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  1. But can you be sure it’s her’s ;)
  2. I think he mentioned his roots came from down south in Cork, so you can’t pin it on him this time alas:)
  3. Was familiar with her, thanks for the pointer Grunt. Emigration and missing home is a strong theme in many of the ballads that make up a section of Irish trad music. This is one of my favourites, Spancil Hill (also in Co. Clare) about an a man who settles in California and dreams about home. Christy Moore gives some background to it in the intro. The west of Ireland in particular was hit hard by emigration over the past 200 years or so for various reasons.
  4. This is a popular tune, often sung at a gathering, when people are feeling reflective after a few shandies.
  5. All looking great in Jomtien Emmy. Thanks for the photos to remind us of the good times there.
  6. Certainly a novel idea for a thread Grunt. I enjoy a lot of this music on certain occasions, songs about everyday struggles and life in general. The Liberties mentioned in the song is an area of Dublin that was outside the city walls, and the folk living there were free from paying taxes, hence the name of the place. The Guinness centre is located nearby also. Here is a wonderful version of The Auld Triangle recorded in the Royal Albert Hall of all places :) The eagled eyed among you may have spotted a sign for an Irish bar on Second Road at the Made in Thailand complex called The Old ThaiAngle, not sure if it’s still there mind.
  7. You are not wrong there Fenton. As I posted here at the time when I broke my arm in Pattaya, having good insurance and the service I received, both from the hospital and the insurance company back in Ireland, along with the support of friends on the ground, gave me great peace of mind at that stressful time. If I hadn’t had cover it would have set me back about €10,000, ouch.
  8. The poor girl is naked at home today if anyone is around Naklua and wants to donate some garments :)
  9. Lily struggling to hide her morning glory before some exercise:)
  10. A possible work around might be to fly back into Ireland from Thailand, stay overnight in Dublin and take a cheap Ryanair flight to the UK. Of course the list of countries might change while one is in Thailand, but at the moment it’s quite short with no Asian counties on it.
  11. Something peachy for the weekend sir :)
  12. Good result Cobber on getting the Pfizer. Well worth holding out for indeed.
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