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  1. Anyone fancy a free flight to Mexico :) (it’s gotta be warmer than Wales this time of year)
  2. Thanks for the updates Papa Sam. Not had a night out in Bangers for perhaps 10 years or so now, but the images bring back happy memories of when I spent many, many fun weekend nights in the area in a different life.
  3. Wonder will he miss this sort of thing :)
  4. Why am I not surprised;)
  5. Even the owner is drooling ;)
  6. Sounds like a fair deal, I’ve always had a thing for edgy looking girls.
  7. Well spotted Woodie, she didn’t register the first time I saw it.
  8. Lily and friend in a sauna. This ain’t gonna help some of you with the Los blues.
  9. Ah yes, when I zoom in I can see it’s not actually Alis now. Similar hair style from that time and of course packing also.
  10. 16 then ;) Some well known faces and other bits from the early days indeed. Alis in particular stands out, quite literally, in the middle of the bottom row.
  11. She now needs help in the gym. Any personal trainers about ?
  12. Yes indeed, what would you do for 24 hours. Answers on a postcard ;)
  13. That won’t get you off the hook ;)
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