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  1. Ok, I have wondered what became of her. She certainly was the star performer pre covid,(god I hate that term), in Pattaya. Never made me want to give up anything else I was attracted to, but that is just me. I actually befriended a young German guy in a bar and suggested he might like to partake of Lily's services. I took him up to TJ Bar and he duly latched on to her, or she to him, (she likes the younger ones). I took one of my favorites from TJ's, Peach, and we went back to near his hotel. I went off with my "date" and he with Lily. Met him next day to get a report on the nights activities. Surprisingly he said he could not get it up and sent her off!. I did not ask for the sordid details so dont know what happened. She certainly was one of the stars of TJ's.
  2. Woodie


    First time that I have heard of his sexual leanings. I liked the show back in the day.
  3. Each to their own, but I could not complain. There was one there to suit anyone. Dont see how you could not be satisfied with the selection. With boobs, without boobs. Tall ones, shorter ones. Slim ones, not so slim ones.(none you could call fat). The Amazonians like Pat , Kate and Penny. Then the mid sized like Metinee, Susi, Jessie etc. You would have to be a tough marker to not find one to suit your tastes. As to your choices, the first two I would pass on. We are all different.
  4. Only 2 of those that I know of. Stoolpusher is no longer with us,(as noted), and Bumblebee is hard at work back in his homeland. For the others,I could not say.
  5. Made a couple of visits to Delirious. As good as ever with Herbert steering the ship. I must say Chaiyapoon seemed quite busy compared to other spots.
  6. I was fortunate enough to be in contact with those lovelies about 10 days ago. Great nights!. I honestly don't know how I missed not singling Jessie out. Unless she is just photogenic and appears better than in real life?. She is a stunner in the photos. May have been her that gave me a big smile when I walked in, but I made a beeline to my date. The lineup there is spectacular. Rainee I did not miss! Kate is almost too good. Like a model. Bowling I missed out on too. Som, fourth from the right in the purple dress photos is a sex bomb!. She was my parting shot on leaving BKK.
  7. Was a pleasant time catching up with Emmy, Teya and the girls on my trip. Like old times. John and Roger turned up which was good. I took along Dao as she had not seen Emmy for some time. A good night and one I am glad I made happen. Teya was pleasant company too!
  8. Dont really know why I am quoting prices as most of my jollies were with lb's I have known and did not charge as a normal transaction. From what I saw and heard, barfines were around 400-600. Beer 85 to 100. LD's up to 150. ST was around 1300 and LT around 2-2500. I can tell you right now that the lb's are not rolling in the hay. A bit slow is the word around town. Probably some bargains to be had unless the Thai logic kicks in and the girls want to charge more when times are tough!.
  9. Can someone please explain in plain English what Cosplay is???
  10. Not surprising. I saw him in New Bar about 2 weeks ago. He avoided eye contact very well!. Says it all I am afraid.
  11. I am not aware of any that would scratch your eyes out, but then again I have not conversed with all of them. Maybe a majority, but thats all. Too busy buying drinks!.
  12. If you mean getting scammed by taxis as VN bashing. If warnings come from the hotel that I had booked and also the guy I shared the the taxi with well so be it. That was all I stated. Sorry if I did not follow up on the contacts you provided. My short stay did not allow much exploration. The hotel was fine as was its location.
  13. It was me, it was me!. Nothng wrong with Roger. It was the poser Rose who got my hackles up. Thank goodness she is no longer at CIB.
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