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  1. Here's another video from Serena, being a "ladyboy construction worker" building up her garden in front of her house.
  2. In the midst of the chaos that is associated with the Trump presidency, Congress has released its final report on the Boeing 737 Max. It is 238 pages long, but this Youtube video does a good job summarizing. For those Republican supporting forum members out there, I would like to know if you can continue to justify less government oversight and regulation of business, when things like this happen.
  3. Here's a good Youtube video outlining 7 tips on how to reduce the chance of catching COVID 19 during travel. This is from Dr. Mike Hansen, an internal medicine specialist, focusing on pulmonary and critical care.
  4. Here is a study that was published in the Journal of American Medical Association about the risk of catching COVID-19 during a flight. This was also posted on the CNN website. I recently had to take 2 flights, one from an Arabian Gulf country to Montreal Canada (12 hours) and then 6 weeks later return from Montreal to the Arabian Gulf Country. The first flight was 100% full, and the return flight was 90% full. On the outward bound flight, all passengers had to wear face masks except when eating. On the inward bound flight, all passengers had to wear provided face shields and face masks
  5. Here's a viewpoint from Chanya (post op ladyboy) and Warren her partner who is an Australian expat moved to Thailand.
  6. Have you wondered what ladyboys do when they go back to the family farm? Here's a video from Youtube vlogger, Serena. She was working as a showgirl at the SImon Phuket Cabaret Show on Patong Beach. However, since the show closed in April, with no news of a reopening date, many of the performers have given up and moved back home, unable to afford rent. Serena's family farm is near Buriram, which is part of Isaan, northeastern Thailand.
  7. rxpharm


    Those who ignore history have a tendency to repeat the same mistakes. The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 lasted about 2 years and had 4 waves. It was estimated to have infected 500 million people which was about 1/3 of the world's population and around 50 million deaths. There is more information about this on various websites, but the Center of Disease Control is one of the more reliable ones (unless you are a conspiracy theorist believer). It is instructional to look at what happened back then, particularly for those who think COVID-19 is just a "nasty flu" and should be allowed to run it
  8. rxpharm


    The reports of what COVID-19 is doing when preventative measures are not implemented shows it has a great impact on economic activity than most people would imagine. Staff sick percentages between 30-40% causes major problems to companies, and worse problems for essential service workers, like police, fire, ambulance, health care workers, etc. People who are affected evenly mildly with COVID 19 are off for at least 2 weeks, and sometimes up to months if severely affected. In the US alone one organization has tracked at least 900 health care workers having died from COVID 19. When hospitals are
  9. rxpharm


    Here is a good post from Sciencealert.com. So for those who don't believe masks work - you can try this experiment yourself to see what happens. The masks tested. (Fischer et al., Science Advances, 2020) "The fundamental question is, how well does a specific mask type prevent droplets from spreading," lead researcher and molecular imaging specialist Martin Fischer says in a press Q&A. The question is particularly relevant in the coronavirus pandemic, given many people have taken to buying fabric masks online, or making their own masks at home. While the general conse
  10. This was published in the Bangkok Post Aug 6, 2020 This was proposed before the civil unrest of 2006. Unfortunately due to the many changes of government and the coup, this legislation never passed into law, as each new session meant starting it from the beginning again. Hopefully this time it will be passed in October, as the government cabinet has approved it.
  11. Here is a video of this year's national draft and some lbs who were exempt. The lb in the white dress is quite glamorous and was a Miss Tiffany Universe contestant.
  12. rxpharm


    There still needs to be more investigation. There was a patient in France who was found to have been infected by COVID 19 - with his doctor estimating he was exposed sometime between Dec 14 - 22, which was four days before WHO's China country office was notified of pneumonia of unknown causes being detected in Wuhan. The patient had not been outside France prior to his infection - two of his children did contract COVID 19, but his wife did not show symptoms. Interestingly his wife worked at a supermarket near Charles De Gaulle Airport and it is speculated that she might have been exposed
  13. rxpharm


    The theory that China manufactured COVID 19 is a widely circulating conspiracy theory. One thing that the propagators of this theory cannot explain is if the whole world is brought to economic ruin - then so is China's economy. What is the point of making this "bio-weapon" if it disrupts their own economy too? Yes, China was late in reporting that COVID 19 is able to spread human - to human by around a month or so. Yes, they did try to suppress the information at the early stages as the higher levels of bureaucracy tried to save "face", but going on to say this was a deliberate bio-weapon
  14. Note that there is a life threatening interaction with "Poppers" - amyl nitrate and erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis. This will cause severe low blood pressure to the extent that the circulatory system will collapse and no longer pump blood through your body. This will lead to certain death unless you get immediate treatment. There has been speculation a large number of unknown deaths of older males in Thailand are caused by this deadly combination. Unsuspecting customers do not get proper counseling from the street vendor who sells the generic "Viagra" and poppers or th
  15. rxpharm


    They are also tracking the flights that carry freight, as well as the flights that the pilots are doing without passengers to keep their pilot's license active.
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