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  1. Pdoggg you took the time to listen to his policies and maybe even read a few. Archie - I think you may have been turned off, but listen to what he has to say. His Freedom Dividend is just a basement level start to improve the life of a lot more Americans than what has been done in the past. Also the VAT can be tuned, so that people who buy yachts may have to pay 10-15% VAT while something like diapers may be exempt. Also all those transactions that companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc will no longer escape tax, as they will have to pay VAT just like everyone else. Andrew Yang is not from the swamp, and while not all of his policies may be the best, certainly they have an aim to help more Americans than most of the other candidates. Also his idea of changing the measurement of GDP makes a ton of sense - what's the point of having a high GDP if the quality of life is not that good? Anyway, still a quite a ways to go, but it would be quite something if he did win the Democratic nomination for president.
  2. First candidate in a long time with clear policy ideas that deal with the major issue of automation, which will cause more job losses in the near future. His other ideas sound practical as well.
  3. An Andrew Yang Boston Town Hall sponsored by WGBH news from Oct 24/19
  4. While he has been dismissed as a fringe candidate, Andrew Yang is getting the attention of a lot of people. He has not attacked any candidates during his campaign, and is one of only a few who has explained a lot of his platform in detail. This is a recent NPR interview with Andrew Yang, with 2 undecided voters and an NPR moderator. I hope that any US voters on the forum listen to this with an open mind.
  5. For those who believe in the Trump smear of Joe Biden and his son, here's a very straigntforward factual video from a former republican supporter.
  6. In Canada he would have been treated right away as it is deemed as an emergency situation. No waiting for patients that are having medical emergencies, which is standard for most medical systems, whether private or public. The difference being how the bill would be handled on discharge. Trump may be next to have one. He does not appear to be handling the stress of the current situation well, and has not been following his doctor's advice regarding changing to a healthier diet and lifetsyle.
  7. There is no such visa for Thailand. Attempting to suggest to the government that such a visa be created is highly unlikely to succeed, as the Thai government tends not to accept suggestions from foreigners regarding legislation/regulations, with the possible exception of other governments or world bodies. Also the government would only want medical tourists who can afford to pay for procedures, and not open it to all countries world wide. They are already getting a large number of patients coming in for SRS. Most western countries are allowed 30 day stamp in on arrival, and of course 60 day tourist visas are available, which they probably view as sufficient. The other issue would be the psychological evaluation and requirement to live as the gender you feel you belong to. That requirement is to be done in your home country - not Thailand as the challenges of language and adjusting to society living as a woman doesn't prepare you for your own society. So, while your idea is nice, it is highly unlikely to happen.
  8. PDoggg you are correct, it is around 52% who voted for Brexit, and if the referendum were held again, the results might even flip, so it really isn't against the people's wishes, it is against 50% or so of the people's wishes.
  9. Try the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Check-In-Bar-401617183283119/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARCxBdBx9WaUurvPFdPmB7H0PpgX-EwDAt7M1Q7aSD_sR-q1WpIvoAZKP30eVXVZ4KAEuC7Oyny7aKGi The owner's name is June, Mardhi gave up ownership of the bar several years ago.
  10. Oops should have typed Avenger's End game, but I think that was my one allowed guess - didn't even use Google, lol!
  11. Avengers' Infinity War Avatar Titanic?
  12. A very nice article about Miss Tiffany Universe contest in Bangkok Post.
  13. Here a video of the full contest: For those who want to see something shorter - the swimsuit segment of the top 12 finalists - this year they have switched to a one piece swimsuit but still very nice. I've got the names now for the top 3: Miss Tiffany Universe 2019 is Ruethaipreeya “Dear” Nuanglee, number 30, 1st runner up is Thanyada “Name” Kanpaipuen, number 25 and 2nd runner up is Patchara “First” Sripattanakul, number 14.
  14. From the finals night: 1st runner up, number 25, and winner is 30.
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