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  1. Indeed, it was both. Semantics play a crucial role in our mutual understanding, and it’s important to discuss them, especially when talking of sissies.
  2. For me ladyboy refers to Asian transgenders or crossdressers. You can't change change Rom. He uses the word 'sissy' for ladyboys. As he mentionned, he's becoming old, so he won't change his habits. The subject of the word sissy was discussed in this thread. It's far from perfect, but it demonstrates that semantics can significantly influence our perceptions of the people we're discussing. You should search the web for sissies and see what you would find. You're likely to find an original subject. During my search, I came across this topic, and my explorations have been going in circles at a dead end for now. However, the coincidences in searches on Google or social networks can sometimes lead to the discovery of new and interesting subjects.
  3. Do you have a link ? I have found their facebook. So far,they posted only the same set of pics. It's also easy to watch them in their instagram.
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