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    Update: I just got back from Thailand where I stayed in Pattaya at The Base for 10 days from late February through early March. Construction has begun in earnest, starting at 8:00am Monday-Friday and running until dusk. They are now driving the foundation support pillars. I stayed in Tower B, which is the one just north of Tower A, in a lower room facing the construction. Actually, the noise was not so great, although I would hear it waking up in the early morning hours. In contrast, my LT companions slept soundly through the distant din...how do they do that? I think a higher room in Tower B, especially one facing north (away from the construction) would be OK. Not so sure about anywhere in Tower A. The LK Residence is situated to take the brunt of the noise so would not be such a great choice now. The Apex was mentioned earlier. I think it would be OK if it is your go-to place to stay, but it depends on how sensitive you are to any noise at all.
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    I have to agree with that, it's more fun taking a walk and seeing who you bump into or phoning someone up . I liked Mouth Moy at Tree Town because you never knew who would show up but alas its closed ,I'll go for Linda Bar about 3am when you know you've had enough but you keep on ordering one last beer , next thing you know you are in Marine
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    LBWVB 2019Unfortunately there will not be an event this yearDifficult decision as so many charities have benefited through all your generosity.It has been a great deal of fun for both participants and attendees and an amazing success story.5.86 million Baht raised over 7 years with 4.71 million going to various charities. Costs to stage the event were 1.01 million0.14 million (138,000) remaining to donate to a deserving charity at some date in the future.Many thanks for your support and contributions which have helped so many people.A special thanks to all the bars that have participated and helped raise funds over the years.Also to Referees, DJ, Photographers. Contributors of Raffle/Auction items and Trophies. Brilliant support from so many.The event has put Lady Boys in a different light showing their positive contribution to society in a spectacular way.
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    Apologies for not posting here before.Sad that the event will not move forward but a remarkable result from a niche market of like minded generous people.Many thanks for your support and contribution - no other group has come close to what we jointly achieved.I hope that you all retain pleasant memories of an incredible event over 7 years.It was a blast.20 teams participated overall. Some of whom no longer exist. Anaconda, Cocktails & Dreams, Horny Bar, Stringfellows, So What.I met hundreds of BMs form this forum, and others, and value the friendships made along the way.The Areca Lodge, who hosted the event every year, are disappointed as are many charities that we have directly helped.
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    Welcome to katty bar and room for rent on Jomtien beach road soi 4. We wait you here. Come to enjoy with us. Emmy Boss.
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    so...after well over a year of no new information i stumble upon a video of the one and only Candy teaming up with cute Pooh to nail a guy. here's a link to a clip: https://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/434048/tgirls-candy-and-pooh-bangs-gabs-ass-in-hot-anal-threesome/ it would appear to me that Candy looks just a bit older, so maybe it's new? and if it's new does it mean Candy is back? and if Candy is back--where is she? ANY information or tips would be greatly appreciated. i have had the pleasure of sweet Pooh's company in the past, but Candy has remained on my bucket list for far too long and i had feared it would be forever, so...please...post here or pm me if you have more personal info--contact info perhaps?-- to share. tia. and on the tiny off-chance Candy reads this--*welcome back! i would love to meet you!* xox
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    Welcome to Katty Bar & room for rent in Jomtien Beach Road Soi 4. Thank you very much LurSaluces for a nice Pictures.
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    Welcome to Katty Bar in Jomtien Beach Road Soi 4. Thank you very much LurSaluces for a good Pictures.
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    Welcome to Katty bar, a bar with the most beautiful and nice ladyboy in Jomtien. Entering the low season again. Thanks to all customers and my friends who come to visit and spend at my bar. Made me survive until now. I will try my best. Thank you very much Emmy Boss
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    I have zero interest in Lady boy bars these days but still 100% interest in Lady Boys , therefore quite difficult to say a favorite Bar, but for a chill out in the afternoon I still quite enjoy sitting at a table in the Linda Bar and watching the World stroll by .
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    Tone you have given hope and indeed life to the many charities that you have donated to. Well done my friend for being at the helm for so many years of the LBWVB organization and events.
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    Take a Bow and have a good Rest Tony, you deserve it It has indeed been a blast
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    The Taffs certainly put the Paddy's to bed, too easy and they coasted it But well done to the Boyo's on the Grand Slam, very well deserved
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    This is my current favourite from youtube .. I'm a dude. Me, I know who I am. I'm a dude, playing a dude, disguised as another dude.
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    Frankly the situation here isn't great. If you can find a venue for a show that may be your best bet. Vietnam is just not that open minded about the 3rd gender at this point. Most of the lady boys in Vietnam are pretty strongly associated with grab and go motorbike robberies. I'm sure there are exceptions but the image exists for a reason. My only two attempts at anything here resulted in 2 minor robberies - no violence, but frankly it's just not worth the hassles. There are a few working in the Bui Vien, Do Quan Dao area. Basically, the main tourist bar zone. I wouldn't fly here for any of what I've seen over the years.
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    This year's Miss International Queen contest has been announced for March 8, 2019 in Pattaya, Thailand, to be held at the Tiffany Show Theater. A few introductory videos are ready, Miss Vietnam, Miss Laos, Miss Korea, and Miss Japan.
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    Here's a video of the swimsuit preliminary round from a couple of nights ago: Miss International Queen 2019 - Miss USA 1st runner up - Miss Thailand 2nd runner up - Miss China
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    https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/indecline-dog-walk-maga-trump-performance-art-video-802728/?fbclid=IwAR01Tt5u9CzGnU_lzFAyT0C8KqbvMo4i2PSnh3IMuVzO0mnZ0s8L8kKLTZQ Fake Trump Supporters Get ‘Dog Walked’ in Anarchist Performance Art Art collective Indecline wants to “dog walk your ass right to the truth” with Los Angeles guerilla project Inspired by Cardi B’s tweet-threat that she would “dog walk” Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren if she didn’t leave the Grammy winner alone, 20 white men donned T-shirts, MAGA hats and custom collars and were paraded down the Hollywood Walk of Fame by people of color and members of the queer community. Each collar, which was handmade by Brooklyn leather-goods designer DOOMEDnyc, came equipped with a dog tag baring the names of public figures the group deems racist, like David Duke, Richard Spencer, Steve Bannon and Ann Coulter. Tourists snapped photos of the spectacle, as children ran up to pet the faux dogs, and real dogs barked in confusion.
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    As I sometimes point out different people go to bars for different reasons. Two of the guys that like TJs and Katty Bar have a live in LB. Thus are just looking for a night out with the boys and perhaps some eye candy. But both of the bars are also a good place for someone like me who is looking for the LB of the night. I wouldn't want to go there every other night but there are usually enough LBs available to keep a 'take them one time (maybe twice) and done' guy like me happy. At least for a while as length of trip might be a factor.
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    My time in Pattaya is drawing to a close this year. I don't go out that much and when I do go out it is usually not a ladyboy bar. I think Best Ladyboy Bar might be different than Favorite Ladyboy Bar. What I mean by that is TJ's has great talent in a non-pushy atmosphere and Leos are priced fairly at 80 baht. Maybe I'd rate it the best. But if it was my really Favorite I guess I would have gone there more. My 2018-2019 Favorite Ladyboy Bar is Katty Bar. Great location given there is very little traffic directly in front. Comfy chairs to while away a few hours drinking 60 baht Leos. Non pushy staff and friendly to me despite my buying a grand total of zero ladydrinks. I'm not there to grope or audition for a romp so no reason to buy those damn things. I'm not the typical customer though. What's your Favorite?
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    Katy Bar is my favorite in Pattaya and Why Not is my favorite in Bangkok. Katty Bar is very relaxed with no loud music or pushy girls. Nice talent there too. Teya is a dish. I like Baby Boom for some late night action. Especially like it when it’s empty of customers and I have the pick of the lot for some hands on filthy action in a dark corner. Lol
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    A photographic exhibition in Stockholm now.- The truth is dead https://www.fotografiska.com/sto/en/exhibition/truth-is-dead/
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    English Breakfasts 89 baht + American & Scottish Breakfasts Drinks 49 Baht (all day) Great variation on Menu and All meals under 199 baht What more could a Cheap Charlie want in the quite aptly named Cheap Charlies Great location too
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    The National Costume and Talent Competition for Miss International Queen 2019 will be free and open to the public on Saturday March 2, starting 6 pm at Pattaya Central Festival Mall.
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    My favourites would be Baby Boom and 69 Bar, I like Josh and Jimmy and think they are both good guys I quite like the set up in Surprise Yourself too (especially after having a ST upstairs with the lovely blonde Patty very recently ) I never visited Sensations in its two new locations on Action Street this month or last November so cannot comment on this bar. As for all the other ladyboy bars I can take em or leave em. I am in no rush to visit any of them tbh
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    Great, Nong Poyd - the first real huge superstar Thai LB! Still looks great since winning Miss Tiffany Universe and Miss International Queen in 2004 (15 years ago). That would make her around early to mid 30's.
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    It was quite lively last night, some of the girls were a tad oiled.
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    I've enjoyed most of these videos. He seems to be a genuine bloke, and gives another view of life in Pattaya. Thanks, duke, for posting.
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    ESPN has posted some odds. But of course the draw could change that dramatically.
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    Sadly Som has passed away, RIP Som
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    Hey Guys, Haven't been here for a while, but good to see the postings and travel dairies are still going up. Looks like I will get a few days on the ground in S.E. Asia this spring. I was thinking about a Sri Lanka trip, but with airfare so ridiculously low, I decided to return to Vietnam for a short two week trip. My first, last, and only prior visit to Vietnam was a very brief 3 day visit to Saigon/HCM City with my oldest daughter, so naturally besides a street food tour, war memorial tour, and such, I did not get to see much of mongers view of the city, much less the country. I noticed that last years International Queen was from Vietnam, and was wondering if there are any venues or locales where one might experience the Vietnamese ladyboy scene, if there is one to be experienced. At this point except staying in Saigon/HCM City for couple of days (flying direct from U.S.), I have no itenerary. Any suggestions from where I might see a ladyboy caberet, or any action would be greatly appreciated. Hoping I might find something on the ground that can entice me to come out of my monger retirement, and get in the game again. RandiUno
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    I think you might enjoy this one, strocube. https://www.facebook.com/fotografiskasto/videos/605010579970746/
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    Well done, Ajax. Who could have seen that coming at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu! Its nice to see overpaid primadonnas kicked out Especially that Sergio Ramos c**t Spurs through. Tomorrow United in Paris Poor Benzema.
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    It's a digital TV channel, only available by subscription if you have a package - generally from True. Many people do have it, but of course not as widespread as the normal analogue channels. The contest may also be viewed from the Miss International Queen Facebook page and the Miss International Queen Youtube channel, which will do a live stream on the night of the contest.
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    Hong Nam is free at Katty Bar. It's either 5 baht or pee in your pants at TJ's.
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    Fucking hell. That pic of the orange shit stain with the Klan is priceless. I’m stealing it. Thanks so much. cheers
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    I remember a line from the movie "Notting Hill" talking about what does a man with big feet have? Big shoes. That doesn't help with this question, I know, except to say that I don't see how you can tell by their looks. So for me, answer is no, I can't tell.
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    No but perhaps less likely to be on hormones. No
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    Big batch of photos coming up to finish of this trip on a high.
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    Yep, certainly looks super value for 70 baht (pic courtesy of kwan)
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    Hi Guys, In New York for limited time only. For info and travel schedule visit www.thippy69.com Tour2.mp4
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    Greg aka Twitchy actually did a phone interview with him on one of his vlogs a little while back, pretty interesting stuff considering it was the biggest monger hater interviewing the most open monger out there, funny as it was quite civil and they seemed to have somewhat of a mutual respect for each other
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    Swipe left or right? Paris Lees: My Transgender Tinder Adventure https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/wd75n4/paris-lees-my-transgender-tinder-adventure-929?utm_source=dmfb
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