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  1. No, you can get your number again from the same carrier - I did this with my True number to upgrade it to 4G capability. When I first bought it 3G was the maximum it was capable of, but I didn't want to change the same number I have had for years.
  2. Try the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Check-In-Bar-401617183283119/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARCxBdBx9WaUurvPFdPmB7H0PpgX-EwDAt7M1Q7aSD_sR-q1WpIvoAZKP30eVXVZ4KAEuC7Oyny7aKGi The owner's name is June, Mardhi gave up ownership of the bar several years ago.
  3. A very nice article about Miss Tiffany Universe contest in Bangkok Post.
  4. Here a video of the full contest: For those who want to see something shorter - the swimsuit segment of the top 12 finalists - this year they have switched to a one piece swimsuit but still very nice. I've got the names now for the top 3: Miss Tiffany Universe 2019 is Ruethaipreeya “Dear” Nuanglee, number 30, 1st runner up is Thanyada “Name” Kanpaipuen, number 25 and 2nd runner up is Patchara “First” Sripattanakul, number 14.
  5. From the finals night: 1st runner up, number 25, and winner is 30.
  6. Certainly I agree with your post, but since you refuse to vote - note that this was sponsored by a Republican, and your refusal to vote enables these idiots (and while Democrats are certainly not angels, they are currently less war mongering than the Republcans) to continue on such actions.
  7. The last 2 videos of the reality series Also one video from Nisamanee Nutt who is sponsoring the Pherone Award
  8. Some more videos of the Season 3 Reality Series competition: Just a reminder for anyone in Pattaya the week of July 20 - the finals night will be then, and there will be other activities during the week, some of which will be free to the public. Good chance to see some of the most beautiful lbs in Thailand!
  9. The reality series has started and here are the first 2 episodes (English subtitles). In addition the contestant photos and profiles are up (although in Thai) - there is also a swimsuit photo of them on the main Miss Tiffany Universe home page - you can also vote for your favorite to support her for the Miss Social Media Popularity award. Season 3 Episode 1 Season 3 Episode 2 According to my girlfriend and her friends, there is no one outstanding like in 2017 when Nong Yoshi won and Nong Rock was a very close 1st runner up. We shall see as the contest progresses.
  10. Nong Yoshi (Miss Tiffany Universe) has posted a vlog about the day - she's included English subtitles too, which is great. I should also mention that probably around 50% of the lbs trying this year are pre-op.
  11. There was a record number of applicants for the 2019 Miss Tiffany's Universe contest as they lifted the usual 1000 Baht entry fee. There were approximately 250 lb applicants (along with around 150-200 supporters) making for over 400 lbs at the Central World ground floor on June 1, 2019. They spent the whole day to narrow the field down to the 32 contestants who will compete for the crown. The format remains similar to the previous years, with reality show format divided into 2 teams with activities that lead to the finals night. Two or so will be eliminated along the way. Here are a few videos - the first from Nisamanee Nutt - who has sponsored a prize of 50,000 Baht for a Miss Pherone award and she claims to have paid a million baht to be a sponsor - which may be true as they lifted the entrance fee this year. If all sponsors paid that level of support. Next is a long video with a selection of the 250 applicants going through the screening process. There are a number of beautiful applicants this year - which I think cements Thailand's standing of having the most beautiful lbs. For those who want to see the final 32 here's the last video There will be a number of promotional activities you can check for at Miss Tiffany Universe and also Miss Tiffany's Universe Facebook If you are in Bangkok of Pattaya during these activities, some of them are open to the public so you can have the chance to see some of the most beautiful lbs in Thailand.
  12. This doe not negate the current 30 day stamp on entry stay for those approved countries. In fact this is easier for those who apply for a Tourist visa as you no longer have to visit a Thai consulate or embassy in your country of residence, where you had to provide similar information for the Tourist visa application.
  13. Well seven, technology is moving fast, we just need to be aware and on the look out! One more video of the most popular guys as girls via filter and a few are cross dressers too.
  14. As you are perusing ads and videos for lbs be aware there are now filters that can change the gender of the subject and make them appear very beautiful/handsome/cute. Here is a video of Serena Thailand showing how it's done - of course she's doing the baby/man filter and following her video, I will post videos from China where it seems to be tremendously popular. Serena (Phuket Simon Cabaret ladyboy) A couple of Chinese videos with filters and a few crossdressers If anyone remembers the old police show "Hillstreet Blues", Be careful out there!
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