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  1. I didn't make it but knew how to copy and paste it rapidly. Anyone can use it as a check list and see if bars are still open. Then, he will post a modified version. I don't log in any longer to the forum where where I found it (too much fight) and I don't really care about Pattaya.
  2. I was not in Thailand in the mid 2000s, so I don't know if that was a Golden age for ladyboys. This is the time I started finding ladyboy porn on the net. It's not a big deal for me that this Golden age vanished. I also noticed the "Golden age" of some kind of tourism opposite to mass tourism vanished from Thailand. Never mind. I experienced periods some people called "Golden age" in p4p or in p4p forums. The past belongs to the past and I don't spend my time complaining about it. A new "Golden age" is waiting for anyone who will make the effort to find it. This is why I don't really talk of the "Golden age" that was long over. I second you. I also enjoy that you stress the second point. It may seem a small thing but it's not. They learnt to know Rom very rapidly and shared this confidential practice with him.
  3. Amazing comments dealing with this American ice cream brand. @Rom : When will you play fudge pushing with the fit blonde ?
  4. @Rom : have you ever been to Puerto Galera or do you intend to go there during this trip ?
  5. I must be an insane punter then. I never believedin this concept of "Golden age". Actaually, I was not in Thailand in the 2000's, I was exploring other scenes. The thing is that I just don't believe in this idea of a Golden age that would be over belongs to old men (Sorry, no offense for JustSumGai). It's a law of nature that cheap and good quality prostitutes attract more and more punters till prices start skyrocketing while quality of service drops. But I have always thought : as soon as I am not happy of a street, I'll move along to another one. This avoids being stuck in a place like Pattaya and see other mongers raise the bidding while ladyboys become older and eager at money. However, I keep in mind that a new golden age will come in the future. I don't know which one, I don't know whether that will be GGs ladyboys or another kind of shemales but I keep ready to find it. I don't care about how easy (and cheap) it was in the past. I easily found cheaper than the Thai scene before Covid (see my TR 2019). I don't know what I will find in the next decade but I feel confident I will find something -no matter it doesn't look like ladyboys in Thailand- and try to keep my eyes open on the world to find it.
  6. Great pics ! Do they let you shoot them very easily ? Can you please explain what you mean ? Is this 10 US$ a night and 15 US$ the girls barfine included ? Why not mention it in PHP ?
  7. I have just visited the website of the Embassy of the Philippines and another website. If I got it well, 1) you may enter the Philippines without a visa if your intended stay in the Philippines will not exceed 30 days and you have a roundtrip ticket. In case you wish to extend your stay, application for extension of stay may be filed at the Philippine Bureau of Immigration Office before your 30th day of stay. 2) you can ask for a tourism (L) visa at the Embassy of the Philippines that will allow you to stay up to 59 days in the Philippines. This costs 1,500 PHP. 3) A temporary visitor's visa holder whose stay in the Philippines will exceed the authorized period of stay (example: 59 days) should apply an extension of stay at the Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines and pay the corresponding immigration fees. Information on fees for extension of stay and other Immigration fees are available at the Bureau of Immigration website (www.immigration.gov.ph = 404 Not Found ). In other words, if yo visit the Bureau of Immigration before you overstay, they seem always to have a solution to extend your visa and make you pay for a fee.
  8. Pulci Gorgon


    North Korea reported today first ever (officially admited) covid19 cases and oredered nationwide lockdown. Specialists think there are many more cases in North Korea. Kim Jong Un appeared for the first time wearing a mask. North Korea: 'First' Covid cases prompt strict national lockdown - BBC News North Korea identifies its first case of Covid-19, state media reports - CNN
  9. As Rom already answered you, that's a lot pf work to provide a Hitler video. Either you go to the website and make a meme rapidly. You "just" need to fill your text following a tempo imposed by the website. I had to use a mixing software to do it. I worked about 3 months on the final sequence following an idea to create a special effect one pic after another. Then I understood it would never be ready for Christmas and gave up the idea. Then I worked on a diaporama and mixed the whole. All of this to post hidden messages that hardly one BM caught. And eventually, the software asked me to pay for a new update to keep on mixing after one year of use or the software would be deactivated. I chose the cheap charlie's option. Objection !!! You are highly suspected to have used the pens to learn Chinese . Don't deny it. I have evidences. Pencil1.mp4 PS (1) : LOL PS (2) : BTW, I like your pix of Picsie, except maybe the one with a dude's feet with cheeper throusers than mine (LOL again). It could have been funny to read his posts if he told the truth about the scene.
  10. Thank you for helping me. I have been a bit tired for a few weeks and sometimes hardly find words to write. I didn't mean to criticize Rom, just asking for pics with the whole personality on the photo. BTW, I am glad to read one of the first TR after covid. We can always expect Rom to follow a different line every time he goes for a trip. That's what makes so many reactions in his TRs.
  11. I don't want to argue but I read tenth of stories like this, particularly with Pinoys. I've had enough sad stories with "my" ladyboys for 2 years too. The above pics look better. A teen age looking body with a cock ain't enough. Ladyboys whoever they are deserve to be depicted both naked and dressed and with their face unless someone believes here that ladyboys don't have a soul.
  12. Pulci Gorgon


    Not really what I mean. The coronavirus is hidden everywhere in China. Chinese people won't declare they're sick unless they're caught by Chinese authorities. They don't want to be held prisoners in a quarantine or worse be sent to an hospital where they will be sent to the crematorium still alive if they're really sick. Meanwhile, the virus is developping in the population and evolving to new variants.
  13. When we got vaccinated we received a certificate with a QR code after the second injection. We actually received 2, one was a domestic certificate and the other one a EU certificate.
  14. Pulci Gorgon


    I haven't posted graphs for a while, so here are a few data extractions. Globally, the numers are going down in almost every continent. It seems a little bit harder though in Australia. Stats in the poorest countries are very low, probably due poor means of identifying new cases or younger populations. What's interesting is that even Europe with high numbers have stats going down. North America has had low stats for a few months but the curve seems to go up again. Let's hope it's just a small bounce and not a recovery. The 3rd graph shows European countries with something that looks like the beginning of a new bounce. Hopefully, it's nothing. Regarding China : I followed fairly easily China's odering new locks down : Shanghai, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai again. The government prefers to let people die rather than tolerate a fistful of cases. IMHO, China reveals the dark side of their methods to struggle against covid19. They have pretended to be the top of the world with the lowest stats but they are now revealing their lack of efficiency. As soon as they find a few new cases they prefer to lock down (and let die) their population since they probably know that a few declared cases mean many undeclared actual cases. In China, not only positively tested people are placed in quarantine. Anyone can be locked down by sanitary authorithies just after coughing for whatever reason. Maybe some people are protected against a lock down decision and other people can be locked without real reason. These are usual processes in dictatorships. China prefered to use these methods rather than vaccines. Chinese vaccines have low efficiencies. The best one is under 50%. The Chinese government has prefered to use their sinovax as a political weapon to export vaccines in countries to show that they help them. The impact of authoritarian methods acted as an incentive not to declare family or friends' cases to the authorities and therefore let the virus circulate in the population. Vietnam had followed such a policy but the Vietnamese population is fairly undisciplined and the Vietnamese government eventially imported the same vaccines as those used in Europe. I'm afraid that China will be the source of new variants in the next few years.
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