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  1. Think of the bravery and production values lol :) The Blonde Ladyboys of Bangkok :)
  2. Still kinda my favourite , but usually if Miley is in it I like it :)
  3. Not sure how it blows around here but respect to all , I have been documenting the ladyboy scene in Thailand for three years , face to face interviews ,50 YouTube lb videos , 7000 subscribers and dozens of uncensored ladyboy videos (not porn but risky interviews ) I won't mention my channel because I won't pull a cheap plug / promotion on you guys , but happy to help anyone out with stuff , many of you have seen it all , some of you live vicariously , some know the lb around town , some when they see Miley from fantasy lounge with her boobs out on the street ( my favourite interviews ) cannot believe it , some are wise old owls anyway survive the virus stay safe , god bless Cine:)
  4. That's YouTube but if anyone cares to see the uncensored videos or browse for fun www.cocoscope.com/cinederose Regards Cine:)
  5. Hmmm not sure why I don't get a mention as I produce more ladyboy Thailand vlogs then anybody and am really in to trenches a lot and have more access ladyboy interviews then all of YouTube put together and this is a ladyboy site , anyway I am not on this site that often :)
  6. They said it was a sex tourism guide and kept all the money , a few weeks ago I was screwed but my former patrons sent paypal donations and helped establish my new site It's an old story , patreon is at the mercy of there payout masters PayPal and stripe but keeping my money was a low blow thanks for asking :)
  7. Now www.cocoscope.com/cinederose Sorry patreon deleted me and I can't seem to change the post :)
  8. Now www.cocoscope.com/cinederose Patreon deleted me the swine
  9. Now www.cocoscope.com/cinederose And www.subscribestar.com/cinederose Seems I can't delete /edit this post ;)
  10. Yeah the new look , I have her on video with both looks , tomboy and rasterfarian or whatever , still at nanny bar :)
  11. I have a few hundred ladyboy lines if anyone is interested at www.patreon.com/cinederose And new Pattaya and BKK ladyboy videos Or follow my Instagram to see a sample of lb I have on line and video clips Progress reports on filming ladyboys Lb_stuff_thailand Thanks Cine:)
  12. Please support my patreon ladyboy vlog as I need to buy a decent camera,:) http://Www.patreon.com/cinederose
  13. Hi if anyone wants to support my ladyboy vlogs on patreon I would be really pleased as I may have to quit if I dont buy a camera lol:) Www.patreon.com/cinederose
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