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  1. Lots of outdoor seating space is always a winner in my books.
  2. And some ladyboys also alas:(
  3. There is a guy I know in my home town, and apparently his wife is jealous when he talks to Alexa…..and she isn’t even a Thai :)
  4. All the best with the move Emmy, looks like a good location for sure
  5. All the best with the new bar location Emmy :)
  6. Might be of interest for anyone in the London area next week
  7. First time I have ever seen a ladyboy, or GG for that matter, going by the name Pumpui. She doesn’t in any way look overweight :)
  8. I have noticed quite a few of these Chinese sissies on Twitter over the years. Definitely the cock cage seems to be a requirement. Quite hot in a way, wouldn’t it be interesting to see a podium full of ladyboys wearing them :)
  9. We had a couple of fun Saturday nights in the place for sure. Thanks for the update Herberth, hope all is well with you and the gang:)
  10. It’s the star formation on the flags of Australia and New Zealand also I believe. Interestingly Crux is a Latin word as the formation was known to the ancient cultures of the Northern Hemisphere. Only found out this myself during the week, nice bit of trivia that may come in handy in a quiz some night :) The bright stars in Crux were known to the Ancient Greeks, where Ptolemy regarded them as part of the constellation Centaurus.[1][2] They were entirely visible as far north as Britain in the fourth millennium BC. However, the precession of the equinoxes gradually lowered the stars below the European horizon, and they were eventually forgotten by the inhabitants of northern latitudes.[3] By 400 CE, the stars in the constellation now called Crux never rose above the horizon throughout most of Europe.
  11. Stumbled upon this old favourite again on YouTube recently after not hearing it for so long. Added it straight to my Spotify. Wonderful!
  12. She is looking quite horny on FB this evening ;)
  13. Interesting interview, Pentire came to mind for some reason :)
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