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  1. I find it interesting the looks they adopt when a camera is pointed. Mind intrigues me, she often has a "don't care" look, above in one she looked a bit dazed :) Anyone ever take her? She seems the most "normal" of the lot. BB, how is it Pokky don't make these sessions?
  2. be glad I ain't comin this season, I'm loaded with Bluegrass :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF2dgY4IVy0
  3. Focusing on ONE particular ladyboy at Katty is short sighted I think. The thing there is that it's a comfortable place (tho the seating out front could use new cushions), it's spitting distance to beach road and the ocean and there is lots of food around. The place next door serves a pretty good breakfast and there is another place on thru the alley on the soi next door that even better with a good money exchange across the street if I recall right. And the guesthouse rooms are just fine. I like the one with the balcony. And now we have regular drop ins by BM's. It's the new Guess? haha. And no blasting music either. Decent drink prices too. If you can't get stiff with one of the girls there, wait a few, some will drop in or walk by. Pokky is looking better and better and frankly I think I may have a run at Mind as she is a classy lady. If one was only going to ONE place to play with ladyboys and enjoy the ocean (I liked to go to the beach for a morning coffee and smoke) THIS would be the place as far as I'm concerned.
  4. dang, what a season for me to miss, that Tiger is HOT.
  5. Poe's camera is broken? An update would be nice. :)
  6. how long are you in LOS for? Hope biz picks up for them. It's a nice spot. Looking forward to trip reports. Loved that thread on this or another site where you did the strolls and reports. Hope you post like that a bit more. Assume the wife is with you. If you post somewhere else about the sights n such lemme know. Can't make it there this year sadly, finances are at rock bottom. Good to see Teya is hangin in there. Is Pokky still there? miss her shenanigans...and the Pokky dance
  7. gauging intent is difficult with strangers sometimes and therein lies the problem. Like when some Thai guy is smiling and being all helpful to you as you step off a bus :D
  8. dang, rough news. I think BB took that photo when I was there with her for a few days. I really hope it's not true, but I suspect it is I was just wondering the other day if Archie ever got together with her, seemed keen on her.
  9. I worked in factories in N.J. as a yute...the wind up was EXTREMELY common. In no way could I see it as endearment, they just loved fucking with ya. Frankly I always saw em as grown school yard bullies. Once, someone mistook pounds for gallons and the corn syrup tank overflowed, many of the guys manned the squeegees and Phil, a smiling but retarded janitor type guy was there too. The winders got him in the thick of it then swept his feet from under him landing him in about an inch of syrup on a concrete floor. They erupted in laughter as poor Phil struggled to try to get to hit feet. All these years later anyone tries to wind me up I create distance fast, no time for it.
  10. ya know, it just occurred to me that Pokky has THE most perfect nose. Even if it's surgery, it's lovely, long and sharp and fits her face. It's most unThai like, but looks natural for her somehow. I should have gotten a closer "look".
  11. just another money grab. This is reason enough for me to stop coming, it will only get worse. I won't miss it at all. Having to do research on what NEW and bothersome immigration law has been passed, wondering what they are cracking down on next, and so on. prefer 201, less steps and 301 has an annoying one inch rise in the floor from where it used to be a bigger balcony and my toe caught the fucker at least a few times that first day.
  12. I've stayed in 3 of the rooms and for the money they're fine. Have hot pots now too, tho ya might have to ask for a coffee cup or hit the shop next door for one. Next soi over has TT exchange, and Simple Simon, which has some pretty good food and portions. The Sunday dinner lamb shank was such a plateful, 285 baht I think, that I wondered if I would be able to finish it. Also has some Thai and Chinese food. The view from the balconies is nice, enjoy the street life and see a bit of the water and beach, good fast internet too. Very comfy digs all around and as BB says a bar with as many as 6 or 7 ladyboys at some times. Always a few about, even in the afternoon. If absolute quiet is your thing the 550 baht room is on floor 3 i think it was, and at the rear. Personally I enjoyed occasional bell ringing and cheers from a couple bars across the street. I think it's a great place to chill or venture out from and I'd go have a smoke and some coffee at the beach early morning or at dusk.
  13. think so, wasn't looking at her chest much :) toooo much eye makeup but loves kissing, so ok haha.
  14. I REALLY wanted to go but after 30 hours of planes and airports and a couple hours in a bus to Jomtien I was totally trashed, can't really sleep sitting on a plane. Availed myself of some comfort with Beauty at Katty Bar (wonderful time) and crashed in their comfy big bed. Got an RECORD 10 hours of sleep on my first night in country. Think maybe jet lag was banished by a sleep aid I had called Allteril which has a good amount of Valerian root plus some Melatonin. Amazing to feel THIS rested on the first day. Nice breakfast spot right NEXT to Katty Bar and guesthouse. Ready for a night out NOW haha.
  15. yeah try and do 3 months or so with just a carry on bag. I've done that rail link a few times with a carry on and a huge rolling suitcase. Just hit and end zone in a corner or next to the doors can be ok. It's usually no problem. Nothing like the Skytrain from Thong lor to Siam paragon on a Saturday :)
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