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  1. xyzzy


    I personally usually post a link and then maybe the first paragraph if it's interesting enough. Sometimes just a link and headline. But up to you. Do we have a conspiracy theory thread here?
  2. xyzzy


    Finally the truth. Well you do believe in posting a link to a very long article and then posting the whole damn thing.
  3. xyzzy


    Guess I wasn't paying attention. Hong Kong is now having a problem and closed restaurants and bars. I usually fly Cathay Pacific.
  4. I have a two month trip booked to arrive mid January 2021. If I was a betting man I wouldn't bet it will happen. Unless a vaccine comes faster than expected. But I can always cancel and it will probably cost me nothing.
  5. xyzzy


    The Washington Examiner is a VERY conservative point of view newspaper. Up to your political leanings to determine what that means to you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington_Examiner The Examiner has been described as and is widely regarded as conservative.[5] When Anschutz first started the Examiner in its daily newspaper format, he envisioned creating a competitor to The Washington Post with a conservative editorial line. According to Politico, "When it came to the editorial page, Anschutz's instructions were explicit – he 'wanted nothing but conservative columns and conservative op-ed writers,' said one former employee."[3] The Examiner's writers have included Michael Barone, Tim Cavanaugh, David Freddoso, Tara Palmeri, Bill Sammon, Rudy Takala, and Byron York.
  6. Yes. And it maybe the soi where Sensations (indoor version) was located or just near there. It was a bit more of a remote location 13-14 years ago.
  7. I used to walk everywhere around Pattaya the first few years. Not just places I needed to go but pretty much every street I could find. I knew just about everywhere. I still regret not having a camera with me the day I found the place where they prep the pigs on a grill for parties. There were like 30 of them setup in a parking lot, most with their server present, ready to depart for parties far and wide. These days, in my advanced years, I stay around Buakhao and Diana and still walk to Soi 7&8 and 13/1/2 but usually not a lot farther. And sometimes ride shorter distances when it's hot and I just got cleaned up to go out at night. Most trips I now go to the gym but walking and gym never seem to burn off the extra calories. Too much beer. But I've never been a serious walker like BB.
  8. xyzzy


    Sorry, I better delete this to keep the peace.
  9. xyzzy


    Hong Kong got good reviews also. However Japan, while somewhat flattening their curve, has some work to do. I saw TV reports of many people out and about enjoying good weather. There was no evidence of social distancing. Many of the population yet to take it seriously apparently.
  10. xyzzy


    Unfortunately possibly infected stuff is also a problem in civilized nations. Reportedly 180,000 pounds of African "bush meat" is smuggled into the US in a year. A possible source of all kind of bad things including ebola. And we can't even stop it in the US. Do a web search for African bush meat and pick the news source of you choice.
  11. xyzzy


    He didn't say it was OK he said that is the way it is.
  12. xyzzy


    I've heard we are apparently so far behind the curve in the US that we are likely beyond contact tracing. But a moot point as there still aren't enough test kits. I didn't realize until yesterday that when the Chinese found a infected family member they pulled them out of the household and sent them to wherever they were putting others that were infected. I was in Thailand when the Chinese stuff hit the fan so missed out on a lot of news.
  13. xyzzy


    Sorry as I read what you originally posted I took you to be more serious about the report than you apparently were.
  14. xyzzy


    Elmhurst Hospital had 13 COVID-19 deaths yesterday. It was reported some passed away without ever being admitted because of lack of beds. I saw a report on TV that some guy with virus systems had been to the that hospital three days in a row, waited many hours each day, and still hasn't been able to get a test.
  15. xyzzy


    It's just a clusterfuck in the US especially NY. We started testing weeks if not a month or more too late. Hospitals still can't get simple supplies like face masks and other PPE. Although Governor Cuomo finally managed to get enough for NY for a few weeks. Many places are only testing people they think are sick because of lack of tests. Widespread testing is still mostly non existent. Certainly nothing like the touted South Korea method. So much for this super power. One county in my state has a shelter in place order and working with a private company plans to test very person in that county. That should give an interesting snapshot of one county. The places hit in my state beside (now) the population areas are the counties with ski areas. I think they got it first. If I check the weather on my usual internet website before the weather they show the number of confirmed cases in my county. It is approaching 50 with no deaths reported. Good to hear there are no deaths as the first two cases in the county were in a seniors nursing home.
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