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  1. I'm circumcised and never really given it much thought. Now that I have given it some thought I find the thought mostly wasted. If you are in Thailand you won't often find a circumcised LB. Much more common in the Philippines. But phimosis is a big turn off for me. And I see some Thai LBs with phimosis that functionally, I think, would be better off clipped.
  2. ESPN has posted some odds. But of course the draw could change that dramatically.
  3. I am rarely foolish enough to venture into this thread. I have to wonder in places like WI and MI if the low black turnout was because the polls indicated Hillary was five points ahead. Anyone watching election night sees crazy long lines at polling places often in shitty November weather. Why the fuck these people can't vote by mail like I do is embarrassing. But the polls were wrong. Maybe too many Russian bots voting for Hillary in the polls.
  4. xyzzy

    Jokes Thread

    I though another scene in Life of Brian was the funniest I've ever seen. But you won't get it unless you saw the movie. Everyone in the theater cracked up when this happened.
  5. I don't fly Thai but 20k would be a problem as I'm usually right at the US economy limit of 50 pounds. This trip I was actually 51.5 but the nice baggage check-in person at Southwest let it go. They likely allow a few extra pounds anyway? But 25k from BKK Air would be OK for my 50 pounds. I also prefer BKK Air/Swampy to AirAsia/Don Mueang. Although on my BKK Air flights I've always had to get on a bus to take me to the plane instead of the flight using a gate. Not terrible but a gate would be better. I was once on an ANA 787 flight (Narita to BKK) and they took us to the plane in buses. First time I ever saw a plane that big being loaded from buses. FWIW BKK Air charges more for a one way ticket than they do for the same flight if purchased as a round trip/return. Plus the first price you see at BKK Air is not what it costs after everything is added in. I picked a random date and the results are below.
  6. As I sometimes point out different people go to bars for different reasons. Two of the guys that like TJs and Katty Bar have a live in LB. Thus are just looking for a night out with the boys and perhaps some eye candy. But both of the bars are also a good place for someone like me who is looking for the LB of the night. I wouldn't want to go there every other night but there are usually enough LBs available to keep a 'take them one time (maybe twice) and done' guy like me happy. At least for a while as length of trip might be a factor.
  7. I went to Marine last week on a weeknight from around 3:30 to 5:15. The number of LBs, GGs and customers was way down from previous trips. There were so few people you could mostly walk straight across the dance area to the toilet. The end of the month often brings out some extra girls looking to make rent money. But the selection was very poor. Perhaps better on the weekends?
  8. I still do get my LBs out of bars or go to a massage place. I spend the most time in 69 and New Bar. Mainly because after I eat, and while the LBs are arriving, I play pool. While I like both Katy Bar and TJ's a lot I have so much within walking distance that I rarely go there.
  9. No but perhaps less likely to be on hormones. No
  10. You might want to have something to carry your 300,000+ baht in. This USD10k thing would drive me crazy. If I did it the exchange rate would probably get much better in the following days. If you saw a sharp decline at TT the VISA rate would likely be better. But in my reality I get money from my debt card when I need it 30,000 baht at a time.
  11. I looked at the VISA exchange rate yesterday and at that time it was very slightly better than TT Exchange and was the same as Vasu (BKK). But the VISA rate stays in effect for 24 hours I think? And the TT currency rates can change quickly. A few days ago I looked at the opening rate at TT. In the early afternoon there was a different rate that changed to still another rate while I was using an ATM next to TT. There was a fourth rate posted when I went out for the evening. Who knows how many times the TT rate changed during the day.
  12. FWIW There was a similar quiz we did on this site a few years ago for the US. Then I had spent about 20 years in Kentucky and 20 in Colorado. The quiz would put me in Oklahoma about half the way between the two. But for someone who lived in the same area all their life it was very accurate. Top of the morning to y'all
  13. There is a 2nd free public hongnam in The Avenue. Between Fitness 7 and the Adidas store. You walk back past the elevators. It's only open 7AM - 12PM but it is air conditioned and they keep it very cool/cold.
  14. xyzzy

    The Edge

    On another forum someone who recently stayed at The Base said many/most of the other guests where Chinese.
  15. After all these years I took Kwang about a month ago on Soi 6 at Pat's Bar. She is a bit heavy and it shows a lot in her face. But since I never did it before I decided go to for it. She is really very fun in the sack. Nice girth but not so long. Was she at 69 Monday night when we were there? I don't remember seeing her. I'm talking about the Kwang that had one of her silicone implants burst when a guy treated them too roughly. So she had to remove the implants and never had them redone.
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