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  1. It’s in a parallel Universe ;)
  2. A further helpful update from our friend.
  3. Ah man, that must be over 10 years ago now, in the original BB location if I am not mistaken. Not sure myself which of us took those shots, good times indeed.
  4. I wonder with things getting back to normal and the traditional high season not too far away will she up her game and recruit some fresh new talent. Still looking forward to chilling out there under the stars some night in the coming months for old times sake, looks like there won’t be an issue finding a free table judging from the above photos.
  5. According to Earn, she gets the info on some Thai sites, and from what I have heard recently also, the situation is back to pre Covid times now. So you don’t have to show a negative test before flying if you aren’t vaccinated. But if you are vaccinated it is always an advantage in case the situation changes suddenly of course:)
  6. His follow up video to the above.
  7. I always enjoyed that style, weather it be reading a report or even doing one myself. Reflecting on how I felt and what I observed at various moments on a trip. Keep it coming Rom :)
  8. Man that looks good. Looking forward to checking it out in a couple of months :)
  9. Naomi wants a cum slut, form an orderly line gents;)
  10. Sounds like a good option when I’m in the area this coming trip.
  11. Good times in Jomtien. Thanks for the pics Emmy
  12. Hard to believe another year has passed so quickly it seems.
  13. A fine selection of photos there Poesface, thanks for sharing
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