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  1. Prediction: this bar fails and Casanova returns to this location (or another) by 2023
  2. The-Sith


    You are right but I think it probably has to be war. CCP only understands force. Also the CCP has a total matrix lockdown on fear and greed drivers on people's psychology. Any dissent they crush. People are re-engineered there and that has been refined and advanced thru digital everything. Digital communication, payment, social credit and just about every other facet of life. Chinese people will not be able to break this. Last time they tried was 1989.
  3. The-Sith


    I respect you a lot RxPharm....we have connected years ago on other Forums. So this is a discussion. First, I have always said very clearly I believe this is an accidental leak. The virus almost brought down the CCP in China during its early days. It was not intentional. Second, based on that, this is not a conspiracy theory. It's a negligence theory. This is not the first time China's negligence has resulted in the sickness and deaths of many people.... such as tainted toothpaste and milk powder for babies that is stepped with toxic chemicals that add protein in a cheaper but l
  4. The-Sith


    The WHO has lost credibility.....parroting the CCPs statements early on by telling the world "there is no evidence of human to human transmission".....just because China said it (and we now have evidence that China knew there was human to humn transmission prior to then). The conflicts of interest are rampant. China selected half the investigation team and vetoed any American members (this is a global investigation for truth....a China veto is ridiculous). Not to mention senior team member Dr. Peter Daszak who has worked closely in the past with the Wuhan laboratory and Dr.. Shi Zhengli
  5. The-Sith


    @rxpharm and others......... I am wondering if you have revised your thinking on the origins of the virus since all the other bullshit officially reported origins by the CCP, like a wet market origination, have been provenly false and now the new official lie is "frozen food from overseas" Are you more inclined to wonder the correlation between A) the epicenter for virus research in China being labs in Wuhan, B the epicenter of bat coronavirus research GLOBALLY being labs in Wuhan and C) a bat corona virus originating from Wuhan? Where is Encyclopedia Brown
  6. They should do plots like a ladyboy drops her shopping bag at a mall and some guy helps her and then they go back to his hotel and he gets helped out, or whatever. Or the one most of us got roped in by.....stumbling drunk late night at the bars and meeting a girl and it turns out to be a LB in the room. Ts seduction has some different scenarios. Sometimes Japanese Newhalf porn does too. But LB porn is made for mongers. It's hooker shit. Here is your money. Suck my dick and take it in the ass.
  7. One time, about 17 years ago, I met up with Lusi Mustang.... one of the greatest Ladyboys to ever walk this earth. I did a threesome at the Nana Hotel with her and an LB friend of hers. I played some music and our session was intense. OH....If those dark green drapes could talk, the stories they could tell!!! After the session, Lusi tells me she is throwing a party at her condo that night and asks if I want to join. Fuck right I do!!! The Sith is always up for partying with Femme Fatale with a cock. So we first go to a multi level parking lot and score some favors for the night
  8. All of these posts are because we grew up in the West and we spent One Night In Bangkok......and we didn't just get fucked. We got 'mind fucked'. We did things that are barely in the imagination of blokes back home and we pushed boundaries that are beyond how our world was framed during the first 20 years of our life. Our minds had difficulty processing it. For some, it's too much to handle so they struggle and ruminate with the torturous thoughts "Am I gay"..... Some move on and just go with it. Many many Thai guys bang ladyboys....especially in their early years. I
  9. Getting fucked in the ass for me feels like a roller coaster ride.....I'm hanging on for dear life and there is a thrill but it's not really comfortable. That's a cool thing once in a while, like when Alien Sandy raped me..... 6 or 7 bangs to just me banging her once... but we had been drinking till 7 or 8 am that night. Totally wasted to make the roller coaster ride more comfortable.........It was indeed a wild one!! I love anal stimulation but getting my ass pounded by a dick has its pros and cons and so I prefer getting rimmed or fingers or a toy. Any LB is into this kind o
  10. 1 - Making out kissing GGs Ladyboys 2 - Masturbate thinking of GGs Ladyboys Dudes Lesbians Food Donkeys 3 - Getting Handjobs from Ladyboys 4 - Getting Cock-sucked by Ladyboys 5 - Performing Oral Sex on GGs (Cunnilingus) Ladyboys (Fellatio) 6 - Simultaneous Oral Sex (69) with GGs Ladyboys 7 - Genital Intercourse GGs Pussy fucking (everything else SEX is by comparison) Ladyboys cock-to-cock frottage 8 - Anilingus giving and receiving GGs Ladyboys 9 - Ass Fingering of/by GG
  11. Winona Ryder is a Fucking Cunt! Can an LB be properly called a CUNT? I've never found that term appropriate for men, nor for Ladyboys. Except in one case where I was having a Foursome and one of the Ladyboys acted like a total CUNT. Even the other ladyboys were totally pissed off with her. I had to throw her out (and pay some cash)..... her veins were coursing with a toxic cocktail of hormones and N-methyl-1-phenylpropan-2-amine. She unfortunately passed away 18 months later. It took severe circumstances for her to warrant such a term. But GGs can definitely b
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