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  1. I am probably the odd one out in all this , This house I have built up here is in my name same as the car , bike , tractor and equipment. The farm land I will never own, I knew about the land way before deciding to move here . I know other expats that have made the same move as me up here and have all done the same thing. Lazy people take the easy way out.... cut and run
  2. I am so happy I have made the move up here with only one regret. Because of covid I did not get to travel back to Australia to see my Dad in his last days and not get to attend his funeral. With savings ( no monthly pension) and investments here and Australia, I will never get to spend all .The money I have spent to set myself up by buying some farms and equipment ( soon to purchase another) and my house, was all up to me . People are so quick to judge before knowing the facts with some jealousy thrown in the mix , we are not all the same . Most fail from stupidity or are easily lead astray . If I didn't have Dao before moving to Thailand I would still be far away from the beaches and glamour of Thailand, farms and jungle are way more nicer to live than a shoebox with someone living right on your doorstep and all you have to look at is another Condo or high rise.
  3. I have said this many times, unfortunately for us insurance companies are in business to money first it doesn't matter if its health, car or household insurance they will do their best to get out of paying
  4. stoolpusher


    Fenton , you come up with some funny shit
  5. Not only soi 6 , I think mini walking street as well .It's the ideal location and so easy to close it down for traffic from 7.00 PM
  6. An update on these girls : LinPing ( in red ) has been at the shop right through covid and is a really great girl ,I am so happy to have her on staff . Som ( in black ) will return for sure . Lisa in the background is now freelance so no idea what she is up to
  7. I do prefer the FYC version, much better the Elvis.
  8. Not really a song about ladyboys but if you listen to the words carefully I think the song relates to most of us . Suspicious Minds by the Fine Young Canibals.
  9. They look so happy standing up there
  10. I just think all countries and corporate business are cashing in on this covid thing from quarantine fees to insurance scams and even the airlines are hitting you with ridiculous fees because they can .
  11. A bit of a follow up on Pdoggg's thread about mango trees. Here in my little community we all have a small bit of land around the house and most homes I pass during the day are the same so they are all growing something to eat. In our garden we have 4 types of chilly ( some you have to pick with gloves on ) , papaya, lemon grass ,galangal ( Ginger family) banana, mango there are two common types from the same tree , green mango is eaten with chilly and yellow is eaten as is and very sweet , Jack and passion fruit, mint , lemon ,basil and sweet basil , small eggplant ( about snooker ball size ) onion, garlic and of course bamboo. Most Thai dishes have 80% of these types of vegetables in them , some you can eat and some are only for flavour . All are eaten with home grown rice and any meat source they can find : pork , chicken, fish , frog , rat , bird and snake. Here are a few pics of some of the products.. In photo order. Banana, galangal, papaya , basil , lemon grass , eggplant , chilly , sweet basil.
  12. Out here in the country there are many fruit crops grown and vendors drive from house to house on a daily basis selly the freshest seasonal fruits , most of witch are from farmers growing a few trees on the farm. I have not see mango , Jack fruit plantations here as most farms have a few trees, On our farm as a side line ( mainly for family and friends ) we grow lychees, banana, mango ,Jake fruit, melon , snake been and many other food other vegetables including a few different chilly. This being a very old farming community there it not much produce that is bought, mostly grown at home. If the land is not farm land then its jungle and there are so many eatable plants to be gathered.
  13. We are about 6 weeks or so away from the start of rice harvest time and I have decided not to buy a harvester this year because right across Thailand this year will not be a bumper crop like last year. I don't know if it's the rainy season or lack of in parts of the country, I have spoken to many of the locals here and the all say every 3 years or so the crops aren't as good and of course the price will go down as well because of the quality . I do feel sorry for all farmers in Thailand, they do it tough in a good year so hopefully they will survive. It's just a hobby for me . when starting the farm I was happy to cover cost and have done so far and having my savings from Australia ( and other investments) the pressure is off me but unfortunately the locals only have the farm income and a bit of cash from their kids working in the cities. It sure has been an eye opener for me but I am glad to have made the move and will continue to farm .
  14. Looks like there is a bit to see early morning on beach Rd, with many girls trying to keep fit .I will have to go for a look next time in town
  15. I have a long list of old staff and many new girls want to come back when Zaza is back in full swing .At the moment of course there just just isn't customers on the ground, although I am getting constant emails and calls from guys still interested in visiting so I just hope all businesses are back on track soon. Like all bars and massage shops ,I was concerned when most staff had to go home and I didn't think they would return ( understandably ) , I have lost two staff but all the rest are coming back soon. I wish all businesses the best in the slow recovery as things slowly come together
  16. Not like the CARTOONS I remember growing up ... more thread fucking Should we have a thread fucking thread .?
  17. Because all Australian states are governed by their own premier, they call the shots. Australian citizens can't go to another state even for medical treatment or a family funeral yet the AFL football teams can travel Because that state will make money from them .... double standards.
  18. I suppose with most expats either registered or have had the first jab and booked in for the second, there is obviously only a limited number of Pfizer jabs available. I know Cobber32 is still waiting for the email to say , see you next Tuesday. Where as I have have had my first so they must be doing the roll-out using Provences
  19. In covid times I have only done local flights, I would like to fly back to Australia but who knows what would happen with the current shit fight happening there at the moment
  20. I suppose as usual most insurance companies will have to many pay outs if it goes tits up again and loose to much money, I never took out travel insurance before covid, with covid it may be a good call to do so if the price was ok. I always thought all airlines had some fine print in the rule book saying " This flight may be cancelled at any time " , it did happen to me some years ago, ticket in hand and then " sorry flight is cancelled you can rebook for tomorrow " . Some people had insurance but it only covered them for missing luggage.
  21. Thanks so much for joining the Zaza Massage club Emmy.
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