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  1. I wasn't going to post on this matter again until I saw this. I was merely making a comment re Roms experiences and stating my own. Lets just move on and please no one follow up with a comment. There can be pleasurable things to comment on, although at the moment it is only those lucky enough to be in the LOS to experience them. As far as Roms categories go it is hard to comment when we have been barred from the country. We will have to leave it to the ones still living there. Good luck on that one.
  2. I have skipped a lot of his videos. Must get back to checking them out. He is good.
  3. True, it is only a forum, but it is the manner they do it in and no communication as to the whys and wherefores. In my case and I am sure others, there were baseless grounds for their actions. But with no access to the mighty leaders it was a done deal. Zip, zero, nil communication on the matter. That is why it offends bbg. Sort of a PY process!.
  4. I suppose with 10 days between, there should be enough time to recover!.
  5. I will be there,(in my dreams)!.
  6. Woodie


    BB, Thanks for those. Quite a collection. Some were excellent, some good and some not so good. Well worth looking at I must say.
  7. Woodie


    BB, I really don't mind if you keep those videos coming. Helps pass the day.
  8. At first I thought you meant a foot, then I realized that it was something a bit further up the body!!!. Mind you, that could be near a foot long as well!!!.
  9. And you know???. I do like the hat. Reminds me of those religious nutters in the States riding on their carts!.
  10. Just get the foreskin removed. Lot easier and better end result. Gee, there might be a pun there?. This should get the discussions going!.
  11. Woodie


    Call me a cynic, but I think it is going to be sometime before governments ease up on restrictions. It seems like they are playing some competition. Lets call it " The longest we can hold out before relaxing things award". I don't know what the prize is. Any guesses?.
  12. I wonder if the last girl wants somewhere to stay until things improve??. Only saying. Actually the first one would do as well!.
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