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  1. Is that 1790 baht per month Mr.P ?
  2. A friend of ours ( Pet ) was working there , she has gone home for a while. They had some pretty hot looking lb s working there but I think the Bar would do better ( after covid ) in a different location, closer to Chaiyapoon I think .Apart from the soi 6/1 girls there is not any other ladyboys around. That Blade creep did a couple of videos from there.
  3. I have never used the delivery companies when in Thailand , I prefer to go for a walk and see what is available for dinner. I do have places I go regularly in Pattaya for different meals depending on what I feel like. If it happens to be pissing down when I feel hungry then I just wait a while . As far as a motorbike taxi or baht buss I use who ever comes past .
  4. Last week I used airasia from Udon to U-Tapao and return . at both airports in the departure lounge it was very strict with only one person aloud on a 3 seater ( regardless of airline ) , even family's could not sit together . When it was time to board , we all had our assigned seat that meant both ways I had people next to me as though there was no Covid . The silly thing was there was many seats empty , you would think they would have spaced us out .
  5. Great photos Iain , thanks for posting
  6. With the inclement weather we are having at present, the Zaza staff are getting a lot of call outs .So a big thanks to all who have ordered a take out and also the guys that have braved the weather and visited our little shop of cuties. Thanks to the guy who decided to book 3 girls together ( LinPing , Nut and Nam ) in a room at Chaiyapoon Inn , the down side was another customer had to wait for Nam to be available, so thanks mate and thanks for your compliments later . We are so grateful to everyone who has supporting us through these times . SP
  7. Its great to see Emmy's bar is being advertised well
  8. I think all Western countries should stop China from buying anything they want , that would be a start
  9. Thanks for posting Poesface , .... very cool or I should say HOT.
  10. It is a great Bar and Nam ( Boss ) , the girls and Bar staff really make you feel welcome with absolutely no presser to by lady drinks . Iain is ok to chat to as well
  11. thanks mate. looking now
  12. The NW managers are on a salary so in my opinion they should not get any commotion from a drink . If a customer wants to by the manager a drink well that is up to them .
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