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  1. Ok let me guess.....Big Mukda has the biggest cock. 2nd place goes to Dew. 3rd place to Beer. 4th Tew. Dan you probably know the answers.
  2. Pdoggg I see your Aunt T Jackie Piss on the Floor and raise you Aunt T Jackie Piss on da Baby. https://youtu.be/WKWcSpPiEu8?si=dyGwuDT9u3rU3dUm
  3. https://x.com/clownworld_/status/1785351745943843243?s=46&t=Ubqd9sScY00yGQunXba0ng
  4. Pdoggg how do you know about this DJ? she's very good.
  5. I've been with this one on the right.....brunette. It was a foursome.... three Obsessions girls (including this one) and The Sith. I highly highly recommend her. I can't remember her name but we were smooching like high school lovers all night. This picture doesn't do her justice. Her smile and face leave me breathless. She was super sweet. Her cock was ok.... could get hard .... it was not big. I find Obsessions girls are really well trained and always deliver a great time.
  6. 1712007212125.mp4 this is my schedule in a nutshell.... maybe skipping the Golden Shower part.... maybe.
  7. nice man.... send me a DM when your dates are known.
  8. thanks Zeppie! I had a crazy 2023 from personal side. And 2024 is going to be crazy from a work side. So it means less time to post. The banging pace is still good.... but not at the crazy pace I was hitting babes during the Covid Era where an entire universe of Western Trans babes opened up to The Sith. I'm thinking about how amazing those times were....... Covid was definitely the Best of Times and the Worst of Times for me... but mostly Best. Who will be in BKK over next few months?
  9. I use to be this way.... until I matured and realized "who gives a fuck". Life is meant to live.... on your own terms. Not for other. Especially for the approval or avoiding disapproval of strangers. Shame is such a paralyzing emotion. That's its purpose and why it's used in religion to keep people down. Today I was walking thru a Whole Foods near where I use to live in Tampa. It brought back great memories of how my local ladyboy dates would start..... the trans woman and I would head to the Whole Foods and stock up on supplies of food plus we would do a run of alcohol and other items. Usually early day because we would be hanging outside in my backyard naked with music and sun. The best part was walking thru the whole Foods loading up the cart with an obvious ladyman in high heals.....tons of make up.... giant tits....or tiny tits (nothing in between)......looking like a prostitute and in prostitute clothing......for everyone else to see who was shopping there...... and sometimes obvious that my companion was assigned male at birth for those that took a second look. The first time I did it I kind of wanted it to go fast and get out of there.... but then I started to enjoy it and have fun and not give a fuck. In my early days of LB whoring "walks of shame" in Patpong or Nana at 2am (or 5am during the old days when bars were open all night in BKK) ...... now gets imported to your home town where you live...... and now you are walking around with a sexy ladyboy in your arm shopping at 11am with her for cheese and wine and lemons in front of your neighbors is hilarious.
  10. PG are you generating these pictures with the help of AI and your horny mind?
  11. Holy fuck Nena is hot. Has anyone here banged her?
  12. The one thing about trans women.... some of them really like to embellish and it is alarm bells that "this is a man insecure about whether he can pass as a sexy woman". Giant Boltons and layers of caked on make up and ridiculous crazy colored contact lenses that make the person appear like an alien or zombie. I had this one Pinoy come over to my place and we met at a Starbucks..... I have to confess I was almost embarrassed to be seen with her it looked so ridiculous but I encouraged her to keep her sunglasses on. I took her to my place and she really had an amazing tongue that sucked my cock and licked my ass and balls.....which The Sith loves.... I didn't even bother taking off her clothing because there is nothing I wanted to see. I would repeat but for those eyes are so spooky.
  13. is it just me? or were Ladyboys at the bars in BKK hotter 15 years ago?
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