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  1. She could try to find a tech savvy friend like Pdogg's girlfriend did, to help her out.
  2. She confirmed she is postop in another one of his videos.
  3. Thanks petesie for reporting how things are for regular people in Thailand. They have already had the disaster of almost no tourists since January, and now this. A big disaster for all Thais. I hope all of us can recover from it.
  4. Here's a good article from the Los Angeles Times that gives a good back ground to wet markets and wild animal markets. As xyyzy pointed out I never said these were ok. To find an an effective solution to a problem, understanding the situation will give a much higher chance of coming up with a permanent effective solution. As the writer in this article rightly points out, a strict ban would not eliminate the problem, but likely drive it underground, so the risk of another pandemic outbreak doesn't change, and other problems will arise because of the ineffective change. Also has this writer and xyzzy pointed out, the biggest problem is trafficking in exotic wildlife meat without regulation - and this happens not only in China, but a number of countries throughout the world. Where was the outrage when HIV broke out - likely originating from Africa? But now there is a growing outrage over China. How about the outrage over the US hedge fund BIll Ackerman who likely contributed to the market crash by giving a live TV interview saying how bad the situation was all the while having short the markets and making 10,000% on those (2.6 billion USD), and then buying up the stocks on a 30% discount planning on even more profit? Yes, we are angry, upset, afraid, looking for someone to blame - but will it solve the situation? Of course China is not an innocent benevolent country, but would 4 weeks made that much difference when almost every other country wasted the 1-2 months of time to prepare? It seems that the Asian countries of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan were using that time effectively.
  5. Here's a video from a Thai Vlogger, Nong Naan - and she is the sister of Nong Nisamanee Nutt - a famous Thai ladyboy beauty vlogger, cosmetic company owner and Miss Mimosa Queen 2012. This video shows the COVID-19 testing process and reveals the cost - minimum of 3000 Baht to a maximum of 7500 Baht in Bangkok. She says the cost probably stops a lot of people from getting tested so she thinks the real numbers for Thailand are much higher. In addition she shows a home testing kit - but she says it is not officially approved. These videos have English subtitles so you can understand what is going on. Unfortunately the COVID-19 video has had the setting changed to private - so you cannot view it (or it may have been censored), but her point was valid that the COVID-19 tests are expensive in Bangkok. I am not sure if it is free if you are ordered to take a test by a doctor - hopefully it is like Korea, if you are positive it's free. and a video of her famous sister
  6. TC, it is not only testing that needs to be done, what a lot of the Asian countries have included is contact tracing and use of cell phones to enforce quarantine/self isolation. I am not sure western countries would go for that, but in a situation like this, I think it is necessary. As for China being the pariah due to their wet markets - this has been a common practice in many countries that have a history of scarce resources. There are also issues in South America and Africa due to indigenous people eating game - so really can we ban all these practices? You can't ban them unless you have alternatives. In most Asian countries thankfully there are generally alternatives like the supermarkets - but they have to ensure the pricing will not deter the poor. In South America/Africa the situation is different, there has to be a concerted effort to develop a sustainable alternative for them to give up eating game meat
  7. If you haven't already posted it, you can wait until Thailand reopens to air traffic again (possibly in a month), and it should reach your son faster than the 3 months by sea.
  8. Here's an excellent video from Asian Boss interviewing Korea's top infectious disease doctor, Dr. Kim from Korea University Goru Hospital. I highly recommend watching this and very interesting differences regarding advice about mask use vs: Western countries - I think he is probably correct.
  9. Here's a serious story from India, about how just one person can affect thousands of others by not self-isolating Yes, it's all a grand conspiracy and overblown, over hyped! (NOT!)
  10. Here's a light hearted American vs. Canadian self isolation video.
  11. A lot of us don't know how much ladyboys spend on plastic surgery - here's a Youtube video that interviews a number of Simon Cabaret Phuket showgirls and how much they have spent. Unfortunately there are no English subtitles, but it is pretty clear what most of the surgeries they are talking about and how much they spent. This is from 2018.
  12. Here's an interesting interview with a Canadian who has been in China (Shenzen) for the past 12 years and his experience during the quarantine.
  13. Here's an interesting commentary from the Hill on Trump and his advisors proposing the "cure is worse than the disease".
  14. Seven - I am not saying China did not make mistakes - and after this time it seems that China is finally getting strict with their wet markets. In a country that has such a big population protein was scarce, people use to eat anything to get the nutrition they needed. Pretty hard habit to break after thousands of years. Also they did lose a significant amount of their pork production due to African Swine fever that wiped out almost 25% of their capacity recently stoolpusher - they are testing some anti-malarial drugs and other anti-virals to determine if there is an effective drug or combination, but this all takes time. I think they will come up with something but it will take several months before they know the results of the trials.
  15. I have to disagree with the article and the statement. This article is inaccurate and will make the next pandemic worse. The statement that China does not cooperate with World Health authorities is wrong. China shared the genetic code results of the virus in the early days, so vaccine development started and in fact there have been human volunteers who have received it for testing already. That could not have happened this quickly without cooperation from China. China has sent medical assistance to Italy to advise them how to deal with the surge of seriously ill patients they have, which is close to overwhelming their ICU capacity. They have sent N95 masks to France (who sent them supplies during the peak of the crisis in Japan). Blaming a country for a pandemic will only reduce cooperation in the future. While you may think it is unlikely it isn't just countries like China where pandemics may originate. The next one could originate in North America, South America, Europe - cooperation is the only way to successfully combat pandemics. This does not excuse China for its past and future actions of authoritarianism, but isolating it or trying to punish it would be a terrible mistake.
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