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  1. Woodie

    Boob Job

    Well here is the finished result. I can tell you that they look even better with out the covering dress. She is so happy with the result and so she should be. Everything is in the proper place. Not one pointing west and the other north and no huge gap in the middle that you could drive a Mack truck down!. The doc has earned his money.
  2. You will be pleased to know that the aforesaid gentleman is at this moment being processed through Thai Customs. Probably being interviewed due to his suspicious behaviour. He then has a 2 hour drive to be met by his loved one. I am not sure you are aware of his "special" relationship?. I was reminded of it every day!!!. Anyway, all the best to the happy couple. I wish them the best.
  3. Geez mate, just go, get out of here!!!.
  4. The last two shots show a contrast in boob jobs. One deserves a refund, the other plaudits!.
  5. I gave a like for one photo but did not on the last one. Once again we have the phantom girl. Come on everybody, guess who it is?. The best are when a photo is posted of maybe 2 or 3 girls and the comment below says something like; Atom having a great time. OK, which one is Atom???. Maybe a simple; Atom in the red top. Yes I know I am being pedantic!!!!!. I do appreciate the photos. It just makes it annoying when you cannot put a name to the face or cock!.
  6. Even though I'm very much a loner, I'm not sure if I would want to be the only farang in the village, the village idiot so to speak. Should be quite an interesting experience! Hey, you worked hard all your life so time to enjoy life when you are not busy with farming! Knowing him as I do, the label of village idiot fits very well. I am sure he will play the part very well. Have been telling him to start learning Thai for the last 6 months. I think he can say Krap?.
  7. Yes, but you and your lady are "special". You have an extra special relationship. Haha. Good luck trying to find a horse to shoe!. I can see you in the village on your noisy Harley waking up all the locals. On second thoughts, it may be a Honda 125cc.
  8. Were they in TJs then?.
  9. for (I also don't remember her name; I call her The Lady in Red). If its the one I am thinking of, yes I agree. Wish you had not used the Lily name in comparison, there are many as good, if not better. She just has the reputation. But I know what you mean.
  10. Knowing her, very little!.
  11. I am sorry Bumblebeeeeeee. You have failed in your duty. As I am hopefully on the road to recovery with my loved one, you posting these photos of Ammy is not helping at all!. Great shots but just revives memories. Look at the ass in the last shot!. Oh my giddee aunt!.
  12. I cant really fault Chaiyapooon Inn. Stayed there many times. No lift, but that just gets the blood moving, plus you get the benefit of following the prize up the stairs and getting a great view!.
  13. By the fact that my relationship may be on the path to recovery I will abstain from making judgement on the above photos, except to say there are a couple of hotties amongst them!. Stooly has told me I must refrain from looking in other directions. Just straight ahead!!!.
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