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    But I think it is proper etiquette for farangs to wear a mask if you are in an area where all Thai people are wearing them. Even if you think they're useless it's a gesture of respect. Of course you wouldn't be wearing them on Buakhao, LK Metro, or Pothole.
  2. The USD is marching towards 36 baht and 55 Philippine pisos. But the dollar is loosely pegged to Cambodian Riel at 4000. This makes Cambodia not as attractive the LOS or PI for Yanks.
  3. A buddy of mine spent lots of time with her in the Philippines before she had any fan base. Discovered her; a modern day Columbus. I'd say lucky guy but he made his own luck.
  4. The 65 sqm condo in the above video is a pretty good deal for those who want to live in Naklua. The elevator to the beach is a nice touch. You would want to buy a motorbike to get to/from Naklua Road though.
  5. There was a stabbing last night in what appears to be the Arab Quarter.
  6. In the above video, Jay says he is hereosexual. EDIT: typo, should be heterosexual.
  7. They might be using a male pronoun when referring to JeJe.
  8. If you still can get that price non-stop I wouldn't wait. Great price!
  9. The Lithuanian is now saying that JJ was killed by her mother. The pit bull was found in a wat.
  10. Are you talking about Jomtien or a specific place in Jomtien?
  11. Me too. Excellent! Nice! Healthy looking weapon! The Sith knows how to party!
  12. Yes. Ladyboy. The suspect, her boyfriend was caught in Jomtien. A Russian man has been arrested in the Pattaya area for allegedly killing his transgender girlfriend in Surin with her body being found three weeks after she was reported missing in a storage room. The Prasart Police in Surin were notified of the discovery of the body yesterday (June 15th) at 4:30 PM at a house in the Kang Aen sub-district, Prasart district. Law enforcement arrived at the storage room in a residential home, noticing a foul odor permeated the area. The body of a transgender person, Teerapong Lamlua, 32, was found covered with a blanket. Teerapong’s head had suffered significant blunt impact injuries from a heavy object, possibly a bottle according to law enforcement at the scene. Teerapong’s mother, Mrs. Wandee Lamlua, 47, told Prasart police, “Our neighbors told us they smelled something very bad like a dead animal from our house’s storage room. I called rescue workers to the area and they found some blood stains and hair in front of the storage room before finding the body.” “My child was in a longterm relationship with a Russian man. We lived in different houses. My child was last seen on May 22nd of this year. However, I thought the couple were traveling together in Ubon Ratchathani and frequent trips by the couple were not unusual so we didn’t consider that my child was missing.” Wandee explained The Prasart Police has continued their investigation together with Immigration Officers. They finally arrested the suspect in the Pattaya area last night (June 15th), with the assistance of undercover police at Jomtien Beach who was identified as a Russian man, 31. He was taken back to Surin for further investigation. Some reports have said the suspect is Lithuanian or may hold dual passports. The suspect had been tracked down with his mobile phone signal according to investigative officers and his movements were captured on CCTV as well. The suspect had left his rental car at a bus station in Surin and taken a bus to Rayong, then traveling to Pattaya. The suspect, whose full name was not released by law enforcement, did not immediately make a statement to the press. The couple had been together for about six months and the man had been reportedly staying with the victim at their home for a week in Prasart prior to the incident. Teerapong’s beloved pitbull was also missing, Wandee added, and Prasart police believe the dog may have been murdered as well and are searching the property for signs of the dog having possibly been buried. https://thepattayanews.com/2022/06/16/russian-man-arrested-in-the-pattaya-area-for-allegedly-killing-his-transgender-girlfriend-in-the-surin-province/ Jeje RIP The Accused
  13. What Buzz states was Soi MIT is the Soi 9 video was not Soi MIT (queued up to the relevant part). The former Soi MIT is a bit further south across from VT6, not across from Soi 9. He is more concerned with exploiting the Youtube algorithm than getting the facts right. Can't say that I blame him.
  14. Big news! Thailand Pass abolished starting July 1st. Bars open until 2AM starting July 1st. Check out the bottom 2 videos in Duke's Club for the details. http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/topic/8647-thailand-news-today/&do=findComment&comment=220215&_rid=7348
  15. Whatever gets you through the night. Love the way (s)he is holding the towel rack as you enter her! The round glasses do it.
  16. Perhaps Turkish Airways to Istanbul and then on to Bangkok, the city that makes hard men humble and horny men hard.
  17. I was sitting with her. Most uniform reveal tits from the top. Her show her tits from the bottom. She doesn't mind if you touch them.
  18. Nobody asked me but.......if she rocks your world in bed or has unique appeal then minor transgressions can be overlooked. This does not seem to be the case, at least sexwise, so it seems your time can be best used with other sissies. Her not showing up shows a lack of eagerness which is a bad sign.
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