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  1. stoolpusher


    Sorry the link won't open https://www.facebook.com/groups/486638368065871/permalink/3424657027597309/
  2. We are in Pattaya for a few days and it's good to see the shop is doing well considering only expats and the regular thai customers are visiting us. All the staff have rent and food money and all shop expenses are well and truly covered every day so that's all any business can hope for at the moment. Cheers to all that have and are visiting Zaza Massage.
  3. ok I will remove it then , I don't wont the Emmy bar police to get the shits FFS.
  4. NO WAY . I was just asking a question because normally when there is a drug bust they come up with some ludicrous street value amount , they didn't mention that in the post .
  5. how much per kilo is pot in Thailand ?
  6. stoolpusher


    Always believe a ladyboy forum , no one on these type of forums would ever say anything that wasn't true .
  7. I don't know her either but she sure is cute
  8. Probably the wrong place for this but worth watching , see anyone you know ?
  9. I have never even thought of trying " poppers " but have seen people use them in those films that are available on the internet .
  10. In the past I have used viagra and sidegra, both have worked great for me .The sidegra is way cheaper than V and both are easily found at any pharmacy in Pattaya and bkk .My fav pharmacy in bkk is on Suk rd. Between soi 4 and 2 ,that pharmacy is great for any medical needs and all the staff speak good English.
  11. Chaturbate is the best by far
  12. Dao was just heading out for a few minutes early today
  13. Here is a little more on how the lottery works . No one is safe , even a studying Monk can be called up Sorry for the TF.
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