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  2. Thanks for the update in Vietnam. It is at least as hard hit as Thailand regarding the effect on ladyboys, and the tourism economy. Let's hope that this year will be better with the vaccine roll outs, and reduction of cases.
  3. This is a very interesting Youtube video by Nisamanee Nutt, Thai lb Youtube influencer, business lady and former Miss Mimosa Queen interviews a couple - a Thai ladyboy (Miss TIffany 2015) and a Tom (butch lesbian) genetic girl. There are English subtitles, and she even asks some intimate questions, which are answered as well.
  4. This is not only true of pharma - think any big multinational corporation and their strategies are all the same - hook the consumer on a never ending cycle of purchases - whether it is upgrading to the newest model, or using buying pricey consumables, and of course planned obsolescence.
  5. 81 million people voted against President Trump, unless you believe his claims that the vote was "rigged". "Free speech" has always had limits in the USA, and most other democratic countries. When the leader of the country calls for crowds to mass at the capitol building on January 6, and then encourages them to march on the building to halt the process of announcing and confirming the results of the electoral college votes - that is not draining the swamp. Social media companies have made it clear that there are limits on what can be posted - however, I do agree with you the rules a
  6. Yes, all the best to Annat, and I've sent him a pm on information I hope he finds helpful.
  7. rxpharm


    The jig is up, I am actually an agent recruited and paid for by the Chinese Communist party to subvert the members of ladyboy forums to believe that China is a benevolent peace loving country that is under continued attack by the imperialist US and its allies. Actually the reason why I post South Korean videos about COVID 19 is that they tend to have the most succinct and clear explanations. I also follow Dr. John Campbell's Youtube Channel - he has a PhD in nursing from the UK, I've posted a couple his videos on TLF, but not here.
  8. rxpharm


    I am glad to hear that you do follow mitigation guidelines. The belief about the virus origins has an effect on people's attitudes to guidelines on control measures as I posted previously in this thread from a research article posted in Sage People who believe in alternate virus origins tend to disregard guidelines to prevent virus spread. Regarding the use of masks - unfortunately many Western countries gave out poor advice due to shortages of PPE - this was not a good excuse, as most Asian countries promoted mask use from the beginning. To give out such advice without giving the re
  9. rxpharm


    The Sith, I answered the question you posed to me - why didn't you answer the question I posed to you? Are you ignoring the mitigation guidelines because you believe the theory of China creating this bioweapon is true - so you don't care about anything else? Are you going to refuse the vaccine? Do you encourage other people to disregard mitigation guidelines? It isn't mental gymnastics to wait for more information, but certainly continuing viral infection and prolonging pandemic results from ignoring mitigation guidelines. In time we will hopefully find out more about the virus, and
  10. rxpharm


    Here is a recent Asian Boss video interview with Professor Kim, South Korea's top infectious diseases expert from Korea University Guro Hospital, discussing updates regarding the COVID 19 virus. I recommend viewing this video.
  11. rxpharm


    Right now I would say it is highly unlikely. Many experienced and competent scientists from Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Europe and the US have come to the conclusion that this virus is not synthetic/made in a lab. That doesn't rule out the possibility of a lab accident, but makes the theory this is a genetically engineered "bioweapon" unlikely. As I have posted in the past, there is still a lot we don't know about the virus - the Italians have now found indications that suggest it may be been present as early as September 2019 as antibodies have been detected in a lung cancer screening tr
  12. rxpharm


    Here's an article published in the editorial section of the British Medical Journal, October 19, 2020. It has not been externally peer reviewed and is an opinion work, but still has value in the opinion expressed.
  13. rxpharm


    Isn't this exactly what happened in major UK, US and European cities when lockdown measures were eased? Then the 2nd and 3rd infectious peaks came by. It is human nature to celebrate when strict measures are lifted - and we will wait and see if their celebrations will cause another round of outbreaks in Wuhan. China is closely monitoring the situation so they should be able to localize any outbreaks quickly without more widespread infections.
  14. rxpharm


    Regarding your point 2 - this is a faulty conclusion - there are other infectious diseases that can have asymptomatic transmission. One of the best documented and known cases was "Typhoid Mary" who carried the typhoid bacteria but never had symptoms. It was estimated she infected 53 people who died from the Typhoid infection. Other examples are: HIV, C. difficile, influenzas, cholera, and tuberculosis. Mutations of infectious diseases are not uncommon. The statement that one scientist says 800 years before this many mutations could have evolved is not supported by the general scientific c
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