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  1. first of all, 40% of the global money every printed in the history of the planet was printed in the past 18months. Gas prices have doubled in the US and that's just the start. Some people measure inflation in bread and milk. Some in gas prices. Some in ass and pussy. anticipate radically increased pricing every where.....for every thing. as for payments.... I prefer ONE really AMAZING LT experience, instead of 10 MEDIOCRE STs. Part of it is as QuiteGuy said...I'm getting older. I don't need to nail 2 or 3 girls in a day. even 1 per week or a few per month is good. But I never want to have a shitty experience or even a mediocre one. And the three things that guarantee The Sith having an amazing experience each and every time: 1. select the right girl with the right attitude and the right chemistry with me 2. show them a dope time...I.e. dress well....look good...smell good....be super cool and romantic and creative for fun. They want to have fun too. for my last girl I got a stack of $1 bills and started making it rain on her NonBinary ass.... it was so dope. 3. pay more. I pay about 30% to 50% above market including the tip. So I incentivize girls from the get go to give me all they got. as for inflation...... you are just seeing the start.
  2. at least everyone is smiling and on their best angel behavior
  3. sexy Irene! i wonder what these girls are doing now? can anyone volunteer to track one or two down and do a WHERE ARE THEY NOW trip report?
  4. thanks for the Trip Down Memory Lane! I think The Sith from 15 to 20 years ago appreciated the feminine and soft beauty of Noon and Anny back then. But now I am into more no nonsense Filthy party girls who are about no holes barred good times.....so I would take Jenny and Talisha based on my taste today (but going back in time to get the girls back then). I think a deformed fat Talisha of today is way too twisted for The Sith.
  5. Annie was one of my best experiences back then...... until I went next door and met Noon....and then went down the street and met Jenny. And later Talisha and then butterfly over to Nancy (I held her massive tool but was too afraid to barfine her so I gave her some rednotes for the experience..... like tourists in LOS do when they get a picture taken patting a huge elephant trunk). I may have even bedded Yo. Not sure. But I do remember Jo Jo almost raping me in Casanova. It was closed and her and I were the last left in the bar and she was blocking the door for my exit. This is the older Jo Jo who was less appealing and also more relentless. That was my LB #metoo experience...... if I don't count all the times girls grabbed my cock and ass and tried to put hands down both sides of my pants outside various establishments. I still have nightmares. But back to Annie.....what a cock! And what elegance! She was a girl who you could take to a high society LA cocktail party and everything would be copacetic....so long as she kept her mouth closed. Totally natural and good vibes and great fashion too. You have to give props for LBS who dress like a lady in an evening gown instead of a slut in jeanshorts and bikini top every single time. If Annie was a gay boy with a wig.... then it's like my best times are with gay boys with wigs because Lusi Mustang.....another vixen from that Era.....was also a gay boy w a wig......I can say she was probably my most fun score back in the day. One point that I disagree Rom..... I doubt you would have a romp with the modern day Talisha. I met her a few years ago for drinks and we talked about the old days. Bars were closing and I had enough drinks to make even a second rate overweight ladydrink waitress look good. But as you know Mommasans become Mommasans for a reason. No one wants to fuck them anymore. If you feel nostalgic....go beat off to her picture because the nostalgia will lead to trauma otherwise.
  6. VIVA ERNESTO! In my books, he is the Babe Ruth and Pele of LB Mongers. Number that will never be beaten. Pele bagged 1,279 goals in 1,363 games. Ernesto bagged more two-hole pussy than anyone. Just his Sri Lankan or Malaysian output likely destroys The Sith“s total global numbers. What possesses a single man to such heights of excellence??!!??........not only ripping thru countless fresh pussy in unbeaten tracks of land.....but to document it with photos (during a time when 1 photo took minutes to upload on the internet) and write detailed reports in English, which is not a language he spoke (from my understanding). It's like comparing output by football players today in their light aerodynamic low cut cleats to the output of guys 70 years ago wearing steel toe heavy work boots on the pitch. Hey Rom.....do you think we can have Ernesto come out of hiding..... roll up to the podium with whatever contraption he is utilizing to help his mobility.....to accept this award? I will get my hanky ready to listen and weep to his acceptance speech. Who met this wonder?
  7. Alright! I just got a ”Walking ATM” Badge. It's about time I got a pat on the back for being such a gullible Mong.

  8. the Golden Age of Thai LBS! The internet was making LBS blow up in popularity and all these sexy superstars emerged. And I didn't feel the popularity got to any of the girls heads.....at least the ones that I shagged on this panel of thumbs. .........but the one that I bet none of us hit yet....and she is the hottest of them all.... MIRAN.
  9. I told Kendo that Toey would win because Toey DEFINITELY is the most feminine dancer. She basically is channeling a sexy American black woman. Kendo said he didn't like her because of the tattoos I think. But I had shagged her the night before and I already knew the sex twerk moves she was going to unleash for victory. I busted out a stack of papes (only 20 bhats).... and started making it rain on the stage with her ass twerking in the air! The other girls almost slipped on the bills on the floor. Black Strip Joint Style in Pattaya Baby!
  10. Kendo is a stud. I met him once or twice. it was KRUs when he was the judge of a dance off by two bars......and my pick....the girl I had fucked the night before....ended up winning: the sexy TOEY prior to the Boltons. Kendo was in a Grey suit and pink tie and his patented blonde spikey hair. he saw me with Toey and First dancing on a table with me sandwiched between these two sexy girls who have each known me intimately that week. And while I was in between these two sexy girls he gave me a fist bump....which is endorsement that he knows what it's all about: ”having a good time all the time and not giving a fuck what others think”.... that's Kendo. It took a TON of balls to get on international TV and declare what makes him happy, eventhough it probably cost him with people back home. RESPECT TO KENDO FOR THAT. Where the hell is he now?
  11. love that story Rom. it takes a horny bastard to know one. Covid got so bad.....some of us actually had to shag women our own age. GROSS!
  12. by the way......I also like the stories of Bible Study infiltration to get ladyboy action. it's also like Willard going into the jungle and then getting discovered for his motives
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