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  1. I've got a crush on this girl. Just looking at her makes me wanna pee my self. I'd love to suck her toes and lick her cunt while she gets pumped & drilled by a real man. I'd watch her boobs bouncing around and toss my self off into one of her shoes.
  2. I Love My Ladyboys and Ladies but now that I'm a big Sissy pussy living in UK.. I can only dream about Thai Pussy and Ladyboys. Can any of you guys pick up a nice sexy Lady for me like these one of these I've seen at Thai Bikini Mafia, Sapphire club or Queen Club. I'd like to buy their used Panties full of heavily scented Pussy Jizz to sniff while I Masterbate. Maybe some one can pick one up? Take some shots of her removing them and then post them to me? How much would that cost? Send me a message I'm also looking for conjugated estrogens...
  3. Let's say a syndicate of foreign expats wanted to run a 'Barbie' Ladyboy Bar or a chain of Mattel Doll Theme Bars... Assuming they had the financial requirements would they be allowed to operate such a venture legally? I've heard conflicting things about bar business operations. I believe Sapphire club is under foreign ownership or management. So to be more to the point, does anyone know if, with the right diplomacy & Buddhas blessing I could join an established syndicate or a foreign Mafia Yakuza type of group to work as a 'Brand development Manager' With the ultimate goal of obtaining a legal right to remain in the Country and live happily ever after..... What kind of Bribes would have to be paid to who? Knowing the level of corruption I'm guessing it would be quite a few... It's 5am GMT here so I think I'm having an Elon musk moment of Genius. Let me know...
  4. FF Hats are the new Fancy Fashion.

    Yellow & Pink always go well together.

    More Fashion Flash News Updates to Follow.


  5. I will have to make a visit for this. After two years away from Thailand. A good massage is something you miss! Happy birthday Dao. Hope to see you soon.
  6. Thailand has certainly seen better days as for as mongering is concerned. From my own observation it appears to have entered a period of inevitable decline as one generation dies and the next replaces it. For those who take mongering seriously I believe it is a group activity and Laos or Philippines could be a better alternative destination in the years to come....
  7. IZAZA

    La Bamba Top 10

    Merry XMas, Happy Kwanzaa. I'm in London right now. Hope to be back in Pattaya soon. If you like to play some of my favourit music for XMas. I have made a playlist that you can find here; https://soundcloud.com/zafirazalina/sets/temple-trax
  8. Yes. The days of LB superstars might be well & truely behind us. Lady boys are very same same these days. Punters are looking for something new. A 'crossover' artist could be the answer. LADY ZAZA IS A falang TV going TS. Follow me as I emerge from the abyzz that is Pattaya & journey Westward bound to Kalifornia leaving a blazing trail behind me as I become a Transsexual Superstar. A shemale from hell. Of course the process could be accelerated with the right management. I'm sure i'll be 'discovered' soon. I'm looking at Steve Volponi... You all need look no farther. I am the Future of TS entertainment. With a bit of investment I will be the TOP Girl. xx
  9. Hi. I'm planning a phoo-shoot & I have a 'concept' as usual. This time I'd like to work with professional photographers to help take my art to a wider audience. So if you have experience in Professional LB Glamour photography or know someone who does. I invite you to get in touch with me. I would like to consult with you. Best regards, ZAZA
  10. I'm Planning a Photoshoot for 18 October. Professional Photographers are invited to get in touch. I would like to consult with you. ZAZA
  11. IZAZA

    LB GB

    Go to pook in soi buakhao or hot tuna in walking street...
  12. Just a suggestion for the Business people out there. Everyone knows if you're looking for girls you can go to Insomnia, spicy or bossy and find them all in one place. Wouldn't it be useful to have the same option if you're looking for a LB, instead of having to hunt them down in the BKK soi's? Everyone know's they love to Dance... It would also make a good business for those with the Cash. Personally I think the Government should provide this essential service to society, keeping them off the streets and out of trouble. ZAZA
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