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  1. I think the look on Julia's face says it all 555
  2. I did have fun putting the bubbles on them for the photos, bubbles are so hard to keep in place so I had to re bubble several times
  3. We now have Zaza Massage version of a soapy massage, there will be more photos to come of cuties dressed in bubbles. Lin ( lady) and Miss Jane .
  4. Emmy is the sexiest Bar owner in all of Thailand
  5. School teacher Liza in her summer outfit
  6. Some of Team Zaza Paxky , Janie , Aom , Sammy , Jane , Phorn , Song , Nurse Julia and Liza
  7. If not she can use Liza's demolition pack
  8. Thanks Mr . B I got the standard Ladyboy scream when I got the call in the wee small hours of this morning ...... way cool.
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