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    hmm...ladyboys? sex with ladyboys? successfully escaping nutter ladyboys :) Watching movies, lots of movies, (a few about ladyboys hahaha). Wtf? you expected gardening, arts and crafts, Ugandan cuisine, and astonomy? ( I don't get buying a $1000 telescope to see tiny white light dots UP CLOSER). Oh, and eating good food and watching the passing parade.

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  1. apparently I have not been away NEARLY LONG ENOUGH :) currently ensconced in the home of a Muxe in the state of Oaxaca. The 7 hour plane/layover was nothing. It was the grueling busride thru the mountains being tossed side to side while my ears popped for 6 hours that was kind of a pain. Nothing next to 30 hours of planes and airports and numerous security screenings. Oaxaca was a breeze at Immigration and Customs. Probably won't be back to the LOSbaEF (land of shit regulation by an elite few) p.s. NO fucking loud movies or music vids on Mexican buses.
  2. JustSumGai

    Anal Swabs

    is that code for being gang banged bareback by a long line of ladyboys?
  3. JustSumGai


    I just looked at Thailand stats for corona https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/world/coronavirus-maps.html can my figuring be right? I mean it took me 3 times to pass Algebra I (second don't really count as we had a HOT HOT HOT lil college gal teacher that would wear mini skirts and go go boots on occasion...that year 17 out of 24 failed the class, I'm betting mostly guys and the odd lesbian) but .02 per 100,000 new cases? is that really like 100 cases in Bkk per day OF which 5 MIGHT die? and over this they are determined to destroy the economy? I mean that would indicate moronic,
  4. developers, the human cancer. I would say Snooky is no longer Cambodia, but a vassal state of China. Maybe Covid will derail their greedy plan.
  5. https://www.traveldailymedia.com/thailand-may-fully-reopen-soon-considers-no-quarantine-for-vaccinated-travellers/
  6. I'd like to see em on forays out and about, daytime even...walking along the beach, cavorting, volleyball anyone? Food runs? We'd see the surrounding area too. Like that youtube chan the ladyboy in Isaan runs showing her lil projects. Only so much mugging for the camera, jiggling and pool playing one can watch.
  7. JustSumGai

    Anal Swabs

    also they should use much bigger "swabs" :D wait, they could just put a nurse collecting samples from condoms at Nana short time rooms? my preferred swab would be Cindy
  8. Now it appears there are SIX lux golf resorts being offered for quarantine.
  9. in a country where it's routine to pay a little extra to go to the head of the line, I suppose you might not need to get a loan.
  10. I want an alternative to LUXURY. Usually I stay at a nice guesthouse just off Thong lor. What they want for the ONLY quarantine is usually enough to pay for 10 nights at my usual. Another thing...why can't you just order a meal and get it from a street vendor or food court? Way I see it IS that ALL hotels, etc. are basically empty. What would you rather have? 10 booked rooms at 100+ a night or 50 at 20 or 30 (whatever would cover paying desk staff and cleaning ladies n such). This reminds me of their big announcement years back about shifting to "quality" tourists (that means rich, cut t
  11. hmm, perhaps join as Katty club? or some such. The missing girls MIGHT be able to go on Messenger, it does make for a group chat, but an additional camera might have to be put on that. I'm sure there's a way.
  12. Imagine how much money money lenders will make to make loans to the poor for these shots.
  13. look...basically ALL hotels in LOS are shuttered, for these hmmm, selfish? greedy? let's say pricks...to make deals to be THE quarantine place is detestable. In fact as they will be EMPTY for a long time to come they COULD just charge a modest amount, say $20 a night. Actually IF the government gave a shit about the Thai economy, they could give tax breaks or some inducement for them to do it. I'd be happy to stay in a NICE hotel room for a couple weeks at 20 a night (WITH FOOD). Love the "Thailand had hoped to lure retirees escaping the European winter and others who could stay for an exte
  14. I picked out Emmy first time. How? Body language...while all the guys are open arms looking at the camera to impress, Emmy was a bit slumped, eyes looking down/closed...not wanting to even be IN the pic methinks.
  15. yeah, well considering there is NO covid IN Thailand :) it would seem to be just another filter to 10 out non "quality" tourists. Maybe I'm lucky, or just live carefully, but I've never had insurance on health or home (I'd repair the home myself anyways). Some company would have gotten MANY MANY thousands of my hard earned dollars for NOTHING over the last 30+ years. Never any health issues I can't handle myself, aside from occasional dentist visits. 32,000 is RT airfare money. time was I'd go there on 1000-1400 (or even 700+ in good years), no quarantine of course...spend a bit of time
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