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  1. so many hot babes! thanks @Dan Miller
  2. do guys find that Rouge around the eyes attractive? it makes the girls look sick with a rash to me. I like the other Japanese decore.... but this one just ain't working for me.
  3. I gave most of them likes. Tons of camera effects for the China based girls.
  4. incredible that the Romscar Top Ten LB Bar awards have been going for 25 years! the bar owners need to give you some freebies for that. I totally agree with Cindy's Secret (I've only been to BKK). It has new energy and the girls are somewhat fresh (Cambodian and also their outfits). It's well managed too. And I had a great time there. I'm wondering about some bars from the past and how they did in prior rankings... Such as Surprise Yourself and also Fantasy Lounge.
  5. Actually Dad Bod is being charitable. Bill Gates has a Dad Bod. When I saw Talisha.... she was more like Homer Simpson Bod.
  6. thats a huge Rod Mr. Rom. the traditional place for Big Rod LBs use to be Casanovas.... but it's closed down now. I would NOT recommend Talisha at this point. I am probably the last lad to meet face to face with her and posted a picture. She is way way past her fresh date and her body has aged like a Dad Bod. There are some other oldsters out there like CoCo who use to be at Casanova and can be found on Thailfriendly.... she always up for rape with her big dong. I have an amateur that had a massive tool but she doesn't fuck for pay. But have been shagging her for 6 years now and the cock is always strong and thick! If you want big dongs..... come to the US or Latin America.
  7. in the middle getting hugged and cuddled and then later on in the night getting Eiffel Towered.
  8. Iain (Poseface) rest in peace. He was a nice guy who threw some really good underground parties with LBs at Why Not. I always had a good time there and it was always pretty chill and friendly.
  9. yes video and audio is the right way to go.
  10. Dude..... this belief that "society is stacked against women" is the scam that got pulled on people who just believe everything they are told without question. Women.... pretty much ALL believe it. The vast majority of men also believe it. I use to believe it too....it was what my schooling and tv and friends indoctinated me with and i never questioned it ever... so @seven honestly.... I don't blame you for believing that. Because we were ALL taught that. And it's PARTIALLY TRUE. It is stacked against women. Not the law necessarily...but society for sure is stacked against women and especially the business community. YET it misses the point that Society is stacked against men too in many very very important ways...and its completely stacked against men in the legal system (which is the point of reflecting on all these men being sued or charged with events decades ago)...... .....and everyone seems to overlooks these facts in society and the law. Pretty much all women overlook it and the vast majority of men overlook it. Most people point to metrics like.... "Women get paid less and make 70% of the earnings of men". "Women politicians are only 20% of the total"..... and so on (I made these numbers up........but you know what I mean). NOW LOOK AT THE MOST IMPORTANT METRIC. MEN LIVE 5 TO 9 YEARS LESS THAN WOMEN....depending on the nation. US is 6 years. Thailand is 9 years. And look at these metrics I have posted below that contribute to that in the US. These metrics are way more critical than a woman earning less than a man. And if you look away from these facts.... then you are just feeding the issue. Which I know.....we are ALL TRAINED to do. Suicides. Deaths at work. Jail sentencing. Domestic Abuse. Homelessness and the resources that go to male homelessness vs female homelessness. The result is Men live in more hardship and die earlier because men in societies are considered "expendable" Again.... I know this sounds like "belly aching" or whatever..... but these numbers are serious. And the reason it sounds like belly aching is because we have all been trained to believe men are expendable..... we as men perpetuate these problems.... just like women also perpetuate their problems. When men are killing themselves at 4x women and dying 6 to 9 years earlier... and men can be accused of anything by women in the media and in court just by uttering it....and men get 3x to 4x longer sentences for the same crime....... there is something seriously wrong. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL MENS DAY EVERYONE........WHICH WAS THIS PAST SUNDAY.
  11. holy shit SITH! Incredible prediction..... Fresh off the presses.... this comes out hours after the post about expecting more of these..... P Diddy.... for a alleged sexual assault 32 years ago in 1991. News came out this afternoon! https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/sean-diddy-combs-accused-another-woman-sexual-assault-abuse-rcna126521 #MenToo
  12. this is very much a reflection of the societal situation and legal situation of men. The law is stacked against men. Society is stacked against men. It's not considered "manly" to point these emerging aspects of inequality out....... but that's a part of the problem. Sometimes things go so far..... you have to call it out. Judge Kavanaugh of the US Supreme Court had to face the torture of a woman accusing him of 'jumping on her' during a college party decades earlier. It was brought up for the first time... at the most convenient and opportune time.... just as he was about to be appointed to the Supreme Court. It was 100% he said/she said....which of course it is decades later yet that met the bar to have that public circus..... in front of family and the world. She cried on TV. It was an affront to all people who have legitimate claims - that are dealt with on their own merits - and not when it's a convenient time. In most Western societies today, that's all it takes for arrest. No need to corroborate a statement..... if it's coming from the female. Whatever the female says against a male, that's the burden of proof. So now these guys who are wealthy or powerful are "targets". Because society and the law has changed. If it was true at the time..... then perhaps there would have been a claim at the time? or evidence at the time? Yet today it just takes saying it and then the media covers it and it's assumed to be true by the law and the burden is on the male to disprove it....which is antithetical of what Western legal systems are about..... because the basic assumption of Western legal systems is that you are innocent and the burden of proof is on the accuser. That means that men do not have the recognition of a 'person' in the eyes of the law and the courts because every 'person' is suppose to be afforded "due process". Again, i realize writing these things seem "unmanly" or "griping" or "uncool" or whatever. Yet I'm just pointing out something that has occurred in Western societies over the past 40 years. Men are expendable. And I'm not saying it's a big deal because it is the way it is...... what the fuck is anyone suppose to do about it???? ..... but expect more ridiculous situations like Kavanaugh and more rock stars accusations and famous people accusations. Like that Aziz Ansari dude..... who is a funny comedian.......where a girl went to his home and let him lick her pussy yet she claims she didn't want it!!!! ..... and she admits she never said that to him and went a long with it...... ........however she still went to media and claimed she got her pussy licked but in her mind....she didnt want it.......and they printed an article about it and his career got fucked for several years. #MenToo
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