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  1. Will that give the girls more freedom Mr. P ( like sweethearts ) or will it all be quite conservative like check in bar .
  2. You guessed correctly runt , I am a guy
  3. I sent one a message asking her to make her videos long in the public section , she asked me to join the fans only club . I did have look and her rates started from $5 per month using a credit card NOT Paypal . I will just stick to the public stuff .
  4. Rules are rules , massage shops or Bars there should be NO exceptions
  5. Yes copyright can be a problem, I was sent an email a while ago from a website they told me someone had downloaded a photo of mine and wanted to know what action to take on my behalf , Facebook and YouTube are right on to the copyright stuff to as Emmy found out .
  6. I do hope it's as successful as the sweetheart , check in and all the other bars that are doing it. The downside using Facebook or YouTube is that the girls can't show to much ,there are quite a few doing it now Us at Zaza Massage wish them all the best and that the government doesn't put a stop to it.
  7. I can understand why they want you to have insurance JSG particularly with covid and unforeseen accidents, hospital bill can mount up pretty quickly and if your not covered I can imagine it would be hard for them to get money out of the uninsured traveller. I have never had health insurance until I decided to move here , it was 1 of the requirements to apply for my first visa last year . It cost me 32,000 baht with a 10% discount this year because I didn't make a claim.
  8. I got my Visa renewed today, very easy to do. Last 90 report I was given a sheet telling me what I needed all in triplicate , turns out I only needed the original and that was it and according to the official there ALl expats will soon need health insurance to stay in the Kingdom , she could not tell me when but it is coming and you have to use a company listed with the Thai government. Unfortunately the older you are the more expensive the basic package is , I use Pacific Cross.
  9. Looks like the person in the photo is having a good dream
  10. All the best Annat, hope you and your family are back on your feet soon
  11. Thanks for posting the great pictures, looks like it was a fun indeed
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