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  1. JustSumGai

    One Night In Pattaya

    think so, wasn't looking at her chest much :) toooo much eye makeup but loves kissing, so ok haha.
  2. JustSumGai

    One Night In Pattaya

    I REALLY wanted to go but after 30 hours of planes and airports and a couple hours in a bus to Jomtien I was totally trashed, can't really sleep sitting on a plane. Availed myself of some comfort with Beauty at Katty Bar (wonderful time) and crashed in their comfy big bed. Got an RECORD 10 hours of sleep on my first night in country. Think maybe jet lag was banished by a sleep aid I had called Allteril which has a good amount of Valerian root plus some Melatonin. Amazing to feel THIS rested on the first day. Nice breakfast spot right NEXT to Katty Bar and guesthouse. Ready for a night out NOW haha.
  3. JustSumGai

    Airport to Bangkok By Public Transit

    yeah try and do 3 months or so with just a carry on bag. I've done that rail link a few times with a carry on and a huge rolling suitcase. Just hit and end zone in a corner or next to the doors can be ok. It's usually no problem. Nothing like the Skytrain from Thong lor to Siam paragon on a Saturday :)
  4. JustSumGai

    The Shortest Time in Los

    man, I don't know, it's a kinda grueling run. I spend a few days jet lagged and getting fuck all for sleep.Even free I'd need a few weeks to forget about the trip IN before I'd do a trip out. The shortest time I spend in LOS was my first time and I was there for extensive dental work, spent most of 3 weeks with almost daily visits. One month, then home. Of course that only whetted my appetite but since then it's at least 2 months, with 3, almost 4 as an average. The only time the flight was easy was when I had about 6 number ten valiums someone gave me. Slept the bulk of 25+ hours and able to smell food cooking, wake, eat then snooze again. I think they should give you a couple # 10s for any flight over 8 hours.
  5. JustSumGai

    Katty - Bar and Guesthouse ,Soi 4 Jomtien

    looking forward to it. I'm booked for a few days starting 23, but if I like the area and erm, girls :) who knows.
  6. JustSumGai

    The Shortest Time in Los

    Well, starting with the hour drive to the airport at least 2 hours ahead of take off, then the hour or so hop to Atlanta or Dallas, the hour or two wait there...I go onto a 14 hour flight to Tokyo, another couple hours layover and the 6 hour flight to Bangkok and an hour or so getting thru Immigration. So about 28 hours if things go right. Guaranteed jet lag, I'll leave Wednesday and get there Friday after noon. This I would never do for less than a couple months (when you add in the price of the ticket especially).
  7. JustSumGai

    5 Years Later - A Retired Mongers View

    well, it's prostitution, they don't care about ladyboys, hell, in my area was'nt but about six on there regular, and another dozen of so that obviously traveled a regular route. Shame the Mexicans or carribeans can't get it together. Imagine hot Puerto Rican ladyboys, mmm. Catholic country, they're still killing trans ppl there. Mexico? COULD be some good spots but basically I think you're right and as long as Thailand has so many on offer no one is going to compete. But then you have the junta. Eh, soon we will expire and no worries. Until then fly on :)
  8. JustSumGai

    One Night In Pattaya

    ok, how about you give your order to a lucious ladyboy...she comes back with another lovely and lifts her skirt and pees in the glass. You ask for ice...the other girl lifts skirt and takes the glass and shoots a couple ice cubes out of her pussy into it and asks "you want 3?"
  9. JustSumGai

    One Night In Pattaya

    so then instead of ordering an IPA you would ask for an IUP?
  10. JustSumGai

    One Night In Pattaya

    does that come with ice shot out of a pussy?
  11. JustSumGai

    Immigration Woes

    I think that's the idea. Much of what makes LOS a fun stay is the "unofficial" under the table kind of stuff like cheap guesthouses, or cheap street food. But over time a million capitalist sharks have built up malls (with food courts typically costing 2 or 3 times more than a street vendor or much more than that), boutique guesthouses and hotels among other things. THEY pay taxes and observe regulations such as fire safety features and helping the junta track foreigners. They're also backed by BIG money. Maybe eventually your only choice will be much higher priced "legit" guesthouses, or hotels and food courts or nice restaurants or approved outdoor food markets. Basically mostly tourists will visit and leave as they are told. It will cost ever more to do a long stay. I suppose a flood of millions of Chinese tourists might give them the idea this will work, but eventually those might become more trouble than the farang ever were. We will see. We live in interesting times eh?
  12. JustSumGai

    Immigration Woes

    Not sure about Grab, we just get the most reasonable guy we can find at the bus station. 300 or 400 baht. It's worth it cuz it's right to our door with luggage and in aircon that works. The problem as I see it is that while they make the excuse it's about satisfying international concerns about terrorists hiding in Thailand and so on, what it REALLY is is another money grab. With millions of tourists, and extra 1600 here and there is big money. Plus this will make people use the Tourist visa more, which costs around $50. MORE big money, It's basically a corporate decision as I see it. NOW..eventually they will punch the keyboard and ask you where you were on this and that day, it is unreported. This is like being in school again and asking the teacher if you can go to the bathroom or worse (I'm thinking of a certain time in German history). This will strangle any chance you have for a free flowing, spur of the moment movement which is SO TYPICAL of tourism and exploring a country. 24 hour reporting will make you spend hours over time researching WHERE you can report or trying to report online with a system that is down half the time or won't let you complete the log in procedure. Mail it in? Well that's planning a week in advance. Send it off, wait days and days. I suppose you would need to get their reply/acknowledgment they have recorded this BACK before you can leave. It's liable to make moving around Thailand about like moving thru a flooded rice field, or hardening cement. It's vital to many peoples planning to hear from people who have had problems OR NOT. I strongly encourage members to post experiences on this topic. I wonder how I would be able to get one Thai host to report, he's on a rubber farm in Loei near Phu Luang and just this last months got electricity. Still no internet reception. /me raises hand Herr teacher, may I go to my friends rubber farm?
  13. JustSumGai

    Immigration Woes

    my digs in Udon are 13 miles from Udon Thani. While that would take me about 15 minutes HERE, there it takes an hour avg time waiting for songtaew, then like a 30 or 40 minute ride to UT outskirts where we have to hop another smaller songtaew. Worst case it can take up to 2 hours to get to town and Immigration there. The question in my mind regards this recent news of FINES for staying unreported places, such as my gf's? or the family I stay with in KK? And what if you stay at a guesthouse or hotel that reports for a couple days before you go for the free exemption type ? 1900 is already a pretty hefty fee for 30 more days, but to add 1600, geez. be better off flying to PP or something and back. Any idea about this? that's great info you gave there, stuff like this is MOST useful just found this based on someone's mention about Hotel bill probs. Note the lead story. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ThailandHotelAct/ ALL foreigners to be tracked and monitored by Thai military - PattayaToday
  14. JustSumGai

    Immigration Woes

    I know about the 2 per calendar year thing but as my trips ALWAYS start end of one year and end beginning of the next year I can make use of that I suppose, but the means if i use one in January, to stay for Feb that I only have ONE when I return later in the year for the next trip. There IS a Thai Elite "solution" which costs ya around $15,000 for 5 yrs and it seems another 5 in extensions or something. They supposedly breeze ya thru Immigration and take you to your hotel and other such perks. This again is a lot of money, but then it would save you spending 1000 or so each year for one trip I suppose. Providing you LIKE being there 24/7 all year. Personally I got tired of rice and noodles after 8 months. For me 6 months would be good. People gripe about checking in with Imm every 90 days but it's nothing compared to border hops. So for someone going for only a short term but wishing to have freedom of movement and control over one's holiday time the current state of affairs is a result of hubris on the part of a you know who and the 20 year plan they are shoving down the nations throat. And there are still suckups saying "it's their country" blah blah blah. Oh yeah? Just who is "they" at this point. Immigration woes might soon be simplified to a few choices. Never a dull moment :) I don't think the interest would amount to enough to have to declare. They'll find a way to fee, fine or otherwise keep you from getting use of it. they say I do not have permission to view this content on the pattaya-addicts site, but thaivisa has a similar page. Interesting, reminds me of the semi-eradication of street food vendors and sidewalk sales tables.
  15. JustSumGai

    Immigration Woes

    hmmm, can't reply IN the quote very well...anyway...about this border run you made...you get stamped OUT right? then ENTER Cambodia right? having to pay, what is it now? $30 or 35? and then you get back across, into the van and back to where you got picked up in Thailand right? Didn't it used to be possible to get stamped out of Thailand and turn around and come back in getting the arrival stamp WITHOUT entering Cambodia and paying the money for a month visa? (they have no visa exempt for free). I'm pretty sure it was but that nicety was squashed in recent years. So you've got to Plan Plan PLAN all the time. Luckily I had no border entry in my spring trip this year but I have to leave and come back around Dec 21. So it's pay bux to travel to Cambodia and fly back IN, or only stay there SHORT, a few days and bus it back in cuz if I wait til after new years, that's one border by land and I'm fucked for the rest of the year, told to pony up money for flying or tourist visas, which by the time you travel to say Laos and stay the couple days or so it takes to get a Tourist visa AND the tourist visa costs ya over $100 EASILY, more like twice that. So I'm gonna pay 100 a month to stay in Thailand 2 more months. I am sure in the near future I will let the Chinese have both Cambodia AND Thailand as the food sucks in Cambodia and prices are getting STOOPID as they feel they are big time now and the clusterfuck that is Thai Imm regs for visitors takes a lot of the fun out of being there. I wonder if this is part of their 20 year national strategy plan? might be my last trip I spose. Sure was fun in the beginning tho :)