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  1. You're right. Somehow, I clicked on it on their website; not sure why it would have been featured but glad the date is there. A pet peeve of mine is undated information especially if it has to do with things constantly changing such Covid entry requirements.
  2. Thai Authorities with the immigration police stated that they were shocked to find seven foreign women suspected of prostitution in Pattaya early this morning on Walking Street and Beach Road. Stating to the Thai media that this sort of behaviour is illegal and bad for the image of family friendly Pattaya, Immigration Police arrested seven foreign women in total. The women, four from Uzbekistan, two from Egypt and one from Uganda were all caught in activities assumed to be soliciting from potential customers and offering prostitution services which is illegal and according to officials does not exist in Pattaya. The Ugandan woman has been warned before according to immigration police and will be deported. The remaining six women had their details and information taken, paid an undisclosed fine and were released with a warning, that if they were caught again they would be deported. https://thepattayanews.com/2019/09/26/seven-suspected-foreign-prostitutes-discovered-on-walking-street-arrested/
  3. Milli, a Thai female rapper, adds a spicy twist and naughty taste is by rapping in Kathoey-culture (transgender) jargon called “Luu language,” which involves adding the word ‘Luu’ in front of specific Thai words before reversing it to create a new word with the same meaning. In Sud Pang, she says the word “Luay Sui” instead of “suay,” or beautiful. https://coconuts.co/bangkok/features/rising-teen-rapper-milli-provokes-as-she-pushes-thai-hip-hop-forward/ It appears that Thai ladyboys have their own version of Pig Latin. Btw, Milli just made the BBC's Top 100 Women list for 2022.
  4. Somes scenes from the Beer Garden in the above video.
  5. The Philippine central bank may raise rates by 50 basis points at its mid-December meeting, bringing the policy rate to 5.5%. The central bank raised interest rates six times this year. In spite of growth being expected to slow down in 2023, the November inflation data suggests that the central bank still has a number of rate hikes in the pipeline “to help stem any second round effects from higher food prices, rein in demand, and make sure inflation expectations are well anchored,” said Aris Dacanay, ASEAN Economist from HSBC Global Research. Dacanay also said he expects the BSP to pause its tightening cycle when the policy rate reaches 6.25%. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/12/06/philippines-inflation-soars-to-fastest-in-14-years-more-hikes-to-come.html
  6. Quite stunning. Btw, Black's king and queen are on the wrong squares. Quiz: If the black king and queen where on the right squares, how could the pawn on h6 be a legal position?
  7. Pdoggg

    Airline News

    Looks like there are direct flights to Clark out of both ICN and PUS.
  8. Pdoggg

    Airline News

    Round trip Soju? But you are lucky that you can fly direct from Seoul to Angeles City and land at Clark just 15 minutes from the action and avoid Manila entirely.
  9. The Buy-Sell spread is currently ridiculously wide for the Danish krone. If you coming to Thailand from Denmark, it is probably a good idea to exchange krone for euro in Denmark and bring euros to Thailand.
  10. Female go-go staffers on Pattaya Walking Street reportedly broke into a street fight this morning after a verbal altercation that escalated to a physical conflict and spread to a wider group of people and bystanders, including boyfriends of those present and security guards. One unidentified person was stabbed and injured during the incident and the suspect in the stabbing has since turned himself into Pattaya police claiming self-defense. The Pattaya City Police was notified of the incident at 2:30 A.M. early this morning (December 3rd). They and the Pattaya News arrived at the scene at the entrance of a gogo near the Beach Road end of Walking Street. The name of the gogo was withheld by Pattaya police pending a further review of the incident. Witnesses at the scene, who asked to be anonymous, told the Pattaya News that two female go-go staffers named ‘Pum’ and ‘Fon’ were arguing and fighting in the street in front of the gogo after closure. Pum called her boyfriend to assist her with the issue before he arrived at the scene. The exact nature of the dispute was unclear and the parties involved did not discuss it at length with the press or law enforcement. Pum’s boyfriend then argued with male gogo staffers about the situation before a physical confrontation erupted, with both sides accusing the other of starting the fight. Several parties ran into Soi 15 and one person was reportedly stabbed. This person, whose identity was withheld by police, sought medical treatment later. The scene was described by law enforcement present as “chaotic” and descriptions of the instigators and those responsible varied from witness to witness. Pattaya police reviewed CCTV to identify the aggravators in the fight but the suspect in the stabbing turned himself in later this afternoon, December 3rd. Pattaya City Police Chief Colonel Kunlachart Kunlachai told the Pattaya News that this afternoon (December 3rd) a man identified to the press by police only as Mr. Warayut, 30, and his unidentified girlfriend presented themselves to the Pattaya City Police. Mr. Warayut told the police, “I was waiting for my girlfriend to finish work to bring her home near the gogo. My girlfriend is a colleague of Pum’s and Fon but was not an instigator in the fight. She tried to stop those who were fighting and de-escalate the situation but my girlfriend was then attacked by a group of men in the chaos. I tried to help her escape from the chaos but those men attacked and chased after me instead.” “I grabbed a kitchen knife that someone has dropped on the street nearby. I stabbed someone randomly to protect myself before I ran away from them. I presented myself to the police as I want to prove that this was self-defense. I don’t want to hurt anyone, I was merely trying to protect myself and my girlfriend and the situation got out of hand.” Police are continuing their investigation for further legal action and are summoning those involved for interviews and legal charges. More review of CCTV and discussion with gogo staff and management is ongoing to determine the sequence of events that led to the fight and stabbing. https://thepattayanews.com/2022/12/03/pattaya-police-investigate-late-night-group-street-fight-outside-walking-street-gogo-one-person-stabbed-suspect-turns-himself-in/
  11. My Jomty homie, BBG, must have went to film school as he shot a great video at Dao's party. But he's a bit technologically challenged so he asked me to post it for him. Looks like a great party; wish I could have gone but was a bit under the weather. Zaza Massage may not have the golden urinals like their neighbor across the soi in this video, High Rollers. Instead they have pretty ladyboys with tasty sausages! LINE_MOVIE_1670164684924.mp4
  12. QG, try clearing your browser cache https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/719 or try a different web browser.
  13. What surprises me is pre-Covid how many ladyboy gogos there were at NEP. Pattaya just has 1 ladyboy gogo.
  14. Nothing. One Bolt option is Bolt Taxi. The low prices are not the only reason to Bolt. Not having to negotiate price makes the experience much better as well as the software showing the driver a good route. Some drivers know better routes but handy for a driver new to town.
  15. Pdoggg

    Club Q

    The shooter identifies as non-binary and goes by the pronouns they and them, according to court documents.
  16. The 7/11 pictured above at the bottom of Pratumnak Soi 5 now has 24 tables where you can drink 40 baht beers. They close the tables at midnight though. Cheap night out!
  17. Pattaya police inspected Beach Road last night, November 22nd, and took dozens of suspected transgender sex workers to the police station for identity recording in order to prevent potential crimes during the tourism high season. The intense prostitution purge was conducted by a combined team of Pattaya police and tourist police last night at Beach Road following complaints from anonymous concerned citizens. This also comes in advance of the highly anticipated Pattaya International Fireworks Festival this weekend which is expected to attract over 100,000 visitors. According to the leader of the operation Pol. Lt. Col. Pitchaya Khiaoplueng, many individuals whom he suspected were illegal sex workers left the road and pretended to be beachgoers strolling the beach immediately after they sighted police officers. Nonetheless, 36 alleged sex workers were arrested and taken to the Pattaya police station to have their identities recorded. The reason for this measure was likely because Pattaya police were waging war on a rash of petty crimes allegedly committed by transgender suspects against tourists. Pitchaya stressed to the suspects that they could not loiter on the beach and offer sexual services to people walking by because it contravened the Thai prostitution law and damaged Pattaya’s tourism image. All suspects were released, and Pattaya police pledged to continue their crackdown on prostitution every day.
  18. Pdoggg

    The Big Breakfast

    Olde Rogues would now get my vote. The coffee that comes with the Hideaway brekkie is not same same as the coffee on the regular menu. Just got a Like for an old post about Robin Hood but their 99 baht breakfast is long gone.
  19. Saw a sign next to the Jomtien Post Office on Soi 5 advertising rooms for rent for 4000-5000-6000 baht per month. Here is a daytime pic with the gate open and a night time pic taken around 10:30 PM with the gate closed.
  20. Pdoggg

    Club Q

    Club Q was hosting a “Drag Divas” show followed by a DJ night on Saturday the night before Trans Day of Remembrance. New to Colorado Springs, Aeron Laney and Justin Godwin went to Club Q on Saturday evening for their first night out on the town, they said. The pair stayed for two hours to watch a drag show and left at 11:54 PM, a handful of minutes before the gunman entered, they added. For Laney, who is bisexual, it was the first time ever going to an LGBTQ bar. “It’s devastating,” Laney, 24, said, standing outside the bar on Sunday evening. “We thought we had found a new home and a community, and we were expecting to make new friends and making this a regular place to go where we could openly be ourselves and now it’s just gone — it’s just ripped away.” They estimate that roughly three dozen people were at the bar when they left. With five dead and 25 others wounded, according to police, “We just keep thinking everyone we saw was a victim,” Laney said.
  21. IMO Laguna Beach 2, behind Rompho, is a much better location than Laguna Beach 1 or Laguna Beach 3 Maldives. Laguna Bay 1 and Laguna Bay 2 are in Pratumnak.
  22. Pdoggg

    The Big Breakfast

    Said the actress to the bishop as he prepared to enter her backdoor.
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