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  1. Susan is a super cool Lady , she will great you with a smile . Susan is the boss / owner she is not available ( same as Emmy boss of Katty bar )
  2. Tippsy Bar photos and Boss lady " Susan ". As said there is no barfine taking a Zaza cutie over for a drink and a free game of pool .
  3. Well it seems that Tippsy Bar has changed owner again , now Thai owned and as usual you are welcome to take one or more of the Zaza cuties over there for a drink or 2 and a game of pool . There is no Barfine taking a Zaza cutie to Tippsy Bar ( very ladyboy friendly) . Tippsy Bar opens early evenings , and is a low key bar with no pressure and nearly opposite Zaza Massage. I will post some photos later today .
  4. I have been given a " multiple entry O A visa " and is good for 1 year ,ends on the 12 / 01 / 2021 . According to the website and embassy officials ( sated in an embassy email ) I have to show a health insurance re-newal policy when renewing the visa next year , yes I do need to do the 90 thing but only need the TM form when coming back into the Kingdom. I know there will be guys saying " you need to / don't need to " , for me I will only take advice from the Thai government as they are the ones calling the shots but I appreciate everyone's input . I have only stated on here what I have had to do according to the Embassy. Since I lodged my application the forms I filled out have changed slightly .Yes rules and regulations will change with out notice so research is a must . This has only been a heads up thing and hope it helps some what . PS. If the link doesn't open then try going into Google and search for Royal Thai Embassy Canberra or the Thai Embassy in your home country and read the visa application section, it seems to change every 6 months or so
  5. It does happen to most of us Rom ending up with someone for more than one night . Thanks for sharing your non TR with us . One question though....will you keep intouch with Miss Cola and maybe see her next time .? Thanks for posting and hope to read about the next part of your trip
  6. Its one of those things BBG , if I wanted to get a retirement visa for one year then I have to do what is said on the application form or I don't get the visa, pretty simply really. The first step is " Thai health insurance " and is stated what the minimum requirements are. https://canberra.thaiembassy.org All new applications have to do what is listed on the website or you stay home ,as fare as costs go for the health insurance you can find a broker your self or contact a Thai company. I have gone with Pacific Cross. The compulsory insurance is coming in so I suggest all expats when doing the 90 days to ask at immigration so you know what has to be done when its time to renew your visa . As stated on the website you need it if you want to live in the Kingdom. As for the multiple entry visa ,again that is on the website, NOT info from talking to a embassy official by phone . please look at the website.
  7. Thanks guys , I know some of you have made the big move
  8. I know what you mean about the pension thing , I am 58 and couldn't wait till 67 and by then they will change it again anyway . Best of luck with your move mate .
  9. We fellow BM's it is finally happening for me , I got the all clear from the Thai Embassy yesterday for a retirement visa and will be calling Thailand home for at least a year and then renew .I had to jump through many hoops for the visa stuff and a warning for anyone thinking about the move , you will need Thai health insurance ( from a Thai company ) before you apply for the visa and it will have to be renewed before your visa is renewed and also show a copy of said document when getting to immigration. I am looking forward to the big move but I have to say it is a little scary . Home will be at Tha Bo ( Nhong Khai) but will visit Pattaya every few months for the business . How many of you guys have made the move or planning to in the next couple of years .
  10. Chaiyapoon Inn in soi Chaiyapoon , no lift but there is only 4 floors walk up Sutus Court Pattaya has what you need ...booking .com
  11. Thats a pretty flashy joint , does it have AC . The mattress is probably super hard as usual
  12. Very simple solution to all this , if you don't like a place you don't have to go in . I know Herberth and Som , they are my neighbours and great people some of the staff don't appeal to me ( in looks ) but are all very polite to me and Dao , what more can you ask . I don't drink alcohol but still call in to say hi . One last thing : If a customer thinks a bar will loose big revenue from them not drinking there then that person must drink like a fish and in my opinion has a serious drinking problem. Just my opinion mind. Cheers Herberth and Som .
  13. Sorry guys I have to ask , what is a " falang liver "? Is that like a Thai liver but from another country. I was at my local grocery store yesterday and they had sheep liver for sale but I couldn't see any falang liver , do you get bacon with falang liver ?
  14. You spell it that way because thats how the spelling was in school. Maybe the first person to write and spell that word like all words actually got the spelling wrong ,Josh's may be correct. Just a thought
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