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  1. Nick is broadcasting from A7 and says in the above video that The Ass isn't open. But we were sitting on the rail at Delirious tonight and it sure looked like Assienda was open.
  2. They can't even pronounce it!
  3. And her daddy owns a tobacco farm or coffee plantation?
  4. Was chatting with some guys in a bar about the ideal ladyboy as far as physical appearance, style of dress, and general demeanor. So what's your type? Glammed up or low key dress, hair and makeup? Gym fit or soft? Phat ass? Paperboy ass? Tall? Short? Flat chested or sillycone? Hung like a horse or itsy bitsy teenie weenie?
  5. Sweeney When the length and girth of someones penis is larger then the average male penis by a country mile. A man walks into a steamroom and looks to his friend and exclaims, "dammit man you got a Sweeney hanging there".
  6. Popped into KY Bar the other night. Deserves a Romscar nomination for Best Ladyboy Bar Name! Small bar; not too easy to find. It;s in the big beer bar complex on the same side of the soi as New Bar on the MIT Extension. It's in back out of sight which doesn't help foot traffic but perhaps ladyboy bars are destination bars. Small staff (numerically but a LB there told ne she was not small) and worth checking out for yourself. They use old 69 bar mats.
  7. Sweeney points out how the staff is very friendly in he above video and I think that is quite important when staying at a small hotel on Koh Chang if you are going to relax and chill. Seems like a nice place to read a book and have massages and do nothing if travelling solo. OTOH, if you are travelling with a ladyboy for a dream getaway then comfort becomes important. I find on the islands the cheap options aren't nearly as nice as Pattaya hotels at the same price point. If you want the honeymoon experience you have to spend big on the hotel even though otherwise the islands are quite affordable.
  8. I would suggest that you email the hotels that you are considering and find out which hospital they are affiliated with. It is also possible that the lab is not at the hospital which they are affiliated with. Also possible that even if the hospital/lab is across the soi from your hotel that there could be significant delivery delays. My experience with emailing hotels with these types of questions is that some are quite responsive and will give detailed answers and others won't. If one has insurance that fully covers asystematic hospital stays that I would want to go to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. I can put up with a crappy hotel for one night but would not want to spend a week at Banglamung Hospital or Pattaya City Hospital.
  9. Dropped into Delirious last night for a couple of cold ones. The fans provide a great breeze and good music at the proper volume. Dew looks even better in real life than in her pics. A sweet girl with a very nice smile.
  10. It's a tale of two cities. This video dealing with New Plaza, Soi 7-8, Soi 6 and Walking Street is a stark contrast to the one he posted yesterday of the Treetown area which is clicking on all cylinders.
  11. This guy has an interesting niche as you can see exactly what's going on as he rides his bicycle around town. Walking is too slow. Motorbikes too fast. IMO a bicycle is the perfect speed for the viewer. He doesn't bother with any fancy editing so gets his videos up quickly, in this case maybe an hour after shooting. In this video he passes Delirious, Fantasy, and New Bar.
  12. The band that evening even paid homage to New York drag queens and street hustlers Holly, Candy, Little Jo, Jackie, and Sugar Plum Fairy. 20220119_193759.mp4.96cc690c9180a6f6cd914206aaafc15e.mp4
  13. There's Midnight Cowboy but the bars close 11. Rhinestone Cowboy but we ain't gay. There is even Cowboy Casanova. Cowboys are known to play geetars and banjos but a Cowpoke with a tambourine is a new one for me.
  14. I think The Sith, perhaps more than any other forum member, would like the Pattaya Morlam scene. That's because besides bargirls, there are hundreds on non-pro and semi-pro ladyboys in attendance. It's a real party scene and the girls get mao mak mak. Just bring over a bag of beers, and a bottle of SangSom and some Coke bottles to a gaggle of ladyboys and you're their hero. Here are some old morlam threads. The really great pics in these threads are not of the stage performers but rather the ladyboys in the audience partying their asses off.
  15. Pdoggg

    Airline News

    I really don't know Soiboy. But I've noticed that there often seems to be problems with SNL videos. But Fenton's video above played perhaps because it is an old video. No real harm though if only half the guys can see it.
  16. Pdoggg

    Airline News

    For those in Thailand here is something probably quite similar to what the Soiboy posted.
  17. And a phat ass is better than no ass! The band also played Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life which you don't often hear in bars. 20220119_210118.mp4.4291f8044388da01e491314dd7337b93.mp4
  18. Chances are it won't. I am clueless when it comes to tech but somehow managed to download one on my Samsung. Biggest snag I hit was forgetting my Google Play Password but after sorting that out managed to set it as my ringtone. What I downloaded has some traffic noise as well as the 7/11 tune. That's OK though and it does work. However 99% of my calls are on the Line App which comes with 4 default tones and also some optional paid ringtones to download which I ain't paying for.
  19. An extremely interesting video. A portion of the video mentions Asoke Plaza which I had forgotten about. Remember there was a bar with a few ladyboys there but can't recall the name.
  20. Perhaps Officer Obie was Grunt's inspiration that led to his career in law enforcement. Btw, besides being featured in both the Alice's Restaurant song and movie, Obie was the cop in a series of Norman Rockwell sketches.
  21. This video will give you a good idea of how busy the Buakhao/Pothole/Treetown/LK Metro area was tonight. This is currently the liveliest part of Pattaya by far.
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