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  1. I wish she was in Alaska and would fuck me and my trans wife ,,,, ah dreaming lol.
  2. ha ha ha ha ha ha so cute lol you should read some of my trip reports for some jaw dropping tells and photos . many of the old guard on here know of my dirty deeds in thailand if i can find my files on my old hard drive i night post them , but much better you check out my TR.
  3. hey The-Sith that was in 2011 and put on by Lita's bar and Karl , they took every lb in the bar and a few select customers . that was so much fun . I have many photos and a few vids of that trip.
  4. mmy man you have surpassed what i managed to do in my 4 trips my hat is off to you . now this sexy little spinner I can't place her name was working foxys bar soi 6 back in my day I know she is free lancer now. When I took her it was mid day we already knew each other from facebook so we went back to penthouse hotel we barebacked each other( yes I no not safe spank me later) but after i popped inside her I was done and passed out , hour later she woke me and asked if I wanted to go again or can she go. I payed her and she was gone I did feel bad for passing out though lol to much sex not enough sleep. I am enjoying your thread .
  5. https://xhamster.com/videos/aee-in-my-room-penthouse-hotel-pattaya-1314410
  6. yes it is, god i love that place .
  7. https://xhamster.com/videos/aee-in-my-room-doing-a-little-dance-1354019
  8. nope her name was pink...... this was nok in 2010 she was dating jimbo off and on back then.-
  9. hey Snoop i was no rock star i was scared as hell my first trip. in bkk i stayed with a lb i met online for a week, and in patts i booked my hotel next to ezy bar . I never went further then a family mart or pharmacy , I bf only from ezy bar and was almost taken advantage of by sasa until lita and carl helped me. And in phuket lol i got lost on my way to c&d , come to find out it was across the street from my hotel . i made so many mistakes if mot for jim and carl i would have had a real bad first trip. but if any of my trip report helped you in any way i am glad.
  10. For me the early days was 2010 my first trip, and shock to the up close and personal ladyboys. so for me it was carl's EZY BAR, I really lost my cherry to LB bars. I mean banging one out 6 times in one day with 6 different LB all from ezy, don't think i missed any of the LB in that bar. The good old days i miss them, as well as all the good guys i met.
  11. yes buddy she is native American and trans,sexy and a good care giver for me. we got married last year. she gave permissions to post her photo .
  12. or you could be in the frozen north like me , still lots of snow on the ground . but that is what is saving us up here ,just under 250 cases so far . once it gets warm up here know one will listen about lock down . be safe stay indoors and get bj from your trans wife , wait that's me ;)
  13. alaskanbear


    I don't trust the Dems or the Reps, try something new all independents !
  14. alaskanbear


    after seeing this , let india die pull all good health workers out . I am sorry guys if this is mean but if they act like this , the good health workers need to move on.
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