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  1. Could be the size of the file , when ever I take a pick I have to change the file size or it won't load . I use "Lit Photo " app ( free ) on the my phone and tablet and works fine .
  2. Looks like you got to be in a couple of photos to petesie
  3. Like all businesses owners I have know idea when we will re-open or even allowed to travel for that matter , so we will be staying at Tha Bo for now .
  4. I am a Buddhist so the Temple loud speaker is normal to me and I am a dog person so no worries, what gets me is the locals wonder around ours and joining farms all hours the night looking for a type of big gecko ( lizard) that they sell . Cool photos mate , the last one is yummy for sure .
  5. I did mean to post this little story last week when I witnessed it. At the Seaside restaurant I was sitting eating my food when this English guy , his Thai lady friend and his soon to be stepson sat down opposite me and the English guy immediately started trying to teach the boy English table manners, how to hold the utensils and the like ( All the usual niceties) . What I couldn't understand was the guy was doing all this while sitting in a public restaurant with no shirt or shoes on .... there should be a dress code in place . Stay safe guys . SP.
  6. https://www.worldometers.info Just to get your head around all this ( hope the link works )
  7. We are all DOOMED I say DOOMED , grab your wife , girlfriend or both and run for the hills . It's the plague. Sorry guys but let's do a reality check, how many people die in world every day from all sorts of things and NO one ever mentions that and yet a new strain of basically the common cold turns up and the world goes into melt down ...its not Ebola FFS . Sure yak yak me if you like, its just my opinion .
  8. So does that mean they will be kicked out in June ?
  9. Thanks Annat. You can have the city's and even the large towns for that matter , I have never been a people person so being here is great . There is only the light animals and insects doing their calls and the birds of an early morning. Please keep posting your village and farm pics. .
  10. Thanks BB, As said in a previous post it's only for the families sake we are doing this but its pretty easy to get used to even in these 35+ days but the nights are cool and we have a mosquito net so all good .
  11. What a cool part of world to wake in ( ThaBo on the farm ) , 6.30 am with the sunrise through the mist . Clean fresh air in paradise.
  12. Yep , chips and a coke and the dog was helping me eat them . Those are the new sugar cane shoots , it should be ready in about 5 months, after the rice crop
  13. From what I am told , making an immigration visit is classed as essential movement and they will give you an extension on for passport, if you don't get the stamp either doing it yourself or an agent then the over stay fine will apply .
  14. As with all businesses in Thailand, Zaza Massage is closed until we are aloud to reopen, Dao and I would like to thank all that have supported the girls and the shop coming up to this time in our lives. We wish you all good health and happiness and hope to see you again very soon ( 1 month if all goes well ) . Cheers from Me and Dao Ps. I will be posting on my farm thread while in Nhong Khai province.
  15. While all the shit is going on in Pattaya we decided to go up to farm and will also do my 90 day report at Nhong Khai. Just incase we have the bug we will stay in the shack on the farm for 2 weeks and a doctor is coming every few days to check our temps , it's not every ones idea of a hotel room but I am enjoying it in the peaceful atmosphere . The rains are starting now so soon the inground pool will be full . Last pic is looking out my bedroom window ( some of our farm ), so much better than looking at another building and traffic and its clean fresh air here to.
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