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  1. Will be there Mar 13th,(unlucky for some).
  2. Woodie

    Airline News

    And this after a pilot in the US a few years ago, said he would not fly an Airbus plane as he did not trust all the computerised thingy's
  3. A friend of mine is in BKK now and pissed off about the closure. A short visit and made worse by the closure. It does seem crazy that a country that relies on tourism can close down businesses for those days throughout the year.
  4. Not good Cine was in reference to the treatment on Youtube. And I was asking about the girl at 56 secs!
  5. Not good Cine. Who is the girl at 56 secs?. Asking for a friend.
  6. How come no nipples showing on Mos?. There does not appear to nipple covers being used as in the bottom photo. Is it photoshopped?
  7. You heathen you! I would like to inform you that I wear my 100% copy watch at all times. For a Rolex to be worth $30,000.00 it would have to be something special. A Submariner for example would be about $12,000, if you were willing to wait for a few months. A Daytona maybe a bit more. An AP Royal Oak or Patek would be close to $30,000 for the right model
  8. Are you kidding Pdoggg? What is the world coming to?.
  9. I skipped through and after my picks ,(2,11, and 22 ),were knocked out, lost interest a bit. Dont think the winner was the best there, and certainly #26 who was in the three did not rate. I picked out #11 early on, (and normally I go for taller ones), but she may have been a bit short to win out. None were duds and it is all personal taste. ps just realized that there is something about the 3 numbers I picked out. Maybe an association?.
  10. Yep, and 3 and 5 are Aemy. Nice girl when I knew her a few years ago. Maybe toughened up a bit now. Her and Lily did a few videos together. Both Cambodians.
  11. I think most modern Christians are modifying their belief to fit in a bit better with what science is trying to tell them. Although I dont think it needs a degree from Oxford or Stanford to work it out.
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