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  1. nice report so far Rom! waiting on more BKK news. and how about my favorite places in Pattaya..... KRU, Fantasy Lounge and 69? And how about the vibe of the girls? Jaded....angry....or bright and so happy to see the business and fun returning? (I know unfortunately the various LB places at Soi BBoom are no longer. How about the places above?) i dont have my Pattaya street creds of living there or having dozens of trips under my belt like others on this Forum..... but wasnt Buakhao the rockin place in recent years? I found by 2017 it had the best raw vibes for LB Lovers.
  2. it's only relevant with girls who are new to blow jobs.... the kind I would get in high school. After 5 or 6 times where they nic the guys cock they learn.
  3. OH WOWOWOW! I now write part II of my evening. I realize everything above was written with a negative feeling. This second girl was at my place within 1.5 hours of the prior debacle. She is a repeat..... from a girl I met 2 years ago. She is so feminine and pretty. Looking at their Tinder pictures.....they look comparable...Even with respect to penis size and functionality the prior date wins by miles....... But the vibe is the massive differentiator....as well as smell and softness touch and positivity. Did we ever click. She is so girl and such good vibes... we had the best time. I now feel totally satisfied and super high spirits. If I hadn't rectified the potentially failed night, I wouldn't have this orgasm high to carry w me for the next several days or even weeks! like I said in my earlier post in this thread....if a "date" goes poorly and we are at the intimacy stage of sex....I find that it can fuck up my vibe for the next few days and even longer. Yet the opposite is also true...a great sexual experience can leave me glowing for days and even weeks....especially lately as I mature. Damn! was it ever the right call to: 1. set up backups for the evening prior to meeting the first girl. Have a Plan A and also B and C at the ready. 2. correcting a bad night and making it good...or even great! tonight was total fun! A garbage dumpster fire replaced with a ride on a unicorn. and I think I might keep this little lassie around! lesson learned..... if a "date" isn't going right.... cut bait and exercise other options immediately.
  4. fuck I just had an encounter that failed. It wasn't a star fish.... it turned out to be a gay dude in a wig that couldn't speak English and the vibe was really not that great. And although attractive and fem looking.... the energy was not feminine. The feeling was not girl. And the behavior was really weird and not pleasant. So I did what Lance suggested...... and paid her/him and showed her the door quickly.... now I have texted another one to immediately fix this issue and have a Plan B girl coming in....... (my whatsapp phone just rang....gotta go)
  5. each of the badges and higher tiers of awards on LBR affords certain monetary benefits. I think once Rom achieved "Big Swinging Dick" status he had his 2022 travel budget covered.
  6. finally, all the pretty girls can get caught up on their Ernest Hemmingway study! the Professor is back!
  7. with the braces....she looks 32
  8. it's your money and more importantly, your time and energy. Definitely cut bait and move on.
  9. the young ones are spoiled.... particularly in Asia where customers will put up with that because she looks youthful. there are a few things help avoid this problem.... 1. try to target girls 21 and above. 2. spend time feeling them out before hand via go go bar or text messages 3. once it starts to get uncomfortable.... back up and just move to cuddling and heavy petting. In fact I'm always doing this because even with the "pros"....the more comfortable and horny you make them....the more they give you their best shag. 4. alcohol!! this last one is the trick every guy was taught since a young lad. Give them 2 or 3 drinks and just chill. WE even need it once in a while....whether it's to over look a double chin or stubble chin. Alcohol is lubricant of the ages. I find shitty or unsatisfactory rendezvous fuck up my vibe for days or even weeks.... just as great experiences uplift my vibe for days or even weeks after. So for me anyway, it's imperative to get it right. I always apply the above to every date. It's good you kicked her out quickly.
  10. I said sports. I know some try to include Golf and Bowling in that category. Just like some try to include Drag Queens in the category of Ladyboys. Drag Queens can keep going till their 50s! know what I mean?
  11. LBs over 40 is like professional sports stars over 40. Best to exit the pro game by early 30s.
  12. I think you may be projecting. Both the power bottom part and the piss part. i have an idea what a power bottom is.... because someone has bottomed and likes it doesnt make them a power bottom. i like anal stimulation....... I am a natural top that likes the additional physical pleasure of having my ass stimulated. someone who fantasizes about being a power bottom or passed around as a party bottom or being engaged in piss play should more actively pursue it. While keeping it safe..... go for it Rom!
  13. no offense taken on any of this. I'm totally cool with what I like and very aware of what gets me pleasure and tolerant with what others like and tolerant with myself too........ that's the definition of "cool". I'm a natural top.... and anal pleasure heightens my fun. With GGs.... I'm always top...100% of the time. I don't bother letting them peg me because I don't think its something they can really do. with LBs I use to be 100% top.... and now do both. I totally agree with the HIV factor. it's horrible. And so my rendezvous are careful and always with condom and not frequent for actually taking a cock in my ass. I might include PrEp into this but its not so easy to get. But whenever I can..... I have them playing with my ass with their fingers....tongue....and toys. And sometimes their dick. And my sexual experiences have gotten way better because of this! as the drummer at Spinal Tap said..... Have a Good Time, All the Time!
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