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  1. Holly shoots ! You are twisting yourself in knots with nothing. Why worry so much for expats ? You are trying to make a whole theory since the Thai government creating a new retiree visa to attract better off people. Are you concerned by this new visa ? Do yçou fear a previous visa you thought you would use later is likely to disappear, what would threaten your projects ? Take it easy and think of your fun next time you will be fishing your 3 legs girlfriends. I felt like commenting a couple situations I knew but it's none of my business. Some people including ladyboys mongers chose to invest in real estate in Thailand, either a condo in Pattaya or a farm in Issan. Other people decided not to, either they have enough money or not, but WTF ? IMHO an expat has no better aura than a cheap charlie. We are supposed to share about ladyboys in community forums but we chat more and more of old men's business; have we become that old ?
  2. Warias are Indonesian ladyboy/shemale. While the country votednew laws to crack down homosexuality and sex between unmarried people, I have found a few cute (amateur) videos that I'd like to remember. Indonesia is a large country and I don't know where these warias live. Never mind, enjoy. Waria1.mp4
  3. The EU created a sanitary pass that EU residents obtain after being vaccinated. Rules here decided that we would get our pass 1 week afetr the second injection. Now, the Ministry of health is adding rules to allow people who had been covid sick and received on injection o obtain the sanitary pass. Temporary sanitary passes were also granted to unvaccinated people who's had negative PCR test for 3 days or less. However, PCR tests are no longer free as they were last month. Each country can then decide how to use the "Sanitary pass". Here, no one is allowed to go to a bar, a restaurant, a movie theatre or many other places without his sanitary pass. The pass can be checked rapidly scanning the QR code either in the App in a smartphone or on a certificate printed on paper. This week, employees working in facilities opened to the public must have a sanitary pass to work. Although the law wouldn't allow a business to lay off an employee, many private employers threatened employees of being laid off if they wouldn't be vaccinated and this boosted the overall rate of vaccination of the population. This week, public hospitals and nursing hommes employees who still refused to be vaccinated had their work contract suspended in strict application of the law. I don't know if such sanitary passes exist in countries outside the EU but the norm could be copied and followed by other countries. This is what the Sandbox's idea makes me think.
  4. I quite follow you Rom when you say that Thailand is trying to target richer visitors rather than cheap charlies. The movement started a few decades ago and got slowed down after the Asian crisis (who remembers this crisis ? ) and started again. They realized that mass tourism is dangerous for their environment. This is why they started collecting taxes and entry fees on visits to National parks around Phuket and Krabi. I don't think they want to get rid of the typical farang (white) cheap charlie BUT they will try to attract richer guests coming from China, other eastern Asian countries, India, Arabic countries or Russia. New visas are just a try : they create a new offer and will see if they attract a new population. Good luck to those who believe they just need to find a district with neon light bars, enter a bar and ask how much is a bar fine. What makes a few of these countries attractive is that you can find a higher quality or relationship or cheaper prices if you play it smart only, othewise you'd better stay in Bangkok and spend your 1,000 baht bills to find cheaper prices.
  5. Please respect the topics of the club. I don't really enjoy thread fucking and off topic. Many topics deal with Vietnam and I will create new topics and sub forums dealing with other subjects. However, I am sorry I had to hoover a post spoiling a topic of Vietnamese ladyboys. Why always deal with ladyboys of Pattaya ? Do you think, we need to post more to deal with them ?
  6. I understand that Thailand wants to "upgrade" getting rid of the average rif-raf pensioner and making higher revenues pensioners come instead. I don't know whether the covid crisis will help accelerate this policy or delay it for a couple of decades. I don't think that Thailand wants to put out the former average retiree but will stop attracting new ones and will try to attract better off retirees instead. If I remember well, there had been an Asian crisis in 1997 that made countries like Thailand lose high levels of incomes and they had been happy to welcome farangs with an average purchasing power. Perhaps they will be happy to welcome average mongers after the covid crisis to bring Thailand foreign currencies. We'll see what will happen in real in the next few years. Just a reminder : I stopped going to Chiang Mai since I had found the city no longer looked like an exotic touristic destination but more and more like a European provincial city. I had the same judgement regarding the Patpong area. It reminded me of tourist bars in a European captital city touristic area. Regarding expat visas, I don't really feel concerned either by Thailand or another country. After visiting SE Asia a few times, I decided that becoming an expat wouldn't be a great idea. I would be bored with what makes a sex tourist happy and I wouldn't be able to be a 52 weeks millionaire. I also distanced myself from Thailand and have felt happy for it. I know neither where I will be mongering in 5 years nor if I will be mongering ladyboys/shemales or GGs in my other destination. So, I don't place much importance to this kind of forward looking information. I will tell you what I do after I have done it.
  7. I had thought that Chinese ladyboys might have been a part of the strategy of the new silk road. I was wrong. I hope they won't ban prosecute their ladyboys just for being what they are. Perhaps one of Xi Jinping friends complained of their prohibitively high prices or more simply of a too rough topping one.
  8. IMHO, no one ver casted you a stone. We still hold you in high esteem but you rae becoming pathetic. In the ancient Egypt they used to delete from hieroglyphics the name of pharaohs who had proved unworthy of their responsibility. More recently, a nation like Germany decided to forget about their hero, the chancellor who had managed their reunification since he had embezzled money for the benefit of his political party. Stop wavering between your calls for a reconciliation that will not come and your harsh criticisms against PY. Delete them from your posts, be ready to retaliate against their attacks but avoid rubbing salt in the wounds. Is this really so hard for you to look for legends far from these assholes ? Neither Kendo nor LDP will ever come to LBR to thgank you for your initiative.
  9. I forgot yesterday : September 7th : Bé Phương's birthday
  10. I second you BBG. We appreciate Rom's effort to try to build legends. I did enjoy the way he defined LBP as PY too. It's right to make fun at their own expense. BUT, Rom seems to be stuck in a policy sometimes focused on to revenge and sometimes on to impossible reconciliation. Why not assume once for all that PY are idiots leaded by a fistfull of bastards and turn the page ? Turning the page doesn't mean that we forget or forgive. this means that we'd better spend most of our energy exploring new fields. @Rom Why not create your own "teahing" of Pinoy ladyboys ? You're one of the most advanced experts of ladyboys in the Philippines. You could try to create your hall of legend of Pinoy ladyboys. You could also try to explain how to find interesting contacts in the 7,107 islands.
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