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  1. back home in the daily yawn that is the USA I popped into a dollar store for a few things and got a 3 pack of lighters for a buck. Made in Thailand :) I had to laugh. About the same price, them clear ones for 10 baht. if only I could find THIS for $1.50 here (or even 5 times that price)
  2. I've used Magic Jack for MANY years. Can be glitchy at time, scratchy noise or a bit of an echo, but most times when I ask someone they tell me it sounds like I'm local. They're up to something like $39 now, but the new ones you can plug right into yer internet router and leave there with a wire phone hooked to it. Mostly I stick it into the laptop and use the system mic and speaker. Has occurred to me many times this could be a money maker. If a bargirl had one she might pick up some baht letting girls call "boyfriend" (sponsor) back home for free andn charge them what she thinks is best. Only hitch to that is someone in the USA would have to set it up, pick a phone number...tho they do assign one at random if you like. Not sure, but it might be possible to get into their system FROM LOS.
  3. Miss "Touch my ASS" :) (and the dear departed Beauty)
  4. I'm guessing a fair amount of lumber too :) I got some really good shit in Cambo a few years back. From some guy in a back area of a place that did happy pizza. Since then what I get from tuk tuk guys is passable, but not GOOD. They're a bit fuggin stingy too at $15 for something like a eighth of an oz. I understand one can find hash in PP too, somewhere haha. actually, I prefer low grade Mex type stuff, can toke all day and not get stupid. Columbian red or gold bud, half a joint and I was asleep, sleeping off my buzz dammit. My fav was what a Mendicino guy trimmed off his plants to get big bud tops. 20 bux for a stuffed full big baggie. I'd roll 100 joints out of it, Alemdeda navy guys would toke, and come back for 10 more at a buck each. Now that stuff was good and a nice light heady buzz, almost like hash. I suspect if you find someone who KNOWS the good stuff and don't mind letting round eye have it, it's there in VN. make a bong :) it'll ease the harsh. lots of bamboo around
  5. I'd think we are all enjoying the pics. VN is rising in the conciousness of many a traveler. Yet so much seems unknown. This is the brief period between coming up and trashed out by over development. Any and ALL info and pics will certainly be relished by me.
  6. Sylvester, when I got to Mobile in 81 there were no fewer than 3 General Lee's runnin the road. One with the Dixie horn. The first place Bozo appeared was a football stadium in Mobile. I got out but now I'm in Gumpville, plenty of shrimp and oysters here tho :) Last year I spent new years day enjoying the quiet LOW traffic in Bangkok. Very sad about the guy and the fireworks. They TELL you not to try and relight them, but do we listen? Celebrations are nice, but as with everything in life, can be fatal.
  7. geez Sylvester, you in Alabama too? I was surprised at how little gunfire I heard in my new location. The old place in the city sounded like battle. I am disappointed in my new neighbors, no full auto. Drinking bourbon spiked egg nog and watching an old John Woo movie. Should be fine in the morning. Always seemed odd to me that so many like to start the new year feeling like total crap. Me too, but then I got old and wtf? sensible? can it be?
  8. you should look at KenW's posts some. He lives there (still, not sure). Might be some useful info or ya might pm him. I recall a Lulu I think it was that was fuck crazy. Live one. Hope yer in action soon. I always know I'm good to go when the sense of smell returns and the hunger. For me, trying to get back in action seems to bring on relapse and more wasted time in bed.
  9. why so many strap ons? in a town awash with ladyboys. Methinks there will be many new converts in the future.
  10. hate to say it but, sleep...LOT'S of sleep. I would get this almost every time I flew into Bkk, coughing up oysters too. Couple nights of 10 hours plus sleep really helped. Or I'd just sleep, wake up drink fluids, piss, go back to bed.
  11. after reading this thread, I can see I was right to avoid the other forum. It struck me as VERY cliquey with the posturing, strutting and asskissing that comes with that. I don't care about forum size, photo posts etc. I want to see some info (preferably on the less obvious side than "x bar is the best"). I like the chat between friends, even tho I have yet to meet many of these guys. BB's photos of out and about, stories about funny goings on, or most anything even plans gone wrong. I like the CIVILITY on this forum. As interesting as I find some of this info on other BM's and bars and forums, it's really not worth the negative tone of the post that carries that info. I prefer to be blissfully ignorant in that case. I will say Rom intrigues me and that I find PG's posts to be wonderfully well written, avoiding the slang (of many places and times) that make some posts almost impossible to understand (for me at least). Plus he goes into good detail on things and provides real info. p.s. in mentioning the slang (which causes me to almost put urban dictionary on my browser speed dial) it occurs to me that this is a big problem I have with threads like this which are SO FILLED with innuendo, veiled references to people and places and events, and in general a kind of secret code only readable by those involved in it all and why the fuck am I reading it? They know who they are and might should message the hell outtat each other until they exorcise their demons or wear out a keyboard or something). I really hate it when someone alludes to a person doing something to someone near you know where bars, ask so and so he saw it. Perhaps make a Club area, geez. in short, if you have a problem with how I feel about stuff as I am a tiny ant unworthy of posting abut the great elephants in the fight I will refer you to my hero...
  12. some good questions, yes ya don't know who Ernesto is? wow, even I know that and I'm a nobody :P
  13. good to see Alis ain't yaba'd out
  14. that's what I heard too, and I was told by one of the girls that she's the most often taken. Must be true, I rarely saw her in the couple times I stayed there and have not seen her in photo displays for a while.
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