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  1. A sneaky wank in the car park.
  2. My camera is winging its way to you as I type BBG. With a bit of practice between now and the event you may well just be a dark horse contender for photographer of the year........and you actually post here .
  3. Seven makes a valid point. Most of those names are unknown over here, I haven’t been on there since I got home in early February so I don’t feel qualified to comment and rate people I am not familiar with bar the odd few.
  4. Another item from the smorgasbord that is the tranny world.
  5. Another flavour ! Ya gotta love the wink at the end...
  6. We try to cater for all tastes here Woodie :)
  7. Talking of coming, check this out :)
  8. She used said instrument to stir a friend’s drink in front of me one balmy night last winter....your honour:)
  9. Is this similar to the place that is/ was on one of the sois off Thep Praha road many years back? I heard some interesting first hand reports from that place :)
  10. And now for something a little bit less intimidating:)
  11. That’s about it, features closer to the lens tend to appear elongated, it’s quite noticeable with noses in particular when people are chatting on camera phones. But I think QG’s implication that the size of her feet in this shot are related to the size of her appendage holds some merit :)
  12. This should give Kungs Sausages on Buakhao a run for its money.
  13. And the great thing about Thailand is that that scene is not just a fantasy:)
  14. Teya chilling at a sauna earlier according to her FB.
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