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  1. I only use bottled water as I'm lazy. 7-11 has 12 packs of 600 ml 7-11 Select water for 59 baht. The same 12 packs of Singha or Nestle water are 65 baht.
  2. I have flown into Thailand without an outbound ticket. But it has been some time ago.
  3. The ramblings of someone that only became a football fan in the last decade who likely has no idea... I'm no CR7 fan but Zlatan makes him look like a humble guy. Zlatan sure bounced around to a lot of clubs. He only had more than 100 appearances for one club (PSG) toward the end of his European career. Maybe health as I don't know. Just that really good players don't usually seem to bounce all over the place. I don't remember the World Cup in Mexico. However no matter when you became a football fan it's impossible not to know about "The Hand of God". He was an absolute arrogant disaster as the manager of Argentina when the team needed help. Amazingly stupid shit poured out of his mouth. But I guess if you have been worshiped by an entire country for 30 years you probably think your shit doesn't stinks. And he was a great one no doubt. Sadly I wasn't a football fan for most of his career. To me his career is a red card. Completely not fair of course. But I missed most of the good parts. And now back to those that know better than I...
  4. Is the Bier Garten still there? I thought it went the way of the tunnel behind the old CIB. But I don't go to BKK much. Last time I was in there weren't very many ladies. The Street View is only 16 months old so probably is still there: https://www.google.com/maps/@13.7417725,100.5550422,3a,75y,259.81h,87.97t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1suZ7pJCGIS833JqYuYoqO3g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  5. (IMO) He is a great scorer in a US Pro league that doesn't have one team that likely would not get relegated in the EPL. Would be interesting to see him play against some real competition. I don't think his body is up for the challenge. And of course he is a total asshole.
  6. xyzzy

    Party Time.

    Lilly took a near perfect body and filled her ass up with silicon.
  7. I guess the baht fell a bit more yesterday. If it hadn't fallen I would have been momentarily dazed and confused. My debit card has a US$1000 limit. I did a 30k baht (+220 baht fee) ATM withdrawal. I checked my bank account later and it was $999.88. It wasn't far from my limit that would cause a rejection of the transaction. But I did get caught on the wrong side a VISA FX currency rate swing. I would have done better with a cash rate. But it's worth it, for me, not carrying cash. In the US the limit on the inheritance tax was raised a couple of times. So not as big a problem for us.
  8. The Base sort of seems to have started that trend in Pattaya. A one bedroom is 30 sq m. This is the living room:
  9. Still a good place to check the rate of the big exchange houses in Bangkok: http://bankexchangerates.daytodaydata.net/default.aspx And the best place to exchange the USD might not be the best place for the Euro and Pound. TT Exchange in Pattaya usually posts their morning opening rate on Facebook.
  10. I guess some people have a problem with Nidcha but I go in from time to time. Katty Bar is a better place to just hang out IMO. I can go alone and likely end up chatting with some other guys. Nidcha, just for drinking, is probably better done with a group of guys. Last trip I did end up getting a few crazy/weird Russians on the baht buses coming back to Pattaya late night from Jomtien. Makes the trip home a bit less enjoyable on occasion. The USD, on the street, is still barely hanging in above 30. I've seen below 30 on the street before (first time 2008). But that is nothing compared to the mess the ₤ and € are in at the moment. I guess the dollar would have to be down around 25 for me to feel that pain.
  11. I one again have to draw the distinction between those of us that are and are not in a permanent relation ship with a LB. I will likely go to Katty Bar a number of times during the up coming trip. But I don't go because the beer is 60 baht. But in cheap charlie mode KINK is a rare example of a GoGo where I actually go that doesn't have a cheap draft. But even KINK is a lot better some nights than others.
  12. xyzzy

    Rugby World Cup

    Is that possible?
  13. I think most of the popular girls will probably move on. The Spot was great for what it was (FL hangout). But I don't see it as a great destination bar. Could be wrong I guess.
  14. xyzzy


    Wasn't sure I would ever stay there because of the price but if I did that would be the one of the three buildings I wanted to stay in. So now guess I don't like all three...
  15. I agree, he was a comedian back then also. I thought he might be president some day.
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