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  1. Yep, once it is set to a particular colour simulation it can take photos and videos. There is a slo mo setting which can look very cinematic.
  2. I’m happy enough with these shoots straight out of camera, no editing. Nice rich blacks and glowing whites.
  3. Trying out the monochrome on the camera tonight. Just some scenes around the block, always feel awkward trying to get that candid shot.
  4. Cheers QG, I must clarify I didn’t take the room photos of Sara.
  5. The last two times I flew out with Etihad the check in staff have asked me if I had a visa once they saw how I was planning to be away. Two years again when I was going for just under a month there were no questions asked.
  6. Man they just look like trouble. Always extra careful when passing the ones with the snake eyes.
  7. She does a appear in some photos I took last Monday or so. Just pot luck who is there really. Exactly, she wasn’t there while we were in the bar on Saturday night.
  8. It’s opposite the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. Quite an impressive looking complex.
  9. I presume that is the general you and not innocent me in particular.
  10. Lol, there seems to be much more of them around this trip compared to last year. Some more random shots, including the location of the old Triple X bar.
  11. We need proof she actually managed to sit on it :)
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