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  1. Have a great birthday party Emmy, I hope there will be a good turnout of friends for it.
  2. If you mean this one Boot, she is Jinny. Hope you had a good trip to Patts, it’s been a while.
  3. bumblebee

    Heat Wave

    That Silver Dollar Bar wouldn’t look out of place in Pattaya from the looks of it. Now if we had those beer prices in Los it would certainly take the sting out of the dreadful exchange rate. Good reporting Duke.
  4. Thanks for the updates QG, looking forward to hitting the place again come November.
  5. Just reading this now. It’s my home town and at the time locals were scratching theirs heads who this company is. Never heard of them as undertakers.
  6. Also good to see representatives of both police forces on the island marching together for the first time.
  7. bumblebee

    Heat Wave

    Fortunately being an island we don’t get the same high temperatures as the mainland. My brother is down Spain way this week and he experienced 43 degrees Celsius (109 Fahrenheit) yesterday.
  8. Some of the scenes from today’s pride in Dublin. My the years are flying by.
  9. Think Lilly is the only lb there from what I can see on their posts.
  10. With the weather we are having just now.
  11. An interview with Lily in Hangover Lounge.
  12. I can just picture the look on your face :). Catch you in TJs for a beer later in the year hopefully.
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