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  1. QG, I highly recommend this Logitech mouse. I've had it for years, dropped it on the floor dozens of times and it keeps on kicking. It is so simple to use, there is no setup or configuration. No wires. It takes one AA battery which lasts a very long time. It comes with a little thingy that you stick into your laptop. It takes a couple of seconds to find the hole and other second to stick it in, It slips in even easier than a lubricated lovestick goes into an eagerly awaiting ladyboy lovehole! When you buy a new laptop it takes just a second to pull out and another second to put it in to your new laptop. This is an extremely cost effective mouse for tech challenged guys. If you had a mouse now you could easily click on the pic or the button below and your new mouse would arrive before the end of the month.
  2. Lisa's song Money is now #1 on the Billboard USA rap chart! The only other KPoppers to achieve #1 on the USA charts were Suga of BTS and Psy. Lisa says she misses the meatballs from the Buri Ram train station. Here next project is rumoured to be a compilation of Irish ballads. Lisa Suga Psy
  3. Anyone know which joint on Jomty Soi 7? The Pattaya City Police raided a restaurant in Jomtien last night September 22nd, 2021, allegedly finding both foreign nationals and Thais drinking alcohol that police said violated the Chonburi Disease Control order to control the spread of Covid -19. Additionally, under current national orders from the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration, or CCSA, sales of alcohol in restaurants are prohibited. Bars and entertainment venues have been legally closed since April 10th, 2021, approaching six months, by CCSA mandate. The raid followed police stating they received complaints from local residents in the area that foreigners and Thais were “secretly” gathering and drinking alcohol in a restaurant in Soi Jomtien 7 in Nongprue, Banglamung. Police raided the restaurant, whose name has been withheld pending a further investigation, in the early evening hours. Fifteen people were arrested which were nine foreigners and six Thais including the restaurant caretaker. According to police, the group was drinking alcohol, not socially distancing or wearing masks, and disobeying the Covid-19 Chonburi orders. All fifteen people were taken to the Pattaya City Police Station to face charges of violating the Chonburi Disease Control order. Under Emergency Decree laws to control Covid-19, those detained could face stiff fines and even jail time. https://thepattayanews.com/2021/09/23/fifteen-people-arrested-in-pattaya-restaurant-after-police-raid-were-allegedly-drinking-alcohol-and-violating-covid-19-rules/
  4. Published on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 16:10 A Thai woman who had been tricked into being a sex worker in Dubai, a city on the Persian Gulf Coast of the United Arab Emirates, returned safely to Thailand, today. The woman was able to send a video message through Facebook on Sunday where she pleaded for help. She says she had been deceived by an advertisement looking for a masseuse. The woman’s video caught the nation’s attention and motivated PM Prayut Chan-o-cha to tell the Labour Ministry to work with the Royal Thai Embassy in Abu Dhabi to secure the woman’s return to Thailand. The embassy says they were able to locate the woman on Monday at 5:30pm. Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin says the victim, name withheld, left Dubai just before 3am and arrived at 12:30pm today. For the next 14 days, she will quarantine due to standard Covid measures. Suchart adds that the ministry will assist the woman in locating a job in Sa Kaeo, her hometown. He says officials will investigate and prosecute the responsible parties that trafficked the woman into the UAE. The woman says she was lured to Dubai by a woman she knew only as “Ms Lilly”. She says Ms Lilly invited her to Dubai to work as a masseuse at a spa and claimed she’d make up to 40,000 baht a month. When the victim got to Dubai on September 16, she says Ms Lilly instantly took possession of her passport and told her that she would be providing sexual services to the clients. The victim asked to go home but Ms Lilly said she would have to pay 70,000 baht to pay for the airline ticket and other fees, say officials. The victim then decided to release her video pleading for help. The video quickly went viral. Thai officials identified the victim’s location at a parlour in Dubai, which closed shortly after the officials found it. Ms Lilly agreed to give the victim back her passport and brought her to the Dubai International Airport. Suchart warns Thai citizens that if they want to work abroad, they must use the ministry’s help or use the service of a recruitment firm. He adds that they must also apply to be a member of the Labour Ministry’s overseas employment fund before they leave. https://thethaiger.com/news/world/thai-woman-tricked-into-human-trafficking-in-dubai-brought-home-safely
  5. I can either go to Edit/Paste up top or right click on my mouse
  6. QG, Do you see the Share button in my screenshot below? The after I hit the Share button this pops up instantly like an erect 21 year old ladyboy dick. I then press Copy (not Embed) and then Paste it into my LBR post. Things might be different on your device and browser.
  7. QG, you can try the Share button on Youtube and then Copy the the link that appears and then Paste it into LBR.
  8. The best-known versions of the song use the tune for "Lily of the West", especially the recordings by the Irish traditional musical group Planxty on Cold Blow and the Rainy Night in 1974 where they give Mike Waterson as their source, and by the Irish musician and songwriter (and sometime member of Planxty) Paul Brady on Welcome Here Kind Stranger in 1978. The 2002 release of a live recording of the songs from the aforementioned album, entitled The Missing Liberty Tapes, preserves a solo rendition of "The Lakes of Pontchartrain" from Brady's 1978 concert at Liberty Hall in Dublin. A new recording of "The Lakes of Pontchartrain" appears on his 1999 album Nobody Knows: The Best of Paul Brady. Brady has also recorded an Irish-language version of the song, as "Bruach Loch Pontchartrain", translated by Francie Mooney. Planxty member Christy Moore later recorded the song for his 1983 solo album The Time Has Come.
  9. Go right now for jab. No shower, just get your ass there ASAP. Bring passport.
  10. Like any of these Sith? The Chinese government has recently taken action against what it calls “sissy men” – males, often celebrities, deemed too effeminate. On Sept. 2,2021, government regulators banned their appearance on both television and video streaming sites. Using the Chinese derogatory slur “niang pao” – literally, “girlie guns” – Chinese cultural authorities explained that they were rolling out a rule to purge “morally flawed celebrities” in order to “correct aesthetics” in “performing styles” and “wardrobes and makeups.” Technically this is a rule, not a law. But thanks to the strong control the Chinese government exerts over industry, the tech companies that give these celebrities a platform have quickly fallen in line. The international community may view the rule as yet another example of Chinese repression centered on LBGTQ communities. Get news that’s free, independent and based on evidence. And this could be true, to an extent. However, as someone who studies China’s queer cultures, I’m also attuned to the way pronouncements made by the Chinese government often cloak a hidden agenda. To me, it’s no coincidence that the ban has come during the intense national campaign against China’s domestic big tech giants, which the government increasingly sees as a threat to its ability to keep tabs on its citizens. The rise of effeminate male ‘traffic stars’ In the mid-2010s the Chinese government’s grip on the country’s entertainment sector began to weaken after decades of control over who could star on TV and what sort of stories could be told. TV dramas, films and talent shows produced by private tech companies started to take off, while ratings and ad revenues of state-owned television stations tumbled. Beginning in 2016, the government started to censor web videos with the same criteria it had been using for television. However, the restrictions seemed to only inspire more creative and subversive expressions of sexuality on video streaming sites. For example, images of two men kissing and holding hands were banned. So creators simply used dialogues and gestures, like intense eye contact, to convey homosexual intimacy. Furthermore, these rules didn’t regulate the physical appearance of characters. Since 2017, shows produced by the country’s leading video streaming platforms – many of which mimic the basic format of shows like “American Idol” and “The Voice” – have launched the careers of a number of effeminate male celebrities. These shows include “The Coming One” and “CHUANG 2021,” which appear on Tencent Video, a streaming site owned by Tencent, the Chinese technology conglomerate that also owns WeChat. Meanwhile, “Idol Producer” and “Youth With You” appear on another video service provider, iQiyi, a subsidiary of Baidu, the Chinese equivalent of Google. The male participants in these shows are often young, dress in unisex clothing, and apply orange-red eye shadow and lipstick, along with heavy makeup that whitens their skin and thickens their eyebrows. In the past, female audiences would clamor for masculine looks or physiques in their male celebrities. Today’s young Chinese people, on the other hand, are more open to challenging gender stereotypes. Within online fan communities, femininity in male celebrities isn’t stigmatized; instead, it’s celebrated. They’ll call their female idols “brother” or “husband” and their male idols “wife” – names meant more as compliments than insults. This shift can be traced, in large part, to the influence of K-pop, the South Korean pop music phenomenon in which many of the singers reject traditionally masculine ideals. An easy way for male actors to achieve stardom is to appear in adaptions of “boys’ love novels,” an online fiction genre originating in Japan that features homoerotic relationships between men. Take the actor Zhang Zhehan. For years, he played masculine characters in several TV shows. Still, he remained largely unknown until he appeared in the adaption of the boys’ love novel “Word of Honor,” which appeared in early 2021 on Youku, a streaming service owned by the tech giant Alibaba. His female fans even invented a meme to describe Zhang’s rapid rise to fame: “manning up for a decade failed, but [he] succeeded as a wife overnight.” Despite their perceived effeminate mannerisms, these male celebrities have amassed a huge following among female viewers. Typically, their shows can generate billions of views and considerable ad revenue. Celebrities whose fame emerged out of shows like “The Coming One” and “Idol Producer” are called “traffic stars” because they’re more dependent on their massive followings than on any specific skill such as singing, acting or dancing. Ten and YangYang are two members of the Chinese boy band WayV, whose sound and style are heavily influenced by K-pop. SM Entertainment Since views, shares and likes have become the dominant metric for a celebrity’s popularity and market value, fans will organize to actively manipulate social media features such as ranking lists and trending topics in support of their idols. This “data worship” – to use the terminology of the Chinese authorities – ultimately boosts the revenue of the big tech companies that promote and host the stars. Therefore, the profits of tech companies and the proliferation of internet influencers, movie stars and TV personalities have become increasingly intertwined. For a country seeking to rein in the power of big tech companies, these effeminate idols become an obvious target. Possible ramifications Although it could be argued that everyday LGBTQ people aren’t the real target of the most recent policy, I believe it will almost certainly have a pernicious effect on China’s marginalized gender groups and LGBTQ communities. In China, the government has long exploited gender and sexuality in the service of political needs. During the first three decades of the People’s Republic of China – from 1949 to 1978 – homosexuality was portrayed as the epitome of capitalist vice and was, therefore, seen as incompatible with the values of the Communist party-state. After China’s market reforms in 1978 and the “opening up” of the country, people – especially in China’s cities – became more comfortable calling themselves gay. In the lead-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the state-run Xinhua News agency even published articles championing the gay website Danlan – a precursor to Blued, the most popular gay dating app in the world – in order to portray China as an inclusive and diverse place and to deflect international criticism of China’s poor record on human rights. Thanks to digital technology and the growth of online subcultures, China has achieved some real progress in the acceptance of gender and sexual minorities over the past decade. Young women often speak of having a “gay confidant” (“gaymi” in Chinese), while young straight men are keen to call their male friends “good gay buddies”(“hao jiyou”). So it’s a bit surprising to see a gender slur – “girlie guns” – being written into government policy and repeated throughout the country’s mainstream media outlets. And it isn’t difficult to envision more anti-LGBTQ bullying, harassment and violence in schools and workplaces as a result. After all, if the government condones a slur, who’s to say it’s wrong to use it to attack others? https://theconversation.com/how-sissy-men-became-the-latest-front-in-chinas-campaign-against-big-tech-167328
  11. My understanding is that a house can be in a foreigners name but as you know the land underneath must be owned by a Thai and then can leased back to the foreigner for 30 years. More common when purchasing an existing house is setting up a Thai company that a foreigner controls even though he only own 49% of the shares. .
  12. I am living on 1000 a day, rent included, during Covid times and I have a bigger and nicer place than the average Pattaya expat. Once things get back to normal my spending will go up a bit. But a farang on only a 20K (or less) a month budget could live at the CCR for 5000 a month in a very small studio on the wrong side of 3rd Road. The nice new building is only about a 5 minute or so walk from Soi Pothole and has an impressive gym and pool. https://www.thailand-property.com/condo-for-sale-or-rent-in-city-center-residence-bang-lamung-chonburi_5029074 My missus built a house for her Mom using her own money. She paid as construction progressed, foundation, shell, inside etc. They already had the land. For those who like a quieter life, living upcountry is a good option. If farang hab money, no reason not to help out his girlfriend's family if he can do that without jeopardizing his financial security. But best do do a little at a time, not in one big chunk.
  13. A recap of the current restrictions in Pattaya:
  14. Given the choice, a beautiful young Thai GG or LB would choose a twentysomething guy with KPop good looks who drives a Ferrari and is hung like a Brazilian travesti instead of a LBR member. It does make sense to make it easier for farang of means under 50 to stay in Thailand without jumping through multiple hoops. But it will not be easy for Thailand to attract these farangs. Thailand's best bet is to target the Chinese. Perhaps the first step is to push the bars to the other side of 2nd Road or even across 3rd Road to really get them out of sight. Put a big splashy casino on Beach Road or Bali Hai that you can get to by monorail. But Thailand won't turn into Singapore overnight and the HiSo Thais will resist wealth distribution so hooking up with mongers will still be an attractive option for farm fresh Thai girls. If not, mongers will have the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Bali which should all take longer to gentrify.
  15. Here is one barowner's idea. This is not something that governmental officials are discussing though. Playpen might have a better ring to it than Sandbox.
  16. Me thinks you want to be a guest lecturer at Bangkok Ladyboy University! Re the second category, Wealthy Pensioners, not sure why this is a better scheme that what is normally offered. The current Retirement Visa is a great deal at 1900 baht a year. The main inconvenience is that it must be renewed in a 30 day window at the same time every year. Currently a Retirement Visa holder must either keep 800K baht in a Thai bank, prove 65K baht a mont in pension income, or pay a fixer. Guys balk at 800K baht so 250K USD ( around 8 million Thai baht) is a hurdle. The government could keep the current system in place but do away with the age requirement and change pension income to any income. The article makes no mention of the visa fee. In the past the fee was an exorbitant amount, age restricted, and seemed to offer little benefit beyond the retirement visa. The retirement visa fee is quite low in Thailand compared to the Philippines and Cambodia. In Cambodia it is the equivalent of 10K baht. The current system for digital nomads is absurd, a system where every few months the nomads must do a border run in a death van. Would be more sensible to jack up the visa fee to cost of the death vans.
  17. Hi Josh, I think our members would be quite interested in the Colombian and Costa Rican T-Girl scene!
  18. But as exciting as Anabelle? A portion of Jomtien Beach Road that had collapsed due to storms last week is still under repair with Pattaya City authorities stating that it should be open to traffic, at least one lane, in only a few days. https://thepattayanews.com/2021/09/15/update-jomtien-beach-road-portion-damaged-by-floods-to-be-opened-to-traffic-in-3-4-days/
  19. Well done Syl closely examining the base! So it's confirmed that it's her sausage and her bellybutton. But the question remains whether or not it's her love juice?
  20. Home, home on the range where the deer and the antelope play!
  21. Had a delicious meal at CAB (Cuisine Au Beurre) opposite the western sidedoor of Tuk Com. I had pork fillet mignon with mashed potatoes, lots of gravy, and veggies for 90 baht. The special sign said it comes with pasta but I'm glad that the server asked me if I wanted Mashed instead.
  22. PHUKET: Bars along Patong’s famed Bangla Rd have re-opened as restaurants, with some venues selling alcohol, in order to serve some customers and make a living in open defiance of a national order for all pubs, bars and other “entertainment venues” to remain closed as a COVID-19 prevention measure. https://www.thephuketnews.com/patong-bars-defy-national-order-to-open-as-restaurants-81397.php
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