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  1. xyzzy


  2. I did the Christmas Styrofoam snow thing there once as well as at TQ2. It was fun once or twice.
  3. I'll pack up my guns and head there now.
  4. xyzzy


    Unfortunately there are a lot of things that should have never happened. But the rest of the world wanted cheap goods from China or needed their bad economies rescued. And now in many products, if push came to shove, China has almost complete control over the rest of the world. It would damage the fairly newly created "middle class" if China flexed their muscle. But China has drawn farther away from the capitalist path, and concern for their citizens, in recent years under Xi. Unless there is some SERIOUS international initiatives in the coming years little will change. And that might be wishf
  5. xyzzy


    Sadly China has mostly cornered the market on rare earth minerals. If you don't know what that is you should do a web search and some reading. The US used to produce a lot but sold their biggest company to China long ago. There was some kind of effort going on to restart the industry in the US but China has us mostly by the balls. As they do with ingredients to make many medicines, etc.
  6. xyzzy


    I was watching CNBC business network early this morning when the Moderna CEO was on and talking about the results. I knew those 5AM "old man gotta get up and go to the head" bathroom trips would pay off eventually. Later there was a discussion about what happens if the vaccines still to come are only 70-80% effective. In the past 70% wasn't considered so bad. But everyone will want the 90%+ vaccines. Until there is enough for everyone 70% is better than 0% I guess.
  7. xyzzy


    This suggests maybe April in the US. https://news.yahoo.com/pfizer-gearing-distribute-covid-19-233912893.html
  8. xyzzy


    Pfizer thinks they will have 50 million doses ready by the end of the year. The US maybe will get 10 million of those. I have no idea what quantity other countries are suppose to get. Two doses are required so cut that number in half. It will probably be at least spring (if lucky) or summer until the average guy can get his two jabs. Of course by then there maybe more than one vaccine. I'm OK with that as it will give more time to see if the vaccine testers turn in to lepers or something. :o)
  9. Thanks all. I have to right click on Open Link (not tabs) in New Window as I hate tabs and have them turned off in Firefox.
  10. Can someone remind me how to open these Twitter links. All I get is a Firefox error.
  11. xyzzy


    I wasn't suggesting McConnell was next in line after Pelosi although the way I wrote it it probably seemed so. He just seems to be the most powerful person in the Senate and he is another old fart so I mentioned him. I actually thought the Secretary of State was after Pelosi until I went to wikipedia and realized my mistake. In the scheme of things Grassley doesn't seem to make much news and seems relativity unimportant. Well unless three people die then he will be very important.
  12. xyzzy


    Pelosi is indeed after the VP. Trump = 74 yo Biden = 77 yo Pelosi = 80 yo Mitch McConnell = 78 yo We can't seem to elect anyone younger but eventually they will all die...
  13. xyzzy

    Airline News

    AirAsia used to be cheap but that changed several years ago. They are just domestic flights and those often aren't great from Swampy IMO. Often you have no real boarding gate, get bused to the plane and the domestic waiting area can be very busy. The bus to the plane also usually happened on my past Cambo flights on BKK Air. Oh well I once got bused to a Boeing 787 at Narita for a BKK flight.
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