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  1. A few pictures from last night. A visit from Patty meant that she had to drink the Why Not Cock (tail) Annie Catty Donut Lukpla VR VR , Lukpla & Annie Donut,Lukpla,Annie ,Momay ,Ping ,VR,Catty. Tina, Cream & Clara
  2. It was a S**Thole of a bar complete with rats that no one cared that they were running around the bar, so we gutted it and started again.
  3. I have been asked by Stoolpusher to start posting again on this Forum I stopped posting as I did not see much people coming from this forum to the bar , but this is now a new bar much bigger and better. These photo's are from the opening night hope you all like the look of the New Place I have over 700 pictures from the evening many bars from pattaya were in attendance for the Grand Opening
  4. WTF i thought i was going to have an early night for a change then at about 1.30am, 360 , Youngeone and Alex turn up followed about an hour later by smithy then all hell broke out there was cocks everywhere and asses to be spanked , needless to say the wife was watching me like a hawk so i was the spare prick in the room lol. but from quiet to full on took less than 20 minutes, personally I blame Youngone everytime he comes to the bar he has this effect on the girls. Nice photo of the Big Boss and Oum and another of 360 , me and the Big Boss then all hell broke out, my m
  5. The drop inn or henry's they are 20 meters from the bar, look on agoda or booking.com
  6. Many thanks to Chefkoch and 360 for making a sunday night a special evening , sorry 360 but you trying to do an ASS SPLITTER JONES has to be published.
  7. Many thanks to all the new and old customers this week and special thanks to ASJ and kiwiboy , ASJ was up to his usual tricks in the bar but thankfully he managed to keep is clothes on this time and he did tell me he had a lot of fun in the loom with Annie and Lukpla he was in Femboy heaven lol. ASJ Kiwiboy Annie & Lukpla
  8. Yes we will be showing the final
  9. FIFA World Cup will be shown at Why Not Bar, so Why Not come down and help the girls support the teams. No Hiked up prices for drinks and BF's at the bar , because the football is free to air in Thailand. All Big matches will be covered, if you want to see the lesser matches let us know and we will change the channel. The Girls in their outfits Annie, Catty & Bee Cream, Pay & Bo Ice & Nana Joy & May May, Amy & Joy Tina & Popcorn Team Why Not
  10. Well with keeping with our theme of having NEW Thai girls rather than the Laos girls that are flooding the market of late ( not to say we do not have a few that come to the bar as freelance ) we take the pleasure of presenting Lukpla. I dare say that name will change in the next few weeks , and she is a beauty, for the femboy lovers among you , in person she is very very very passable , even Nam and I were not sure. And i am sure it will not be long before she gets the bolt-on's done, so if you want to experience PRE bolt-ons you better rush
  11. Hope you are feeling better and continue to recover, we we all very shocked when the owner of henry's came to tell us what happened, but he did not give us any info where you were . you should post the photo's from your camera as that was the main camera being used that night by the girls and you. get better soon , and see you next time
  12. It was great to finally meet TEXASMAC and true to his word he rang the bell and did it quite a few times, and he was not camera shy, he did have a thing for Barry White song , but hey my music taste is even worse lol. So from the Big Boss and the girls thankyou, and i hope you like my special bottle of bourbon.
  13. We had a couple of very special visitor's this weekend Thippy & Mey, for those that want to follow Thippy please visit www.thippy69.com , needless to say there was a few sore heads the next day.
  14. And please notice i have posted these photo's the next day lol.
  15. A few more from last night from the wifes phone, sorry we did not take the camera to the bar last night as we were not expecting it to get crazy, see you can never tell what will happen!!!!
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