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  1. Just a quick note about restaurants in manila--Banana Leaf with many branches all over the PHips is one of my faves when stuck in the wasteland of non-Thai food...but they are not all created equal. To wit--the BananaLeaf in the basement of Century Mall in Makati just downright sucks. Small portions, poorly prepared, and a shithead manager; whereas the Banana Leaf in the lower level at PowerPlant Mall in Rockwell--also in Makati and just an 8-minute walk away, is still excellent. For example--the green chicken/eggplant curry: at Century Mall branch there's barely enough curry 'soup' to cover half the ragged pieces of chicken--and the pieces of chicken are mostly bones and butts; but at Powerplant, the solid pieces of chicken and eggplant are totally submerged in a thick spicy tasty curry sauce/soup--and there's good meat on the bones. Just one man's opinion, but Powerplant is well worth the walk. BTW, there's also a branch at Greenbelt in Makati, but I didn't get back there this trip. And--a new phenomenon has gripped Manila -- the SaladStop--a year ago I had never seen one. This trip i saw FOUR of them. A little heavy on the dressing, but if you want fresh salad to balance out the fatty fried cuisine of the PHips, i recommend. Eat well. Fuck hard.
  2. so...after well over a year of no new information i stumble upon a video of the one and only Candy teaming up with cute Pooh to nail a guy. here's a link to a clip: https://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/434048/tgirls-candy-and-pooh-bangs-gabs-ass-in-hot-anal-threesome/ it would appear to me that Candy looks just a bit older, so maybe it's new? and if it's new does it mean Candy is back? and if Candy is back--where is she? ANY information or tips would be greatly appreciated. i have had the pleasure of sweet Pooh's company in the past, but Candy has remained on my bucket list for far too long and i had feared it would be forever, so...please...post here or pm me if you have more personal info--contact info perhaps?-- to share. tia. and on the tiny off-chance Candy reads this--*welcome back! i would love to meet you!* xox
  3. Over the last couple years I have gone almost exclusively to Thaifriendly and Pinalove. I'll only hit a bar if a friend drags me there and only browse coconut bar the way I browse porn sites. Even my visits to LBR --to see if my brethren have discovered a new must-see--or reported on a 'whatever-happened-to' with an old fave--have become so rare i might should apologize to those few who might have wondered what became of me. lol. As for TF--what the girls say in their profiles is virtually meaningless. Unless they are adamant about 'Not here for fun and hate perverts!' you can safely assume they wouldn't say no to participating in a bit of frivolity with a respectful gent --especially if it's augmented by a little extra income. As the estimable Mr. Duke says, if the TF girl works a bar and asks to meet there, and if you then decide to take her away--then the proper thing to do is pay her barfine. Although I find most obvious bargirls don't mind coming straight to your room. But there is no one rule covers all here. One generally true rule is the distinction between TF and PL. In my experience, I'd say the vast majority of TF ladyboys are working girls and being bluntly mercenary is to be expected, whereas on PL, almost none work bars (there being so few lb bars in PH) and although almost all fill the above bill of being interested in frivolity and cash, most are seeking 'something more', so I find it best to make it very clear that 'something more' isn't on the agenda and if they still want to meet--and they almost always do--you'll find yourself with a somewhat less feminine but considerably less mercenary and almost certainly more horny companion.
  4. wish i were there to watch with some buds, although it's lot easier to see here in the boring hemisphere of the world. pats are the fave. probably end up -3. brady doesn't do anything but win. pats beat the rams in their last superbowl 18 years ago and he'll probably beat them again. and i wouldn't bet against him.
  5. maybe the first addition to any 'best western' list since 'unforgiven'-- "Hostiles".
  6. Sky checks all my boxes. Any contact info? TF profile? a bar? if so, tia. **editing this to add: sorry if this is a dedicated thread and i wasn't supposed to post. if so, feel free to delete. with my apologies and thanks.
  7. Princess Bar has "Ladyboy" right in the title and Duangjai has a big neon(?) sign out front saying "Ladyboy Bar"? Since when did truth in advertising hit the bar scene? Does the mean the days have passed when the girl will come out of the shower and sit on the bed still wrapped in a towel and sheepishly say "I have something to tell you..."...? Kinda makes me nostalgic...
  8. sorry i missed the entire pool the season, but have enjoyed some amazing borderline-impossible-comeback games--as though last year's Superbowl started a trend which refuses to end. that said, inevitably TB12 will win on a last minute drive which would make the final spread somewhere between 1-6. probably 3 or 4. so, at 5 1/2-- or more probably 4 1/2-- i'll be taking the points in vegas. the bring it all to bkk to donate. good luck.
  9. the I'M hotel is actually a very convenient location, I think. 10minute walk to rockwell/powerplant and only 3minute walk to newer Century Mall with starbucks and coffeebean+tea leaf both only seconds away. i checked out the room and it looks good. and staff friendly, though i have yet to fork out the $100+ to stay there. if i see an agoda special, i'll move over from my go-to-if-aging usual residence at Oxford.
  10. thaibound


    ten years? ten fucking years? Rob was one of the first guys i met on my first trip to bangkok, and the best wingman i ever had. A gentleman, always properly--even primly--dressed. A rare ability to enjoy himself insanely without ever becoming insane. Except perhaps the night my girl-of-the-nonce and I chatted across the dark with Rob and Jeje (at least i think that was she--it's been a long time) as they availed themselves of their own 'private' balcony. The next morning he was as nattily attired as ever, appearing none the worse for wear--although she did look utterly shagged out. As entertaining a conversationalist at breakfast as ever there was. I bemoaned his loss thoroughly then, no need to repeat it all here. Missed indeed. RIP
  11. it's so hard to know before you arrive what you're gonna get with airbnb. do please let me know if you find a place you'd recommend as i'd love to spend a week or two in an apartment as change of pace from my usual hotels. thanks. and good luck.
  12. one man's warning to "watch out" is another man's head's-up to "check this out".
  13. i'm old enough to admit on my month-long visits to pattaya i used to enjoy a weekly 'half-night-off' at shenanigan's quiz night (can always get laid after) especially as we virtually always won a free round. haven't been in a couple years and none of the fellow old folks with whom i shared those evenings seem to be around at the moment. whereas the endless resupply of new and irresistible ladyboys in pattaya remains an eternal constant for which i am as grateful now as i once was for the BeachBoys and the Beatles.
  14. re the bum guns in cebu--it took some research but i've settled on a couple personal favourite hotels with sparkling and effective bumguns--Best Western LEX Cebu and Harolds. admittedly pricier than the run of the mill joint, but worth it to me. also, Quest had bum guns. and some dump near Mango Square had one, but i've forgotten the name. also, some of the condos you find on airbnb will be properly outfitted. if you find a place you like, just drop an email and ask. and in the case of some hotels which actually have bumguns in some rooms, but not in others--drop an email and specifically request. in my book, a few extra emails beats hell out of packing enema bags--much less using them.
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