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    hmm...ladyboys? sex with ladyboys? successfully escaping nutter ladyboys :) Watching movies, lots of movies, (a few about ladyboys hahaha). Wtf? you expected gardening, arts and crafts, Ugandan cuisine, and astonomy? ( I don't get buying a $1000 telescope to see tiny white light dots UP CLOSER). Oh, and eating good food and watching the passing parade.

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  1. JustSumGai


    https://www.facebook.com/31543029394/videos/662633074456000 looking for the whole piece. Shots of the manufacturing setup is impressive. And figures on production per day, etc. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/covid-19-vaccine-distribution-60-minutes-2020-11-08/
  2. yeah, I'm glad that guy showed up. Buying a harvester might be a good business move, as this is the first I've seen of one in her area. Definitely glad this guy showed up. Polly works her ass off on that 8 rai all season, pulling weeds, replacing thinned out patches, etc. Then the harvest. Probably jasmine, don't know. Do they do half and half? she's got two 4 rai plots, could do sticky in one I spose. NICE tractor Stoolie, jesus...big money big money...need a big long flatbed to transport the whole family :)
  3. bargirls, lady drinks, headfirst spins on a pole 12 ft in the air...what could go wrong.
  4. great stuff Stoolie...I've had a hard time getting info from my ladyboy farmer. She's got 8 rai. They usually harvest by hand, paying workers 3-400 baht a day, I've always suspected it was a money loser when it's all said and done, or very near. If she can buy rice at 2000 baht a year for her small family use, I think she should just dig great holes in her fields and farm fish and crawfish maybe. THIS YEAR one of those Kubota mini harvesters showed up and she'll go that route I think. Tell me something, her fields look all BLOWN DOWN, like trashed by wind, yet yours are standing fin
  5. JustSumGai


    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-vaccines-distribut/covid-vaccine-breakthrough-raises-hopes-poses-logistical-headache-idUSKBN27Q2OK I'd say safety vs economic salvation are driving the delivery. If early vaccinations show REAL and swift decline in new cases I expect the money powers that be will cheer and start ramping up efforts for return to normalcy. I don't see it happening by Chinese New Year tho. Thailand has shown itself to be conservative in approach, to put it lightly. Unless THEIR money boys holler loudly enough. I'm looking forward to seeing news from
  6. wow, they're doing something that makes sense? Does this mean the tourists that want to undergo the extensive, multi testing, quarantine stay at a 4 star hotel for gobs of money? Or is someone talking about letting in tourists after they get a negative result at the airport? or something like that.
  7. I'd lick #2... first, #6 next :)
  8. to some extent I have no sympathy for the plight of places designed to fleece tourists, offering overflowing tables of food and drink on every block, ever growing numbers of 5 star and upscale accommodations (even "flashpacker" stays), luxury malls, etc. They've WAY OVERBUILT them EVERYWHERE. (What kind of person pays hundreds on Feragamo's in Phnom Penh? oh, aside from the criminal leadership and their cronies and kids). NO ONE or government agency is able to curtail this cancerous growth. For the lifespan of a mayfly those hotels might be fully booked, but are mostly half empty I suspec
  9. JustSumGai


    Perhaps part of the thinking of the military minded government is that Thailand does not need tourism. I've seen official reports that it only accounts for 10% of GNP but lately I see 20% referred to. IF they ease up and let tourism flourish again it will be proof positive that farangs contribute much to the GNP. THAT they would hate I suspect, so they hold firm to their constipated, blinders on approach. So long as the elites and their military henchmen are happy and healthy, there is not much chance of revision of tourism policy. Even student and other grassroots protests will be s
  10. is this a test run of the "only let SUCKERS who are desperate to see our perfect nation and ready to spend GOBS of money" idea? I've looked at Puerto Rico but apparently they already do that, ridiculously expensive accommodations and food considering what it is. And Laos, about the same, but they seem to be holding firm. I could stay in Bangkok for less than the costs there. I shall have to give Myanmar a shot if travel ever becomes normal again.
  11. basement? what's up with that? Did in wander into a private message area?
  12. so do a cam show eh? pan around...invite the girls to come on cam and say hello...you know :) is a conference "call" possible with a video cam stream? Geez, you can add ppl to your video call with someone, should be. at least make a short vid starting with your ride to the bar, or a walk down Beach Rd to it or whatever :) I fear it will be a LONG time before any of us can join you there.
  13. even Merle Haggard? gasp surely you can't include Bluegrass :P
  14. JustSumGai


    wait...it's not April...seriously? Maybe this will shut his big flapping lying mouth for a bit. Anything more would be too much to hope for.
  15. JustSumGai


    I like it when they do this, it's an automatic "discount anything this ignorant, self centered fuck" has to say
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