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  1. I have no idea but it appears one Portrait was loaded. Was good to catch up with you Annat!
  2. Obviously not good news. At least Kev is not in any pain.
  3. It seems rather odd when a low budget guy is told he should stay home and don't come to Thailand unless he going to spend a certain amount of money. I won't be ringing any bells on my 500 baht per day budget (after rent). OTOH, if a guy wants to splash the cash that's up to him.
  4. Nice post and welcome to the forum Markm! I think the timing factor also works for farangs too. Something clicks in one's head and it's time to settle!
  5. Friends of mine who had a days long sex romp with a dozen Filipina ladyboys in Angeles told me there were one or two ladyboys who nobody had sex with but insisted on staying in their multi room penthouse suite as they wanted the free food and booze and also get to hang out with their friends in such luxurious lodging. There seems to be a culture of ladyboy friends looking out for each other and it seems to me that ladyboys are not accepted into Philippines society to the same degree that their Thai sisters are accepted in Thailand.
  6. Patriotism should be a 2 way street. But it doesn't seem to work that way. I guess to many Appalachians, the Culture War is more important than Class Warfare. I was a slacker for most of my life but managed to get one good job and then got very lucky which allowed me to quit at a relatively young age. So I do appreciate that there is opportunity in the USA. I believe that if the swamp is drained (the real swamp, not Trump's swamp) there will be even more opportunity for Americans. I posted something similar a few years back and I sure got lots of pushback! In a macro sense, we are taking advantage of these gentle souls. That's an inconvenient truth. I think the typical Thai ladyboy is much nicer than the typical farang. However, In a micro sense, our P4P interactions are a win-win for both parties; Adam Smith's invisible hand guiding dick into ass for 1000 baht.
  7. Might be a good charity auction item. Like Cinderella's glass slipper or Dorothy's ruby slippers!
  8. Was the answer to a question at last night's pub quiz! A friend of mine visited Thailand for the first time two years ago and was excited about the opportunity to catch rare Asian pokemons. He didn't monger at all which I thought was a shame but hey different strokes. That's the problem with barfining, Coconut Bar, or Thai Friendly/Pina Love booty calls. Those activities lack the thrill of the hunt. Some mongers like iBar because there is at least the illusion of the hunt. A traditional hunting ground for ladyboys has always been department store cosmetic counters but in Pattaya one of ours can usually be found working just about anywhere, Tuk Com, cosmetic counters, restaurants etc.
  9. I suggest the streetwalkers on Lower Sukhumvit or Sukhumvit Soi 4. Have a quick conversation of less than a minute. If interested just say, "jet roi baht, chai mai"? It is highly unlikely you will get turned down.
  10. Nice abs on the new girl!
  11. Warren Buffet said that the Average Joe today is in many ways better off than a king in Victorian times. Back then, no internet, no AC, no airplanes, no penicillin if you got the Syph. Not even sure if there were bum squirts!
  12. He's the one on the floor looking up the skirts but think he was cropped out of the pic!
  13. Arch, she has a reputation for being an animal in bed! More than one guy has said it was the wildest sex he had in a long time! Get a good night's sleep and take your vitamins!
  14. I hear that the prices are quite reasonable at the Terminal 21 food court. I haven't been there myself though.
  15. A wise move Stoolie! I think the frustration with many expats is that what a guy who works in the Jomtien Immigration office says is often different from what a guy who works at the Nong Khai Immigration office says. Or one guy at Jomtien may say something different than another guy at Jomtien. Or the same guy at an Immigration office may say different things on different days. My experiences with both Jomtien Immigration and Krabi Immigration have both been extremely positive although each pace is quite different. Jomtien is like a busy factory where they are trying to push paper as fast as they can. Krabi is much slower perhaps friendlier but they scrutinize things more. I was not in their computer so they made a phone call to the owner of the hotel where I was staying while I was there. All immigration officers have been quite nice to me. Imagine if your Immigration officer was the Thai equivalent of Woodie! So when you renew in December (technically a 1 Year Extension of Stay) that will be in Nong Khai, right? When you do your 90 day reports you can ask what is required for your 1 year extension of stay. I think one big area for research is the TM 28 and TM 30 stuff which is not a problem for me because it is handled by the office where I live. However, because of new regulations I am reluctant to stay overnight in Bangkok hotel that reports their registered guests. I think someone is going to have to file one of these forms and I believe they are supposed to be done within 24 or 48 hours after arrival.
  16. I'm curious about the exact mechanics of the situation. In Australia did you get a Non Immigrant O-A Visa which is usually is for three months which will be then followed up with a 1 Year Extension of Stay which you get at a Thai Immigration office? This is how I came to Thailand. Btw, if you go to the TV forum, the guys will jump all over you if you use a term such as "renew a retirement visa". You will be lectured that you already have a visa and you are instead applying for a "one year extension of stay". Now maybe you got something a bit different which permits you to stay for a year without an extension of stay. In either case, you will still have to do 90 Day Reports which might be able to be done online. If you leave Thailand before your extension of stay expires then make sure to get a Re-Entry Permit as leaving Thailand invalidates your Extension of Stay. Lastly, there is a form that condos and hotels fill out, but may have to filled out by whoever you are legally renting from or staying with up at the farm. It might be a TM28 or TM 30. These don't apply to my situation as the office does it for me. It's something you probably should research. Btw, the Canberra website is not opening for me, probably combination of my weak wifi and where their server is located.
  17. Never had a problem catching one coming back from TJs be it 1AM, 2AM, 3AM, 4AM. Seems as if they come quicker in Naklua than in Jomtien in the wee hours. If alone, I don't even get on in Naklua as I enjoy the walk the downhill walk to Dolphin with a beer buzz looking to see of there are any interesting girls or ladyboys lurking in the bars. However there is an 85% chance that it will only go as fara as Walking Street so you would have to get on another one at the Jomtien Baht Bus Queue for an additional 10 baht. So most likely it will cost you 20 baht to get back home.
  18. The polling place in Pattaya for the Democrats Abroad primary on March 5th is at Robin Hood Tavern. Below is a video posted by our resident Vlog Connoisseur Duke007 detailing the Max Menu created by Chef Max who has a Michelin Star. You have also hang out and have a few beers which you can't do at a polling station in the USA. Having the primary held at the Robin Hood Tavern is quite symbolic as Bernie plans to take from the feudal barons, oligarchs, insurance companies, and Big Pharma so that Americans don't continue to die as a result of inadequate health insurance and that the redistribution of income from working people to the billionaires which started 40 years ago is reversed. Last year in the Democrats Abroad primary, Bernie carried Pattaya and Thailand and all but just three countries.
  19. Excellent info on Soi Farang and the Udon ladyboy scene Harry!
  20. Is this Delirious Bar in the video starting around 18:18?
  21. Is this Opor's party at Delirious Bar at 18:17 of the video? That would seem to have nothing to do with eating for 100 baht a day unless balloon chasing is part of the equation.
  22. Excellent Soi 13/1 report! Good to see she had a flat head so you had a place to put down your Beer Chang. And be it a Coke can or Chang bottle, it puts her tool size in perspective.
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