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  1. I had Toyos fitted to my first car but I remebered that so much is riding on my tires. I enjoy Bibendum's since they last longer so their price ain't so expensive.
  2. I'm sorry the video disturbed you. I saw nothing negative though, these are just well hung ladyboys playing pool. You can hide the post if you want.
  3. Well, Quietguy gave the right info about the bar. I woke this morning thinking this couldn't be Jenny Star Bar and thought of Toyo. Each time I used a search engine I found tyres from Japan. The real name was Koyo 7.
  4. Interesting. I had seen adds for the pethouse hotel when I was a newby in 2011, then forgot about it. However, what's funny is that their website is till operational. They even announce that someone has booked a room recently. Cheap accommodation hotels in Pattaya beach near Walking Street by Penthouse Boutique Hotel budget Rooms and Suites for your holiday in Thailand. (penthousehotel.com) Great post. I haven't read anything better dealing with Pattaya for years.
  5. No, I don't. What I experienced was far (very far) from PY. After arguments that I won't develop here, one of the guys eventually posted what he meant : we want a guy who doesn't bottom to be banned because he's not one of us. I just don't feel comfortable about a discussion who woulkd be restricted to bottom guys only. (I probably overreacted after this recent unpleasant experience.).
  6. You underestimate yourself. We care about what you post (particularly about the Philippines). I got used to your "he" insteadof "she" in your posts but as above mentionned, I was disturbed when you used "she" then "he". Last year, I first believed you tried to provoke folks in the forum mmaybe meaning implicetely that we are gay since we fuck gurls that we call "he". This doesn't disturb me, but what disturbed me was the above post in which you switched from "she" to "he". I just wondered what you meant. it doesn't improve how clear the story should be. Just my opinion. Why don't try to launch a neutral pronoun. I thought of "hesh" but the word is already used in English. So I also thoughyt of "esh". ESH is used in many acronyms but acronyms only. You could try to launch it. If it spreads from LBR to other forums and becomes used by other people, you will become a legend in the LGBT++ community in 20 years. (And we'll grant you a romscar ). I will comment another day abbout sissy. I liked the above story. I hope that pills are not the origin of her unexplained behaviour. Who knows ? Isn't there any possibility to see her personality from another angle than just her hairy cock and her asshole ?
  7. Just joking. I'm just joking Rom. Perhaps, as you do when posting the TR, I should use a different colour when joking or ironically commenting. (maybe ) In fact, it must depend on the toss in the morning. We got used to heads and tails. I'm now waiting for the coin to fall on the edge and see how Rom will be posting. Seriously, I had noticed Rom used "she" in his first posts. I believed his disease was over then he used "he" again. I got used to reading "he" in Rom's TR, so I no longer pay attention. I still need to get used to Rom changing from "he" to "she" from one post to another. 5 I styop commenting this point, I wouldn't like to fick the thread.
  8. You found her first. Let her go with you. Congratulations.
  9. Alcohol has strange effects on Sam's face and body indeed. ((For what I see in the last 3 pics).
  10. If I remember well, this is your second trip in less than 6 months and your last trip last about one month. What kind of a job or a business allows you to have so much time to travel (notwithstanding you must spend a bunch of money to rent condos) ?
  11. Fah (from Bangkok) pretends to be 50 years old.
  12. I don't know if I am posting in the right thread but I don't know where to add the information. It's about the VND (Vietnamese Dong). Here is a copy of a graph from xe.com. It shows the evolution of the VND versus the THB over 5 years. During my last trip in Vietnam, the VND was at its lowest. I had estimated an average price of ST at 635,000 VND that was about 825 THB. If I manage to reach the same low average this year (what I doubt of), that'll be 1,002 THB at today's rate. Vietnam economy has had a good growth rate this year . I read somewhere (a travellers' forum) that the VND is indexed on the US$. Although I couldn't double check with another source, I think this might explain why the VND has been so strong since last year.
  13. This could be very useful in case I have herpes. I could scratch my cock on braces. It's not only useful but it's double pleasure. Great ! No. I'm joking.
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