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    hmm...ladyboys? sex with ladyboys? successfully escaping nutter ladyboys :) Watching movies, lots of movies, (a few about ladyboys hahaha). Wtf? you expected gardening, arts and crafts, Ugandan cuisine, and astonomy? ( I don't get buying a $1000 telescope to see tiny white light dots UP CLOSER). Oh, and eating good food and watching the passing parade.

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  1. someone should keep an eye on that boy, he ain't right in the head
  2. like SO MANY other things, they are mere window dressing to make the place look civilized and 1st world. Takes more than skyscrapers and crossing stripes eh and sure, they could find the guy IF they cared enough to look. More window dressing. Police. that a youth would do a running kick like that from behind...screw the cops, I'd be paying some thugs to find him and take him out into nowhere and beat him half to death
  3. imagine if the fuckers had been vaccinating in large numbers for the last 5 months. Bill Gates needs to buy up and pass out a half a billion or so doses to those who are "the expendables". You can bet the elite in LOS get it if they want. Or does incompetence trump wealth?
  4. JustSumGai


    sure....vaccinate your working stock, fuck the rest of em.
  5. you can tell if a person is Republican by just LOOKING?
  6. JustSumGai


    maybe late in the year? I think Thailand 2.0 is long gone forever. When it does reopen it'll be a very different version, with LOTS of bars closed, and hotels too. Your favorite eating place might be there but bought out and totally overhauled, with new prices, higher I'm sure. This is the way to shift to "quality tourists' (gov said they wanted that years ago, anyone remember?). For me I think they very much underestimate the amount of money brought in by budget tourists and even backpacker types. Maybe I'm weird but chasing ladyboys is about midway down my list. I'm sure Bkk and to some extent Jomtien will not be places I linger long, even more so now. At this point I've given up hope that it'll open to any realistic extent until maybe high season next year. What will Covid do to the very idea of high season I wonder. I suspect it'll be 5 years before anything resembling "normal" happens. I ain't getting any younger OR richer so who knows.
  7. JustSumGai


    does this mean the anti vaxers will die in great numbers? Thin the herd
  8. crazy house? is that what they call it? used to be a great fish n chips place with adjoining bar accessible by a door in the chips place with red glow emanating : ) (back around 2010 I think). Then it was expanded into a restaurant I loved ordering my fish n chips n mushy peas then goin into the bar for a drink to wait, they'd even bring your meal to you in the bar if you requested that. Dave the Rave reported the Old Dutch had been an institution for decades so I guess the fish n chips place was next to the Old Dutch, which was on the corner. All I REALLY remember is this retired finance guy (Channel Islands) who had been travelling everywhere and knew ALL the tricks led us down Soi Cowboy, which was a normal wide street then, made a right at the end, walked a short bit and went right into some hole in the wall spot with no atmosphere and a counter with menu board. Someone had said they missed fish n chips and Paul piped up with a smile saying he knew of JUST the place and it was nearby!
  9. yeah, things have been slipping in recent years as there were certainly enough venues to satisfy us even 10 years ago and now so many more (so now we have 100s of bars with 3 guys sipping a beer?) Other considerations too have made recent trips sadly lacking, war on street foods in Bkk, the march of the condo cancer eastward (have they hit on nut yet?) and so on. I came in a little late (2007) but THOROUGHLY enjoyed myself for many trips after that until I guess around 2014 or so. Many stellar memories and photos. I DO miss the food, tho in truth I had become a bit jaded by my most recent trips...soup noodle, rice this n that...but the fresh food and fruits I do miss. I would LIKE to make some more memories just ahead of my brain ceasing to register thought :) Maybe next high season. I mean it's going to be interesting if they ever do get to rebuilding what the government destroyed by inaction and um maybe ignorance? Might be a whirlwind of specials pricing and come on back offers. I have to check when Bkk became #1 world wide destination, I suspect that only kicked the speculating bastards into overdrive. https://www.thaiwebsites.com/images/Tourism/touristarrivals2004-2020.png that pretty much explains it.
  10. goin on about his age and having tits is just MORONIC. Guy should have just looked at him and ask if that was really the best he could come up with. Tho I do agree with ranting twat flannel in regard to self appointed mask police assholes. Oh, did I say that out loud? It's hard to figure which guy is the bigger asshole. After shit for brains started school yard insulting him, mask gestapo twit shoulda just remembered what they say about wresting with a pig.
  11. JustSumGai


    from what I read there were 6 cases (forcing who knows how many people into *expensive* mandated quarantine and screwing up their itinerary...some may have had to return home early after blowing much of their budget on lux hotel arrest) and HALF were children ! They have NO BUSINESS letting children into this kind of situation as they can't be vaccinated and BIG surprise, carry it. I hope someone gets the tally on the web. Something like 4000 people in so far, how many were on a plane with NO covid positive passengers? It's an important point. And one that will surely have impact in the future. I'm guessing they figured as all in were well heeled so to speak, that would take care of most of the problem. Surprise, surprise SURPRISE....rich people get Covid too. Perhaps they should start using smaller planes to ferry folks in? One positive puts 300 people in lockup, is there any jet flying that's 100 capacity?
  12. this makes me miss DongLovesFarang.....a LOT. gonna be my first stop whenever Bkk opens up.
  13. took a look at that forum years ago, full of power crazed (on a forum? really? shit, it's like the twits on IRC used to be) jerks and their sycophants as well as numbers of spineless types aping such behavior to be one of the guys. Re-visited it years later...same shit different day ( explains a LOT that TV is part of this, same exact shit went on there and it stopped me reading there many years ago). I do NOT care to see crap that went on there being dragged in here. For one thing it's like tracking dog shit around in some home you are visiting and for another I have enough WTF!!???? moments as it IS. Maybe folks could signal they are slagging some guy for posts on PY so I can just ignore the post, or will I need to ignore the whole thread? How can I know without reading (wasting time) ?
  14. I was alerted to the fact that I'd made my 500th post..."Posting Machine"....and am a Newbie. ?
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