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  1. Some very nice shots there Snoop. Now you have me regretting not traveling as much in the region when I had the opportunity. Alas the Missus has an aversion to visiting neighbouring countries there for some Thai reason
  2. I have often said to myself and others on particular occasions in Los “Where did it all go right?” One such time that always springs to mind was when a group of us ended up spending a Sunday morning canoeing along a river with the staff of Ezy bar. 4 regular blokes from various corners of the world crammed into small rafts with about 20 transsexuals. And it all felt so perfectly normal....:)
  3. BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand's cabinet approved a civil partnership bill on Wednesday that would recognise same-sex unions with almost the same legal rights as married couples, in one of the most liberal moves yet for a largely conservative nation known for its tolerance. cont......
  4. The new bar looks like an upgrade on the old one, with more space while maintaining the same chilled atmosphere. Excellent!
  5. Great to see the new venue up and running so quickly after the news of the demise of the old premises. All the best to Emmy and the gang in this new venture.
  6. I was always impressed with the location of Koyo 7 (think that’s what it was called) above the bar complex before entering Walking St. Great to able to sit upon a high and watch the crazy world of Pattaya go by after a stroll along Beach Road.
  7. How the time has flown. Good to see you back amongst us JaiDee and a reunion is long overdue.
  8. Never met them as far as I know, but those photos particularly of the Apeman being back memories of early days checking out lb porn on the net. Seeing the photo with S in it made me laugh as it reminded me of the story of how she stole some guy’s bag of golf clubs and tried to sell them on Beach road.
  9. The end of an era sadly. Had some of my favourite nights on my last two trips in the place, here is hoping Emmy and the gang can come up with a Katty 2 at some stage in the near future.
  10. What, jealous of having a full ladyboy bar almost to yourself when you could be enjoying the cracking summer we are having here at home.
  11. Have a good one GT, looks as miserable weather wise there as it has been here for the past week. Summer eh...
  12. And of course Teya back doing what she does best.
  13. The bar is back open tonight, looks a bit quiet but the visors look hot in their own strange way.
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