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  1. There would be no repeat offenders if Archie ejected them after takeoff!
  2. Very impressive contestants so far. Those in Pattaya should not miss it!
  3. According to 70% of Republicans (approximately 30% of the American population), he is the best president in US history and can do no wrong - everyone who criticizes him is fake news and conspires to make him look bad. This support gives him the idea that he has the impunity to say and do things as he likes. The other 70% of the US population (Democrats and independents) think is he a poor US president.
  4. The Ladyboy Forums is another story - but there is good news, as it has been revived by a new owner, and is still active - although not as much as back in the heydays. You can go to the website - just search for it on Google, as I don't think it is good etiquette to post a link to it here.
  5. AIS (Advanced Info Service) is a mobile phone operator, and is licensed to operate only Thailand. In other countries they must negotiate with those country's operators to provide roaming service, which is one reason why roaming costs are expensive.
  6. Usually they will weigh it at the gate - I have flown with Qatar Airways and Emirates - out of the Arabian Gulf and out of Thailand and have had my carry on weighed at check in. If you are wondering about the battery, you can ask the airline directly.
  7. Here's a video of the swimsuit preliminary round from a couple of nights ago: Miss International Queen 2019 - Miss USA 1st runner up - Miss Thailand 2nd runner up - Miss China
  8. It's a digital TV channel, only available by subscription if you have a package - generally from True. Many people do have it, but of course not as widespread as the normal analogue channels. The contest may also be viewed from the Miss International Queen Facebook page and the Miss International Queen Youtube channel, which will do a live stream on the night of the contest.
  9. Here's the Youtube video from the National Costume and talent contest. Miss Venezuela won best costume and Miss USA won the talent section (she say with her natural voice). The video is quite long, but you can fast forward.
  10. The National Costume and Talent Competition for Miss International Queen 2019 will be free and open to the public on Saturday March 2, starting 6 pm at Pattaya Central Festival Mall.
  11. Great, Nong Poyd - the first real huge superstar Thai LB! Still looks great since winning Miss Tiffany Universe and Miss International Queen in 2004 (15 years ago). That would make her around early to mid 30's.
  12. Miss Ecuador Miss China Miss Canada Miss Brazil If you are in Pattaya the week of March 1-8 - keep you eyes open for promotional activities as some are free to public. Probably will be some in Bangok, and the majority in Pattaya.
  13. This year they have expanded the Miss International Queen brand - by having Miss International Queen contests in various countries as representatives for the big contest in Pattaya - they are clearly following the Miss Universe model. From the first couple of videos it is likely this year's contest will also have very beautiful contestants, and it would not be a surprise if Thailand is not the winner again. The rest of the videos are up - so far 20 contestants. Miss USA Miss Mexico Miss Nepal Miss Myanmar Miss Venezuela Miss Thailand (also Miss Tiffany Universe 2018)
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