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    hmm...ladyboys? sex with ladyboys? successfully escaping nutter ladyboys :) Watching movies, lots of movies, (a few about ladyboys hahaha). Wtf? you expected gardening, arts and crafts, Ugandan cuisine, and astonomy? ( I don't get buying a $1000 telescope to see tiny white light dots UP CLOSER). Oh, and eating good food and watching the passing parade.

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  1. I find it odd that SUDDENLY they GET IT!!! it's more like some supreme being came down and bitch slapped them into sanity (tho I'm sure it's only temporary)
  2. crap, they go OVERBOARD with EVERY fucking THING in that country. Now they'll fuck up Jompty.
  3. I like em thin and flat. IF we are in the minority....more for us, let the big booty boys take those incoming. Right kind of blocking I'd say. As to Sean...well, he's well traveled and done many jobs over the year and been in a hell of a lot of situations I'd say. He knows the limits but pushin em is his fun, I'm sure he's ready for most stuff that might happen. Yeah, ridin like that IS nuts. I still wonder if it was speeded up a bit for effect :) I'm sure I'm not the only one that started watchin him from the first video, expecting to see him knocked down by some pissed local. I think the fact that he's got a BIG shit eating grin on his face most times, and an easy laugh makes the locals think he's ok, or just a bit ting tong. Say what you will about him, he don't get on and brag about any sexploits, won't do it he says. he's got amazing energy and stamina. Up early and walkin the beach? All the distance he travels in an average day would have me waking up at noon. Glad he got off those lux places, we all know what they look like and cost. fuck em. Frankly sick of blue water and nice beaches too at this point haha. how muslim Indo takes hiim will be interesting.
  4. nothin better than small hormone tits...YUM
  5. interesting, just saw Little Spicy tout on a youtube vid, guy was doing a quick walk down that Soi mentioning Retired Working for you's big party at Hemingway's Lush? top floor anyways. Soi 11 no? I'll be interested to see her place if it's still goin by November when I come. No telling with things changing so much of late. Thanks for the reports.
  6. JustSumGai


    the idiots think masks protect the WEARER. The stupidity pandemic concerns me more than anything.
  7. I'd sure like to have that big leg girl....probably a freelancer I'll never find. Maybe Cindy knows. One can always dream. I love them big thigh girls. Makes me hear Freddie King's Big "Legged Woman" in mah head. Sturdy table. The boss is still the best.
  8. i'd say the first ones look like they frequent boyztown and 11 might be a femboy :)
  9. omg...that's almost beyond hairy. I'm thinkin dose her drink an call in a wax expert. You are a very forgiving man :)
  10. Thai electioneering reminds me a bit of the old West snake oil sales from a wagon.
  11. JustSumGai


    my favorite quote regarding this is from the great Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong who said...."there are some people who, if they don't know, you can't tell them"
  12. as to the golden age and changes, at that time the demand for girls and ladyboys was still relatively low compared to now. NOW the girls all seem to think they are superstars as over the last ten years or so MANY younger guys are jumping into the scene as it exploded across the internet. It may become a Golden Age for Traps but from what I can tell it'll only be golden for younger and monied UP mongers. In my area there are relatively few ladyboys and most are black and asking $100 (if you are LUCKY) for a quick robotic romp but more like 200 or more. For older guys, I don't see Traps as being available much, unless in a high demand area like L.A. or N.Y.C. I experience a situation somewhat like Roms at the Darkside, where on a slow night in a slow week, as i barfined Lemon, girls came up to me one by one saying I could have them too, for 300. Ended up with Lemon blowin after a couple minutes but by this time it did not matter as 4 others had let themself in and I proceeded to sample each. This would be, I think, a GREAT idea for a bar owner to try out, the Ladyboy sampler :) I went back several times after that, choosing one or another from the sampler selection.
  13. not really a ladyboy content vid but this new rascal landed in the last few days and is getting some pretty good video of Nana, even INSIDE the plaza and a few bars...belt buckle cam. Those in the know might be able to say how it looks now, but to me it appears Nana is drifting away from ladyboys. Prominent Korean signage here and there too. Gotta wonder what the barfine is now as one Pattaya youtuber hit 10 big bars on walking street and almost all of them quoted New Year's Eve like barfines of 1500 and said ST was 3000. There's some big gambling going on for sure.
  14. much improved line up in my book. Praying it stays alive til high season. If not I'll just contact #1.
  15. JustSumGai


    I did a trip to Mexico March of last year. All I needed then was an ATK I got the day before flight. Cost about $9 as I recall. In fact they should let this testing go considering the state of things here. No one where I live wears masks and in general seems to have got on with things again.
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