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  1. A man in Lampang was caught masturbating in front of an election poster of an attractive female candidate for parliament. Not politically correct! https://www.sanook.com/news/7718322/
  2. Here is the Mastercard converter; similar to the Visa converter. Note, at 13:30 Thai time the Visa site was updated with the March 21st rate but the Mastercard was not. This could mean that Mastercard's day starts at a slightly different time or it could mean they are just slow updating their website. https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/consumers/get-support/convert-currency.html
  3. The Fed did not raise rates today and also issued a dovish policy statement causing the greenback to take a hit. If you have the Fidelity or Schwab card it might be a good idea to take baht out of the ATM now while you can still get the March 20th rate posted by visa. I'm not exactly sure when the rate changes. It might be midnight Eastern Daylight Time.
  4. Fringe presidential candidate Andrew Yang has introduced an issue heretofore not.debated in presidential politics, circumcision. He's against it.
  5. Asphalt Fishing for She Male Zombies whatever that means. Kellyanne is a tough person to interview. Quite clever she is.
  6. Pdoggg

    6 Nations

    Not looking good for Ireland at halftime.
  7. Pdoggg

    6 Nations

    Permutations England, Ireland and Wales all still have a chance to win the Six Nations title going into the final weekend. Wales win if they beat Ireland in Cardiff If Wales and England finish tied on 20 points, which is quite possible, then Wales will still be crowned champions as Grand Slam winners are automatically awarded three bonus points under Six Nations rules A draw between Wales and Ireland – and England losing to Scotland at Twickenham – would see Wales win the title without a Grand Slam A draw between Wales and Ireland – and England beating Scotland – would see England crowned champions If Ireland beat Wales and England defeat Scotland, then England will be champions If Ireland beat Wales and England lose to Scotland, then Ireland will be championsRead more at: https://inews.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/six-nations-2019-champions-england-ireland-wales/
  8. I've always liked Sir Duke 007; here's a good dance remix.
  9. Guess guys in Pattaya will have to order in on Thai Friendly
  10. Pdoggg

    6 Nations

    Looking forward to it. Will watch the Ireland game and if they win then then the England game.
  11. In the last few days I've been listening to lots of music on YouTube and Soundcloud. I think Soundcloud has better sound and I am generally not too interested in the video anyway. Sometimes I stumble upon interesting remixes and mashups. This thread is for interesting music that you like. I'll go first with this mashup with a tropical feel to urban music. Hey, I'm living in the tropics!
  12. Pdoggg


    Franky Boy Cali, the boss of the Gambino Family was gunned down outside his home on Staten Island in what is considered a disrespectful mob hit.
  13. Trump has grounded the Max 8 and Max 9. Most of the rest of the world has already done so after the second crash in 6 months.
  14. Stormy said Trump is a Premature Ejaculator and that Cohen is dumber than herpes!
  15. I'm not so sure about that. I think Trump"s appeal to low income whites is more of a cultural thing than economic. It doesn't do the toothless guy in the Apalachian trailer park much good to cut Medicaid but he feels good chanting Build The Wall. The Trump-McConnell-Ryan billionaire tax cut could have been drafted to instead benefit people making less than 200K a year but Trump's base will forgive that IMO. Medicare For All or Free College isn't going to help me but I'm still a Bernie Bro, a term invented by people not quite officially connected with the Hillary campaign just like they invented the phrase Obama Boy. Of course if People are doing better economically it will help the party in power, but as far as 2020 goes there is a huge swath of people who completely despise Trump and will be motivated to come out and vote against him no matter what. Likewise There's a bunch of People who hate political correctness and will be motivated to come out to vote for Trump. In short, I don't think there are that many persuadable voters in 2020, most people know already if they will vote for or against Trump so more than any other year turning put the Base is more important than getting that rare swing voter. As for the Electoral College, year it's abolition would change campaigns from a 10 state campaign to a 50 state campaign. Both sides would allocate resources differently. My core issue is that government policies should benefit all the people not just the Donor Class. I think there are very few politicians that have the back of the 99% in this Class Struggle. Certainly not Trump or HRC.
  16. All media is biased. This is by design. All polling is flawed. But I don't believe this is intentional. But the media usually misinterprets polling some of it intentional but mostly due to laziness and ignorance. For example, most media got it wrong saying that Hilary was a 90% favorite in 2016. But it would not have been correct to say Trump was the favorite nor would it have been correct to say that Hilary was a 51% favorite. IMO Nate Silver was right saying HRC was a 70% favorite based on the polls. Were the polls wrong? Obviously they were based on the outcome but I don't believe they were intentionally designed to misrepresent the situation. For example, I trust the Washington Post's polling even though it's obvious to me that WaPo is extremely biased against Bernie. Without being explicitly told, the Post just knows that anti-Amazon stories need to be handled in a certain way. I also trust Fox's polling. For more than you would ever want to know about polls you can read the linked article: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-polls-are-all-right/
  17. If she comports herself well on the debate stage she could wind up as Bernie's Veep. On the Congressional Hot or Not website, Tulsi is voted the sexiest but it has not been updated to include the new freshman class or AOC would win. Http://www.SexyConngress.net I had an easy choice Kyrsten Sinema, bisexual from Arizona vs Diane Feinstein! Tulsi tries to project the Hawaii surfer image but she ain't no Kono! I give Tulsi credit for advocating foreign policy ideas outside the Overton Window, basicly telling the truth and calling it as she sees it in the Middle East and Venuzuela.
  18. Pdoggg

    6 Nations

    Forgot about the Grand Slam points. But if Ireland wins with a bonus point and England wins without a bonus point then England will still win on Points differential. So Ireland will need Scotland to win or draw for the Irish to take it all assuming they win.
  19. Pdoggg

    6 Nations

    4th Try for Ireland giving them a bonus point. So after 4 rounds I'd say England should be the favorite given that they will certainly win any tiebreak based on points differential.
  20. I am sure the Dems would agree to abolish the Electoral College and shift to the Popular Vote! Since a Constitutional amendment requires the approval of 3/4 of the states, that's not happening as states such as the Dakotas will nix that. Slightly more promising is a legal compact between States requiring their electors to vote for the candidate that won the nationwide popular vote. But I doubt that the Supremes would go for that especially with Chief Roberts now being the most centrist Justice. Is it true that Trump directed Cohen to write a threatening letter to the Electoral College demanding that they not release his grades? Unless the parties realign, the GOP is in trouble long-term as the Dem base is younger and has more babies. Even 2020 vs 2016, these demographic factors are in play. Perhaps this factor could amount to a 1% difference which means quite a bit in a close election The GOP's best strategy is a combination of voter suppression and appointing judges that will acquiesce to voter suppression. The mythical Undecided Voter vs turning out the Base? Of course both parties want to do both but I think turning out the Base gives you more bang for the buck especially in 2020 where there will be fewer Undecided voters than in 2016. Think in '16 there were centrist Soccer Moms that thought let's give a businessman a chance and see what he can do. I think this somewhat non-ideological woman is now totally turned off by Trump. There could also be some unforseen event that could shake things up such as a nuclear war or a new terrorist tactic like putting LSD in the water supply. Trump could also start a garden variety war such as an invasion of Venuzuela if the polling supported it. However, I don't think that war would have popular support.
  21. The odds have dropped quite a bit on Bernie now that he has thrown his hat into the ring and had a couple of successful rallies and strong fundraising from small donors. The odds were really off IMO just before he announced but when it was obvious he would jump in. It really depends if the Democrat establishment will find an anti-Bernie candidate to rally around. This is easier said than done in a big field as the GOP establishment was not able to rally around an anti-Trump candidate. As far as the general election, I think whoever the Dem candidate is will be favored over Trump despite the incumbency advantage. Changing demographics now give the Dems two potential blue paths to victory. There's the rust belt path of Pennsy-Michigan-Wisconsin but also a sunbelt path of Florida. N. Carolina, Arizona or some combination thereof. Think much of the Koch brothers money will go to holding the Senate pouring lots of money into Maine, Colorado, Iowa, Arizona, Georgia, and Alabama.
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