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  1. Judging from what you are saying, your comments refer only to Thailand and it does not happen in other countries,correct?. I would beg to differ. Sure there are some falangs who have been duped, but that happens everywhere. I would love to move to Thailand but with the rules as they are, and my work situation, it would be very difficult. With the average length of marriages in the western world not lasting longer than an icecream in the desert, then the wife, who is usually the lesser contributer, gets half and walks away. How is that different to the Thai girl situation. A major problem in Thailand is that the falang cannot own land. Has to be in the Thais name. If a guy is that naive and cannot see what is happening, then that is very bad luck!. It sounds to me Rom, that you have experience in this matter. It seems to show through in your comments.
  2. Posted 18 hours ago Given the choice, a beautiful young Thai GG or LB would choose a twentysomething guy with KPop good looks who drives a Ferrari and is hung like a Brazilian travesti instead of a LBR member. pdogg, you state the above line then add that the Thais should target the Chinese. Quite a contradiction!!!!
  3. We all have different tastes as far as what makes a great city. I have visited 5 on that list. All have their good points but also bad ones. I slagged off the UK and have been there many times. I would avoid most of their cities, BUT, would certainly have no qualms about living in the country side in the UK. There are some great spots. Still does not totally nullify my previous comments re food and women. But those could relate to most westernized countries these days!.
  4. Rom, sorry the first "we" was referring to the Thai authorities. You are saying that the Thais will price goods and services aimed at tourists specifically to deter the less wealthy tourist and concentrate on the wealthy ones. Well good luck to them on that one!. A countries wealth is dependent on a lot of things, but with Thailand they have what appears to be an even more stratified economy than most. A very rich top layer whose number is very small, and a very poor remainder. Doubt whether your theory would apply to them. The wealthy as in most countries ,want to keep the poor very poor. Scared maybe as to what a more wealthy and educated lower class could do to their standing. What you are suggesting would not help their cause. If a meal costs 100b but is then increased to 300 baht, where does the 200 baht go to?. By the way, you are welcome to pay the 300 baht for your meal, but if you are dining in the Hilton you would be paying more than that anyway!. If as it should, their currency falls to a level that it should be at, around 35 to 38 b to the USD, that may stir up the populace (who I feel sorry for), as it would lead to an increase in inflation, but it would help stimulate tourism when the borders open. If anyone on here can explain the level of the baht, please fire away. It is almost the 8th wonder of the world!. Just on a side note. I find that what appears to be a very low priority in Thailand in the teaching of English to a degree that would allow the young ones from Isaan etc., to be involved in tourism, very puzzling. The times where I have had trouble communicating with hotel staff is too many to be acceptable. Yes I know some of you would say why only English?. It just happens to be the almost universal language when travelling.
  5. Seven, you were joking re the North of England? Food; soggy chips and bangers. Weather ; rain with short periods of milky sunshine. Beautiful women; those ten ton hunks of lard rolling out of the pubs at closing time!. Wow!.
  6. "but you would spread your wealth much faster if you paid 300 baht every meal," A rather strange comment to make. So we cherry pick which items we pay western world prices for?. I would have thought that meal prices are established in the same way that prices are established in most places. That is; cost of materials and labour, plus margin plus profit margin and be in competition with other suppliers. Is that correct? Not based on what a similar item might might sell for in the EU or the US. In most countrties petrol is much more expensive than it the US for example, partly due to taxes and other expenses. Petrol is way more expensive in Thailand than the US. Let the Thai government drop the price. That will get them a leg up!.
  7. By my estimation there are not enough workmen leaning on shovels!. Any council workers I see are wearing off the top of the shovels.
  8. I can only recognize a couple of the girls. Maybe its because they have clothes on?.
  9. Yes it does in a way. But!. The story is very similar to one a girl I know who had to make the trip back to Isaan a few months ago. She has had enough and headed back to Pattaya last night. Could not stand the boredom and lack of money. Her friends tell her that there is some work back at the bar. Only time will tell if she has done the right thing. Just hope that in 3 or 4 weeks time that she is not heading back to Isaan.
  10. As an addendum to this piece of peotry. If this scenario came to pass No way would you guys see Sophias ass We would be on the street Until the battle was complete Once it was over and Sunny was in her designated place And Emmy had cleaned up the targets face We would resume our seats And make comments on those amazing feats. Oh to return to those glory days That have nearly disappeared in a haze. Who knows when we can return to the scene I hope it is soon before I become a hasbeen Soph and I talk every day and sometimes reminisce And dream of when we can do more than blow a kiss
  11. I love studying human behaviour and at 6.20 you can see the girl in white enjoying the exchange then realizes that the girl in black and white is doing better with the guy. Note the change in facial expression. She admits defeat and lets the other girl negotiate. That is my assumption!. I did mention the other day about watching a video, of the choice us males make in choosing a partner for the night. Two girls who looked about the same rating on the 0-10 scale, standing together. Of the 6 or 7 guys who approached them, they all went went for one girl only, the other was bypassed. By the way none of the guys were successful in negotiation. She must have wanted too much!. On my scale she was only about a 7!.
  12. Who would you believe as to what the best vaccines are?.
  13. Yes, a massive portion of the world using an illogical system, not!. Dont get me started on the spelling they use. Webster has a lot to answer to!. To be fair, some are logical, but not English!!.
  14. I know, I know. Just seeing if anybody was observant enough to spot the stupid US way of writing dates !.
  15. She is a bit thick. She thinks there are 16 months in a year!
  16. Now that is nice , really nice!. Also takes the mind off the bickering.
  17. When I was boy, I would say 90% of the guys had it done. Very rare to see the flappy skin. Problem in the Phillippines is that they do it with a blunt axe!!!. Leaves them with the old turtle neck. My mate had it done in his late 20's!. Think his wife pressured him.
  18. One of my better memories. JoJo. Think that might be her at 3.32 in the white dress. She made up for the nightmares at Obsessions!.
  19. Yes, you learn early on the the lines on the road are a waste of space.
  20. Very true. The Aussie dollar goes up and down on the whims and other influences, such as money manipulators. That is the point, the baht does not seem to.
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