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  1. Pd s advice is good i think you should follow it...and something small from me ... both LB and lady love money ,they will do anything to please you remember that...
  2. HI...its been some time for me to post due to too much work ...that made LBR to send me a message which also i only saw yesterday...thank you for that.That made me to forget work and look a bit at my favorite side...guys i never forget you...thanks again...regards panicos.

  3. so sorry about X....SHE HAS BEEN A VERY GOOD FRIEND OF MINE...she was the first ladyboy i met when she was in bkk working as a dancer at nana hotel at the disco there( 20 years ago)...when she moved to pattaya we use to see each other at Lindas bar walking str.every time i visited pattaya.....its funny how life is...my avatar photo its her...its been here at my profile since i join LBR....RIP my good friend you will never been forgotten.
  4. PANIC

    Bangkok IT Stores

    just for everybody to know since it there was a little talk about Pantip Plaza...the pantip plaza like we all knew it nearly 3 years ago it doesnt exist any more....the name stays also the building at the same address we all knew,but all the electronics ,all the little shops and all the companies at the top floors are moved....at the opposite ,<UP THE BRIDGE <THEN TURN RIGHT AND START WALKING >>>IF YOU ARE inside PANTIP PLAZA YOU CAN ASK>>>THEY ALL KNOW THE NAME ...THATS WHAT I DID...also you can find everything at mbk...i loved Pantip plaza...it was fantastic...
  5. latest on Ex is that she still has the same mobile number....not every night at Lindas bar...i was with her ...i was with her in march at the PBG for dinner.
  6. or try her mobile number ...last march she was in cascade in bkk....0857841640
  7. Yes she is still in pattaya...try her mobile number...0892399162....0897098922....good luck
  8. For me the high season starts just after 15th january...you can see that most hotels have lower prices after that date...best month to visit is february and march ...that is my opinion
  9. Tanya not in pattaya ...She is back to Korat for a while...Sorry guys.
  10. Not what you will expect...but she is full with passion
  11. PANIC

    Why Not Bangkok

    i have been almost a year away from this side with no excuse ...but i am back again...on the 6th march i am going to be in bkk and i have to visit Poesface new venture WHY NOT...BEAUTIFUL LADIES the way i like,and maybe i will introduce there myself to the boss and wish him the best
  12. tex this nice lb in the nice balcony where can be found? I WANT TO HAVE a Smoke WITH HER
  13. i hope that after your spin we meet again...i will bbe in pattaya the whole march...i hope i will see you.
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