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  1. Thanks all. I have to right click on Open Link (not tabs) in New Window as I hate tabs and have them turned off in Firefox.
  2. Can someone remind me how to open these Twitter links. All I get is a Firefox error.
  3. xyzzy


    I wasn't suggesting McConnell was next in line after Pelosi although the way I wrote it it probably seemed so. He just seems to be the most powerful person in the Senate and he is another old fart so I mentioned him. I actually thought the Secretary of State was after Pelosi until I went to wikipedia and realized my mistake. In the scheme of things Grassley doesn't seem to make much news and seems relativity unimportant. Well unless three people die then he will be very important.
  4. xyzzy


    Pelosi is indeed after the VP. Trump = 74 yo Biden = 77 yo Pelosi = 80 yo Mitch McConnell = 78 yo We can't seem to elect anyone younger but eventually they will all die...
  5. xyzzy

    Airline News

    AirAsia used to be cheap but that changed several years ago. They are just domestic flights and those often aren't great from Swampy IMO. Often you have no real boarding gate, get bused to the plane and the domestic waiting area can be very busy. The bus to the plane also usually happened on my past Cambo flights on BKK Air. Oh well I once got bused to a Boeing 787 at Narita for a BKK flight.
  6. xyzzy


    We did give up on that silly idea of heard immunity didn't we?
  7. xyzzy


    I used the worst case scenario as the doctor actually said 50-70% and was speaking generally about vaccines. I tried to find some similar info on the AstraZeneca vaccine but didn't stumble on any hard numbers. I gather that anything above 70% would be exceptionally good. I long ago gave up on winter 2020/2021. I'm just hoping to salvage the winter of 2021/2022. If a vaccine is 70% effective it would still be good to have some kind of therapeutic that would keep me from getting very sick if I still mange to contract the virus. Especially given the lifestyle we lead in LOS.
  8. xyzzy


    Is there a prediction on how effective the vaccine will be? Numbers here go as low as 50% effective. 50% is a hell of a lot of better than nothing but won't really put me at ease. Plus 20% or so of Americans are so stupid they won't take a vaccine as god or some other deity of there choice will save them. Would you guy's consider traveling on a 50% chance? Hopefully Trump won't pull a Putin or Chinese approach and approve a vaccine before phase 3 trials are complete/start. Although in China I guess just health care works volunteered (cough) to get the vaccine.
  9. IMO HAHAHA you are such a dipshit. Yes your continual posting of BS does sometimes strike a nerve because it's stupid shit and makes a mess of parts of this forum IMO. And you do it over and over. What kind of rebuttal is needed for wearing a mask when a virus is spread by airborne droplets? Damn this is funny stuff. You should take this show on the road. Oh wait you can't go on the road right now. Trump has sent unidentified troops to Portland likely a violation of the law. Trump had his attorney general drop charges against a friend who confessed twice to a crime invo
  10. Life must be hard believing all this conspiracy crap. Wouldn't it be easier to just kill yourself?!!! It would be easier on us.
  11. xyzzy


    Greenland is COVID free. New Zealand is/was but tried to screw it up recently. The rest of the world not so much. But of course you can always count on the Thai government to be right...
  12. I've detested pop since I was about 15. KPOP Is especially worthless. The boy band theme run amok. IMO
  13. Long term LB? Hahaha Should be your next ex...
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