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  1. Very astute comment. How could a prejudice person be accepting of the LBs they sleep with, or even themselves for their life style choices? Answer: Probably they cant. (Above has nothing to do with Jimbo. I dont know him. I've been to his bar. Some nice girls hes got there. And a lot of people speak super respectful of him. So I tip my hat)
  2. Hey RxPharm....how have you been doing? I met CRAG a while back in Pattaya at the LBWVB event. We shared a few Moosehead Lagers!
  3. Look at the schlong on this one...... who said Chinese have rice dicks. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e64de4a18d71
  4. Can you do a live stream of opening day for us guys trapped at home?
  5. Hey Stoolpusher..... you are my hero man! Running an LB massage in Pattaya!
  6. Awesome Delerious and Swing. Some segments in Thailand really need help. Rice and Milk for kids. Please help how you can.....spend the mongering money you would have normally spent over past 2 to 3 months to donate money for food.
  7. Sexy. Does she have a cock?
  8. Vaccine....... that's fucking hilarious. As if we have a vaccine for any other virus this quickly. Traditional vaccine development is a long and complicated process. Only about 6% of vaccine candidates are eventually approved for public use, and the process takes 10.7 years, on average.
  9. The-Sith


    I know guys in Sweden who had it. They said they thought they were going to die.
  10. Yes same girl everytime..... in ONE night.....all the way to Morning. Insatiable and non stop loads. She just shoved my head down in the pillow and kept raping me. It was a total humiliation as I am usually dominant, and could barely penetrate her even once that evening. The whole floor at the Pattaya Hilton must have heard my yelps for help...... but no one did a thing. When we showered in the morning, I curled up into a ball and watched blood swirl down the drain along with my dignity. You can read about it in one of my trip reports in PY site called "The Last Jaidee" It was Sandy from Fantasy Lounge. What a foxy alien bad ass. Every man should get to experience being raped at least once in their lives. It puts things in perspective.
  11. I've seen men go there and get raped and have their money stolen. For example........... me. I got raped. 6 times in one night. and LordJim, he had his money stolen. That's why it's so good.
  12. The best I've done w BoBo is jacked off to the hot wisps of hair on her asshole. Sexy!
  13. Fucking LB pop stars is the next level! I was just joking about them pushing the envelop.....obviously a horny dude w good splicing skills made this video. A brilliant idea bc it pushes all our buttons.....cute sexy Asian babes....plus cocks.
  14. Start a thread and post some here. Plus the videos!
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