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  1. xyzzy


    Greenland is COVID free. New Zealand is/was but tried to screw it up recently. The rest of the world not so much. But of course you can always count on the Thai government to be right...
  2. I've detested pop since I was about 15. KPOP Is especially worthless. The boy band theme run amok. IMO
  3. Long term LB? Hahaha Should be your next ex...
  4. xyzzy

    Airline News

    After spending months in the humidity of Pattaya my goal is to get home without a nose bleed from the dry air. I have allergies so blow my nose a lot which doesn't help. The newer planes make it a bit easier. I live in a dry climate so not much better when I get home. Since I never has a bloody noses earlier in life I was somewhat shocked the first time I made a mess of my shirt flying home.
  5. xyzzy

    Airline News

    The carbon fiber planes like the 787 or A350 have a higher humidity than other planes. I try to get my flights on one of those when I can but of course not always possible.
  6. xyzzy


    In the US we have completely screwed up nursing homes . Along with meat producing factories and prisons. Some states are still not reporting the number of cases specific in these type of places. In Ohio one prison with over 2000 inmates had an infection rate of around 70% plus 168 correctional facility workers. One US federal prison reported no inmate cases as they had performed no tests. But four of the workers there tested positive. The county I live in, less than 1/2 million population, has reported around 350 cases and about 20 deaths. The next county over, and less populated by maybe 15%, has reported about 1800 cases and about 100 deaths. They have a meat producing plant that employs 6000 people. They closed the plant for a cleaning but apparently Trump says it's full speed ahead to meat producing plants. My state did what was suppose to be a Phase One opening this week. You could pick up non essential items curb side from stores that were previously closed. No restaurant dine in or barbershops yet. I went out today and many stores were open that I didn't expect and the grocery stores were at nearly as full as a usually weekday. About 20% not wearing masks. The have been very slow for the last two weeks. It is 79F/26C today so the weather doesn't help cabin fever. If summer doesn't slow the spread of the virus I predict states like mine will start will suffer by the end of May (I'm not a doctor I just play one on the internet). I have no problem with rants as I do them probably way too often. But I still have the same problem with herd immunity. All the people with herd immunity will have to have been infected. The latest population numbers I saw put Sweden's 2020 population around 10 million. How many will it take for herd immunity? If half the population were infected over a six/nine month period there would be a huge load on the medical system. You can't have infection without a certain number of people getting very sick. I therefore just don't believe in herd immunity unless one is willing to live with the resulting disaster.
  7. Yet only about 50% of the population bother to get vaccinated.
  8. xyzzy


    That is a clever fucking retort.
  9. xyzzy


    FWIW the two doctors in the video were censured, by whoever sanctions doctors, just hours after this disinformation played on Fox News for the bullshit they were spreading. I'm sure you can make a conspiracy out of that. Fox News certainly made a conspiracy out of it. If you go to snopes.com and look up Bill Gates and India you will find that the bullshit you posted about Bill Gates and vaccinations in India is total horse shit. You remind me of Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory. Except he actually got one right. Why can't you post the crap in the conspiracy theory thread. That's where it belongs if someone is actually foolish enough to bother to post.
  10. xyzzy


    IMO you think there are nefarious agendas behind most everything.
  11. xyzzy


    Sorry but I can't wrap my head around herd immunity. There was a "secret" report leaked from Oxford in the early days of the UK spread claiming 50% of the population had already had the virus and had herd immunity. My simple question is why weren't the Emergency Rooms and ICU beds not overwhelmed by at least the elderly and immune compromised if 50% had the virus. This was after all supposedly before anyone even knew much about the virus. So I feel the same way about Sweden. If Sweden is developing herd immunity why is the the medical system not overwhelmed. If two million of Sweden's 10 million people had contracted the virus, even over several months, the hospitals would be overrun. New York City did a modest amount of antibody testing, with a lot of emphases on first responders, and came up with 25%. This in a city that is ravaged by the virus with many coming in direct contact with the sick. I could be completely wrong but I don't believe in herd immunity with anything short of a vaccine. There is quite a bit of discussion in the US about how long immunity will last.
  12. xyzzy


    I'm a bit confused how herd immunity is achieved. Obviously you don't expose the very old and immune compromised to the virus or you will have many serious illnesses and deaths. I'm going to guess that with 2462 deaths in Sweden the herd isn't very big or at least very old. Oh well hope it all works out.
  13. xyzzy


    I have a trip booked in mid January and right now I don't expect it to happen.
  14. The old well known place that was in Pattaya and moved to Jomtien closed 2 or 3 years ago. Didn't realize there was something new.
  15. xyzzy

    Stunners 2020

    I've never read the bible. I've never really been into fiction and books where the hero dies in the middle are boring anyway.
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