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  1. Some of these are personal preferences but here are the reasons these have been working: 1. Stay away from escorts In the West (US mainly), the quality of escorts is so poor compared to Asia. Clock watching, jaded hustlers who work with American clients with extremely low standards because its a society where whoring is taboo (compared to Asia where it is a time honored tradition and maintains certain minimum standards of service). Escorts in West have never been a comfortable experience for me. No feeling there. 2. Go with amateurs and semi amateurs Many webs
  2. 8/10 times in West and 9.5/10 times in LOS I rock it out. Two key pieces for that. Most important is playing full out on my side. I bring a girl my A Game and I get her A Game. Pretty simple way to maximize chances.
  3. There is an old saying...... any problem that can be solved with money is not a problem. They key is wheher a reasonable amount of money can solve the problem and unlock that pussy hole. I just got one 19 year old Latina who I paid 660.... and I want to see her again and she is asking for more money. Not half the quality of this piece of sexy Trap Ass in the picture above. I'm predicting 1.5k will seal the deal.... but I don't feel good paying about 900. Remember, this is America.... not Myanmar.
  4. Yes, The Sith had been snared by a number of Tender Traps! I'm finding these rules for Traps (western Lbs).... 1. Stay away from escorts 2. Go with amateurs and semi amateurs 3. Avoid the young ones....18 to 23 4. 24 to 33 is good.... my best hits have been 26 to 30. 5. Latinas and Asians rule!
  5. The good thing is you can score some of these sexy Traps. Trap a Trap. Here is one of those Western OnlyFans Twitter Traps that I am working on right now. Haven't closed yet. My target is that pert little asshole on the last picture.
  6. I think that's the finest Rom (Sargent) work I have read. Your zest for LB meat is unbridled. I can't believe you didn't take them both and let them run a train in your mouth in the Casanova toilet. The Sith's earlier stories also gave the LB p4p pseudonyms. But I stopped that silly safeguard when I realized a single story on the internet could by a girl a designer bag that year from the extra business the free advertising they got. In terms of Superstars, it doesn't get much better than Taliaha (or Jelisha.....or Schmalisha). She had the hottest Bush of any Ladyboy. And lots of conf
  7. Twitter, and other media were censoring him for many reasons, including his claim that there was election fraud. As dangerous as it is to make that assertion if it's not true, it's SIGNIFICANTLY more dangerous to cover it up (I'm not saying there was election fraud). That's why we have freedom of speech. I guess just like Pence who chose US systems over his political allegiance, I'm chosing US freedom over my political allegiances.
  8. PS..... Every BM here should also detest discretionary censorship. Right?
  9. As much as I personally despise Trump, it's un-American to censor and block free speech. To me it's very suspicious that he gets blocked when he attacks the system.... but calling for violence against Iran or some other situation is not censored. silicon Valley and 90% of the US media is censoring him and attacking him at every turn and NEVER covering positive things Trump has accomplished......like notabley he never started a war!! Even when he fought for $2000 for American people the media criticized him! There is very real evidence of a coordinated effort to shut up the guy w
  10. What about their cute assholes? And I agree, those natural hormone breasts are the greatest ever. She is very special.
  11. Thanks for the pictures. I love that damn bush. She was at Mercury for a while in Nana.... but you probably knew that. as for the penetrate part, I was very wasted and we were fooling around. I asked her to try to fuck me and she put on a dome. But couldn't get it in. So we fooled around. Then during that whole thing she got it in partially WITHOUT a dome. And I was pissed. And of course I freaked out about HIV... but it was OK.
  12. Thanks Rom, I definitely remember pealing out one or two loads to this lovely lass. I'm surprised you never ended up wedding one of these beauties. Wonder where they are now.
  13. Nice stories man...... and selections on the ladies. Talisha was the first to penetrate me...and she did it without my consent and sans dome. I was much younger back then. And I got pissed off when it happened that it wrecked our liason. She sure was a smoking momma with a big tool and big passion. I met her again in 2018 and we had a few drinks together. She is no longer skinny I can report. I would have loved to have been your intern towel boy back then. You could be taken pictures while I towelled the ladies and brought everyone water. Just like Bobby Boucher.
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