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  1. ya do know there's a bus to Patts/jomtien (leaving the ground floor of the airport for around 190 baht as I recall) don't ya?
  2. don't worry BB, they love pom pooie :) (my ladyboy serves me breakie big enough for 3). DO NOT eat ALL they give you. You know, they do that...eat some put aside for later under the basket cover. Snack a bit, go back to what they were doin. It's a fact that given the option to serve ones self and a large plate you will over do it. Saw this in a vid the other day. He stopped the group, saying OH I messed up, that stuff is cold, let me get the hot meal. Came back with it and the plates were half the size, again they served themselves how much they wanted. BAM, compared to the first they'd taken MUCH less. Oh, and if you THINK you want more, takes a while for the mind to register it's had enough, specially if it's tasting good. Also...but clothing made with spandex hahahahaha
  3. I said that a ways back. Don't look Thai at all to me, I was wondering if she's farang Thai blend. Maybe her Moms is Russian?
  4. young people partying en masse is a good thing. Don't want them driving, reproducing or voting :P
  5. buddy of mine lives in S. Korea now. Planned visit home town USA before all this, got here and now he's virtually stuck as legs of his return flight to SK are cancelled. I imagine quite a few are in the reverse position. How can they seriously fine for overstay when you are almost not allowed to travel IN Thailand? Busses and flights cancelled. How many ubers would it take to make up for those?
  6. were I there, of course there is the shower before, I would still happily suck their cock and swallow, but NO kissing :P Really the worse aspect of this is that in general there is sub standard cleaning in public venues. I mean how many times have you been eating and looked at the plate and flatware and wondered when the last time it got proper soap? Rooms? I'm guessing rarely mopped with soap, almost never with bleach added. Same with the bathrooms, tho those are more likely to get the soap.
  7. will ladyboy bars go crowdfunding? Price breaks for reservations at bars with guest rooms if you book months in advance? Fill guest rooms with ladyboys and turn into a pleasure palace? Gonna be interesting. Gloria Gaynor's I will SURVIVE might become an anthem.
  8. did NOT see any mention of Immigration there. So how is one supposed to go home? leave the country? If "trapped" will over stay fines be suspended? and so on and so on.
  9. possibly they are using this to develop "fire drills" response. Remember those as a kid in school? Practiced procedure and response time fairly regularly. It's NEVER been done for pandemics which come more severe and more often in recent years. I also suspect they will find lots of jobs/positions they can do without. Might be banking goes to lobby on appointment only. Word is automation is going to kill off millions of jobs in the near future. Catastrophic results by some accounts.
  10. hey, it don't hurt to ask, some dope MIGHT pay it. On one or two occasions I got a decent fare looking at the Kayak info and booking with the airline.
  11. if it were a case of a few hundred dollars or so, sure, but any time I've looked it's more like a $1000 difference for me. That's just for biz, ain't no way to go halfway around the planet non stop. Wish there was :) that'd shave about 7 hours or so off the 27 to 30 hour flying time. Lotta money for a bedlike experience. If you pay max to they still come down the aisle every half hour pestering you about a drink or something, like the duty free cart. argh. I can see why Brits are a big group in LOS, about half the cost $500. Annat, try the Kayak search site, really.
  12. you can buy pure beef, ground for about $4.50 a pound that would make about 5 Mc D burgers. The fries? I should have returned those limp soggy things, but it was end of hard work day. It only shows the TOTALLY out of real world reality that the CORPORATION lives in. Fuck em. I'll buy from any Mom n Pop or local now, WhataBurger slays Mc D's. Mostly I cook at home, business food is insulting in price and quality. I have self respect.
  13. I got a quarter pounder with cheese and fries in the USA recently. The fries were SOGGY...there was only ONE slice of "cheese". $9 Mc Donalds can suck my ass, IF they pay enough. NEVER again. And that's coming from someone who bought 15 burgers for 15 cents in their 20 yr anniversary special.
  14. they're closing down most of Asia locations, if I recall correctly. Basically bailing on trying to spread the Tesco or Lotus brand globally.
  15. back home in the daily yawn that is the USA I popped into a dollar store for a few things and got a 3 pack of lighters for a buck. Made in Thailand :) I had to laugh. About the same price, them clear ones for 10 baht. if only I could find THIS for $1.50 here (or even 5 times that price)
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