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  1. Villa Markets in Thailand, as well as the grocery store in SM Mall in Angeles City, have been using pseudo plastic bags for years. I have no idea how effective they are at breaking down but do feel a bit different than regular plastic bags.
  2. And it's my birthday. At least I wasn't born on Friday the 13th.
  3. The airport named U-Tapao (ohh-ta-POW) is closer to Pattaya than Swampy but is still a bit of a drive. Likely easier than going to Swampy though. It was a US airbase during the Vietnam war and now is a joint Thai military air base and commercial airport. Bangkok Air has been flying the route for many years. But BKK Air generally flies prop planes on the route (limited overhead space, baggage weight limits and small seats) so the AirAsia A320 jet is a big improvement. https://www.google.com/maps/place/U-Tapao+Rayong+Pattaya+International+Airport/@12.7515719,100.8984383,11z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x3102f35c71017db9:0xc7fc7c2de86367c2!8m2!3d12.6745261!4d100.9980048
  4. Stephen Colbert had a very funny show on Comedy Network before he got the ex Letterman gig. When he was on Comedy Network he sometimes expressed/made fun of liberals and sometimes conservatives. What he is now on Late Night I have no idea because I never watch it. But after all he is just a comedian.
  5. I believe she lives in Australia these days.
  6. Needs to work on the pronunciation jalapeƱo. Is Mexican food popular in his home country? Since I like my burgers naked maybe I won't like this place. My waistline would appreciate that.
  7. I'm going to try and steer the conversation over to this thread instead of the TJ's thread. I was thinking the other day when Jimbo was at C&D and TJ's he had a Thai LB/GG to "run" the LBs (Ning Nong and Em). Wonder if Cindy can help/perform in this role? Or is just a partner in the business. Would make sense if Cindy is up to the job. At the very least she might command a bit of respect.
  8. It's been a few years but I used to watch an occasional Premier League game in Sweethearts Bar before many of the current sports bars opened. At that time they would get a respectable number of fans in for the games. It's a nice setup and you can see they have good seating. Making it a cozy venue will take a bit of effort but Jimbo is likely the right man for the job.
  9. Naklua is little Germany. The Germans dominate the local scene. I think it's likely the Germans will still go to the bar. I'll still go to the bar but even when Jimbo was there I didn't go that much. It's a nice bar and a nice change of pace if staying a long time in Pattaya.
  10. Cough I just get a baht bus north on 2nd Road and if it goes into Naklua great. If it turns onto Beach Road I get off and walk. But I usually stop and eat on Soi 33 so that breaks up the walk. It will be interesting to see what LBs stay and what LBs go. A number are very loyal to Em. A number live on site as there are rooms upstairs for the LBs. So it's more than just a bar to some of them. A LB like Lily can go any damn place she pleases. Cabaret was a Jimbo thing. There was some friction over him wanting to remove another pool table and have a permanent stage. It never happened. So who knows if cabaret will still be around. I am not a fan so that would be OK with me.
  11. It all just doesn't seem to matter anymore. The dollar is about the only semi stable currency left and changed little against the baht recently. But both central banks lowered their interest rate 25 basic points recently. The Pound and Euro seem to be in a death spiral until their economies turn around and there is the ever present Brexit overhang. The world economy is not a pretty picture ATM.
  12. It would likely get us better Supreme Court justices. Unless you like right wing law.
  13. I've been using this one for a long time: http://bankexchangerates.daytodaydata.net/default.aspx
  14. Things have changed a bit these days at many businesses. Many companies have employees paying a greater amount of insurance costs. The ACA actually made it worse for companies offering their employees great health care plans (so called Cadillac plans). A friend of mine has to play a much greater part of his insurance at his work because he has a Cadillac plan. Preexisting conditions were a big part of my problem before the ACA. I have one skin condition, that isn't as noticeable as it once was, that I haven't taken medicine for in 10/15 years. But it will be a preexisting condition for all my days I guess. I came back from Thailand with a GI tract problem years ago and had to have a stool test. I had changed insurance companies and the testing lab sent the bill to my old insurance company that of course rejected it. The lab then billed me directly US$450 for the test. I called and gave them my new insurance details. Going through the insurance company the bill was reduced to US$90. So the hospital was charging 5x as much to people with no insurance. FWIW it's been a few years but the last stool test I had in Thailand cost 100 baht. A lady I know back where I grew up was all pissed off about the ACA as she made too much money to get any assistance on paying her insurance premium. The cheapest insurance she could get a few years ago was US$1000 dollars a month. She was considering going without insurance. She changed her mind after she had a brain aneurysm. The medical helicopter flight alone to a bigger city cost US$100k. So not having insurance in the US is like playing Russian roulette. Sorry, back to Brexit. I don't really understand all the facts. But the EU quotas on immigrants would be hard to swallow. I think GB has already absorbed a lot of Indian immigrates to make up for their past? So much so it starts rants on other boards. At least they kept the pound and could manipulate it as necessary. But I really know little about Brexit as it usually just starts arguments and I have no idea who to believe. IMO the EU is a failed experiment. What works for one country at a certain time might not work for others. But again I know little. BTW Rick it may not sound like it but I think the vast majority of guys on LB boards are liberals. Because of the nature of our sexual preferences. You will find a majority (IMO) of conservatives on the Thai GG boards like pattaya-addicts.
  15. xyzzy

    Phnom Penh update

    $1.25 4000 riel = $1 more or less.
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