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  1. I could listen to the Scottie guy. Preferably 100% of the video!.
  2. I think you look really cute in the red wrap. The hairy arms are a bit of a giveaway though!.
  3. An interesting observation to me, is that very rarely do you see any mention of Fantasy Bar in comments or videos. It seems to be have an info blockout.
  4. Not trying to thread steal but watching this video reminded me of one of my first visits to Pattaya and I booked into a very nice hotel in the back streets of South Pattaya. Le Viman Resort. Went there with the lb who I posted a photo of a week or so ago. There is another story!. What struck me was the area around the hotel. A number of good looking houses surrounded by crap. Rubbish tips, long grass etc..There was not a consistent appearance to the area. It was one of my early trips to LOS, and soon learnt to accept it. I guess there are no council rules to observe!. Maybe thats what makes Pattaya what it is. I would not want a sterile modern town.
  5. Woodie

    Airline News

    Very very funny. The real Jeanine is one piece of work!.
  6. Woodie

    Airline News

    Imagine living with that woman, it would do your head in!.
  7. A GG in TJ Bar???> Hear Ye Hear Ye, the end of the World is nigh!!!!!!!.
  8. I was hoping he would start a topic re watches as he had on the other forum. It is one of my interests as well. Seeing the photo of New behind the bar reminded me of it. All the oversize Rolex's telling the time around the World.
  9. I think there was good evidence as to why we follow lb's. Apart from a couple of girls at 10.21, there was not much to see. I must admit I do find it hard to watch his videos.
  10. Damn, I thought you might be talking about the real Peach from TJ's. She is nowhere to be seen or heard of these days. Does anyone know of her whereabouts?. Last time I heard of her before the bloody c----d thing was that she was in a cabaret thing. Was on her FB page. Since then nothing. A great girl with some qualities that SOME superstars don't have. She was another casualty from the activities of Big Chief Sitting Bull. Here is a photo of her. A nice girl.
  11. God, If John heard that he would get right back in his microlight and fly out to sea again!!!.
  12. I am glad he could afford a razor at last.
  13. If Country music was playing, I doubt whether anyone would come within 100 meters of the venue!. That is a sure fire way of eliminating any prospective customers.
  14. I know I am thick, but no wiser from the clue you posted.
  15. Mmmm, maybe the girl that went to work in Seven Eleven, then the Middle East. Maybe???
  16. They really are something to behold. They need tourists, so what do they do?, put a tax on them. You could laugh about it if it wasn't so stupid!. It is not the amount. If they were serious it should be 1000b.
  17. Well, what a shock. Episode 4 where they interviewed Katie. A lb I know very well. She is not P4P. A great girl who works hard but has been treated badly by Covid. She has taken on jobs only to be brought down by the side effects of this disease. Killing off the jobs that she has taken on. Still battles on. A great girl. One of the hardest workers I have known. Likes her coffee! I should add that these days, she is a good friend, that is all. We met 6 years ago. First LB I ever met. Made a huge impression on me.
  18. A doctor came on the news here describing how a swab should be taken. You dont jab the bloody thing right up to the bridge of your nose. You point it to the back of the nose and you will feel an opening. If done correctly there is almost no sensation. On reflection, that brings back memories!!.
  19. Good to see you here Aitch. I was another evacuee from that forum. I think TJ's will be a different scene once things get rolling. Without Lily there and a couple of others, it is much more of a level playing field. Things won't start playing out I guess until a larger number of BM's return to Pattaya. It will be an interesting few months waiting to see what develops. Who knows, with Walking St not back to it's previous status with the activity we associate with it, and this will move to Soi Bukhao, Soi Pothole, Treetown etc, with maybe Soi 18 Naklua becoming more popular?. Previously a lot of guys looked on the trek up to TJ's as being a long one. It didn't bother me as it was a great bar to visit.
  20. I have a gut feeling that she may be even better in the flesh than what she is in the photos.
  21. I know where I would like to right now under the circumstances, and it aint Old Blighty or Thailand. Although when this shit blows over Thailand would be umero uno.
  22. A little bit of a contradictory video. One minute he says the bars that are open are crowded,( which to me does not appear to be the case), then saying it is dead. That is Pattire. I must visit that place one day. Sounds interesting. Might be a good option instead of Pattaya.
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