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  1. Best I can tell they no longer staple the TM6 to your passport at the airport. They just stick it in between a couple of pages. Much easier to lose if not paying attention.
  2. xyzzy


    Yes which is why I drink ale in the US. I wouldn't touch the lawn mower beer I drink here in SE Asia back home. Lawn mower beer = so light and with so little taste it's great to pound down a few after mowing the lawn. Sorry
  3. xyzzy


    I never liked a beer that had so little taste it needed a lime to be drinkable. Another year another disease. Seems like every year these days.
  4. I suggest you just say 700 baht in English as if she then starts to bargain with you in Thai you might not know what the hell she is saying. I usually pay the street girls 1000 in BKK so I guess I'm a LDOP (Lame Dupe Over Payer).
  5. I like the well equipped type. Teya, Wave, Pokky, Mona and Bell were all big to damn big. Mona is on TF a fair amount. An unpaid member can't visit her profile unless she is online as she is listed as a "popular member" (no pun intended).
  6. I agree with this, sometimes. Last winter Katty had a large number of LBs equipped as I like them. I sampled the wears of a number of LBs. For the most part all but one of them no longer works there. I have less interest on what is on offer now so I have become another one that just hangs out and chills at the bar with some of the non monger type.
  7. That wouldn't work in the US I think. But prices are so low in the US now no hassle is required.
  8. I first saw the US$ fall below 30 on the street March 1, 2008 (I left for Cambodia that day). It's happened a few times since then but usually seems to recover in a few days/weeks/ months. It was about 28.5 for a brief period in early 2013.
  9. I've been using 20 baht notes when I don't have anything smaller for the last 14 years and that one time I mentioned is the only time I ever had a problem. I probably use 20 baht notes about 1/3 of the time. I've used a 50 a couple of times but usually have something smaller. Saw someone use a 100 a few days ago. Old story, an expat friend of mine was showing a newbie around. The newbie tried to pay the baht bus with a 1000 baht note. The driver took the note and could be heard laughing as he drove off with the the note. Funny newbie story if it didn't happen to you. But I don't think I was ever naive enough to consider giving a driver a big bill. Sorry I'm dragging this thread off topic. Back to TJ's stuff and/or maybe put this stuff in another thread.
  10. In the US quality doctor prescribed generic Viagra 100 mg is about US$1 per pill if you use a high volume pharmacy and use a GoodRX coupon. If the US go to goodrx.com and enter the required info and see what price is available in your area. When I do refills I have to call the pharmacy and tell them I want 30 and not to use my insurance. My insurance will pay for the generic stuff bit only six pills a month.
  11. That has been the theoretical payment scheme for almost as long as I can remember. But I never go past Klang from Jomtien. And I can remember when a regular baht bus ride cost a farang 10 baht and Thai only paid five baht. They toyed with making it 15/5 instead of raising the Thai fair. I got on a bus once on top the hill coming from Jomtien and got off in front of the VC Hotel (shorter ride). I stick a 20 baht bill in the cab window and the driver starts to take off with the bill and my arm. I said something unpleasant, he said something unpleasant, then he gave me my 10 baht change and drove off.
  12. Except for the last week when it's been back to the old ways. Must have been something special for what happened a couple of days ago.At one point at one K-Bank booth had up paper signs with the name of the currency but no paper signs showing the rates.
  13. The US$ was back up to 30.06 at TT Exchange yesterday (from 29.64). Down a little now at 30.03 but it was a rapid recovery.
  14. I use a MagicJack. Since I use it as my main home phone the party on the other end sees my call as coming from my real number regardless of where I call from..
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