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  1. rxpharm


    This is a reflection that Thailand really has no effective plan for recovering from the drastically reduced tourism numbers in the near to intermediate future. There are no significant countries wanting to participate in their "travel bubble scheme", and no foreign airlines interested in reestablishing regular flights without a coherent international tourist plan. They should have gone with a scheme similar to Iceland, test on arrival free for the first 2 weeks, positives have to quarantine for 2 weeks in a government approved location at their own cost, negatives can go on to enter and visit. After 2 weeks tourists have to pay for the test. This would have given them numbers that could start the rebuilding of their tourist industry.
  2. rxpharm


    Hopefully just temporary. I have used the bus on occasion as well.
  3. Clearly silicone enhanced breasts for LB Nut
  4. Yes, she is. She was on Thailand's Got Talent in 2011.
  5. Good memory bumblebee! Here is a photo of Casanova during the day, with its closed door.
  6. Some bad news reported by the Stickman. Casanova and Mercury Bars are no more in Nana Entertainment Plaza - having not been able to make it through the COVID 19 loss of business. Also some gg bars are closed as well: Playskool, Rainbow 1 & 2, London Calling, and outside - Hillary 4. The NEP owners are offering some strong incentives for taking over the empty spots, but it would be a big gamble as it may take up to 2 years for tourism to get back to normal in LOS. To the end of an institution - the oldest LB bar in Bangkok, and possibly Thailand, Casanova closed.
  7. Here is a video from Mark Wiens, popular food vlogger. He has made a recent trip to the China Town Street Food market and shows what things are like with social distancing.
  8. You are assuming that punters coming to Thailand will have recovered from a COVID 19 infection, or they have been vaccinated (whenever that is ready). On May 21, The Guardian reported that Sweden estimated only 7.3% of Stockholm residents had developed antibodies by the end of April. Herd immunity is only protective when around 70% of the population has antibodies, which is why vaccination is better at creating herd immunity. If anyone will be traveling to Thailand this year, the odds are high that they won't be immune.
  9. Thailand has banned all incoming passenger air and ground travel except for Thais repatriating until the end of June. What the Youtube and the TV shows are showing are that any Thais or exemptions to incoming flight restrictions, anyone coming in right now by air or ground, and until further notice until the end of June has to serve a 14 day quarantine. They will be making another reassessment around mid June and we'll find out more details for the future.
  10. The phrasing of the question is not correct. Many of the punters on this forum are in a high risk group - either over 60, or having some sort of chronic medical condition. So it should be are you willing to risk getting infected by COVID 19 to have sex with an lb? I guess that depends on how horny you are and if you are willing to roll the dice. It is definitely going to be more risky than contracting HIV, or getting an STD. What are the odds? Well, since there is a lot of disagreement about the actual reporting, we can look at a "super spreader" example and get a rough idea. In South Korea, patient 31 was responsible for spreading the virus to over 100 people in 3 weeks, which then resulted in 1000's more infections. Here is a great video about the case below. If you are unlucky enough to come into contact with a "super spreader", and you are in a high risk category - (older male 60+ with pre-existing cardiac, respiratory condition, obese or diabetes) if you are diagnosed as +ve, there is a 4-11% chance of death as per the CDC What is the risk of you actually contracting the virus? There is no definitive answer to this, but considering you won't be immune to it, then the odds are probably as high as catching a cold from someone. I guess the only temporary solution is the "body condom" until we get an effective vaccine or drug treatment.
  11. rxpharm

    Airline News

    A Roadmap for Aviation Industry Restart has been published by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Airports Council International (ACI) World. It's a 5 page document that I recommend anyone who will be flying review - and while it isn't binding on countries/airlines or airports, I think it will be used by many countries as there needs to be coordination. You can't have one country/airline/airport doing something completely different from another, or there will be travel disruptions. This document also clarifies the IATA stance on blocking the middle seat on planes. It doesn't recommend this be done, but understands in the early phase of restarting, some airlines may offer this. They state that social distancing be That makes sense as there is no way that airlines can price affordable tickets if middle seats are blocked off long term (until an effective vaccine or treatment is found), and the volumes of passengers cannot be handled by current airport infrastructure if social distancing is maintained long term.
  12. rxpharm

    Airline News

    The researchers at FAU used a combination of aerosolized smoke and glycerin to simulate a cough with particle sizes around 10-20 microns. If you prefer Japanese researchers with a human example here is one below - with about the same results. This was posted by the India Times. There are some possible clues how Thailand may handle tourists - they are rating countries red that do not have COVID-19 under control. They may allow tourists from green countries where COVID 19 is under control without restriction, and ban those from red countries or subject them to testing and quarantine if they test positive on arrival.
  13. Here is an example of a wild Chinese lb who must be banned as a risk for spreading COVID-19. There seems to be a large number of them present on pornhub, so there must be a clampdown on that site, make the world safe again! It's all China's fault! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e161dc583380
  14. rxpharm

    Airline News

    Blocking out the middle seat makes no difference - this is a video from the Florida Atlantic University how droplets spread from a cough with and without a mask. They showed a regular surgical mask still having particles come out around the sides - which is why I would recommend an N95 mask while you're on the plane to reduce the chances of you inhaling those particles. Also If you aren't wearing glasses, wrap around safety glasses, sanitizing wipes/hand sanitizers, frequent hand washing and not touching your face all would be good strategies.
  15. rxpharm


    You can always ask the airline if it is permitted and print out their response as evidence for the cabin crew. You are right about other passengers though - I would hope most are reasonable if you give an explanation. Your seat neighbors would probably benefit too from the additional humidity. The model I linked to is rated as one of the best as it has a filter to reduce mineral build up and has a long lasting battery. You would have to ask for bottled water from the cabin crew to fill it during flight - no tap water from the washroom as that is likely unsafe. (There's a reason why there is a notice in the washroom not to drink the tap water).
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