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  1. How do you know that there is a little room behind the bar in Emmy's?.
  2. Do we get to play spin the bottle?.
  3. Very rarely gets mentioned on here, for whatever reason. My gf works there and when I visit I get good vibes. Of course I only look at the other girls!. The infamous Miley is there. She is not the same girl who worked at Nidcha Bar where I had no attraction to her. Used to parade up and down in front of the bar trying to entice the guys in. I think she frightened most of them off. Slimmed the arse down and actually has some sexual appeal to me now. Dont know what has happened to Polla apart from her heading home duirng covid. Dont think she is back. Will find out soon when I visit. Mind you, she scared me!. I always thought 69 Bar was good. A good vibe to it. Had a little stunner there too. I think her name was Atom?. Ky is nothing like it as a bar.
  4. Geez, I think I might run with the one in the lime green top. If I collapse after 200 metres she might give me mouth to mouth!. Well heres hoping anyway. Look at that stomach. No Mc Donalds there!.
  5. I always think to myself, Isn't it great that we have different tastes. It's what makes the world go around. Not much in that collection that would make me leave home. It seems Rom that you have a liking for the young boy style. As for Herbert. I would rank him as the best bar owner in Pattaya. Bar none. Oh shit, excuse the pun.
  6. Oh please, you will make yourself out to be a citizen of the US if you try to invent a new term.
  7. It was only the other day that I reminisced about that place. It would have been about 2017 when I took my at the time, fili gf there. Swnging sex chair and all. Certainly a different place. A Thai woman appeared to be running it, (along with an older English guy). As the song says,"Another one bites the dust".
  8. Geez bbg, this will be the second time I have given you accolades. I totally agree about the use of "he". FFS. I have a feeling it is used as a device for stirring.
  9. Lily, who's Lily????. WE all have short memories!. Has not as far as I am aware posted on twitter for some time.
  10. Woodie

    Irish Grill House

    Yes, the CHIPS are there, but the H is missing off the sign. Then again it could be a T missing in which case she would be flying around on a broomstick!.
  11. I have to say it was a great venue 5 years ago. I met my child bride there!.
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