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  1. Looking for to your musings on both Katty bar and TJs.
  2. My brother just realised this morning he didn’t get a departure card when he arrived last Wednesday. Potential problem when finally leaving, checking in to other guests houses etc? and if so could he just go to Jomtien immigration and report it and they could give him one?
  3. Maybe it was a Welsh accent you were using. Some I know have commented over the years that when they try one they tend to slip into the other. I find it the same with a Northern Ireland and Scottish accents, they tend to merge half way thro’ a sentence. Anyway back to the reporting... :)
  4. Can’t get enough this place at the moment, and why not when it’s so much fun up there.
  5. This is the one you are referring to I think Woodie.
  6. Teya was actually dressed like that when we arrived. I said you look ready for photos and she replied, “no I’m shy”. ...bollocks lol.
  7. Teya and Sunny keeping us entertained as usual on our regular Monday night visit to the bar.
  8. It was getting on and we had just check binned and were good to go when a Liverpool supporter celebration the match earlier rang the bell. The girls said it’s only for beer, we weren’t arguing.
  9. The thing about TJs is you think it’s winding down, getting quiet late into the night and then suddenly it all kicks off again with one or more of the girls hitting the podium.
  10. More fun and frolics up in the bar last night. What was supposed to be a quiet, early one, went on till last 3 am. Fortunately it’s my friend, not me, catching a flight later...ouch!
  11. My mate was curious to see if Tiger would be there last night after he heard her reports. Maybe fortunately for him she wasn’t about, he has a long flight tomorrow and sitting comfortably may have been an issue :)
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