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  1. Truthfully I hope this turns out to be nothing, we don't need a real life horror movie. Oh and the best beer is San mig. Light. Just wish I could find it up here.
  2. new reports say it has made its way to the united states , Washington state. only one man has it so far but , this is how horror movies start right ? news will say it will be ok with a new flu shot as the rich and powerful head to bunkers . Then zombies take over , OMG what will we do.
  3. in no order. EZY COCKTAILS & DREAMS FAMOUS BAR cant remember the name it was off walking street you can sit at you table and a girl would lay on your table and you could stick your hand up inside her , lol some times find a watch or car keys .
  4. Dec 24 2019 12:29pm here in Alaska , wishing you all a very Marry Christmas & a Happy new year . A/B
  5. Oh hell this is a forum about ladyboys right? Well how about a proper marry Christmas to all. Enjoy
  6. Happy holidays everyone .
  7. Thanks Pdogg No sliding on the drive home was just a shaky mount. Studded tires and slow and steady always.
  8. enjoy the little video of a drive home.
  9. wow what a warm day in pattaya. 64 F is a wounderful day IMHO as a normal winters day up here in Alaska can be 10F down to -60F now thats cold outside . IMG_1790.MOV
  10. alaskanbear


    i prefer the other way around . all ladyboy fucking me . as seen in my long past trips by taking three and 4 at a time .
  11. hello all i know it has been a long time. my life took a turn for the worst from financial to health to job and i always wanted to go back to c & D and now i read this . makes me feel as all my problems are nothing. i hope jim can get back on his feet . as for me i am now disabled with no job my chances of coming back are really low unless i get a lottery win lol. miss all you guys.
  12. have a link to the video ?
  13. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1030941767
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