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    hmm...ladyboys? sex with ladyboys? successfully escaping nutter ladyboys :) Watching movies, lots of movies, (a few about ladyboys hahaha). Wtf? you expected gardening, arts and crafts, Ugandan cuisine, and astonomy? ( I don't get buying a $1000 telescope to see tiny white light dots UP CLOSER). Oh, and eating good food and watching the passing parade.

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  1. no problem on the one way...apparently the airline checks in with Thai Imm and they say not needed. The only problem I had was LAX where being mis-directed by staff and SHIT design caused me to walk about 4 miles. They should level that thing and start over. Thanks to those who gave input about their experience...y'all were correct.
  2. thanks for the input, gonna wing it and cross my fingers. This trip has so far been a catastrophe in that the 2 places I stayed with friends and family for weeks even months are BOTH off the table and a third possibilty for long stay with a ladyboy friend in Cambodia ALSO fell thru so plans for a possible longer stay this time are dead and it's kind of like the first time I ever went not knowing what I was in for, except that was 2007 and things were cheap and inflation had not hit food, hotels, companions and the Thais egos (and I was 57, not 69). For me, Bangkok has become one big luxuray mall and condo/hotel zone with upscale restaurants covering areas I used to love...like Soi 38's famous and long time food street. I'll base in Khon Kaen and make forays up to Udon to git me some now and then, and see what happens. Let the adventure begin.
  3. "Thailand’s tourism promotion executives plan to target the long-haul market in 2024. They are particularly seeking more the US and Canadian travellers." "It comes as figures show that 39% of foreign tourists in 2023 were long-haul travellers. They spent an average of ฿74,000 per trip, nearly twice as much as short-haul Asian visitors." I've been saying stuff like this for ages now, and I'm an idiot...so what does this make those making this statement look like? Sadly I can't say this kind of thing really surprises me. TIT.
  4. well, unless they do it before next FRIDAY, I am as I predicted in some thread, left out of this new 90 Visa exempt situation.
  5. I mean a 30 day extension on the on arrival visa exempt. When I do this I hit Cambodia for some time and return to LOS for another 30 day visa exempt and maybe another extension, but then that's IT for the year. Unless I went for a Tourist Visa the next time but only 2 visa exempt entries in a year last I heard. one way they used to do it was booking a train into Butterworth I think it was, which was a refundable ticket back then, not sure about now. They've NEVER said a word about my departure flights being three months in the future from arrival. MOST of my concern is over Starlux as airlines HAVE been known to deny boarding with no onward ticket, don't want to get stuck flying you back home on their dime. Like I said, I'll have 7 hours sitting and waiting at LAX so if they DO get pissy I can book a flight to Cambodia I would hope. I suppose I could book a flight, get the e ticket for it then cancel it a few days later and show that e ticket to Imm...not like they are gonna contact that airline. thanks for the input :) when are you going to LOS? I'd like to meet you, we're like minded on many things I notice from your posts.
  6. not sure I've done one in all the years but in any event things are different in many ways now so I'm asking if anyone has done this lately and what was the outcome. In the past I'd book round trip with the return a few months away from arrival. No problem usually I'd do a month in LOS or get an extension and do 2 then boogie over to Cambodia for a bit before returning to LOS. BUT THIS TIME not sure what the airline i LA will do. It's Starlux, new player so who knows. I really object to the gov trying to force me to a set itinerary as who knows how it will go until you get there. Might be nothing goes right and I WANT to leave at the end of a month, OR THINGS MIGHT GO RIGHT and I'll want to extend before heading to Cambodia. The 15 pound limit short haul airlines give you is shit for anything over a week and I'll be staying a posible 3 week or more, who knows (again). To demand set departure date when they OFFER AN EXTENSION is a bit daft. I've got a 7 hour layover in LA before Starlux departs so I figure if THEY are pissy I'll be forced to book the cheapest flight into Cambo and maybe eat it. I'd prefer to go in by bus actually, can take a load of stuff that way.
  7. seems this should be binge worthy NETFLIX shows.
  8. I'm sorry, is this not a thread on Cindy's Secrets???? THAT CINDY
  9. odd, it's still huge and I resized it. Must be some site setting?
  10. if one goes to Thai Friendly and searches thru Cambodia you will happen upon a girl named Lena50 who has just hit Pattaya days ago and is roaming the streets looking for work. I am in contact and wonder if she might make a good addition to Cindy's. Looks a bit farang to me. Claims to be 33 but looks 23. Someone should aid this poor waif so far from home :)
  11. guest house upstairs? looks like a natural expansion, like Katty Bar and Rooms for Rent? :) Man, that would be great. All I'd need is a good pad kapow place and a nearby 7.
  12. someone might mention an address or put up a map even. The only hits on google are for her place in Bkk and for this site. Suspect there's a farang behind this, bigtime rehab on the place, SO one would think tech boy somewhere would be spreading the news far and wide with search strings, etc. PIGDOG, help the girl out here :)
  13. that's why I liked Stringfellows, seems they mostly carried in front as they know we love it. If I wanted a no bulge bottom I'd be at a girly go go :P god I love a bulge on a tight dress haha
  14. the green bikini bottom should have a lovely bulge no?
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