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    Well for me yes, I hardly ever leave the room without it, maybe not when I am just popping to 7/11 or Family, but for any long stroll around Patts I feel naked without it. You just never know what you might stumble upon and today was one of those days. Just as I passed Soi 6 I notice something going on in the plaza where there is a McDonalds. Not sure what it was all about, but there was a ladyboy in a Lamborghini which is always a good sign. And later something to do with cigarettes. Anyway the eye candy was spot on for an afternoon’s viewing.
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    Katty bar seems to be becoming one of my regular drop in spots when on a night out. Some of the scenery tonight in the place.
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    Today, Teya's birthday Have a small party at Katty bar tonight 7.00 pm. Come to bless the birthday for Teya And have fun with us
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    Man those 11 years have flown it seems. I left Pattaya a week before Xmas that year to do a visa run to Cambodia and visit the sights there. Had final goodbye drinks in 131 and arrived back the 4 January and the new La Bamba was up and running. That was the same night I discovered the famous Pookie working in Playboy Bar off Walking St. A memorable return to Pattaya for sure.
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    A selection of the girls in the bar last night.
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    Merry Christmas I hope your Christmas is merry and bright, and I hope your New Year is 365 days of pure bliss. Sincere wishes for this holiday season. Welcome to Katty Bar & Room For Rent
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    And for the finale let’s put the two of them together, love the contrast in skin tones. Choose your type gents.
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    Not sure this is the proper thread but Soi Chaiyapoon/Pothole is being redone as I write this.
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    Cheers Seven, I really enjoyed capturing the night, it brought back good memories of the old days taking photos at parties at Ezy and La Bamba. Some more
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    No can do I am afraid BB, Mo (Mona) is my wifey from Katty Bar
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    For anyone who fancies a bit of fun with Meghan Markle why not drop in to Katty bar, you know you want to Dukie.
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    Another batch before the birthday boy and girl duet.
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    Never get tired of saying it...’only in Pattaya’
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    And then her friend joined her...will my camera battery last I wondered.
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    Does it matter if she is one of ours or not....but I think not in this instance.
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    It’s all good over in Jomtien for sure.
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    Fidelity's limit is $500 a day. See section 4.1: https://www.fidelity.com/bin-public/060_www_fidelity_com/documents/PDF_Fidelity_Check_Card_Agreement.pdf
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    One of the many highlights of the night.
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    Afraid not Sustra, just a very passionate amateur and stuff like this brings out the best in me I feel. The pros were taking the shots while I piggy backed on their work in the background with my zoom lens. Cheers BT, the fact that the models were posing and facing my direction-ish gave me enough time to compose my shots also. I really felt in my element at the time. Hope I can gate crash a few more photo shoots before I head home.
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    Another nice night sitting outside at Katty Bar. It's on the good side of Soi 4 without motobikes whizzing by. Cold beer, nice eye candy, and no pressure.
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    Wastopcat, entitle this under the heading "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished".
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    No problema, its what this board is about, sharing information. I pay 500 for ST; if I like the service I tip one or two hundred, so 500 to 700 for ST. I talk to the girls a few times before I take them, vet them out a little to see if we are a match. With only a few exceptions, we usually have a great, mutually enjoyable time, so they are like compensated fuck friends, lol. They seem happy with the compensation and always welcome a chance to go with me again. I haven't taken any of the compensated ladyboys long time. I stayed overnight with one ladyboy that is a nurse and she isn't after money, which could be a problem, because when they aren't after money, they are looking for a BF, lol. I've made it plain that I'm not the BF type, but we stay in contact. I really like her, so who know.... Yikes! Did I say that? Somebody get me drunk, lol!