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  1. Try this one. She has amazing eyes! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e7114c604ecf
  2. Woodie

    Stunners 2020

    Hey, come on. I look the same as when I was 18!!!
  3. Yes it has. They were very enjoyable too!!.
  4. Looking at the decor, I think it might be the Now Hotel, which I think is on the corner of Soi 11 or 12 Jomtien Beach. Dont ask me how I know!.
  5. That is sort of scary. Wait until you get to his Bolivian trip and he goes up into the hills to seek out a village. Now that is madness. I don't know the motivation. Stuffed making a video for us to look at. Maybe one day we will not see him again!.
  6. Woodie

    Stunners 2020

    Go along with that. Have never understood the adulation that Lily gets, and especially now with the injections. Must be after the Indian vote!.
  7. Yes, I am expecting requests, and that is to be taken for granted. There is only one I will acknowledge!.
  8. Have just watched those ones in Burma. But the one I have just watched is something else. He meets an old guy living on his own in the area affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. He made 3 videos about this guy, but this is the last one. Well worth watching. If you think you have it tough, watch this, it might make you think again. This guy will die on his own!. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KwFEw1weqI
  9. Yep, those days are gone. I did read the link at the top and realized you were not the writer
  10. I like these two!. https://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/543639/ladyboys-fun/
  11. Mate, I wish you had not steered me to this stuff. I am addicted to it!!. Every night I spend 2 or 3 hours watching it. Trouble is that the videos are not date linked. They jump from one time period to another, but never the less very entertaining. He has some guts wandering into derelict buldings and towns with only a few people in them. As he says, it is often like a scene out of a Mad Max movie!. He is not a lover of dogs as can be seen from his reactions to them. Not that I blame him. Some look a bit unfriendly!. The dereliction is immense. One theme that seems to be common is that a number of the people felt is was better under the old Soviet rule. They felt more connected. It was one big country with a common goal, whatever that might have been. Capitalism, in the smaller states, does not always benefit the whole population despite what we are told.
  12. Wow, that was a long read, but well worth it. A marathon of writing. You brought up one of my pet peeves in modern society. Obesity!. It reminded me of an occurance a few years ago at a sporting event. A guy in his early 20's showed me a book with photos of participants in our sport from around 1950-52.I looked a it for a few minutes and then asked him what he could see that was different about the scenes then to what they would be today. He looked at the book for a while and said,"no I cannot see anything different about the scenes except for the clothing". Yes I said, much more formal then. They were wearing ties etc.. But, I said, the obvious thing is that there is not one fat person there. All what I would call "normal". I felt a little bit embarressed saying it as this guy was not exactly slim!. His reply was, "yes you are right". I class it as a modern day plague and it is getting worse. I was watching a Trump preaching going on the other day when he was stuttering through talking about people ordering food and having it delivered etc.. It appears that a very large percentage of people in the US live on prepped food. They dont cook their own. Therein maybe lays a tale?. It is not only the US. In many countries it is becoming a major problem. I have noticed it in Thailand in the less than 5 years that I have been travelling to the country. School kids are becoming huge and the bar girls are becoming less attractive. To me anyway. I am told that certain races like fat girls so maybe this is some motivation for the girls to put on weight. We are told that this generation of kids could become the first to have a life expectancy less than that of their parents, due to obesity, diabetes etc.. It is mentioned in the above writing about the lack of freedom for kids. Parents always want to know where they are etc.. Get picked up from school in the SUV's etc.. Now in the good old days, I would walk or ride home from school, dump my bag in the house then off to play with the other kids in the street. We would go for miles without our parents worrying about what we were up to. Go home for dinner, then back out again. We were as fit as Mally bulls and not one fatty amongst us. Things are not like they were and never will be. Just a fact of life I guess. I just hope that somehow the obsession with Work Place Health and Safety industry and their clipboards etc., does not take complete control of our lives. Maybe the Corona thing might cut that short anyway. Have a nice day!.
  13. I feel really sorry for her. She is out in the sticks near Khon Kaen and does not have a lot of friends around especially of the tech type.
  14. Yes, my problem too. Can't read Thai. She is not a gf, but I would like to help. She needs it!.
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