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  1. 420 in Thailand is tolerated but over past 12 years you have to be careful because people were lumping it in w Yaba. And so there was some negative sentiment and enforcement. But traditionally it's been tolerated well. There was a political party running in the elections in 2019 with the platform to legalize it. I remember you use to be able to go to Darling Turkish Massage in Bangkok and get the full special and buy a pack of Marlboros which were actually all 100% weed joints that were rolled to look exactly like cigarettes so you could travel any where with them. I would order two large beers.... a pack of Marlboros and one, or two, sexy GG whores and get the room w the hot tub and mirrors and smoke and drink and fuck. They stopped that action like 12 years ago because of heat. But every where in Thailand has a Reggae Bar or Rasta Bar where you can get weed and more. Phuket and Samui and everywhere. I find it way better than alcohol for just about everything....sex.... health... cock stamina.... fun....laughter..... etc..... i sometimes like the hairy ass bush too. Depending on how fucked i am.
  2. Rom, your analysis is devoid of real time metrics for the United States. first, covid has left a lot of people.....male and female financially strained. second, inflation is ripping thru the country. ergo, young women need support. especially in a big city. Extra cash from sharing their pussy is becoming more and more common and normalized amongst sexy university students.....and those that just joined the work force ....or just got laid off. third, it's not just about looks and cash with the ladies........it's about fun and good vibes. And that includes having a good sense of humor and adventure. I would not be bragging by saying that women end up having a great time with The Sith......and ultimately, that's what Western women want..... good feelings and fun. I deliver on that. And with respect to drugs and enforcement in the United States..... weed is now legal in most states and is rarely enforced anywhere else (you can go into stores and by it openly and smoke it in some clubs) and for posession, personal use is very rarely enforced for just about everything else like mdma or mushrooms........... unless you are talking about the Ghetto. You probably know all of this from your visits to the US........... but forgot. BTW.....There is WAY more risk with prostitution and particularly online sex for money ads in the US than w drugs. be Sanook and be excellent!
  3. the great thing about digital economy is that it empowers the poor. And so whores from the farms became their own brands.....if they were smart and could stay off the yaba. I think that USE to be the case..... but here is what has happened..... 1. because of the internet and because of more tolerance of Trans people..... younger people can start the path to transforming or whatever they are like recognizing they are non binary. Because there is info on the internet and social networks. In Isaan, this replaces the hair salon where young trans get their info. 2. as more and more trans and Traps flood the market....there is ONE TRUISM. MANY HAVE TO TURN TO TURNING TRICKS. Whether it's once a month or once a day.....most trans women anywhere in the world have to do some p4p because their identity is sexual and its more difficult for them to get regular jobs and their dream (to Transform) cost a lot of money. So there is a lot of supply now. You have to dig. And as you get older..... you have to have a relatively young vibe..... because these girls are usually pretty cool.
  4. the Golden Age of American Traps is coming soon..... id say in about 5 years you'll be able to order a sexy 21 year old sexy Trap to come to your room and suck your dick like an uber....after you found her on Twitter or whatever. It's becoming more and more common for guys in the US to be into trans.....at least secretly. And quality of talent is going up. The entire new generation is just becoming more slutty and fluid. All girls are now bisexual, and trans are getting popular, and probably dudes being more bi is the next thing. Probably a sign that the Apocalypse is coming soon. we are the canaries in the coal mine for that event. Devolving into rabid decadence decades ago!
  5. I agree with Rom that the Golden Age of LBs in Thailand was the early to mid 2000s. I can't believe the beauties and superstars back then and the fun attitude they had across the board. PG is right that a part of this relates to demand and supply and price action between the two...... but there is another critical factor..... which is The Internet! With the emergence of a pervasive internet, which occurred in the West in the mid to late 1990s and SE Asia several years later, Forums like this one sprouted and flourished, porn sites with specialties including Asian LBs emerged and SuperStars were born. Plus electronic communication which let guys make contact before trips with girls on the ground. i remember an email with pictures i got from Lusi Mustang when she first started out in the business. Young, energetic, she really looked like a horse ready to be bread and her youthful confidence exuded in her words to me. It made me want to jump on an airplane right away and fly to Bangkok to see her. I knew she was special and she emerged five years later as one of the premier SuperStars in BKK. I can say every time I had with her blew my mind and consisted of wild sex and drug fuled orgies at her condo that she afforded with the large amounts of cash she saved from being so popular. She was cool..... and fun. Those days really did feel like Lou Reed's song Take a Walk on the Wild Side. Banging sexy GGs.....mostly free, and some for pay, and then the occasional insanely wild experience with a foxy LB pulled from Pat Pong or Nana. That was wild for me back then. I'm so lucky I experiences this in my relative youth..... mature enough to take the courageous plunge to follow my desires and also have some money to do it. While being young enough to have a voracious appetite to give these wild vixens a romp that left them remembering me forever. Or at least for a decade. Because girls like Lusi Mustang, Jenny, Areya, Talisha, Noon and many others are the SuperStars from those days and they are a product of demand supply and also the emergence of the Internet. i see the same trends happening in America now..... its the Internet which has lifted the restrictions and lack of information for transgendered community in a market that was stifled to the point that girls didnt start to transform till late in their life. Gone are the days of a sissy deciding to put on a wig at the age of 40 and trying to attact guys. Gross. Trans in America today are well on track by 16, 18, or 22 for the late bloomers. Still not as early as Thailand or Philippines but a big improvement from where America was 20 years ago when most trans looked like they could play line backer for the NFL. a toast to the Internet and how much hot pussy it's produce for all of us!
  6. I have to admit..... it was some pretty funny stuff I read. Getting into peoples insecurities like that and then playing them like a cat playing w a ball of yarn.
  7. love Phoebe Cates..... always tried to get girls who looked like her when I was a teen. And then eventually discovered Asian girls.....that sometimes are similar. Taiwanese, American Born Chinese..... and some fair skin Thai and Philipinos can be similar.
  8. BTW...... @Rom when did you start calling LBs "he" instead of "she". there is a site that totally crashed (LB-69) because there was a BM who kept doing that....he kept calling the LBs "he" instead of "she"......but unlike you, he was trying to be antagonistic. He kept trying to attack all other BMs to question their "gayness" and it mind-fucked the entire board. The Mods refused to remove the antagonistic BM (I think his name was Boomdraw or something like that).....and BMs left in droves. I wasn't on the board to witness the psy-op carnage while it happened......but I read some of the old posts in the Forums and it was like a scene from an Apocalyptic movie where i felt like someone walking into a city that was once thriving yet you could read by the graffiti on the walls as to why the city became totally deserted. by the time I got there.....LB-69 was a shadow of its former self....almost empty..... and the graffiti showed that it was due to this antagonistic BM (who probably was questioning his own sexuality) used up a lot of time and energy to tease all the other BMs. does anyone remember this? I know you aren't trying to mind fuck guys here...... but words do matter.
  9. how about the Hitler and 007 Spoofs? if I didn't see the hanging balls....I would have sworn the ass on the sissy you posted belonged to a female. Round soft and perfect!
  10. sometimes it's an issue of girls won't let you take pictures of them. I found that a HUGE issue in the US and other neighboring countries. sometimes GGs let me snap them because they are not 'spectacles' like trans are in the West. But none of the LBs/Trans allow it and not easy even with full on p4p hardened whores. but don't let me dissuade anyone from getting pictures and I applaud PG for pushing for more cock-n-face pictures. Rom..... let's get those snaps going. like a human centipede!
  11. After the Covid disruption.......I started banging LBs/Trans/Traps again in Sept/Oct 2020 at a ferocious pace and then took it into high gear of a combo of GGs and LBs/Trans/Traps by Q1 2021 so that by March 2021...... I had regained my vibe again and this whole covid lockdown mental jail shit was way behind me. I did pay local US rates for amateurs....which is about 3x to 5x of what Thailand Pros charge and about 1/4 to 1/2 the rate of local US Pros charge (l was paying amatuers and semi amatuers 350 to 800 for 10 to 15 hours of fun times)..... but totally worth it. The reason being is because I was able to break free from all this covid negativity and trepidation by just going back and doing what I loved to do.....even if airflights to Thailand stopped and quarantines and visa technicalities were prohibitive. to break from that depressive pall is worth any price for me. and i kind of dig the new variations of sluts im encountering in the West. i am thinking of visiting Thailand this summer because its so great. But the p4p LB aspect is not a major driving reason. Because im getting young, sexy, and super interesting poon at home.
  12. that skill is gained from years of shitting in a dark stink hole and using a plasic ladle full of mosquito larvae infested water to clean your ass. you can take the sissy out of the farm but cant take the farm out of the sissy.
  13. this is some of your best work yet Rom. keep pump' sissy boys with botched circumcisions and pumping pages on the type writer and you will eventually regain your "Flow State". to quote Ernest Hemingway: "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."
  14. all the girls I met at Fantasy are bad news.... and I like that. my mate has his wallet picked when he brought one of the bigger cock residents of Fantasy over to his house. And for me.... i got raped by Sandy 7 times in one night. It was traumatic.
  15. I love Laos girls who LOVE what they are doing!!! shame about the boltons. But the rest of the look is sweet and from what you say....the attitude is right on the money! love these sexy babies!!!
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