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  1. Brilliant, vibrant colors in those paintings Sustra. Nice way to while away the time while waiting to go on your travels again.
  2. Spot on Seven, from the house types found in Bengal.
  3. Good guess but alas not the correct one. You are correct it is an Asian word, a clue is in the sound of the word. An area in an Asia country.
  4. In which country did the word bungalow originate?
  5. Is that in the Rompho area Sustra?
  6. Outside a shop in Cork.
  7. Think I took a wrong turn one night and found myself passing that place around the time of the show. Looks like a decent option for a stop off. Thanks for the posts Sustra, always enjoy my times in Jomtien.
  8. And that would only be the start of the night lol.
  9. Well if you are back at the end of the year we may well be able to have a beer or many in the bar. :)
  10. Looking forward to plonking my old ass in one of those seats come winter again. Have a beer for all of us Sustra and enjoy your time there.
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