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  1. jeffs


    Many guys here will know pattaya veteran may , She was featured in a topic on another forum recently so I thought why not post a decent video of her here . MAY.mp4
  2. This website should help keep a few guys happy in these grim times . https://theporndude.com/
  3. jeffs


    My first trip to snooky was at victory hill , I stayed at the sakal bungalows budget accommodation just across the road from the beach , all ok until night time when I decided to walk up the hill to bar street by the time I got to the harbour lights hotel near the top my legs were about to cave in , anyone walked up there will know what I mean . Was last there three years ago all the bars on the street were open then not sure about now , few screen shots from google back in the day .
  4. picture from a well known area but a few years ago
  5. ploy just sent me this clip , well worth a good munch on . LINE_MOVIE_1555004307988.mp4
  6. jeffs


    Reading a few recent reports looks like it's all over for mongers in sihanoukville . Seems the Chinese want to develop the hole area and turn it into a gambling city . Picture from the pier of serendepity beach a few years ago , and another picture further along beach a few days ago .
  7. New go go bar right on soi buakhao opposite the new hospital and Asia backpacker's , the bar has been mentioned on another thread but I think it deserves it's own . Nice outside area with a pool table as well as the private inside bar and seating , the bar has been open for ten days now opening times 2pm -2am not sure of prices yet as bar was just opening when I took the two photos.
  8. jeffs


    Hi guys update from November 2017 , airport wise not much happening regarding flights from anywhere so still white knuckle ride on road from phnom penh , mini bus from $7 private taxi from $50 , will be lucky to make it in 4 hours the road is really busy with many old hgv's breaking down blocking the road . In snooky massive development is going on all over Chinese funded of course Russians been squeezed out apart from victory hill , the target area seems to be otres beach , in serendipity beach which is monger central casinos are popping up everywhere (thailand losing out big time re
  9. That's the windy inn hotel pool on far end of walking street , the hotel is actually on the other side of the road . Years ago used to spend many a afternoon there when walking street was fun place , bar was right next to the pool and food available cooked right in front of you .
  10. jeffs


    Smooci Escorts in Bangkok This site looks like it's going to be a winner , stickman has just done a review of it in his weekly column . Only available in bkk at the moment some well known girls available , just checked can book a girl from under 2500 baht for 2 hours , prices are fixed no bar fine or drinks to pay for book online when booking is made can track the girl with gps until she arrives. The girls profile also lists the services that she does , then after the encounter you receive a email asking you to rate the service which can be shared with other users of smooci .
  11. This crossing has been tried a couple of times before and failed and I think this new one is doomed like the others , bad weather for half of the year means many cancellations and not sure if there is enough demand for a daily service . Supposed to start today but guess what cancelled due to bad weather . http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/1172668/weather-spoils-first-pattaya-hua-hin-ferry-service
  12. Found this video on another forum three well known bars and we'll known faces.
  13. jeffs

    Three Year Visa

    As Thailand continues to make it harder and harder for foreigners to stay there for any length of time Cambodia is doing just the opposite , as from next month a three year multi-entry visa will be available for foreigners . Link from phnom penh post . http://m.phnompenhpost.com/national/new-visas-launch-sept-1
  14. bad news for anyone going to siem reap the entrance to angkor wat will almost double in February , I went there twelve years ago it cost me $40 for a three day pass same as it is today , with this site being Cambodia's only major tourist attraction fair play to the khymers for not increasing the entrance fee before now . http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/asia/cambodia/articles/angkor-wat-entrance-fee-to-double/
  15. jeffs

    Ta Bacione

    Agree with the comments these type of bars can be hit and miss but can be a lot of fun and you don't seem to get the superstar and attitude problems . Video clip here from inside the bar clip quality is not great and the girls a little shy . http://sendvid.com/3uygow9m
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