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  1. Thank F**K the gov have come to their sences and from tomorrow night we can open the bar AGAIN , So from 4pm till 11pm the bar will be open, for people who know how we operate expect a few lockin's with the girls , who cannot wait to get their dirty hands on some naughty guys.  For the guys in town come down and join in the fun.
  2. Last night's fun, all the girls are wishing you all a great new year and want you all to be safe.
  3. It will another night of fun.
  4. A few photo's from last night from what I remember.
  5. It was Lukpla's birthday yesterday some pictures from the evening.
  6. A couple of random photo's just to keep the thread alive , I dare say there will be some moments over the weekend as we have a few people in town.
  7. A few shots of the girls after our win at pool against the Sportman pool team, unusual as it may sound the worst player of the night was ME
  8. i would post the pictures but I keep getting this error
  9. Acouple of video's from my birthday photo's will follow shortly
  10. Hoping all that can make it will come a join in the party.
  11. Well Saturday night was a great successwith the Million ways to die party along with Catty and VR's birthday, all the girls and customers alike having a great laugh , the girls were really creative I especially loved lukpla's costume but in the end it was Momay that won the evening, and a big thankyou again to marksussex for donating the prize money and another big thankyou to steveindubai and Marcel for ringing the bell from overseas. The winner
  12. Many thanks to the kind customer from Marksussex in the UK for sending prize money for The million ways to DIE fancy dress party on the 31st October , you are a very generous man , this has really put the cat among the pigeons with the girls they are all trying to win.
  13. Catty up to her usual tricks No underwear.
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