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    I guess what makes the article not the easiest of reads is that there seems to be a politically correct vocabulary among transactivists that I don't fully understand. I also get the impression that transactivists probably don't appreciate transamorous guys who pay for the sex in Pattaya but probably excuse the transwomen on the other side of the transaction due to some sort of power imbalance.
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    Ok the shister is in Bkk goes bye name of Tsdominacassandra on ThaiFriendly and line. chatted couple times and first she wanted a deposit to book her services in bkk ( alarm ringing) so then we got onto price 2 hours 7000 Bt for this flat chested pinay. I told her I in no way would pay that price , so she immediately dropped it to 4000 because I had not lied to her( fuck me I big lier man). I declined again and politely told her it was not to my liking. This is where it got nasty with a tirade of abuse and expletives on me waiting her time. Sorry no photo but be warned she is s very aggressive and nasty thing, who charges western prices in bkk for a tubby little fen boy look cheers the flash
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    I was going to give you a like, but after the last two phrases I'll leave it to duke. Also, being Friday 13th, I did not want to tempt fate with your + count. Take an honorary like.
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    I think once Boris has finished off Corbyn He should make a start on Hugh Grant !
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    The recently opened Prime Burger (ex Butchers Arms) on Buakhao, a review from Nick
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    It looks like Cindy. I saw Jimbo loitering outside Sweethearts a week or so ago but didn't make the connection. I was having a snout outside Nicky's over the road and as I tend not to call out to people he was unaware of my presence. Now it all makes sense.
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    Cough I just get a baht bus north on 2nd Road and if it goes into Naklua great. If it turns onto Beach Road I get off and walk. But I usually stop and eat on Soi 33 so that breaks up the walk. It will be interesting to see what LBs stay and what LBs go. A number are very loyal to Em. A number live on site as there are rooms upstairs for the LBs. So it's more than just a bar to some of them. A LB like Lily can go any damn place she pleases. Cabaret was a Jimbo thing. There was some friction over him wanting to remove another pool table and have a permanent stage. It never happened. So who knows if cabaret will still be around. I am not a fan so that would be OK with me.
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    I bought Gareth's Book off EBay a few weeks ago, not read it yet but will be doing soon. Thankfully Gareth has the backing of most of the British people including both big Rugger fans Prince Harry and William (who is the Welsh Rugby Union Patron) and its great he will be TV Pundit for the upcoming Rugby Union World Cup starting next week in Japan. Chin up Boyo
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    Former Wales rugby star Gareth Thomas has revealed he is HIV positive. Thomas, who came out as gay in 2009, is thought to be the first UK sportsman to go public about living with the virus, and has revealed he was driven to suicidal thoughts as a result of his diagnosis. He went public with his illness after being put “through hell” by blackmailers who threatened to expose his secret.
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    Hi Sustra4 I got that bus on my last trip to Jomtien in January. But the bus leaving shortly after I arrived was fully booked so I had to wait 2 hours in airport for the next one. Bear that in mind as you might not want to hang around in airport for 2 hours. It didn't matter to me as if I had got to my accommodation on earlier bus I would only have had to wait in condo lobby for 2 hours as I couldn't check in until 1400. When you get to Jomtien bus station you can get baht bus to Soi 4, but if you don't have much luggage you can walk there in 10 minutes.
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    He of British and bad teeth posted a vlog of a massage shop where he said you can get a happy ending, owner took exception went to cops and now cops looking for him for defamation, very serious and easily proven in LOS
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    Exactly, Pdoggg. You know what they call guys like us? “Chasers!” It is a derogatory term that refers to trans-attracted guys who like their TGirls with fully functional penises. We are totally un pc. Works for for me. I have no patience with millennial SJWs. Fuck them. https://www.susans.org/wiki/index.php/Tranny_chaser
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    According to Jimbo he has been welcomed and wished all the best by most of the other ladyboy bar owners in the area. The only time I have heard it has 'kicked off' between bar owners was when Josh and Spike used used to have their 'spats' but made up the next day I would have loved to been a fly on the wall for one of those
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    Some pics (courtesy of Jimbo)
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    I liked TJs in the old days, an extremely laid back bar with both ladies and ladyboys. Jimbo brought it to a whole new level though keeping the laid back vibe with scantily clad ladyboys dancing and prancing around. If Em can retain most of the staff then I reckon it's business as usual. But then there are guys who like having a farang host around. I'm not one of those guys. We'll just have to see how it all turns out.
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    Agree they have this superstar attitude and prices beyond imagination for there looks cheers
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    Yes I know about duke and his football "likes" (and dislikes). Well, your + count has changed, so you can relax now It's good to be able to share a joke as well as to be serious when we have to.
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    You can buy a ticket for 120 baht on the ground floor of the airport near Door 8 on the ground floor. When you get off the bus in Jomtien ignore the parked baht busses in the parking lot. Just walk about 15 meters to the street and get on a moving baht bus to Jomtien and when you get off pay 10 baht. If you are staying at Katty's it's only a 5 minute ride from the bus station to Soi 4. Have fun Sustra!
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    Hey guys! Operation 'Yellow Hammer' Is the governments plan for a no deal Brexit. However 'BBC' don't know I'm quietly working on Operation 'Pink Chisel' The Brexza at Tiffany's Deal.. It Includes full state of the art aesthetic options & a brand new Gabby Gabby voice box. The Brexza Doll will make the perfect Loy Krathong gift Do you think the Thai Government will agree to this plan? I am making arrangements for my return from exile... I also have some plans for elissabat economy & Melissa jelly dreams for a brand new Cabaret show... I'm Looking forward to working together on 'pink Chisel' with everyone here at the Ladyboy review.. Zaza ***** (The geek)
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    Bee Love Slater, Black Transgender Woman, Found Slain In Torched Car The South Florida death — estimated to be the 18th killing of a transgender woman of color in the U.S. this year — is being investigated as a homicide. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/bee-love-slater-black-transgender-woman-found-burned-to-death-in-car_n_5d7aa837e4b061b5526a0d1f
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    Villa Markets in Thailand, as well as the grocery store in SM Mall in Angeles City, have been using pseudo plastic bags for years. I have no idea how effective they are at breaking down but do feel a bit different than regular plastic bags.
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    Are you calling me Fredo?? Thats an insult!! I might as well call you a DANE!!!!!!
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    Sounds like one I know but it isn't, and the accused is almost always found guilty, especially if farang
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    Amber Rudd has now given Boris the hair flick and walked away both from the cabinet and the Tory party. Interesting times indeed. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/uk/brexit-amber-rudd-quits-johnson-s-cabinet-and-tory-party-in-protest-1.4011313
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    The title of the above video is the People vs Parliament. But wouldn't a more appropriate title be 50% of the People vs Parliament? Do more than 50% of the people really want a no-deal Brexit? I realize there are there are differences between the various components of the UK and also differences along ethnic lines. I assume that over 80% of the Englanders on Soi Buakhao would be delighted by a hard Brexit. I have no horse in this race although a no-deal Brexit would probably be good for the USA as then the USA would be able to negotiate a very favorable trade deal with the UK. I guess passions are inflamed all over the world these days. In the USA, Thanksgiving dinners have become war zones due to the extreme partisanship that is quite different from the Bush and Obama days. So I reckon the same is going on in the UK with Brexit being as divisive as Trump.
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    What I've found is that lodging on Koh Chang or Koh Samet can be quite expensive, maybe triple or more the price of a comparable place in Pattaya or Jomtien. I used to go to Samet when I was coming to Thailand as a two week millionaire. Then a few years ago my teerak and I decided to go back but stay in a cheaper place within our budget. I was excited about the trip but after one night we decided to go back to Pattaya as our Pattaya lodging was much nicer. A trip with a ladyboy can be great but if the room is not comfortable chances are it won't be a great honeymoon. There's also something to be said for two couples travelling together as the girls will be happier if they have a Thai friend to talk to.
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    Good stuff; thanks for posting it Seven!
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    Jimbo will not try to 'poach' any of the TJ's staff, now that just wouldn't be Cricket , but its up to the girls if they did want to defect. The bar has only been open a few days so we will just have to wait and see what happens Staff wise.
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    It's been a few years but I used to watch an occasional Premier League game in Sweethearts Bar before many of the current sports bars opened. At that time they would get a respectable number of fans in for the games. It's a nice setup and you can see they have good seating. Making it a cozy venue will take a bit of effort but Jimbo is likely the right man for the job.
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    It will have Rooms for Rent too
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    Jimbo announced where his new venture was 25 minutes ago, its Sweethearts Bar on Soi Buakhao, it has rooms too
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    Welcome to the Forum DelaCruz! I don't know her but maybe the folks at Ladyboy Ladyboy knows. Think they used to post some contact details but don't think they do anymore. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Ladyboy Ladyboy
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    For many of us TJs was always a draw, without or without Jimbo. The shows and scantily dressed ladyboys certainly spiced it up during his time there, and attracted certain guys who wanted to chat to a scene personality. Not sure how many of that type will bother going without him there. Anwyay I’ll still head there regardless, if the shows continue it will be a bonus.
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    The journey from Jomtien put me off too, but Emmy from Katty Bar took some of us over in her car. A bit of a tight squeeze going back with an additional lb. I was thinking of getting there on Baht Bus, and returning to Jomtien by taxi. I'm told taxi fare to Jomtien should be between 3-400 baht which seems reasonable. I don't think TJs will abandon the cabaret type shows as the owner Em will have seen the revenues generated by these.
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    Can’t be too careful around those randy cucumbers.
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