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  1. A real stunner I stumbled upon on Twitter recently @yoanaputri65
  2. Lol, it was always a good day out the few times I managed to be in town mid March.
  3. Thanks for the updates Herberth, they bring back memories of good times. Hope all is good with you, till the next time
  4. Great selection of girls on your team there Ladyboys in Thailand
  5. Think she used to work in that French owed ladyboy bar opposite La Bamba years ago, the one with the short time rooms upstairs. Had blonde hair and a different name. Cool girl.
  6. She is quite cute indeed, ah if I was single again…
  7. Memie always wears hot costumes from what I see on Twitter 100% :)
  8. Another Twitter girl with that similar look, and it’s a great look. A sorta 50s movie star look to some extent. CLAASY MAUDY ALLISYA SHEMALE || 081218858191 @ShemaleShema1
  9. When you look very racist. Very funny observations, could be one of many inhabitants of Soi Buakhao, maybe we shouldn’t judge them on appearance alone then :)
  10. Always good to read about places off the beaten track. My only LB encounters in Malaysia were in Georgetown, Penang many moons ago. Thanks for the info PG.
  11. Saw Nancy a few times around Pattaya on my last trip. She can sometimes been seen in the Rompho area of Jomtien, in Ray bar.
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