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  1. I used to go to the Philippines a fair amount in years gone by. I always though the GGs there had a better attitude than LOS. I've only been with a few LBs there. It's been a LONG time since I was in Jakarta and Batam Island (ferry ride from Singapore). But not somewhere I think I want to live. I have a friend who is an Aussie. He take his LB mongering very seriously and used to come to Pattaya frequently. He now only goes to the PI. I guess along with lower libido in old age my sense of adventure is reduced also. I would never take a hooker back home. Everything would be covered sex, it would cost BIG $$$ and GFE would likely be the only thing that sucks...
  2. Damn I almost need to login to this site with my VPN and pretend I'm in the US to keep from having posting issues. Double posts or it hangs up on me.
  3. Yes it's interesting in the thread (over there) 300 is only quoted once and there are no other mentions in the entire thread of a price. Maybe since you were obviously meeting someone there it was different. Or ??? I could be there in five minutes. But my liver needs a break tonight and it's early so maybe not any LBs there yet anyway. I'll be back sooner of later. It's one of the few places that is open after 2 AM.
  4. Well Soju it was 400 before COVID and I was told 400 two nights ago. Many of the usual bars have FL working that are not paid staff and we will pay a BF for them. It's just most of the time we don't know they are FL as they are in the bar day after day. I suspect, but don't know for sure, all the LBs at Spot are FL (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I've only ever taken one LB from Spot years ago in the wee hours of the morning. She worked at another bar that had closed for the night and went to Spot after work. I got charged the BF for that one. But maybe there is more to the story than I know.
  5. BTW Spot Bar is open until 4 AM and the BF is 400 baht. I don't know why they can stay open until 4... But good for them as it's always been a late night kind of place. I haven't been to Soi 6 yet. And even on my long winter trips before COVID I would only go once or twice a trip. It just wasn't the afternoon delight place it used to be. I always start with a walk down Soi 6/1 as a lot of LBs do (or did) hang out back there. I'll make it there sooner of later but the appeal it once had just isn't there for me.
  6. I think it's Meili but I still don't know how pronounce it.
  7. xyzzy

    Cindy's Secrets

    And when the bottom comes off your eyes might be more draw to that area. Da Oh and there are rooms.
  8. I didn't see Soi MIT posted here. I must be blind.
  9. I likewise have purchased miles from Alaska Air. Because one can book Cathay Pacific (you have to call Alaska Air, can't do it online) Business class for 100k mile (round trip/return). If I catch a sale on Alaska enough miles for Cathay Business round trip/return can be purchased for ~US$2k with taxes. As I recall Japan Air has some OK deals there (online) also if you can't get Cathay. United generally sucks when it comes to miles. There one way Business USA/BKK (BKK/USA) is usually 99k miles. Buying miles is not inexpensive. And often if you need to fly to the west coast to catch the trans Pacific flight that flight is Economy and not Business. United has terrible fairs internationally one way (often more expensive than RT/return total). If I use United miles BKK/NRT/DEN I book the outbound trip on another airline. I'm almost at that 99k number now and after I get it I will probably acquire miles on some other airline (probably Alaska). Sadly United is the only airline that flies NRT/DEN nonstop but it is almost impossible to book with miles. United can get me to BKK in Business on short notice with miles so there are some perks with United if you have the miles.
  10. xyzzy


    Thailand has been added to the USA "avoid travel" list. I keep trying to find an excuse to try a January trip. But the idea grows dim...
  11. Sorry I'm apparently not smart enough to know how to report the above post as SPAM.
  12. xyzzy

    Beer Prices

    Case in point. I had to Google Denis Conners. John Cleese, back in the days of the Clinton/Lewinsky matters, also said they do things a little different in in England. When we salute our leaders we only get down on one knee.
  13. AstraZeneca just released new phase three trial data in the US that showed it's efficacy was 68%. A little better than J&J and much worse than Pfizer and Moderna. But I guess all this data is on the original strain. I don't know what the scoop is in EU but the blood clot thing didn't really seem to amount to much. At least that is what we hear over here. Apparently if you take any of these vaccines and still catch COVID your chance of getting seriously ill is near zero. But even if you caught a mild case in Thailand a big chunk of your trip could be ruined, you might get stuck in Thailand, etc. The latest data I saw was AstraZeneca was 10.4% effective in preventing the South African variant. Thailand has purchased 61 million does of AstraZeneca although they did just approve J&J. So if the S. African variant runs wild things might not be so good. It's one thing to contract something that might be a strong as the flu where you could stay at home and ride it out. Quite another to be in Thailand where what we do involves very close contact with other humans. I haven't booked my January 2022 trip yet. But booking with miles I need to book early so it's about time to roll the dice.
  14. xyzzy

    Beer Prices

    Just poking a little fun at you. The America's Cup used to be sort of a medium big deal in the days before every football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc game became available on TV. As I recall ABC's Wide World of Sports (anyone remember that) used to cover it. I had no idea who had the cup and I follow sports fairly seriously (which means I watch a lot of ESPN). It doesn't seem like a big deal these days or maybe we are just sore losers.
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