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  1. I have an attraction for Pocky. Had a chat with her on my visit to WNB. Would have gone with her if I had not already had an arrangement.
  2. Woodie


    No, not if my flight was at 10 am!!!!!. I think if I had waited until 10pm I would have missed it.
  3. By perchance you guys have had your 4th Covid vaccination and it is affecting the brain cells?.
  4. Woodie


    Yep, I queried the 24 hour thing, but they said it was a day thing. So you could test at 8.00am Friday and fly out at 10.00am Saturday, which is what I did
  5. Woodie


    It mentions "either PCR or antigen tests".
  6. Yes, she is one of the better fili girls. I had one as a gf some years ago, ( a nurse). Not good looking as you would expect from a better type of Thai girl, but ok just the same. What she did have was better English and was able to have a conversation which extended way beyond the likes of what she had for dinner etc..
  7. This guy does THE best vlogs. I have always wondered about the relationship between the girl and he. Never seems to be any touchy /feely stuff. In this video at the 6.00 minute part he finds her in another area waving some money around. Intriguing stuff!. I wonder how she earned the money?.
  8. Woodie


    My friend who just happens to be a doctor, left the USA on a trip. He thinks he may have covid and is organizing a PCR test. He plans to return to the States, but is not sure of the rules etc., on re entering. For those who dont have covid and are returning , they must have a negative test result within 1 day prior to returning. Now, if you have recently had covid read this from the CDC. If you recently recovered from COVID-19, you may instead travel with documentation of recovery from COVID-19 (i.e., your positive COVID-19 viral test result on a sample taken no more than 90 days before the flight’s departure from a foreign country and a letter from a licensed healthcare provider or a public health official stating that you were cleared to travel). I know I am thick, but I dont think my friend is. He can't work it out either!!!!. Surely you would have to wait until you test negative and have recovered, and then travel??. Whacky stuff!.
  9. I do like the blondie,( sort of), in the 5th photo. The others, not so much.
  10. Righto Mr Pedantic. I should have added the word "most" in front of farangs. Mostly to do with the body build and face structure.
  11. Dao is a sweet lady She is coping ok after Bretts demise. Such a sad occasion, but onward and up. Visit Zaza's, I am sure you will have a great time. Great girls and they will look after you.
  12. Woodie


    Just received a message from my friend in Shanghai. It includes a video/photos taken from his apartment showing the streets and surrounding area. It is a ghost town!!. Not one person anywhere. God knows how they are getting supplies etc. I wonder if the authorities know that this is being shown?.
  13. Ok, so he is somewhere between a local amatuer newcomer and Lennox Lewis in boxing ability?. I have watched a few of his videos and he sure is different. A bit of a sponge. Entering hotels and resorts etc., for nothing. I guess if he was really switched on he could do contra deals with these establishments. Earn himself a bob or two. That would require a bit of preplanning. Something he does not seem to do. Mostly impromptu stuff. On the plus side the videos are different!.
  14. I think the first two photos show why farangs should never become lb's.
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