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  1. They are very concerned about these effeminate men:
  2. Thanks for your comments soiboy and cobber32. You are right that most of the ladyboy interviews on Youtube are not too interesting - but this one was for a couple of reasons, we don't know much about Taiwan ladyboys, the interviewer did a good job and asked some questions lb fans are interested in, and her answers were candid. Also it helped that she is good looking.
  3. Here is a recently uploaded Youtube video interview with Taiwanese ladyboy Meng Meng. Very interesting as we don't hear much about ladyboys there (except for the Thais and Filipinas who go there for work). A no holds interview even gets into her sexual activities and preferences.
  4. Thanks for the continuing updates Papa Sam. She must be in her late 20's or early 30's now, and yes you are right, she still looks great! Unfortunately it isn't just the p4p ladyboys in this situation - I have seen a few videos and even 7-11's are closing due to lack of business, and of course many other businesses that rely on tourism. It's a sad state of affairs and I think things won't be better until late 2021 early 2022, unless they do some amazing increase in the vaccination program to ramp it up a whole lot.
  5. rxpharm


    It seems that your spare time is reading sites that prefer to promulgate these "theories". A major thing they do not explain is that magnetic waves (necessary for this control of graphene) are subject to the inverse square law - which means that the field strength decreases as the distance from the source increases. To control the brainwaves of someone who has had graphene injected it would require a significant amount of graphene and a magnetic field of significant strength - think an NMR scanner. If there is going to be that kind of magnetic field generated to control brainwaves it would also cause major issues with anything that will also be affected by magnetic fields - computers, CPU's, memory chips, etc.
  6. rxpharm

    4th Wave

    seven, don't count your chickens before the eggs hatch - Sweden currently doesn't have much Covid19 Delta variant - if that happens, it is a completely different situation - as Singapore, Taiwan and Korea have demonstrated. Since Sweden has decided to open up for vaccinated tourists - the risk becomes higher. I hope that the Covid 19 Delta variant doesn't affect your country the same as it has many others.
  7. rxpharm


    The German lady who said she was sitting beside the Covid +ve man, who had a big family of 11 (including children). They were Arabic and boarded the plane at Dubai. Note that all adult passengers had to provide a -ve Covid 19 test no longer than 72 hours of arrival time or they would not be allowed to board the plane. So what does this show? There are a few possibilities - the Thai test was a false +ve, the test in Dubai was a false -ve, or the Dubai man was incubating the virus and it had not reached high enough levels to be detected until he arrived at Phuket. As for the possibility of bribing for a -ve Covid 19 test results - there are severe penalties for anyone issuing such a test report the in the Arabian Gulf countries, and for anyone making the bribe.
  8. That forecast is likely taking into the account the current Covid 19 delta surge in Thailand, and the government's slow vaccination program. There have already been revisions of Thailand's GPD to be at least 1% lower for this year, and also a downward revision for 2022. If things continue to get worse - and without major progress in the vaccination program (unlikely at this point, plus they are saddled with a large number of Sinovac vaccines), Covid 19 will be likely be a problem until mid-late 2022.
  9. It is PD's opinion - but I think there is a good chance he is right. Thailand is performing poorly in getting its population vaccinated, and what is worse is they will be using the Sinovac/Sinopharm vaccines for a significant % of that. If they were using Astra Zeneca/Pfizer/Moderna/Johnson & Johnson, etc I would think he would be overly pessimistic. Since Thailand started late ordering vaccines due to their success in keeping numbers low in the earlier waves, the government became complacent probably feeling vaccinations might not be necessary. The delta variant is proving them wrong. One only has to read about what has happened in India, and what is happening in Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar to see what the worse case scenarios could be. Hospital ICUs overflowing, insufficient oxygen supplies, overflowing morgues - that is not being alarmist, that is reality in countries that could not flatten the curve.
  10. I have been vaccinated, and with the delta variant being widespread now, I have decided to keep wearing a mask when I am out and about - and if on crowded public transit an N95 mask. Still sanitize hands - which is a good idea even if Covid 19 wasn't around. While the mRNA vaccines plus AZ have demonstrated good protection against serious illness from Covid 19 Delta - it has not protected against getting infected nearly as well. May have to wait for a booster for the delta for better protection - or hope it mutates to a less contagious/virulent strain. For those who think this overly cautious, remember one never wants to in the smaller percentage that happens to be susceptible.
  11. Great stuff! In Canada we had our 1st transgender Miss Universe Canada contestant in 2012, Jenna Talackova. She had also competed in the 2010 Miss International Queen contest representing Canada. Here's a photo of her I took when I was at the 2010 MIQ contest. I wish Kataluna all the best and hope she does well in the finals!
  12. I know there are Thai ladyboy doctors, dentists, etc, but we don't hear much about them. Here is a video of Dr. Valunpath, Miss Trans Star Thailand 2019. She is an MD, specialist in Aesthetics and Laser Surgery. The Miss Trans Star is a franchise similar to Miss Universe and has contests for transgender male to female in several countries, with an annual international final.
  13. QG, that used to be the case, but things have changed as per this March 22, 2017 article from The Nation I am not sure if local jails have implemented this, but hopefully they segregate them from the male prisoners. Your question led to look up some more information and there are interesting observations of ladyboys in the men's prison in the past. This is from The Bangkok Post Feb 3, 2013. Interesting insights that show that Thailand is yet again different than most western countries in their prison system as well.
  14. rxpharm


    A very concerning report from the WION Youtube channel from Gravitas - the sad statistics of the Sinovac Covid 19 vaccine. I suppose one could say what goes around comes around. The sad result of this are the countries that relied a great deal on Sinovac for reducing COVID 19 and finding it failed - including China itself. This explains why they developed an mRNA vaccine as well.
  15. I can see this , and my rating has gone back to Newbie - must be reincarnation and a second chance!
  16. True he didn't go to the odd Soi side of Sukhumvit, but it likely would have showed a similar amount of closed businesses. The overall conclusion would have been the same. Business have been hard hit, and it will take some time before things return to normal.
  17. rxpharm


    An excellent video from The Economist about the China lab leak theory. I am thinking this is a possibility now, and the recent reporting about the US NIH funding enhanced virus research in the US and China is eye opening.
  18. Here's a recent video of what lower Sukumvit looks like now from Soi 4 (Nana) down to Asoke. It is eye opening to see how many businesses have closed due to the COVID 19 effects. It will take some time before things recover. This is from the Live Love Thailand Youtube channel.
  19. rxpharm


    Like many countries the problem with China is the government, not the people. Many China haters don't distinguish and it has led to problems in some countries like US and Canada where hate crimes against Asians has increased by large amounts since the Covid 19 pandemic started. What is more revealing about the Chinese government is that they are foregoing mass vaccination of their own population - only vaccinating "hot spots" in order to use vaccine "diplomacy" to try and gain influence with poor countries who cannot afford even the discounted prices for Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J. Astra Zeneca had already priced their vaccine low, but Sinovac and Sputnuk are the 2 cheapest.
  20. If there was no other vaccine, I probably would - but as noted if Thailand's Prime Minister turned it down, as many top Chinese Communist Party officials, something sounds off. Note that I didn't say how effective it works. The countries that have used it on a wide spread basis, Chile, Brazil, Philippines have reported efficacy rates varying from 60-80%. Not so good in comparison to the other vaccines, even Astra Zeneca's, but in terms of reducing death from severe infections these countries do report some good protection rates.
  21. There isn't much confidence in Sinovac when the Thailand's leader refused to get vaccinated with it. It does have data supporting it works - but when the leaders won't use it, there will be no confidence from the public. Now on the other hand Putin's daughter was vaccinated with the Sputnik Covid 19 vaccine - made with a deactivated virus, the same method as Sinovac - however Putin never had a news conference showing him being vaccinated with Sputnik.
  22. The Johnson and Johnson Covid 19 vaccine is approved, but no stocks in the country yet. If things work out the private hospitals will be able to buy and sell to patients who want a choice.
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    Here is episode 4 from the Polymatter Youtube channel, National Insecurity China's Reckoning - this one has a bit more opinion but still a lot of factual information. I think the opinion is fairly correct about why the switch to a more aggressive, expansionist foreign policy over the past 10 years.
  24. Typical of any government that looks to subvert the will of the people (both Conservatives and Liberals).
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