Leo in a 7/11 but more expensive in bars.
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    Till 30 days ago in September when I took it was every hour...
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    This is getting nowhere. You have your opinion, I have mine. You get your likes from duke at least.
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    Welcome to the bar with the most beautiful Ladyboys in Jomtien Beach. At Katty bar and room for rent on jomtien beach road soi4
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    Hopefully we may well finally meet up when you are in town this time Cobber. I don’t think this is what Chris de Burgh had in mind when he sang about the lady in red all the same.
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    You ain’t wrong there SP, for a good night’s entertainment it’s hard to beat.
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    She has got something for sure , and not up herself like some of the others from there and other bars. My mate will b spending some time with her very soon
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    be glad I ain't comin this season, I'm loaded with Bluegrass :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF2dgY4IVy0
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    not to forget the isle of Wight festival with Dylan and the Who etc. August bank holiday 69... and the sun shone for the whole 3 days!
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    wow beautiful pics. how can I stop my self from bending someone from the lineup on the bar stool right ther ;)
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    Thanks for everyone tonight and thanks you for the winning from the bikini contest and thanks you for the winning miss lovely ass and thanks so much for all people on the roof top bar avenue Pattaya thanks you for all of you ขอขอบคุณสำหรับรางวัลชนะเลิศ และขอขอบคุณสำหรับรางวัลสาวตูดสวย ขอขอบคุณทุกกำลังใจ และขอบคุณทุกๆกำลังใจจากครอบครัว TJ ขอขอบคุณคุณแม่เอ็มที่ให้ความอบอุ่น รักนะค่ะ รักทุกคนจร้าาา
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    Thank bb. Your pic reports get me into the mood for returning to los. Not too long now.
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    Great pics, Dave. Thanks for posting!
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    Cheap Charlie's has an outstanding value for money chicken dinner. Just 99 baht! I'm stuffed. Tasty. Proper name brand condiments on he table such as Heinz Ketchup, French's Mustard, Sarson Malt Vinegar, H&P Steak Sauce etc. I was eating alone and if not socializing prefer not to drink but a bottle of San Mig Lite is only 49 baht. Comfortable chairs. Pick a table that has a fan in the right position. They have a different special every day and I believe the specials change monthly. If you get a discount card (199 baht) then all the specials are just 99 baht even the expensive ones. But I don't like having a big farang meal all that often so am content to forego the card and just have the chicken when I go there. It's on Soi Buakhao just slightly south of Soi Diana. You can't miss it; a black and white motif with lots of Charlie Chaplin. The biggest downside is after eating a meal like that, I'm in no mood to go out; just want to go home and relax.
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    I guess the baht fell a bit more yesterday. If it hadn't fallen I would have been momentarily dazed and confused. My debit card has a US$1000 limit. I did a 30k baht (+220 baht fee) ATM withdrawal. I checked my bank account later and it was $999.88. It wasn't far from my limit that would cause a rejection of the transaction. But I did get caught on the wrong side a VISA FX currency rate swing. I would have done better with a cash rate. But it's worth it, for me, not carrying cash. In the US the limit on the inheritance tax was raised a couple of times. So not as big a problem for us.
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    Ahhh, she was mentioning something about the prior night as you describe but thought something was lost in translation since I've never seen stuff like that happening there. I guess I gotta get out more!
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    Hi and welcome BBG , You can still plug Katty bar as usual , see if if you can get the artiest to join our happy crew to.
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    It could just be a miracle, but the Catholic church is investigating how two nuns became pregnant while on separate missionary trips in Africa. The two women, who belonged to different orders in Sicily, Italy, both became pregnant while visiting their home countries, according to the Italian outlet ASNA. One woman, a mother superior, discovered her pregnancy while working with “fallen women and their children” and left Italy for her home country of Madagascar, the ASNA report said. The second woman complained of stomach pains upon her return to Italy and discovered via an ultrasound that she, too, was pregnant, according to the ASNA report. Both women are unsurprisingly expected to leave the order to raise their children. The church announced that the investigation would prioritize the welfare of the children over the nuns’ violation of chastity vows. Earlier this year, Pope Francis spoke about widespread abuse in the Catholic church, including sexual abuse of nuns by male members of the clergy, calling it a “serious, grave problem.”
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    Just had lunch at the Tin Cup. No prices on the menu but most dishes are 40 baht if together on one plate and 80 baht if separate on two plates. Free ice, free water, free condiments. It's directly across from Sports World on Buakhao. Sounds like fun!
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    Sounds pretty good PD and being able to get some food while there is a bonus for sure .The uncomfy chairs might be on purpose so you don't stay all day
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    Thats total bullshit and its laughable you dont know it. They wear masks to avoid ID by the police for their rampaging. But I guess you lot think the police are all far right Nazis. i dont know these cunts are so fearful. I doubt the feckless local govt in places such as Portland would even bother to prosecute.
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    Jimbo also added this Tbh, it would not be my bag to stay in digs above a ladyboy bar unless it was only for a day or two... discreet entrance or not.... could cause hassle if one is a 'butterfly' imho
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    The fascists fight fair do they? Look at the videos in the bbc report. There are 13 PBs attacking 6 antifascists. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-50148024
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    Lots of similarities between the Yang Gang and Bernie Bros confirmed by polls that ask respondents about their 2nd choice. Quite impressive that Yang is probably polling 6th nationally ahead of Beto and a couple of Senators. Instead of giving massive tax cuts to billionaires and corporations, why not instead give everyone a thousand bucks a month? Trickle up works better than trickle down!
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    As far as that judge is concerned I really wonder about his understanding of history and understanding of ANTIFA. ANTIFA's tactics are no different as to the Brownshirts in the late 20's/early 30's.
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    Popped into Mr DIY at the Avenue today and bought 19 baht reading glasses. A case would be more expensive than the glasses but you can buy 10 baht soft cases for 10 baht on the ground floor of TukCom. There is also a Mr DIY at Royal Garden Mall and probably lots of other place. Batteries are dirt cheap. You can buy 99 baht boots perhaps useful if living on Soi Pothole. But don't know if it the sizes were UK or USA sizes. I'd rathe rthey use Euro sizes to avoid ambiguity. Also the Coffee place had a two for one sale so got 2 bags of coffee. Had them grind one on the spot and will have them grind the second bag when I need it. The saleslady has a barista certification certificate and seems quite knowledgeable about coffee. She said if coffee was roasted over 6 months ago then they sell it 2 for 1. I think maybe it matters more when the coffee is ground than when the beans were roasted.
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    I'll definitely watch The Irishman at some stage, but not at a movie theatre. Other people can be irritating and distracting, I'd rather download it and watch it solo in peace and quiet at home. I barely watch movies these days, if I do it's movies I've usually seen before and thoroughly enjoyed. So much junk on offer these days which seems to cater for a much different and younger demographic than me. Most of my home screen time is spent watching some of the excellent TV series' which exist. There are so many and at any given time you only need to commit yourself to 45 minutes or an hour at most. As opposed to a movie which can often run into several hours, which is a lot of time to set aside in one sitting. With the internet in general, Youtube etc., our attention spans have reduced and our tolerence for dedicating several hours for a movie have passed. Certainly for me, I think. However, TV episodes I can watch multiples on the bounce, but those hours are taken in 45 minute or hour chunks so at any given time I don't feel like I'm committing too much time in one go, as you do for a movie.
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    I am not religious. But if it brings others comfort, and they don't fuck with me too much, I'm OK with that. I rarely find bumper stickers funny but two trips ago when I was leaving for Thailand I saw one in a parking lot that said "Gods don't kill people, people with gods kill people". A slight twist on a gun bumper sticker. In 1983 I found myself in the airport in Belize the day after the Pope was in the country for a day. I had no idea of his trip in those prehistoric non internet days. The barn of an airport was a total circus. I'm managed to maneuver my way to be one of the first people on the plan (open seating). But the mass of humanity was no fun.
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    Some more shots from the night. Mistress Jen will see you now.
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