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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated Aitch. Roll on November :)
  2. I’m sure this reminds some of you gents of Soi 6/1 ;)
  3. Not at our age alas Good to see you are doing what you do best Rom, enjoy your trip.
  4. bumblebee


    Same here Seven, the only place masks are required are in hospitals and medical practices. When I read what Woodie posted about Shanghai above it seems like a world away from where we are today concerning Covid.
  5. Not sure if Em took them or perhaps Sonya, they look like the colours she uses. I presume you saw the snapper :)
  6. As Aitch said, yes it is. It has some great editing features which are easy enough to use.
  7. Ah I forgot to mention, to save the photo just click the bottom right and then chose Save a Copy. The edited photo should then appear beside the original in the folder you selected it from. ( Again that’s how it works on an iPad anyway) It may look slightly different on a PC, Smartphone etc.
  8. There is a lot to miss in a way ;)
  9. Should be a great night, have fun all who can attend.
  10. I guess having the corner bar gives more flexibility for outdoor seating without much obstructing. Two poles means two cameras I fear lol.
  11. Top notch stuff Aitch, can’t wait to get back and join in the fun of it all.
  12. The Sunday papers never were this good, cheers Aitch. Trying to figure out from the photos, how does the layout compare in size to the old venue? Also the podium looks lower, which will be helpful with photos in some ways.
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