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  1. Sorry guys, I forgot 2 piglets November 28th : Rose December 1st : Ngọc Giang
  2. You can try a "cheap charlie tour", ie you go to the source and look for ladyboys fresh from the farm of their provincial jobs. Here are a few examples of low prices you can find if you're smart : - Udon Thani : 1,000 THB ST (2016) - Chiang Mai : 400 to 800 THB ST (2013) - Khon Kaen : 1,000 THB LT (one night). - Koh Chang (Trat province) : 0 THB ST. It's time to start afresh by redefining the fundamentals of ladyboys mongering.
  3. If I got it well, either in soi Cow Boy or Nana plaza, bars re-open as restaurants but will still let attendants go out if customers pay a BF. Would you have a list restricted to ladyboys restaurants ?
  4. As a matter of fact, I had tought of copying+pasting this thread at LBR for a few months but didn't find time to do it. Once again, I stress that I started the topic in January 2019, about 1 year before the Covid pandemics and my last trip to VN. I had the idea to do it in PY but realized it would be soon burried under the flood of senseless posts. That's why I had made a first try in another forum after I had been "deported". I had realized that many ladyboys mongers focus their attention only onto Pattaya and are not able to search other places (except maybe BKK). PY just blew up "the community" for no apparent reason and I still believe that the community can rebuild with this fundamental. I thought that The-Sith had seen this post in this other forum (not PY) but he had probably stopped visiting the forum. I am aware of what Ernesto did, especially scanning his photos to post them. However, you start seeing why I don't really feel impressed by his adventures. I have been in the same places and other places before I knew about him. I sometimes explained in a forum or in another how I found information. As I had posted (and KJO said), I pulled my fingers out of my ass to search the web and use information to my advantage. I sometimes had empty days and sometimes lucky days. This is how I started filling my map with green dots. This is the core of the subject "Mongering without frontier". I had thought about it even before I created the club. If we add simple information in a pool, members will be abble to find ladyboys all over southeastern and estern Asia. You will see after I add more posts. (I started adding my yellow dots in PY in a thread that is now burried where no one will ever dare read it. Only one monger read it. This was Snoopdawg). This is how I think forums should be valued.
  5. I thought about it right before I connected to LBR and read your post. We are often informed of "artificial intelligence" in Youtube, Google, Facebook, Instagram and other "social networks" that propose us what they identified as what we like. I thought that maybe you had visited pages of ladyboys you shagged more than the average so these ladyboys would appear first when you click on the thumbnails. However, I could try to create my own thumbnail with ladyboys performers, I am not sure I would have even 5 in a page.
  6. Here is a map I had made in 2019 and posted in another forum. I haven't updated it since had explored only Vietnam since then. Now, I could color half of Vietnam in yellow and hope to color it in green soon. It shows that Thailand is full of places with ladyboys as well as the Philippines (although my map is not correctly completed as far as the Phils are concerned) and Malaysia. It also shows that many places or areas need still remain unexplored. I will try to add detailed information if I have time. How about you ? How would you update it ?
  7. Siem Reap had been a good place for me to monger. Ladyboys were not in Pub street but not so far. They worked in massage lounges. I found SR very pleasant as I could visit temples in day time and find ladyboys and great restaurants at night. (Regretfully too many drunk barangs in the area of Pub street. I think I had made a mistake looking for a better place in PP and Sihanoukville. I should have stayed longer in Siem Reap.
  8. NM18A.mp4 Taking care of a crossdresser though. NM18B.mp4 NM18C.mp4 NM18D.mp4 NM18E.mp4
  9. Did they post the ultimate video of Hitler and the ladyboys in this other forum too ? He doesn't sound so.
  10. OMG ! 12 minutes just to say he had no update since the pandemics started. If you add that this guy doesn't know a shit about the local ladyboy scene, he's just a time waster.
  11. Not sure this is what made him be a legend; in other circumstances, he wouldn't have been liked by mongers. However, he was a pioneer in the art of writing TRs. He also knew not to stay with both feet in the same hoof. This is how he managed to monger and explore SE Asia. It's not that difficult though. You just need to do it. I wish I could have shared with him at the time I had been in Malaysia before he retired from the scene. I hope he's doing good in Austria.
  12. We've got a life out of the forum mate. We can't react to your pics as soon as you post them. Back to the early 2000's, and your meeting with Aniie. How much was the BF and the ST at Obsession at that time ? Did Annie go for a ST or LT with you ?
  13. Thanks and congratulations for your first post in the forum. The above add websites came from an old list of mine and I hadn't seen the mistake when I had done it. I haven't checked again. When I saw Portoalegre in one of them, I had thought of Brazil. Let's keep your post for Portugal. The first URL was already in this thread, but the second one needs to be added.
  14. @Mod1 Brazil Shemale Forum - Powered by vBulletin Forum Travesti, Transex e Bonecas Brasil - Gp Luxuria (forumgpluxuria.com) Forum Travesti, Transex e Bonecas Brasil - Gp Luxuria (forumgpluxuria.com)
  15. Looking for a shemale escorts in Brazil ? https://www.travesticomlocal.com.br https://www.photoacompanhantes.com/travestis http://www.capitalsexy.com.br/acompanhantes-travestis-de-brasilia-df https://www.bonecasrelax.com/index.php Acompanhantes Travestis do Brasil | TRANSEX LUXURY Profissionais do Sexo Acompanhantes Travesti de Brasília-DF (webpage for TS "sex profesionals") Travestis Acompanhantes de Sao Paulo e Todo Brasil - Bonecas Relax Você pesquisou por | JFSEXY | ACOMPANHANTES JUIZ DE FORA | ACOMPANHANTES JF Rio de Janeiro https://www.riorelax.com.br/travestis-rio-de-janeiro/ http://www.tsrio.com.br https://www.rioencontro.com.br/transex/ State of São Paolo https://www.toptravesti.com.br/saopaulo.html https://www.meutravesti.com.br http://www.malicia.com.br/travestis Transex São Paulo -Travesti em São Paulo - TheModels Fortaleza https://tgatasfortaleza.com.br Porto Alegre https://vipluxuria.com/transex-porto-alegre-poa/ Transex Porto Alegre - Travestis POA - Transex em Porto Alegre - The Models Belo Horizonte http://www.travestisbh.com/acompanhantes-travestis-bh https://www.garotalinda.com.br/travesti-bh/ (page of TS in a website dedicated to all kind of escorts in BH) Travestis MG - Minas Gerais - Ilha do Prazer Florianopolis Transex Floripa - Transex Florianópolis - The Models Classified TS pages https://www.vivalocal.com/acompanhante-erotico/br/q/travesti https://br.skokka.com/travestis/ https://gpgbh.com.br/categoria/travestis
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