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  1. You can always post it here if you feel comfortable about that Don.
  2. Have fun Donster, will you be around later in the year also?
  3. Yea I noticed that update this morning, looks like yesterday’s report was off the mark a tad. But like you say a significant move none the less.
  4. Amber Rudd has now given Boris the hair flick and walked away both from the cabinet and the Tory party. Interesting times indeed. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/uk/brexit-amber-rudd-quits-johnson-s-cabinet-and-tory-party-in-protest-1.4011313
  5. Could that be Dirty Mike in this clip?
  6. Here is hoping that rain doesn’t drag on too much longer into the year.
  7. I have noticed Thais can be quite direct at times, and maybe she is just joking but doesn’t realize how it sounds to a farang.
  8. If she is involved and is running it in some way, along with an investment, she has come a long way from selling bugs on a cart on Khao San Road 15 odd years ago.
  9. Good location between the Baby Boom / Surprise Yourself bar area and Action St. The bar always look fairly dead any time I passed it, but that’s all about to change no doubt.
  10. There was never really a focal event every night, from what I saw on my various visits was some of the girls would get up on the podium and do a bit of a routine from time to time over the course of a night. Hopefully now that Em has seen how it works the raunchy routines will continue.
  11. Jimbo, with his photos, certainly brought the bar to the attention of punters who otherwise may not have made the effort to go up to Naklua. I wonder, now that the bar has a bigger profile since Jimbo arrived, will it carry on as it is customer wise or will it be a case of out of sight out of mind, now that the almost daily feed of exposure will inevitably dry up or at best become just a trickle. Either way I’ll no doubt be there with a couple of you gents some time come November.
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