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  1. https://youtu.be/Cje1Xtc2cSU One of my favourite :)
  2. Takes a little skill and some imagination and I don't have a pc , my whole ladyboy empire based on a Huawei smart phone :) www.cocoscope.com/cinederose
  3. Well , Vegas was a backdrop to that movie why not the actual adult playground nana plaza The intrigue and drama :)
  4. The End of Nana Plaza ? www.cocoscope.com/cinederose Intriguing deconstruction of the ladyboy scene in Bangkok and Pattaya , full line up for next few months , every few days new video and requests , lines :)
  5. https://youtu.be/S0ZCEY-HmMM Yeah Nut was on my ladyboy tsunami of walking street video a few months back , from lao originally , I focus too much on cocoscope so here's a new YouTube video , thanks cine:)
  6. Interviews and requests and say hi to ladyboy Nut:)
  7. Www.cocoscope.com/cinederose 42 videos now , new one every four days requests taken also PayPal videos sent to your email with private links :)
  8. Sigh , too much time on my hands but my videos need thumbnails anyway :) www.cocoscope.com/cinederose (1) www.subscribestar.com/cinederose (2) or PayPal 42 videos by email private links :)
  9. I am allowed to upload nsfw videos and film any ladyboy in bangkok or pattaya with lines :) I do a lot of cinema related motifs on these videos as you will see in the upcoming videos :)
  10. Well cocoscope is like a small YouTube its owned by Piper blush and she is really nice and attractive and she puts her videos there also , there is only a couple of Thai based bloggers on it and I have 90% of the ladyboy content on there , you can log in without registering :) write a name and email but no validation mail or log in with Facebook Subscribing is free because sometimes I upload free videos but I have 42 free ladyboy videos anyway on YouTube and anyone who adopts gets my videos , a lot of videos and 12 more every month and 200 ladyboy lines to talk free to the lb you see and requests ! Think about it Www.cocoscope.com/cinederose :)
  11. Some are YouTube private on subscribestar and cocoscope is completely self contained uploads so no not on YouTube :)
  12. Its Blocked in America , Canada and Mexico , sorry YouTube did it but if you want to see it I uploaded it to cocoscope as a Free video here https://www.cocoscope.com/watch?v=55707 Log in with Facebook or email Subscribe would be nice :)
  13. Full uncensored here Www.cocoscope.com/cinederose Www.subscribestar.com/cinederose The last Night of Nana Plaza :)
  14. Www.cocoscope.com/cinederose :) free to subscribe , login with Facebook or email :)
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