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  1. Are these two for real?????? The crackly voices and the use of the word like every second. They are like two 14 year olds like! Geez!!.
  2. Woodie


    Seven, I have stayed out of this debate re covid for some time, but I think this latest posting of yours sums up your's and a lot of other peoples attitude to the virus. Your second paragraph is probably a good example. My Danish doctor friend could not understand Swedens approach to covid and always thought it would backfire. I think it proved to be the case?. There seems to be only a few countries in the world that have what could be classed as a successful approach to the virus, ie. New Zealand, Australia,Taiwan etc. The common theme there is that they are islands, but they a
  3. Not being one of the one nighter types with LB's, preferring to have a long term experience, I am getting more and more frustrated. My long term lb gf is stuck over there and I am stuck here. I cannot travel as our government will not allow us to fly. I talk to her every day but you can imagine how that goes down???. Really cannot see regular flights happening until the end of the year, maybe longer. Where I live the choices are what you would call minimal, zip, zero, in finding a sexual partner. Mrs Palmer and her daughters are getting a good workout!!!!. As for activity o
  4. Sorry, I watched about 20 seconds of that video and had to shut it off. The guy is a creep!
  5. The first thing most expats should do is learn to pronounce Pattaya properly. That would be a good start. Especially when you hear guys like Nick from Assienda Bar say it!.
  6. If it is Miley,I guess it is a girl and by scientific evaluation,ie camel toe (could be post op). Lack of muscle, hands that are not too big etc., I would go with gg. The Miley Cyrus Instagram sort of gives it away, but it could be a trick. By the way have a look at her doing a duet with Ariana Grande, Don't dream its over.. Great version.
  7. Just an update on the TJ's scene. I think most of you know Lily has left and is now training to work in a salon. Another nameless member of the staff is following in her footsteps.
  8. Woodie


    Yes, but they know you as a lost soul and have given up hope!.
  9. Stating whether one thinks someone is ok looking or not is not sexist!. It could relate to a male, female or transexual. That would be PCism taken to extremes!
  10. You mean a medium tipped pen???. You just said I could not write to her. I dont understand why not?.
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