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  1. Yes, but I think what is just as important is where bbg and Quinn establish their territory. Whether it is by negotiation with Emmy and the girls or they just do as squatters do and set up their chairs, I am not too sure. I could imagine them even going to the extent of having a red velvet couch. You know, the ones with the buttoned back and arms.
  2. Great news Emmy. I look forward to seeing photos and then visiting. All the best for your new venture.
  3. Isn't funny how all religions have depictions similar to these. Not sure what the reasoning is behind it?. I wonder if the guy being sawed in half survived?.
  4. Have seen the Apeman in a few videos. Always turned them off. Not good to watch. The bald headed one looks like he has been photoshopped. Head is too big for the unusual body shape
  5. Woodie

    Bar Location

    I want to start a survey on the ideal location for a LadyBoy Bar in Pattaya. Please give me your thoughts and the reasons for it. Also whether they should be open fronted or not, and have ST rooms?.
  6. Sounds like it was a good night. Sorry I could not have been there. Can only hope that she starts up again and it turns out even better than Katty Bar!. I am sure most guys on here would wish her well.
  7. I feel really bad about this. It was a bar that you could feel very comfortable in, with no pressure at all. There are a couple of degenerates who habit the place and bring the tone down a bit, but we could excuse those. Nothing stays the same does it?. I think part of its appeal was the location. Out of the way. But I guess that may have been a drawback as far as pulling customers in. Sure enough the regulars know about it, but not passing traffic down Beach Rd. Also the passing foot traffic in Jomtien is not the same as that in parts of Pattaya such as Soi Bukhao, if you know what I mean?. They are not in the main, looking for ladyboys. I really feel for Emmy. With no customers for months and now this. I am guessing the money needed to setup a new bar would be substantial?. Hope she can open a new bar with her present staff and make a go of it. If she has the will to do it?.
  8. Wow, that is sad. I feel bad for Emmy and the girls. With all the shit going on in the last few months, this takes the cake as far as our scene in concerned. Trouble is it could be one of many. I hope not. Lets hope they can get work very soon.
  9. Did the guys give her that name??. Like the photo in the blue bikini.
  10. bbg you could suggest to Emmy that I am willing to be a test case for the girls to try out activities suitable for near the downstairs bar area. Anything they deem usable would be ok with me. I might even have some ideas I could throw around. I would not charge the girls for my services.
  11. How could you partake in a toungy with those on??. Actually, I have been thinking about a similar scenario. What is going to happen when someone like bbg takes Lilly back to the room to look at his etchings?. Is it all done at arms length?.
  12. Woodie

    Airline News

    Read today that the Thai gov is going ahead with plans to upgrade U-Tapao/Pattaya Airport into a major one. Then have train links to Pattaya and Swampy etc. The driver seems to be tourism and also the proximity to Rayong and it's commercial activities.
  13. Woodie


    Couldn't agree more. The most stupid eating utensils ever made. Some people go nuts over them. Made of bamboo because thats what they had. Try cutting a piece of steak with them!!!. You can only use them as a shovel which leads to the bowl up to the mouth thing. Yuk!.
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