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  1. I'll be there. Where is the other party by the way?
  2. I think most Americans don't follow politics closely at all. These low information voters just might be motivated to back a candidate because of a celebrity endorsement. But every endorsement is a two way street since some voters may hate the endorser. If David Duke (not OUR Dave Duke) endorses Trump that would help energize the fringe of Trump's base but would probably do more damage than good. OTOH, an Ariana Grande endorsement might get some of her fans to pull Bernie's lever (he seemed to enjoy the hug in the pic and she probably smells great too, maybe gave Bernie some wood)in the primary and I don't see any negative impact. Some endorsements really help. I think AOC's endorsement really helped at a time Bernie's campaign hit a rough patch. This endorsement also benefits AOC as she can campaign with him as the the girl who could be Veep if she wasn't Underage. But in 2024 she will be Barely Legal and perhaps even POTUS. She probably also smells swell! The Culture War was instrumental to Trump's victory. His confrontational style certainly helped him with what is now his "base". I guess hatred of the glitterati helps mobilize this base. True moderates thought let's give a successful businessman a chance. Years ago, I was very impressed with Art of the Deal and thought Trump was a shrewd businessman. Now, the ghostwriter of that book says it's all bullshit. I think Trump is going to have a very tough time being re-elected. The Dems could win by taking the Northern route by reclaiming Penn-Mich-Wisc or by a southern route involving North Carolina, Florida, and Arizona. Or mix and match. If Mich, Penn, and Arizona flip, then the Dems will most likely win. Very few new states Trump could pick up. Maybe New Hampshire and Minnesota. That's about it IMO. Back to Culture War, for every fed up anti-PC former Democrat there is at least one suburban former Repub Soccer Mom who has a strong aversion to Trump. Woke up early for the debate but couldn't find a live stream. So will watch later.
  3. We use lots of water and luckily I have a nearby water filter machine that costs 1 baht a liter. Never had a problem with that water. For those who insist on bottled water though. FamilyMart usually charges 20 baht for two 1.5 liter bottles of Singha water. That's 10 baht per bottle instead of 14 baht if you just buy one.
  4. Thanks for the heads up BBG! Beats me though as I rarely look at my Spam Box. But it wouldn't surprise me if a company were to add another revenue stream by selling email addies. But then I guess it could come from anywhere. Hey guys, in case it's new to you, Lazada is like Amazon for Southeast Asia with quick delivery.
  5. Here is a link to the Community Calendar: http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/calendar/1-community-calendar/2019/12/ Then you can click on a specific item to get more details.
  6. Hi Julia, Welcome to the Ladyboy Review Forum! The guys on Ladyboy Review often travel to Angeles City and other places in the Philippines just to meet ladyboys. Quite different than Facebook! In Angeles, I usually stay at the Devera Hotel. Too bad the room doesn't come with you!
  7. If you can't login please let us know. Guests can post in this sub forum ONLY. Or if you are a member who cannot login please email basschcuk@gmail.com and I will help you with a password reset. If you know a member who cannot login then please tell him to email me at that email address.
  8. This is rare but overstaying can lead to dire consequences.
  9. Here is the maximum number of Proof of Income Affadavits were issued by the British Embassy in Bangkok. A small number of affadavits issued were not Proof of Income hence the below numbers are the maximum. 2016: 2211 2017: 2679 2018: 3138 2019: 0
  10. BANGKOK, Nov 18 (Reuters) - The strength of Thailand's baht is a concern for the trade-reliant economy which is expected lag the central bank's growth forecast for this year, the Bank of Thailand governor said on Monday. "We are very worried about the baht," BOT Governor Veerathai Santiprabhob told a seminar in the southern province of Songkhla. The baht THB=TH is Asia's best performing currency this year, rising 7.7% against the dollar, underpinned by the country's large current account surplus. This year's economic growth is expected undershoot the central bank's forecast of 2.8%, Veerathai said.
  11. Beach Road will be closed to vehicular traffic on Friday, November 29th and Saturday, November 30th from 4PM to midnight for the Fireworks Festival. This should will impact traffic elsewhere especially Soi Buakhao.
  12. These two ladyboys were just released from the monkey house a couple weeks ago and the German tourist shown on the motobike brought them back to his Soi Buakhao guesthouse. When he woke up his cash, phone, and gold chain was missing. Looks like they will be going back to the Monkey House and am impressed that the police went to the effort of checking an enroute CCTV. Big Brother is watching you!
  13. Well I finally made it to the head office of Super Rich Thailand (Green)! I felt like the way some guys feel when they finally get to go to a ladyboy bar they've been reading about on a forum. I almost came in my pants! This is where you can get the very best rates for most currencies in Thailand. If taking the BTS, get off at Chitlom and walk away from Nana and towards Siam Square. Make a right on Rajdamri. If you reach the canal boat station then you went slightly too far. From the airport link take it to the next to last stop which is Ratchaprarop. Head towards Central World. Cross Petchaburi and then cross the canal and make the first left. The Head Office of Super Rich Thailand has a rate for USD that is usually about 3 satang better than Vasu and 5 satang better than TT Exchange in Pattaya. Probably quite good for other currencies too. It's quite an efficient operation. You walk in. They copy your passport and then you wait for the next available teller. Super Rich 1965 (Orange) is across the soi and there is third place nearby so easy to check the rates. Although I doubt if these other places have a policy of better rates than SuperRich Thailand but at a specific hour if the rate has just changed at one of the place, one of the competitors might be better. Buy/Sell spreads looked pretty tight for most currencies. Nepal was an exception. Probably in Nepal you should exchange rupees for USD and then in Thailand exchange those USD for baht.
  14. If go by the stats I suppose Messi is better than Ronnie. All I know is in games which I've watched which is limited Ronnie performs like a stud and Messi looks like a girlyman. If Messi tried to rape a girl, she'd beat him up! These were World Cup 2018 matches. Maybe the opponent's defensive schemes focused on stopping Messi but I am incapable of recognizing defensive formations.
  15. I have no idea and there appears to be no takers so I will throw out an easier (at least for me) one.
  16. I'll guess North by Northwest. Maybe there was a toilet on the train?
  17. Patpong Museum • Building 5, 2nd floor below Black Pagoda Bar, Patpong Soi 2 Open daily, 10am to 11 pm; 091 887 6829 • Tickets are 350 baht for visitors and include headphones offering narration in English, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish • The entrance fee includes one free beer or soft drink • Museum souvenirs are on sale, including ping pong balls
  18. Anti-trans memes are constantly showing up on my Facebook Newsfeed posted by ignorant assholes. These often have to do with transgender toilets and transwomen competing in women's sports. I reckon the sports issue is a thorny one but these ignoramuses post their memes so gleefully because Trans are on the other team in America's culture war. Now I'm starting to see the Trans Day of Remembrance being snickered at and being negatively compared to Veteran's Day yet these same bigots oppose transpeople serving in the military. I think it is easy to compartmentalize our experiences in Southeast Asia and not identify with the very real everyday struggles that our trans brothers and sisters experience back home. Transgender Remembrance Day honors people who have been murdered for just being born that way.
  19. Guess I'm spoiled by the outdoor barber chairs in Phnom Penh where I can get a haircut for 30 baht. Long gone are the days when the Soi Hollywood barbers charged 60 baht. Now it's 100. But the other day I discovered a barber shop still priced at 60 baht. As you hit Soi 17 from Soi Day Night there is a soi that connects Soi 17 with Soi Yensabai (this connecting soi may also be known as Yensabai despite a 90 degree turn). It doesn't even look like a barber shop but a nice lady cut my hair. Can't vouch for her expertise because you don't have to be highly skilled to give a buzz cut (crew cut). She also does 50 baht manicures but my girlfriend handles that.
  20. Between Dolphin Roundabout and the Woodlands Resort, Close enough. Point for BB!
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