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  1. Woodie

    Immigration Woes

    Should only take 10 minutes or so for those at the back of the queue!
  2. Sorry seven. Cant agree with you on this one. The girls are great, especially Nana at 3.25 and the one in pink at 4.25, also the one in leopard print, but blade just makes me feel embarressed. I dont think porn companies will be rushing to employ him as a Director. Was wondering if they would need a forklift to get him off the table while doing his demo!. His offsider comes in to help direct at times. Have seen a couple of these before, including one at TJ's, and another in a hotel room. Just about finger down the throat time. He must have some money to splash about. The gi
  3. The one in red in the first photo could fill in a few hours!.
  4. You know what BB. I think you watched those American travelogues they made in the 50's where the final words were," We say good bye to Koh Larn as the sun sets slowly in the west".
  5. I am interested in what topics create the most interest amongst mongers. There seems to be no pattern. It could be how to connect to wifi or who was the best LB in bed. Or which airline served the best food. No logic at all. I have a feeling that the number of replies and likes etc. are generated by the popularity of who made the posting in the first place. Whether that person is a long standing member or has a commercial interest in Pattaya. Due to their not being disclosure of who clicks on the likes etc. there is no way of telling. It seems as if what to me is an interes
  6. She is not too bad in her "naughty' videos either
  7. Nah, more likely one for the cleaner!
  8. As the scene is quiet at the moment it has caused me to ponder on my nearly 5 years of LB involvement. Now things have changed over the last 22 months or so as I have become attached to one beautiful LB and don't involve myself in the variety of LB's available as before. Which got me to thinking. On a rough count, what percentage of your encounters would you class as being a good ROI. I would say that roughly half of my encounters have resulted in the thought as I am leaving their room or them leaving mine, that it was a good ROI. The remainder I would class as being not worth the mo
  9. Well, with not many guys around the banana will have to do!.
  10. Isn't it good that we all have different tastes. Of the two girls mentioned, the one with the thick midsections and legs, and who hogs the camera, actually turns me off, while another girl Nana who stands behind those two does it for me!. But as Jimmy says, it does start late for us. Midnight before it kicks off and seems to have the same starting order.
  11. Geez Nosher, you have aged!!!. And where is the mustache?.
  12. Geez Seven. She is only special in one department!. Otherwise quite scary.
  13. I think you need to apologize to me!!! Was your tongue hanging out while slithering around to see Nam?.
  14. Is that Cobber in the middle of the picture?. Also Nosher seems to be thinking, "I wonder what my straight friends would think of this. Surrounded by great looking LB's and I know not what to do with them?." Also strange looking heads on 4 of these guys!. Only jealous that I cannot be there. I wonder when it will be?.
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