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  1. Wow, that is a shock Matey. Have sent you a message. Many good times sitting with Dao and Brett watching the world go by. Bloody hell, it goes to prove that the more things stand still, the more they change. So two of my haunts have disappeared recently. Fantasy Lounge and now Zaza's. A fun part of my life (at times), gone! Also 3 people. One has departed this earth, the other two hopefully I can keep in contact with. Brett, Sophia and now Dao. A sad time for me. They were part of my early experience with the 3rd gender.
  2. Oh you poor thing. So you need someone to defend you?. The whole premise of your whacky posts re this matter relate to my post which agreed with what barforth said about himself. Remember, we were discussing baseball hats being turned around. I think you have an inflated sense of your own importance. Go ahead and take and post photos of your encounters. Some of us have more class than to do that and post them. From your posts it seems that Lily has not found you irresistable?. Also, from one of your photos I would think it advisable to visit a doctor. Oh and I might ban you from this thread!. Doesnt that sound childish?. That's about it from me re this matter.
  3. Are you serious, or just posting something to fill in time?
  4. Wow, you just confirmed my thoughts about you. I actually agreed with what the poster said about himself. Read it. Oh no you cant, thats right.
  5. BB, now come on
  6. During the discussion on Roms Romantic subject I made a hopefully humourous comment about the habit of some people turning their baseball hats around. A BM named barforth suggested that he was pedantic about naming the part of the hat which I call the brim and he called the visor. I replied saying that he was being pedantic. Our friend Rom messaged me saying I was not to abuse another BM by calling him pedantic. (just remember the BM had called himself pedantic!), I replied to Rom suggesting that he was being over the top.(I cant remember the exact words and cannot find them as Rom has removed the post). I would suggest that an OP who bans a comment by someone for agreeing with a comment made by another, needs to take a hard look at himself. This is a forum! I am actually stuggling to stop myself saying a lot more as it may be the case that Rom has influence with the moderators and I get banned!. Me being such a small cog in this machine and Rom being a much larger one. Not on cock size though Anyway, Rom can go off in his own little world. I was trying to add content to his subject matter. God knows, we need more posts on this forum! It can be a strange world in this place!
  7. Now she is different to the norm of African fl's. Very nice. The ones I see around the area have nil attraction to me.
  8. Now listen here. You are being being pedantic and are incorrect!!!. 2 strikes! We,(not in the US), call it a brim. Make it a third and the inning, (as the yanks incorrectly say), you are struck out!. A bit like that word math!. But lets not go there.
  9. Now come on. You dont know that the brim of a hat is the part that shades you from the sun?. The baseball hat is made with it on the front but some "clever" little guys in the US (of course}, decided that it would be "cool" to turn the hat around. Hey presto we have a new "thing". As an aside, the baseball hat is really a useless bit of headwear. It does nothing to aid in the protection of the head or face. If you live in the skin cancer capitals of the world, you need protection!
  10. She is a stunner, but why oh why do these girls do that desecration with the eyeliner plastered on the outside edge of their eyes?. It looks evil!
  11. I know this sounds stupid in the context of the scenes, but where do you buy those hats with the brim on the back????. I can only find them with it on the front!
  12. Well, the girls in the first and last of the photos would do me just fine!
  13. What shocked me most in that video was the cars actually stopping at a pedestrian crossing!. Maybe it was because of who was crossing?.
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