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  1. Here's a video of the swimsuit preliminary round from a couple of nights ago: Miss International Queen 2019 - Miss USA 1st runner up - Miss Thailand 2nd runner up - Miss China
  2. It's a digital TV channel, only available by subscription if you have a package - generally from True. Many people do have it, but of course not as widespread as the normal analogue channels. The contest may also be viewed from the Miss International Queen Facebook page and the Miss International Queen Youtube channel, which will do a live stream on the night of the contest.
  3. Here's the Youtube video from the National Costume and talent contest. Miss Venezuela won best costume and Miss USA won the talent section (she say with her natural voice). The video is quite long, but you can fast forward.
  4. The National Costume and Talent Competition for Miss International Queen 2019 will be free and open to the public on Saturday March 2, starting 6 pm at Pattaya Central Festival Mall.
  5. Great, Nong Poyd - the first real huge superstar Thai LB! Still looks great since winning Miss Tiffany Universe and Miss International Queen in 2004 (15 years ago). That would make her around early to mid 30's.
  6. Miss Ecuador Miss China Miss Canada Miss Brazil If you are in Pattaya the week of March 1-8 - keep you eyes open for promotional activities as some are free to public. Probably will be some in Bangok, and the majority in Pattaya.
  7. This year they have expanded the Miss International Queen brand - by having Miss International Queen contests in various countries as representatives for the big contest in Pattaya - they are clearly following the Miss Universe model. From the first couple of videos it is likely this year's contest will also have very beautiful contestants, and it would not be a surprise if Thailand is not the winner again. The rest of the videos are up - so far 20 contestants. Miss USA Miss Mexico Miss Nepal Miss Myanmar Miss Venezuela Miss Thailand (also Miss Tiffany Universe 2018)
  8. This year's Miss International Queen contest has been announced for March 8, 2019 in Pattaya, Thailand, to be held at the Tiffany Show Theater. A few introductory videos are ready, Miss Vietnam, Miss Laos, Miss Korea, and Miss Japan.
  9. He ran a decent campaign against Ted Cruz, but that doesn't qualify him to be a presidential candidate. A few of the political youtube channels reviewed his voting record, and he is more conservative, which should not be a surprise as he was a congressman representing a Texas district. Of course his political views would not be anything like Bernie Saunders, or he would not have been elected to congress.
  10. Dave is very much attracted to regular panties on the ladies, particularly black ones. I think the imagination makes things a bit hotter for him and others who prefer those lingerie items on their ladies of choice.
  11. Another Youtube video - this time from an old 1979 Hollywood film titled "Saint Jack" that was shot entirely in Singapore. The video shows a scene in Bugis Street and then in a Singapore brothel featuring 2 postop Singapore lbs performing for a pimp and two customers. It was banned in Singapore from 1980 - 2006 for giving a negative impression of the country.
  12. If you are not a US resident this will impact where you can apply from. Do you still have a US address? If so you can do the same as xyzzy. If you have Thailand as a residence, then you will have to buy your travel insurance from a Thai based insurance company (can be an international one like Allianz, Zurich, but with a Thai branch office).
  13. When Singapore is mentioned one usually just thinks of Orchard Towers where a couple of the bars have some lbs - but back in the 70's and 80's Bugis Street was the place for the lbs and their admirers. Although there are only a few seconds of photos of the Singaporean lbs, you can see they were quite attractive. You can skip to the 2:07 mark for the beginning of the photos.
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