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  1. xyzzy

    Gentleman's Clubs

    Pat in the place on Xzyte gives a good BBBJCIM. Eyemalk turned me on to here. There is one on Lengkee closer to 3rd Road. Another French connection I think as I saw Kiki from Surprise Yourself inside catting with a couple of others in French. There are at least two on Soi Chaiyapoon. The Den which I have never been inside. I tried one night at about 10:45 and they we already closed. The guy that bought Maggie May Bar has turned it into a gentleman's club. The bar hasn't changed in the front but the back has couches and curtains. He claims to still have Guinness but was out the one time I went in.
  2. xyzzy

    Surprise Yourself Bar.

    It's a bad price if you are having a sober night out. The Schwepes is 50-60 baht at most places (this offer not valid at gogos). But with today's prices 140 seems reasonable. I have a regular LB at Surprise Yourself. I give her 'the look' when I walk in and she follows me in.
  3. xyzzy

    Immigration Woes

    That is a miracle.
  4. xyzzy

    Surprise Yourself Bar.

    As many as I have bought I surprised myself by not knowing how much they cost.
  5. xyzzy

    Eateries in Pattaya

    The only beverage I saw on sale in the food court was water. Did I miss a soda stand somewhere? Is it OK to bring in your own drink?
  6. xyzzy

    Biggest Cock At Each Ladyboy Bar

    Polla isn't big, she is huge. Biggest one I have ever seen and 2nd place isn't close. Disclaimer: I've never been with Nancy or Jasmine.
  7. xyzzy

    Cheap Charlie Chronicles

    There are some decent apartments on the east side of Third Road for around 5k. A little out of the way. But with P4P sois now extending to 3rd Road not that far. I think the Europeans are getting hammered by the exchange rate. However the dollar has dropped 4% since I got here two months ago. Still not as bad as EU but one is never happy to see this. Since I almost never watch/read any news while here I have no idea what is going on with the US dollar.
  8. xyzzy

    Name That Shot! Pattaya

    Well I guess there are others then. This one is on Soi 6/1 which I stroll once in a while.
  9. xyzzy

    Name That Shot! Pattaya

    This one could be hard or could be easy. There still is at least one fish tank shop, where the fish eat the dead skin off ones feet, in Pattaya. Where is it?
  10. xyzzy

    Soi Buakhao Watch!

    I went to the new location of Pim Stars Bar last night and it was less than exciting. Although lots of places are slow. Too many NYE hangovers I guess. But that beer bar complex is a tomb. I heard a rumor second hand that Sensations was going to move to the old Pim Stars Bar location, right on Buakhao, at the front of Action Street.
  11. xyzzy

    Soi Buakhao Watch!

    I just talked to one of the girls downstairs. I asked when they plan to pave and she said "after new year". So who knows?
  12. xyzzy

    Soi Buakhao Watch!

    The potholes may come back soon if they don't pave Soi Chaiyapoon soon. So far they removed the old surface down to it's base gravel layer and have done nothing else since early in the week. It rained a little yesterday and parts of the soi were a muddy mess. A hard rain would be a very bad thing.
  13. Fidelity's limit is $500 a day. See section 4.1: https://www.fidelity.com/bin-public/060_www_fidelity_com/documents/PDF_Fidelity_Check_Card_Agreement.pdf
  14. xyzzy

    Party Time.

    Yes Jimbo's and the New Bar party (26th) will likely draw a good crowd and many will attend both parties. I will probably be elsewhere and get up to TJs on a quieter night. Last night was the first night some places were actually crowded. Super high season hasn't been so super this year. And I look forward to things getting back to normal in 10-12 days.
  15. xyzzy

    Soi Buakhao Watch!

    Not sure this is the proper thread but Soi Chaiyapoon/Pothole is being redone as I write this.