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  1. There is no such visa for Thailand. Attempting to suggest to the government that such a visa be created is highly unlikely to succeed, as the Thai government tends not to accept suggestions from foreigners regarding legislation/regulations, with the possible exception of other governments or world bodies. Also the government would only want medical tourists who can afford to pay for procedures, and not open it to all countries world wide. They are already getting a large number of patients coming in for SRS. Most western countries are allowed 30 day stamp in on arrival, and of course 60 day tourist visas are available, which they probably view as sufficient. The other issue would be the psychological evaluation and requirement to live as the gender you feel you belong to. That requirement is to be done in your home country - not Thailand as the challenges of language and adjusting to society living as a woman doesn't prepare you for your own society. So, while your idea is nice, it is highly unlikely to happen.
  2. PDoggg you are correct, it is around 52% who voted for Brexit, and if the referendum were held again, the results might even flip, so it really isn't against the people's wishes, it is against 50% or so of the people's wishes.
  3. Try the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Check-In-Bar-401617183283119/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARCxBdBx9WaUurvPFdPmB7H0PpgX-EwDAt7M1Q7aSD_sR-q1WpIvoAZKP30eVXVZ4KAEuC7Oyny7aKGi The owner's name is June, Mardhi gave up ownership of the bar several years ago.
  4. Oops should have typed Avenger's End game, but I think that was my one allowed guess - didn't even use Google, lol!
  5. Avengers' Infinity War Avatar Titanic?
  6. A very nice article about Miss Tiffany Universe contest in Bangkok Post.
  7. Here a video of the full contest: For those who want to see something shorter - the swimsuit segment of the top 12 finalists - this year they have switched to a one piece swimsuit but still very nice. I've got the names now for the top 3: Miss Tiffany Universe 2019 is Ruethaipreeya “Dear” Nuanglee, number 30, 1st runner up is Thanyada “Name” Kanpaipuen, number 25 and 2nd runner up is Patchara “First” Sripattanakul, number 14.
  8. From the finals night: 1st runner up, number 25, and winner is 30.
  9. Certainly I agree with your post, but since you refuse to vote - note that this was sponsored by a Republican, and your refusal to vote enables these idiots (and while Democrats are certainly not angels, they are currently less war mongering than the Republcans) to continue on such actions.
  10. The last 2 videos of the reality series Also one video from Nisamanee Nutt who is sponsoring the Pherone Award
  11. rxpharm

    Google Voice

    I know you are asking about not using a US number, I faced as similar problem as my Canadian bank has moved to an SMS confirmation text now for increased security. The challenge was my Canadian sim card stopped working in the Arabian Gulf country I am working on. Fortunately I have a long break for summer and during my visit home, I was able to set up Google text using my Canadian sim card. Now I am able to receive the SMS on my computer (having downloaded the app to my laptop and syncing my phone account). Do you have a US sim card? I know you can also set up a US Skype in number to receive US texts to the Skype in number (you need to register that number with your bank).
  12. Some more videos of the Season 3 Reality Series competition: Just a reminder for anyone in Pattaya the week of July 20 - the finals night will be then, and there will be other activities during the week, some of which will be free to the public. Good chance to see some of the most beautiful lbs in Thailand!
  13. The reality series has started and here are the first 2 episodes (English subtitles). In addition the contestant photos and profiles are up (although in Thai) - there is also a swimsuit photo of them on the main Miss Tiffany Universe home page - you can also vote for your favorite to support her for the Miss Social Media Popularity award. Season 3 Episode 1 Season 3 Episode 2 According to my girlfriend and her friends, there is no one outstanding like in 2017 when Nong Yoshi won and Nong Rock was a very close 1st runner up. We shall see as the contest progresses.
  14. Nong Yoshi (Miss Tiffany Universe) has posted a vlog about the day - she's included English subtitles too, which is great. I should also mention that probably around 50% of the lbs trying this year are pre-op.
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