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  1. As my trusty camera gathers dust half a world away
  2. Looks like the show must go on. Those chairs look familiar, man to be back there slouched in one with a cold Leo....
  3. It is a really beautiful place to visit, albeit basics were hard to come by when I was there. When one is used to the easy access to things we take for granted in Thailand ie convenience stores, transport options, free toilets in venues etc it can be a bit of a shock at first. The amount of times people tried to hit us for $1 for the key to open a toilet door, carry our basket in a shop and so on was a pain. But no doubt if it opens up more these inconveniences may diminish with more money in circulation. On the positive side a bottle of Bacardi was only €3 in a night club, way too expe
  4. bumblebee


    This video is doing the rounds on TV here tonight. Apparently it’s a challenge dance to lift people’s spirits during theses dark times. Fair play to the local constabulary for accepting the challenge, we don’t often see them being light hearted.
  5. I think I can see Emmy in that face ?
  6. Perhaps, but mine it totally shemale porn clips and photos and no problem so far.....touch wood.
  7. Dubai must be a bit of an exception, lots there have accounts on twitter and they don’t hide where they are located.
  8. They do a lot of promotion on twitter and FB etc, but a bit too sanitised and fish in a barrel for many here I reckon.
  9. Something a bit different.
  10. Sorry to read about your Covid situation Annat, here is hoping the coming days pass without trouble and you will be on the other side of it and on the road to recovery soon enough.
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