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    hmm...ladyboys? sex with ladyboys? successfully escaping nutter ladyboys :) Watching movies, lots of movies, (a few about ladyboys hahaha). Wtf? you expected gardening, arts and crafts, Ugandan cuisine, and astonomy? ( I don't get buying a $1000 telescope to see tiny white light dots UP CLOSER). Oh, and eating good food and watching the passing parade.

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  1. JustSumGai


    I think as big a problem is the airlines. Imagine the lawsuits.
  2. just because cops have never been there means nothing, all it takes is for one Covid hero to call in what they think is unsafe numbers in a bar and wham...the man WILL be looking to make examples or at least tea money from possible offenders. It costs nothing to think out possible scenarios that might avoid that. As I said a while back, as a GUEST in a room (which I believe is the biz owned by Emmy's sister) one would fall under different rules than a bar, those having only recently been eased up on.
  3. the speakeasy idea is a WINNER too, balcony for smoking...hopefully the cops don't check in while it's buzzing with a couple girls snuggled up to customers fondling their goodies. As I've said before if they moved a few kittens into a room or two upstairs, they could conceivably host for a friend or two no? :) So, um say they LIVE there? and are told to keep friends visits to one or two at a time in accordance with safety regs? hehe
  4. JustSumGai


    freedumb, you crack me UP ! so true. While I'm not entirely sure Rainman is to blame, his kind sure are...for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. First thing that SHOULD have been done is a lock down with massive mobilization of testing centers and labs and contact tracing. Now, let's get real, this is WAY easier in a country with say....70 million people. Sheer size alone, plus domestic mobility would have made spread a BIG problem. Oh and building MANY new hospitals in key locations, to handle ONLY virus cases. Ramp up supplies production. (IF it got controlled, supplies could always be stashed in the new virus hospitals). Seeing a map of transmissions earlier on wa s sobering. Mardi Gras should have been SHUT DOWN. That alone accounted for humongous spread in the south east up to Atlanta (big air hub, omg) and down thru Florida. Pig's post about the CDC assessment that it's WAY beyond controlling at this point is dead on. It's also possible that cases are ten times what is reported, as the CDC also says. It's one thing to pander to a bunch of idiots telling them we can make America great again, bring back jobs (his shutting the barn door after the horses have fled crap burns me), bring back coal, control illegal immigration (wTF? 30 yrs after it's way beyond controlling?) but it's another thing ENTIRELY to spout this "it's just a flu, we've got it under control, it's going away" BULLSHIT. While morons spouting shit might make for funny vid clips, I think a majority of people don't believe any of the "experts" much anymore. I mean they STILL seem to know virtually NOTHING about this virus. I have yet to see ONE agency say anything positive about immunity. It seems there is a record low confidence in goverment (if such a thing is possible) AND the scientific community (who just will NOT say ANYTHING without waffling and qualifying). As near as I can tell this thing will be in the USA for years, until some vaccine or vaccineS are trotted out. Herd immunity IF it works would require something like 70% infection and survival and even NYC only has 20%. The only bright spot seems to be that death rate keeps getting a bit lower even as the virus spreads at record rates. I am resigned to never leaving the land of FreeDumb again. Or if I DO i'll be using a Zimmerframe.
  5. so how many of you guys are going all IN for two weeks at a 4500 baht a night hotel, I assume quarantine means you don't leave your hotel/room for 2 weeks. So add in another 1000 a day for meals and beverages I suppose. They really SHOULD define "quarantine".
  6. I was just thinking that having a low virus activity in the country is just as bad as a high one. At least in terms of economy suffering. Worldwide, everyone is suffering from loss of business no? The key is airlines and procedure it seems. They should have several SERIOUS studies and reports in the works on air quality in planes, etc. Seems to me IF you test negative you should get waved on board. Costs to test crew would be high tho unless REPUTABLE small labs testing for less can be created. I wonder if they might actually set up labs in or near the airport. I'd have no problem waiting an hour or two in a quarantine lounge for a test that got me ON THE PLANE. The idea that they'll test you when you get there is a bit extreme, but typical. Keeping meticulous records of each flight and any possible positive covid case resulting from or getting through their system would bolster their cause. A closed airplane is a bit like an island no? NZ seems to have it knocked (for the time being at least). In theory being on a plane COULD be one of the safest places to be it seems. At that point it's up to each destination to continue monitoring passengers arriving. FIrst problem is all the food and drink places in any airport. Then there's the taxi stand, cabbie coughs and sneezes, fare gets out at the airport... Anyone know how long from moment of contact until the infected person goes contagious? Thailand is obviously going extreme on this whole thing, but in theory it should keep them having to spend gobs of money trying to control a real outbreak. BUT...if no money is coming IN, zero virus growth is of dubious value. Kind of difficult to believe they have no new cases. Export of goods is a major income for them, and plenty of goods are coming in as well. I think they're going to find that vast numbers of Thai's will suffer more from NOT letting in tourists than if they DID let us in and took sensible precautions.
  7. JustSumGai


    unless you have the big bux, then you may be whisked away in a gov approved limo to a 5 star quarantine location, I don't think a mere test even before AND after flights will be enough for some of these paranoid types. The Phuket island idea would work in THEORY I suppose, but not every country has an nearby island with an airport and good hospital facilities. So yeah, agree with you. SOME desperate or somewhat sensible place may see this whole thing as an opportunity I suppose. Fancy an visit to an exotic spot in say Ruwanda? maybe Nicaragua? Wonder if Hawaii will become the new getaway for Americans, Dominican Republic?
  8. JustSumGai


    good... on the ground reports are more important now. Careful of the wacko's on the road. More dangerous than Covid if you ask me.
  9. JustSumGai


    I agree with BBG, what you see now is the poser kiddies who make up their own definitions of everything and go forth pretending. I mean really, hippies were also twits, most notably the flower children. Chanting give peace a chance and thinking it would do ANYTHING was stupid. Like Lennon''s bed-in for peace. Likely a lot of us won't see them in LOS because we won't be getting INTO LOS. IF this scheme works for them, regulations will change to support it. Personally if I had gobs of money, I'd spend time in Japan or Italy WAY before Thailand. One can only hope this idea FLOPS GRANDLY as many do, and things go back to somewhat usual. In either way, I'm prepared. Last few trips I kind of list things I'll miss and that list has gotten shorter, as the junta eradicates them.
  10. country blue grass blues? and hey, when I read this topic I wondered what an historic old motown girl group had to do with rulilng on TG rights :D oh...and WTF does the OMFUG palace have to do with Supreme Court rulings on TG right? just askin :P
  11. JustSumGai


    So now I'm glad I took those last few trips. Starting around 2015 when Soi 38 became doomed with the sale of the food vendor row, to become condos, it went downhill. I had sensed a change in the people that stayed at the hostel I called home since 2007. Less open and friendly, becoming little cliques quickly. One side of a famous food soi was shut down, more construction nearby...I could tell there were changes coming I would not like. I actually started going to Nana just to watch the scene as it descended into blah. I figured it would end soon and become condos or some other upscale bullshit. The last few trips were just more of the same and worse if that's possible (that spot was perfection, a soi known for food for almost 40 yrs, a minute walk towards Sukhumvit, the Thonglor BTS station RIGHT there...a terrific hostel with rooftop garden and great view, which would be so quiet most nights you could not believe millions of humans surrounded you, in a nice area, good shops, even a hardware store or two, an interesting Woolworths 5 n 10 type store Thai style for odds and ends like coffee cups, liquor or things you might get at 7 at a higher price) and it cost me a big $9 a night. Met some really good people the first years. But now even the soi dog stationed outside the 7 looked sad and unhealthy, unlike his predecessor. The speed of change increased. I met a ladyboy who went home to Udon and began to leave Bkk almost as soon as I got there, so I did not really see other changes right away. Bangkok was the only big city I loved, and I grew up next to NYC and lived for a short time in SF back in 79. It will never be NEAR the same again and from what I've seen in the last few trips, it'll be worse. Thankfully I took thousands of photos. Got my fill of rice country life, at least in her tiny village, so aside from never seeing Chiang Mai or the south, like Hat Yai or others, I'm not all that sad at the state of things, it's a kick in the pants to think about doing other things, maybe going some new place (that don't take 30 hours of planes, airports and their blasted security checks, I think I went thru 3 in Narita, they did not trust the Thai's and would hit ya as you came off the plane, then again going to the boarding area I think). Even IF I did go again the only joy I'd find in those places I mentioned would be in their newness as I have not seen them before so would not be mournful of the change, but I'd KNOW. The prices would be stupid, the catering to what THEY think tourists want, etc. I ain't gettin any younger so that long flight and the Thai immigration nightmare, with the Visa situation like shifting sands on a windy beach, who needs it. I'd pretty much figured I would not be going much more anyway. I'm just GLAD I DID, every winter save a few from 2007 to last year. I WILL miss the REAL Thai food, eaten at a wobbly table, sitting on a plastic stack chair while cars and motos whiz by. I stopped trying to find real Thai food in the USA, it's all crap, and about ten times more expensive. I suppose I might just poke around my own country some. Maybe hit Nicaragua or some part of Mexico. Puerto Rico? Who knows, but I'm NOT holding my breath on Thailand becoming a bastion of fun in a drab gray world. It's JOINING it.
  12. JustSumGai


    good luck on a vaccine ANY time soon. Serioiusly. I'm personally prepared to never see LOS again. The requirements even when "normal" flights in and out resume are impossible for many of us, and what amounts to cherry picking only the "BEST" of people to let in and fleece. $3000 ponyed up and THEN pay for a 2 week quarantine? fock, there goes any one month visitors (most tourists?). In the future only the rich and people in business with Thai's will have an easy time of entry methinks. Tho apparently it might gut the condo building juggernaut unless they make a blanket exception for the Chinese. They've been getting ever more restrictive doing almost surgical rule changes to cut out sex tourists, backpackers and low spending types. I believe they think they can do fine without ALL that segment. The Chinese alone would more than pick up the slack.
  13. if this was wartime, I expect the gov to mobilize military transports to evacuate citizens in the battle zones. But those were different times I guess.
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