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    I film and interview ladyboys , my youtube is
    www.subscribestar.com/cinederose is my non youtube uncensored videos

    Cinederose@gmail.com :)

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  1. Cocoscope is closing end of month so now only subscribestar
  2. Cocoscope site is closing at the end of the month , there were a few famous thai based vloggers there connecting uncensored content to there youtube channels , of course mine was one , the only ladyboy channel on the site anyway pressure from payment processors was all it needed but i have my subscribestar running anyway there were no emails sent out so i mention it also i will be updating my YouTube as now i have a lot of free time with only one linked platform now , yeah i was too obsessed with my lb channel on cocoscope , and i put so many links sorry so i have to write this thankyou -cine http://Www.subscribestar.com/cinederose :)
  3. Www.cocoscope.com/cinederose Ladyboys and Cinema sorry could not resist :))
  4. My second ladyboy youtube channel https://youtu.be/lcdOBg7eThM Www.cocoscope.com/cinederose :)
  5. My latest youtube videos Www.cocoscope.com/cinederose Thanks cine :)
  6. I race ladyboys every day :)
  7. Thanks guys and thank you papa Sam for the links , yeah my three vanity link platforms are https://Www.cocoscope.com/cinederose https://Www.subscribestar.com/cinederose https://Www.paypal.me/cinederose for direct links to email about 82 videos presently by end of month 10 usd :) Sorry for hyping it but i hate those old links Thankyou guys :)
  8. Youtube vlogs would re-enforce what you already know anyway :)
  9. New youtube video more coming :)
  10. New video , original thumbnail was was way hotter but YouTube didn't like it but it's still on my cocoscope :) https://youtu.be/hNJCIvxwv_0 www.cocoscope.com/cinederose regards cine :)
  11. https://youtu.be/Cje1Xtc2cSU One of my favourite :)
  12. Takes a little skill and some imagination and I don't have a pc , my whole ladyboy empire based on a Huawei smart phone :) www.cocoscope.com/cinederose
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