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  1. I has been around 9c these last few early evenings to mid morning up at the farm lately ( Tha Bo )
  2. Yes Pdog , I even used it yesterday to topup my sim saves going to the Dtac store. The website will remind you when a top up is due
  3. My opinion..... There are way to many bars for the customer to choose from so the right marketing on this forum and not that crappy one ( ) and a draw card will get the punter in . We all have our fav bar for the daily hangout and the fav for the nights entertainment, I realy can't see that changing in the future
  4. Great to have you on this super cool forum Rom , and await your contributions. We are a cruisey bunch on here and can talk about all sorts of shit. So welcome.
  5. We would just like to thanks all who attended Dao's " 26th " birthday , it was a great night and we finished ( 5.am ) at Lazer disco in soi VC . A big special thanks to Pdog and the shutter bug Bumblebee for coming along and for posting these great photos
  6. Unfortunately I will be back in Australia and Dao will be up at the farm for a family members wedding. Dao me and the crew wish Teya all the best on her birthday.
  7. Your welcome Emmy , it was a great party and thank you and the Katty Bar staff for making me and Dao and the Zaza family welcome . Katty Bar is a great place to go and Emmy and her staff make every one welcome
  8. Great work BB. And super cool to catch up with you and Pdog and all the guys . Thanks for organizing the meet and greet guys , Dao , me and the Zaza family had a great time and will have to do it again . Cheers from me and the gang
  9. Is that anything like a Brazilian ??
  10. I just got 20.45 to the AUS $
  11. Emmy wanted a heads up on numbers for the seating arrangements ,I think there will be 8 of us all up + who ever turns up for the free ride . Thanks for going to all this trouble for the send off ....anyone would think you are giving me the hurry along
  12. Ok I am in town now charging my battery for the big bash I don't how many staff will be coming as there is a thing on in beach rd.
  13. shirt on or off it does not bother me at all
  14. I am NOT gay but I have a suspicion that my girlfriend is. ....... very cool .
  15. what is that VAT refund thing I see a the airport , I just bring cash and never use cards in Thailand but all that will change when I do the big move .
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