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  1. I dont see the point of being with Trans women unless you explore the full offering of their trans experience. i definitely value the Trans energy and fun they bring to the experience as a women..... but totally slutty and up for a wild good time....ALL THE TIME..... that trumps what GGs can usually offer. Yet Trans have a cock too. And to explore that it means sucking it and getting fucked by it. With GGs I can do everything else that involves topping a hole......and I definitely prefer real vagina to the poop shoot when topping GGs or LBs. its just my humble opinion..... but if you are going to be with a trans.... sucking them and getting fucked by them is one of the fundamental aspects of the experience. Otherwise you are missing out on the full "Trans Experience"
  2. A. for physical beauty I am usually picking GGs. B. for pussy vs dick/ass .... I like my cock in a warm juicy GG pussy better. C. for fun and good energy and having a wild time, LBs ALL THE WAY!!!
  3. listen to PG on his last suggestion regarding girls on Thaifriendly. They want cash.... not texts. It's an extension of the advice I gave you. countless guys never act upon their fantasies and just masturbate at home to ladyboy porn and get off on endless texts to thaifriendly girls. And then a portion of those guys actually take the leap and get with ladyboys for real. LBs only want the latter.
  4. the only real research is "Experiential Research"..... clicking a mouse is not that. buy a plane ticket and start scoring some katoey poontang for real.
  5. Good decision Rom. Otherwise if you had been soft on this decision..... people would start wondering if she was the only one who was castrated!
  6. @Rom it's simple..... when the clothes start to come off.... you tuck your dick between your legs and tell her you also got your dick chopped off. Watch her run like Clarice did when she witnessed the lambs being slaughtered. Then it's problem solved. She looks like the bad guy.
  7. that's a great way to increase the fun and decrease the expenditure using gamesmanship. i learned this secret when i took home a super passable post op in Singapore who never told me she was an LB..... and i didnt figure out until 2 hours of being naked and having sex with her.... she was amazed i figured it out. Because she was so passable. But i kept trying to fuck her in the ass and she would get furious with me. "I have pussy now...i don't fuck my ass". But the entire drunken night to morning was me trying to bury my dick in that poop shoot. Now that you have gone back to basics.... of the Rom of 2000..... you have your answer on what to do with this girl. Finger her ass.... lick her ass....smell her ass.... fuck her ass.... cream pie her ass. (and write in green marker on her ass)
  8. are you sure her name starts with a "P" or with a "C"?
  9. if you want to protest the snip..... the most sophisticated way as a guy who truly understands ladyboys is to only fuck her in the ass. 1. when kissing ..... finger her in her ass...ONLY. 2. when you have the panties off.... open her legs and eat out her ass....ONLY. 3. get her ass wet and fuck her ass....ONLY! and during No. 2..... when you first get a glimpse of her new pussy.... show a "micro expression" of horror and naseua and maybe let out an "ewwee!" but make it a micro expression and then recover by saying "wow it's so beautiful..... I like!" .......and then turn her over and eat her ass hole.
  10. can she wear a strap on dildo and you just suck it for old times sake? at least she would know how to work that tool.
  11. ditch that shit. look at that cock in the picture.... so nice! the chop is blasphemy. what would a normal guy do if his GG date showed up with a cock between her legs? he would run, or slap a hoe. and what would she do if you showed up with a pussy? You would be laffed out and thrown to the curb.
  12. @poesface looking great! You should charge lads to be a part of those beach excursions.... maybe 3 or 4 lucky lads who could add significantly to the budget and contribute to the excusion budget...more more food and drinks etc.... but any budget I personally contribute cannot go for 0.0% beer.... sorry sir. by the way.....who are these two beauties? actually PLUS the red head on the right.... three beauties in the front.
  13. I met Dixon Cox in Pattaya....... solid chap with a clean shave. Definitely no relationship to the Apeman/Cowboy. could Nonglee be Abba123?
  14. @nonglee basically there were various episodes of Homosapiens interbreeding with Neanderthals and other hominids over the past few hundred million years BC. There was a period of time between 2000 and 2008 AD that various Homosapien Ladyboys (and some genetic girls) interbreaded with Apeman. We dont know for sure whether the sperm and egg of an Apeman and a Human female can match and what came of it..... but we are lucky that Ladyboy Homosapiens do not have wombs. Because we avoided an entire new species that could have resembled the salt-sucking, shape-shifting furry humanoids from Star Trek. ILLUSTRATION OF APEMAN'S ILLEGITIMATE LOVE CHILD FROM 2003 (UNCONFIRMED)
  15. @nongleeyour feeling is wrong. She is a prostitute.... moreso she did porn. She wants attention. Even if its just for customers. Anyone who wants privacy would have avoided getting a film distributed on the internet of themselves having human-to-sasquatch sex. lucky for us that LBs cannot get preggo.... or we would all be doomed. See below.
  16. @nonglee this is a super hot ladyboy.... never met her but she looks very good. I think if you can find the Apeman you will be able to find some clues to this lovely lady's whereabouts. The Apeman was kicked out of Thailand for various infractions and thus lost his visa privileges. Sightings have been reported of him lumbering through the forests of British Columbia, Oregon and also some pub sightings in Germany. You find him.... you can find this beauty.
  17. yes, good memory Rom. The match between Sandy vs The Sith.....I likened to the trouncing Germany gave Brazil..... 7 to 1 for Germany at the 2014 World Cup. But actually that first night we met......I scored nothing that evening when a sexy short haired Sandy topped me 7 times in a row. I didn't even fuck her once. It was a succession of bum blasts till late morning. So our match was more like the humiliation that Supreme Leader Kim Jing Il felt getting reamed 7 to 0 by Portugal in 2010. Sandy looks like an alien creature. And she goes around giving anal probes to unsuspecting visitors.
  18. I notice at 1:34 in the video the woman starts talking about Pyongyang....so I guess they were also rating LB Forums too? reminds me of this video.... (maybe its fake....but cant put anything past North Korea) where they reported that North Korea defeated Brazil in soccer. https://youtu.be/VaBOZspv9m4
  19. hey Snoop! yes i still have to write the next two parts to this thread and post some pics. Plus I'll be seeing this girl again!!! She is a total keeper. Its just that i have been travelling and havent had a chance to put pen to paper. when are you going to Lisbon?
  20. that's worth 14 drinks fo'sure
  21. what's "PSE" mean? having 14 drinks and walking into Casanovas was how i got into this entire Ladyboy scene. My first LB was an accidental pick up in Patpong of what I thought was a petite girl.....after 14 drinks. My next LB was an intentional LB pick up of a cherub I almost fell in love with at Casanovas after 14 drinks.
  22. JoJo and I were the last two people left at Casanova well after last call. She blocked the door and wouldn't let me leave. Since I only had 7 drinks in me. ... I was able to avoid rape. But if I had 14 drinks... this 40-something "experienced" vixen might have gotten her way.
  23. yah.... anytime Ive asked to snap a picture or even tried to sneak one in during this Western Covid romp....the girls feel creeped out. My last bang.... I wanted to snap a picture of the trans in a bikini and she said "after I know you better". Forget nude....even clothed they are hesitant. Notice most of the posted pictures on Forums are from years ago.
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